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lt Is to year fees fntereitt to put
Hc Liberty Bond Intrrest In "V. "S. S.
Itching Rashes
With Cuticiira
S. (HntSBcst S U. Taleeo at.
!fm liri" l"lg3gaamg-"3gcnBB.-3'S3n.gging:
A cheek fur $100 from The Times
has helpofl to swell the fund "being:
collected b ilie oitlaens of -Prince
Jeoi-RC"s county, Maryland, to build
a. memorial cros? it Blade nsburg in
memory of the fifty-two boys of that
county ha died in the service during:
the war.
A lawn party will be held at Blad-
ensburgpn Saturday uicht. for the
benefit of the fund. It is expected
that enough money will be realized
to have the foundation of the mem
orial htartcd next week.
PARIS. Sept. Ii. Maj. Gen. James
G. Harbord, with the American mis
sion which accompanied him to the
x i.-'oo fnf ihn nnmose of investl-
' eating" conditions in Armenia and the
i i ir PnnctnntinotllC
LaUCascun rcsiuu, itn. .v. r-
!.. .!. Ininolnt- lr Sllni1V aCCOrfl-
ior mt- luimu' . ....
ins- to advices received here.
The House of Fashion
fMu.m.-' " " ' "-wniti-1 'TCTsmmaigu i mi i iiiiii.'.tqjgj
9:15 TO 6
JrZm'MjaJm JrLmm fA
9:15 TO 6
U06 G Street
ThroughPersonalAppeal to Manufacturers
Our Mr. J. L. Leverton personally made a special
trip to New York in order to obtain some high-class
suiis of the best materials, in the latest possible modes,
to sell at popular prices so we could launch a big sale
to encourage early fall bifying.
His argument was accepted at full value and the
concessions rsked for were granted. In addition we
have deducted more than a fair percentage of our own
profits and now offer you the finest' materials and the
latest possible creations at a most wonderful saving.
No special orders taken at these prices, all suits
sold with a positive Leverton guarantee.
200 Beautiful Fall Suits
in Tricotines, Serge, Broadcloth. Silvertone, Velours
and novelty mixtures, black, navy, brown, plum, Pekin,
and Oxford; 111 sizes. If these suits were purchased
under any other conditions they would retail for 55,
365, $75 and S85. - -
Three Special Prices Saturday Only
111 A I '
i'l 1 -
f"T ES " aw
Senor Pezet Made Ambassador of
Peru Belgian Envoy Returns
100 Beautiful Dresses
-in Satin, Tricolette, Serge, Georgette, Meteor, Jersey and combinations. Special prices for
Friday and Saturday,
$25.00 $35.00 $45.00 $49.50
Special Prices on Coats, Millinery, Waists and Furs
. j .- - - "
tjirvtmr rw tmh
The "Perfect Lover" never knew, in his exciting life,
The greater happiness of home shared with a loving wife;
But here he has a vision, and as wakened from the dead,
- There comes a tender memory stirred by "Old Mammy's" Bread.
Yes, It Was Dorsch's
"Old Mammy's" Bread Which Goes
Hand in Hand With Perfect Love
V aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH
-T3 1 Bli BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalBaaaaaaKBaaaaaaaaaaalBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaV
- -i-m .. if HBSHBiH
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaslaaaaaaaT a4w(Pyi8S(Sf Laaaaaaw SaBaaBaflSHslBaaaaaaaaaaaaaafll
sailed recently from New Ydrk
for Peru, will return to this
country next month as Ambassador
of Peru to the United State. His
appointment to this important post
has been made known by Senor Pezet
in letters to friends in "Washington.
Senora de Pezet accompanied him on
his journey to Peru and will return
with him.
Senor Pezet was formerly Minister
of Peru to the United States, but re
signed from the diplomatic service
when hia g-overnment reduced the
scope of its diplomatic establishment
at Washington owing- to financial
difficulties. Since then Senor and
Senora de. Pezet have made their
home in New York. The appointment
is regarded by M'ashlngtonlans In
general and the diplomatic corps In
particular and u singularly happy
Tlnrnn E. de Cftrtip.r Av Mnrchiennc.
t.i1 t !- 1-.. 4. .1.. T'.Karl
States, has returned ta the embassy
at Washington after an extended ab;
sencc in Europe. Baroness de Cartlcr
will remain at the Ritz-Carlton Ho
tel, Xew York, for a few days-, jojin
ing the Ambassador -here on Monday.
Jasfternads iteturn To V. C.
The Fronqh Xmbassador and Mme.
Jusseiand have returned to the em
bassy from Xcw York.
The Italian battleship Conte di Ca-
vour, which has been at Newport for;
Henderson's home. They expect to
leturn to Newport on October 10.
Mrs. LeBaron Colt, "wife of Senator
Colt, who spent pait of the late sea
son at the Proflio House,' Dixville
Notch. N. H., has gone to Bristol, RI.
Miss Gladys Hinckley, of Washing
ton, has gone to Lenox. Mass.. to join
Frlnsesw-Andrea Boncompagnl, who
Is at the Asplnwull Hotel. i
Mrs. Frederic K. Chapin and her
daughter, Miss Marcia Chapin. who
have been at Hot Springs, Va., for the
summer, haye returned to Washing
ton. Miss Chapin will- be one of this
season's debutantes.
To Attend AYeddlne la A"ton. .
Lieut. Comdr. Robert 3L Hinckley
has gone to Boston to participate as
one of the ushers in the weduing of
Miss Madeline Everett, daughter of
Mrs. Charles Everett, of Newton Cen
ter, to Lieut. Comdr. Ames Loder, U.
S. N. The wedding will take place at
noon today in -Trinity Church, Newton
Center, and will be an elaborate af
fair. The bride will be given in mar
riage by her uncle, Henry C. Everett,
and jx reception will follow the cere
mony at the home of tlie bride's
mother, Mrs. Everett, iu Newton Cen
ter. Mrs. Albert Ordway and Miss
Va"lerie Padelford. who were at New
' , . , . , . J London. Conn., are now at the Muench-
a week or ten days, will come to An- j lnscr.KInr ,n NcWp0rt, for a visit.
napous louowing its approacnuio
visit to New York, and it is expected
that Admiral Huso Conz and the of
ficers of the vessel will take this op
portunity to visit Washington-.
The, ship will leave Newport for
New York, tomorrow and will .be sev
eral days at sea en route. Arrange
ments are now being made for the
entertainment of AdmiraJ Conz and
his staff in New York, and a special
gala performance of "Cavaleria Ruk
ticana" and "ragliaccr' will be given
in their honor at Madison Square
Gardens on Sunday night, September
28. The proceeds will be for the
Babies' Free Milk Fund of Italy.
Last night Admiral Conz and his
staff were entertained at dinner by
Mrs. William Miller Graham.
Senator and Mrs. Francis E. War
ren will return to their apartment at
2029 Connecticut avenue tomorrow,
having gone to New York to meet the
Senator's on-in-law. General Per
shing, on his arrival from Europe.
Members of General Pershing's fam
ily will be guests of Senator. and Mrs.
Warren during their stay in Wash
ington next week.
General Pershing and members' of
his staff, who will reach to'wji thia
afternoon, will stay at the Shoreham,
occupying the suite of rooms which
President Wilson had at the time of
nis iirst inauguration. n
Miss Padelford gave a luncheon yes
terday, having Miss Marguerite Caper
ton among .her, .guests. Miss Caper
ton will return to New London. Conn.,
today after her second visit to New
port. 1-
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Coonley have
returned from their, summer place in
the Catskills and have left town again
for a fortnight's stay in Chicago.
Mrs. G. F. C, Smillie will leave
Washington today for Cedartown, Ga
to attend the wedding of her son,
Thomas Monroe, and Misa Katherlne
Adamson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Adamson. of Philadelphia and
Cedartown. which will take place
Wednesday. Mrs. Smillie, on her re
turn, will visit for a week in Raleigh.
X. C.
Colonrl Plernon Kntcrtaln.
Col. Emil P: Pienjon. U. S. A., en-
tertainoxl fifteen men at luncheon at
the Cafe St. Marks yesterday.
Lieut Milton T. Noyes. U. .. A has
returned to Washington, after long
cervice overseas, and is with Mrs.
Noyes at the Kensington apartments.
Lieutenant Noyes .who is the son of
Clarence Noyes, of Washington, was
with the national guard in Mexico.
He was until recently with the Twen
ty-ninth Division, army of occupa-l
tion, near Coblenz, Germany, and Is
now commanding Battery C, Sixth
rield Artillery. First Division, United
Mrs. Nicholas Longworth, who U
now in New York, was among the
guests at the luncheon which Irs-' states armv
the Turf and Field Club In Belmont. The e5ts at the Marlne Barracks
Park before the Joeing. The Duke tWa' avcniUK at the Indian. ftumjner
and Duchess brKdxbnrge aCoToWt3ance Carntvar win be.'.rofflSft by
theCount de Chambrun;wlioy-as onTMrs. Rogers, wife of MajbfTJen. H.
General Pershing s staff iir ranee, j j jg QUartermoter general,
were also -present. United States army; Mrs. Ross, wife
-vr n-ii-.. .- ..., ., o Joseph Ross, director of welfare
.huic. kuiwui;i, wuc Ol UCIlCmi VOlvn, y, X.'f Tlanartmant "VTrn 'PllAn
lardet, military attache of the French
embassy, will be at home today for
the last time before her departure foi
France in a few da s.
Simonton. and Mrs. Alexander Sharp.
Sr. in charge of the -welfare branches
of storace. Durchasp service and re-
J modnts. office of tho quartermaster
i j -.r t ... , general. United States army. The
,,; "1,,?- V, ' Tuttlf r2nd personnel of these two divisions with
mJ ? -- fru ; . m Mf,ret,TlU-1 their friends aie anticipating a
.,J ?i t ' i l ' ha,ye Pleasant evening. The Marine Band
cd 'n fhoracA .from, Biff Vvlll plaj. Among the attractions
Moose camp, in the Adirondacks. .,,, . 1 A . ,.? ... ,,,. r. .,.
where they spent the summer. The , T f , n,,,X n ra,tt, i, ,..iv
i aJlii v ai iiuui .uaai'i w - u uiauv
marriage of Miss Margaret Tuttle to
up of Lieut. Colonel Ellison. Major
Streeter B Flvnn. of OK-lahomn -ritv ' "f "A '."t- r."'"" r""."'." -J'
...in k ; r t, :.r.... w. av: Mumrord. L. s. a., iiajor liar-
.. . ... ... ....,,, .....uf .. rhisholm. CaDt. Hal T. Vlcror and
KB i ft fjJI Vv
(jooJ Bread ib the real foundation tur guod
meals. No matter if even thing else is perfect, poor
bread will spoil it all. There's no need to take
-hances when you can always buy Dorsch's "Old
Mammy's' Bread, which is always Uniformly and
The Best Bread
You Can Buy
"Yes, indeed, I had a 'Ver
ted Lover' ohcc upon a lime"
Try "Old Mamni" bread once and ou will
buy it regularly. It is the bread of breads. Chil
dren cr for it, older people demand it.
events of the autumn season, and will
take place about the middle of October.
It will be a large church wedding and
a small reception will follow.
Major and Mrs. Walter Schoelfkopf
were hosts at dinner last evening,
taklnV their guests later to the infor
mal dance given by the Minister of
the Serbs. Croats and Slovenes and
Mme. Grouitch. Major and Mrs. t
hchocllkopf have recently returned to
Washington from their summer home
at Niagara Falls. Ontario. Canada.
They snint the last day or two in
New York.
Major and Mrs. choellkopf'B niece.
Miss Florence Judge,, of Birmingham, !
Ala., is with them for an extended '
visit. '
Sir Charles floss, of I'anada, cniei-
tnlived at dinner at the Ritz-Carlton
Hotel., New York last evening. In
compliment to Mi. and Mrs. Jerome
N. Bonapar;c. of Washington, who
arc in New York for a few days.
. P. G. Harding, governor of the
Federal Reserve Board, has gone to
White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.. to
attend the twenty-sixth annual con
cntion of the West Virginia Bank
ers' Association. He will mukc an
address toduj.
Mr. and Mrs. II. c. Ansley will gic
an informal bridge party this evening
in .compliment to her sister, Mrs.
Herbert Lyman Blackmail, of New
York, who is their guest for a few
day. i
Col. and Mrs. Stephen Lcll. Slc-uin
are at the Chatham Hotel, New York. '
for a short stay.. '
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kaiiffnuun '
Iiavc opened their cottage rft the Percy
Summer Club, in :ho mountains of
Xcw Hampshire, for the autumn sea
son. Mrs. Victor Kauffmann has been
at ths club for several weeks.
Medical Tlreelor and Mis I. W'l
Kite and Miss Anita Kite have ic
turned to Wa.shirgton from Blue
Ridge Summit. Pa. Miss Kite spent
the early summer at Jamestown, R. I.,
and later joined Or. and Mrs. Kite
in the Blue Ridge mountains.
Miss "aroljn I!. Xash and the
Misses Sanders, of Philadelphia, who
have been at Chelsea, X. J., arrived
at White Sulphur Springs todav.
where they joined Miss Nash's par
ents. Medical Director Francis S.-ash
and Mrs. Nash, of Washington.
Ilntehlnm Iteturn.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stilson Hutch
ins have returned to Washington
fiom Hot Springs. Va . having passed
three months at the Homestead.
Mrs. Robeit Henderson, wife ti
Commander llendeison. V S. N.. with
her small son Robbie, have gone froi.i
Newport to New Yoik for n visit and
will then on-o to Washington Tr
Capt. W. K. McQuown. Captain Ket
chain. Lieut. H. R. Pelton, First Lieut.
G. B. Kidwell, and Mr. D. W. Jasper.
Mrs. Morgan Hill and Mrs. John
Callan O'Laughlin are among those
prominent in the Washington colony,
at White Surphur Springs, W. Va.
They arc staying at the Greenbrier.
Mrs. Marie Welch, of Chicago, is
announcing the engagement of her
daughter. Miss Josephine Welch, to
C. L. Gilmore, of Oklahoma. City, for
merly a captain in the U. S A. The
date of the marriage w ill be an
nounced later.
ba Complexion
I ill' Wfi 1 Smooth and velvety
I Jf'v? M he Petalt of a roo is
-' ff tho compfesioa aided by
( j Nadine Face Powder
m Thi delicate beautifier
J Imports an indefinable
rhirm n charm which
a )!ngers In tho memory, j
I The smooth texture uf i
I Nairn e adheres until i
1 washed off. It prevents I
I aenburn cr the return of j
L. dlfcotorations.
I Fltth lu CO0'nM 1 refreih- !
I . , nCi nd it cannot harm
J Pmk the tenderest sfcin.
I Brt3itU . N a di n o Faco Powder
II itf. beautifies minions of com-
' l l'i plexions today. Whynot
II ycurs ?
Vi Crttn Eexe Only.
i 11 At Itadxus loMtt caunUr. If
j a tJtfj lavn't it, b-j tscd tte.
IS 39&s Paris. Tenn.
IB ,y aaab.
V. I h Hi 1 aTaW
V i . -
, V
- 6:00 I
P.M. 1
I J-li
Can be founa hi U Uumio'i s (ruc Store I j
Auttimn Hats of Rare Loveliness
I So many, many lovely delightful hats are gathered in our Mil
linery StpVe" that it is a joy to tell 'about them. Rich Panne Vel
vet Hats in black-and new colors are particular
attractive the most charming hats we have sefen
so far this season. Smart large picture, sfragps,:!
some faced in light shades. BHijvm-il
med with ostrich and flowers.-" SaSeUy Mtreiisji
. -- C m--i L
I C afl
5 fir At mM
no better way to start a new sea:
new hat and one of these
aiTwitfi a
$ t zzm
Kann's Second Floor.
Our assortments of serviceable' garments are omplete now at the Girls Stx'Sfrcialm&i aeryr
thing needed for school time Bring the girls ii Saturday and fit them twt ,oip)rf&$& r v? ,-
Bob Evans or Jack Tar Middies, made of Lomdale Jean in all white? 'xr vMtrth,'oy3f tr
red collars and cuffs; braid or tape trimmings Sizes 6 to 22 years. 0axIy;2,abrt$S9.
? Ol a m 1 - a4k 4 af t-- .'"
.f v
Sneci&l Saturday. SI .95.
Middies, made of all wool: .naw flannel or mi WearierreJ:?i?S- mft$
n and service band on sleeve. Sizes 6 to 20 years. Tubularly '$$Jfr
" z
Bob Evans or Jack Tar
or tape trimmings; chevron
to 512.00.
Choice Saturday, 106 off Marked Prices' ,;" -,
New Gingham Frocks, in pretty stripes, checks and plaids; a greats variety vof" styles -and isew
fall colorings to select from. Sizes 6 to 14 years. .r.r
-Special at $2:50, $2.98 and $3.95 up to $8.95. . . -. . t y
ou.i.. -ni i t : . ; - ii) o. -rr i.c '" '
obyies ior riixyyvrs. sou ouiuuis, & iz.es j.o w t jtis. v . j.
SDecial at S3.50 to S1Z.00
Jack Tar Togs, made of all wool storm serge, in one or tw"o 4pce, V
Rtvle: uleated and bled stvlesr Sizes G to 14 vears. ." -'
Junior and Misses' styles; sizes 14, 16 and 18 years- Pncea" accord
ing to size and quality, from
$13.50 to $37.50
Pleated Bloomers, vmade of black satiner black- DODlinrorna1
patented governor fastener at the knee prevents sagging; Jse
waist adjustable. Sizes 14, 16 and 18 years. "
At $1.75 to .$4.50 " ' ,. . .
Separate Skirts, made of white Lonsdale Jean, or iXL -wool storm
serge; also plenty of French serges, in clan plaids; pleatai or slurred
models, with belts and pockets. Lengths from 28 to 36incKe-
At $1.89 to $16.50
Girls Sweater Coats, jn ' button fronti orpiiddie stylesf , tielt and
pockets. In all the fall colorings. -
. - Priced from $4.00 to $12.00
. - Kann's Second Floor. . .
-&S' k. . 7
gT rr it 2
- Ji a5 tr j 2
vysersrer' m isrn jl.
l?fit5nff: rK7ll Nl t
. - -. JfrYF-i. r '
" , j i
J ;
New Editions
i Just received in time for
your Sunday reading.
Choice 75c Copy
Long Live the King, by
Marv Roberts Rinehart.
MissWilliams' Maid, by
Berta kuck.
Z Barbarians, by Robert
Kv. Chambers.
The Forfeit, by Ridge-
Articles worth buvincr at these!
Saturday prices, andjaying aside'!
for birthday or Christmas re-!.
Green gold Mesh Bags, novelty
square shaped, engraved frame,
made with double Irak, mesh, fin
ished at bottom with fringe and
hall trimminc". S10 t1? Af?
Rvalue W.OTJ!
;; Silver-plated and .green goia;j
well Cullum. ;; Mesh uags, ovai snape ?rame;; , wovety ha .!
We Can't Have Every-!; :??fcndou"e lmk raesh-"-$10!: J broideVed initials at oej:
thing, by Rupert Hughes. ;! P1 'y'-Vr' Z ! P for 1M or' each- ,5iCi
c u no. h,T Won ! Silver-plated Vanity Case, with X ! r , - 7 ,
Enoch Crane, by F. Hop- !lpnmTiartrrents for coin Bowder. !: Women's iine mull .Hand-!
4 2' '.'.
tKT... "CJli-i , .Q4fA44'r QnWTff W: IK Jl..' 1 .f. I
atuivBy wvmw;, H2nf3HW.P.llp-fQ I
BBlMUWA'aVa vr AA&arSK t
! compartments for coins, powder,
V.! lie- nn1 rnlc a f P
Special Wv
Silver and gold-plated Dorine
i great variety. Special $f A A
of . UAW
Dorine Boxes, with colored en-j
amel tops. Spc- d1 Of
Kann's East Room. Street Floor.
kinson Smith.
U n d e r Handicap, by
f Jackson Gregorj'-
J The Luck of the Irish,
by Harold MacGrath.
The Indian Drum, .by
William MacHaig and Ed-
iwin Balmer.
Kann's Downstairs.
rftfrrrsMffti-frrrrrrrrr-rrrrrrr ?
A Saturday story of sew
novelties priced to- introduce
Women's all-linen' Handkerv
chiefs with -nrnttv brn.nui
smbroidery in one corner, iat
XZ for $1.08 or, OC
each v.: JJv
Women's alt-linen- Handker
chiefs, with daraty narrow!
lace edge afc3Ioc VJ.';
$1.00 or, each OoZu
Women's . all-lwen. Handker-
kerchiefs, in all white" or
colors, wHk narrow valen-
eiennes lace edge 9Q
at .' iUC
!; Women's fine mull' Haadker-
!;diiefs, with threeiquarter and?
!; one-inch hems, hand embroid
!;cred in all whi,te; also-1 If
r-mW a.
colors at.
Kann's Street Floor.
Opening Sale' of
Hni t swarp si
That Will Be a Fashion. Favorite
for Autumn x
are seen here noy in splendid varieties. Make an early
selection ana dc ursr. 10 wear tne new siyie. . -- ;. j
.i --: i-.t,4 m.:-.- r ..ii ...,1 ! $
.i.i.uiuiuh piciticu sn.ii ia ui du-wuui;
serge in navy and black, with" satin
girdle and sash, tinished uiitK'siIIc""fasseir
at $16.95.
Separate skirts of all-wool serge, with
deep embroidered black silk band and
design around bottom; also embroidered?
belt, beautiful style, at $19.75.
Separate skirts, in all-wool large plaids,
new colorings and combinations, at
$16.95 to $25.00.
-Skirts for large ligures are here in
navy and black serge, and poplir.r, very
latest models, at $8.95 to $14.95.-
o. L
Kann's Second Floor
( Irons, nigrb grade make,
nickeled rinish, fully war- 0O rj(v
ranted. Special, at iOLftXJ
nickel-plated CaaM-roIe. 'with J
brown and white earthea-Qf OAt
-are Unlni?: special.... 7JL f
SI.OO Wlsarrl lellalt Mop.
I1XO IVIzard l)HJt .Hap.
91.00 Can AVlxard Pollak.
Choice, 69c
Jrlly Glaxaes. with tin QQa.
tops. Special. 'a dozen..... OOL.
Jelly or Soup Strainers, of pure
aluminum. Special, "Q
Maiming: Bovrcaan Percolator.
7-cup size, heavily nickel- 4 QQ
e1. Special, at rlwd
Galvanized Sheet Iron QQ
Gartatre Can. Becial at Oi7C
Iv Tea Set...t:ht- cat srlaas.
2 in dainty design, set of -f QQ 2
3even pieces At-
JCann's Third Floor.
4$ sJ.k
ft '

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