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Residents Report Incinerator Is
Detriment to Section and
Cite Conditions.
A report relative to the city refuse
disposal plant tn the Trinidad district
was read ladt night at a meeting of
tb? Northeast Washington Citiaens
Vs'octatlon. held in the Northeast
Temple. Twelfth and H strata north
W. J Frliiell. chairman "of the spe
cial committee, reported that the te
fu?r pis nt was a detriment to that
section and outlined conditions which
<-*isted at the plant.
Mr. Frlaaeil quoted residents or that
Itwalitv. ?ho declared that the plant
was a nulsancc. J. A Sander, a resi
dent living near the plant, declared
?hat the heavy trucks loaded with ref
ui? have damaged the roads leading
to the plant to * sfieat extent.
Evan H. Tucker, president of the
asroe'atlon. aid that the rommttt*?
would continue its investigations
as to the conditions at the plant.
F?T?r S*s?r?tf tTtllltlea.
A resolution favoring a separate
and distinct public utilities com
?nisaton to administer th# public
utilities act. was adopted by the ?s- |
?ociatlon. The resolution was intro- j
duced by Roscoe Jenkins, chairman
ft' the committee on public utilities.
Proapects tor the passage of the bill
providing for the election of the
members of the board of education
k> a diroct rote of the citlaens of the
restrict are bright. T>r. Starr Parsons.
?lialrmaB of the committee on achoola,
The bfTt was drafted by the Joint
ei'lsens* committee, composed of dele
sates from more than thirty local civ
ic associations last Wednesday night.
*?k Tfclrtee-ath Street Repair.
Dr. U D. Walter offered a resolu
tion requesting the Commissioners to
repair Thirteenth street from Mary,
land to Florida avenues. Dr. Walter
reported that the street was in a bad
ondition. and pointed out it was used
as a fire ran for No. It Engine Com
pany. The resolution was adopted.
A report on the membership drive
was read by Samuel Thomas, chair
man of the membership committee.
*n<i Jesse C- Suter, vice president of
the Federation of Citi&ens' Associa
tions. also spoke on the membership
Thomas 1*. McNamara, chairman of
?he committee on water, lights and
??were, reported on the work of bis
Committees for the ensuing year
vcre announced by Evan H Tucker,
president of the association. The com
fTiltieea follow:
ra?nittrri Ippotnted.
Exemtlva?Kvan H. Tucfcer. chairman;!
r?r t. D. Walter. Dr. Starr Paraoaa. Roe
->e Jenkins, W. ? Lang. Samuel Thorn aa.
Vlanfco O Anthony, William J. Frtssell,
r-rof. Perclval Hall Thomas L. McNamara.
and Jamas M Wood.
?Kvan H Tucker. chairman:
^ illlam J. Prizaail. Hubert N. Newsom.
l?r. U D. Walter. Dr. Starr Paraotw. Prof.
^?rciTal Hail, and Oeor*<? D Uttle '
?*Tib'?<tty and Mall Service?William J
? riasell. -hatrman. Alonxo Q. Anthony Q
' Aachaabach. Ch?Is OlcbeL B r.
'iover. T. Hoitaader. Thomas P. CT Daa. R.
Marphy WlUlaia H McConnall. William
?' Cole, and R B. Smith.
-ftraeta. ArniM aad Alleys?W. O Laos
-airman: Fredarle* Krana. Q. H Brahler.
? rry WHMam Creamer, F. A.
Verway. W. W. Deal, J. B Diggls, H. R.
oveastein. I)?m C. Toollf. John Kindle.
H. tt /mm. WlPlain B Creecy. Jacob
? reel! aad Harry Baden.
Lights aad Sewers?Thomas U
McNamara, chairman; J. B. Harrell, F. J.
McDonald, Auiuat Weber. D H. Ballauf.
James P. Kelley. C. | Brawn?r, A K
Felser. J. W Hu|h??, Martin McHugh. K.
Bretler. John C Ron?>n?. P. J. O'Dea. j
Louie Northrop. H B Glotzbach. W H
S*do, William Maier, G?org? Devakoc. and i
Harry Katz.
AiKumfnti?Alonzo G Anthony, chair
man; W. G. Lang7"W G Dunn'. W 3
Bransom. Luther F Hall, W A Hettinger.
Thomas Holmes J W Annadale, David J.
Kvan*. A H McGhan, Myer MoleriofT, R.
W Wandron, Of C. Wot and D. W. Tea
Parka and Spaces?Prof Perclral Hall,
chairman Edwin L. Schrach. Robert
Aaron, D. A Falton. Gnatav Hartlg, H. B.
Day. Dr. Lyman Stead, George F. Hoover.
James A Barly, M. J Flaherty, C. M
Frya, and Alonzo G Anthony.
Colleges and School a?Dr Starr Parsons,
chairman; J. P. Hawklna, Robert Bowdfer, j
Thomaa Regan. Dr. H. R. Schreiber. James 1
W McChe?ney. Joxeph O. Bardroff. William |
Levy, T. R. Pintle, Dr. Raymond A. Fisher.
fJeorge H. Boyd, Mr?. Emma Regan. Mrs
Roar Reidl, and Jacob K. Peterson.
Sanitary Affairs?James M. Wood, chair
man: Dr P. A. Laddon, A. W. Sieverllng.
M, H. Ready. Dr. W K Bradley, Hugh A.
Kane, C. Stutimaa, Aaron Maisels. 8. Mur
phy. J. W. Sheer. J. O. Prienkert. A. O.
Southworth. A Zeller, and J. A. Souder
Public Utllitlea? Roaroe Jenkins, chair
man; George Carll, William F Dement.
Charles J. Kropke. W. H Unham. Paa
quale Vasco. H. O. Roach. W. H. Burch,
8 R Rlanton. Clarence Robey, Lemuel
Robe>. and Myer Fiaher.
Police and Fire Departments?Dr. L. D
Walter, chairman; W. H. Biirch. M J. Col
lins. .T. M. Patten, J. M Burns, Samuel
Thomas, W. O. Lang. Timothy Hanlon.
Hugh A Kane. Benjamin Williams. G. M
Little, and Thomas L. McNamara
Membership Samuel Thomaa. chairman:
G. 'ang, Charles R. Hysan. T*ouls
Northup. William H. McConnell. Alonzo
G. Anthony. L Sacks. C. G Barteman. Dr.
L. D Walter, Thomas R. Helmuth. Frank
*5. Ruppert, Jacob ?. Peterson, D H. Yo-V,
August F. Rupprec.ht. Charles A Peters.
A. G. Southworth. and R. C. Uwn.
Plans for their participation In the
membership drive to be. launched un
der the auspices of the Federation of
Citizens' Associations were discussed
be members of the Piner Branch
Citi*ens' Association last night in a
meeting held in the fowa Avenue
Methodist Church. O. L. Shorey,
chairman of the membership com
mittee, said he expected to increase
the membership by more than 200
Funds for the purchase of member
ship buttons were appropriated, and
plans submitted for a house-to-house
canvass. The conatitution of the
Piney ' Branch Citlxena' Association,
which calls for an initiation fee of $1
and annual dues of the same amount,
payable upon initiation, *u amended
to dispense with the payment of the
Initiation fee. Eleven candidates
were elected to membership.
A resolution was passed asking
that Congress appropriate sufficient
money to buy the valley of Piney
I branch, lying between Fourteenth and
? Sixteenth streets, and make it a eon
! tinuation of Rock Creek Park extend
. ing in this direction. It was stated
? this would add materially to the value
I of property in the Piney Branch sec
tion of the city and also improve
Rock Creek Park.
A. L Blakesley. treasurer of the
association, submitted the annual re
port of the expenditure of funds.
Offlcera elected last night were:
E. B. Henderson, re-elected president
of the association: J. H. Pellen. elected
vice president: C. P. Thompson, re
elected treasurer, and A. L. Blakesley,
treasurer. Mr. Henderson and George
A Finch were appointed delegates to
the Federation of Citizens' Associa
Wear a IKO Red Ci ??? battaa. the
eaMea mt humanity'
WuHnin'i aanitary Deatil Oflk*
If your tMth axe aore and painfnl or your
mouth is in bad condition, you are cheating
yourself a-nd family of the happiness and com
fort and better earning1 power that goes hand
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Reliable Paialeaa Dental W?i* at Moderate
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Filling* That Star It Gold. uold mown awd bridge
Alloy, Enamel, $1, Si!*ct, M? <. ,( >kr >rr, kiom n*1'
Wgam. Cement, 50c. ?" $5
DR. WHITE, 407 7th St
a aa- ?? g
Be and t*p
as. 1* (a 1.
Hosra Dally.
Pb*a* Wain 1*.
D?. J. K. FREIOT, Pi**.
PRETTY Miss Gertrude G. Lee, Knights of Columbus
worker in Italy, has the honor of being the only
woman ever given audience by Pope Benedict without
wearing the customary mantilla. Search brought no
discovery of the necessary veil, but the Pope ordered
that she immediately be introduced into his presence,
saying that the K. of C. uniform was a sovereign pass
port to an audience with him.
Only Shadow Remains
Of U. S. War Machine,
Says Secretary Baker
(Copyright 1919, by International News Service.)
The great fighting machine which a year ago today had
amazed its associates and its enemies by completing the
grneling campaign of the Argonne immediately after strik
ing the swift blow in the St. Mihiel area, and immediately
before poising itself for another and even mightier advance
farther to the southeast, has been contracted again to a
modest fraction of its former size.
Demobilization Nearly Ended.
Of the four million men or more
which last November constituted the
strength of our army, scarcely a
quarter of one million remain. The
r?cord of transporting two million
soldiers to Europe in the last year
of hostilities has been duplicated by
returning more than that number in
the year since hostilities ceased.
The fleets of commercial vessels,
gathered from all the quarters of
the earth and concentrated in the At
lantic shipping lanes, have gone back j
again to their former and far-scat
tered owners. The dead-weight tons
re-delivered by the War Department
now mount to four million, leaving
scarcely more than 350.000 tons under
army control.
The abrupt termination of fighting
left us many thousands of contracts
in force.
Of these, more than 27,000 were im
mediately suspended, having a value
of $3,900,000,000 Of the~, 22,378?
more than 80 per cent?have been
During the latter half of the past 1
twelve months, the army has disposed
of vast quantities of surplus supplies.
The Mies of material abroad, made
mainly In 'Prance, represent nearly a
half billion dollars. Those mad* In
the United States have mounted now
beyond six hundred millions of dol
Bot despite this redaction In oar
mnitsry personnel, despite the re
torn of these millions from abroad,
there are many, unhappily, who will
Instead of bichloride tablets,
carbolic acid, peroxide of
hydrogen and other dangerous
Three Sizes
j. S.TYREE, Chemist, Inc., washington, D.C.
always remain in the army and who
will return. If they come at all. only
a* member* of that great company
whose tent* are spread on- fame's
eternal camping ground. More than
77,000 graves have now been marked
by the Graves Registration Service.
The bodies of those whose families
desire it will be returned to Amer
ica. The others will be gathered in
centralized spots, which will be cared
for and. beautified so as to make
them fit resting places for the heroes
who are there. In our observance
of this and of ail the coming anni
versaries of the armistice, the
spiritual ranks of these dead must
be present to oar vision. In the rec
ollection of their effort, we mast
plan the future.
VTTW YORK. Nov. 11.?cardinal
Murder, primate of Belgium, expects
the next elections in his country to
show a dangerous advance in revolu
tionary aodaliam. The cardinal voioee
his fears In a letter to George L. Do- j
val, chairman of the Cardinal Mereter
testimony executive committee, made
public here last night.
Liack of employment, definite and
continued, has resulted In "deep die
satisfaction and unrest" in Bslgtum,
the cardinal says. This has been
due to lack of raw materials for man
ufacturing as well as to the German
destruction of factories during the
war. Agents of the Bolshevikl *?"!
radical atheistic socialists are ex
' pVoiting this situation to further
their aims, he added.
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In a yellow box. Always
Frne for Gout, too,
And Lumbago and Neuralgia;
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And scatters Congestion.
Rub it on when Influenza threatens.
One box does the work
Of 50 mussy, blistering mustard
Money back if not as advertised
?30 and 60 cents.
S. C Well* & (X, Leftegr, PL Y.
? ? ?
. ^ -t;. *v * * * ? ?
NEW TORK. Not. 11.?Application
for a Judicial settlement of the estate
of M1ss Mary M. Roberts. flled In the
surrogate'* office yesterday by the
Farmers'^ Loan, and Trust Company
as executor, revealed the slee of sev
eral Requests made to charity.by Mtas
?Roberts in her will.
The petition says that the estate is
valued at $2,641,523. In her will Miss
Roberts directed that her residuary
estate, amounting to more than
12.000.000, be divided among several
charitable institutions. According to
the figures submitted by the Farmers'
I/nan end Trust Company, the Ladies'
Christian Union will receive $203,286;
the American Female Guardian So
ciety and Home for the Friendless.
$203,*181: Young Women's Christian
Association. $203,557; Presbyter!* n
Rest for Convalescents, $203,300;
Hampton Normal and . Agricultural
Institute, $203,445. and the Young
Men's Christian Association, $406,806.
In addition, she made numerous be
quests of $10,000 and $5,000 each to
charitable organisations.
One part of the accounting shows
that the deccdent had a peculiar fond
neen for rats. Mid among h*r effects
arc found various srnAll figures of
cats. a silver salt shaker with a cat
rtgur?. two paper-weights. with c*t?.
one arti receiver with ffro kittens
another salt shaker with tjjree rats.
? bront? cat. The articles have
i a value vary in* frotn *5 to *20 each.
1 To her companion. Miss Ifabelle
Nugent. she left all her clothes and
15.000. and directed that when Miss
Nugent dies *he shall be buried
alongside her in her family plot in
Woodlawn .Cemetery.
Special effort will be exerted to
malte ? the manufactures' section of
the 1920 census the most ' complete
and comprehensive inventory of the
nation's manufacturing establish^
ments ever taken, the Bureau of Cen
sus announced todky.
At the last manufacture* cenru".
In 1914. about 27S.0OA establishments
were listed. This ttmA more than
S00.000 will be reported, it? is- ex
pected. . .
"The City Club and What It Means
to Washington" will be the theme of
an address by the Rev. Dr. John But
ton Clark, pastor of the l^lrst Pres
byterian Church, at the weekly lunch
eon of th?* City Clu>. to be held at -
12:JO o'clock tomorrow afternoon in i
the clubhouse, on Farragut Square.
If You Have a Dollar, Please
y Hcfbe a Heart, Won't You)
The treasury of the American Wed
Cr??j Is greatly la need of fond*
The Red Cross is tj^e irtitest re
lief orfs.nlcation In the world. With
out exception our returning soldiers
have sung Its pral#es.
. The District of Columbia has been
asktd to contribute 9100.000 to this
fl??l appeal for war relief work.
In Washington $35,000 has thus far
been raised. Sixty-five thousand dol
lars Is needed, and nesded badly.
There are 30.000 wounded or diseased
American soldiers now in hospitals,
each one needing the watchfulness
and assistance of the Red Cross; 2.
000 of tbe*e sick and wounded heroes
arc at the Walter Reed HospitaJ. at
our very doorstep. That is enough to
Justify an Immediate response from
the people of the Capital to the ap
peal of the Red Cross to assist in re
plenishing the treasury of this great
humane agency to the end that it
may finish adequately the task It be
gan so nobly. But tn addition there
are thousands of soldiers' families
needing assistance, and there are mil
lions who will starve In the lands of
our allies If the Red Cross Is not abl*
to assist this winter.
I Wtthttftw 4?aM?l tu into t
??try LJberty Iom It m*?r MM
to r*?p?it< fully to ???ry w%r r?M
This la armlatVe ttr. A T??l *01
U>? triumphant atw4tr4 o< riilln
tton ?ti planted atop the Mil ?
victory. It ia not p?ea?ble tkat Abm>
Jem cttlaena eas ao aooa for cat thi
*reate?t of alt r?!l?f r"ttji?fi?ai U
the war. Vie horror* of which wo an
?tilt ahuM<*rtBr OTar.
Wo appeaJ to- eeory ?naa aod ?*?
man ta Waahln*toa today to i
contribution to' tV RM Ornaa TWfi
are at )rut B.000 people tn this ritj
who have not contributed to tho Bot
Ctom at all In Iflt who ar* now aola
rd b^tU> appeal, to earh Mntrftvii
at lraat $10 toder Thare are anret]
20.000 people in Waafclnrton who wit
feel no deep privation from eendtnt
li each to the Red Crooa today. Or
talnly there are an addltteUl 100.1*
people who wouM not beottatr u
make a contribution of $1 on thl# a?
nWeraary of the rakdlac of bovttltttea
1 h-rUm, moot t no4*r* or oftafc
nhould he aept to Thomu 1 Pweeeei
Rod Cro#? headquarter*. 1T1P H >tra?
In the Autumn Blouse Display
Georgette Blouses,
, Specially Priced, $5.75 >Jji|
Blouses of finely selected georgette in shades most pre- [ ff? ij f J * , MjSf /
ferred for wear with winter suits and skirts. Comprising: /- fl i J wiBi
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round-neck style, with embroidered and beaded panel, / * / *
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and embroidered and beaded motifs over the front.
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White, Flesh or Navy Georgette Blouse, hemstitched, vfth beeffly lebraadeted f\cntgr? n^Wwi (taH. *J|
Blouse Section, Third floor. ?
A Home Without Books b Like a House
Without Windows
Illustrated In color.
Stary etf (he wiu DtwA for yoaac pee pi* with
n?WT*/ *^DsiwuiaTsJaST
of pictures outlined by numbered sou n%
The Playmate^ Baah Stories fer little people. Large
type snd many pictures. Nr.
Kid* of Kaay (olorm. Children'* picture* In rhyme of
people of til laada Including tulUbn ud mother nwi
Old Mother RaSkari. and many other favorites Illus
trated hi Tsrlcxie colors, end very attractive. HJ?
Handsomely lUuotrated In color. SIM.
HeMe. by Johanna 8pyTl. One of the few real!* g*od
books for ehfldr*a. ILM.
Back at School Wtfh the Tarkrr Tn laa
Child** GaHea of bv Robert Louts Stevens**
With illustration^ Mr.
with colored pictures snd Urge Uluatasted
border*. Mr.
Beat, the Battle Harer. by Walter A. Dyer. Sl-Sa.
Toaa Uardi'i Veal, by Alfred Bishop Mason
Illustrated. SI-5a.
Ktpltar"a Boy Manra, s collection of ths beat of Kip
ling's stories for younger readers iLSS
The Boy* of St. Ttaothy**. by A. 8. Pier. ITTnstra
tions in color. TBe.
Betty laa*. Patriot. A new story of wsrrlng tftnea
by George M Mullett run.
Here Tate* Fro* Aaaerteaa Hliltrr by Booaevalt and
I>od*e. HJ*.
Mother Storied
By Maud Lindas?
Models of simplicity and charm Instructive yet the
moral never too obviously pointed. Helpful to the mother,
entertaining to the child. Illustrated 81.2&.
A Tr?mmvr-T of Aatma) Stertr*. wlfh attractive pictures
for older nne* wv
riwle WlnitT and I<*?aeara. by Howard Gar|? SIae
laolr Wlgglly and Allrr la Wea*rrflaad, by Howard
Germ. 11JA.
UrfBtur*. of Twlakly Fyra the Little B|*>k Rr.r by
A. fhaffce. H -ne
? The ?*rvel af ?a-rtf? "kip*, by JarVson ai d
Evans. S3 oo.
The Woader Book of HmwW4c I2J*
The Htddra Aortal, or The Spy Mar oa the SaeaMa, by
U E Weiss, S1.SS.
Story Book of Srteare* by Jean H. Fabre. of
The Raaaarr of Hadrra Klortrlrlty. CJS.
The lUaaarr of Geology. S2 OO
Boy*a Life of Oaeral Perahlaa. by George Durston ISr.
Boy*a Life of Macola. by Helen Vlcolajr. Slja.
Vive La Kraarr. a story of war and hospital davs by
the Knlpes Si-SO.
The Boy Mffllaatet of Brl(laa, by George K. Walsh Ilia.
Boya' Book of Xew laveatlea*. by Harry E. Maude Many
illustration*. 7 Sr.
Make It Play to Read Each Day
For Girls
To By Trotter, Patriot A wonderfully Interesting story
' E B and A. A. Knlpe.. si 5?
The (^aaapflre GlrU Sotve a Myatery, by . Hlldrgarde G
rey. ear
Ruth Vlrldlaa Ho*?r ward Boo ad by Alice B. Etneraov ?ee
The Khahl GlrU at Wladaar Barrarka. by Edna Brooks,
( aptala l.ary la Fraaee, by Aline Harard S>>a
Beth *aae Gee* to Vhoal. by Msiy IVGinther SI SO
Book Section?Second Floor.
Have You a Little Reader in Your Home

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