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', fe - . ,1 122 FRENCH GIRLS jijss
to school in ii s J mk a Dig v awes Again i
Opi 9:15 A. M. New York WASHINGTON Paris. Close 6 P. M.
The SHOES Your Children Wear
To School
To Church .
To Play
Should lack none of the essentials nor funda
mental points of merit which have come to be recog
nized as establishing quality, style, comfort and serv
ice". This year, more than ever before, there is that
certain element of chance encountered in buying, but
happily for our customers we have eliminated it en
tirely. That same decree of satisfaction and assur
ance always experienced in buying Children's Shoes here is just as much in: evidence as
before. t
The excellent stock we have assembled and the scarcity of adequate supplies of leathers
in the hands of the trade is considered sufficient reason for making complete selections now.
.TKe Juvenile Shoe Section is now on the Juvenile Fourth Floor,, adjoining the
Boys - ahdrMxsses' Sections;
i frUuJL J
, The Exclusive "Iron-Clad" Shoes
' .
'Found in Washington only in our Juvenile Shoe Section.
Girls aad Children's Tan Ros
sia Calfskin Shoesstrajghtlace
and blueher models; medium
Mgh etrt;'bestfoakIeat3ier sotou
Sizes. Urto, $8.pair. . VP
JSizes-8'itoM0.,' $7.W pair.
Sizes 6'tol8,.$5.08 pair.
Girls' and Children's Gan
Metal Calfskin Straight Lace
and Blueher Shoes, also button
style; best oak leather soles.
Sizes 11 to 2, low heel, $7.09
Sizes-8 to 10, SDrinjr
heel, $6.00 pair.
"Sizes 5 to 8, spring, heel, $5.00
Girls' and Children's i Patent
'Leather Shoes, with ' dull '' mat
kidekin or black cloth tops but
ton and lace styles. . '
Sizes-11 toJ2,!$7.00 pair.
Sizes 8 to-10, $6.00 pair.
Sizes 5 to 8, $5.09 pair.
JFbr the Young Woman Going Away
to School
There is a most suitable selection of new models in lasts
to meet the requirements of all feet and models for every
occasion, whether on the campus for the events of sport or on
the dance floor; special attention has been paid to the models
for school and street and they possess that degree of smartness
and youthful line that is most pleasing. The style range is
large and the-qualities the best obtainable; we have priced
them moderately.
1 Ii.. .- $9 to $H pair
For the Large Miss and Growing Girl
Shoes with grace, symmetry and beauty of women's shoes, but lacking a little of the nro
nounced curves. .
Tan Russia Calfskin Lace Shoe medium high cut; several shapes of toes and heights of
heels. Sizes 2V to 7, AA to D widths, $10.00 piir. ,
Gun Metal Calfskjn Medium High Cut La:e Shoes, in various lasts and different heights
of heels, preferred. $9.00 pair.
Patent Coltskin Medium High Cut Lace Shoes, for dress wear, with nat kidsldn tops. $9.00 pair.
Patent Coltskin Medium High Cut Lace Shoes, with the new beaver. brown -kid-top: a ex
ceptionally attractive dress model. $11.00 pair. . .,
The NeV "Kippy Kick'
Stand the hard knocks of school wear, and are especial
ly modeled for growing feet. They are made of soft brown
moose leather, with best oak leather soles.
Sizes 1 1 Vz to 2, $6.00 pair
Sizes 6 to 11, $5.00 pair
Girls' Trot Mocs forRough Wear
Girls' and Children's Tan Moose Blueher Cut Trot Mocs with
. specially treated damp-resisting Trot-Moe soles.
Sizes 11 to 2, with low heels, $6.00 pair.
Sizes 8 to 11, with spring heels, $5,00 pair.
" c Girl8'il.a"!i Chi,d.rfn Medium High-cot .Brown Moose- Blueher
Shoes, with the special Trot-Moc soles. .
Sizes 11& to 2, with low heels, $5.50 pain
Sizes 8 to 11, with spring heels, $4.50 pair..
ulTlnLUXJsc B,aehcr Trot Mocs,-regul
UW&41V .tt.w. OfV-uai -M-Ivvriuvy; BOIUS.
Sizes 11 to 2, with low heels, $5.00 pair. '
' Sizes SlA to 11, spring heels, $4.50 pair.
For Boys and Youths
Boys and Youths' Tan Russian Calfskin Laced Shoes, several dif
ferent models of the season's smartest designing. ' Sizes 1 to 5',
$6.00 and $7.00 pair.
Boys and Youths' Gun Metal Calfskin Laced and Blueher Calf
Shoes: several different models. Sizes 1 to 5'-:, $6.00 pair.
Boys' and Youths' Black and Tan Hawthorn Blueher Laced Shoes,
with Karry Chrome leather soles that will stand the most severe
wear. Sizes 1 to a'-, $6.00 pair.
Boys' Chocolate Elk Blueher Cut Shoes, made on the famous
Munwm Army last that is unsurpassed for comfort and ease, with
-. viiium; aru icaincr soies. oizcs j. to o5, ao.uu pair.
The Famous Trot Moc
For Boys and Youths
Brown Jloose Leather High-cut Blurher Trot
Moc Shoes, specially constructed for storm and
rough weather wear; hold-fast soles. Sizes
2 to 5Vz, $8.00 pair.
Black and Brown Regular Height Trot Moc
Blueher Lace Shoes, on full toe tramper last;
remarkably comfortable and easy to wear; no
tacks or nails in the soles. Sizes 1 to 2, $5.50
pair. Sizes 2 A to 5V-, $6.00 pair.
Juvenile Shoe Section. fourth floor.
V f
1 !
JL. i Y
&? S- f
ML w
f J
fEW YORK. Sept. 11. One hun
dred and twenty-two French girls,
selected by competitive examination
for scholarships in American univer
sities and colleges, are on the French
liner France, due here Friday, it was
announced today by the Association
of American Colleges, under whose
auspices the1 young women are com
ing to this country.
They were selected in France by the
committee of the association, of which
Dean Mary Lu Benton, of Carleton
College, Northfleld, Minn., Is chair
man. One hundred and fourteen girls
from France are now. under the aus
pices of the association, pupils in col
leges and universities in the United
States, and with the arrival of the
contingent on the France their num
ber will be increased to more than
two hundred.
Among the colleges offering scholar
ships won by the girls are Radcliffe,
Wellesley, Smith, Mount Holyoke,
Tufts, Elmlra, Wells, St. Vincent-on-the-Hudson,
College of the Sacred
Heart. D'Touville, Oberlin, Knox,
Gaucher, Carleton. Allegheny and
Wilson. The universities include
Boston, Northwestern. Cornell, Michi
gan, Wisconsin. Minnesota, Iowa,
West Virginia and Ohio Wesleyan.
The French government has offered
twenty-four scholarships in French
universities and schools to American
girls. The winners of these scholar
ships are' now being selected.
Another Week End Sale .that gives
you the benefit of some extremely low
- . V'
m ship
The United States Shipping Board
on September 15 will lose, two of its
valuable men, Mark Hyman, general
counsel, and Henry M. Robinson, com-
'mlssioner of the board. Both . men
give pressing personal business as
reasons for resigning.
Mr. Robinson, who has been with
the Shipping Board more than a year,
was formerly in 'charge of building
up the nation-wide . defense system
for the Council of National Defense.
He served as- shipping 'commissioner
at the peace conference, and was a
member, with Samuel Gompers, of the
International Trade Conference at
Paris. He was also one of the Presi
dent's advisers on the Supreme Eco
nomic Council.
Mark Hyman was special assistant
United States , Attorney General
when he investigated the Hog Island
situation. He was later appointed
general counsel by Chairman Hurley.
Drink , OREE! BAG COFFEE, 45c
Pure Lard, lb 35c
Compound Shortening, lb : 29c
Crisco, 1-lb. Can ,.... 38c
Crisco, 1-J-lb. Can 57c
Crisco, 3-lb. Can M.r. ...., . . J ...(.$1.14
Crisco, 6-lb. Can. ..... ........ . .i;;i. ;?2.20
Potatoes, Per Peck. . . . .-v... . . .?.a '.. .'50c
Sweet Potatoes, Per Pound. .'. . .v.:. . 4c
Onions, Per Pound . . ;. ....ii..:. 5c
American Cheese, lb. . . .t.i:C ?39c
One Peck Corn Meal . . . . .60c
Red Alaska Salmon (Gold Medal) . . ' . . 25c
Marshmallow Creme
Ready to Use.
Get It at Any One of
Our 115 Stores
Flash Hand Cleaner,. 10c Size .
Flash Hand Cleaner, 15c Size
Crystal White Soap, Cake. .
P. & G. White Naptha, Cake .
Star Soap, Cake
Fels-Naptha Soap, Cake. . . .
im.Mmr "
rw "
Big Donble Loaf
Old Mammy's
Rice Bread
. Adds .to its fine eatids:
qualities the. ecpnqniy, of
- quantity, sV --zV? l-
CLEVELAND, Ohio. Sept 1. In re
spect to the memory of John Mitchell,
former miners' leader, the United Mine
Workers of America convention here
recessed today. Scores of delegates
went to Scranton, Pa., where Mitchell
was to be buried today.
The 700 resolutions before the con
vention revolve around, and are
subordinate to, the new wajje scale
and nationalization of mines issues.
When the latter was brought up fof"u
vote on the convention floor late yes
terday, Capt. Pred W. Morgan, dele
sate from Cliftonvillf, W. Va., spoke
against it.
"He was howled down at first, but
later permitted to talk. His chief ob
jection was the suddenness of the pro
posed action, although h said he fa
vored having the Government ulti
mately take over the mines. The
vote for nationalization was practical
ly unanimous.
Waxed Lunch Paper
Tex-Wax Parafine, 1-lb. Cake
Safe Home Matches
Sanitary Brand
Why Pay More ?
You'll ask yourself the same question when you get your
first taste of Sanitary Brand. We guarantee this butter to be
strictly high grade and after using one-fourth of your trial
pound if you are not satisfied that it is all we clafin for it, re
turn the unused portion and we will refund the entire purchase
Gallon Vinegar. ............ '. 60c
Campbell's Soups. ... . . . . . . ,..t,. .'.... 10c
Shasta Brand Sardines. . . ;-.. -...:,. .V; . .12c
Tall Cans Milk. . . . ... 7. . ."fl'C . .iSc
Royal Mayonnaise. . .. ...:'. .r. ...... . . .25c
Protecto Safety Matches, Dozen. .....: 9c
Wizard Carpet Clean. y lie
Wizard Furniture Polish 37c
Uneeda Biscuits, 2 for 15c
Stdllwerck's Premium Chocolate, 4-lb. .20c
Stollwerck's Premium Chocolate, J-lb . . . 10c
Michigan Navy Beans, lb ,v .-iOcJ
ftr .
The Alt4he-Year-RoundwDrink
Clicquot Club Ginger Ale
Per Case, $325
Gold Medal Flour, 6-lb. Bag 46c
Gold Medal Flour, 12-lb. Bag 90c
Gold Medal Flour, 24-lb. Bag $1.75
Corby's "MOTHERS" BREAD, .? 8c
THUKSO. Scotland, Sept. V2. An
or which -came ashoro from a boa;
belonging to H. M. S. irampshire. the
wariship which sunk with Lord Kitch
ener on board, has been placed In tbc
local museum.
Callus? "Gets-It
Will Peel It Off!
HER& in.
Nothing on Earth Like Simple
"Uets-It" for Corns or Calluses.
A callup, or thk-Kcnrd skin on the
solo of the font, wliicli often makes
walking a misery is of the same na
ture as a corn. "Crt If removes it
We Recommend It Without
Reserve as the Family Flour
From the Standpoints of Quality and Quantity
for the Baking of
Bread Biscuit Buns
Pies and Cakes
U"Cet-Il'' aad Daace, Etcd with Corns
as easily as it doe.; the tcus:he!t corn .
By using a few drops of "Gets-It" mi
the call up, ou will be able to peel it
off with your ljigrr.s, in one complete
piece just as jou would j banana
peel. It leaves the skin free and
smooth as though ou never had a
callue. You need no more fus.-y plan
ters, sticky tape, "paekagey" band
ages, knives or scifisors for coriif or
calluj.es. "Gets-lt" l the national
corn remover, the biggest on earth,
used by millioni--. It never failn.
You'll work, play and dance at case
in spite of corns.
"Gets-It." the only sure, gunrnntei-d.
money-back corn r nnvor costs but
a trifle at any drug store. MTd bv
13. Lawrence & Co.. i'hicago. III.
Sold in Washington and ie'r
mended a.v the worldV bc-t corn iein
.dy bv ..rtlei-kN Itrug S.ores. T!i
,.-0"'' VhrV . A"iioratcU Urug tJton,
Stone & P.... Ir
6 lb. Bag

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