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Scidafi Vnv& in Aacient Script Wkick R
Asliltly First HanJ Knowlddge of tkc Ftmoufl
fggf aW'8a?
laaiak.'tt aa aT &j5K
jiDiicai gonigiiceMaiM,iN o
Xt .Jf fjl . . .1 VTr
M& mttfm C iff mdRpy.
Ailed leMPh'k am
L sajmsstttBJPM
hh to wtot
aad he gave
r at Vkmnk, dmi at Om. ((hwrii,
Ir tato tateta of the ro
ta greet Hebrew re
d odd te a toter chap
ter mtot tern soae. KaBaeaeh aad s&ehraim,
were kn to the heof pair. (Oea-xrvl.te.)
Bat amamte twtsttotog a mate of ancient
veiteme amd aaajil anaaithad la ancient
gyp, hat toot dtoooveae what pwrports
to he Imt aetoat detentd atory of Josephs
weotog of, the fair Egyptian. It has been
tmaalatod ay fha Society for Promoting
CmrtottoB Kaowtoaga," whose headquarters
are to f nali. Jaat eo tftoametont la to
It. aoaaWtoatwa aaaat hatter that the
writer at it had aeeese to
iwmaga of Joseph? lore
whtoh the BMa mtly mention.
to Oxeak aad Syriac It
atata taw eaporte.
ptod fiaaa a Debtee
It It Bet baprohaUe that UHm
dmtag the vary years
at the naaHjllj! af Iarael hi Jayat an ay
Bail lai who had eleee tamwiedga of alt
hi aa aaaattoa of to
af FottBhexwtto, hat there aro ,
aad strikiBtT
to ahow that this wttfol toty
act atoaa to her admiratioa for the
.'f treated treaarer aad that oae
's great trophies waa to sn areas
avetdteg their attention. The atory
aad moot neeeeearity he abridged
hat there is given some of the aicet
la this atory the father of Aaenath
hi kaewn aa Peatophres, "a priest of
i, aad a satrap of Pharaoh, ex-
lieh aad very aage aad gentle.
Aad he had a virgin daaghter, by name
Aesaath, of eighteen years, tan aad comely
aad aartfal to behold eaceedtegly b
yead every virgte aeon the earth. Aad
the waa to att thtoga. like the daaghters
af the Hear ww, betef taU aa Sarah aad
aad beauttfal as
caste, prtoees aad aebles.
hat ahe ifofcld have bob of those. "She
waa heat to a htoh tower aad saw bo
Featephres heard that Joseph
to Heitoeotte, eottocttog the
grata dartog the eevoa years of atoaty, he
deeMed that Aeeaeth shoald heeeaM toe
wife of the bow great bu to Bgypt,
Bern the seript:
"Aad Peatophres said te her: !
Joseph, the mighty oae of God, :Mjh to
as today, aad this men is rator of the
toad of Sgypt. Aad this Jooeeh to eV iMH
that wenhtoaeth Ood, aad a maa ttKy
to wisdom aad knowledge. Come, sealtft
ehdU, aad I wm give thee over to Mat to
wata, aad thee toe he to htm tor A tome,
aad he baataetf shell he thy Mttagroem
rarT BBflT, say-
werdaf ITmtomt tate to give
at a eaattve te eft Jllg Bd a
had oae that hath Mat mmtf
in the
aad bar
whole body
at TeJAnaewBm
W jFa"awyato wBsgBjsg
u4toatii a tha fgtoed m
aftd titoi gtto gtoitoM hjUl
ipH: 'iato I
shea L tad,
how shall JaMffaV ggt et IPSIt Me me.
for that on wt faft I lwvt4sokeB evil
thiagi about Jfnt Ahto toa ntoeiable4
Whither shall t faraway1 Hi he hlddeft
heoattte he aitotott Jtotot w1ry hldttg
place, and kBOWtfl bMIbi and to bid
dea thing eeeaatli alto ff twittm of the
greaiMght that tl Qlf djafl no iaay
the Ood of Joeegl W gtoBttoi to
eaaae in inrAht 1 dv tditok
wordt against gtot. HW, tWm Jt
my father ve &
maid and a bonlf WHi fata, did I wffl
be ia bondage t aiat
W ;oseah Mgie ttto Wlgphto t
'Penteahiwl- aad ITWl t Aaa
Joseph flaked dp p apw nhwjplfl jpMto
tug oat, ihd he pi toTtoplto: 'Who
to that wtoaaa i itwinlBJ m jatt
by the wtedowT Wt haf gh awfcjr.
this hod!
seytag: teat
herself also
aojr Btol4 For
the wJhrea
and 'bal
sBia eBwlt sw ewee eg4g4
land of Bgyil
used to sandy
him many wived
aad daeghters tit
the Bgyptiaas at
ae as maay at
befcett Joseph
were distresee)d
on aocoaat of hit
"And Panto
pares said It
Via: 'My Lord,
that womaa
whom thoa heat
seen standing b
the toft is not ,
stranger, but
oar daaghter, odd
whO'hateth evert
hath ever
u( save
A FKwtwtraph of
il-AUrna Tomb
thou only to-aay
aad if thoa wtoV
est, lord, she laeit eBsaa ail speak to
thee, for that oir eegeieV M at thy sister.'
"And Joseph rSfOleed.wkk exceedlag
great joy, tor that Peetepkrse tald: 'She
it k tfrgto bAttog evary man.' And Joseph
tali to Jehtephrat add hit wife: 'If the
to Phir eadghter, add , it a vfrftft, let iter
come, tar that the to tojr irtoier, aad I lev
her from le-day at my itter.' i
Then her toother went up into the loft
and brought Ateatth to Joseph, and Peats
phret atid to herl TCtos thr brother, be
chase ha atoo tt a vltfM tvad at thoa to
day, aad hafotfc vntry straage wttott erea
as then hatott ivory ttraage bmmu' Aad
Asenath taW to Joseph: liall, lord, htotted
ot Ood Ifdai High.' Ahd Joseph taid to
her: TJod, who thJaheAota aU thtogs
akAtt BUet toea, AsBaaaLJ ---- - -a
r--- ".t t-- f, r --r- Tr '--'s-',. - -:
-- in ill aBadllti tithjtti 1)atoe ami
eBBaaBBt atpa semaw mamratmpawr wp pyswasi pwaa
impramth then ottato 'ffK
Joseph. Joseph ttrttohaii
bead i b H on aer hreit.
Tt m aot meet tor a
mem iaawaja woree treat
teth Ood,
the Ut-
tog Ood, to kiss
jlalraage woman,
whfl bleeseth with
her month dead
and- deaf idols;
bat the man that
worthippeto Ood
wttb ill tooth
er aad the titter
who to hern of hit
tribe aad toe wit
who ihareth his
eoaeh, who bless
with their mouth
tbt tmag Ood.
tdiiwlaa, aiso. tt
to Bot toset for
wdtoia that wOr
jbtopoto Ood to
hut ttransto
man, tor taat this
to ah ahomindtion
to the ttobt or the
the Sarcophaetta Cfcajoor & the
Whore thtt Iteppototl Joddeih Refer
Hat Bwdto Fotttoi
And whea Aaoatth heard these wento
rom Joeewh the wat acre tittrteted aae
groltoed: add at tht wot looking stead-
fatUy at Joseph wKa her eyas open they
wort tiled with tears. And Joseph, whoa
he taw her weeping, pjtto! her exceedtog
ft, for thai ho was mild ant tot roiftJ and
owe who tetrad the Lord. Then he lifted
top tot right hand above her head and said:
Cord Ood of my father IstoeK th Moat
High and the atlghty Ood. Who QtOcheaeet
tit thtogd atot oaoodot froth the darkases
te the tight, aad from dfthr to truth, and
from death to life, Hot Thoa this vfrtto
atop, aad retoahioB wttk Ihtoo ktodea hand
ead number her with thy nedpte whom toed
cttheett before aU Utojb wvrt made.'
Aad Anaafl retofeed over tht Meoetog
- - wtto ftceedtoft: areat joy. Thea
rr, iir." . . 7 . . . t.
Jphd hatolil and came into nor ton ay aai
aad felt upon her bed ih mtraWgy,
for that there waa to her joy and sorrow
aad great fear; aad a ooatteuoas sweat
Beared over her when she heard these.
eoah. aad when he to
3n$ph Inlarproiiug- Fhar
aoVd Drwwwt tm !rot
itif Patorttdtf y Harold
3paoo R. Ah dt? ttW MtBtto)
Iticiefwitt ttUst Wad f bo
Stat dtf Hid fctoo to revror.
hdr to toe aaete of Ood Koto Sphjh.
Aad she toraed to tatttaaat freat
ia lJL a aba riik 'aiat l
ner gvna waasm ai w www
ftwdot toit the patoee of Panto
' jfcse fkal vttt day. altotge ea
fcreeted pS remain, pvoattotog to rt-
tint a whak totor. Atid tod toto had
tt thatMjLeneth aettoer a breed dor
dHhk water, hat whip) ah tldpt hho
Tel -
beraeW lion was awake, aad
Wj aw ii im -mk J k
aitaadet tUfito heard her weeping the
aaked: nhM is It toy tohMtagt, aad
whdraftot art thoa tadl Aad what it It
that trotththth toeer Add Aaeaath an
tweredt "Great add grtovodi pato hath
attaoktd toy koad- I ta6nn & ovdr
ay Umba. Let me he stilt r Aad thtot
Asewsih "took all her godf that were to
her chamber, the godt of gold and at att
Tr, whereof there waa bo Ahatber, and
hraH toom up hith fragmtptt aad eaat
them.droegh the dtodow to peer toito awl
After eight days of toattog Aathath, ho
walllad her .lot deemed te woraato Oad
sayhtf : ! hdvt beard many stymg Oat
the Ood of the llebreWtl d trad
a lrtiil m atot a mH OJmJtmi pW-U3-9..lmsa,i(to
Bmt i -gUt be bold and wirf tarn to. kim
and seek refuge with Him.M,
Then AJf nath tttayed to Ood, aad to tnte
remarkable hook her toll prayer' to firee,
2nd lh prayer is answered by the angel
Oust' BHiwe BieMS".Btstcfae-
mention ox rotipnar I Wite
but Other
1Veevar It!
frtoto h TdfcA
Wto totlt h,fhei itto wto'he'
wise e jeeesjsR -
Aa to toto aat !U "And wMlt Aaaaath
- . ta4u MnfMitni. to tl Tjmi.
Id; the ttohitot ttor also arthftotfe of the
Agtvtol to the oist; and lgtrb saw It
aaU katnlead aad aaid: 'Hath gat Lot Ood
Ihoa hoard Ay prarerf for laat que tear
to h Bitdtwhger and herald at e light of
ow avoat oar.- abb ioj aara aw morn
tog star (hi hehven was rent add a great
aad toefratto ltoht appeared, find whea
the haw It ahehath fell ualst her face
BBOB toe, daddrh, ahaV straisjetway there
tadto to aat a toaa frtto fteAvoa. sendtog
forth rays of light, ant stood above her
head. And as the is on hot toco, thd -viae
aoddt tald to bar: 'AeenAth, stand Vj.
aad the toidt 'Wht to he that talleth ate?
tor toot thd door of my chamber ha shat
hto) the tower to high, aad how thea hath
he eotoe toto my chamber?
"And h oalleth br a tdodBd tim toy.
Aggea BaeatmmeBtjtste Bieseiemmjjggjji ga4asgi tBgjmgt msmgema
Hare Ato I tort toll J who toed art.
And he taid: 1 imt -tta ehtot Uaatato of
the Lord Odd ami totopiliiiswf of alt the
beet of the Moat High; stand op aad stead
ut uj v, v wj "i,B"" w "
my words.' And ahe lifted her toot aad
tFee Tf f dVdawa "JJ dwJshan-ewd dma- god ejeVemSflJep JwahPat
, to ifM had Yfaato gfte royal atot.
taf taM Ida Ihto wad to Jbtatog. aad
Ms eto it m.W 4to saa.aalflU
Mjaw H aliatod M II dam. of a bentag
jel hajtol etto to her: "Beef
gdoa 'eBig! Jtoatoa tfet Vfttto aad pwrom.
to! the Lart Itott givat) tftoe today to
gi2j il wi h .hall be thy
atPllgrtdll pm And to! for my part
t to Jltogti had ls tyteh to htai eom
tatattd ttoto lit tl wti come to thee to
dat ahd tee taat aad rejotee over thee
aad lev thee and be thy briowajwop, and
tlOB theH be his beioved bride forever."
And on the eighth day a hoy
to tell
Aeenath that Joseph bad
"Then Asenatn aaetea and
the stairs to meet Joseph. Aad TooopTi
haring come toto the court the gatot were
shut and ail strangers reauiaed natthtt
And Asenath came ont froea the poveh to
meet Joseph, and when he saw her he '
veiled at her boanty and said to her:
art thou, damsel? Qnickly teU ate. Atot
she saith to him: 1, lord, aat thy head
maid. Asenatb; all the idoto I have east
away from me and they peri tied Aad a
man came from bearea and he said to te:
"I have siren thee for a bride to Jt
and he hbneelf shall be thy
forerer; and thy name shall sot ho
Asenath, but it shall be called City of
Refuge,' and the Lord Ood ehafl retoaovor
maay nations, and through that ehefl tody
seek refuge with Ood Moat fJhJh." '
"Then Joseph said to Asenath;
art thoa, woman of God Most High,
blessed is thy name forever. For
man came to me to-day aad
words concerning thee. Aad
hither to me, then virgin aad pare.
therefore standest thou afar ot?f
Joseph stretched oat his haade at
braced Asenath, and Asenath Jeaspi
they kiased one aaothor
and both lived agate to taelf aaerH. Aad
Joseph kiased Asenath aad gave Btr the.
spirit of life- thea the soeoad ttoao hegaee
her the spirit of wtodoea. aad too toto
ibae Be htoeed her toaderiy aad
the spirit of troth."
Joseph insisted that aoae save
ehoald hrteg then together, aad after the
King had seat for Aaoatth and her tother
aet "Awskr
to have
atoo formed against Phataoh htoiaelf, toto
f "V 36
The hook atetot: "Thoa Phaaaohrh ssato
apon - e e w -ww
hed-rhemhor te atoy htm with the swovd
Hie father's gaares thetthpom htodmad
from comiBg toto hto father. Acd
hearing that he eoara aot enter woat away
la wrath. And then he aad hto mm west
away to meet Joseph and Aieaath.
"And' Asenath rote in the morateg aad
said to Joseph: 1 am going to the pooaee
sion of onr inherit anre as thoa haat tald:
hat my aonl toaraU otceedinaly for that
thoa art pertiad frato too.' And Joaoph eahl
te heri tot of hood eater aad ho not afraid,
imt rartAr go away iBtotsfrnt. to dread of no
maa.whttoawrmr. tor that tod LtH a wMh
inee aaa no aimeetx wm m tati ea Usee aa
the apple of a ape fro
wBoa Ammaa reoehed the. ptoem dtthe raiT
vtnt will taa ttx hundred
.uoy rooy wae wort wito FBrnptoWt soar
fflJLS 22L IStM-K
md ewt tktjgTS demto irtoh
ami tH her tseedBBamai fthew atatxiaW Aa. 5
ddAJt fled wiOt mar .isptoathv .
v J?1 t a tow atsT
hrillfoBt light aaon a dTHmattoa aatVa4'
areat drama, long paaaed tote daet. hat atffi
tivm ta tBOBtadTaBd I tomgtoammmeir
eap, sseama
mamV '
jk emfA a
ibbbbbbbW eaBBBBaak. 9aam 'flaBBTeW.
",-",'A jiL v . . - -'- - -- -M-ifc..itManaBaMMMaasMMs

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