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(Continued from Pae 9tx.)
able aTounaa for the failure to adduce
aaeh ewiaoaoe la the pro cod tug he
core ths eonunisSfoa, the court nney
eraer such such aseUtioaal tImic
: b taken before 'the coOtmlssfoa
vBd to bo adduced nwoa the hearine;
-B UCh BSaBaor ad upoft iMh terms
and conditions as the court may deem
proper. The eowimtw ion jnay modify
:ta fladinss aa to tho facts, or make
-ew flnJns-s. by reaaon of the addi
tional Vldnc so taken, and ft shall
ale such modified or -aew auIlas,
which abaU he conclusive, and Its
racomsaoadatioas If any for the modi
loatlon or settla aside of its original
termination, with the return of
such additional evidence. In the nro
seedins behmr stch court on appeal
fiom a determination of the ctmmfc
aob, the eoafUaanoa shall appear by
s eOunsoJ or other representative
aad submit ofaj or written aryumeats
L support the flndlaau and the deter
jamatlon of Jthto commission.
Section MeWThe rtsht of a tenant
to the use or occupancy of any rental
property, hotel, or apartment, exist
ing at the time this act takes effect,
bT thereafter acquired, under any
lease or other contract for such use
of occupancy or under any -extension
thereof by operation of law, shall,
notwithstandinc the expiration of the
term fixed by such lease or contract,
continue at the option of. the tenant
abject, however, to any determina
tion or reg-ulatioa. of the commission
relevant thereto; and such tenant
shall not be evicted or dispossessed
bo lone as he pairs the rent and per
forms the other terms and conditions
of the tenancy as fixed by such lease
Sale of
Fnraitnre d
Once again the Waattafftoa
Public wffl have am
afty to
furnitare aad
tips Depaxt-
meat of
in tips
, ny t
The sale wfll do Add oa.
eltoaday Wednesdays BaaFri
' days of eadt week, from 10
( . a. to 4 p. im atartin;
Monday. October 6, Ilia, at
the storehouse. North Capitol
Rm ami DiaJasr Rooms Fur
niture, Blankets, . Linens,
Chinawaxe, Glaanwart and
Kitchen Utensils,
An excellent opportunity is
sfrotded the sawn hayer. as
each and every item wffl he
old at set prices in aay qaan-,
tity desired.
Sale conducted under the
sopervisien of the United
States Hoosinc Corporation.
,xpect Renewed Out
break of Epidemic
Thk Fall.
Medical authorities agree that tbere
i- great likelihood of another grip
tutdemtc during the next few months.
! hey say that Tn the pas, serious epl-
amies of grip have usually repeated
.emselves for three and sometimes
, mr years and they fully expect that
i.jst year's scourge will again make
r.self felt in all sections of the coun
irr. Bvery effort is being made by
lealth authorities to combat the
l anger.
it is a public duty to see that every
lumber of the family is put Into the
.st possible physical -condition to
isht off an attack of grip. !r this
urpose no better tonic food can be
i ed than Father John's Medicine,
rhiea Is all pure and wholesome nour
L hmeat and which builds up new, re
, sting power.
However slight a cold may appear
r ben it first develops, it should not
.- neglected. It is important to re
iiember that Father John's Medicine
ts been in use for more than sixty
I ears in homes and hospitals through
fjt the country for colds and as a
Dtfte body-builder. By soothing and
(eating the mucosa lining of the
treashing passages gives relief from
rritating coughs. Its pure food ele
t.ents make new flesh and strength.
ftcmember, Father John's Medicine is
rjaranteed free from alcohol or dan
r;rous drugs.
PKasl M
msttr Strength-BiHided
Of The Bkffl
m aaafe. Iii lii in new
-- i Hi afiiiimi
seme asb I
ansa teuunsnyg jswaajflsni WS)sng I
99999 Pueph) use R ihsauaSy I
or contract, or in case such lease or
contract is -modified by any deter
mination or regulation of the com
mission, then as fixed by such modi
fied lease or contract. All remedies
of the owner at law or equity, based
on any provision of any such lease or
contract to the effect that such lease
or contract shall be determined or
forfeited if the premises are sold, are
! hreby suspended so Jong as this title
Is fat force. Svery purchaser - shall
take conveyance of any rental prop-
Sty, hotel, or apartment subject to
e rights of tenants as provided In
this tltJe. '
The rights of the tenant -under this
title -shall be subject to the limitation
that the bona fide owner of any
rental property, apartment, or hotel
shall have the right to possession
thereof for actual and bona fide oc
cupancy br himself, or his wife, chil
dren, or 'dependents, upon' giving
thirty days' -notice in writing, served
in the manner provided by section
1323 of the act entitled "An act to
establish a- code of laws for the Dis
trict of Columbia," approved May t,
1M1, as amended, which notice shall
contain a full and correct statement,
of the facts and circumstances upon 1
which the same m ba d; but in no
case shall possession be demanded or
obtained, by such owner in contra
vention of the terms of amy such
lease or contract. If there is a dis
pute between-the owner and the ten
ant as to the accuracy or sufnclsncy
of the statement set forth in such
notice, as to the, good faitkof such
demand, or as to the service of no
tice, the matters in dispute shall
do oetarmtaed by the
upon complaint as provided ht. section
1 of gate rtitle. r
Sejftioa 110 Ponding the final de
cision. on-appeal from a deterattaatloa
of the commission, the rnmnilsaton'i
determination shall be in full farce
and effect and the appeal Shall, not
operate, sis a supersedeas - or la any
manner stay or postpone the enforce
ment of .the determination appealed
from. Immediately upon the a try of
a final decision on the appeal the com
mission shall, if necessary, modify its
determination in order to make itj
coniorm to suen aeeision. The differ
ence. If any, between the amount of
rent and charges paid for the period
from the date of the filing by the com
mission of the determination appealed
from and the amount that would have
been payable for such period under
the determination as modified in ac
cordance with the anal decision on
appeal may be added to or allowed oa
account of, as the ease demands, fu
ture rent payments or may be sued
for and recovered In aa action in the
Municipal Court in the District of
Section 111-r-The determination of
the commission In a proceeding be
gun by complaint or upon Its own
initiative fixing fair and. reasonable
rents, charges, servtee, and other
terms and conditions of use or occu
pancy of aay rental property, hotel,
or apartment shall constitute the
commission's determination of "the
fairness aad reasonableness of such
rents, charges, servtee. terms, eV con
ditions for the rental property., hotel,
or apartment affected, and shall re
main in fall force aad effect not
withstanding any change In owner
ship or tenancy thereof, unless and
until the commission modifies or sets
aside such determination upon com
plaint either .of the owner or the
Caw Kcesver gmiiaa
Seotion 111 If the -owner of any
frontal property, apartasent, or hotel
oollects any, rent or charge therefor
In assess of the asdount fixed in a
determination of the commission
made aad in full force and effect in
accordance with the provisions of
this title, he shall be liable for and
the eommission is hereby authorised
aad directed to-commence an action
in the Municipal Court in the Dis
trict of Columbia to recover double
the amount of such excess, together
with the costs of the proceeding
which shan include an attorney's fee
of . to be taxed aa part of the
costs. -
Out of any sums received on ac
count of such recovery the commis
sion shall pay over to the, tenant the
amount of the excess so. paid by him
and the balance shall be paid into the
Treasury of the District of Oolumbia:
Provided, That if the commission finds
that such excess was paid by the ten
ant voluntarily and with knowledge
of the commission's determination, the
whole amount of such recovery shall
be paid into the Treasury of the Dis
trict of (Columbia.
Section 11 -If in any proceeding
before the commission, begun by com
plaint or on the commission's own
initiative, and involving any lease or
ether contract for the use or occu
pancy of any rental property, hotel or
apartment the commission finds' Jthat
at aay time after the passage of this
act but during the tenancy the owner
has. directly or indirectly, willfully
withdrawn from the tenant any serv
ice agreed or required by a determina
tion of the commission to be furnish-'
ed, or has by act, neglect, or omission
contrary to such lease or contract or
(n h lair nr anv orillnanv or rrn.
flation made in pursuance of law. or of
a determination of the commission,
exposed the tenant, direcJy or indi
rectly, to any unsafe or insanitary
condition or imposed upon him any
your brain
works like a
dog with three
legs walks-
yon need
An active brain must
have pure blood, not
poisoned with products
of indigestionor liver
aid kidney laziness.
sSUBnf4MC a4nVm Qt ny anvdnwvaaV9 $m essPut BapPpdaa
SeU everywhere, la . 10c, He.
burdea, loss or unusual inconvenience
in connection with his use or occu
pancy of such rental property, hotel
or apartment, the commission shall de
termine the sum which in its juog
mut will fairlv and reasonably com
nensate or reimburse the tenant
In any such proceeding involving a
lease or other contract, the terra
specified la which had not expired at
the time the proceeding was begun,
the commission shall likewise de
termine the amount or value of aay
bonus or other consideration in ex
cess of the rental named in such
lease or contract received at any time
directly or Indirectly by the owner
in connection -with such lease or con
tract. The tenant may recover any
amount so determined by the eommis
sion in an action in the municipal
court of the District of Columbia, -Procedure
Section 114 Whenever under this
title a tenant is entitled to bring
suit to recover any sum due him un
der any determination of 'the com
missioh, the commission shall, upon
application by the tenant aad with
out expense to him, commence and
prosecute. In the municipal court f -
the District of Columbia an action
on behalf of the tenant for the re
covery of the amount due, and in
such case the court shall include in
any judgment rendered in favor of
the tenant the costs of the action.
Including a reasonable attorney's
fee, to be fixed by the court Sueh
costs and attorney's fee when re
covered shall be paid into the treas
ury of the District of Columbia.
Section IIS The commission shall.
by general order, from time -to time
prescribe the procedure to he fol
lowed in all proceedings under its
jurisdiction.' Such procedure shall
be as slmpl and summary as may
be practicable, and the commission
and parties appearing before it shall
not be bound by technical rules of
evidence or of pleading. .
Section 11 Any person who with
Intent to avoid the provisions of this
title enters Into any agreement or
arrangement for the payment of any
bonus or other consideration in con
nection with aay lease or ether con
tract for the use or occupancy of
any rental property, hotel, or apart
ment, or who participates In any
fictitious sale or other device or ar
rangement the purpose of which is
to grant or obtain the use or occu
pancy of any rental property. xhotel,
or apartment without subjecting
such use or occupancy to the pre
visions of this title or to the jurisdic
tion of the commission shall upon
conviction be punished by a fine not
axoeedlng $l,d or by Imprisonment
for not exoeedlng one year or by
Standard Lease ' Forms.
Section 117 The eommission shall
prescribe standard forms of -leases
and other contracts for the use or
uvuiuiMrr at anv rental nrooerty.
hotel or apartment and shall reufre
tbelr use by the owner thereof. Svery
such lease or contract entered into
after the commission has proscribed
and promulgated a form for the ten
ancy provided by such lease or contract
shall be deemed to accord with such
standard form, and any such lease
or contract in any proceeding before
the commission or in any 'court of the
United States or of the District of Co
lumbia shall be interpreted, applied.
and- enforced In the same manner as if
it were in the form and contained the
stipulations of such standard form.
XJoon the request of the commtsslen
the owner of aa hotel or apartment
shall file with the commission plans
and other data In such etal a the
commission requires, descriptive of
the rooms, accommodations -and ser
ice in connection with such hotel or
apartment, and a schedule of rate and
charges therefor. The eommission
may. after consideration of such
plans, schedules, data, or other infor
mation, determine aad fix a schedule
of fair and reasonable rates aad
charges for such hotel or apartment,
and the rates and chaxges stated In
sueh schedule shall thereafter coostl
ture the fair and reasonable rates
and charges for such hotel or apart
ment. The commission's determina
tion In such case shall be made after
sueh notice and hearing and shall
have the same force and effect and
be subject to appeal in the same man
ner as a determination oi tne commis
sion under section 106 of this title.
Subletting Restricted.
Section 118 No tenant shall usslgn
his lease of or sublet any rental
property or apartment at a rate in
excess of the rate paid by bim under
his lease without the consent of the
commission upon application in a
particular case, and in such case the
commission shall determine a fair
and reasonable rate of rent or charge
for such assignment or sublease.
Section 119 The public resolution
entitled "joint resolution to prevent
profieering in the District of Colum
bia." approved May 81, 1818. as amend
ed. Is hereby repealed to take effect 80
days after the date of the confirma
tion by the Senate of the commis
sioners first nominated by the Presi
dent under the provisions of this
title; but a determination by the
commission made within such period
of sixty days shall be enforced In ac
cordance with the provisions of this
title, notwithstanding the provisions
of such public resolution. All law
or parts of laws in conflict with any
provision of this title are hereby
suspended so long as this title Is in
force to' the extent that they are In
such conflict.
Section 120 The sum of $50,060, or
so much thereof as may be necessary,
is hereby appropriated and made im
mediately available to carry ou the
provisions of this title, one-half
thereof to be' paid out of money In the
Treasury of the United States not
otherwise appropriated and the other
one-half out of the revenues of the
District of Columbia.
Section 121 If any clause, sentence,
paragraph, or part of this title shall
be adjudged by any court of compe
tent jurisdiction to be invalid, such
judgment shall not affect, impair, or
invalidate the remainder thereof, but
shall be confined in its operations to
the clause, sentence, paragraph, or
part thereof directly Involved in the
controversy in which such judgment
shall have been rendered.
Section 122 It is hereby declared
that the provisions of this title are
made necessary by emergencies grow
ing out of the war with the imperial
German government, resulting in
rental conditions in the District of
Columbia dangerous to the public
health and burdensome to public of
fices and employes whose duties in
quire them to reside within the Dis
trict and other persons whose activi
ties are essential to the maintenance
and comfort of such officers and em
ployes, and thereby embarrassing the
Federal Oovernment In the transac-tion-ef
the publie business. It Is also
declared that this title shall be con
sidered temporary legislation, and
that It shall terminate on the expira
tion of three years from the date of
the passage of this act, unless sooner
Section 123 This title may be cited
as "the District of Columbia rents
News of the Diplomats and Official
US. Baker,, wife of the Secretary
of War, and Mrs. Daniels, wife
of the 'Secretary of the Navy,
will be guests' of the North Carolina
Division of the United Daughters of
the Confederacy at their annual meet
ing at High Point, N. C next Tues
day evening. Mrs. Daniels, who Is a
member of the organisation, will
make a brief address and Mrs. Baker
will sing. They will leave Washing
ton on Monday evening.
LeBretens Attend Wedding.
The Argentine Ambassador and
Mme. Le Breton left Washington yes
terday afternoon to attend the wed
ding of Miss Cynthia Bradley, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clark
Baldwin, jr., and Nathaniel Buggies
Landon, which will take place this af-
ternoon in St. Mark's Church. Mouat
Kisco, N. T. A reception will follow
at Shallow Brook Farm, Mount Kisco,
the home of the bride's parents. The
Ambassador and Mme. Lre Breton en
tertained at luncheon at the embassy
before leaving yesterday In honor of
Col. aad Mrs. A. T. Smith, the former
at- one time military attache of the
United States embassy at Buenos
Aires. Dr. L. S. Rows, head of the
Latin-Amerieap division of the State
Department, Was among the guests.
The minister of Cuba- aad Mme. de
Cespedes, who have been in Xurope
for several months, are expected
back at the legation about Novem
ber 1. '
Mrs. James Jb Mann entertained at
luncheon at th Shoreham yesterday
for Mrs. Oeorgn B. Macauley, of Los'
Angeles, who fi -vistUng her brother-in-law
and siatsv, Chnfrrseeman and
Mrs. Ira C. Copley.
. . -
Brand Whittosk. American4' Am
bassador to Belgium; had a few
friends at hsaonoon at the Vander
bllt Hotel, Now York, yesterday.
Xtm. Bdward Beale McLean has
gone to White Sulphur Springs, W.
Vs, to remain through October. Mrs.
John F. Wllkins is With her.
Commodore Bllsworth P. Bertholf,
U. S. N., aad Mrs. Bertholf announce
the marriage of their daughter.fiss
Dorothy Bertholf, to Barnard Smyth,
of Washington. The wedding took
place in the Church of St. John the
Evangelist in Now Tork on Monday,
September ST.
Commodore and Mrs. Bertholf have
made their homo In Washington for
some years and their daughter made
her debut here and was one of the
most popular girls in the younger
Returns Te Capita).
Mrs. Francis J. Newlands, who has
been in California, has returned to
.Washington aad opened her residence,
229 Massachusetts avenue.
Comdr. and Mrs. Randolph Miner
have moved from 1T12 H street, where
they had Mrs. Frederick L. Chapte'
apartment, to 2400 Sixteenth street.
Mrs. Frank West, of California, has
taken Mr. and. Mrs. Ten Syek Wen
dell's Connecticut! atNteoe r arid once
for "the season. MrsvyWSst spent -hist
winter ,ln Washington, occupying a
house in O street.
Capt Xdward McCanley, jr., U. S.
X., who commanded the George Wash
ington, which brought the K3ag and
Queen of Belgium to this country, and
Mrs. MeCauley are at the Plasa Hotel.
New Tork.
' Congressman and Mrs. Philip Pitt
Campbell have Issued invitations for
the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Elisabeth McRae Campbell, to Capt.
Burdette Shields Wright, air service.
U. S. A. The wedding will take place
Saturday afternoon, October 18, at 5
o'clock, in Bethlehem Chapel, Wash
ington Cathedral. Mouat St. Alban.
and will be followed by a reception at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell,
Windsor, ML Vernon avenue. Reelyn,
.The marriage of Miss Sallle Urqu
hart Goode, daughter of the late Rieh-
ard N. Goode, to Keith Marshall Jones,
son of the late Cel. and' Mrs.MlIary
Jones, of Fauquier count, Va., will
take place at 4:30 o'clock this after
noon in St. Marraret's BDiscoaal
Church, the Rev. Herbert Scott Smith
Mrs. -Colvert Walke Tazewell, of
Wilmington, Del., will serve Miss
Goode as matron of honor, and Basil
Jones, of Richmond, Va., brother of
the brldegrooB, will be his best man.
The list of ushers will include Hil
lary 'Marshall, Edward Marshall and
Richard Alexander Goode. of Virginia,
and Calvert Walke Taxewell, of Wil
mington. Del.
A number of guests will come from
out of town to attend the wedding
and Judge James Goode will give the
bride away.
Senator Edge Takes Heme.
Senator Walter E. Edge, of New
Jersey, has taken the residence 1300
Seventeenth street for the winter,
where be will be joined about the
middle of October by Mrs. Sarah Lee
Phillips, his mother-in-law, and his
small son, who are In Atlantic City.
The wedding day of Miss Sue
Courts and Richard V. Oulahan, whose
engagement was recently announced.
has been set for Wednesday, October
8. The ceremony, for which no in
vitations will be issued, will take
place at noon in the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. James Carson
Courts, 1940 Biltmore street The
small family party to witness It will
Include Capt and Mrs. Richard Ou
lahan, who will come from their
home In New York, and Commander
George M. Courts. U. S. N., brother
of the bride, recently detached from
sea duty.
Mr. and Mrs. John Foster Duljes
are spending the week end with Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Billings Ruddock atH
Curl's Neck, Va. They have recently
returned from France, where Mr.
Dulles spent over a year. Mrs. Dulles
Joining him after the signing of the
armistice, and they will be at li35
S street for the winter. Mr. Dulles-,
who was a major in the United States
army, is a nephew of Mrs. Robert
Visiting With Bankhcada.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bankhead,
Jr.. of Jasper, Ala., with their two
daughters, are guests of Senator and
Mrs. John H. Bankhead for a brief
family reunion, after which they will
move into an apartment in the Neth
Col. Henry M. Uankhead. who has
recently returned from foreign serv-
And Engagements Winter Plans.
Lnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf - .snWBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aamssssssssssnustSla! vOVkSnurT' iflfSaBaasnssssi
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBSBnaun. ubxBBansBBBKl. - JimWar gaBigaansaannal
snanBnBnBnBnBnnBssnfe .xsBnBnBnBSBW' sbr jf'Ti nirSffTSBnrBMannsnnsnsssnsna
UBssssssssssssBssssssssnTanPPJUBsssBy s& ' TgfessssaBSssnassssssssssssna
aaaaaaaaaaaaajBaa.'. .- -.P ' :f HFBaBBBBBBBBal
BaaaaaaaaajajjBjE EBsBsBnaBBBBBBnal
InunununmK safalli JmWmWmmWZ WmW
Formerly Miss Dorothy Bertholf.
lee, has taken an apartment at the
Wyoming where his family have
joined hinC Mrs. Bankhead spent
her girlhood in Washington, and
will be remembered as the beautiful
Miss Alice Stiekaoy. Both Colonel and
Mrs. Bankhead have a heat of friend
here who are delighted to welcome
them back. V
Lord andLady SwaythUnav who
have just arrived in Now" YO0c front
England, entartailned i. few friends
at dinner at the Plasa Hotel loot
Miss Mary F. Mellon and Miss Ma
tilda Mellon, of Washington, are at
the Hot Springs for an autumn visit.
Mrs. E. H. G. Slater ihssretumod
frem Lenox to HOpedens, her place at
Newport, to remain until November 1.
Hubbard Mere for Winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur W. Hubbard,
of Chestertown, Pa., have taken an
apartment at the Wardman Park
Hotel for the winter. For the last
fifteen years Mr., and Mrs. Hubbard
have been guests at the Hotel Belve
dere, Baltimore, for the winter sea
son. Ree,r Admiral and Mrs. A. L. Norton
are at the Knickerbocker' Hotel. New
York, for a brief stay on their way to
Washington' f oni thofr summer home
at OetervtMa, Mass,
V Mas Bex at Belaseo.
.e$SsEaytoir Mareh, chief of the
stalf, fS. S. A., occupied ' a box last
night 'at the Belaseo, and had as his
guests Lieut Col. and Mrs. John
Milllkm, Major and Mrs. Joseph M.
Swing aad Miss MiUlken.
Mrs. James. F. Barbour and Mrs.
Poe White are among those who went
from Washington to Baltimore to at
tend the marriage of Miss Rose Wood
to Philip Graham Conaell.'of Chicago,
which took place at the Belvedere
Hotel today. The ceremony was fol
lowed by a small reception.
The bride is the daughter of the
late Dr. and Mrs. P. Bryson Wood,
of Baltimore, and a sister of Mrs.
Harry A. Parr, Jr.. of Baltimore, and'
of Mrs. William N. Jeffers. of Wash
ington. With her mother, she made
her home here for several winters.
Mr. Cennell Is the soh of Charles J.
Connell and the late Mrs. Coaaell. of
Mr., and Mrs. Roderlc Greene Col
lins, jr., have issued Invitations to
the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Elizabeth Frances Collins, to Roger
Withlngt'sp. Thompson, the wedding
to take place Saturday evening, Oc
tober 25. at 8 o'clock at Huguenot
Memorial 'Church, Pelhara Manor,
N. Y.
A reception will follow the cere
mony at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Collins in Pelham Manor.
Mr. and Mrs. Collins and their
daughter have many friends in Wash
ington, where they have spent sev
eral winters.
Mr. Thompson
and Mrs. M. W.
York city.
is the son of . Col.
Thompson, of New
Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis Mayer,
who have been living in Philadelphia,
are moving this week to Ardmoru.
Pa., where they have a charming
home. Her mother, Mrs. James F.
Barbour, of Washington, has bee a In
Ardmore helping to get tha housa in
order. Mrs. Mayer spent the summer
at Cape May, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stanley have ar
rived from Pittsburgh and are stay
ing at the Willard Hotel.
Returns From Western Tripf
The Rev. Ulysses G. B. Pierce, min
ister of All Souls' Church, has re
turned from a vacation spent In the
far West Dr. and Mrs. Pierce visited
Glacier Park and the Rainier Na
tional Park, and spent some time mo
toring In California. Dr. Pierce will
occupy his pulpit Sunday morning.
A beautiful house wedding was sol
emnized at Falls Church, Va.. ob
Wednesday afternoon, when Miss
Louise Haskell, daughter of Mrs. C.
V. Haskell, was united in marriage
to Nathan Bateman. The ceremony
took place at the home of the bride's
mother, the Rev. Dr. Merritt Earl of
ficiating. The house was effectively decorated
In palms, autumn leaves, varl-colored
dahlias. American Beauty roses, with
the Stars and Stripes of Old Glory
forming a wonderful colorful back
ground for the rainbow-tinted frocks
of the bridal party.
The bride, wearing a beaHtiful
gown of white georgette with veil
held with orange blossoms and carry
ing a shower bouquet of Bridal roses,
was given in marriage by her mother
and attended by her sisters, Miss
Dorothy Haskell and Miss Helen Has
kell. They were attractively attired
in pink georgette frocks and carried
pink rosebuds. Henry N. Clarke, Jr.,
acted as best mas.
Mr. and Mrs. Bateman left Wednes
Society Weddiiipf
day evening for their wedding trip.
after which they contemplate making
their home in Washington.
Miss Pearl Luaas Weds.
The marriage of Miss Pearl M. C
Lucas, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs.
O. W. M. Lueas, of Morris road. Ana-
costla. D. C and John S. Trtmoies,
of Cumberland, Md... took place Tues
day evening, the Rev. Joseph Mat
thews, D. D., pastor of Bethlehem
BapfWt ChoYh. performing the cere
mony. The bride ana bridegroom
loft soon afterward for Cumberland,
whore they will make their homo.
Mr. Trlsntlos recently votnrnod
from France, whore he saw eight
months' service as corporal In the
army. He is In business in Cumber
land. Mrs. John Callaa OXaughlln, wife
of the former Assistant Secretary of
State, want to New York on Thurs
day, aad-will sail from there today
for France to join Mr. O'Laughlln,
who has bees abroad for several
months. They will spend the creat
or part of their time the next throe
months In France and. Belgium, mak
ing a short visit to England.
Mbta Jennie Howard Weds.
Mr. . and Mrs. Charles . DoXang
Howard announce the marring of
their daughter. Miss Jennie Maud
Howard, to Samuel J. Rounds, of
Henderson Harbor, N. Y. The cere
mony was - performed Wednesday
at noon in their home at Flagter
Plsse by the Rev; Dr. R. S. Law
reason. Only the immediate families-of
the bride and. bridegroom aad
a few friends were present.
The only attendants were Mrs.
Grace , Turner Shields, matron of
honor, and' Ensign Barm Spencer, U.
8. N., who was best man.
' Mr. and Mrs. Rounds left for a
brtof-' honeymoon in -the Blue Ridge
mountains before taking up their
pemmneat residence in South Da
kota. .
Miss Florence A. Curry, da'
of Congressman Charles F.
of California, entertained Thu
in honor of Miss Corinne Asw
daughter of Congresman and Mrs.
James B. Aswell, of Louieiaba.( whose
marriage to James Edwards Can
trill, will take place in the soar fu
ture. Miss Curry's guests included
only the -more- Intimate- friends of
Miss Aswell.
Mr. Cantrlll Is the son of .Congress
man James C. Cantrlll, of Kentucky.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Nicholson, jr.,
who have been living for a few weeks
at the Tngleslde at Montrose, Md.,
have moved -Into their-new home
near Rockville, which is about com
pleted. Rasa Secretary Leaaea House.
Mr. and 'Mrs. I. Isvolsky, tke for
mer a new secretary, of the Russian
embassy, have leased 1&2L New
Hampshire avenue, of which they
will take possession this month.
Mrs. J. F. Llnscott of St Peters
burg,. Fia., formerly of Washington.
is the guest of Miss E. Fowler, 1820
Sixteeenth street Mrs. Llnscott will
attend the conventiton of the War
Mothers of America which is held at
Baltimore on October 7, 8 aad 9.
Mrs. Llnscott is president of the St
Petersburgh chapter of War Moth
ers and chairman of the committee
on ceremonies.
FAKR Oa Friday. October 3. 181, at 2
p. m.. at her residence. Seat Pleasant,
Md.. MARY E.. beloved wife of Bowman
T. Farr (ne" Hayes).
Funeral Monday. October . at 11 a.
in.. In Addison Chapel, Seat Pleasant.
FIfiirEKr-At his late reaMenee. Mlt Kate
rama read northwest. Friday. Ootober 3.
1919. THOMAS J. FISHER, beloved aw
band of Mary Thompson Fisher.
Funeral services will be held at St
Paul's Church, corner Fifteenth and V
streets northwest, Monday moraine-. Oc
tober 6, at 19.0'elock. Interment private.
BEIXAH la and bat levins; reaaemsranae
of ray devoted son, Knalrn JOSKPM
died In the service of his ceuMay oast
year aso today. October 4. 191S.
By his lovinc mother.
FLOWERS for all eeeaaieas. Call FrankKa
4S. residence. Franklin 11M. OBO. H.
COOKB. 1198 Conn, ave. myll-Mat
Of every description Moderate prices,
1214 F ST. N. W.
322 Pa Ave N W
Telephone M. 1325.' WASHINGTON, D.
will lift
Jf ay B PastNRf Vnitt. 1
Mmmt ftfY Jrnsn .
Clarke Wasrsaasao, one of the f ro
of Washington architects sad
a woH -known ehtfaiass. diodmiddes)
ty yesterday at his hosae. 2Mb Wood
land drive. Booth was esmaoi by a
Mood clot la the hoart Hs had horn
ill with Inflates lor a short time.
Mr. Wsggassan wss horn ha Wooh-
10, 1B70. no was s
Dr. B. I OpaTKo. .
Ho stvitodt srchltsetarO at George
tows Unlaorstty. and after recorvtag
his degree wont to Xawopo to coss
nlate his StOO- He spOcialixod la
residential assigning. daring the
war ho woo with the United statss
Koostng Corporation aad dostgoed
manv temsorarr war structures.
Xaasssj the buildings in this etty
which Mr. Waggaman dserfgmod ore
the Hoeno SsWinare Bank. SC TJ;
nasaaarv. the Montguioory Country
Ctah. and tho Cafa St Marks. He Ae-
aaamssl tho haUroom la tho Hotel
bcateksatookor. pTow .Tork City, aad
at tin uses of ats ooou was aeain-
latr roonps fee? the Washington Hotol.
which is bOta
Tho creator part of Ms work was
oa private lasioso
them botng tho hosnos of tho follow
ing families: Lohr. Devaroawx Bayao.
Batter. Mssarvo, JToetwsil.
He did a good deal of ths
work la the moot reeoatty baUt
tloas of tho etty, notably fm Boars
Ho opened offices here
years ago. lauaoalatoty after his ar
rival froat Barope. whore ho traveled
extensively for nearly avo
studying tho oast typos of Entopoaa
architecture Of vartoas classes.
tho Metropolitan, tho Caovy Chase,
sad tho Montgomery Coantry Ctaho.
Ho la sarvtvod by his wtdow, who
was Miss Oroeo Kaownoa, daaghti
of W. A. Xaowltoa; one son, Wolcott
Kaowltoa Waggaaaaa. aad oao daugh
ter. Miss Grasp WaMo Waggaataa
Funeral services wtB. ho hold at
St. Matthew's Church at 10 'clock
Monday morning.
Many business aad
and women paid their respects to tho
memory of Edward L. Brteo la tho
chapel at Hypontr's funeral parlor yes
teroay afternoon.
Tho eeremoaJee wore op said with
the impressive Hose Cco)c rites, fol
lowed by tho rites of tho Brae Lodge
which were conducted by ntteers of
Now Jeruselent Lodge, T. A. A. M, of
which, Mr. Briee was a naoasoor.
The Rev. Clarence Waadon. roetor
f St. Agnes Episcopal Church,
tho burial service.
Funeral servtoos for Lieut. Bjaarfii
Ceoqaelet. attache of the Iraach oaa
basay, and hero of throe years of war
es tho western froat. who aad
Tu assay afternoon at Oaraaai
pttal as the result of wounds aad
shell shock received at ths front, wore
hold this afternoon at St. Matthew
Church. Interment will be la Arling
ton National Cemetery, according to
his hut wish.
Hs is sarvraOd by his widow, Mrs.
Wllhehniac Henrietta Coeuatoi. and
hla father, who lives in VaJoactoaaos
Igaaaio S. aad Fraaeeaea Tamerria.
Lewis R. aad Mabel X. Farae.
Harry H. and Marian R. Mathews.
Deaaet J. and Violet M. Hasan.
Lloyd L. and. Mary Oamor. '
Charles H. aad Jaaa O. Chase.
Antonio aad Coaeetta. Anaataal.
Joseph X. and Vails. Wilson.
Owen J. and UfUan Waabtaaien.
Oscar W. aad Lavonia James.
Gordon aad AJIco B. Taylor.
Obtain New XJfe ay Taktag
Restore lost nerve fores, creatine now
life. Improvement comes to stay, guaran
teed free ft em Chloral. Cocaine. Morpfclns
or other narcotic arses. Write far booklet
Kach package contains SO days' ti latitat
by aaall $1. C, H. How Mia Co.. M
Church St.. New Tork. sold by finale's
I Drag StoTMi and oth"r Veadlnc di
316 Ninth St N. W.
BvaaesB Lunch 45c, 11 to 2 DsJj
Special Dinner. SiOO to 8 F.M.
Sunday Dinner. lltSO A. M. tolF.K,
Telephone Franklin 7712
Daath only a matter of short tima.
Don't wait until pains and ache
become incurable diaeaaea. Avoid
painful coosequencea by takiot
The world's standard remedy for Money,
Jtver, bladder and eric add troubles ate
National Remedy of Holland since Mtfi.
Guaranteed. Three sises, sll dru oralis.
Uek far the aaata Cold Model aa every bee
Union Savings Bank
Wade H. Ceeuer. President.
710 Fourteenth Street.
gnssfaoaof taotato
OnJraaor and Catenas
Jaaaaau, and ansa M.
aad carlstiaa v.
aad Mary
jeaaie rut
K. aad Shirker
Dante P. aad Kasale if.
Tanunae K. aad Mettle B AM
QnU, TWlKa.
atartlae aad Quay Sale.
Jr.. L of
ana, aver
j. si.
a), sad saaaa a
as, t.
rrtsaaa. M. aoth af thai etty. The
etty. The he.
O. asanas, jr..
IsCnaaa, S, Hear Yerk Cay. aad
t. M, T thai etty. The
Jlav. P-ilaaaajet.
t Pasty. aaSaiMBIaasBataa, ..
oona, H. of atnianuu. Va.
. T. W. Davis.
M. Basresi. a. aad ahaa D. Wales
a. sash of. tats cJOy. The Bar. J. Be
Alaast a Da i tans. ST. aad ahoy A
a, bath or that av. Ths aov. p.
gMBi'eMhsjiea, a, "or tah) etty"
Bar. a H. Ore ass,
Batene A. BaaToU. yra. HTT Newtoa a.
emanate. IS
m ft. aoa
unrrenrcy tnai
.. .t - -
A 7. Daata, M yra. ltts ink a.
M. Wlarhaoter. tl aa 1714 Jat.
Aasse KT May. U yra. ins Wyaaatac aae.
Bona M. atsuait. M a MS stk at. oar.
una a. aaaar. t yra. its
U yra. tlM lth st aa
a Pay aaaay; oasaat
RrtnOiUf Cif i
aTaa. W.
11 a.aa. tum.na.a
tola a,
am. aadt S a. sv
tu 70a
aura tu Oaaoa at Ots Mauoeue Tiaisla
stk aud P ata. N. W..
Tuesdays, Tbursdayj, Saturdays,
a taitiso aw aa. tw
a a, m. a a p. a
cs. uau
ua to data
Xew Taste. Prteato
naoa. not hae aaajslatmi
IftapWaaTst WmtQ&3tW0t .
aaaaajnaBBBBBanaa. anasaaaaa aPBrMfo tf 4
Wcri Balkans;
ism Piatnuea
PaalUaar by
fadatses tor
North 104. tJaioo
lOi-3 FUL ATM. M. W. 414 XvS
STORAUb me&S8g
i5i;-j-.T-:iii- -
wrruo statics. sToaaaa ctx. nor
tisl3t TsnTH srr m w
raoMas maxx tots r pajucaxnr ssts.
Suburban- naovlaar a suarialty
New York. Phllauatphla
. Baltimore.
Packard and l1erce Arrow cars
used exclusively. &perton4
white men la rharjca. T'lrtitasl
1042-1064 29ta St M. W.
Pfcoao Woot 1S41
Far Aa Bsthaoto
Ptoaaa M. xaaa.
tOMAX, dry
. piano Bsttsnaiaa e
. . .. .
WTeaCHLaa's. 2 Pa. avo
txoury ai
Kdward Manay, at, af Bbaaaaara, K. Y., aad
aaaaoa CnotaH. St. oc das aay. The ffS.
Jaaaahja. Jj sjOU. h..s. of tlill. Mha,.
Irvtn a. oeutt. ai na Baoi fL Fraw. a
sets of tans earn, ibs aov. t. a. Data
aMou Tyler, S. aad aalea aaySer. a
of ttns say. Taa Rev. T, a Savia.
aaaasaaaaai aTh HBanasaB aujahdl fafamaaBdUfnk sTsaaSBaVaaaaa
?;, " ""' " T-
ansa, a. bath of ans say. The asv. a.
1 mjmmmmmmmmmmmmmBmJk
iiiaamr 1 A M -t II i ?"""
jtaT aaTW TeaOC A van
Outr ua-te-Sata Panel net AuaSeiar aautb af
lissaua aay sour. ISa:
aa. Ph. Pr. IM.
Dl e " aaaaaatr! HI uw
nil suBaaSshaeaaeM ussr
BLaaBaauuBBBBBBj ubna
nuuauBauaaT aauBuauaa uw aaa
aaannnBBBBB . -UBBnUBBBB) s -''
Buaaaac. afhah aa
ttafaear Yuaa.
f r

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