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The Prtwdwf s Strong WW.
VXevawSTg aYtBYeuTSr iMnai
3 Cents
ll mtril, iwrla-
Me .wtoSc TMwseratTc
at 8 a. m, C
FOW War In England.
Where It Tackpautha?
Painting the Flagpole.
NUMBER 11,308.
gmHUfced ererr evMtag (lneldlt Su4r)
mttre4 mm mb4-Um Bmtter. at tk
w-ti mmmmmmmmmmtmmHmmmm
(OwltfM. mm.)
The PrsoMent, in a Sht that
aajistsd his ooMetaee and will,
hac taxed his 1od7 heyoud the
point of endnraaos. Hind aad
perrons feroe ar the itoi, the
body is the diassis, both mast be
allowed to alow down oeaeionally.
To nearly every ua niiddle
Mfe, there comes a change, a let
tte down, thou recuperation and
fJ Tenowed powers.
The President has many useful
years ahead, and the iUneos will
prove a Mesam. om It wIU
lean that the body hk be
snierad and spared. The power
M wiU must not rale, always.
The Most inwortnat oxneclmoat
la the world is made by orgairisod
lsbor In Basjaad, striving to con
trol the entire netio.
The light is as savage as the
reeent fight between Thailand aad
Oerumny. la the lata war Jfctg
laad strove, without success, to
Starrs the aerates.
la this ctrll war the workmen
of Bnglnnd ace doing all they oaa
to starve thetr toUow countrymen,
cutting off flood supplies, stopping
trams, threatenta to sunt off
HsIbX atop the ooal BBtoes, etc.
Nothing Bke It has
ninoe Bpartaeat, aboat MM years
smdertook to eeutrol the nov-
it of Rome with a crowd of
aroaad bias.
He had a fine tints far awhile,
rmled all of Southern Italy, de
feated both omasum, bat they get
Us, aad he died sword to head.
He rapreeeated a minority, at-
or bo grmvmaoe, he
to be kitted.
Kugttsu labor, a sshiiiillj under
taking; ia earryns out Ms peas,
to starre aad it moMsary eeetroy
the majority, wiU here an iatec
enting time for awhile, bat must
toe la the cad. When oae aaaali
Atmsn toaas aaatoat an. thea jug,
f JWufllaBsaC-at ;UBaWam:,
tmut aaaali gntp, met that vfll
happen ht rwinjena u ado nh ally
vVBewCwCaMBaal sMPaSST asmE fiOflaanaEY VeWL
may see tngonlus adreitiseaieaU,
prepared by the United States
Bobber Gompaaj. These advsr
tjaeassnts seek to arouse local in
terest. Oae reads;
Near Gemot (3tyf am March
1 m tbt'.amoar af New
with Tarfcaaaefcs, chief so en am of
ntxlueana ttftms, to settle aH sKs
pvtos asaienWy.
That was aa early League of
Nations; job earn fiasgiae hew
nuppy Tackpaaafaa aad his Jtsd
American friends felt
thing was to be settles
But where are Tackpauaha's six
It woald hare been well fee
lans mksaAsaeSkah 4a i-Tar
Jtaai jtejejptc v9 Tmj
The whites whs inherit toads of
the Indians in Xnwriea ought at
least to know just what it is they
are signing, and with whom they
are signing it, befere they ge tote
any modern Tii'ijansiia arrange
ment. Opposite a weU-
rant a tea lag
borisontally, above the stseet.
Yesterday, at the far end a sea
sat painting the pole. X arewd in
the street looked up, hundreds
looked from neighboring wtodews.
It was interesting to see a man
sitting on the end of a pole a hun-
dred feet ia the sir painting calm
ly, instead of falling sad break
ing his neck.
We admire that which we rarely
do or cannot do. While the man
painted the pole there were pleaty
of sparrows perched oa dangerous
heights; nobody noticed them.
The catnsh wonders hew the'
muskrat dares go out of the water,
onto the bank.
The muskrat admires the doc
and rabbit that run so far from
the edge of the water.
The dog wonders hew his master
can walk standing up on two im
Man wonders when he sees his
brother sitting on the cad of a
pole painting, and the birds look
ing down at othef mormg crea
tures wonder why they never use
their wings, why they are not
afraid to stay on the ground
. where anything might seise them.
This means that we are all
primitiT. wondering animals, from
the catnsh on the mud of the pond
watching the muskrat, to the gen
tleman in the streets watching the
Fifth Game of World Series
..,. .f.
CHICAGO, Oct.. i. The ftfth
game of the world series between
the Chicago White Sex mid the Cto-
beeause of wet grounds.
The game witt be played here to
morrow. Garry Herrmann,, presi
dent of the national commission,
made the announcement after um
pires jsnecied the playing field in
Seems AH -Orer New.
Tboir wonder aeys, tn Jbaerleaa
Lmim chemaeims, who took into
the lftlt Mris the Aac of a dab that
fees never lost a world's eeries match,
were the "under do" ia a Aunt that
eren the most ardent Sex admirer
feared was already won y the
dreaa-lMUttnav hoae-shatUrlBc trlhe
of Pat Koran.
Vi not over yet." wee the weak
of oatawtem vsleed ever the
of Cta-
whs) strutted arottad
hreeeerds en
lihetr anas.
Aroaad the Red quarters this
morning .little concern was express
ed over Gieaeoa's pitching selection.
The cocky Redw, from Koran down
to Buddy Bancroft, the bat boy, sv
ute that any hurler the gray-haired
Chicago pilot sends out is doomed.
Coandence gathered in three games
have brought them to the point
whore they even boast ot trimming
little Dicky Kerr in his next game.
Bight Wing Rapidly Devel
oping Cteoater Revolt,
Says Berlin Press.
BBRLIX. Oct. 6. The Beichstag
building is under heavy guard today
as a precaution against attack. Sol
diers with .loaded rifles guarded every
entrance, admitting only those who
carried passes which were issued
with strictest care.
Machine guns were stationed at
handy positions around the building,
especially in the rear.
The Frelheit, contemn ting oa the
situation said: "The right wing Is
developing rapidly a counter revolu
tion, end It is believed that when von
der Goltx returns from thn Baltic the
whig will attempt a coup ee'etat"
PARIS, Oct. 5. Jules Pains, min
ister of the interior, wfil inform the
Chamber of Deputies Tuesday that the
government has decided to hold the
legislative election November 8.
K1W YORK, Oct 8. Bishop
Charles S. Burch, of the Protestant
'Spiscopal diocese of New York, an
nounced that special prayers will be
said ia all churches here today for
the recovery of President Wilson.
Keeping Up With
The Times
Of course The Times
keeps on hand a supply- of
hack copies large enough to
care for expected demands.
It is interesting to note
that this supply for ersry
Saturday in September is
entirely gone.
Evidently it is necessary
to readjust the reckoning
of demand for the Saturday
issue in whieh real estate
and automobile news and
advertising are featured.
mm i roar BtiasM.ni or
shirt aad eoUar entpsseat hr star
err M aware roe
if. ., ig, ;g.
"Poi$on-Needle,, Man
Held For Mailing Bomb
To Friend of Ex-Wife
ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 5. A bomb containing dynamite,
TNT, and nitroglyoeriae, mailed at the Atlanta partoffiee on
September 20 and addreated to Capt. John H. Kneabel,
U. S. A, at Ma home in Ebeneser, N. Y., waa" discoTered
bere yesterday by Federal postal inspectors, wbo have been
investigating the ease since it was reported by Captain
P. IT Cflerl: Unwittuiirly Lift-MTir.
The bomb centaiaetf- wffldeiit high
exBlMiTM to deetrey aa satire bulW
ir. It was deelared. Thereasea fer
its aoB-ezploslea was that ia eaaoel
1ns the postage etaaipe oa the pack
age a clerk ia the Atlanta peetoffiee,
quite without hi knowledge, disrupt
ed the firing apparatus.
In revealing the ease the iaspeeters
toM a story or an alleged tangled love
intrigue, involving the nasaee e Mrs.
Pearl MeMllloa CrA a-haaaeeaie di-
and Pain K Carter, a mechan
ic, who is now Jn the Do Kalh county
Had the bomb exploded while being
handled ia the posteciee here, the in
spectors said, the building undoubt
edly would have been wrecked.
According to the postal inspectors
who investigated the case. Captain
Kneubel had bees seen frequently
with the pretty JCrs. Carter la At
lanta, having met her while en route
to Atlanta oa a.trsia$m South Cae-
-ncit",; .
Mr. carter
at Camp Gordon, and oa See
16, It was declared. Carter met her
outside the camp and - engaged fa aa
Mrs. Carter declared be had remon
strated with her for being seen with
army officers, naming Captain Kneubel
as one of them. She said he carried
a pistol and. threatened her It ehe did
not accompany him to this city.
He was taken into custody by
De Kalb county officers a little later,
and is being held in default of Jl.tee
The officials declared Carter ad
i anWama?4BsBBSBU
Labor Will Carry Fight
To Gary in Conference
Opening Here Tomorrow
Labor or at least a powerful element in American
labor is considering withdrawal from the national indus
trial conference which opens in this city tomorrow.
The danger of a complete rupture is near enough to
cause concern to those who have hoped that the conference
may pave the way to industrial peace and, in the absence
of such leadership as President Wilson would have given,
has increased fivefold.
Irreconcilable Bifferenots.
Irreconcilable difference of opinion
are developing: and labor policy has
been crystallized in a demand for tbe
recognition of certain fundamental
principles which the employers' group
is almost certain to refuse roust re
fuse, in fact unless Judge Gary aad
the reactionary ring which controls
the national industrial conference
board are to be repudiated.
The steel strike has served to clarify
and dramatize the issues of the con
flict. It has a direct bearing on the
conference, for it has confirmed the
decision of certain labor leaders to
pursue an aggressive policy. It has
done even more than that, for it has
virtually forced an entirely new
alignment and balance of power in the
American Federation of Labor.
Drops Conservative Ideas.
Mr. Gompers found that the old con
servative policy of his organization
had become mere quicksand, and
jumped away from it just in the nick
of time. There Is no open shift in
his position: and, indeed, at the pres
ent hour, he is doing his best to per
suade certain leaders in the brother
hdods and. the other railroad unions
that his original policy toward the
conference should be maintained. But
there is only a slight prospect that he
will be successful.
Fitz pa trick and Foster have forced
Gompers to take tip the Gary chal
lenge. That challenge will be taken
up not merely in fighting out the
steel strike to the bitter end, to the
last ounce of power that union labor
poAsessos, but In the conference
itself aad the significant fact is that
labor le to assume the aggreeetve. to
throw the er element on jtae defen
mitted to them that he had mailed a
"commwafeatloa'' to Cepesia Kneubel,
but denied that he had sent a bomb or
that be had any knowledge of . it.
Questioned as to the nature ot the
"commuateatlaa." however, he de
clined to ten what it contained.
Captain Kneabel. the inspectors
said, disclaimed any partlewlar inti
macy with Mrs. Carter. He said they
had dloed several times together here
during his stay at Camp Gordon, aad
that he knew her merely as a friead.
The bomb was original In design,
being fashioned from a photo graph
Plato box, lined within. A naehliaht
battery was rigged in the center aad
connected with tho cover by wire, one
end of which protrudod from the hex.
About a score or large lead slues
wero found at the top- 'of the box, hut
even without them, the iaspeeters
said, fhe heart, had it exptofed. mmahl
miasms njjpjpSff
mTuttMsmRmKBSnemr aamSaaaf
. It was aie amt
.... - .t - Sa k- J A.
thorlties when he discovered Us oea-1
teats. But for the accidental wreck'
Inr o the flrlnr apparatae hr the
postal clerk, the bomb would surely
have exploded when the box was
opened, it was stated.
Cartes, according- to the Iaspeeters,
Is known aa the "poison needle" man,
as he was alleged to have mailed to
hie wife, from whom he was thea
separated, her father, 8. 8. MoMSUen,
aad her attorney, noodles whose
points had been dipped in poison.
sive at the very start, and te faetot
upon a direct and ' unequlveeal an
swer to certain questions that" 'will be
propounded at the outset
Wight fer Treaty Claase.
These questions will involve recog
nition of the labor clause of the peace
covenant, which is backed by the
authority and enlightened public
opinion of all civilized nations.
In the labor clause are to be found
the fundamental tenents of the liv
ing wage, the eight-hour day, collec
tive bargaining, and union recogni
tion. Labor will Insist upon having' these
principles made non-debatable and
he cornerstone of the conference. It
s too early to say that all the labor
representatives will withdraw if tbe
capitalist group refuses an agree
ment on thlsbasis. But it is certain
that some of them will, and It Is
qually certain that a very large and
nfluentlal element in the labor move
sent will hold to their announced in
(Contlaued on Page 2, Column 5.)
James J. Cooper, assistant passeng
er trainmaster of the Pennsylvania
railroad, of 00 B street, southwest,
was retired yesterday after fifty
three years ef continuous active serv
ice. Cooper is said to know more about
the Pennsylvania railroad system and
its history than any ether Waahing
tonlan, , -
aAaA. vaatAtBaaaa.
wjajiit lunmispeanaajjr.
Called Off on Account of Wet Grounds
'&i '& m ,1. m ti
wmr Tsm wnjw wenw uyej e;unw ampn
GARY, ImL, Oct
miUti gaartlns all
ptaam hi the
Calumet steel district, that
was quiet today "foNowing riedn
in whkm hundreus ot persons war
injures hare last might
The treooe, under comiaanel of
Adjutant General Harry B.
wars sent on oraer t
Ooodrioh lollowiac rtaahsi
strikers aael neenoes who
route to work in the Gary plant of
the Immwfc Steel Ooumanj.
xasncwa vcwwa vusvsnssw
Leesi heepiUls were crewdi today
wlthmea aad wepwa iajured la the
rlettnr. At least ttr jmrsoas wote
arrassea fer parti destine? U the JU-
e their attack a negse strike
Wttalx f" r Tr'tr" "li
TO GARY, 1.,
tw '
ePmVafaa, spaasjsBPr m .ejsmew msajjTajaanuennunj emsaaam!
was a see thine; ataa M ftentlae; feu
manityv a4ecews et battlla
strike sympathisers Aad police swept
up and dew Broadway from Tenth
te Sighteeath ntreets.
Smaller mob, gathered ia varieus
parts of the eity, and sporadic f fat
ing broke out. Strike breakers, seelf
lag shelter in doorways, were dragged
out beaten Into uncosedeueaeee. n&
left lying In the streets. Auemnebtles
were pressed, lnjte service te eM sn
bajaaoes to transporting the Injured
to hospitals. Four peHeemea were In
Negroes BleeSMd by Irate.
tha trnwfciA vh m. r
car loaded with negro workmen was
held up by a railroad train. Several
thoasand persons oenalBg from a mass
meeting In a -park gathered around
the oar. Bricks began flying. Two
of the eegroes are said to have drawn
razors and slashed at those about
them. Fists, clubs, bricks aad bits of
railroad iron were the most conspieu
eas weapons.
Mayor Hodree declared that, de
spite the tensity of raoe feeling, the
(Continued on Page 2, Column 2.)
Continuous Fighting Reported
by Marine Officer Who
Arrived at Naples.
HOME. OCt. B. The whole Al
banian population has rebelled
against the Serbs, according to a
marine officer who has just arrived
at Naples.
Interviewed by the correspondent
of the Messagero, he said the con
tending forces were fighting day and
night in the towns and mountainous
districts. Refugees are fleeing to
Italy, the officer declared.
Oolored Messenger of Wail
Street Bank Caught in
NEW YORK, Oct 8. The disap
pearance of a bank messenger en Au
gust 11 with $40,800 of his employer's
money, a fact which had been care
fully concealed by the 'police, came
to light yesterday in the arrest at
Stamford of Perey Bristol, a negro.
Bristol was arrested by Detective
Sheridan, of the Old Slip station,
Bristol was employed by Finch ft
Tarbell, brokers, of 190 Broadway.
On the date mentioned he waas seat
to the Bank ef Manhattan to deposit
$40,060 in cashier's cheeks and sees in
cash. 'When he failed to return hie
employers resorted the matter te tbe
When aearohed at poltoe heedeuar
ters the negro had , 10 seats in his
we ., -a-.', , , .
LOWX)N. Ot. S. Tk
bBSssLsbW sHikssWasnkse Assimaa Ssamtm
ixifinum rnsTwegr aursam mns
LOKDOK, Oot J Both strfldaK
ralsway workers and the puhtte to-
o the
Uamj Oeorfe ami
mot thta
rsaah a
wain thn strike oouhi ha settled.
ha eSeotsi whnrehs thw
to wane fomawtwW.
la-mams smfrfas It
reeaiMt that beh stdee had deaUresl
laser lasnsllsn
Beftdereeu'er pntlwlsm.
the belief the government would re
cede from Its position. -
There were numereus tnsMeatmns
today that the strike leaders had made
strong efforts to resell aa asTreemeat,
despite the manifests loaned by the
strikers reiterating their Vellef In the
(justice ef their cause.
atgas that traffte la begtaaing te
get back te normal were apparent.
Government official declared the
feed supply was plentiful aad that
there was no danger of London going
Lord. Voataarae. who reached Iea-
1 sea after driving a train from Bourae-
tmouth. declared he did it "to help the
pbmm." te saia ne naa learnoa en
gineering while on duty ia India.
Government Itrser.
The Government's positioa was
undoubtedly strengthened today.
There was a noticeable Increase la
traffle an considerably mere food
stocks in shape and- stores ia Lon
don aad other cities. Seme places re
ported even more food than before
the &ike begaa.
Labor warned Great Brltoen test
night that unless the government
adopted a "more reasonable" attti
tude. the nation eouM expect "a
widespread extension" ef the railway
The following statement was issued
by the conciliation oesualttee of the
Trades' Union Congress:
Threaten Wide Bcteaotoa.
-The prime minister and his ad
visers have adopted an irreconcilable
attitude. We warn the government
that unless it becemees more reason
able before next Tuesday's confer
ence, it will be impossible to avert a
widespread extension of the strike."
Another statement, made today by
(Continued en Page 3, Column 2.)
Psychic Sleuth Has Author of
Mystery Notes Taken
As Accessory.
NASHVUiLB, Tenn, Oct. 5. Thomas
S. Jennings, of this city, who claims
to live "on his Income," has been ar
rested on a warrant swora out by
Gabriel Hansen, hypcholegleal detec
tive of Memphis, charged with being
Ian accessory to the murder of Robin
J. Cooper, prominent rvsaavntc at
torney, in August.
It ia charged that Jennings has
been the writer of a flood of anony
mous letters to the newspapers aad
police. The author of theee letters
claimed to be a bootlegger, who had
taken part la a dozen or mere daring
robberies around Nashville, Including
the Cooper murder. He scoffed at the
Other arrests are expected aa evl
an evi
riftgical deaea supplied
by the psycho
Bsaals Metealf,
who was the first
Cooper aoTdoaaa.
nu arreeied M
connection with the omnia,
was out oa bead, has been
following the assertion of a negro
witness that he saw Metealf near the
Cooper ear at the scene ef the slaying
en the night ef the tragedy.
I tralehiealfMr.
MS Celerade
newessi PTesBfter
Hena sovswy nv
r te aa a Ski ft 9
1 1 rissmsTi I
wen en em ear wkTmmmwrnmn skVaaruw
iMWS sei iji -sVrSanr mennesasn aeewreS
- IK J
President 'Witeon passed a cumfoitaMe aii, and if
tmtrt is airy cfeaatg at all m Ids eonditfoti it is for the bss
tsr, aooording to am oflhsal ImlleitR iavoad at 11:06 o'clock
ttds wooing by Bear Adsairal
dsnt's personal pkysiciaju
The bnHetfn iras isswd
tireen Br, Grayson, Br. Baflst,
Tie text of tfee bullelia follows: " " i
"Ths PjiiMiit kmel a
k Ink csneHtin,
I s. .
n i m snr sasaaaam
m ssunusjpaSJs ansa Me) m suamnnesj smsmn1 a
man noaM 1 nnni m j jn, Presejamt IfaaSoei at t nfrtsslt that
la - . . ea.e mnnlnn, urns ha. a necmnl, neeithfei
lasBwSsrsnsmml aTCaVaaawamnlnm adMi eaa mi m k ti t1 wa
- dents red tnasliU a " .-g.1 mji, w
wnwpr afjjMni ssifjiiiipiii 7JzrzTr"nrmmrm. m
11 Plfure waieFfwe re nana; cssKjBTSBBmens jpemsiaieij,
H --' T : 'll"""ii6il fW emieenen wan
His. was a amy af uuajer -fsV
Wo i anew Wlben Uuimtnaeit tan
Unit- aNammv Ik haaaroft ef
dsnrenea af aH uVennnnationa
there -ware annntfeatiens er the
saeedr lecoyery ef tbe Chief
Xxeeutrre. Tins -was deem anon
taneonaty, art at anyone's re
qnssfr nee anise nay pemi. Ad
vices neeivsa1 at the Whtte
Beuee indicated tkat the men
had taken heW all ever the
United States, and in some
churches a portion, ef the serv
iees was devoted to asking aid
fer the FraakMnt
PARIS. Oct. S. CoL X. M. Hens
will sail fer the TJnited State abased.
the steamahip Great Northern teaaar
rew or Tuesday, K was learned today.
Colonel House will return te the
United States after spending more
than a year la Surope, nrst as special
representative ef the President, and
later as a member ef the American
peace delegation. Since the close ef
the peace conference he has spent a
great deal of his time In Saglaad.
PARIS, Oct. S. Fear that unless
seme action is taken immediately by
the peace conference to allay rum
blings ef revolt in Turkey, serious
difficulties will retalt, was expreesed
by members of the American peace
delegation today. Advices here de
clared that there was every likeli
hood that the present government ia
Turkey would soon topple, after
which civil war would certainly be
gin. Peace delegates have reera&
ipaaJo from proaataeat TsrXh,
inc that signing of the traeijr he hen.
teaed in order that a eatsetsjanhs la
the Ottoman Bmpire aright he averted.
Iti . .
As a result of the great Inter
est In the eandMioa of the Pres
ident, The Times has arranaod to
issue an extra edition teefeat,
nroTlaod a marked eJmnfo ha nV
oonnlfloa is announced in the
evening mriletin. This L
ed about Up jl
v. 3 .
Osry . SrsyntBv ths Pis
foTUTwianj a coasttltation bs
and Br. Stftt.
wary rnnmtl wUd, amsl si
it It
ht every Untl
condition has
not changed fresn that of It o'clock
last alght, when nr. Cary T. Otayaen
iaoued a ststsaieau snytna his nations
showed improvement that eouM an
called MenccuragiagM though "not de
There seomeAte he luetiWoatian fos
the hope that taw President wvuM ea-
a need day. ana the seeming
wrimm fresn Tr. Gary T.
eagerly awaited.
rr. Orayeea spent the nmsjasjat thn
White Senee, sat he has deeanSjaW Urn
President's retnrn from his ssmaainn!
tour' a week ap.
Polleesaen at the Whtte
today weee ea the wateh te
heavy tradHe that might.
usual noloo ah out the
sioa. Within the
wore ordered muffled ta that
occupied, by the PresMeat.
At 8 a. m. ne slams ef actrrtar were
eeeerveu ytbont the wane
SPeieUiy TuaauMy, who Ovea
tance from the ammaavn am
get In telephone eesmtnttian early
with his office, which Je M tne exeen
tlve office' budldmc In the Whltn
House gaeusms, te nanlr as te the:
PnWaenrs coodlttee
Tdjhulty sad eiher White Jneuae of
flciam early ia the day began to he)
besieged with tanneries as t mm
President's conditio.
Cabinet members.
rresMnen, and.
eager for news ef the
A great bundle of
persoas aad friends ta every
of the country early
through the private
la the White House
Several White House clerks
stenographers arrived, at the efften
building early to receive them.
During the past week, the Press
dent has not been permitted to sen
the bundles of masssgee and fetters
that have come fer him from friends
aad organisations. Mrs. Wtteea, how
ever, has been, able to take soma
time from her duties attending hor
husband, to read and answer a lev
of the messages. Ia a few isasaaeeej
the PresMeat has been told of thsj
PreaMe Ksger To Bo Ta.
Dr. Grayson aad members of .Una
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Keeping the Pr
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own conditio. Despite this news
'embargo' hatpesod by his physeeiasi
aad relatives, the President so far
has kept cheerful and enoeujnured tn
flea face of a keen deetre ta Mm
what ie going on. Not. ua
yestorday did he give
impatience over being
takhkg seme enroot tetcsm ia
That waa when Dv. Qrayeoa
temperature and fmsnjfejt n
The PresMeat, sanBnt
mat his tsaawerature WUemt
tinue to be lasemol i sasvere
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oerdlag to ampatehesv
With the vtast of Dr. W. X.
from PbJlaaleipJaia, piatliaswsmd aS
appearance at the same time ef
George & de SchweioUu. am Ope
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an Pfailahafa spaaay
eWaaeJ taemr ta ah
XCesnaad, pn Pee 2, Coismm t

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