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Fancies, Fads,
And Foibles of
Capital Society
mTf F SslJlL TSHhJ 1 '9tBBLsK3NBBBBBHBBBBeBm U Bj M K llJ'r'Blr Jr B fc3BBBBBBsV LaBSloao
r mtttQ
AdJ . Th bwt1U plan of aUce
trftth of his famous line Wq better
exemplified than rbjlit bre Md now.
With the tows "all eat" rr tike enter
tainment el the first of tfce royal via
tters, and sting Albert u his party
lell est to com at ace to Waahtng
tee, this aheahl have boea psrhopstbe
Meet SMBSomHs ' week-end ia the
GeaataTa social history, Taataad-the
town la eutet aa mideaauaer, wKh the
litM at Lasrrel aSerdlag the- onlr
Saeaeiire of excitement.
the President's iUaeos Is deplored
by evea bis doareat oaemiaa, and
there's aa undercurrent of anxiety to
everything; that goes on. Under .the
atrcamsteaoes It woe the obvioes
Jfjtag to door tbe vlalt of tbe Xing
aadQeeeaef Beldam natll after their
tee at tbe United elates, aad.. we are
aQ boptac that by tbe time they reaeb
TTnahlnglin "ffhrnr 4 m the Metl
date.. I believe the Froetdeat wlU TieJ
well or the road to recovery, aad
thair stay at the White BJoeee wltl not
by lUi
Wave Met
Vverr oJottd hoc lte silver liaiag,
avid there were aopae atgha of relief
heard threagh tho bord ef regrets
that the Behrhtn vjalt ween have to
b postpoaad. So many people rait
that they were not; gelta xeady for the
deluge, everywhere la the reefdeace
eaetrtet houses war beta opened,
webs sweat away aad teaches of paint
applied whore they win do the jaoet
Mod. Aad October 1 la a bit early for
Washington to wahe up aad he
ready for- breakfast, so to
gPfc .rk;jv "' JBaunSamBBaFl' a33lMX&1 InBnBa&iSHBiliii iaaaBaBaMraffilffl KBmWrnWWfKr-'skwS M&ZStfk X'sBsBsBsslHbBSSBBsasBxssssBsBsBsBv Vr'SxPl
ffhivtaV. JSjSaKrCS 1 HHBPsPtessBsBsBhsBsBBBBnr BKststKFMWtm naSOaY2tt XsBsBBBBBsssssssssLLLLBBPr A Jmk
Ommxhm JfiPlaxMKLilX.1 asssloiiisBBBBB" ? v?'&Wm:'W Wmi cKfBr yQtm
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those that eoaae frees Australia, sat
beautiful in their sbtftlas. fleassiaa;
Hp-bts. It seems tbe mas who has
thorn bB't tHltaa; whore tho mtnes
arer-simply "somewhere ot Weit."
But tr-m all sccouafs bis stoaee are
wonders, both in stse and lA colorinc.
and till rival tfc most famous bow
known to colbmers op t jew3ra
'hopt1. aJpaoet thpnpo
t,-idfti best topoil
JB100,1 many
VtDBSBUd out !B f
kfpsfYsirt oa
dBP." BaVN-waa a
ttMHUM than op
4Laalur VA
" unririM
Amhassadot. Oeoras Baka-
.1 S;5'
John 6. Cars, who
Formerly Miss MaiarpWeeoii Irper, w) i.
coming back to Washipoiii, ;W aid rhojBte 'fee,,
lie winte. '".". 0 ' ' - -
Wife f . Aricaft Dinloeaatk: aerast
coiisBraht CaJrw who is hare foe the
'attain stent fee. I ' '
DwAhtir i Mr. and Ma. QfrUm X GroTe, who
k . be iaSBiiOil to lULhmj ma
hours after they landed to celebrmU,
their ainetoonth wsddtnc anniversary
aad to oateh a atlsapsa of Hew York
whoa neither they., par the city
Tbe picture of Ktoa; Albert, uaae-
oompaaied save by Bear Admiral
Iron;, strolling; about the streets of
la joa
Moreover, dothear
ppsmlsed for the earlier, date will
aaaply be finished and hMaa-frm thai J
by October M. One want
to pat coo's heat foot forwara wnan
are betes; entertained, tfte
of-what sort wf a 3hoe It
4t 4a really of coaaMerablo
ad sot everybody Is asm
to "shop early." -even when it comes
to purchaataa; a trousseau for suehJ
an Insportaat occaatoe. Mrs. Mar
shall for laatance, was en route to
Chleasro. whore she has all her ctotha
le. for a coaauttatton wtta nor
tor whep the vice President
received aa S. 0. S. from the Sonata
and had to oome Immediately bank
to Washington. She came with htm
they are never separated if it can
be helped, and had to order, her
wna by wire. And she waant- -en-
ely sure of natuaa; taem In nnve.
weald have bona -a. mt f a
for Mrs. Marshall, without
slays to fashion, certainly
nood cJotbesr"-sm
Slag1 i
Mrs. Laaslag-. But Mrs. Marshall tells
me that KJng-' Albert and Queen Sltsa
beth were themselves the bests and
very gracious and' graceful beets they
Mrs. Marshall 'Beeame A'eaaatnted
Oa JUde From. Pier To Waldorf,
la faet, Mrs. . Marshall
. m . . . ... s r
xtk, a city ne Jearnea to Know , v. v nui iM her haart t th ravi
na jvtw iwenvy jeats ao. ana pt
Queen Bliaabeth "window sboppingT
taking in a cabarof entertain
with the
aad ib 3eJlna ,1 mbspsailm and Bar-
oasjna d, Chrtier as bar oemnaalens.
Is one to appaal atroagly to the
American point 'Vbrw .
It did seoa ro4hV-top4ad that no
J,, m. . . J 95 m. i-.. .
one Know mat TamaoMmaan
rr w r
..a i. i saai . -.
followed the ottctaV oaoawtoui of
wxlcoaM.Auraday waa ah uaoon-
sdoua papshratlon of two aanlver
saries; ilpntof tho Wehrian aovereigna
emd" tba tmohty-iourth aaarversary
of the marriage of the "VJce President
and. Mrs. Marshall. Tbe coincidence
passed unite unnoticed until after tbe
Marahhibi had returned to Washings
too. wbbn IC might easily have served
to. add a greater measure of friendly
Interest to aa occasion already
fraught with tremendous significance.
There was rather -a preponderance
of the masculine element -at this
party, the guests Including- those of-
ftelaity deaiarnatod to welcome tat
I royal visitors. Prince Leopold, of
Woioit vm hava laved to be Mm. i course, and members of King Ai-
sUrahall. "unar,tu- n- Mr.. tSL 7 .S H5!
. ' ' - wvw w
vTifaooi while the Vfee Prostaent,
the Preonfaats personal ropreeeuta
tlva, welcomed the royal visitors Ja
hahalf of the people of the United
Btotosf Aad Mm, Wimon. being a
. aa aeeenflnHy hvasaa por-
snha-aa- Islsaass -that
Much of -tho romance of history
etusters ahoa AJbart, tbe ..soldier
Cartwr and Mrs. Brand Whitlock
ware listed among tbe ladies present.
aad I believe Mrs. Breckinridge Lornr
1 and- Baroness Chisiaine do Charaman-
QMmajr. the Queen's lady in waiting,
were also present. It waa Mrs. Long:
who was the Queen's companion next
day, oocupyiaa; the motor -with her
whoa she drove from one ofAclal
function to another. Mrs. Bakerr
wife or tbe Secretary of .War, dtda't
accomnanv ber husband to Vmt YorV
king; of Bebjrlate. anpl hia rpcavJiM9 ;jI; aha was nursing- . bad cold.
Qaoen. Aamricanaalready'hava'aaLi . TJp powajHussrs were .iaellned to
siamst nersoaal rdamrsljBad affection msagToa as to ine tacta about this
far thsmCAjn I cam.thtnk of nothing;
moret eaJeuwaat- to ajmtsar them to
la the atpetff than the en
ray '4a . -which they begged
hater auveretePr tor twenty-four
eat beii
juncneon, some scaunjr tnat it was
given by the Vice President and Mrs.
Marshall, aad others that 4t was ar
ranged by tbe State Bepartowvnt In
behalf of tbe Secretary of State and
family. It was her privilege to drive
with the Queen from the' pier at Ho
wdy ht waatlWigJboken to the Waldorf a long- drive,
as you'll realise If you knew your
Kew York aad in this time they
made great strides toward gattina; to
know one another.. Mr. .Marshall, of
course, escorted .King Albert, and
Prince Leopold rode with Secretary
Tbe Queeaia alrttle bitref a woman
scarcely taMer Than piouaat little
Mme.' Peesoa, wife of the President of
Bras!!, Mrs. Marshall described her
looks' frail, but gives every evidence
of the indomitable spirit which she
displayed all through the time of Bel
gium's agony. She expressed a tre
mendous interest in the projected
tour of tbe United States, aad seemed
to be not-at all afraid of being tired
Her clothes 7 Tes, of course, every
woman hr Interested in her clothes,
but I haven't been able to gl.ean much''
of "s, description .of them btyond the
fact that they were white, a white
serge suit, with a small while feather
toque; and all. the pictures of her
majesty show htr wearing a heavy
wrap for it was raining and with
both head and ht enyeloped in a
heavy white -veil. They also show the
camera, which she carries continual
ly, "takin pictures right Hp to the
Statue of Liberty, as one of the sail
ors ou-vfeho. Oeorge Washington put it.
Everybody seems to agree that
King Albert is handsomer than his
pictures, a very Vkfc-oC a. man and
looking the uer hesMe his dimiau
tive wife. Aftd. 'everybody- comments
as well on tfee. genuine friendliness of
his attitude and describes the Queen
as "gracious, sweet, almost shy in
eighteen. BVs ' smaller. tnW hfir stal
wart father: and- -on the whole' bear?
more resemblance to his .mother. -
Qaeen Wishes To Peuad Inseftate
Like MeekefeMer Faun nation.
To newspaper correspondents to
whom she granted an audience' on
Thursday, Queen Xlisabeth expressed
a wish to visit the principal . medical
seoHeges and -hospitals in this eoun
try, in the hope of one day 'founding
in Belgium such atf institution as the
.Rockefeller Foundation or" Medical
Research. She comes by her interest
In' medicine honestly, aa you -doubtless
know, being- the daughter of the
Tate Prince Leopold, of Bavaria, one
of the best known occolists and
scientists hi Burope. As a girl she
used to assist her father la his most
delicate aad dangerous operations.
And during the war she took up
again the medical work she loved, de
voting many hours a week to assist
ing the surgeons in the hospital at
La Panne, that pitiful little corner in
Belgium, in which the court took
refuge .when tbe country was over
run. The decision of King Albert to can
cel all the engagements in connection
wKh his tour on account of the Presi
dent's Illness and .to go at once to
California, has left everything pretty
much in the air. I wonder If this
means that he will give up his plan
to spend a day at Maryhlll. Samuel J.
Hill's beautiful estate in Washington
State? The King and Mr. Hill are old
friends Albert seems to have more
real friends among the commoners
than any king incaptlvity and both
are looking forward to their meeting
with genuine pleasure. Mr. Hill is not
the grandson of the late James J. Hill,
as has been stated, but his son-in-law,
having married the railroad
magnate's daughter. Mrs. Hill lives
n Washington, has a lovely big house
S street, and her daughter. Mary
William -Howard Taft, Thomas T.
Ryaa, Bdwatd D. White, Chief Jus
tice, of the United States Supreme
'Court; Henry Lane Wilson, Owen
Wlster, Thomas A. Xdlson, William
Dean Howells, Theodore ' Marburg,
Lawrence Tewnsend and Henry Wat
terson. Mrs. Anderson's appeal for the hos
pital ,te be .esected on. the .scene, of
"Nurse CavellV' martyrdom is ths
irst of the season- and seems
to be planned' as a perfectly
honest, straightforward uneamou
flaged "drive". Subscription are be
ing asked in sums ranging: from ona
dollar up mostly up, of course. But
there has so far "peon no talk of a
tion of their anniversary Just a ales
little Intimate dinner with aome of this
closet of their friends, as their guests
. They got back here Thursday night,
but not ht time to pfay host at then
own little private parly after functioning-
as the nation's hosts la New
It certainly hit tbe District Tounar
Women's ChrteOaa Association bard
that the first of ottr royal visitors
should have arrived on that particular
day... Par. they had. planned a bla-
he use warming- reception oa Thursday'
plght, and had expected Mrs. Mar
rinnrflt ftnlft rlci aBi(ttailnnftdbifx r
anything of -the sort. The plan is tat'8"". " I-ansbavaad Mrs. Daniels
have the fund collected In time to-
present It to the Queen of Belgium on
her visit to Washington and this is
greatly facilitated by the fact that
the visit has been postponed for sev
eral weeks.
manners. Prince Leopold, the Duke
of Brabant, is a handsome lad nearing
sThe House of FashionZ
'-' i
or i..-!H"
yiiO IQsOrtV
s.j r
" ' fe I
ssfmBl JaTarBSA AjBTm M
gaT BaBP' BPUk Ugw aaa ub usay aBnrBBBr
1106 G Street
"- l.'-i
se Here From.
undreds of
Mr esses
Otplty and Style at Valuek
Any South of New York
:-. -kit
c . . . . :
AlterHooa aid Street
l (
T7 m .
aal r"r p
. ' sbbbbBT
ttiii, spends part f her time her
and part with her father, whose busi
ness interests keep him in the West.
xMtM-n also a son, James N. B. Hill,
who went to Harvard and has since
been In the service I believe.
Another Washlngtonian ' who has
been "figuring In the .news" in con
nection with King Albert-is CapL Ed
ward McCauley, U.'.S. X who com
manded the George Washington and
to whom the King conveyed his
thanks and those of the Queen for
their pleasant voyage. He's the son
of Mr. and Mrs. KdwarB McCauley
the McCauIeys are one of Washing
ton's fine old families and he mar
ried former Senator Oliver's "daugh
ter. Until recently Captain McCauley
was stationed in Washington, and
something over a year ago they
bought a splendid-big house in Mass
achusetts avenue. '
x "i..v T-i--fissr. i
r ,
Fir Collar and Tailored
--' to $200 ;
Belgian Menarchs Bring- Costly
Gifts fer Presidential FanOly.
The King and Queen of 'the Bel
gians are said to have brought many
beautiful and costly gifts with them,
among them a complete table service
of Brussels porcelain, designed for
the President and Mrs. Wilson what
will Congress In general and Con
gressmanr Rodenburg In partlcula
have to saay to this? which Is to be
presented while they are guests at
the White House.
Not only is a bUr loan to Belgium
to be put over while King Albert and
Queen Elisabeth are in this country,
but the opportunity is being seized
upon to .start various relief and me
morial drives. There's the Edith
Cavell-Marie Depage memorial hos
pital fund, for instance, in behalf of
which Mrs. Larz Anderson is con
ducting a whirlwind campaign. Then
there's the campaign to raise $500.
000 to build and equip a library at
the University of Lou vain.
This campaign was started last
eek in New York, at a meeting
held In J. Pierpont Morgan's library,
but it is designed to be nation-wide
m scope and we're sure to hear more
of it in Washington. The mnnv
Is to be raised by popular subscrip
tion and, all expenses being pro
vided for. every cent of .It will be
applied to the erection and equip
ment of the library building, which
is designed to be "a free gift. to the
University of Louvain from the
American people." and to replace as
far as possible the library, which,
with its thousands of literary price
less volumes, was destroyed by tbe
Germans in 1914.
Almost every college president in
the country seems to be llsied.vamong
those Interested in the eajapaign and
among those on the; nattohai com
mlttoejfor fh resotiM&n' ,ot the
UvkwityV.-ef... Louvain the organi
xatWa. official title who are well
known in' .Washington are Cardinal
Gibbons. Larx Anderson. Charles J.
Bonaparte, sometime Attorney Gen
eral; Myron. T. Herrlck, Bllhu Root,
plans Completed for Serbian
Fete and 'Cabaret Sapper-Daa ess.
Rather In contrasts is tbe entertain
ment planned for -October 2S aad 24
as It-happens just at the time when
it is now expected that tbe royal vis
itors will get here for Mme.
Groultch's Serbian ' Children's Aid
Fund. This will be a Serbia Pete
and plates are now being- completed
for eabbret supper dances to be held'
at Wardman Park Inn at lt:e o'clock
each evening. The tickets will be
$6.00. This price is to Include both
tables and supper. The stage is be
ing built across the entire end of the
big ball-room with a runaway exten
sion down the center of the floor. Tbe
program will be an entirely profes
sional cabaret entertainment. There
will be some especially good solo
dances. All the artists have contrib
uted their services.
Matinee' performances will be held
at the Belasco Theater each afternoon
at 4 o'clock. Seats will be sold at
regular price's and a most unusual
vaudeville program will be given.
There will be no intermission at alt.
A Hickson style show will be given
between the acts. Hickson is offering
this season a new model -j, typa of
evening cloak for which he has used
as his Inspiration the old ceremonial
court cloaks of Serbia.
On account of their unexpected trip
to New York to go back a bit the
Marshalls called off entirely the little
dinner they had planned In celebra-
all oa their receiving line. Mrs. Mar
shall, is always ready to oblige tfca
Y. W.;' Mrs. Lansing is- one o -1fc
ajrganlaatloa's national officers, as
ayea when she was in aoap iilwsii ataa
aad not goiag- out at all aha waa auKe
ready to help out. their parties. And
Mrs. Daniels has traveled all over tho
oountry. especially aU through the
South aad West, organising for them.
But all three of these' bright, particu
lar expected stars were In New York,
Mrs. Daniels to attond a Y. W. C. A.
war council meotlag, aad Mrs.' Wllr
Ham Hamilton Bayley. nrephtoat: of
the association, had to carry oa with
out them.
There was, by the way. a eonier-
meeting at the WlHard thh weak.)
and en Tuesday rfftetaeon an. an-,
known lady came quietly fn and, tak-
lag a back seat, listened to tho, pro
ceedings. After a little she began
asking questions. At first she waa
answered, but when they became too
pointed they rather reseated them
aad inquired Indignantly if she "be
longed." She admitted that she dldnt.
"But I ant a mother: and I had sons ht
the service, The disposition' to snub
the lady disappeared when they found
that they were talking- to "Mrs. Sec
retary" Daniels. She was, of course,
listened to with distinguished con
sideration. In fact, she had such a
rood time that she returned in the
evening, bringing "Mr. Secretary"!
with her. On that occasion he did the
talking and Mrs. Daniels kept still
and smiled.
Similar to this was Mrs. Baker's
dropping- in on a meeting: at the Mu
nition Building under the auspices of'
(he Camp Community Service, to or
ganise a great national cnorw oi
3.M0 voices, whleh might take part in
public celebrations. She looked In,
quite unexpectedly, took part In the
discussion, making It' perfectly evi
dent that she' was greatly taterasted
la the project, Anm beore Jaanrtea; -ah
sans; for thasa "Bwlag &ow. Sweat
Chariot" aad "StaasHn By tho River."
aad responding- to hearty aaplaaao
two or throe other songs. They were,
of coarse, dallgbtedL, .
Oabf the partial that I
have liked to ha bash a asjsL we-1
hot. because I waaa't naked waa Mrs.
Lane's opal party; theeurh she laufhs
at ana when I asked her to toll aw
about it. aad assured me that it dldnt
start out to he aa opal party at aa.
LThat faatuae. waa mssrty inaldoatal to,
her having had some people down at
the Interior Departmeat f or lach
with her husband. It seem that after
lunch soase very wonderful opals
mined-, s oaa where eat West pmre
brought ha far Secretary Lane te
and hiaphfty got In on thefi
A rain;-- aft'
one ejf the rei
i:e orr. -:.ti 'peni
lag at Laurel. Bx
famiaine race "fan
spite of threateaiaajc
Saturday, a- "big
more brtlliaat
Wednesday. Tbe
metaff, aa4 Mme. Bakhmateff are. aa
always, among the bodthohpsrs. so. of
are . the Bftfrerd .Baale Mo-
aad the Archibald Janrftllea. ia
Waahftagton la stlB reatry In
terested although they ere now hack
at their Philadelphia home alee have
a bos. :
Mr. and Mme. Tla shape! ail were
preeent on tbe oaemttaj 'ifsyjnfil oth
ers noted were Mr. aa4.MM.1iBymon4
Pllsoa, Mr. and Mrs. Myroa Parker.
ttn aad each pronitnent BaltiaBoreaae
aa the Hal Parrs, the Gaithera, aad!
the Whltriegea
tlea. The atones ape steeesfbceV aa
wonderful the rather dark ones, Rfce
lalbe. aW 'awjeasi
Mxa. John O. CsBera la today aa
aoaadag the engagaatsat of her
aaaachter, Prances ,Trenhotm Capere,
to PToderieft N. Towers aad the an
oaacsaaiat la couptod wtth the pews
that the wedding- wwl take place oa f
fMbnrday . afteraoea, Octoer IS. at f
o'eloek. It wfll of eoaraa, be a home
hhg aad a very atajple oaa. ae
Capera lost her tpaher only a
fepr weeks ac She WU1- be aaatb
tehded aad only aseashers of the two
win be preeeat at
e New Totw, will
Towers, who waa born ia NeaJ
e, ha.eea iilsljHsif with)
Waahiacton far aaaay yeara, aad be
aad his bride will make their heme)
(vAftas Capers she's Chartotta
yea kaow, ia a win
thtaa-. very yoasg aad ah
Ptty taat BjiyeMlas hohl he
' CCoaaahaai oa Pace IS.)
tt. m
-4BaaBBBBaBaafl r J ' " t" '''
aTBaW flaar a? 'Is ; Ti '-aawet -
Betty Way
Sbedifj miiim
UnthBoI Edtibb at fftjmas, Un
dersiflcjt wad Novelty Underwear dc
aipicd by Mfes Wiy. '
Aam very , aeaa
Corsejfeg ajajg' jMrar- aamr "9M,?pBjl
Ceneg to jR
Betty Way
Drawn from Lias.
1119 F Strmt N. W.
I Saaal22!SL-l 1
Baal H
I For Fall and Winter I
aaH I I bbBB
Ban roi Ml bBbI
Hi .JaaBBafisaaPw V jaKVaaBBP bbbh
H geJ sBBBaBil rn
IbD F gf S rt ft ' HA
1 Fnce, 1Z-W I
H This dainty boot of patent leather, lac., dull top I
II Louis heel and turn sole. j
If Assuring utmost satisfaction in quality, style, and i
, comfort and typifying "Queen Quality" correctness II
I in design, fit and shoemaking. W
I The Palais Royal I
I Sbse Department,' Secead Fleer
H A, LISXER G At 11th Sts. !
BH N 11
Bhv .. -
. . - . - " a
a -a - ' -i . ' aa . -ar- -
The Workfrof Mtisec w atyoor cBtraarKl tM you
have Library of Q. ILS.'.Hawi-pia vei Prill wjjf your
Player-Piano. The Beect :reKtk of etythmo;
"worth while" in Music achleTed by ptaaTof note
to be played in turn by you asfyour mood dictates.
Such Music is a relaxation that nothsAfr.eise can af
ford after the work of the day.
That Wonderful Mother of Mine faaa
Pll Say she Dees - .C.l asuag
Amerieaa Crusaders . se
The Aleohelle Bfaws rX.... ...naM
Wbcb Yea Look la the Heart of a Keee gla
AU the vVorM. WIH Be Jealeus et Met tJUOe
Doat Cry, Uttle.GteL Doat Cry...-..--vil4-.--.--w
Daddy Lena; Legs ..jr... i .. .";... . .pt.sa
Belataa Rese -----..-.-........, fl ee
Hlae Jlose '. . , 1 so
Alabama LallabT. ---. .......... fl
After Yoavis Geae .it..... .... .tae
Break the A'ews to Mother ---.....-....... see
Sometime Prom "Seesetime'' e f
I Ain't Gmm Give Nebedy N'eae of My JeMy'stete. '.'.'. '.IU
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DROOPS Si 1300 G

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