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General Angeles, Friend to U. S., Reported Executed By Carranza
+ + + + + <* + + +
**? + ?????
In a Worker's Pocket.
Up Goes Silver,
An Italian Republic?
A Simple Russian.
(Copyrl?*-?. Iti* )
A -caffolding fell yesterday.
Three men were killed. When the
body of I.-ndor Grossman, brick
layer, was lifted from the ground,
*?00 in Liberty Bonds, $277 in
paper money fell from his po^?et.
That .3 better than finding a pawn
tacket, or a dispossess nocice, as
\ yoa might have done a few years
The value of silver goes climb
ing up. No wonder W. J. Bryan is
excited. It took a big war, how
ever, to jo ;t.
Today the metal in a silver dol
lar is worth five cent.-? moro than
the dollar?but _f you me t down
the <wliars, to get the silver, you
wiii be put in jail.
The trouble, they say, is that
Chinese art-? hoarding stiver Per
haps they ar? -retting read** to
fght Japan, want silver to fight
with, and put :t away as Prussia
gnt mmm\f at Spandau the gold re
fer??- that waa to beat all Europe.
Good is a--??mpushed when the
accompliaher little dreams it.
For instance, the United States
Goverrunent has treated Italy
shamefully in the war settlement.
The city of Fiume, which is
Italian, the northeast coast of the
Adriatic, that was the property of
the people of Italy for centurie?,
should have gone to Italy when
the war ended.
In the days of Cavour, Mazxiri,
and the great Garibaldi, the Ital
ian nation was swindled by Napo
leon ??, later well beaten b7
hM-a Napole?n did not keep
his word, did not even allow the
Italians to take back Venice fror.
Austria. They had to wait for
that until Bismarck came along.
Napoleon sympathized ?vith the
Hapeburgs. r.ot with the HLerty
lovmg r-eopie of Italy, so r.e left
with Austria the unredeeme-J Ital
ian territory WHICH ABSOLUTE
LY BELONGS to Italy.
The United States show, laek of
justice, lack of appreciation for th?.?
splendid work mat the Ita-ians
have done for liberty and for in?
?mstry in this country, when the
lan?a that belong to Ita!> ar*
. ha_-_-t- erer to people that won't
? know what to do with them.
But, good comes out of evil. A
re-pubLic in Italy may be the result
of this Republic's unfair treat
ment of the Italian people.
Italy would be a gamer if iut
of the unjust treatment to whi?~h
she has been subjected by this
eountry a great Italian Repuoltc
should arise. That republic will
kaow how to get ultimately what
belongs to Italy. Mean w m le, may
the United States realize that the
Italian people of the twentieth
century should not be tied down
by the tricky deals between the
Hapaburgs and the imitation
Every corporation will tell you
that Government ownership would
be a terrible thi ? ??. So it would,
for corporations. For instance,
with the war over ine r**?*?"-?1-''' rate
of thre-e cents was changed to two
eants. Now Mr. Burleson proposes
to cut the price to one cent for
local postage That is done by a
poatoiflce run by the people and
f.making a profit
' You haven't noticed any private
corporations acung ia this way,
have you"
If you i/eHev?? news from Rus
sia, not always reliable, they shot
Mr. Bak.-omoff, president f a cer
tain Soviet' His crime was ob
taining mon?-y under false pre
tenses. He raised rubles, and said
he had used them to bribe Clemen
ceai of Prance and Wilson of
America. The story wan that the
American President got one hun
dred and fifty thousand rubles,
whicti in American money would
b** about enough to buy a good au
tomobile JJ- Bakrornoff seems to
have share, the sweet simplicity
of the little- child that helped the
soldiers bring kindling wood to
'build a bonfire around John Huss
And the fa<*t that he cculd raise
money by telling his associates
toa* he ?a- eolng to bribe the
eaaa of great nations is an inter
[esting indication also of the gen
eral simplicity of mind in Russia.
inator Fletcher Also Mentioned Aa
Possible Choice of
With the arrival of the new Italian
a_t.oa*?ador B_r r? V_?-v_ri-.-? jo-tiD
W-? rtvivrd here today aa to the iden
tity of President Wilson's cno'c? for
ti.e Amer:? an pott in K-m? m?_de va
rani by the resignation of Thomu
?'???? Pa???
It 1? believed that the PresIder.t will
aena the name of hla choice to th?
??.nate durine the early day? of the
'omina ?--.-?s on
Tha two naraea mo?t prominently
mentioned for the honor are those of
tr.e tmruaaa Senator from Delaware,
Willard P. Saullsbury. and Senator
? uncan I' pitcher of Florida
1 h? Pr?sidents oriaJnal choice for
wo p?_; wa* Ambassador Bran.] Whit
l?ek. but he y_rld-d to the ..tier's
empire to stay at Brussels wh. ? that I
raa% waa raimad uraja e__ba_u-y. I
Police Would Learn If Manufac
turer Had Insured Life of
Woman Companion.
Effects of "Brandy" From
Missing Bottle Like Wood
Alcohol, Say Doctors.
BALTIMORE. Md.. Nov. 26.?With
|be "mystery flask" from which two
women?one now dead, the other
blinded and critically ill?are aK
eged to have drunk, still missing,
two investigations are underway to
determine the nature of its contents
and a possible crime motive in the
rorouer Lloyd Smith will go to
day to Winston-Salem, N. C, the
home of Miss Lucille Sharp, twenty-'
ei?ht years old. who died last Satur
day mornin? after being taken to a
hospital from the apartment where
she lived with John Keiley, forty
eight years old, a cereal manufac
turer of this trity. He will assist an
autopsy to be performed on her
in the meantime, the police are
endeavoring to ascertain if Keiley
had Mi&s Sharp's life insured.
Two Held Without Bail.
The other woman. Mrs. Catharine
Bristol, twenty-five years old, of Phil
adelphia, is in Johns Hopkins Hos
pital, ?'hysiclans attending ner said
this morning she was ?"lightly im
Keiley and Aille Osman, twenty six
years old, a wealthy Turk, of New
York city, are held without bail, pend
ing the outcome of the investigations.
The police declared today nothing
had been developed so far to warrant
the release of the two men.
Both women were stricken In
Keiley's apartment. Physicians, who
were called by Keiley, say the symp
toms were as of wood alcohol poison
ing, and say Keiley admitted having
mixed a "milk punch" for Miss
Sharp, using liquor he called "brandy"
fn m a black bottle which the police
have been unable to find. Keiley de
nies he knows anything of the myste
rious bottle.
The prisoners have retained William
L. Marbury. a noted naltimor?* attor
ney, as counsel.
Keiley summoned Osmsn ami Mrs.
(Continued on Psge 2. Column 3.)
Keeping Up With
The Times
A bad advert i servent?be
<_ause it telli ton little:
KOR SAI.K?Pure Kn,li?h
bloodhound puppies, ?ir?*i
by Lodgecraft. Jr. Will be
successful man trailers, also
prise winners. J. H. SMITH
1112 _ St. N. W. '
A good afvertisement--be
cause it (ah attractively
the various features that
combine io malie the article
? PPI *?**?__ Pare Ea?-M?h oiood
houn<l. Prote<*t your resi
dence by th? "bloodhound ?ys
t?ra Keen Kent and acute
hearinc ?-nablei them to de
tect the stiebtest Intrusion.
T'_eir centle, lovlns disposi
tion toward th.? family malees
them invalusb.e p?ts Their
Intelligent faces and ionic .ara
make a plctur?s<-ue adjunct
to your automobile. Also
afford? th? b?a- protection.
mred by ???? sec raft. Jr. dam
by I.ady Rose. They natural
ly will be expert man trailers.
Also their ?are??? wrinkles,
markln-rs will make them In
vincible pt-Ue winners. Ap
ply 11(1 ? St. H. W. Phone
Mala t>2f?.
Give vjur advertising a
chance Jo ? : fail of results
by omitting to tell the whole
Girl Honored By Visit From Prince
Named In Suit Over Her Portrait
These Photographs Were Taken From the Oil Paintings Which Are the Basia of the Suit Filed Here Today
By Adolpho Muller-Uiy.
Accused of Treasonable Utter
ances Against British Gov
LONDON". Nov. 26.?Charged with
making seditious utterances, the Rev.
Father O'Donnell, a chaplain in t-he
Australian forces, was arraigned be
fore a court-martial today at Guild
Hall. He pleaded not guilty.
Father OTXinnell is accused of say
ing in a epf-ech at Killarney that "the
Australians fought for the independ
ence of small nations, while inde
pendence was denied Ireland by a few
satellites of the King who were filling
their pock-ts at the expense of the
workers and on whose heads was the
blood of Irish patriots."
Lieutenant Chambers, of the Br *
ish army, presentad notes in support
of the charge against the chaplain.
It was declared that Father O'Donnell
had further said that he considered
"a king and royal family of no use to
this or any other country," and ex
pressed hope that the recent railway
strike waa the beginning of a revo
The accused was charged with say
ing that King George, evidently fear
ing the same (revolution), ordered
the premier to quash the strike.
Another specification in the charges
was that Father O'Donnell had pre
dicted that Ireland would "shortly
strike against the tyrannical British I
The chaplain was also charged with
saying that sympathy with the 8inn
Feinere was growing in Australia
Father O'Donnell was arrested in
Two Men Rifle Cash Register?|
Highwaymen Active In
Northwest Section.
John Lynagh. proprietor of a groc
ery store at 1200 Third street south
west, was held up at the point of a
pistol while a negro robbed the caen
register of bet?-en $40 and $50 lasi
The police weie told that a negro
came into the store and a.?kt-d for
a pound of cheese. While the pro
prietor was wrapping up the package
another negro with a handkerchi?'f
over hie face entered the store with
a drawn revolver and demanded his
money. The negro who came Into
make a purchase rifled the cash reg
ister of the money.
SUES HI?ES FOR $10,000
POP.TI.AN'D. Ore, Nov. 2d.?Because
a negro Pullman porter stole ? klas
from her, Mrs. Fannie Hazelhur.il is
suing Walker D, Hines, director gen
eral of roUToaA?. tor ?10,000 aamaeoa.
Artist Claims Society
Matron Has Failed
to Pay For Two
Painting 8
A portrait of Miss Marguerite Cal
houn Simonds, the dainty Washing
ton debutante who attracted notice
because of the signal attention paid
her by the Print*? of Wales during
his recent visit, figures in a $6,000
suit brought against her mother,
Mrs. Daisy ??. Breaux Calhoun,
formerly Mrs. Barker Gummere, of
1519 New Hampshire avenue north
west, in the District Supreme Court
Painted Famous Pen-ons.
The palintiff is Adolfo Muller-Ury,
an artist claiming International re
nown through having painted por
traits of I'opc Pius, Presid. nt and Mrs.
Wilson, the late President McKinley,
former Attorney General Gregory,
Mark Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. Chaun?-ey
Depew. Lord Strathcona and others.
His claim covers two portraits, ot*??
of the debutante and one of the
mother. The original price was $3,d??
?"ach, with u discount of SI .000 on th"
total bill, which the artist says I
commission on an order for a portrait
of a niece of Mrs. Flagler, ontalne 1
through Mrs. Calhoun. The artist Is
represented by Attorneys McKcnney ?i.
Artist's Own Story.
The artist thus relat?d his story of
the manner in which he obtained the
order to paint the two portraits:
"At a certain dinner party at the
home of Mrs. Lewis Nixon, April 14,
1916. the then Mrs. Gummere request
ed me to paint portraits ?if herself
and of her daughter. Miss Marguerite
Simonds, and I agreed to do so, it
being und?-rstood between us that 1
was to be paid my regular standard
price therefor.
"Subsequently, at the request of
Mrs. Gummere, I went to White Sul
phur Springs, W> Va., for the purpose
of painting the portraits. Mrs. Gum
mere and her daughter gave me fre
quent sittings. I worked on the por
trait continuously from August 23. to
September 1?, 191T. Some time in
September. 1916, Mrs. <;urnmere gav>
(Continued on Page 2, Column ?.)
Carlisle, Elusive Bandit Pays
Respects By Letter To Mich.
igan City Authorities.
MT. CLEMENS. Mich.. Nov. 26.?The
elusive train robber. Hill Carlisle, has
arrived here, according to a letter
mailed special delivery to the police
department last night. The letter
"Just dropped in to pay my respects
to the bath city. It's some town.
That's a great bridge and the new
road will reap you big benefits. He
gards to th.- police and sheriff.
,p? **???Former convict No. 28S3.
Next stop Port Huron, but don't let
anyone und oat."
Socialists and Catholics Plan
Opposition to Approval
of Pact.
ROME. Nov. 26 (delayed).?A hard
fight against ratification of the peace
treaty, which may precipitate a crisis
involving existence of the monarchy,
was Indicated here today.
Socialist and Catholic deputies, in
the recently elected chamber, will
combine to defeat the pact, it wa?
said. The signal for the fight was
expected to be production In the
?"hamper of Deputies of a royal de
cree ratifying the treaty, for conver
sion into a law.
Both the Catholics and Socialists,
who f-xhibited unusual strength in the
recent election, have ?.pposed the
treaty from the beginning.
Awaited With -tlUglvlag.
The coming session of the chamber
is awaited with misgiving. There is
no precedent in Italian history for re
jection of a royal decree, especially a
peace treaty. The treaty right ia a
constitutional pcrogativ?? of the crown.
Should the Socialist plans succeed,
the outcome of such a solemn dis
avowal of the King's wishes prac
tically would necessitate his abdica
tion, in the be'ief of many Italian
Whether the Catholics will be will
ing to support the Socialists in a flat
showdown against the King is consid
ered doubtful by many. On the other
haml, it is considered certain they
will maintain unflagging opposition
to the Versailles treaty, which it wa?
said, the Holy See considers contains
the source of new wars.
All Activities Under Ban By Most
Drastic Action Yet Taken
By British.
DUBLIN, Nov. 25.?A proclamation
suppressing the Sinn Fein through
out Ireland was issued in the official
Gazette today.
All activities by the Sinn Fein or
ganization are prohibited.
This is the most drastic step yet
taken by the British authorities to put
down the Sinn Fein movement,
NEW YOHK. Nov. 26.?The extra
ordinary grand jury this afternoon
return indictments against James
I_irkin, Irish labor leader, Benjamin
(iittlow, former socialist assembly
man from New York, and "many oth
er?" on charges of criminal anarchy.
Bench warrants were issued for
those indicted and Justice Weeks re
fused even to intimate how many
were at tec ted.
Prospect of Settlement Looms
As Members Go Into
Session Again.
No Breakdown of S.trike Unless
31 Per Cent Raise Is Grant
ed, They Say.
The Cabinet is battling with the
coal crisis again today, ?with the
prospect of a final settlement in the
next few hours.
The Government was to make ite
"final statement" to the coal minen?
and operators late this afternoon.
Dr. Garfield, Fuel Administrator
"I will call the miners an-' opera
tors together.'-' ?aie Dr. Garfield. "__4
I will make a definite statement to
them. It will be the final statement.
Further than that I can say nothing"
Miners Stand Pat.
Miners grimly say that there will
be no breakdown of the strike if less
than a 31 per cent increase is grant
ed them, while the operators are none
the less positive in their stand that
they must have carte blanche to im
pose large increases on the public if
the workers are to be given a rais?
of more than 20 per cent.
If the deadlock continues today. It
is evident that President Wilson will
have to be called in.
The call for a "show down" regard
ing the profits and margins of the bi
tuminous operators is being voiced
In many quarters in Washington
The coal section of the Federal
Trade Commission has pla?ed the bulk
of It? data at the disposal of the
Fuel Administration since its incep
tion in 1917, when Its statistics were
the basis of the prfce-fixing program.
Pro??? (all??- Too Hl?__.
Reports that the officials of the
I-ederal Trade Commission believed
that Dr. ("artield fixed prices entirely
too high during the war period are
current, but there is no confirmation
of them, ??enerally speaking, however,
the published figures of the Federal
Trade Commission bear out former
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo?
dictum that the operators' profits
have been "grave and indefensible."
Other data relating to the Illinois
soft coal fields probably will be pub
lished soon by the commission.
If the entire bituminous industry
is to be investigated by the Govern
ment, the nucleus of the work proba
(Continued on Page 2. Column 6.)
Additional Revenues Do Not Reach
Anticipated Figures of
Utilities Commission.
Figures given out today by the
Washington Railway and Electric
Company and Capital Traction Com
pany show that approximately $??,000
additional a week is being earned as
a result of the "-?ent, six-for-a-quar
ter fare on street, cars.
On the linee of the Washington
Railway and Klectric Company last
week $10?,'?16 26 was collected, which
was an Increase of $14,474.40 over the
receipts of the preceding week.
On the lineefof the Capital Traction
$99,6S" was collected last week, com
pared with $92.092 the same week In
The Washington Railway has de
rived $29.332.54 additional revenue
since November 1. Continuing at this
rate until May 1 will net the company
$509.297 additional income, while the
Public Utilities Commission esti
mated $850,000 additional should be
The W. R. & E. carried 1,581,424
passengers last week, which is a de
crease of more than 200,000 for the
same week in October.
The Capital Traction passenpers
numbered 1,5.IR, 4 20, compared with
$1,728,394 the same week in Otcober
There seems to be a general de
crease in the number of passengers
and 2-cent transfers An lncreaae li
noted in revenue and free transfers
eoe how Una good dlgqeUon makaa yoe teei.
?Ad-"-. /
GELES, Mexican
rebel leader, who haa been
reported executed by court
martial because of revolt
against the Oarranxa gov
Villa's Righthand Man Shot
After Court-Martial,
Says Report.
EL PASO. Tei. Nov. 26.?Gen Fe
lipe Angeles, intellectual head of the
Villista moTemetit, was executed by
a Federal firing squad in Chihuahua
City early today, according to con
firmed telegraphic reports received
Angeles famous artillery expert.
who turned against Carranza. his
former chief, was found guilty of re
bellion by a court-martial and sen
tenced to death, earlier dispatches r?*
ported. An appeal to the Mexico City
supreme court had been planned.
Faced 4 ?xar-t Thr-re H ?**"?.
Genersl Angeles went to trial yes
terday morning
For three hour? General Angeles
faced the military court of four Car
ranza pe?er?is and defended the ac
tions of himself and his companions
Two of the four men captured with
him already have beer, executed by
Carranza soldiers. The soldier Trillo,
on trial with Angeles, ?s but seventeen
years old.
During his address to the court
General Angeles prais'-d Am? ri'-a and
Americans. In this connection he was
reported to have said
"The Mexican people always have
viewed with dislike and apprehension
the ureat American nation. aiwa>s r*e
??? brought up to believe their power
ful neighbors are harboring thoughts
of our conque.it. Nothing is mot?
erroneous.^ t v?,
"Our g>e*it neighboring nation.
headed by its great President, Mr. Wil
son, "-is only the kindliest fe-eling for
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Metal Quoted At $1.37 Cent*. An
Ounce?China Willm-i To
Buy Yaat Quantity.
Treasury officials ?re not concerned
with attempting to find means of pre
venting the conversion of silver
money Into bullion, despite the high
price of silver, it was stated today
Officials of the Treasury stated that
at even the high rate of silver th?
process of melting silver money would
be expensive and would not **arran?
such an operation
Yesterday silver was quoted at 11.37
an ounce, making the American f**rt
wheel worth $1 05 each. The advance
in the metal is said to be due to the
enormous demands from China, which
is normally the greatest silver con
suming country ?n the world China
is d?manding more and more silver,
and at present ("hines? interests art
showing a willingness to outbid all
other sources of demand and to buy
as much as lVOOO.lXK) ounces a m nth
Not only In the United States but
throughout the whole world sliver
now commands a predominant posi
tion, rising. e\ Idently, even higher in
demand than g? Id Treasury officials
d sciai-? thst the remarkable rise in
price is International.
Lansing Not to Lay Matter Bt?
fore Cabinet Again Til! Car
ranza Replies.
State Department Has No In
formation Regarding Date of
Consul's Release.
General Pershinjr will lea*??
Washington one week froto today on
s tour of inspection of the So.then.
depart? ent, visitin?*? the ter*ntof*j*
adjaeent to the Mexican border.
Obeervers of military affai? ia
the Capital today saw in thia wi?i?*
another evidence ?f the int?Hoe si
tels ?mai neutre ta he rumie te mee
tha erte? ta evwt Can-__aa
ta -re-a-K Wilham O. Jenkins.
?alar agent held in jail in Puebla oa
a charge tit conni-ring with bandit?
who kidnapped and held hire tor a
$150.000 ransom..
No attempt is made to conceal the
feeling that tbe situation is aerieeu
and that relations between the
United States and Meneo ara
Officiali said the three depart
ments, State, War and Nary, we?
ready to meet any eventeality and
deal with any sitnatic-n ai*__jr ?est
ot a more defiant itti?de by tbe
Carranza admini-tration toward th?
United States.
"We are still awaiting a repir
from Mexico," said Secretary of.
State Lansing, commentine on the
Mexican situation and the Jenkins
Secretary ? -.r_-int said h? wan M
Dot lay the Mexican sitaation before
the Cabinet again until the C_n_???.
?.overnmeiit replied to tbe note sent
by the United States demandine the
reJeaae of William 0 Jenkins. Amer
lcan cont-ular agent
Jeaaias SOU Held.
Jenkins ha_> not b*en releaj?ed uid
the United State? has ne Information
at to when ht will be released. ?? waa
?tated at the Slat* I>epartmect to
The Mexico City Pre?.? quote? tie
aub*?-cretary of foreign affaira <>r
Mn.i- *_? sa>in(r thai publi? opinion
in the I'nited Slut? I? being iicited
by certain new ?papera bu! that th?
?eriou? n<-*? ?paperi? a*"? treating th?r?
? abject calmiv and cartrfully. and (hat
the M-nur. author tie* are coD-tn?
:nj: the.- n\ e?t .gat ion? a! I'uabia_
and the Mexican foreign offic? 1? re
ceiving reporta eonatanlly for u?e In
preparation of ite reply to the Amer
ican note which, aocordlng to th*?
praee. war expected to be handed ??
the American embaa* y at M nice Cltjr
November 25.
Unite- rreae Staff Correaponden:
MEXICO CITY. Nov. 2tV- The Mea
ican ?enate in a^ret ??aiion U> na
P< rted to have j_?.?ed a reaoIut.cm
to ?upport FreeI4aat Carra**.-* In
whatever action l? taken by tb? gov
ernment in the Jenkin? ca*e
Tie Mt.?:? '.? al?, a? id v. ha?? ap
pointed a committee to invrtin-t-i?
the pre*ent internati"!?-. aituaU??
and to have ark ed the executive d?a
inriraini for fui. lr.f ornaalion con
cerning the .?tat?? of William O. 3am
Kin.? A men?-an ron?uiar agent, held
In Puebla on a charge of c(j?*.eplrlag
?itt, hi? a'.eged kidi.aper? ? %)\ofo
the ran?orr. d'-manoed r.r hi? rel*?aaa.
Th? lateat informati c from P\leb?
-?aid that J??nk:_a. refuaing ba-?. waa
?till tn jail awaiiing triai
The apathetic attitude o? tbe pre??
wa? broken thi? afterne.? _ ?Kec _U
rr.iveraal pubiiahed aa extra co_u_i_r
r.s, a ?pecial diapatcf from Washing?
Inn rieclarlns the I'nited S??ttj wag
(onaidenng intervention.
Federal fon ea. after clearing rebeie
from ihe ?.:'.ii_? p? Malacatepe?-, rea
dieted ar, r. ? ?-?t'.gat ion ahowing thai
?\ ?lliam O ?enkina Annerir** co?
rular ager? waa mm in that piaae mt
th? ?at? of his i??ant uliT?ritHa t| i

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