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Ti!b column is aevoted to th toUMt et
toe autoist. Alt qaesUons s t ears as
kp. nto travblM, tears, .. -win k
nertlljr an folly asewerea by mi
QeesUees awt mck this ofaee a
na TiriMtr to n
MM le'cUi
mC mter paraotfce
ee seed a'toiaar
f TW TtoH Ami
la year for t setose.
Attfomahila EdUar WuklartM ttea. !
Uu talttals .if IncttttA-ereeex p
If rear car la is tieenw ea the nl
even irpra!!
MttM tatSfe
to grind valves whMi are holding,
r they eaanet We "Improved ami
may be Injured. Her de seen articles
usually give instruction for de
termtelag which valve, are in good
shape ami held lag compression and
wMek ones are allowing the eom
prsesed mixture and burning gases
from the ignited charge to pass by
When to teaye 'mat Aleve.
It is just as important to know
when to leave a valve alone, so far
as grinding is concerned, as to know
ho wto grind one. The common
among automobile owners,
and in many garages, of grinding;
every valve
motor, whether it
For a number of years the writer
has been partteularly Interested In
internal eoiubsmUott engines, and has
read all the artistes on thelronfe and
construction wWea eeaat- WT obtain
ed and .wfctca Urn would permit.
xns timasnaaa of books
tide have Ifcaiuiit a great
on the saajeot a valves, their ear
and Trtmlia Mfr of these have
been very mnaenent arttelee, and.
should be of ide to the automobile
owner who ewe his own repair
work. Tfcey aoatained detailed in
structions as' f Just how valves
should be lmsiu i cleaned, and
ground, so that aljnoat any one eould
do this work If he could understand
Um. Kaa-lish laasmag.
Bat among all the articles on the
subject of valves and valve-grinding,
net -one has brought what, in
the' writer's opinion.-is a very im
portant -point, namely: that only
leaky valves should be ground, and
that it is worse than wasting time
on a
needs it or "tot, not oabr wastes a
tjf time
great deal elf thste 'and- energy, but
very often causes sf valve to leak
which,, in all probaMUcr. would have 4
continued to give goad, service if
merely cleaned off with 'gasoline or
kerosene and the bearing face left
untouoned. "
It has been the writer's observa
tion that in 'nearly every case where
an automobile -engine is torn down,
or ha the cylinder head removed for
inspection and.' overhauling, only
some . of the . valves . need grinding;
often only two or three valves are
leaking. It is ohvtouai that a valve
which m not permitting any- gas to
escape past It cannot he improved'
upon. It may he that its stem has
a little gummy oil or carbon, on it
which if not removed will cause
trouble later on, and perhaps there
are carbon deposits' around Its. seat
and. near its face which ought to" pe
removed, but all this can be done
without Injuring the. perfect face
which has boon formed and polished
by thousands of seettags while tine
engine waa --to '.operation. - This pel-'
fan is much better -than any which
can be given by an ordinary, grind
bag, . and should net be touched as
ITou're lonely, blue, and sere op-
foet nf
a ait work.
floor apace ami -flcafct
aarvice. ' SbbbmsW'
Wa Tarn yactsjfar '--.
I well a
car BfexeTiGiAjr.
1341WSIrmtN. W.
eept in wiping eff the valve with
gasoline or - kerosene.
In ease' the gummed ell on - the
valve stem is too hard to be removed
with gasoline or kerosene a pieee
of emery cloth or some mineral wool
may be used, and these may alse be
of'Uoe in removing carbon around the
valve head or near Its seat In the
cylinder head or engine casting.
Whenever emery is used on the stem,
however, care should be exercised to
wash off all the particles of emery
from the metal before returning it.
Otherwise these particles will prob
ably remain between the valve stem
sad the valve-stem guide and cause
& lot of unnecessary weac
Now, of course, the man who has
always made a practice of grinding
all the valves every time he removed
the cylinder head, is asking: "How
oak -you toil which valves bav.e boon
leaking and. which have been hold
Well, 4t isn't so hard as might be
thought at first. Like lots of other
things, it is soon learned by close
observation and lack of sudr obser
vation has been responsible for the
too general practice of grinding all
valves whether they need It ox. not
On many engines it ia .possible to
tall almost at a glance which valves
are holding and which are not; on
otb,er engines it is more difficult. On
a properly copied engine and one
where the valves are properly timed,
it may be accepted as a general rule
that valves which are evenly sooted
over and, therefore, have perfectly
black heads, are holding, while those
which are red- or brownish on top, or
show the metal plainly, without a
covering of neat or carbon, are leak
ing. By observing the tops of the
valve head aa oon as the cylinder
-hoaeV taSromovea and thoa.oaref ully in
specting the face and seat, one will
quickly learn to tl la leaky valve.
Arnold P. Terkee, in Motor.
- - n
- -j - - - .
(asasamml - Wjt "' - -'J: - y- '
. TourMfe la sad, f orient;
Tou rue the day you oa'me. this .way-
The hear you were bom.
Perhape you have malaibC
Or possibly the pip:. .
There's Just one panacea Take
A. little motor trip.
Or maybe you are feeling keen;--.
i zour step as oeoonair; x .
fTaur cfteeks reat'ha-hplnoss; .
Ton know m bum ileus aam. ' "
tTou feel that you should watch "your
Jjostjoy should make you slip;
There's-Just one. -perfect , safety-valve
.A little motor trp.
The darling maiden of your heart
Perhaps has gurgled "Kay;"
Tou'd like to drown your sorrows, but
There is no wa. today.
Or possibly she's murmured "Yes;"
In either case your lips
Tarn down r up you'll find relief
In little motor trips.
Of course there is a moral to
This jingle writ in rhyme,
Bor-ofeberw40eyour reeding it- N
Would be a waste of time;
So here X is: In joy or woe
The nip upon your Mp.
Can't stimulate a fellow like
A little-motor trip. '.
- '-asyv mstm
-, :Jsr jsma---iss
. sassK
. mr-
' m '"
' ' '""
w .1
e Hands1
of the Auto TMef
By J. FATJLKNEE. - - ,: T -
A remarkable -re jurenatioii has taken' plaob -Nritltotiae
last year in the bicycle field, and manyAfaiopowiieb
had either abandoned . its manufacture dr ladgonert'into
other business are. now resuming the making of the k once
very popular "wheel.' '
This sudden rise again to popularity has been" caused
in a great measure by two factors. One is the increase in
street car fares and the other one the congested housing
facilities in most larjre eities, forcing a large number of
people to take residence in outlying districts. The scarcity
ot automobiles ha also to some extent been a faVdwble
inceaiiye. - , ' ,
However, whatever ;the cause, it is welcome new to
learn-that the "bike" which -at one time wasiihe most cu
lar means of exerobe and recreation that we had; isodming
back, iato its own; There is probably no more heful
exercise for children, and grown-ups as well, than.' ridiffe a
Dicycie. All muscles are brought into play, and on xeoeives
all the benefit possible from getting out into the 'opea.'
It also solves the - serious handicaps of increased : car
fare and enables the average worker to reach "his place of
business in quicker time and with no discomfiture.
CClie average bicycle today is a far different product
from that pf two decades ago. It is more standardised arid
better made in all respects. This has been due undoubtedly
to the fact that the buying public has been taught by the
automobile makers Tto demand the very best units in the
construction of the product. . . . . ,
.Another important comparison is the prices of biojple
in contrast with those in the solden days. They are!.much
more reasonable and the bicycles are far better built . '
-JFpr a long period it was considered hardly the proper
thing io be seen, riding a bicycle, bur this Reeling has -now
worn.off, and the great value :of the bicysle from an eco
nomic standpoint is being more fully realized. ..This-manufacturers
themselves are looking forward to a very;, great
revival and are laying their plans accordingly. This opti
mism .on their part is very well foumieand based on fairly
accurate statistics that were gathered from all' over the
country.' ' r
It is not a spasmodic regeneration but founded -on a
very healthy basts. Iff nothing-' else is gained by . thisV com
ing ttck."'of ther "wheel" but the partial relief-of arfieet
m TRUCKS -it
TIBS " " Vv B'
IN THE ommsa "
.. .t- asssssssst I Ls llniileaol. manaa
VfiUl AflUlrUIUkV rW i massssssaastJt , X Washito. branoh
TO . TLLC. mm sssmfsmmV atasm
CCsJU4lliJr .aaajW 7rCaBssmmmmmmsmT
lArVQr-VT- smanf MBK4VlBsiBmmmmssssl
mml UgKaHnsL
mTiim smmd
r iSa-K I -s,
. i .isiaanzmnmm z2sLssssssssssssssssssmi omtod
car oagewtion,-veTy much has been accomplished.-
- ' X." 3-
V, ujfe j Jhait Jbityct W()n,t Touch
. f?,f.
Recomniended by Insurance Companies, Boards of Under
wite,.Undewrites, Laboratories, Police Departments and Au
fcwKitlve Engineers.
They qck the car better than if you took you; steering
wheel with you when you leave the car. The principle is
simple. The steering wheel is disconnected:; from service and
it is absolutely powerless to guide the can '. .
"It spins around like a top." '
-Prices range from 6.50 up, accordingto the make of car.
-15& reduction in insurance rates are allowed
users of the
. Under present underwriting meth
ods theft protection -Is not obUinaMe
atacly. according to an article In the
Maryland Motorist. It must be taken
out along with the Are policy.
the car owner desires policy com
bining Are and theft he has the op
tion of either a "valued" or "non
valued" form. The nonvaluod policy
was described in the last article. The
valued policy differs from the non
valued policy, only in that the value
of the property insured is predeter
minded. The policy reads: "The said
automobile, described herein, is val
ued at the sum insured," hence, In the,
event of a total loss, settlement Is
made for the face of the policy. I
The. theft policy covers loss or
damage to the automobile. Its equip
ment or parts excepting ' (a) robes,
wearing apparel and personal effects; I
(b) tools and repair equipment un-j
less the- whole car is stolen, and (c) !
if stolen by anyone' in the assured'sj
nousenoid or anyone In the service or
employment of the assured.
Once the car Is stolen every con
ceivable kind of loss or damage Is
cevered by the theft policy, provided
the theft of the car is the proximate j
oause. j
Sometimes a question arises as to '
whether the taking amounts to a theft
or is simply an unauthorized use. For
It to be a theft Jhere must be an un
lawful taking, coupled with the In-J
tent to permanently deprive the owner
ef his property. As a general thing.
insurance companies take a very lib
eral view on this, point and aoaapt tha
loss as earning under the poMoy-un-less
the facts and eircumataneos
clearly negative the theory of thaft.
Theft insurance rates depend on the
class of car and the locality in which
the oar is owned, and operated. The
low priced, quantity produetiea .oar
takes the highest rate, as this etwee
of car le most popular1 with automo
bile thieves, as-such oars are Teadily
disposed.- of. Cars owned in motre
pelitan centers take a higher rate
than ears owned in rural districts.
Wheni Organized gangs . of thieves find it
more proataDie to carry on their
operations in or near large centers
where great numbers of 'automobiles
Una the streets. Also, there Is loos
chance ef detection
Regardless of Insurance, ear own
ers, it only as a conservative men
ure, to say nothing of saving them
selves inconvenience, should always
lock their cars when left unattended.
To encourage this, insurance com
panies make a reduction in theft rates
for oars, equipped with a dependable
theft-locking device.
Too ntakars -of woman's clothes
promhM us some unusually attractive
things in sports clothing in general
and motoring garments in particular
for the coming fall season. However
the djotates of fashion for formal
elethos may go, motoring- gar meat
muot sfay roomy and osmfortshle.
Xxperta have come to the front with
innumerable device far her comfort,
and It Is only the exeoedtngiy dull or
careless maid or matron who falls to
avail herself of the maroalous. area
tions of present-day ingenuity.
The chief requisite: of either short
or long motor trip ia the suit. The
experienced motorist selects one that
Is conservative, smart, and comfort
able. A good wool jersey sooma to
moot the- demand ta orery way. -Jt la
just right ia weight for the average
summer.. day and. la flyr, superior to
sera and trlcotta because ft doosnt
wrinkle readily.
' TfcefaU coat is coeUy," but the shops
oarry a very good -general utility
modal in imported tweed at a reason
able prioa. It U a psateetion fresh
the Inevitable rainstorm jukI aaUciok-
tioaa of pneumonia,- ad, whoa asm
wishes to subetltttte the. dross for the
suit a warm coat is a necessity these
cool, fall days
Motor hats are rather a probleam.
Bat thanks to the Innumerable va
riety la the shop, one' can find a hat
which, while typically motor, la aJ
Ideal far street wear 80k iaaatia ia
a popular fall faayle for hata. and la
developad ia artsky of the vajrs
brown shales (the popular fall eoler).
that la to say. taa..eeei
raat aad wood browa. They ft tba
head aaagly aad' disTuaee with piaa
aad worry ah sort wiljftu wlane of hair
that persist la straying from aader
neath moat bats. Of coaraa, there -la
the inevitable vail, which army .b
draped Ugatly uader the clita
snapped In badk or mara moaaty.
Olovee shoatfl alpo :ha' warn, for it ia
sarprising how much, duet amta lodg
meat ia the pare. Tmeealn or
chamois are Wjgaeet eujlacQaaw '
they do not aoaora tha duet a readily
aa so many sum. asm sBvuory jptjae-
ttoal beeause they are a aaajjy waeh
ed.' The woman motoriat . lihvas loat
oaee that may he drawn ever ta casfi
to proves
r sleeves
of her arose or suit to prevent
AneVtaeaol Milady's out la
ef the
of the rtre.
hip-By-Track Bureaa, at
4 fourteenth atreet. aetata ta m.
weekly report of the Halted
States Department of Agriculture,
Bureaa of Crop shuJaaatea. to get
ofaeiai aapport for hhi aaateacfaa
that the meter truck en take aa
tmpertaat rote ia
et nxgn its, nape ranoea. xaan
at Waahii
an asrto truek
wltk l.saa eastelMpee for
another had ft
baaketa of tomatoes uc W deaen
oara ef corn: nam sasakss note
weut up to the aawuj aaasj urttk Me
mmmmmMm sssshjaai a enBmsusmmsmeaenr' uakese
t oat the aaat of fiaaiMisllnn
ffreat fans to aaasket. Tfca truek
mm U. The ees to move the
(smreea) track ereaa) has taereased
frees Ut r cent aa aaaaa lianas to
tat aar aaat on ethera. Laker is
high prtosd. aad hard to gat. aad
net arat-olaaa where it la' to
at aU."
Tsaaaa j
' h M Jom ntuslj
If ym are in &iim&
Wsshasuasm ssssBeaaslmmmea, aaaa -- f-,
smmvamlaV WWtTWWr OF asmttP K
amy tod
Ca Mai. ft-244
i.-.n. .-. a
,jag --: .."-:i ':.. ::.vuxj, r:. . . jg
riisn JsWrnr-" " 1 III f Jtmm7"BJaassmmmmsmak-mmmaBmmS '
, rr rmsBsmmmmmmmmssssssBmssf2 r i
-JHssmW ismmmmmmmmsmmsmmm OasBJ
"a"- msi,ii c: - m- g
slIsbj iVv- VIbsm
Mettr Ciajasjy tf WasliittM
S'ttt and M St.i.
vVest 7la
j The origFnjil Snish on yow car consisted of scrteil'cmii
Unless, your car is carelessly wash!, this finish
for a long time
' rv-ni-i :m i.-j vsvsmskw
'eB'a- hJeip'ssmB WBTMC snaamjehk.
aP mr stavtcs sasshw
K NljJda.f;HINsiTOW smmwyr
-W:'.;. fc." mJW "
WWkW&& WamanaH4 lwW emmmmmmmmW
Exchttnrely :.by
BsasBmsamVLSmaumsBsslSfi? .tl'Tl" A"" "TJa oVmssaTmssm'asa'asssmas a
m Why Should You
4e PeamiTlvaaia Ave. K W.
Should You
Carry the Risk?
Doean't it seem to you as the part of wise
judgment to give your Auto all the protec
tion possible?
Remember, you are at fhe mercy of the
other fellow and what he may do. There is
always the possibility of fire and the liability
of theft.
A Lktle money in Premiums will compen
sate for all losses if they occur.
Our American Policy gives you all the pro
tection you require.
LeRoy Mark Service is another advantage.
We look af(er your interests carefully.
Phone Main 601 or 602 and let us go into
details with you as to cost and protection.
Come in for one of Our Special Road Maps.
LeRoy Mark, inc.
Colorado Building
4 tf tfce Riglit His' tf Insaraict
lk M
Causa of Lack Lewerc Tht-dKi.ami dull appcaxiacr. emus k tiw
majority of cases from a'mixtiifeL ofdirtand-frcme tint ookcti an tbe
and practically make a sandwich of accumulated grease and dirt The
is but one solutioA that is, to bring back the original finish. Tic oofy
compound now on the market that will do this is
SJNiy ittN mT O MeP
Sole Dkfaibuton
466 Penna. Ave. N. W. Photfe Mun SiMO
Ask Your Nearest Desiler He Ktkws-
E. B. Adams Co.. 614 Penna. Avs.
Auto Mart of Washington. 4S Penna. A v.
Automotive Accessories Co.. 10th K SU.
Uailfcy's Auto Supply Co.. 3001 14th St.
M. K. BucKley, 21st M Sts.
Calvert Hardware Auto Sunaty Cs.,
Champlaln A Euclid Sts.
H. Coleman A Son, 1321 "th St
Columbia Auto Supply Co.. 13th St H Sts.
Coombs Motor Co.. 1214 V St.
CrottsteVn Auto Supply Co., 1801 14th Si.
Davis A Chllds. 1110 14th St.
D. C. Auto Supply Co.. 14th it P Sts.
Dee Cee Garage. 146 17th St.
Dupont Garage, 2026 M St.
Dupont Tire Shop. 2002 M St.
Gilbert Garage. 2007 18th St. .
II Street Auto Supply House. 1217 HSt.
Sll H St.
i. 300 Pla. Avu.
McCurdy Bros.', 3730 Ga. AveJf. W.
Lehman's Tire Shoo.
Liberty Gasoline Station.
Mid-City Auto Supply Co.. ath ' M Sts.
Mid-Washington Service Cf, lt04 14th
au x
Parkway Motor Comaaay, laf Wmm
sin Ave. '
Peerless Tire ft Maea. Co.. aaat M St.
Soamer Sales Comaaay. 138 Cean. Ave.
SnetHng's Motor Comaaay. laM lsk m.
Surety Oarage at Motor Ce Ine 14h
' V Sts.
United Tire Conwaay. JtOl reaa Ave.
Unhrersal Auto sialy Co W) X fc.
Uptown Ante guppHes fjsmnsinj". Stn4
latk St. -,- T ' V
Wardmaa Jark Ian Oaraa, S4f4 Weed
ley BoaesB
Walker-Thomas Furniture Ce. MtaneVfta
Jws. Whitehead. 14 K. Masap. Aa. " ""
L. C. Reynold. 14 H St.
Cong reesional Qarae. act a. Avee
K. . Mooe Jk Seaa, Hth ft X4mT
ivaris aervice staiiea.
Oooa Hope Bead.
Model Tire Shop, Niefcels Ave, ft
Hope Itoad.
Plumb ft Ttyn. 3304 Ktckela . Ar,
iiiii.i. 24 riirnnm
Oeaees Ava.--,
ge, rear 1142 zist St.
Pleasant. Garage Co., 34S4 18th St.
Model Garage,
W.'W. Mulcare. 1342 14th St.
Chas. E. Willett, 3ia
, , SWntWilT
J. A. BalUmora, 230 41a St.
National Service Co., 1810 14th St.
New Taxi Service Co.. 1140 21st St.
O'Donoghue Brothers. 14th ft Irving St.
Parkview Garage, 000 Newton St.
Jester's Auto
rtek Ss.,
k. m.
C.. Xlag ft P..
Pike, Ytrgintat
aWmrWCa 4IHaHmV
. r.f.

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