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-iwentinired Yn Pag 1)
week, to reck with -laughter. An
jury ncKroro.
betore. d which m am
existed, is disclosed if.evi
flint - - . i
fcxhert subjects are- alao loa
avowing, aad the Blatter 9T:
itra elm a mueteal treatXi tha
rture.."lf I Were B3V' tgIur:
a vmu soio ay iwmi restm
That fltfiteWJWW
My Heart,. v .v . - . -'
- J3.v- "V -;
Columbia Theater
'7r - 3T - r,
uw mm. mi mmjm '" -
l. - - u-. .. .- .-. ..-. --
nsr tats afternoon. K.rag w.
fs latest phetodramatic triumph.
Other Half," a drama of class
Florence Vidor. Base Pitts
Jefferson head the east.
he stoir, ia general, indicates the
young aristocrat, brburla; .him
A hard circomstaace .to recog-
how "the other- hair, rtwt toC
win be mown aiso rour suo-
isalary screea aiiejet4oas-aarpase--
kyr interest, noreU A. humor. La
ell as the savfeioal features srsow
'SilSSSihm t -Loew's i OtonnS '0
mr the last half efthlrek.
-rar TTiUreday. will be "DaacerWfcs
fraters.M the latest stahrtiM tfhMM
aT" Tiisa wuwew " -,- -1
TtTIIICeaaM 1VsassvAal whnll M M
Jeted the abrupTiahratte erbe1
iful rirl who was driftins; into
reroos wsters ta searca ox
hrill. with sa sister
enniallst as her Sflot.
sjumb the rote x the en
leart. wh ateadfastlr ctiae.1e tlh,
ideal of her and save aM.njflpVf
rosa nereeis. -., 4 -.,.
In The Splendid efta-Hie ihofO
fcrasta teator at QrMdlU'i TIM
ar iht a4t rtinw Aav-a if -4kia WMft
. ' - -VT - J r ..
lullaln. IViv.M ll tMll 111 I ! ShS if
STIrmv notinaJ&iti. haa oieWifsa?
Ina-M Aommandlna rete& d errrsii ails
If forded. In this s41rt4n .JMr'iit
aTe-x-- n- .. etatfT ,a.aC .maasUmsy - jftF
ptlmK ir-VfUr MWniW -Wj -. -a
Another, and is coaf
ry the
sjty or ritbiuaqiK e "
. - - - ' . .
sroop m saspe ner i m
S( 1UI m t4r-nw
in tne pisy sus;ret.
Wdneday. Thursdsy, and Fri-
oeoxp v.a.sn ji .- w .-
-.. i.t --- !-.
. wvr"-" .. i-
(C as - aaiB. " " - w -
m x am, wi "
Tfcji Bi.iM- -Rtmfc
-h.t 4hrim hk the I
' -- i-: -r :. .
renen pyise V coi.iep J ,
tirar . only.- Jeie irn-,
i Ported h Jk Holt hod-p j
company or tno:,ous;hiy acnopi-
:Tiaers. will br screened i the
Iar.rel or "Her rurchase JTlce." l
of the most colorful productipa
the year. '- -
Bask to God's Country Is an
er tTasfs aAara.I sal jTi f TrnPialmVl
iimaTm'il i 1 1 il tan nv pfter lfcpfltisa1
a Waehies-toov
tfae peel'
.ip fta reception hy
It waklaov
unable to o!
fie saaaasjemertt
Jfmtraue the ske
Am4i fAMv ." jf .-.
T ""M ' -- -
An wumown eJeasen. nt amasaym
I , MaJnaflnn II 1 1 1 1 T I I IllriliBSjf nf
Jiimai comedy to' relieve tensfwnhjsp
successfully practiced. Nell
ifnTlfman, popular screen favorite,
' ' '
uinwicc mp aicii
PBUuaT(maaw' WW
fqU a
aal fM
X)taMtfWMBr x- ""
Hfsx sjirisav'' '
beam amaTaPrmaaja 4maT
adoree: heolrr Oakman. WeiUatewoa7wah Theater. In the story he
and Chartea ArUaav-ia other
in the cast, portray their partai
JfTh the aid and support r of early
Vfp doaen animal a eomttstis - of
idrs, wolves, lynx. fo, deot, .moan- !
a lloaa, racoons, poroaptaea. aaa.
Klfter farest snupals,
in gxcellohV jaaslcjO assrvbttkj
hf picture perfeetljr. Is rendered.
eaeM.crn:tews nw mieo presenps.
thrilUna; slrtpwreck, the like of
has never before haea screened;
Interior of an actually sinkias;
with thounaatsi of toaa.pt water
into toe vessel wnue ner
?rs strumrie sBMa tm
rescues by meavrn ef the
Ehes buoy and life haatsi farms
tl i final climax of a seftpr-ot eae1
si i tnrunns; . aeenss fa i.jiaa erica
T ameurs new Paramen-Artcwrft
pi Kluction. The LittiiLlawhlch
t jlb a week's e?a8aaiaasjnU'' at
M oraTa Strand TheateFfegaai
Ldaptod from Oopraa fphClameua
m iodvaasa of the naa. fWtSBrantaay
R e," it tells a sesssMsyjsyry in
M . Toumears well-fcarMsTTlnlwter-fi
i style. i ' .-
le - story -centers aroiuhav Jack
irne, the Romany' Bye, -y annar, ro-
.ntie leader of a sypsy hjstd, who
really the heir CrssjhjloaU a
old Baalish estate- ,oxr haws
fcapisd falsely by his iktf brother.
Itllip itoystea. How Jack with the
or home charfscterr Of tee' lox
nmtorworld rea-aias Jtkf inherl-
aad wins the lpee' t. uth
the theme of the picture. ,.
" 1 f t r .
bl MM
. Damsfl l orrare nmm uemai tnaif
Awlv a fcr vmm aarn Miikai dsttiatrv was raararoad as an
rmpojbfllty hy iTmtmban:MM
mV mention. a-On
. woW
S ammmmn
Mnammmr' uiiaa.
h' mnaKmyla
Dr. Wihiht.
IS Vagp -
SOmspb ?:
" --.Jy1-- '
& 4 mmd $S
Th office where the patcouagi
Hiue as the patronaxe of today.
Passing Show'
thefts at Pali's
-vii' ::,.
f 1M." the
TH. .reinsing
Winter CM eighth amual revue.
---J x.' mmuu' t have' its pre-
ZTr - ' ..- - cuw Waalae-
SLll. T " - " T "" .'
91 - 1 - -i, rwJ- fees
moved qleng. one aV' lt that
fee "Passing Show- WtUOC h
tfatfl Tuesday eveninff4:;Octo?eer
-The equipment of this new
so extensive that it lUjAjfceen Bf
adfcleeble to have an .abar day
a Washington to set' , eceaery,
wJeich.VlU comprise WW
I pr equipment
of the ,Tep
- - ..-- -"T -, '.. " ... ry -.-
., .. -m!. M mutn -an tnaMBV w.
Pali's on Sanday. aa that Tw
a fall dress rehearsal ea.irtl UP$-
- " J" 7 " 1- tmn
Vaaia v AciMtar IA.
This wlU he thenVst tlaie Mt
trinter Gardes eatartaMflaeni
rf . " .
haa been seen in Washaaoa Wfore
icKewNXark premier.
TKe share lmporaat members of the
.cast, pet -b overlook the "Winter oar?
dea a-gUna wave of winsome
witches. will be Blanche Rins;.
Charles Wlnntaer. Oeorare Xonroe,
the. Avon Comedy Four. Jpadare Deray.
lames Barton. Franhie Heath, the
HelleUe Sisters. . Xajaft TCifea and
- JTKK "..frfJ
-ssmboual. Ofara. Codk. Ln Hadkett.
hMrHasell Cox. Uwflle hialmr. Ifeiter
Won. jfioaie autter. Time skin, ;nw
ri, s s .. Vsm. fWa
T urjP. . -ww-
P-ll.. V lk.Jtui.lM k"f'
"" "-. "" " ""
xeapect far the 'aiflAlosarHSf Bxsa-
Yard ICiDliRK.- Pljli JWe faetlUwt
is hafjplly -aauTriiiit,tos popolar fy-
- f- ' . . s .
.. et.,- l-fcfir-sJkMlJltfiaa, dattagirt-aam!
the statement tharthV
of the
l, . mAv thx. the
- BMli, nt la JU new Para-
.."wu nmMi tAtM TJu
- TV " . w. U.- w au wM
XWSjsa, J IVl ss eea- w eaaap s-kw 4-- n-
jiMrtrBct ... Director Jaato Crsw to
- .. - - m. tmMmH m iMhof AIH tM
t--wA.m-- -. vk.. !.. f.ej4.k
WHesrvw-,Mf) .w,, vj..
.? aotL off WrJTMii4rtt lWa tsroaeaaow
Ar hMt-aasie fMi bub iw. ii esa t
to Ai4; . nteeiL asat Omrh
- - -;;ir5 --r ..-t.:. .f :
"2S SSriSslhaT S
" TT -L7iiri. 1jiJii.'A
W" rsimsaaosaw. esaeisa--K
"" -'
Klpttaer was rrghf
was Wallace-
ReMWs comment. . -
. A.
",-.v .J
WeWinrUw Pljqrter. who lif CitalaU , .
Rydal ia "Back to OodTs ConJKryr,
makes a .dive, unicnusth the Ipe in.
the ffePan sctte. in. a
wevfch lo eiow hetmi
shojsqrAPar a
week at Moore's
his Ofe by failtas threwa;h the
He makes the real dive and you
him rredually staking; in the
water under the broken ice. and tt
ia not until the scene la- ahoftbafr
he swthas hack to the surface. ,HJ
flnal warning- was to .make the foot
as;e short and no retakes.
This heaatlfjul story of the north
lands waa taken from "Waai. the
WaJrus" In "Good Housekoepinc.'
1 written hy James Oliver Ceifwood. the
oremoof portrayer of animal fe of
the present day.
- Author, owner, manager, stace df-.
rector, and featured star of her own
show. Morale Williams, "the marvel of
burlesque." -has another lob. Tha ut
dltional wnrlt which Hiss Williannti
centempia-tea taxins; on In order that
her spare .moments may be employed'
usefully, is ihat of ceiainx; new words
for next yaar'e shew hut as a wsrd
coiner Hies Williams is not makins;
desirable ' proa-rest, she confides to
Manager Jarhoe.
Her principal worry Is to find a word
that express areajter theatrical great
ness than "greatest.' which is the
qualifying term which she has given
the present year's production.
After a few more seasons in the
hnaiemttte neW. the versatile Mollfe
will retire, but at present is busily en
gged kt writing the book for the
show she will exploit next year.
! l 1 sHl
Rental profession. The very
term was suidcient to arouse
x storm ridicule on toe pert of the average
rfefttigt ' "
Most dentisU ftrndy believed that ne effectual
medns of preventing; pain ia dental operations
would ever lie -found, since all the aatsthetica
employed in surgery had proven to he pneticiUy
uaelpas jk dentistry. ' But the 41if Acuity nae hcn
overcome through Dr. Wright's method of harm
less.! oc4 aaeathetica;-
If you wsnt more proof, come to my office
and. I will exauntne your teeth without charge,
show you Just what can be done, and tell ynj
whsi U win coat.
Such sa examination and advice does not
obligate you. to have me do your work.
imi Ami 'amm
Pin tea. Cnaraw
leHi to t. Material
swasanteed -fe M
fS Up
417 1 W HmA tt
; . qf, tomorrow baa
Phone Mam fSIT.
as great a
i Tire Days erf Real SfHrt -:
Tvrv?rrT.. ... A. 4&j-itlr w imnKffJffBfill CPTBtlm) MUmmMMk l.iEfiSSt
. Ta4 lSar-C77:iSfi5: " I m-i5-- r.7i?5saar Vaal " i IW11 UIV LMISS,
' STbCbbbV '""" ttSsatSaBBBmk. t ' iWiFTrs: n RqUlt I I jnCmaaSalaV-
I? oSmKaaaaaaaaamaiiaaaal Bh-5i Wjlla jZKmMBA
III IBM Haa i aaaii f ZJT asO n :kb ui i iimjavaamBian
-t. ekavaaEpiav..ak.s j I& bbw(tb t iv hi. t.x v m . w n i i i i anmmsan
-WlWWmff'mW3 r..v', ' naaa-MrTL l7 ' t2lJ&-Ul ) II U ULV 7 ' 1 fmatMlWW
-.MmtTrZnat' amV, '". 4. aTsTTasa Jn.ii HTs l4L TtaUti p. It HL? I- ZleBBBBWln'
asTtsTfaaaJla7BsTCnrBT9P flrS9BH9gLr 'Baws'sTpVialsmavl'f 1 1 E - ii " iii" .l BVcfmaVTsswIm
e,?5nBBPfc mav r-. -' J&IK1Z'''' ImmmaL ' 1 I '111 .iataMflHn'U
" iudHdiiafe A &lmY' , ' : SO : dmmm-mal amaBaaJBSOaaU
--. J '.-?.;(, c. Ci.SP-rfcf- I s-'"-'i' BTamsatVa6ZZBnBaBB
Mfl "t - - M - vw- 1 !a-tWfea V-" maaasa3a-sasasajnss
.-.' - '.:....' s?3 -vr '" - .. jiJGnziJHsaBBCH
. ' : t: . " .-1 .' --: ': ft g-s: : -. . -- . i , ,--'
l - --- ; , i - v . a . - ev - ' -i . - ' - i - .T
f ' -v'.. .- .i i-: femifv rasfs 1RS,
rsli- - --rs,vP4w -a-rw- -.--- -
iiiiiiiSiri, --: '-
Eliaa Boseakha.
!. .i.ili"Uiit u iSWWh
JWpwwr iivnaw, w ro w "W
sfcnhj.aii TkMtar
arteMoont OMhoer Iff. Durinsr
pest w!nterM toured the XleWe
West with evM. scorinr an '
shtitie nx at ojrery appearance.
-.. KHas Breeskla was born at
rinio-. Russia, and haacter vears
. data country worKea wiw me iamoas
' 7. 7 ". . . . . -.---
i rd.L.. 1T. Vw.m.1m.-TT Uavkan
: 4wnE. fiwi . . ot arw.f ii ji .
-4mka-' K Mt isamTsa assaal -.'.?
Vihje.moet sertous and JassCal
'& roTjBjrer seraflp. of
' phenomena.
fand Wsa"V M
. Merry &&':& ae)
continue to- either enjoy the splendid
floor of the Arcade Auditorium to the
alluring straias of the large orches-
trfc. or to gase down nightly from the i
roomy balcony .seats en tne gsia scene
below, made fairy lke by the myriads
of Japanese lanterns, fluttering bunt
ing, and -multi-colored streamers.
CenvenienUy. loeated in the down
town section of the city. Greater
Peon Gardens is. the height spot for
dancers. Hundreds. of dance lovers
floek to this 4arge open-air auditor
ium nightly and dance weH ea to
ward midnight to the music furnish
ed by two of Thomas Jardln's orehes
The Central Celiseam wJH very
shortly draw its dancing season to a
doaa. This will prove unpleasant
news for the hundreds of Washing
joaiaas who danoe nightly at this
nrga.atfdUdrium. hut the manage
ment premises a reopening am wun
a different kind of amueemenL
Florence Vider returns to the screen
after a year's absence, taking the
leading role In "The Other Half."
written and directed by King W.
Vlder. which Is the attraction a.t
Leew's Columbia, today. The produc
tion was made by Brentwood, Robertson-Cole
controlling world's rights.
This charming actress will be re
membered for her delightful werk in
such productions as "Till I Come Back
to You." "New Wives for Old." "The
Honor of His House." and "The White
Man's Law."
The Only Internal Remedy
XKe. 5 and l.eo the Bex
Sold, by ALL nULGQlSTa
Or seat by mail on -scelpt of prict
Puocura Co., Wash-, D. C
Treat Your Rupture
In the prlwtify ef the bame avoid a dan
rtroufl a4 -perhaps .fatal vurslcal opera-
PADS work wonders. . The" Plapao.PaSr
have ne straps, bucXles or spnnx aiiaeaea
to them. Heft as velvet, easy to put ea,
sad inexpensive. Awarded Oeld Medal at
Rome. Madwds hv rtteated vaeer
oath to tbir brtnx sompietftly cured by the
-1 .
If yea ars a sugorer from rapture send la
vasr aame asd adareas at eaoe, and we
Will seed yea a rTWCB TRIAL PLAPAO
sad ether valaable fttfarniaUeii on the
treatment of tht.anaeros Isdrmlty.. This
h shseletel fre to yon. ss wrH lcjt.
AddrMn PLAPAO CO., Bleck J$S, St.
Loui. U.
l. Aaak,.aaa vaimBmpi aw Ban ub-iihi b .avaaiaav raxaaaai
niwtii-T :m$mrm- ! Mfwey- p
MaHiaTyakMej.,flpeeaKaTw ossamaBST4 use
a tha ttlaMa aiirmhhaiiv OrtheatNu -9m
v' ''' " ''. : '" ; ' I IS-.
r .: .' ' :.,: ',. ' ' rlhk
r- . -y-s.
vliU I lViaid
.ifc-L baPJv ! ,n -str ntV jXrpiVX 'Iba?
a . ' T ' jt'
,- '
.. ' - ..y
So Much These.Days Ma
Z t. t'm hi '
aomlMamt that roMfjeisce pdwoer
eyeeadw TpencUT and the nuia mat
imparts tlfho hair 'that nhtural wave
.adoJlMavjrefa hatve rone up un
reafaitawy m rmk tbo
safely jartdh. The mstnci
Tpai4 to.-where-
tiea nave
thats. mrfoaa luxveT'li.aen raiae
Jemr'tWAjBTleeh ot inatevlala.
Kasja;,pja ooompiamur saw
tg;eioat-ovro Momi navo-
thafonV cmy in wnich the
n sucRaan& ukubulu .i
Hon haa drone -an, far as to dema
'. According to the manager of -one of
-tie leading beauty shop inWashing
ton, tneoe aas- peon a tremennous -m-erease-In
the cost of cosmetics, put'
she "attributes that to the greatly in-
treaaed demand. .-y,
- "Tweaty women, one reSixS and
powder ow to one who indulged
three or four years ago." she said.
"Formerly It was only women around
thirty years or age who used cos
metics extensively; now all g from
eighteen to sixty, and In many cases
sixty-iive. indulge. Some time ago
the woman who used rouge wan con
sidered wicked, and the novel always
closed with the hero and heroine
clinched while the powdered woman
walked out into the night, in the gen
eral direction, it was understood, of
the river. Now all that is changed,
and the only ate is to look eld."
Carl-Paper Care Cestly.
But the price of beauty baa risen
tremendously, all the beauty shops
agree. . The "damask cheeks thai
Shakespeare was so fond ef describing
now cost Tl a box. an increase of 190
per cent., and. will rise in the near
future, it is said. The "golden carls"
that Oliver Wendell Holmes made
celebrated in verse now- cost some
thinganywhere from. 0,5 to 440,-'
be specific. A treatment ,o,r, tW r&
a half hours is necessary., rt (tar which
the curls infill remain, rath eV shine,
for six months. .But after the expira
tion" of this period the treatment must
be repeated.-However, as the mana
ger of one beauty shop said, it's cheap
at the price, for no longer.i a woman
forced to put her hair In "curl papers
at night and run the risk of loosing
her husband.
There was a time when, women were
contented with a simple shampoo, price
SO ecnts. . New. in ocder to have
"tresses like the morn." which the
poet, Milton used to write pages about.
sh insists upon having herbs mixed
In -the water to give her hair a beau-,
tlful glint. That raises the bill to
Upkeep On Lips Greni, Tee.
The young man who has a girl
with thoee "ruby lips." which stem
to have continued In favor for seme
few years now, and who is consider
ing' making those lips his for life,
had better stop, look, and listen. The
price of those ruby Ilpp. red ae the
'wine from' the grape, and all that
sort of thing, has risen In the last
few years front 25 cents to S2.E0 aj
package. Of course, it is said by
authorities that, once on, the color
-will remain for quit a while and
will last through esting. drinking
and, according tp'one gentleman who
with characteristic modesty does not
wish to have bis name mentioned,
klsslngv- . -
That woman who would be. as Ten
nyson enthusiastically pHt it, "a god
dess most divinely fair." will And the
charge now- to "be 2.30 where for
merly It waa if. The process con
sists of having a ipud pack kept on
the face for abouir -two hours, after
which the skin IsTdupd to be two or J
three shades whiter, with all the
freckles removed. An egg smash ap
plied to the face' to tighten up the
muscles and so remove the wrinkles,
has risen in price from $1.50 to $2.
It Harts, But What Of Thntr
Thee eyebrows, which In the olden
times were celebrated in ballads and
rondelles,. now are an expensive prop
osition: that is, if the owner wishes
to keep them in style. At present
fashion dictates that they shall srch In
a thin, pointed line to accentuate the
eye lashes. To achieve this it Is
necessary te have part of the eye-
orHht. isii; -
Knr Terk leaa Jae.
of age,'
nafteaetan ,
thick eSSrmv. why for tfr fcnall sum
lof $1 shevcan purchase aUnfraae
to makethem grow heaefi saw un
before the war cost oo eoxta. -yww
is done oiy after day.. the rtfreea-egn
of ftoHMMrty shop deetar. Iky1.
Thanpae hal
(Wv- natitJt in
noet:mnliok Jeha'ta sofesnvoraom-
-w or&j-'irr'- jt t: . i- aW-ac . ,
.courwv v -
jetat'.ta so'fpiMi-
iaa; sSenlie :-aaehjfeettrht to
Mortshsw pven - that-Aas- Tnm le
prlee. Before the Wdr was
Usually thought it sufneien;t. to .have
Just, an ordinary manlonre; . pxtce ' u
cents, hut now she demannU. f2t H
a hand massage, which mhea.h to
tal. XM r X
Mke every ether subject, ttp fte
sible effeet of pre4eerlh; cos
metics. If there be any, as charged In
Brooklyn. Is being considered in re
gard to the comog elections. With
the millions ot feminine voters ww
have been and are being given the
ballot, what will be the chance of
success, it is being asked alt over the
country, of a candidate with the ring
ing slogan: "Face powder, aa cents;
lip sticks, two for a quarter?"
ASHEVILLE, N. C, Oct.. 8. Lieut.
Robert L. Murray, who recently,
charged before a SenaVe committee
that the -food given patients at the
?... a ,,a.a.ifr Wklkffal ht-AtAAM VMr
this city, waa not ftt to. eat, hss been
arrested here on several Charges of
false pretenses aft a, for tendering j
rMu"raJ claimed that he had re -
celved no pay for six months. When
.- -:---. .
"V ?, -;, .-'-'
ia.MamW Tat.
7?a!aaSE7zi .r.
2S-S yara
Ijrtsj wiiui tr-'
ayjhaawa, by
r aainnaV'sre not
mi Bill SMinaaih i ' . j
&vVSiirt ex.:.Ttnawa.i
an Investigation into his pay vOHcheripT.-4t.c aL- Nmvahi
was made officials at Washington If"13! , ,VXffk Nfl,lt,
ciHiiiivu tncii wi uo vnuTrvu ac im-
been, discharged from, the army last
Ton., a. 1- .bd t. .kl.. u..U .!..!
uaiiu.i;i V?. .y ,,vt,.n r, um
Don't spend yur Liberty Bend In
terest.. Reinvest It in W.. S. S.
Milter' Aatkeptle Oil. KiMtrn Ai
Snake Oil
Will Positively KHIeve Pahr'la Few
Try it rlrht ssw for Rheutnutionr. Neo
ralria, Lamhaso. tor, stiff asd rswlea
Joints, pain is the head, bsok andttms;
corns, bueloBs ele. After one apslhrattea
IhiIn usiiy dtM)par aa If by Miaaie,
A new remniy umh) InUrsolly aaj-.
tersaily for Ceurba. Cold. CrouoJ Sfe
Throat. EHphtherla ami Tensilltie.
Thi (til ia cuut-aJ lo It Ihe moM
penetrating renmuy knaM. lie prompt
and immeUlau ebect in reltevtiiC uem la
due to thti lact that U Benirivs i tiie '
anecien par.a n once ab an iliusirauoa.
fViiTZtTiiSXirJ ! 1 she maV still be
through and
Aoceot n
isWlsif Thi great oil la
golden red eoor,rily. Hvery bottle rsar
antred 3Sc. c sad Sl.kfl a bottle at all
PeopU'w Drr Storea a
Mg" laVl Prepare as Kire
C. 110 men. Bralysmen,
" Interurban Motor-
men. Colored Train Torters. 100
$20 par month, to stat. 500 wanted
now. ChancAs quick promotion. No
experience necessary. Uniforms and
passes furnished. No strike. Mail
us this advertisement, name and ad
dress, and' we will end Application
Blank by return mall. IXTBR-RA1L-WAV,
Oept. Si, Indlauspelta, Intl.
ft 19.
:- BBrigf.
NnVw YORK, Oct. 5 Indicatloas
today are that the strike a ad leek-
jvai vk tnc Brvaamen, wnicn ru re-
leultftt fa the dosing of the preas-
rooms of Wt printing establishments
and the eosyonsion of publication of
a score of perlodicaw. of natiohat cir
culation, is spreading despite union
orders to compositors to "stay op the
Job." ;- -
Compooitors continued today to
walk out of various printing bouses,
and aiisionncpment waa made of steps
toorprasilao copyhoMors Into a union;
with wnfefete eafadea 4nands for
higher any W4 shorter ara Proof
reader -aro expected to feBow acUWn
by copyrafdders. u was said. 7
A. conference of a committee of ft
or me Printers' League sectlonNof Qm
AasoefaUon of TCnUpleyinx Printers
and repreaontatlvesL.pf the bookbind
ers' ante ensld3 -p4am to head
olTa athftfe of beeWsmh through
out the eity. fe deAhUe action was
taken, 'however.
Leon Rouse, president' of "Big Six
Typographical Union, announced a
meeting had been called toy today of
hie body at which members who have
walked ont will be again ordered to
return to work.
How Lack of
May Change
: And Break Down Her Physical
While Plenty Of If oe
-. x
Every Womn WW bceh,P-ie,
' Her BlcKxi FTniTtaaerf ToPTOw
I Nuxatd krcMi WmI Often LuGraaae the Stri
i i &tt .t.vciw iiun, wra !..
I olr Ysvarx Yriunear
-V,JT ." M.tmSf'-
Longing rfor the keen activity, the
youthful step, the freh rosy cheeks
and the sunny disposition
of buoyant health is
making many a. wo
men unhappy, dis
co n B ented, wrinkled
and old before hr
time. SleepUw
1 nio-hts snent WOITV-
I ins over supposed nil-
ments, constant dd
i ing with habit-form-inr
drues and nar
cotics and useless at
tempts to brace up
with strong coffee do
not help the real
cause of their trouble,
which Ssay be nothing
more than lack of ire in
the blood. For want of
. u,it j nlntw of
i young m feehng, ana so iuu oi
young in leenng, j
lif and attractiveness as to defy
vrr. ii a i ,-i
w"'2ytrril7.mZ -tr-ar.
4-ilttL r,t,.vva-' TT j w . ,
healthier, w
r il.MnJ:M of hom social
h.n?s' lief1? ?ncreeatuffthe
lvUcfneiron in tnelr blood ihe'
anPnlanof Dr" George H Baker, for-
-- - - -- j. m .
merly Physician'
mouth MemolTM
iffi viU. jrVr-
iiuavuitaii awv -
sey. who saysi "
What womeh, need to
nut' roses in their cheeks and tha
?Drlnxtlme of life Into their step Is
nSt ooanltlci or stimulating drusny
a... nlanfv AT r4f1l TUlTft f6& blOOJ
Without it n woman tan do credit to
herself or to hc work, iron is oneof
the greatest of U strength andblood-
builders, and I havs found nothing m
my experience so effect've for help
ne to i like strong, healthy, red-
HTnnii wAmnn aa Nuxated Iron. yrm
.nanunmTif I fa" .aaTBTBTaTam't'iaaBffaaTBTBTBTff
BnamamBBf -, -y
wsssassssssssBss - - AW
iron a woman may look and leei carerui exammation o the formumr power and endurance, steamy nerve.
Lw -t Thirrv Tt hnsrard and 5-M m' OWfi fls Nuxated Iron. I ami the roay Meosa of health la Taboui
old at thirty, pale, naggaru, anu feel convinced that it is a preparatio ten days' or twoweekVTlnie I con-
an vnin.fMiw.'n wniif aa. tm vt wv iiii-n mrv nnvairimn seats riv KaaUaavaaaar HagasBrg- Miiveiawi ,
Reamla. Dntrid
am Oaf. Us Warn
1Z07DOK, Oct. 4. The exdu
eive reaidentha district of London
swelldom. Park Cane, which Is com
parable to RiveraMe Drive. New
York, or upper Sheridan Drive,
Chtcaaa, has . astonished blase
British ohaerrers. Park Lane haa
hung oat Its wa-mimj !
Yes. this .lane of wealth and
ocleT excisiTaaeaa is decorated
here and thrre. aehind' his;h walla.
Other ttnisMpthMaa frelllckine;
'ia the k-aaWiV'.x "
The rS& JMe lsundry
prices. IfeilalIfMlflWttheOof
ernment oaiiaialWJoher
in taxes. JlaBjhJalnlva restojemta
of Park IJaSw a ether Maytair
jIacss are opwaly ttauitln. thejr
Teasea wMi eirfniy aroeldo
Atainst anyra ip democratic as
home-done waahi. Leases were
so drawn to protect the tender
suseeptibilltlee ot the elite. But
economy Is the antidote.
If shoes keep) oiB ap some of
the Mayfair palaces may be ex
pioltiaa harefoot batiers.
NEW YOKJC et. . If the waiter
sticks his thum1a the soop. send tt
back U may he Infoctod. lurther
more, people who have diseases have
no place I the food buaioesa. declares
Dr. Royal C. Cooeland. commissioner
ef Health of Ke York city, who ad
vocates a sjsJnH law reejolriag wat
era wossa Ik Itsscklng Ueuesa ro.
eera. aadr att ethorevwho handle food.
withflepv T . . .
riiinntUslil fsgtiH mat haa already
! put ssnrfunvmaota effect la new
TortuSjfcaiiri waiter or gro-
fer lilllifie HOlaaTisn' He mast show
his ciar IWUnt rr'the city physician
who nsakeath easanination. when
ever naked to do so.
"No food sooM so touched by any
person who haa aot been examined
and found free of disease." Commis
sioner CeaeJand toM the United Preaa.
"la this connection I cannot empha
sise Wo much the Importance of clean
bands. Bvery hoard of health should
son thjat stores and restaurants are
aampHfoaoippc with toilets and waah-
'Xvery thstf handler in New York
has to ansa amamination hy the board
of hUhltn. Be I givosr-a card. If he
haa tubal culesia any contagtous die
ease or akin or blood disease, which
cam bo eaaHyapread by foods, he t
not work In a reataoraat. This re
lates to wojtara, bakers, butchers as
all others worlktnar where food Ja 'ana
died.' Dr. jCopsland aahff that statisttca
dhow as enorntooa defrease la tnoe
culoetav .and: other dls Bases, alaee the
haw x-eemrdiae; food handlers waa smt
into affect m Mew-York city. He
sorsghy advocated simOar natiomml
s. TheLssiii beciuua, wnica ca
rtshsklpardiseaSo that le meat readily
snlraey.Jsjr., unclean waHers, said Dr.
C opsisen. - wmie einev germs more
serious, such- as syphilUs and rinaJ
warns; are almost siaUy dangerous,
since they -so quickly effect the stenv
ah. :
nMaiid tsaWtamiaatiaB la cmbIbc ta
be looked upon .as the most dangerouai
thstf heaMhYttMeiale have, to combat.'
declared Dr.jConUlaad. ie is certainly
the duty of mrtrf establhihment haa-dliaa-
food eo exclude from employ
ment nnyene havinar diseases."
Iron In The Blood
A Woman's Appear
Make Rich Red Bleed
HetKa, YitaBty and Beauty
Hractrd jmI Worn SwouW Hm
PwgOCfttCy A limsBMlfferirtn of 3aWMk
w&t and SaaoapWaBBa)aaBBBBBBaar W Taaaa
uhimb.ahim .BUaTSP j eaUTSBUaUaUaTKPaV.. s laUaUa
vTUnapajn JfaWi l ,VffaVawr XM
m. wa
.aaaaaammaW .eaaaTXST "'laafffaaaaaaaT fVBaaaaaaaaal
.aTBnWmnmnmssmme Yv i wamams s mamamj
.aalv cr 'aaaTaaaaV' laiaaanannnal 'S nmmmni
M .. i rVnaaaPaK'vv Zmaaamaaaaaaaam 7 -4aaaaaaaaf
anaanaaana -- a o w BanmananananvKanannr- w -nn TinBanaanniaanBanaanaannsBBBBBBBBBa. as aaesBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsmni
.eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFV lealaSfV V VWaanmnnnnnnnnmr -a-aaaT
MwBm MW5 mT
llJL. it- WaSuW - r,
m. IS ,'VLW IVJf X -VBnnnnVaaVl 7 'IWUO-
St iUfyHM L fiusnnunnnnrtnnKT.y V
mmV Tii'ftVnnunntfiwaaaean'MHlSe TlnMe
manamnnf Mf? ' TtSwaaaannnnnaannVnamannnnhnW - 7 'VanHnawaw
M ; WmfWKM' 7V'
' corpuscles increase
or nrescrlbe for hi. a.Uents with th
2 &?f && .H'fV
Among other physicians
an opini
physicians asked for
ao waa or Perdtnanu jciaar.
New :
New York Physician and Medical
Author. Br; Kin
ne- says: Bi
By enrich-
nlgthe htoed and-incfeaslng
- its axv-
" earryisg- power Nuxated Iroa win
""en transform the flabby flesh, tone-
lsss Uasues, and PtJIM .eMrtiof
Iroa will
tmtma v ai ar a vara vaaa a iin nnaaa aaa
nervous, run-down women into a glow
ot health -and make them look years
younaer within a surprisingly short
time. ..
Drjjtasnes Francis Sullivan, forsaer-
ly P3fscjan of Bellevue Hospital
vdew.Dept.y. New York. and. the
oranl-viron is n.Ht7Je4
oLali W.M,r- ,LJ!5 ?JET
scrfaed vuxasta iron organic iron
many, many times, and T have seen
frequent Instances where It gae re-
dred time over.
of .the greatest
t wjTwa .I. a
-.-Lw! ?ELZ
4iewsa sirengia ana enerjr, murc
- ( ' corpuscles inerense j
"S; strength-giving frou.
Land Owwrs Onven Frtm
SiifTWOertc.CotQiwA. .BcfKn
Gffictsrt Claims.
BERLIN. Oct. 4. The German gov
erament will shortly be presented
with a bill for Sa0.ffo.0 by for
mer colonial snfeJects whoapr property
haa been handed over to the entente,
together with the colonies themeehree.
How to liquidate this enoimous claim
after settling a staggeriag mdemalty
account with Prance and Belgium is
a problem that is giving the vise
heads of Germany considerable worry
A special committee of the) national
aasembly is to be given the fret op
portunity to- and a eolutieu and it
PTobaaV will recommend nay meets
by easy iastaJhaent. Moaawhtle. of-
incidl Oesnsiay-U prcbabty soiag that
oene ;or tfm aoioutes till a naaoed
back.-aanfbtwe comaial office eoatlawes
Its existence, ready tar receive them.
The Posaoha Company, the German
Colonial Mining CiaapanyJhe, German
Diamond Company, tne net Africa
Company, the Sew Guinea eesBpasy
and the German South Sea Trading
and Plantation Company wWr demand
Ve lion's share of the eoloaiai indem
nity cmtmer acconaiaeT ta D. Meyr-
GerhardT. chief coloaiet ajtoHnistrator
under Minister Johannes Bell. The.r
demands are to include etaisas for fu
ture earnings that would have been
realised if the cof$uies had .remained
In addition to the large organised
enterprises thousands of individuals
engaged in commercial aae) agricul
tural undertakings ha the-' German
colonies will request reinihUiseiiieot
for leases, aoutheresc Africa alone
furaishee a list of 17,e. Bast Africa
sdda CfftO. Xasaeruw has 4.tee and
Togo 1.060. AUeawtaer abeat 3SO0
fOermans were eoaateed ia the lost
&f these terrttortea. Dr. Mayer
Oerhardt saya, Germany axpeets to
receive Bast Atrica, Togo and Kam
erua beck. ' ' : -.
"Noee pT-tA outente nations are
particularly ' interested ia keeping
them. be said. "The time will come
when the entente wUI realise the
folly ef eMfletng us of SB oar colo
nial nosseaelens, Gorpaauy simply
cannot exist without eofosnea.'
To the perntaneot foenh Stoutbwest
Africa and the nouth. Piac peee
siona Geraseny b nrmlT icoaciled.
Dr. Meyer-Gerhard t stated.
-General Smiths" ami Premier
Hughe, of Atmtralie. were too firm
for aaaexatiea of tn- .territories
for Us to expect their, return,-' he
Dr. Meyer-Cernerdt chergee tne
kagtiah and Freae with unfairness
in lieuidattag GiUnTath colonial com
mercial estahliahments. asesrtlag
f that the practice, ef the Knglish and
TTreach has been, .tar's see es sucn prop
erty at a smaB finpetion ot its true
value, leave the fpapuaeot i the hands
of a trustee assfc deport the Germaa
owner under saaSaffmssy pretext, al
lowing him toBMM barety enough
funds to pay faflnW passage-.
The Pease liirjulr vs the en
teatte the;right very much as
they please in, eurformer colonies.
he continued. Oer enemies recently
have- prepared Hats of German eolo
niam to be deported. Two el eases are
specified. First. the,etifote. Sec
ondly, persons who give annoyance
to their new. master. "ATI "sorts of
charges are trumped up sgalnst the
latter clas and tt..uauftty, hahmens
that the" victim axe. Ws cattle er
land owners. They siifflesjt away an
short notice. The 4sJjlihWpisa bo
control German Jnyw ' qhilnta arM sd
jaeent istanea, havret. see thV ftajest
Of Sat," ' J i
; -
tions shew hear a wo
man-may look wweu she has
only 25 red Wei eorpuacles
and her bieeernrr aasi uln for
i r '
oTnBanmnn x
fal maffaunffamn
ffflF -aSa.'
Ms ww
aaaaamT - -naT ' ma
iron and the change that '4Nuan place in
her appearance when the iiiaaTaTnlBsi'iiir red
ae her blood bseoaa's flfd' with
Moat blood and Taod W,
one of the for
unner the bst
" M" m aaTre
at 1 linn 11 laaa Waavaaa
y people
eaffer from-iron aaffewSM and do not
anaav its ir van u
vrerk'y.j-e-rt to vaa
'.strong or
to .maxe
lone you
test: see
can walk
ext take
two nv.
ted Iron
i.niaai w i waaamaa aaai mwmmm a aaa Au aa
t.v victke. The testamysVenth
again aad- see'lMw .smSTyotf hive
ManaftmLtufMs . jfeta
NoxateS Imn.
wMehaeeaerUiatad recaaMaeaded a
ay Pttystetass set a aaenVrroWiy
ff, 7!,IL k!!',i0J2l
"LS?"' asaimiiated and ow not
l2Bke:mm ;t ""' , '
asseanen. The trnutactnrf r
aaeeertfsl aad fatlrel Satif,-t.
WTZSttiriTSSr fee
atscaaeh The mnutactnrr nararite
aneeefai aad fatirei tf-t"ws:ta
to every pu!h.ir or thv w. r-faHi yor
.Ji. PH . esMi.i m - -.iyby
potj,-. Drag stfri cbrletianr. 5 Dree
scr. nu u uiacr ar'jrs''
wixm.Br aa
eamninSt U

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