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CMm Expert to Hep &uW
sWHpCwrML cngwHm Vf
Tae e'emMaee engineering talent ef
'the aatometive iaaastriea e the
TOmhM Skates will co-eperate with the
iteMMMBMt In the eeveteMseBt of
sew aa improves engines of war
fare. A committee of automotive ea
gineera will sit with the technical
stair, of the Oraaaeee Department ia
ale eassfaBB concerning the design of
all motor equipment material, partic
ularir teaks, tractors, aad eaterptHar
gwn meant of every description.
The. now alignment of civlliea aad.
satlitarr OKperU Is the result of the
foreaiadodaoss aad breadth of visiott
of Oca. C. C William, chief of the
Ordnance IepertmeBt. who assumed
initiative ia the matter hy reenestlag
the Society of Automotive Bagiaeers
to appoint a hoard representing Its
various apheree of activity far active
work with the War Department.
War Teaght Oo-oporaeioa.
Prior to the war there wae no r
ganlssd ce oasratioar aatweoa mlHtary
aad civilian experts, with a lose to
the Gevernmeat of much valuable
technical knowledge and experience.
Under the now system, the efforts of
the Ordnance Department will incor
porate the fruit of the combined la
bors of the entire American automo
tive iaduetry. and whea the state of
development of this industry is con
sidered, as compared with that ia
other eountriesf there is much reas
surance for the safety of the United
States in this fact.
The first meeting of the newly or
ganised board of civilian engineers,
recently held at Washington, had
present the following: H. W. Alden,
Timken-Detroit Axle Company, chair
man; W. G. Wall, National Motor Car
and Vehicle Corporation: J. G. Vin
cent, Packard Motor Car Company;
Dent Parrett Tractor Company, C. F.
Xetteriag, Deleo Company, George M.
LDunham, former president of the S.
A. B. and a prominent consulting en
gineer; Charleec M. Manley presi
dent of the S. A. K., and Coker F.
Clarksoa, manager of the S. A. E.
Ta Meet Kvery Two Mentha.
Members of the technical staff of
the Ordnance Department who met
with the civilian engineers, in addi
tion to Gen. C. C. Williams, chief of
ordnance, were as follows: CoL C. L.
H. Buggies, CoL Lb B. Moody, and
CoL J. B. Dilliard.
It is planned to ' hold meetings of
the combined board every two months
to go over new designs of the Ord
nance Department and to submit' sug
gestions for correction and improve
ment. The frequency of the meetings
will insure the quick and constant
transmission of the latest civilian en
gineering ideas to the government.
Ig Viewed by British.
An Interesting Article From
the London Daily Mail
Revealing English
. Viewpoint.
4 4 4
The following article, reprinted
from a recent issue ef Meter and
Cvole Trade Section ef the London,
(England), Dmh Mail, is ef interest
at this time as showing the English
"viewpoint ef the industry in this
ceuntry. Automotive Editor.
H. a Burford, of the Society
Motor Manufacturers and Traders and
chairman of the H. Oj. Burford firm
of motor-lorry and traction makers
has Just returned from the United
States, where he has had a chance
of ARtimatinsr the extent of American
preparedness -for the forthcoming st
uck on the British motor industry.
His report on the condition of affairs
is very serious for British manufac-
Your Car Were
it -
w j. w
ft WmV Make One Hilarioas Dull for Wolfs Head Oil
Whea It Needed Proper Lubrication
Improper lubrication and the use of inferior grades of oil has
brought more automobiles to the junk heap than any other factor.
You yourself woujd refrain from eating food that disagreed with you.
If your, machine were human it would insist on the
. a
A gracle for ererj season and condition
Poor oil "means poor sendee
wNkfiPs Head means maximum
AH leading dealers handle it
Trade Mppited exckmhrely by
Kamuw JaaCaw
AeaH Auto Suae!? House, 217 14th St.
Auto Mart of Washington.
Auto Sales Company. 177 Uth. St.
Bailey's Auto Supply Co.. l 14th St.
M4gar Burn, 812 Km St. r
M. X. Buckley, 21st wlM8U.
Calvert Hardware Co- 3M1 Chawalala St.
Coatral Auto Supply Co., Inc. lt Pa-Ave.
H. Coleman & Son, IZlf 7th St.
Comas Motor Company. 1214 V St.
DavM & Child. 1110 14th St.
IHtpoat Tire Shop, 2002 M St.
J. a Flood. 211S 14th St.
Wm. H Frey. -1724 14th St.
Huntington Motor Co., 1806 14th St
Gem Repair Shop, rear 142 S St.
Gordon's Tire & Supply House. 8403 M St.
Henderson & Jackson. 171 Pierce St.
Herfurth-Brett Corporation, 1821 7th SC
Hurley Motor Company, 1787 Johnson Pi.
JaeoM tt Montgomery, rear 21JW L. St.
Joaes-Keseler Rubber Tire Co.. OOf X St.
Maxwell Service Station, 02A O St. rear.
Midway Auto Supply Co., 222 H. Y. Ave.
W. "W. Maleare, 1222 14th St
Metieaal Garag-e, 324 Hew Jersey Ave.
National Servlee Company. Mlf 14th St.
Meameyer Motor Company. 211 B St
466 Penna. Ave. N. W.
O'Donoghue Brothers. 14th & Irving Sts.
Owl Garage, 812 L. St
Park Auto Service Company, Sherman Ave.
and Park Road.
X. A. Pitkin, rear 1430 Rhode Island Ave.
Roamer Sale Company. 1226 Conn. Ave.
Standard Store Company, Conn. Ave. and
Van Hess St
Surety Garage & Motor Co.. 14th & V Sts.
Universal Auto Supply Co., 1529 M St
Willcher's Garage. 1341 W St
H. G. Lemmer. V12 H St
Modern Auto Supply Company, 817 H St I
L. C. Reynolds, 14 H St
Eastern Auto Supply Co., 518 8th St
Hooe Brothers. 1112 11th St
Karl's Tire Service Station. 1001 Nichols Av.
Penna. Avi. Garage, 066 Penna. Ave.
Plums & Flynn. 2204 Nichols Ave.
J5 A. Baltimore. 230 4 St
R. "&. Rencher.
JBickerson's Garage. '
(Aero-Auto Company.
turers, la view of the removal here otlls to prevent the Ford chassis rom
the restriction on imports.
Ia his opinion, so well equipped are
the many American arms for the Im
minent nght that nothing snort of .to
tal restriction of foreign imports is
the slightest safeguard to the British
motor, trade. He instanced the tre
mendous activity in the States by the
case of a new inn of his acquaint
ance. A year age. when it came into exist
ence, the stock was- priced at $100
(30). Today the shares are worth
$800, and although the factory con
sists; so far, of only the first and sec
ond stories, while the third and
fourth, are still being built cars are
being turned out from the ground
floor and first story.
Firm's 2J0 Cars a Year.
"Are cars really being turned out
in big quantities?" I asked him.
"Perhaps this will give you an
idea," he replied. "A Arm with which
I are contracting for a supply of cars
turns out regularly 097 every week.
Their program is 26,000 a year. Mind
you, I'm not talking of past or future
figures. These 997 cars -were being
turned out In each working week
whea I left t,he country, three weeks
ago. And this factory is the same
size as the Humber factory here.
"The methods of manufacture over
there are unknown in this country.
Their machinery, plant, material, are
as far ahead of wtfat they were six
years ago as the poles are asunder.
There is no finer material in any
country. It will no longer be pos
sible to accuse decent American firms
of shoddlness in any'particular. They
don't finish off things as we do here,
for the excellent reason that it costs
money, wastes time. aad effects noth
ing except an increase in the cost of" j
the car.
"Outside Great Britain the United
States has already swept the markets
In -the Dominions, as well as in
France. Italy, aad car-buying Burope
generally. Kvery factory's motto
now is: We must extend our ex
ports. Colossal outputs are essential.'
nd they are doing It at this mo-
Swasp4g Oar Market.
"What about their home demand?"
I asked. "Is there not a chance for
oar Industry in the fact that Ameri
can buyers mast be attended to first?"
"Hone whatever," was his emphatic
reply. "The domestic market is, I
grant you, enormous, and Is daily
growing. Do you know that in the
State, of Ohio there is one motor car
to every six persons? That I believe
to be a solid fact And the cars are!
there for them, or will be in a very
short time."
"Will there be enough for both the
domestic market and the British, -or
do yea think that the Americans may
sacrifice temporarily their heme mar
ket in order to make certain of ours?"
"They will not need to sacrifice
their own people," he answered. "Un-1
doubtedly home markets come first,
but It makes no sort of difference.
Put the total output of the Ameri
can factories for this year and next
at 2M.9M (a very low- estimate), aad
they ooald swamp us, as fast as ship
ping weald let them, with 7S,909.
"Think of 75, ears being poured
Into this thirsting country within a
few months. Would, they find buyers?
vary one. Why, the factory I am
dealing with now, the one as big as
the Humber works, can send me fifty
cars a month at once. Aad that's
oaly oae easterner 'of a small faetory.
Their total output for a year Is the
same as-that of the entire British in
dustry. "The main thing to remember Is
that not only are they going to sweep
the market, but the ears they are
going to do it with are as good as
you can buy anywhere and better
than most
y Ho Ford ProfMeeriaa.
The Ford Company is to establish
its own agencies throughout Great
Britain, and its old agents have re
ceived a circular stating that cars
ordered by them but not yet deliver
ed will be allotted direct to the buy
ers by the Ford agencies themselves.
Discussing the matter am ex-l-'ord
agent told me that one of the rea
sons for the ruthlessness of the Ford
Company is that they are determined
to crush the profiteer. Under the new
system cars may not be exploited.
They must be sold at their proper
price, and an important point the
sellers must give adequate Ford ser
to their customers after the sale. All
names of customers have to be for
warded to the company.
Another reason for, the new policy
being modified in any way before
Its sale to the buyer. The camou
flaged Ford Is aow a common sight
It Is some times extremely difficult
to recognise the famous make under
its load of Buropeaa trappings, aad
the back axle and, generally, the
steering wheel are practically the oaly
things that betray Its real self.
The company, so my informant told
me, do sot attach any Importance to
change of body work but thoy will
not countenance any modification ia
the running gear. They contend that
a Ford which has a special ignition
system, a special radiator, a special
carburetor, aad bo forth, does not give
real satisfaction to the awer. They
lntendihat a Ford shall bo sold as
a Ford and net as aa imitation of
anything else.
Announcement Is made by the
tor transport corps of the United.
States Army that plans are well under
way for an unique automobile show
to be held on October 16, 17, aad 18
t the Ninth Regiment Armory, Four
teenth street aad Sixth avenue, New
York city.
This shew is in no way to be eon
fused with the annual automobile
shew presented by the National Auto
mobile Chamber of Commerce, whida
will take place as usual, displaying
new models, next January. The pur
pose of the motor transport corps m
to show the general public aad par
ticularly those' interested in motor
mechanics and vehicles the growth of
the automotive industry and Its ac
complishment prior to and during
the recent Kuropeaa war.
Practically every conceivable type
of motor vehicle will be either on dis
play, in contest or ia process of dis
sembling or assembling, during the
show. It Is also -proposed to exhibit
every type ef motor vehicle- that was
used in the war by the United States
array and there will be many freak
constructed vehicles on display.
Contests featuring the work of au
tomotive vehicles and of the various
branches of the Motor Transport
Corps are being arranged by commit
tees among officers of the motor
transport corps, under the command
of Lieut Col. H. J. Lawes, who is
motor transport officer of New York
city. There will be' outdoor aad la-
side events, comprising dispatch rid
ing, races, hill climbing, endurance
tests ad competitions between aaits
and individuals, including ambulances
and women's motor corps vehicles.
Prises will be givea to winners of the
many events. Motor transport com
panies under the jurisdiction of Lieu
tenant Colonel Lawes will eater into
aa elimination contest for the -various
prises, and they are working hard aad
earnestly to put winners across.
There is nothing commercial la this
big exposition. Although admission
oa-October 16 will be oaly by individ
ual -invitation, largely within the au
tomobile industry, the doors will be
open to everyone on October 17 aad 18
and admission will be free. AH mon
eys realized from allotment contribu
tion, or the sale of advertisements
Win be used lot such legitimate ex-
-peases as printing aad prise money.
Lieutenant Colonel Lawes and the of
ficers associated with him want to feel
that none who is interested in auto
mobiles andVthe important work they
did during the war will be hindered
by financial reasons from visiting this
unusual show, the first of its kind
ever held and perhaps the last, as it
Is hoped that this was the last year.
Headquarters for the show will be
at 461 Eighth avenue. Management is
in charge of First Lieutenant T. B.
"Every motor truck in operation Is
a blow to the high cost of living,"
says W. L. Kissel, secretary and
treasurer ot the Kissel Motor Car
Company. "Every automobile that is
used to increase personal efficiency
is an enemy to procrastination. Auto
mobiles discrease production cost by
increasing rapidity of transportation.
At the same time they increase pro
duction by economizing time."
IS H. C. L S
Waste ind Lm Can B EJJmi
natad By T&okfc Prakiot
tt) CtttttMMT.
The ateadflr mean ting east -at Irv
ing, which, doWite the ctssauttniT of
the war -several months ao. still re
veals aa upward tendeacy wsmcb
many experts believe will be paHsia
aeat will eventually be solved to the
benefit of all, by-motor transport -
The farmer has just experienced a
period of comparative prosperity. 'He
is aever going to return to the old
days aad the old ways. His mode or
living is on a higher piano Ma costs
have gone up with everyone else's.
The consumer mast pay for coot aad a
living profit aad most eoaaumers are
willing to pay ualoos the first profits
be unreasonable or the, big wastage
charged to them.
There is. however, a way to save
waste and loss. That is direct mar
keting. Markeftfag conditions for
food products of farmers must be
bettered. The marketing of farm
products has for years been handled
through middlemen wnooe profits,
have far exceeded those "of the farmer.
although the time aad effort pot
forth by the middleman ace not to
be compared to the labor aad time ef
the farmer.
nMt fwt
It is a ease of gettiag together
not only of shortening the miles to
market by buHdlag good roads aad
manufacturing motor trucks to travel
over these roads wish big loads- of
produce, although these are very Im
portant factors bat the farmer aaA
the market must be brought together
with all the big profit makins
agencies betweea the two aa far as
possible eliminated.
Such a plan has. been worked oat
with groat succeed at Adrian, Xidu
Here the Adrian chamber of eoat
raeree has organised the "eomais!ty
market" with a manager la charge.
All produce, from popcorn to alga. Is;
purchased, aad the. farmer xeoeives a,
price slightly lower than the Detroit
market price. The dlaTereaoe is made
up from the actual cost of maintain
ing the market sad not from a prosk
Hides, skias, tallow, aad eerdwootf
are taken as well aa cream, eggs,
poultry, dressed meats, potatoes, aad
all sorts of produce aad apples. The
potatoes are graded, aad No. 2s aad
3's take as wejl as No. l's. The eggs
are candled, poultry graded, for
heavy aad light weight, aad all cream
is tested. - Thus the farmer gets his
just due, aad hi encouraged to bring
la better products.
The Adrian cismmuaity market was f
orgaamed a February, ISIS, aad be
gan baste la April of that year.
It has Just oloeed its tst yoar with
a record of avar SMMwtOS worth at
bastaoas traaaaetod. Th vacua of
such a ataa is easily seoa asat th
good oumv coanaasnry mamou aa a
act try ofgaalaoa. cam do to
the east of Uvtag to the ciOea
also be roadliy estimated. TW
track ia doing its share to ear th
markatiag coots, aad is siddlag a great
deal to the suaees of th market.
Fresideat CMfta has delegated I
Walter Drake to represent the auto
asMh ladastry t th Intereatioaa
Tilts. Coafsraaco of th Chamber 1
Ceanarea of- the U. 8. A., at Atlantic
City, Sgfteaiaer to October S. wbes
there wiD b ia attendance repr
seatatrwes of the business organisa
ttoas of Baglaad. Trance. Italy. ns
sa iJRPHafeV
mmmmml A
m .dii
. I, -SiT'ilffT" i ,. . "' . rffT-TBTi )! i, ,.i Li ,. . i iiiiiMaTSSejHffrti.- UmBREU
Equipped With the Famous Fk gitoiM
1 t i i i "i i.
Bhas Top NptySlrid Tire
Rscogaiztfl as the sfeadtiyi of Ameffcan manufacture.
Built Hi our .enm factory tt' PfcHadeipbia, perfect in taiga,
material a?d finish.
Ixnnediats delivery aad futry equipped.
522 TmA St, k W.
for sugyclM saw
' 1. -"'' V-ffT-.. .l,.if x- V -lj .. i. UU1.I , 1-14
f - av -ClrcTa jIbbbIbbL bSswIbbI -mnraarmai mams'
.samamal aarJ CShBmf aWBBBBBBalaBVKemlBBBBBmt1 .aBBmmW BBafaammml bbbbbbbbbI
l- $V 1? ' Ek nn maf M --iKjT77Jrrlaaaaaaii tfmhHBB
llffl TTTi I ' rtlmf IfcBanlr iW slH Zlllamal
6sEJaKeiramv Ba.ssB3gfrmBB)tjjtCjoBmBi.ii eBByjaaaaBBPaKassaBBj
tM-mBSiUjSk. aaaaaWaaaBaanmanmnmB '
''Kj'iii pwffiBaHHL 1 StrL
3 - .'l IL J-SBJaUJCSammsmBBBStBBBBBll t rf Samv lnl 'a
t3- '. I Fvr- ieaBBW iBBBmBBi ll SBBV KaSjsW aft
Ck l J iiBtRTft3BB(ktt leaBHi 1 saaw HI J
Ell m w-mmmm m wli
rjli lu. rf ri6MflSi3t(7 mm 1lK S
f -n - " - -- i "t R JLaHaMBMHMMJ UmSJsB saR
J 1 T T m m . J M T . I I H I HgaEV Rl
. me newitr woras i lELr j
1 n i lM I 4
I rUm ,r- J
VvbV. ifJU j
ie Hewitt Cords
are worthv of the
.finest limousines
Into every tire that comes
out of the Hewitt factories
is built quality and service
that makes, it worthy of the
Hewitt name.
The non-skid tread takes a
real grip on the road, anl
adds to the appearance of
any car no matter how' .me
the design or finish.
718 11th St N. W. Franklin 4056
THERE is a personal md a
friendTy side to the business of
selling the Liberty car, that is vecy -
pleasant. x
People are usually more than half
in love with the beauty erf theliberty
before they come to us.
When that first favorable feeling Is
confirmed by a quality of perform
ance that delights them, it estab
lishes an intimate and cordial refac
tion that is out of the ordinary.
We have perf ect confidence that if
you will permit us to place you atthe s
steering wheel of a Liberty, it will be
the beginning of a long and profit
able association between us.
Liberty Sedan and Coupe now being delivered.
Liberty Car-Sales Co.
Phone Main 560 1212 E St N. W.

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