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Nam* "Bayer" is on Genuine
Insist oa Tablets of As
pirin" in ? "Bayer paekasra," con
U nin( proper directions for Head
ache. Cold*. Fain. Neural??*. Lum
fcago, and Rheumatism Name "Bay
9r means genuine Aspirin preacriS
?d by physicians for ntneteen years.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets coat
few csnis. Aspirin is trade mark of
Baysr Manjfacturt- of Monoacetlcacl
4eater of S*Ucyiicacid.
Heat Eases Pain
It redacts inflammation and scat
ters congestion.
There is more concentrated, non
bLstenne heat in a box of Begy*s
Mnstarine than in any box the same
rise anywhere.
That's why some people call it
the triple extract of heat. Bat it
eaa not blister.
is the world's quickest pain killer,
?ad contains real yellow mustard.
Use it to end Chest Colds, Sore
ThroAt and Pleurisy?overnight.
. Rub it on when you want Neural
gia, Neuritis and Lumbago to
promptly disappear.
Use it for Sprains, Strains,
Swellings, Soreness, Stiff Joints
sad Neck.
Always n the yellow box. Money
hack if not as advertised?30 and
39 cents.
S. C. Wells * Coh LeKoy. N. Y.
14tb mad Yov Street*
316 Ninth St N. W
Suinai Lock tie. 11 to I DaO>
?**Hs: Dturr. IS* <? S P. ?.
hs4*r iUmci. l iiM a. a. ts I r. K
i Fraaktia 7713 "
N 3W Industrial Round Table
Kay Convene Here
Next Week.
The new Industrial conference
probably will be convened in Wash
ington early next week.
President Wilson, on his sick bed.
now has before him a tentative list
of members, drawn up by the Cabi
net, and R is expected he wiH ap
point the personnel after the Cabinet
meeting today, as the emergency does
not admit of any delay.
As Administration leaders plan this
conference, neither labor nor capital
will bo directly represented In It. All
members will.'oe appointed to act in
the spirit of detachment and in the
interest of the public, rather than in
the interest of any party to the in
dustrial controversy. For this reason.
U is not probable that either the
American Federation of Labor, the
National Industrial Conference Board,
nor the* United States Chamber of
Commerce will be consulted aa to the
appointment of delegates.
The conference will constitute an
enlargement of the public group in
the necent tripartite conference,
\chlch was adjourned last week. It is
not probable that any of the members
of the former conference will be apr
pointed to the new one. although
there is a strong element in the Ad
ministration which believes that the
services and experience of B. M.
Baruch, Thomas L. Ohadbourne, John
D. Rockefeller. Jr.; Paul L- Feiss, and
H. B. Kndlcott should not be alto
gether lost to the new round table.
Central High Students Ask
Supt. Thurston to Uphold
Kwai's Appointment.
. . ?
Officers of the high school cadet
corps tn Central High School, in a
petition signed several days ago, have
informed Ernest L. Thuraton, superin
tendent of schools, that the entire
cadet corps at Central favors the ap
pointment of Yung Kwal, son of the
counselor to the Chinese embassy, as
captain in that organization.
Protests have been made against
Kwai's appointment by the Junior
United Order of American Mechanics.
Thi$ order disfavors Kwai's appoint*
ment because of his race.
The Central officers have told Mr.
Thurston they are proud to havs
Kwai one of their number, and that
he earned his commission aa captaity.
due to his great interest and hard
work i nthe cadet corps.
Kwai is one of the brightest stu
dents at the school, and is exceed
ingly popular with members of his
cadet company. %
The Junior Order has take?-no fur
ther-action since making a protest to
the Board of Education last Wednes
day. - ^
Shoes Rebuilt on
Factory Machinery
"fTTE make worn shoes smart and serviceable at
small cost in our modern shoe-repair plant.
No need to worrry over cost of the family.'s shoes.
Just send them to us for repairs and cut your shoe
bills in half. All work guaranteed. Try us today
and learn what economy our service offers you.
Men's and Women's Sewed Soles
Pol on in 15 Minatm, While ^ 1 Q P
You Wait $1.03
Sewed Sole*?Extra Quality Leather $1.60
Neolij Soles
n>trr*rM( Sab
. $150
ST. LOUIS, Oct! 28.?putting
the solution of the threatened
coal strike squarely up to the
Government, Thomas T. Brew
ster, chairman of the operators'
scale committee, said today that
he had been in hope of a settle
ment. The strike, he declared, is
the result of political intrigue
and personal ambition of leaders
of the United Mine Workers.
Delegates From All Parts of
the World Hear Addresses
of Welcome.
_?. ??
"With the singing of "The Marseil
laise," and of a new hymn to "Labor,'
the first International Congress of
Working Women opened today. ?
From all parts of the world dele
rates assembled and the flags of many
nations, including the newly-formed
republics of Poland anfi Czecho-Sl<v
vakia, were draped on the walls of
the National Museum, where the con
gress is being held.
An effusive welcome was given the
visitors from Europe and the other
lands whkfh have representatives.
Luther C. Steward, president of tha
Federation of Federal Employes,
made the address of welcome on be
half of Washington and its workers,
after Mrs. Raymond Robins had wel
comed them on behalf of the nation.
"Every worker In the American
Government la glod to have you
hare," said Mr. 8teward. "You are
here to speak for yourselves, to tall
the world what you want. Instead ol
having men tell you what they think
you ought to have. It is a grea.
movement that you are sponsoring,
and great results will be reaped from
it" , ?
Mile. Jeanne Bouvler spoke briefly
on behalf of the working wotnen of
France, translating Mrs. Robinr' ad
dress of welcome Into her native
tongue,* and Mme. Marie Majerova
spoke for the women of Czecho
The congress was called to order
by Mrs. Robins, president of the Na
tional Woaien's Trade Union League
In the United States, shortly aftar 1?
LtdilstlTC Pra?ra?.
"There has been placed before this
congress a simple legislative program
prepared bjrvthe labor oommisslon at
tfc? peace conference in Paris," she
stated,'In her opening address. "It U.
a program for the care of mothers
and babiea; for the protection hi
childhood; for the protection of young
womanhood. It presents the question
of night work, hazardous occupations,
control of unemployment, and the
eight-hour day. In the very simplicity i
of Its program lies Us significance. 1
Certain preliminaries of civilization
must be achieved before the demo
cratic purpose of life can find ex
P*<i4rr> *f New Era.
"It Is with a sense of profound
emotion that I bid welcome to Amer
ica the delegates to the first interna
tional congress of .working women.
We welcome you as women who have
borne the brunt of five years of war;
whose sufferings have touched us to
the quick; a!td whose courage and
steadfastness. Illumining the ways
of darkneas. have won our reverence
and devotion."
There are forty delegates to the
congress, representing fifteen ' coun
tries and six languages.
The details of the conference pro
gram will be determined by an
executive committee composed of one
member from each country. The dis
cussions will follow the same line as
the'agenda of the International labor
conference of the league of nation*.
ATLANTA, Ga.. Oct. 28.?MaJ. Gen.
E. M. Lewis, commander at Camp
Gordon, and three companies, of reg
ulars entrained for Knoxvllle last
night for Hot duty. Governor Rob
erts of Tennessee* asked for the
.troops as a precautionary measure to
prevent further rioting in Knoxvllle
in connection with the street car
strike there. i
KNOXVILLE. Teniv, Oct. 28?The
Central Labor Council has called a
walkout of s^ll crafts,, except railway
employes, city firemen and police, in
sympathy with striking street car
workers, effective Friday.
The action taken last night was
supplemented by a decision to boycott
the Knoxvlle Railway and Light
Company, both daily newspapers 4nd
the Mono Ice Company, of which Na
than B. Kuhlman, commissioner of
public safety, is the head.
At another meeting it was determ
ined to put into circulation today pe
titions asking recall of Mayor E. W.
Neal, elected last month. Fourteen
charges are made in connection with
the petitions, which become operative
If signed by 2.000 voters.
NEW TORK. Oct. 28.?New Yoru'a
skyscrapers made such a vivid im
pression upon Vicente Blasco Ibanez,
author of "The Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse," that he expects to us^
them as part jot his material in tho
description of' American city life.
The famous Spanish author, who
arrived here yesterday, will visit ev
ery part of the country. He d?clar*<l
today that he hopes to get material
for four American novels despite hts
Inability to speak English. Tbe
length of his stay is indefinite.
George T. Nicholls, Farmer Liv
ing Near Germantown, Killed
By Fall Through Chute.
RO^KVILLE, Md., Oct. 28 ?Georg?
T. Nicholls, a farmer living near Ger
mantown, thin county, and a life-long
resident of that section of the county,
died Sunday afternoon as a result of
injuries received several days ago.
when he fell through a barn chute
on his farm. He was seventy-two
years old. Surviving him is a son.
Roger D. NichoUs. of Germantown.
He was the father of the late Simon
Nicholls, ^professional baseball player
The fur.eral will t take place at 11
o'clock Wednesday morning from the
family residence, the services to be
in. charge of the Gaithersburg Ma
J,sonlc lodge. Burial will be in tha
Baptist cemetery at Germantown
While motoring through Montgom
#ry county yesterday afternoon, on
their way from Detroit. Mich., to their
homes In Raleigh. N. C., Hamilton
Ray. W. P. Montague and C. W. Coop
er were arrested by Deputy Motor
?Vehicle Commissioner George A
Gloyd, on charges of operating their
machines In excess of the legal soeeii
limit. In police court here. Judge W
Frank Galther fined each *'J3 and
D. P. Delbler, of Chevy Chase, who
was several days ago* committed to
Jail here. In default of bail, on a
peace warrant issued at the Instance
of his son. David H Deibler, who
swore that he was afraid his father
would do liim bodily injury, tyu been
released, J. W. Stone, of Chevy Chase,
qualifying as surety.
The Rev. P. Rowland Wagner, pas
tor of the Baptist Church, officiated
at the marriage here of Miss Ellwi
beth Hutchinson and Ernest Moran,
both of Washington. The ceremony
took place at the home of the min
In the first soccer game in this
county In the public athletic league
State-wide tournament, which was
played at Sandy Spring between the
Sandy Sprihg and RockvlUe High
school teams, Rockville won, 1 to 0.
\ A license has been issued by the
elerk of the circuit court here for the
marriage of Miss Ruth Staaley. of Da
mascus. this county, aad Edward
Minor Burns, of Monrovia, Md.
Miss Helena Beall, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. S. Webster Beall, of Lewis
dale. this county, and Dorsey Lewis,
of the vicinity of Browingsvllle, this
county, were married a few days ago
at the home of the bride's parents,
the ceremony being performed by the
Rev. A. H. Green, of Monrovia, Md.
Dsat let careless riptalllirf
?sake a sieve ?( yoar par**, lay
wisely, aW Increase rnr aaraey k?U
lags by lavestlag la W. 8. 8.
Tiny Little Chocolate Covered
Tablets Work Like a
/ Char iv.
Intaead of taking a big draatlc dose
to "Blast" and upaet you tomorrow,
get a bottle of'E-Z Tablets, the tiny
chocolate covered wonder working
tablets that work while you work.
Take one any time. Right away you
note relief. Take another a little lat
er on and you'll feel fine. Then an
other tonight maybe. They are sp
small you can gauge the do?e an?l
never be upset and you don't have to
wait until night time to take them.
For dixzy, headachy, bilious, bloated,
cramped or constipated spell. Just
?wallow one now ana watch how quick
relief comes Wnother a little later
puts the system in shape.
E-Z Tablets, 100 in handy wooden
bottle, 25c. Purse or pocket else. 10.
at People'a Drug Stores, and all good
drug stores.
Miller's Antiseptic OH. Kaewa As
Snake Oil
mil Positively Relieve Pain la Few
Try It right now for Rheumatism. Nen
slrls. Lumbago, sore, stiff and swollen
Joints, pain In the head, back and limbs,
corns, bunions, etc. After one appllca';on
pain usually disappears as if by ma sic.
A new remedy used Internslly and ex
ternally for Coughs. Colds. Croup. Sore
Throst, Diphtheria and Tonsilltts.
This oil Is conceded to be the moef
penetrating remedy known. Its prompt
? nd Immediate effect In relieving pain Is
due to the fact that It pen?trat*s *o th?
effected parts at once. As sn Illustration,
pour ten drops on the thickest piece of sole
leather and It will penetrate this substance
through and through In three minutes.
Acoept no substitute. This great oil
golden red color only Every bottle gusr
anteed?ilOc, ,80c and $1.00 a bottle?at all
People's l>rug Stores.
Which. WiU
You Use,
tor Safe Personal Hy&iena
Curtailed Production and Increased Costs
^ Have Been Met and Overcome in
Ney's $100,000 Sale of
Women's & Misses' Suits
-Coats, Furs, Dresses, Etc.
This extraordinary occasion brings unusual advantages to feminine Washington, again proving that it pays
to buy at Ney's?the largest popular priced suit, coat and dress house in the city.
"$20,000 SUIT SALE"
Hundreds of garments in all their swagger style,
perfect tailoring,-excellent finish?all new!?all wool!
Worth a good deal more than the price quoted dur
ing this sale. And this sale is for all women, as all
sizes are here, including models for extra size women.
Materials are rich, beautiful and fashionable?the
assortment includes Broadcloths, Serges, Gabardine,
Poplin, Silvertone, Velours?some
trimmed with Fur Collars. All
grades and sizes. Values up to
$60. Ney's sale price
Other Suit Sales at $39.98
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Every woman who purchases one or more of
these delightfully new and charming dresses for street
and afternoon wear will thank us for having pre
sented this wonderful opportunity. Every miss and
woman will be suited in fabric, size, style and color.
sey, Velvets
are Tricotine, Satin,
and Serges, in all
shades and'sizes. Judgedijy every
comparison they are $25.00 values.
Other Dress Sales at
6ther Dress Sales at
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Taffeta, Silk Jer
$14.99 <
Coat Sale"
Stunning Fur-Trimmed
$35 Broadcloth
Truly the coat value of the season;
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announced this season." Make your
choice from a big variety, including
broadcloth, silvertone, velours, serges
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convertible or luxurious fur collars.
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"$5,00G Fur Sale"
"It's an ill wind that blows no good." To
day's values in Nfy's high-grade Fur Pieces and
Fur sets come about because hot weather is a
?it tardy In slowing up in Washington.
During This Sale Event Our
Splendid Stock of
Wolf Scarfs
(Extra large animal
size)?with heads, feet
and large tail trim
mings, in shades of
brown, black and
taupe ;_lucille lined with
crepe de chine and
satin. Worth $40.00,
tomorrow at
?Two yards long
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values. Tomorrow,
$5.98 and $6.98.
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