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AKJbKTA, Oct a. On a eaere
natnc the. mik Ja aa attentat to
nlsnhaistl Am O. Candler. snUMeaalre
farmer ma?er of AUwtt oe e
MM Bwfos U ImI, Td twenty
mr, wae arrested yesterday "
We Mi on hall of M0. He de
ened aejjr oonnsotlea with the aaar.
Oit liitirtir 27, Mr. Cm. ac
ta nestorfncs lues esters, re-
totter denanndte- thee ine
W ma m. W Wulr at MS at 91
W MihIi mtmm AMaf WSXnMMT
the millionaire soft drink akumCac
rer HMt am attempt to aSeeorer
the .ehlir end a4risis hleatehavs
, m - - w il -- - - -J HUai
U r in will wt T."
Otprivtd of Fleet, Germans
Afapt ew MetM for Com-
merotal Supremacy.
JUItec amettr and ort
3Cra. Asmee Ortmmel yesterday
MUt la tlM Dfetrjet Sapramg Oeurt
nyihMt Henry Oesitant arieamelier a
limited divorce and eMmony. Mrs.
onaMPti. nprMMtW ay Attorneys
WfOtarn X. HJcharaeon and W. M.
ttw aks or tha ettetody of
their fnr oalldrea, WWwMBt of
trnet en the ntesirty. and a re
etre4nJar order to prevent htm from
moleetaee; her.
A4MP sett VMMB a" A&dfOXT.
fittHKHT, Oct. . Jacoa ahead m
tcatr Faers M and Mvee oa aa la
sonm of 10 a year. Despite this, ate
wife ana eared hefere Judge Kiiwir
t aewVwi that he nay allmsar. The
apart aaia it wm impossisie.
Froth Fruit
Dettertt 2c
mtr-VO. iiiiattg, tk
id tatar, eat hat 2
a vial of
Compare JMr-TaO tWi
oio ityit qadc ytat
m imirti. Y ifffl
na it timM Mtatr,
yt k cote no nor,
ac Taar Qrmim
Ul T Ttm FatJ-OW,
MRL.IX. Oct I. The M.00-ta
uMnr ataaatar Bttwtrete. the Ms-
Ct liaar err hallt. is aaarias cam- j
aiatioa at the Huh bar? yaras ofj
BMia a; Taaa, for aeeewit af the1
Hjunharg-Axftarica Line. This new
oeaaa awrral, the eanstraetlaa of
which was hacaa ht a tine whea the
areaaaet of viatory still looatea his
oa the Ganaaa horisoa. is inteaaoa
for the Haaawr-Maw Tork route. Of
acials of tha Ksjnaurs-Amarica Uae.
however, are aat eoeksare that tha
Bteaiarek will sail aaaar their Has;,
la fact, they will not he disaaaotatea
at all if the maanaoth Itaar is seised '
ay the enteate as aart of the a.
teas of shiaaiaar Oanaaay Is pledged
to deliver annually aaaar the term of
tha peace treaty. I
Deprived of its Mr fleet of aoeaa
liaers the Hamburg-America Line is
mar and mare lochias; to the xree
aam of the air as a means af salva-
tioa and conUnued divMaads. Several
stoats ace this oorreaaoadaat , de
scribed the unparalleled- system af
domestic aeroplane paaaeacer traaa-
portatioa developed by tha Hamburc-1
ttiM TJu thMt la tk warkL I
Bat aeroplanes, ewinx; to their Mm-!
ited carryiar capacity, are unsatisfac
tory for heavy travel. The largest;
planes carry only six passengers. The
Hamburg-Amarica Mm, therefore, is
now turning to lasprcvad Xappeliaa as
a permanent amWtitute far its lost
jmsv Tya sevatoaaa
"Tha airahtps wa delivered to tha
eateate are sa much junk to- us, and
they are welcome to have them," a
elared Hrr Vogelsang, manager af
tha Berlin odea, In discussiag tha
oonqaeat of tha air by his company.
"We have developed an entirely new
type of airship that makes all others
obsolete. The Beeeusee, recently
completed at the Xeppeiln works in
Friedriehshafen. Is the first of this
type to be put into aervioe. Iaeiden
taMr, the Bodensea la the first passen
ger airship in the world to cover a
regular route. It will ply between
Berlin and Frisdrieanhafea. making
connections at the latter point with
the steamer fc Switseriand. In a
vary short time we also will have a
regular service BerUn-Oaaenaagen-Stockholm.
"And Amerieevr was asked.
We have a regular service be
tween Hamburg and New York in
mind," replied Herr Vogelsang. "If
Waerica wlU provide the sheds and
landing places we will carry paseen-
next rear. Bat -far the trans-Atlan-ffl
Uc service we will require vessels
much larger than the Bodenaee whiem
the Zeppelin works are preparing to
j pravemint Over epps.
The Beadeasee differs from the old
type of xeppollnc inmving the pas
senger gondola near lh front, built
tosrether with, the navigation gondola
and removes: from the odor of the
engines which are is. the rear. Pas
sageways built lata the hull connect
the navigation and passeager gondola
with the engine goneek Formerly
a footbridge ran from sflsm to stern
under the hull.
The Bedensee is equipped with cab
ins far twenty-five passengers, who
may watch the fleeting landscape
through, tha windows, reclining In
comfortable deck chairs. For the
hungry an up-to-date restaurant pro
vides hot and oqld dishes from a full
fledged kitchen. Lavatories and wire
less apparatus are other cenveieneea
offered the passengers.
The Bodeasee is 400 feet long, has a
space of 300,000 eubic feat and a
carrying capacity of more than 30.000
pounds. Its four engines develop
1,100 h. p., giving the vessel a speed
of about 75 miles an .hour.
Hair that Everyone Adixurea
Hatr responds laafynlpwaV nV care
and mention. Q-aan. Hsir Tonic
wiM help gruwdi easorb eaaaTuffm
eae ipnlirss'en eaaunaie k in aiaht
erten. Same all iichiof of aW scsJp
neurknet and preserve me hsir
and prrvena k from fsJting out
For isle st sJl druc stores and VMner
ever unlet foods are sold.
"Adler-i-ka has been worth its
""eight ia gold to me. It has CUK&D
say eonotipation-and a serious bowel
irouble which I hwi." (Signed) Mrs.
anna Wagner.
Adler-i-ka fhtshee BOTH upper and
rfWI cowtly It relieves
JSTT CASK gas on stomach or sour
Itomaca. Removes a, surprising
pueuut of fouL decaying matter from
the alimentary canal (which poisoned
Itomach for months). Often CURES
tonstipatioa. Prevents appendicKls
Hie IM8TAKT pleasant actien of Ad-ier-i-ka
asioaVsaes both doctors and
tatieats. It is a mixture of buck
Ihorn. oascara, glycerine and nine
liner stmpse Mgrodioats. People's
BAST WHATELY, Mass., Oct. Zr
The entire town turned out hare
armed with pitchforks, pokers and
death-dealing kitchen forks to help
Postmaster Charles Roes capture a
burglar armed with a hammer. After
the townspeople had surrounded the
store, brandishing their weapons,
they formed a Jiving wedge and en
tered, simultaneously, by the front
and back doors. The burglar did
valiant battle, hitting to right and
left with his hammer. Several heads,
hands and shins were lacerated, but
at last the burglar held up his hands
ia surrender.
He told the townspeople that he
had a horse and carriage waiting for
him in the woods, and wouldn't they
please see that thhe horse didn't go
MKDFORD. Mass.. Oct. 2. "O
tempera, O mores," was the comment
of William Jennings Bryan when oa a
visit here he was shown a building
where some of the famous old Med
ford rum used to be manufactured
Mr. Bryan' came here to make a tem
perance address.
"After January 18. 10. a man will
have to drink twenty-i gallons of
water to obtain the necessary alco
hol to cause intoxication," Mr. Bryan
ASHEVTLLE. N. C. Oct. 2 J. O.
Murr. aa employe of the Champion
Fiber Company at Canton, after be
ing bitten by a mad dog. seized the
animal and killed it with his bare
hands. Murr went to Raleigh, where
he is being given the Pasteur treatment.
CINCTINVATI. Oct. 2. Man f rM
elBti and environs are tn ! o-i-....
a chance to retaliate for the feminine
IbvsjUab mf thlr aUji af a4. ....
A millinery class has been started by
Mrs. Marie R. Perry and men are in
Friday- StoeNews GFLANSBueot&Bea
A man talkmr abort
eosditiems at tbe TJ. S.
oak: "Ofe, reryt
will caana et all rig at.
The America Lagio
will sac to that.'
We agree -with him
fully, but are these of
us who asked the beys
to fight our battles on
the ether side going ta
ait down and wait for
them to straighten out
our heme . difficulties?
We do not believe se.
The men who fought
and those who dian't
are equally patriotic.
The problems of pro
duction and .keeping
down costs and finding
work for all belong to
each of us.
, And. If each gives
just a little tine -each
day to constructive
thinking it won't be
long until the old ship
of state will he plow
Jar ahead aa though
nothing had happened.
A little teamwork.
That's what we need.
New pHUwi Bavk o Ttlrot,
a, feH, "fcwi roa" with
f sit Mtf , crac, etc Staawd
ia Mama eaajl? sC4aeV
wita fcaswy floe. Ho d.
Women Looking Abou& for Fall and Winter
Suits, Coats and Dresses
MaffN maa oqoaxe
afif. At 7fc to $4.M.
GenWrom's nw tmk arooooff
mfi m doJety aeeirM.
Mask i Um aawnot fall styloe.
SfahM 2 to It yomn. At $!
M-iaok cnatars -Uniped mi
thrtoel oa ocxa nodkwaart.
New okaire for'Ioag and oaort
stttok antartiniry. At Mc
Third Fleer
Lmukurgh & Bro.
Find Ii to Their InUrtst and Profit to Fay
a Visit to Our Fashion Shops
The cerrVctio is so Urge that you may satisfy your iacRvidml tti
We can write iMthoriUtively of tie fail tad wteter ftaaioas from- r
own stocks, for they have been chosen by experts after careroi stady of
the vojue from Park and in New York.
Tha-sMit coats most alt three-oairter leaftlvaTt scoai-fltted mi
have collars of self material cut hifh-pointed ravers, ntaay are tar iinnf
med. ' Prices are $3t.M to $300.00.
1 samanak.
I Kr- mnanananaF
Boys' Suits
Two Pairs Full
Lined Troupers
Made ef fall weight
mixtures in well tailored
models serviceable io
withstand the hard wear
boys give their clothes.
Two popular styles to
choose from the box
pleated or the waist-seam
models, with flap, slash or
patch pockets. Sizes 7 to
1 8 years.
Norfolk suits of fall
weight fabrics in popular
seam or plain models.
Knicker trousers fully
lined. Sizes 7 to 18 years.
Fifth Floor
Lansburgh & Bro.
Boudoir jackets of crepe
s3 catno, waoa satia, g&d
dotii or fancy fleworod
silk. At $Z.fC Co $f M.
Boadoir caps, prettily
txinssned wita lace. At
Sfc to $1.96.
Third Fleer.
Lansburgh & Bro.
The dresses are mostly straight
linevsitbotiette, with few waist lines
conspicuous. Many Russian blouse
effects in evidence.
Prices, $l.tf to $MJ0
Straight- coats; wMi iavarted
bomiIs tad maity ckitw ftfttm.
Many hare bdtts, Pat; UhaiaymV in
Price are HC00 ia fJOMO.
Seeead Fleer ,
Lansbwr.k & Bro.
mnananananr" mnmnamtmnat mmTPflL
aamnaf Jasnaar mnawmnananananananal mnanam M Wk
mmsanananaE maanaaaaf isVJsr IBnaav
See Next Sunday's Papers
For Full Particulars of Our
59th Anniversary
.. Which Starts Mondty, Otteber Oft
The gremteat valiie-giving event wWch we hote ever boon
able to offer. A sale in which every ekpstafitia: o-fc" far
ordinary tpecial.
Plan to Be Here Monday, October 6
crepe do' dune, er wash
aaite, prettily trimmed
wfba tuck. At $L5t.
$LH ta$2JC.
BloOWOrg nanek of Wfiah
sajtfai leaaferooti sad fim
nvaea witk heawtitcklfif;;
fleoh color. At M.
krga variety of styles,
mead eabrotdored or triBj
aaed witk lace. Rieeoa
atnse oror saealders. At
pesa 4.Pa SMl 90.9a
tPottioeats of erofe de
rliiin or week satk, tail
ored or lace trinuaed. At
S.K, S7;H to !.
Bffiie Bvrke pajaniaa
aaade of seed qoalHy
eroae de chtae, ia fleoh,1
trmamod with homstitca
ia; aad lace. At $8.75.
Nirkt robes raade of
areoc de ekimc. trimmed
with laoes: floeh color. I Tfic riafc heVA heftn chosen with a.ftte State dfwtalt la
At s?jp to S14.H. , ! ft nf p. .. ncf HJlrkrfullv rftoreaeated m toJr ditaeaY la oar French
'- ' -r'WJS, . .- w ...w-. - r-j r --,"- . .j. u, Tu. J , LAl
Th nct mnoAis snow a. qcckicu remain, v o uc mwc wi isun
t velvets or panne combined with facings oTfcys fetVet' Attractively
popular furs, small lowers, narrow riooons, monkey iw ana aovewy
found m hats or ormnary designers.
Larse droooinr brim ht -vredoi
hat there ara aloo the aanaU clooe ftttinc
, tarbaae. AU the popaktr Fail ahadoa ref-
Hata for the voianc weaioa as won
for the Mere nature
Gmis' dothes
nataay efeivoa
Joaa ta fU
af ionmanh)
watBC saaaa M 11
OBannnw aemapnnnnnnnna ena aesmnannBnp
ifagats'ttnej' fcff of Ma
ssKTd5aaw 0 ta U
ejPy "yjoyey OjPy""" a
f fs 14
The Newest Fall Hate
'1250, 16 M t. 25
eej"fai . T
m T a T
mnanMamnO Anf CSSfana
Do Your Feet Hurt?
(Foot Talk No. 24)
A wise old family physician ascribes women's foot
troubles to the fact that her head is so far from her feet
that foot appearance receives much attention, but foot com
fort little, if any.
Wizard Foot Appliances
fitted, in our specially ap
pointed foot comfort divi
sion have done wonders for
the men, women and chil
dren who have tested them.
Cantilever boots for
women are made with
straight inside lines, correct
heel heights, roomy toe
shapes that let the toes lie
out in barefoot fashion, and
flexible arches that move
with the muscles of the
Consultation is free,
Appliances are not fitted
unless necessary.
Trimmed HatSj
The largest collection of these popu
lar priced hats to be found in Wash
ington. Every style and color included.
Normal feot Broken Aith
Large Selection MaHeawan Tailored
Velour Hats at
New mearaiag hats that ehow the new
est tread ia nMaraoic laUHaery at S7.SO
to $15.tf.
second moor Lansburgh & Bro.
navvBBBBk t.
I ha;5
. i i a9"iiiiaiaRvUra,''"a" ' ' - "xV
fc,eSK3mrTmQr I x
i'mnananant v lS ' I
Banananaaaar 1 v ' m M t
JP . I I J l INanananananamnaJ
ranml sLmmV a .mnananananamnTf
Ski ""dr
gotrtaaj., at
nonav aaaaaana.
at a
Joa Ml
avwanmraet wna van
fist ''"
IMtinfiadbat flwau
enoananaBBjamajjaanmmsrpei, ensanaifns
Second Floor
Lansburgh & Bro.
Rengo Belt
Demonstration Two More Days
Miss Anderson has been here almost two weeks new
helping her many friends with advice about their corsets.
If yon have not already been in to see her, we weald
suggest that yon come in tomorrow. She will be glad
to help yon in any possible way.
Reago Belt Corsets are priced at $3.50 to $7.5t.
Third TiooT-iansburgh & Bro.
Georgette Mouses
Up to $4. 00 Lace Curtains $2 29 Pair
A Wonderful Selection to Choose From
A wonderful showing of fine voile curtains, with neat lace insertions and
edges. Also fine filet and Scotch net curtains in designs that are reproductions of
the finest' hand-made curtains.
These blouses are made of
beautiful georgette, in lovely
styles to wear with the new
suits. And thev are beinr
shown in all the suit shades,
One dainty model has a round neck,
finished with a pleated ruffle aad
cuffs. Ruffle is edged with narrow rib
bon and the front is beaded and em
broidered. Other pretty styles have
V necks with square collars prettily
beaded. A few tailored models. '
In white, flesh, bisque, taape, navy;
brown, etc.
Sizes 36 to 46.
454nch Panel Curtains,
$1.65 Each
Choice of white or .ecru, m neat all-over patterns, with
borders all around.
Drapery Remnantsy 39c Yd.
Up to $1.00 Values
Mill lengths of plain color madras, in
all-over designs in blue, green, rose or
brown. Also heavv quality cretonnes, in
neat floral designs.
Curtain Nets, 39c Yd.
Extra Special
Quaker and Scranton made nets, in
pretty square mesh fillet net effect Choice
of white, cream and ecru.
iM hi
i i n
ji j I I
D ioma
Wirthmor Blouses,
Wirthmor blouses are made of
crepe de chine, satin or georgette,
trimmed with lace and tucks. Sizes
36 to 46.'
rim amaw-a r
ham awmVmnanamv
Vlr . T&
awO)0)VOMa JeWa"-
LamUmgh & Bmv
Store Hours: Open 9:15 A. M Cfa P. M.
man aananannani ImnanamnamnvlBBanVnnanannam mnananamnanananana saaL. Oaananamnanananam! AnenVmnemV neneneP
H jHHUmaanananaiaananaa f mnenenerTTaeH IneBmnenneneVanene anamPV mKmnananamaannal tenesmi
Fourth T-Lansburgh & Bro.
42M30 Swwodfc eSfce Timgk h IttelL
vitee to JoM the -classes."

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