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Si -
Asking that the suit of Mrs Con
fiance Schsick Gracie against Dun?
tsaj- H. Adams, her ?a?-ln-law in con
tPw-ttoe srfth the disposition of the
??state of the latter's wife, be dismiss
?id. \dams. represented by Attorney
Enoch A. Chase, has filed his tuiswer
?o Mr?. Grace ? petition cLaunin? that [
as next of kin she is entitled to the
est?t? of her daughter, who she al
leged d:?sd intestat?
Adams In nis answer stated that
Mrs. Grade's cross bill "does not set
forth a case and cause of complaint;
thst it is redundant and sets matter
therein throughout that Is scandalous. I
impertinent, irredevant. argumenta
tive and the conclusion of law of the
pleader, in violation of the rulea of j
this court and of proper equity plead
ing. The case has been set for a
hearing for Friday morning.
Examinations for apprentices at the
Washington navy yard will be held
next week at the apprentice school in
the old pattern shop, it was announced
today by navy yard officials. During
the time the examinations are being
held the regular study periods for
the apprentices will be discontinued.
There is still a shortage of experi
enced bollermakers at the local yard
and positions are open to men with
At big ciaba and smart
hotels, where price is never
a factor, Fatima is the one
moderate-priced cigarette
that actually outsells ex
pensive straight Turkish
Vhv? Beca**?? smoker?
have learned that this ** iuat
enough-Turkish" blena can
be smoked treely withoot
*-ror*ry about "too many."
%-? Sensible Cigarette
Thanksgiving Day Dinner
United Cafeteria
1010 F St. N.W.
Your Thanksgiving Dinner
But e
? \j _? m naimek-lYliij? i_*u mer J
every meal for the rest of your life if \
you will only come to '
a???-?--- "
of expert, careful, skilled dentists, for dentistry that lasts.
The very best of materials obtainable used in all our
work. All work done without the slightest resemblance of
pain. That has been my record for the past 25 years.
Terras of Payment to Suit. Examination Free.
My Perfect ' Fillint-s, Sue Gold Cro-*t_a
Suction Teeth, to $1 ^ d ?rid
?All! Set Sila \Xl I
?, nrea? in gold, ?Iyer, Work,
S5?0 amalgam or $3.00?$4.00
Orfcrr *WI. .f ... $5 00
?"Iff Vii ?? , ,
T-Tia, pam? ??_ porcelain.
"T? _ KJ'**me lotti S OVIo<k aad od SuiM*ay. ,0 k.H. to 4 P.M.
._?*__te n ?"?-"a"?*??-?* All work fullv -?rua.anleed for .0 v-ars.
r___y Keep the Name and Addre*? of Office in Mind.
eumemtte Laaafcairarh A Br?. e ?4 over Creme ( ?t?-, Tea Co. Urfat and
??aw ???eme gfcly ^?taya?^ Pari??? la Wa hin ? ??!. Pho?, -Hala ti ??.
Emile Berliner Holds Lax Laws
Accountable for Un
healthy Milk.
Emile Berliner, president of the As
sociation for Prevention of Tubercu
losis today denied any intention of
reflecting on the ability of Dr. Fow
ler, District Health Officer, and .^aid
that it is no fault of Dr. Fowler's
that there Is not back of him some
statute which would enable him to
stop unhealthy milk from reaching
the unsuspecting consumer.
"The offices of the Tuberculosis As
sociation are disturbed by statements
which were printed in The Washing
ton Times within the past day or two
and which to the uninitiated may
have tho appearance as if some one
had reflected on the efficiency of our
Health Department and of the milk
inspectors," Mr. Berliner said. "Just
the reverse can be shown* and has
often been pointed out whenever the
subject of milk was under discussion
among us. The Washington Health
Office has for a number of years
faithfully published Its monthly list
of ratines under which the milk sold
by any dealer could be found classified
regarding its healthfulness.
?Ie Fault af Dr. PSW 1er.
"If under the list of ratings there
Is milk as low as 43 (out of possible
100), and there Is no law which can
prevent such milk from being freely
sold in the District of Columbia, no
fault can possibly be found with the
Health Officer. He has ?Imply not
back of him some statute which
would enable him to stop such milk
from reaching an unsuspecting con?
sumer. *
"If milk can be sold aa pasten rlsed
Which Is worse after pasteurisation
than before, the Health Officer Is
again powerless to Interfere. He is
not permitted to regulate the milk
traffic to the, extent of Interfering
with such practice.
"If at the Children's Hospital aad
other hospitals, or homes, raw milk?
and that not of the best?Is giren to
the sick children to drink, a fact
which has often been pointed out by
officers and directors of the Tuber
culosis Association, and may be done
at the present moment, arsin can the
Heslth Officer not Interfere?
"Tbe bulk of the milk sold raw In
Washington Is of high grfde. at least
so far as any raw milk can be classi
fied as safe milk to give to children,
invalids and all those whose reslstence
is impaired. And we know thst Dr.
Fowler Is most earnest in his opinion
that all milk should be pasteurised
under official supervision. Knowing
this how could anybody wish to re
flect on the Health officer?
Milk Cls_-aie**atf?tsa?
"As for other large cities I saci?se
a list of fifteen of them showing that
these all have milk classifications and
milk standards under which such
labeling is deceptive. Moreover these
classifications prove that the law in
those cities Intends to guard the peo
ple against unsafe milk, also that the
bacterial counts of raw milk must not
go abov? a fairly safe limit and that
pasteurization be done under strict
It is not Dr. Fowler's fault that we
have no such regulations here eren
though it is historic that milk stand
ards as now ?n force in many large
cities are all based on the so-calle?
Melvin Standards which the Washing
ton Milk Conference of 1907 formu
lated and passed. Dr Fowler Is en
deavoring, as. the Commissioners have
tried repeatedly, to get proper laws
enacted by Congress.
"Dr. Fowler Is a highly valued
member of our board of directors and
I earnestly protest against the as
sumption that his ability and good
will as a Health Officer has at any
time been questioned."
BOSTON, Nov. 26?Retail clothiers
at a hearing today before the Com
mission of the Necessaries of Life, said
| that spring suits would cost even
more than suits do now. Federal ex
1 cess profits taxes, passed along by
1 i-ach handler of the goods, were said
' to be largely responsible. Some cloth
! ?ers claimed to be running their busl
1 ness at a net losa
Figures for a standard blue serge
; suit were given by one dealer. In
1914, he said, the material cost $1.-0
; a yard, the suit sold at wholesale
! for $!0.50 and at retail for ?15. To
day the material price Is 14.15 a yard,
the wholesale price $31, and the r? tail
price $45. One clothier said Increas
ng costs would compel his company
, to charge at wholesale next spring
1 $3? for suits now selling at J27 and
The food shortage In Petrograd
now has become so acute that food Is
distributed only upon prescriptions
of physicians, according to unofficial
advices to the State Department from
Of 30.000 bourgeoise arrested tn
Petrograd on the approach of Gen
eral Tudenltch's army on charge of
sympathizing with the anti-Bolshev
Iki, 400 were Imprisoned on the an
niversary of the Bolshevik revolution,
the advices stated.
Petrograd was reported as facing a
catastrophe owing to the food and
fuel shortage. Wood supplies will
last only eighteen days, it was re
BALTFMORE. Md.. Nov. 28?United
States District Attorney Samuel K.
Dennis announced yesterday that
I'nlted State? Senator John Walter
Smith will be a candidate for Demo
cratic renomlnatlon at the primary to
be held in May next. The announce
ment was not unexpected, as Senator
Smith's friends had already taken off
their coats for him.
The friends of former Senator
niair Lee are urging him to be a
-andidate, but thus fsr he has g'ven
no encouragement to their appeals.
If ?""ongreesman Cha*lea ? Coady
*s willing to make the race, he will
have the support of the regular
Democratic city organization, headed
by J^us i. Mahorv.
BIRMINGHAM, Nov. 26.?A resolu
tion urging all members to take steps
to reduce consumption of newsprint
paper 10 per cent during the coming
year was adopted by the Southern
Newspaper Publishers' Association, In
session here.
Plans outlined include reduction of
type, head and Illustration sizes; de
crease reading matter and advertis
ing space, the latter to be obtained by
Increased rates, and also advances in
subscription rates to meet paper cost
and expense of delivery.
MILWAUKEE. WIs., Nov. 20.??!
Meat cutters, packers, butcher work
men, drivers, and laborers numbering
approximately 3,000, went on strike
yesterday In the plants of the Plank
Inton Packing Company, the R, Guns
& Co., Milwaukee branch of Armonr
& Co.; the Layton Packing Company,
and two sausage manufacturing con?
ATHE?-TS. Nov. 2?.?Plotter? ar
rested following dlacoTery of a con
spiracy to assassinate Premier Vent
zi?los, overthrow the present regime,
and re-establish King Constantlne on
the throne have made full confessions,
according to the authorities. They
were said to be former officer? under
King Conetantine. They will be tri ?
before court?-martial.
A number of the opposition leader?
visited M Pespoulies. the minister of
the interior, and offered to co-operate
with the government In combating
NEW TORK, Nov. 2??The ?Canard
liner Mauretania arrive?! hers with
many well-known persons among bar
passengers They Included Mm
Louisa Tetraxlnnl. famous grassi
or-era singer, who -srtll begin a totar of
the Unlt4*d States on November ao,
and Fred Fulton, American h?*-avy
welght boxer, who said he would aaak
s match with Champion Jack Damp
??1*?t?__<. lmA_ Hem_
was found boardad ?vita fsM ?*?*>?_ *
??arch was made far th? ?a-aaJth at
aira Sarah Sabina ?Cum-s-ttags, *??ad
raclus?. who was alais by robbars a?.
November 0. Tha robbars *r*r* bo*
li*?v4>d to hara foaad aavaral
dollars, bat tbay a"rariaak4td
than $11.000 atd-aaa ?boat tb?
Tb? aaareb today rarsslii fTJ
a half btarral of samar barlad Mar tbe
Prepare for Xmas Candy
makmg at Home thi? year.
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Candy shortage and Higher
prices for candy. Karo candies
are easily and economically
made at home. Write today
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Table Syrups?Karo
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the table. Let the chil
dren have all they want
on st?iced bread.
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' and delicious syrup for pan
y cakes, waffles and hot biscuits
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S Ik
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! "Golden Brown"?in the Blue Can;
"Maple Flavor"?the New Karo
with plenty of substance and a rich
Maple Taste?in the Green Can?
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