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THE YVAd.tiJLOrJLUj. lnvlbfc), SLJSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1919.
TURIN, Oct f .PstriBg aa at
Wk bf the Juga glare oa i'Am
ansmK little forot la I, Goa
ral Oaadcltfe 1mm nroama u'Aa
inaurfe that fca win sead ak swa
Irooea of the 2ttk Anay Corps to
An aM of FIubm aoouM the anony
jaake am attack.
; PIUMB, By OtvrieHt Pari, Oct f .
Gafcriele D'AaauasJo, th poet-warrior,
who has stirred alt Italy with the
Werner of patriotism, told a oocraepond
et today that ha and hia army of
te.est aR will burn Flume and- die
la tha rains rather than aceept any
settlement unless the entire city, port,
railways, and surrounding territory
are awarded to Italy.
' Looking from the windows of the
governor's palace, where D'Aaauaais
is quartered, oae eaa aee lying ia the
arbor mere than twenty ItaUaa tor-
its, composing the poof fleet.
e paiace is inrougea wiut young
m . "T m ... . - -1
d enthusiastic officers, members of
lis general stsX. The people of
Viume are attending to their ordinary
numnese, hat the streets are fiileu
Vith troops. Infantry, artillery, and
machine gun battalions.
. OvantakMktioa FseteeC
The military organisation la perfect.
haot military preparation have been
fetude Vy the Italian with a vieW'to
tosstole conflict with the Cseatiaa.
faondreda of moutaln Sana are placed
In strategic positions.. .These are
scores of Infantry camp. Apparent
ly there are at least Bt.M vtroeps
enaased there.
D'Anmmsio aaid:
"We are ready for anything. We
mave St.Me trained soldiers In Plume.
aThe Croats never will enter Flame. I
am here, and here I wfll remain. I
cannot frelleve that the American peo
ple, with their ardent love of liberty,
woold consent to the employment of
force to drive-oat the Italian.
"Bufctn any case nothing can change
any resolution. " I prevented other
jrarshipc from leaving- the ' liberated
jfity. I am absolute .master here. The
Jtaliaa troop refuse to Are on my
army. Crania dp, not dare to at
Znekr We wait patiently, knowing
ghat Justice witl triumph.
Admiral Cayeguah has arrived In
nume with a request that XrAnnunsio
dpen negotiations with the govern
ment. TrAaauuate refuned to treat
U-ith Premier Nltti. who, he say, does
not represent Italy.
At the same time the correspondent
Reached Hume, Lsd Bersaglieri. com
mapded bjra lieutenant colonel, en
tered the city to place themselves un-
r the order ot irAnnuumo. aw
iter told the correspondent that he
want nay more troops, aa no
all he need, and cannot lee any
An nppeal for eontrlaatten to the
una Children MUk .Relief Fund
ed yesterday by Km. Marie
TOnoehuM, of 1S44 Columbia Road
it, president or the local
er of tha fund. The fund which
belaa- raised here and in several
ther eitiec ia to provide for the re-
fef of Austrian children left desti-
ta by the war.
Food for 4 child for flfty days win
st SS, the society la charge e the
fund has estimated. Articles of
lothing aad footwear are also so-
cited for the war orphan.
We Gain Your Confidence
By our expert optical service, definite prices and
courteous treatment. During our twenty years
m thoroughly examining eyes and prescribing
proper lenses to thousands of Washingtonians
we ve developed a clientele that have Wo-
kaW oaasfiflaajct in us. .
We have installed some wonderfully ac
curate and time-saving eye examining instru
ments and leas grinding machinery, which,
together with our facilities for buying in large
quantities, affords you the ultimate in service
and low prices.
W are proud ef our Optical Establishments they are so com
plete! If your eye are bothering you at all. come here and get
them examined If you doa'tcaeed glasses my Optometrist wiU
gladly tell .you so.
Where U. S. Marines Landed to
piBaata A.i tr
sannnununnv 9w--b
The above nufti allows the
in aa agreement made at Paris. The landing of an American naval force at Trau several days
ago was the signal for a spirited discussion in the United States Senate. The troops 'are to
operate tinder the direction of the Inter-Allied Council, on which the United States is represented.
The Dalmatian coast is enemy territory and was taken from the government of Anstria-Hangary
under the terms of the armistice. '
(Continued from First Page.)
-situation was well under control to
day. - .
PITTSBURGH, Pa., Octj 5. Protests
against unjust administration of the
law in prohibiting steel strikers meet
ing have been Hied with Governor
Snroul of Pennsylvania and Sheriff
Haddock, of Pittsburgh, by all broth
erhood lodge of railroad trainmen ia
the Plttahurgsl district.
The protest charge illegal tactic
have been employed-la' breaking up
meetings of strikers. W. G. Lee,
pxaaMaiit of the Brotherhood of Rail
way Trainmen, ha sent a message
lnoralng'"th dcttoa"f' the- local
Mil operator at the end. of the soe
end. wnek. of tha.atopl atnlh) dvanoad
claims of additional gain, and said
paepaxation were- being -made in
ernry mUl la the. steel efty, niatrjet
for resumption or work .on -a, -larger
scale Monday.
OAKLAND, CnL, Oct. 5. Thirteen
men were wounded and iAured in
rioting here yesterday whetrthe San
Francteco-Oahiand Terminal Rail
way attemptetd to run , an armored
street car through the business dlexj
trfot. It was the first tattfempt to
rap a ear nine, the strike ' of street
ear men began last Wednesday.
Thirteen arrests have been made.
Pittsburgh; Oct. . The steel
strike, entering at midnight upon its
third week, wan declared- by steel
company official today to be rapidly
decreasing in effectiveness and by
strike leaders to be practically un
changed. SteCl workers are return
ing to work dally, according to a
statement issued by mill owner, and
the output is approaching normal. ,
Report were current today of
much talk among the striker about
a general abandonment of the strike
soon and the resumption of work. No
i official confirmation could be obtain-
52$ 7& St N. W.
territory in Dalraatia which American troop, ware uledred ta nafcrol
ed that anj -such plan had been dis
cussed by striMe leaders, aad the Im
pression gained was that, if the re
port were true, the strikers had be
come dlseatlaied with their leader.
The Senate's -investigation of the
steel strike is expected, to be shlfjted
to' the-Pittsburgh 'district this week,
according to Chairman Kenyon.
A majority of the committee favor
a personal Inspection of tha strike
district although the exact date of
the trip will lepend. on the treaty
situation in the Senate. The com
mittee hope to get 'to Pittsburgh be
tween treaty votes; and take ptiffl
eient testimony to give nembers am
ple information on which to base a
Youth Shot Attempting to Bre-ak
Jail; Lotet.Eye and May
Low Hand.
.-HaTATTSVIIJJS, 1M., Oct. 5. s.
Gardfaer Coale, chairman and treas
urer of the Republican State 'central
committee for this county, announces
that a G, O. P. mass meeting will be
held here Tuesday evening at S
C'eloek, and another In Upper Marl
boro on Wednesday at 11 o'clock in
the morning.
The ' town council has passed an
ordinance for construction of a road
en' the -south side of Littlefield ave
nue, from Wine avenue to Central
avenue. -
'The fall term of the circuit court
convene in Upper Marlboro on Mon
day. A case to attract more than
usual attention ia that ot Wright
Strawther, alias George Curamings,
colored, held a the murderer of
George Peters on August 17 last.
Strawther probably will he brought
to Marlboro for' trial the latter part
of this month.
Michael Thomas, sixteen years old,
one of the yeuac men allee-ad tn tiava
-broken Into the store of Gus Plum
per at act. Rainier recently aad com
mitted to jail in Upper Marlboro In
default of bond, while attempting to
escape from Jail there, was abet by
Jailer Harry BoswelL Jt Is said the
young man will lose hi left eye and
may lose a hand.
Announcement has been made of the
marriage on September 28 of Miss
Alberta B. Miller ami Louis H. Miller,
both of Bladensburg.
Mr. and Mr. Aquilla T Robinson
have issued invitations to the wed
ding of their daughter, Miss Ruth
Novel Robinson, and William, S.
Balllio Chichester, which is to take
place the evening of October 18, at
St Paul's Church, Baden.
The Republican State central com
mittee for this county ha filled the
vacancy of candidate for sheriff on
the party's ticket by the appointment
of Eli S. Harrison, of Queen Anne
The tournament at PIscataway on
Wednesday for the benefit of St
Mary's Church of that town, was
largely attended. The successful
knights in the order named were Lu
clen Love. Phil Love, Jack Blandford.
Leyman Henson, and Clarence Pal
The Southern Society of Washing
ton will be represented at the Con
federate reunion to be herd in At
lanta by its president. Dr. C. J. Owens.
Dr. Owens, formerly commander-in-chief.
Sons of Confederate Veterans,
will be accompanied by his daughter,
Miss Marie Louis Owen.
BUENOS AIRES, Opt. 5. Six Argen
tine delegates to the International
Labor Congress in Washington were
appointed by the foreign minister to
day. They include representatives of
the government, the employers, the
workers and technical interests.
361 PEWTA.AVE. !
I mmiv uani uf
SaaV aAivs as )PlnsBUsa s?usufeaAod
Patrol Asiatic
. Senator. Hitcbooek and Administra
tion force are preparing to fight
the President's political battle in the
the Senate this week, as the Presi
dent fights to regain his health ia hi
nick room at the White House.
Hitchcock 1 drawing plan and
marshaling hi force to meet the
onslaught of the RepAblioane against
the peace treaty in the form of
amendment designed, to smash the
Shantung award and to chance the
relative voting strength of the
United States and the British empire
in the league of nation.
Amendment dealing with both
question may be called up this week.
One, tha Shantung problem, already
is scheduled for this week at the
request of Senator Kenyon.
Johnson May Harry Bask.
Senator Johnson, who fathered the
amendment, giving Ve United State
eauar voting power with the British
empire, ia preparing to cut short hi
speaking tour on the Pac!3 Coast
and to hurry to; 'Washington to cham
pion theehenune If Immediate action
is scheduled.
JLSnjutuuan"fc7 JbVuK9
Beth amendment have been con
demned by President'-Wilson, whose
nines, "no far a can he forseen to
day. wHI prevent htm from taking
any hand ia the battle, at least dur
In gthe current week.
Both would necessitate action by
ether powers and would delay the
early organisation, of the League of
Nations aad the first meeting which
.premier Uoyd George has suggest
ed should take place here next month
in honor of President Wilson.
nitcbeock today expressed con
fidence the league proponent will be
able to defeat the amendmenta,
Program Announced of Wel
come Home Exeroites on
October 7.
official program Xor the welcome home
and memorial reception exercises at
Upper Marlboro on October 7 in
honor of the sons and daughter of
Prince George county who answered
the call to war has Just been an
nounced. The first event of the program
will be a big parade which will start
at 11 o'clock. The route will be
west and then north to the concrete
road, following the main street
through Upper Marlboro. Heading
the parade will be the chief marshal.
John M. Bowie, of Mltchellville. and
his aides. Following will come In
the order named, a mounted guard. of
honor, the band from the Bureau of
Engraving and Printing. Washing
ton; county soldiers, sailors, and ma
rines, member of the county Red
Cross chapter, another band, floats
and decorated automobile.
At noon the cornerstone of the com
memorative fountain will be laid un
der auspices of the Centennial Lodge
of Masons and their guests. The cor
neratone box will contain the names
of those who served in the world
war, a copy of each county news
paper, a ropy of the official program,
coins, etc. The platform of the
fountain will be of Maryland granite,
nve and one-half feet square, the pier
and basin are to be of limestone. The
shaft will be five and one-half feet
wide and twelve feet high. The facd
will bear a bronae relief seven by
four feet, and on the reverse the
tablet to those who lost their lives.
Invocation is to be given by the
Rev. Francis E.' McManus, rector of
Trinity Parish. The address of wel
come is to be delivered by Judge
Fillmore Beall, of the circuit court
An address to the service men Is
to be delivered by former United
States Senator Blair Lee. Responses
will be made by Gordon C. Bailey, of
the army ;William B. Claggett .of the
navy, and Lucien Van, Doren, of the
marines. An address by United States
Senator James E. Watson will follow,
after which the unveiling of the tab
let to the dead will take place. Bene
diction will be pronounced by the
Rev. Francis Loughran. pastor of St.
Mary's Catholic Church, Upper Marl
boro. The exercises will be brought
to a close by the singing of "The Star
Spangled Banner." A dinner to the
men and women who were In the
service will be served on the lawn of
the Marlboro house by the ladles of
the county.
RIO JANEIRO, Oct S President
Pesspa has announced his desire to
have congress ratify the peace treaty
immediately without reservation of
any kind. j
Powerful Eftment to Bott' Con
ference Vnksz AH Demands
Are Met.
(Continued from First Page.)
tentlon to ignore the conference al
together. Big Four Not There.
Neither the United Mine Workers
ner the four railroad brotherhood
will be repreeeated at the conference,
and there are various other ualons
which at the eleventh hour may
"send t'egrets" or withdraw without
demy when it become apparent Unit
no agreement upon fundamental can
be reached.
It is entirely within the truth to
say that an impasee probably will de
velop before the conference has pro
gressed a single day. The reasons
for this have become apparent.
;Fer one -thing, the- employers'
group will try to postpone any dis
cussion or agreement on the issue
which labor considers fundamental
and will try to open with a dhmtt
sion of ways and mean of increas
ing production, aiming to enlist the
public interest in Issue which are
secondary, so far a industrial unrest
is concerned.
Labor Feel Card Are. lacked.
Rightly or wrongly, the labor rep
resentative are convinced that the
opposite aide of the house stand
with Judge Gary in the position he
has taken on the . steel strike. On
this Issue labor is not willing to com
promise or parley, but only to flght.
It is qalte true that certain coneerv
atlve force ia the American Federa
tion of Labor will counsel a waJtlng
pellcy, will seek to gala its ends
through "moral suasion,"- but bolder
spirits have determined on other
.methods. And It is by no mehs cer
tain that the entire labor delegation
will not be forced to follow their lead.
Wanted Wilson.
The laborltes are particularly dis
couraged because President Wlloon
will not be able, to guide or domheate
the conference. Ten days ago they
were certain they could gain hi sup
port for their insistence upon recog
nition of the baafe tenet of the labor
covenant They were certain he
would see the essential logic aad jus
tice of the cause they are fighting.
Now the conference is leaderlee. rud
derless, without even a program or a
fixed policy, with nothing but rhetoric
ahead of it -
Another point of friction 'ft the
personnel of the representative of
the public, named by the President on
the suggestion of Mr. Bench. The
"pedigree': and record of at least two
of these men will be aired ia the con
ference, aad their fitness to remain la'
the proceedings is questioned.
Peace Oatleek Dark,
It Is net too much to say that the
outlook for Industrial peace la darker
teday than at any time since Presi
dent Wilson issued his original sum
mon for the conference. The steel
strike, has been converted Into a
knockdown and dragout finish fight
Between capital and labor. It will
increase m bitterness during. the en
tire period of the conference. Every
day that Judge Gary remains In the
conference as a representative of the
public will increase that bitterness.
Every day will Intensify the belliger
ent attitude Of labor aad make
stronger its' attitude.
And while the conference is delib
erating, the nation will be waking up
to the fact that the United Mine
Workers have called a strike for No
vember x, nave determined to press
demands which the operators have no
remote Intention of meeting. Gener
ally, it Is assumed that this strike
threat Is merely a threat, and nothing
more. Squally general Is the assump
tion, carefully circulated by certain
newspapers, that the steel strike is
over and that the strikers have lost
Tomorrow evening there will be held
here a joint meeting of the executive
council of the A. F. of L. and the
presidents of the twenty-four Interna
tional unions of trades represented in'
the steel industry, which will have a
good deal to say about the situation.
Labor See Red.
.This meeting has before It no alter
native but to fight Labor will bend
every effort to make its stand In the
steel strike paramount in the confer
ence. Efforts of the National Indus
trial Conference Board representa
tives, or the Chamber of Commerce
representatives, to sidetrack this Is
sue will be unavailing, it is safe to
Nor will labor be diverted from its
determination that some understand
ing shall be reached a to the base
of future Industrial peace If peace
there is to be principles which have
received official sanction and recog
nition everywhere.
S. Assurance is now given that the
Board of Missions of the Methodist
Episcopal Church will establish a mis
sion training school at Mountain Lake
Park. This means change in the own
ership of the park. The stock of the
Mountain Lake Park Association will
pass over to the Board of Missions,
which will become the association aad
thus the owner of the public build
ings, the electric light plant, the lake
and all unsold land. The School of
Missions is such an extensive under
taking that Denver, Col., offered
5100.000 to the Board of Missions to
locate It in that section.
Extensive Improvements are to be
made at the park to conform with the
needs of the school. Money for the
purchase and improvement will come
from the ?15e.eoe.O&0 centenary fund
raised this year.
ASHEVILLE. N. O, Oct. 5. This
city and vicinity was visited by the
heaviest rain in weeks yesterday and
the drought which threatened the wa
ter supply of Ashevllle Is relieved to
such an extent that no further trou
ble Is expected.
MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct S. Pledges
not to trade with Germany until ten
years after the close of the war will
be rescinded by the Memphis Cotton
Exchange next Tuesday. The pledges
were signed a year ago by members
of the exchange.
Miss imtttJi, frwty
IHtk 'dtaffhttr rf
Supreme Knifbt JuoMf A. J
Hvhrty, of tbe Itfgfcts
of Ooluinbtti. She will bt
ipopior of the lig frtigittor
which is to br tM aunt
'fiYtxi the JL ot 0. ia
(Coatiaaed front Pirt,Pege.)
five physteiea In attendance upon
the President s
Br. de Schweiatyc I the President'
omuicc Jt wa -he .Baltimore -yester
day, and Rear Admiral Grayson took
advantage of hi proximity to sum
mon him to Washington to make an
examination of the President's Jeyes.
Hi teet developed the fact that the
President's eye were in same con
dition they were six month ago the
date of the last examination.
It wa merely- ae a precautionary
measure that Dr. Grayson called the
eye specialist, ana tne same reason
hold good -for Dr. Dereum's sscond
visit Dr. Dereum simply looked
over" the President it was said, and
agreed with the bulletin which Dr.
Grayson had prepared for publication.
Saturday Sny of Rest.
Because yesterday was Saturday
and. the President relaxed so cot
pletely, there was recalled at the
White House a story toM on him dur
ing the early part of his first ad'aaln
istratlon. The President was ashed
If he was going to see a certain man
the next day. '
"Tomorrow?" he asked. So. To
morrow is Saturday. . You muot re
member that I'm a schoolmaster, and
Saturday is my day of reef
So yesterday was truly the Presi
dents day of rest
'The present sickness is the fourth
illness the President has suffered
since last March. He was taken down
with a severe celd en his second trip
to Pari; then later In -Pari another
cold held him in its grip for a -few
days, and upon hi 'refttrn 'to' Wash
ington ln- July he-wae-lll in -bed' sev
eral days.
LONDON. Oct 5. Premier Veni
selos, of Greece, arrfved in London
from Folkestone by motor ear. On
account of the railway strike he will
remain in Bngland until the Bul
garian treaty Is signed in Paris.
PARIS, Oct 5. In Japanese diplo
matic circles in Paris the understand
ing prevails that ratification of the
treaty of peace by the Mikado may be
expected within a few days.
Vice President
Vice President.
V p3nTY 7nununununununur js
taBBBV s .XLbbbbbbbbbbbbI
bbbbbbbV a!IbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
ammmmmmmmmmmaaVr'' aBHmmBmmmamBmmmmmaBPBBK
I --v " --" .- m j
Br-a "BVjnBaESRPvajr
Courteous and Complete Service
By this we mean GENUINE service that facilitates the transaction of
your business, that conserves your time. Service that grants you the
advantage of business counsel when desired. Service that simplifies
the business of banking and places it upon a human, friendly, "per
sonal basis. Service based upon the principle that matters of im
portance to the depositor or client are of interest to the bank.
We suggest that you entrust us with, a portion of your banking, busi
ness and learn by experience just what our service means.
Capital and Surplus, fia.eaa.sas
.- . , j
Drop 1,000 Bags to Hdfr
While official ta Mexloo Cftr re
cently were -denying publte. ra-
pert that aa order had
to Federal troop to fire
lean airplane eroseina the
bora, aa Am eric aa plane.
Ing an appeal of the authorities of
Reynoaa. Mexico, sixty miles below
the border here, flew over tha town
aad dropped oae thouaaaal bun need
ed to strengthen threatened levee
with sandbaga.
Thi hiraai fcnwn today whoa
Lieut. sCol. hm navel Be
er of the Matamora aMtricC
ed hia thank for tha
Brig. Gen. .F.' C. Marshal!. Browaa
ville district coiiiaiaanler.
"Y" Hm Hat Scheme te.Ute
Chttht4 in Um of Oilttitf
k Prfvmtf Plwit.
Rlpjpey. district secretary of the T. ML
a X. whose territory cover fourteen
counties la Virginia, Is la Alexandria
for the purpooo of organising what is
known a a non-eejenpsaent Young
Man's Christian AsoedaUe. Under
this plan the organisation would not
have Its own building, but would -hold
exercise in various ennrene ana
hall In the city. Other activities
proposed 'inctuda cial. reltaioas aad
edaenttoaal features In the- Aleaan
drta High School. Moving pictures
of tho Sunday school parade to be
held oa Otcober It. aad of activities
at the various Industrial plants here,
such as the yards of the Virginia
Shipbuilding' Corporation, to he ex
hibited throughout the State, have
been suggested by Mr. Rippey. who
has asked the co-operation of the
Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.
Since Camp Humphrey was est ah
Itshed, the location of the stand fax
that city for "Jitneys" aad army
trucks operating between Alaasnsvla
of eoa
tentlon, which. Mayor
camp officials have now apparently
settled by deaignating upper King
street, a short distance east of Union
Statloe, as the J lor ash m. terminus.
The stand has at various times been
oa Alfred street Columbus street and
Pitt street la each instance Just south
of. King street, the main thorous-
rare ot tne city; ana wim merei
have been glad to have the stand
Jacent to their places of busts ess.
sons occupying" residence near by
have catered complaint. The new
location 'Is "convenient to the'trottey
cars from Washington.
Qqlek action on tho part of PoBcs
man Charles MMlr. who was off: duty
and unarmed, saved Mm from being
shot yesterday morning by a strange
negro wearing a hunting Jacket with
many pocket, each one coneeaHnjf a
"shorty. the officer says. Miller en
countered the negro on Duke street,
between Patrick and Henry streets,
and was searching htm when, the
stranger suddenly produced a pistol
from his left sleeve and aimed it at
aim. As he putted the trigger Miller
knocked the weapon aside and the
bullet whiaaed by his head, leaving
powder mark oa his cheek. The ne
gro made hi escape
John A.-Nugent, until recently a
second gunner! mate In the navy,
has been discharged from tho aeitlce
and Is now at the home of his pa
rent. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Nugent la
North Washington street Young Nu
gent wa a pupil In the Alexandria
High School, and gave up Ms studies
to onMst two weeks after this country
declared war. At -hi request he was
assigned to the naval armed guard
and since the signing of the armistice
has been attached to the mine-sweeping
division operating la the North
Don't let careless
a sieve ot yeur purse. Bay wisely.
ud Increase ysur money halatngs by
investing in W. S. S.
OnBeryKhrAruuin tie USTreoaury
Resources, Close of Business,
First Page.)
vetoed eu
i tan who
la hi bMt
bunch cfctv
who strutted tnmu
the atsaeta with red braeeard oa
their arm.
A lhuay hellaay crowd th
Pack tha stand for the final
of the fiat brae la CalcoM
are early tafia roernJag.
a llaMil tmith at ra.
wntinma. tne Lake burg figured It
would be the hut game of tbo eerie
la M Chicago wan, they ware Hock
ing out early to alt oa la the final.
for the entertainment of the Sun
day crowd, Pat Meraulwill probably
I trot out aad start a barter who nan
"v a caoiuc to snow nimsaii oit
to tho WhMe Sex. Hod KJter. the
Melius soldier and able righthander
of the all-star staff, wa booked to
tart against Claude Will Jama.
Gl neon's star lefthander, who walk
ed ta Reds Into a victory la the
second game at Cincinnati, wn
Iltms h rated as a come-backer of
Around the Red Quarters this
BMnrasaa JHtle concern wa express
ed over Oleaaoa's pitching selaetioa.
The cooky Rous, from Moras dowa
to Buddy Bancroft the bat boy. fia
ure that aay aurler the gray-aaired
Chicago pilot sends out is
Confidence gathered la three
have brought them to tho point
where they even boast of trimming
little Dicky Kerr in his next game.
WBW YORK. Oct . Beehase he did
not use the Knglish language whoa
he adnrtsd a street corner meeting,
Louis G. Goldberg, counsel far the
Brooklyn Tenants' Uaioa. was under
arrest teday oa a charge of dtsordorry
Potte Informed Goldberg that his
iifcsn)l street aeh could not be
delivered except In SnarHsh. Goldberg
said a few sentences. tn English, in
opening his sp'eort. hat later, aosord
hag to police, i osartea to
Washington Baptist
a reception to the
tfc ismaii I los of
lowed a tribute tot Or.
the pouter of the
Church, Bnv. H. L
to tha Stat. Br
y stated that, the
rnBway strikes in Lima aad CaUaa.
Peru, have been satUsst and the' men
have resume: warn.
CTCRISTIARIA. Oct. ft.-The parfla-
eonanawtee. aaened t am-
tb entrance ex
awusly la favor of Neiu'ajr'a Joining
by the geue-ner of tha
sale dealer to T per cent. The ssana
assure to reshaae the east of BuisnT
limit the profits of retailers ta 2ft phr
M 1414
Pref. Cat. Asteriea'a
aster, aad Mrs. K. X.
yea at the
Oaty up-ts-eato Daaetnc A
ot New York. FrHrat taaae
7 -est. Yew need set save
Paese Fr. Wt
lungiegsims of the Wast
w -,
Phismlgsn Wedmaashur hi honor ot
pastorate. .--
Second Baptist
alaB -of
Assistant Cashier. '
Aaalseaatt CssMer.
Assistant CssMer,
Sept. 12, 9a7T7O0J

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