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LONDON. Sept 12. "It is an
resting fact." Archibald Hurd,
tho naval expert, writes In the Daily
Telegraph, "that, judged by the
strength of its battle squadrons in
active commission, this country's su
premancy nas at least temporarily
passed away.
"The United States has now in com
mission thirty-one battleshipps, and
Washington plans to have twenty
nine next year, the reduction in num
ber being- balanced by the increased
power of some of the ships now a'p
proaching completion.
"We have In a similar state of
readiness twenty-two battleships and
five cruisers, and, In accordance with
the order published yesterday with
reference to reduction to a reserve
basis, our instantly ready battle
force will fall at an early date to
sixteen ships, ten of them forming
the Atlantic Fleet and Jhe other six
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Outsider Upsets Agreement and
Wins Nomination In
Prince George's.
HTATTSVILLE. Sept. 12. County
politicians are still talking- about the
partial upset of the' legislative ticket
agreed on in Prince George's by the
Ray organization and the opposition,
generally known as the Lee people. A
race track supporter, without money
or organization, won the nomination
for the house of delegates over
Charles W. Ciaggett, of this place.
The victor, whose triumph has
shocked the organization, is Julius E.
Coffren, an elderly man of Upper
Marlboro, where he has been employ
ed in the court house.
The Hay forces and the opposition
agreed to divide four nominations
for the house, each taking two. The
Ray people chose Clarence Roberts,
of Kent, a gTandson of the late Gov.
Oden Bowie, and Simms Jones, of
Beltsville. The opposition chose
Charles "W. Clagett, of Hyattsvllle,
who was a member of the last house,
and Frank M. Stephen, of Riverdale.
There was one other candidate to
whom no attention was paid, Mr. Cof
fren. Dry Question an Issue.
The prohibition question has been
an acute issue in Prince George's for
several years. So has the question of
race tracks. After long1 agitation and
litigation the court of appeals re
cently decided against the Bowie race
track and put it out of business.
Roberts and Jones, the two . Ray or
ganization candidates, declared them
selves wet and in favor of race tracks.
Clagett and Stephen declared them
selves dry and against race tracks.
Coffren, the elderly man to whose can
didacy no attention was paid, declared
himself wet and pro-race track.
When the polls closed Monday night
it was found that Clagett. supported
by both factions, had fallen by the
wayside, and that Mr. Coffren, with
out organization support and without
money, had been nominated instead.
He had carried Mr. Clagett's own dis
trict. It seems that both Cla&rett and
j Stephen were cut, some of Coffren's
i supporters going alter one and outers
J going after the other. Clagett got it
worse wan atepnen, so no went aown.
Jaws dropped all over the county. It
was the primary election surprise of
years. When some of the politicians
gotf through examining" the returns
they concluded that if there had been
two Mr. Coffrens running-, without or
ganization and without money. Mr.
Stephen would have been beaten as
well as Mr. Clagett.
A Similar Story.
A somewhat similar story has come
from Montgomery. There the Lee
people and the Peter people lined up
for their regular biennial test of
strength, except as to the nominations
for the house. There were contests
for nominations for State senator,
State's attorney and other places,
which were won by the Lee people.
But for the four nominations for the
House the Lees and the Peters split
50-50. There were six other candi
dates for the nominations for the
Among" these six were two who were
openly wet James N. Barnsley and
J. Melvln Ktchison. Barnsley, who
has been handling horses for a good
many years, was aggressive in his
professions of liberal views. He said
that he had made all of his money out
of horses and was not going back on
them now, and so he was in favor of
race tracks. He decorated a mule
with placards expressing his senti
ments and sent the mule around the
track at the 'Rockville fair whenever
nothing else was running around the
the track.
And Mr. Barnsley was nominated,
despite the agreement of the two fac
tions upon four men to be nominated.
Not only that ,the next man to him
was Mr. Etchiaon. Both of them ran
ahead of J. Furr White, the low man
of the four selected for nominations
by the Lees and Peters.
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f A
Secretary of War Newton D. Baker
and Joseph P. Tumulty, private secre
tary to the President, have been urged
to resign, In telegrams purported to
be sent by William A. Jones, secretary
of the Baltimore centennial, in the
name of the Independent Order of Odd
Wires have also been sent to Presi
dent Wilson, requesting their removal
at "the demands of millions of men."
They are signed by G. Holland Wil
liams, of Washington, in the name of
Mr. Jones, who, according to a report
received from Baltimore, soon after
word of the telegrams reached this
city, has denied that they were au-
tuorizea oy mm.
The telegram alleged ta have been
sentry the Independent Order of Odd
Fellows as a body has reached the of
fice of Secretary Baker, it was learned
today. Secretary Baker said that he
wished to make no comment on It. '
The telegrams were signed by Wil
liam A. Jones, chairman of the centen
nial committee and grand secretary of
the Department of Maryland. The rea
sons given by G. Holland Williams,
representing1 Mr. Jones and the order,
were that Secretary Baker deliber
ately had "double-crossed" the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows by
changing the date of the parade of
General Pershing- in Washington from
September 16 to September 17. In face
of a definite promise to hold It on Sep
tember 16; that he had insulted all
Odd Fellows and kindred organizations
by breaking this promise of co-operation;
that his continued occupation
of a high Government office after this
act of studied unfriendliness to mil
lions of American citizens would be a
misfortune to the nation and to him
self. It was Iterated and reiterated by
Mr. Williams that, this action of the
Odd Fellows was taken with malice
toward none and with no personal
animus against Secretary Baker or
Mr. Tumulty, but that It simply was
an act to obtain justice.
Mr. Holland would not reveal the
causes of the request for the removal
of Mr. Tumulty. He just smiled and
said: "We want action and will get
his dismissal, that's all. The reasons
can wait."
It is urged in the telegrams sent to
the President that be return immedi
ately to Washington and review the
General Pershing; parade. The Odd
Fellows assure him of their heartiest
co-operation in the mission he is on.
Planned Maay Moatas.
"Throughout the United States, In
every community where an Odd Fel
low or the friend of an Odd Fellow
lives, it has been known for months,"
Mr. Williams explained, "that most
elaborate plans, involving' greajj labor
and infinite detail, had been made to
mark next week as the culminating
event of the 100 years of the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows.
Months ago we asked and received the
promise of complete co-operation
from the War Department and ether
officials in Washington for the great
parade which- will be the outstanding
feature of the centennial celebration.
The date was set many weeks ago for
September 17 and all the details made
definite for that date. Nearly all the
bands in Washington were engaged
for the event.
"When it became known that Gen
eral Pershing- would arrive In Wash
ington next week we consulted with
Col. Robert N. Harper, chairman of
the Washington committee for Gen
eral Pershing's parade In that city.
It was explained fully that the thou
sands of Odd Fellows who would be
in Baltimore that week were anxious,
as all patriotic Americans are, to see
General Pershing's parade and to do
honor to him. The request was made
to fix the date of his parade in Wash
ington so as not to conflict with our
parade. The agreement was made.
The date for the Washington parade
was set for September 16.
Changed Wlthoat Warning.
"Without warning-, the other day.
Congressman Mondell, under instruc
tion of the War Department, an
nounced in the House that the date
for General Pershing's parade had
been changed to September 17, the
same date as our parade in Baltimore.
We immediately went to Washington
to learn what had happened and to
learn the reason for breaking the
promise of co-operation with us. We
tried In vain to get satisfaction. We
were entirely without malice and ex
hausted every means to get the prom
ise of Colonel Harper or of Secretary
Baker, under whose orders Colonel
Harper had to act, to reconsider thJs
"In the face of this absolute refusal
to keep their promise or to co-operate
with us in any way, there remained
only one course of action. Such a
man, who would deliberately break
his promise to the milions of patriotic
and loyal Americans affiliated with
and friendly with the Odd Fellows or
to any great fraternal body should
not be retained in a great public posi
tion such as Secretary of War. We
requested President Wilson to dismiss
him from the Cabinet and out of cour
tesy suggested direct to Mr. Baker
that he resign. And I predict that
Geenral Pershing's parade will be held
on September 18 and that Secretary
Baker will resign. In justice to the
nation, to President Wilson, and to
himself. '
Wire To President.
The telegrams to the President,
which Mr. Wilson has received, said:
"With malice toward none, we, the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows and
kindred and allied associations and
bodies, in the spirit of patriotism, re
quest the Immediate removal of Secre
tary of War Newton D. Baker, for
failure to co-operate in the arrange
ments for the parade of .General Per
shing and the First division at Wash
ington, D. C. Millions of men demand
this answer.
"Grand Secretary.
"Odd Fellows Temple, Baltimore. Md."
This telegram was sent to the
"The Hon. Woodraw Wilson, Presi
dent of the United States.
"Helena, Mont., and forward.
"With malice toward none, we the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
and kindred and allied associations
and bodies in the spirit of patriot
ism request that you remove Joseph
P. Tumulty as Secretary to the Presi
dent. We also urge your attendance
at Washington, D. C, to review the
Pershing- parade, and we assure you
of our heartiest support In the mis-
H. COLE, former
commander of the Twenty
sixth division of New Eng
land troops in France, who
is acting as Mayor Peter's
adjutant at police head
quarters in Boston during
the strike of the policemen.
v Bitf.-Gena4 Cote
jmM nwM i
slon you are on. Millions of men de
mand this.
"For WlUlam A. Jones, Secretary
Baltimore Centennial.
"Odd Fellows Hall,
Baltimore, M. D.M
Secretary to the President, Tumul
ty, has received the following- tele
gram: "To the Hon. Joseph P. Tumulty,
Secretary . President U"n it e d
"Helena, Mont., and forward.
"With malice toward none, we, the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
and kindred and allied association
bodies in spirit of patriotism, have
requested your removal. Millions of
men demand this. We suggest you
"For William A. Jones, Secretary
Baltimore Centennial.
"Odd Fellows Hall,
Baltimore, M. D."
- Orders have gone out to all Home
Defense League captains to have ev
ery mamposalble on duty to. assist in
handling- crowd along- line of parado
on next Wednesday, "Pershing's
Those members who have not been
notified and who can serve are re
quested to get in touch with their
captains at once for full instructions.
Americans wishing to tour Swit
zerland will be issued passports after
September 15, the State Department
announced today. Plans have bee
made in that country for the resump
tion of the tourist trade which ended
with the outbreak of the war, the
Swiss legation has informed the De
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WH.LIAMSPORT, Pa., Sept 12. W.
W. Giffen was yesterday found gnFlty
In the Lycoming county court on five
charges of unlawful practice of medi
cine and surgery. Witnesses in court
who had been patients of Giffan testi
fied that he followed a method of
treatment revealed to him by alleged
supernatural powers, and that his
chief treatment was one of deep sleep
for the patient. One man whom Giffen
treated for rhemuatism testified that
the treatment consisted of massaging
and pouring- cold water on the back
bone. Giffen gave him thirteen treat
ments and then told the patient that
it had been revealed to him that fol
lowing three more treatments he
would be cured at the end of four
months. The patient did not recover
as promised.
George Henry, of Cascade, testified
that he had summoned Giffen, believ
ing him to be a licensed practitioner,
to attend his wife. He said the treat
ment consisted of laying- the hands
on the body and praying. The woman
died in ten days.
Mrs. Jennie McCIoskey took twenty
seven of Glffen's treatments, for
which he charged 31 each, after,
which, she -testified, he told her that
it had been revealed to him that he
should double his charge. She stated
that his treatment consisted of plac
ing- his patients In a deep sleep, dur
ing which time he would converse
with them.
Another patient told of his method
of holding- his hands about a foot
above her body and slowly drawing
them toward her feet, when he would
suddenly jump and' snap his fingers.
By this treatment Giffen claimed he
drew the disease from her body. In
treating a woman for blood poisoning
Giffen poured cold water on the af
flicted part and induced her to go to
sleep. When she awakened, she found
Glffen's photograph under her pillow.
PARIS, Sept 12. The Kosciusko
Eicadrllle, headed by Major C. E.
Fauntleroy, was today received In au
dience by Premier Paderewaki, of
Poland. The squadron will leave for
the Polish front next week to fight
with the "Poles against the Russian
Bolsheviks and the Germans.
The strength of the new flying
corps has been brought up to ten
fliers by enlistments this week.
Among the aviators joining- up was
Capt R. P. Brewster, of Baltimore,
winner of the British D. S. O.
Old Defenders Day will be cele
brated under direction ofthe Mary-,
land State Society tomorrow evening
at 8 o'clock In the auditorium of .Cen
tral High School. v
Many prominent speakers win. lec
ture, and tBV8tar-Spangled Chorus
Ch6rus will furnish the music
SAVANNAH, Ga Sept 12 Chatham
county will vote October 7 on an
issue of $500,000 worth of bonds with
which to build public schools.
Out of the
Hi&h Rent
1920 G. A. R. MEET
COLUMBUS. Ohio, Sept 12. The
fifty-fourth national encampment of
the Grand Army of the Republic will
be held In 1020 at Atlantic City. Late
yesterday, after boosters for Colorado
Springs and the Eastern resort had
engaged In a debate lasting an hoar
delegates voted 372 to 348 In favor of
Atlantic City.
The- business sessions of the en
campment will be brought to a close
today with the election of officers for
me coming; year.
DUBLIN, Sept 12. HUcit dlstilllng
ls becoming- more prevalent In Ire
land as a result of the whiskey
shortage. Huge seizures of "po
theen" are reported in the West
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The Newport
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