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Pair Sentenced to Penitentiary for
Two -"Years Eaeh for
Stealing Jewelry.
-OCKVIl?>K, Md.. Nov. 27.?In the
?resence uf a l?r?-e ?-rathering of rela
tivo? and friend?. Miss Minni?? II. Wut
kini?, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. t'harl.s
l.ee Wat kins, of Cedar Orove. this
cnunty, and Cecil 15. Allnutt, of the
sarnt- local?jr, wer?? married last ??ven
in**: at the home of tho bride'.?? parent?.
The Rev. L. A. Thuma?, pastor of the
Cedar drove Baptist Church, ufficiati??).
Following th?? ceremony, a collati??n
was served, Mr. and Mrs. Allnutt leav
ing later for their honeymoon trip.
The Rev. V. Rowland Wagner, pas
tor of the Baptist <"hurch. officiated
at the marna?*??? here yesterday of Ml??
.Margaret C. Huydett?, ?>f Albany, ?
T.. ?nd Warren !.. Sl.-?c?>mb?, of Alex
andria. Va., the home of the minister
being the scene of the ceremony.
Charles Bennett, a young resident
f 1'erwood. was found guilty by a
Jury in the circuit court here last
evening <>n a charge o? perjury. It
was said that in a local option case
Bl the March term of court, he gave
different testimony than he did before
the grand jury. Sentence was not
The county commissioners hsvc ap
pointed Josiah J. Hutton and Snowden
J. Athey trustees of the county alms
house, succeeding Harry Klggs and
Eleazar Ray. The other truste??? who
were named last weeek are Mrs. Vir
ginia B. Brewer. Samuel D. Byrd. and
Henson T. Miles.
Pleading guilty in the circuit court
here to an indictment charging her
with violating the local option law
of the county by selling wine and
hard cider, Mrs. Linganore Fitzsim
sons. of Middlebrooke, was fined $50
and costs. Sentence was suspended
in another case in which she pleaded
When you want to make flaky
biscuit, delicious muffins and
gems, real doughnuts and cake
of fine texture ? then you need
??? ????
Feminine Footwear?l
At a Saving
For Friday and Saturday
Value $15
Two desirable button models?One, of all black Vid, turn-sole Louis
heel; the other, patent vamp, (tuli kid top.
These shoes are made to fire the utmost in style, quality and comfort.
Can be suitably worn for afternoon or evening.
The Palais Royal
G and llth Sta.
[^?i^gj T R Y A
" the Label rs
Your' Protect/on'"
?? Old Ma?ruirrs Rice
Official Circles Quietly Celebrate Thanksgiving?Notes
of the Diplomats?Activities of Society
SOCTETY. as much of It es was In
town, braved the rain last night
and dan? ed in the Willard ball
room for the benefit of the Episcopal
Eye. Ear and Throat Hospital. It
was rather a revelation when It
seemed as if "everybody m Washing
ton wa sout of It" for the Thanks
giving week-end, to see how many
there were to dance in a good cause.
The bailroom, decorated only with
flags and greenery, was well filled,
and while in the absence of the
President and Mr?. Wilson, and the
Vic? Preeident and Mrs. Marshall ?in
fact, of the official world generally?
there wu no "honor box," the bend
being stationed on the platform half
way do\r nthe room which is fre
quently used for that purpose.
Like all the functions Cor the Eye.
Ear and Throat Hospital, it was es
sentially a party of the resident set.
a handsome, dignified conventional
entertainment, everything beautifully
managed, and running on well-oiled
ball bearings, the floor always well
filled, but at no time uncomfortably
crowded. One could dance without
undue Jostling, and the dancer? did
not have that worried, strained look
which often comes at the big dances
from the endeavor to steer through
an over-crowded room.
The receiving line was limited to'
the president of the board of lady ,
managers. Mrs. Watson Clark, and
Mrs. David Meade Lea. the vice presi
dent, with Comdr. Theodore .1ew_l
making the introduction.?. Mrs. Clarke,
wore black net, jetted, and with a I
border design of white beads, over!
rather a deep turquoise blue silk, with I
diamond pins and ornaments, the col- !
oringa in striking contrast to Mrs.1
Lea, who wore a lovely glittery gown
of cloth of gold bro? adcd in deep rich
reds and blues, with a hodice largely
of plain cloth of gold and tulle, and
a narrow squar?? train of the brocade,
lined with plain cloth of gold. She
wore diamond ornaments and a string
of pearls.
The debutante;? and members of tho
younger set who had not gone to New
York wore the daintiest possible,
gowns, making a lovely changing
bouquet of colors on the floor. Miss
Marguerite Simonds. who seemed to
have several partners for each dance,
wore a lovely costume of silver cloth
and tulle. Mis? Marie Slmms, who
sat out most of the evening, very well
entertained, wore a most becoming
deep turquoise, blue. Little Miss Myra
Morgan, who made her ?debut last
Monday, ?raj a lovely little, roue girt
In pink taff?ta, while Peggy Mar'in.
who is to make her formal bow short
ly, was all In white satin with dra
peries of white chiffon with a peacock
blue fan, and Anne Dulany, who is also
to make her debut early next monti-,
glowed in salmon pink chiffon.
Carolyn Nash wore nile green taf
feta veiled in black tulle, and Mrs.
George Leroy Boyle, who la salii Mar
garet McfThord to most Washlng
tonlans was demure in black taffeta
and tulle. Miss Elizabeth Walmsley
wore rose colored taffeta brocaded in
bands of gold; Miss Charlotte Free
man Clark midnight blue tulle with
a bodice of sequins; Gladys Hinckley,
white brocaded velvet with a drapery
of white chiffon; Mrs. Sherman Mllea,
silver gauze veiled in black chiffon;
Mrs. Ilampson Gary, a lovely gown
of blue and silver brocade, and her
sister, Mrs. Wright, all in silver
Anse Ruth .Hitchcock was in cloth
of itlver, Mrs. McKenna Pultz, black
velvet; Mrs. F. B. Moran, black vel
vet; Mrs. James A. Drain, black vel
vet trimmed with gold lace; Miss Ma
rian Drain, blark net over cloth of
silver: Mrs. George Mesta, black tulle
snd chiffon and touches of black vel
vet and point lece and diamonds; Miss
Helen Blodgett, bright rose-colored
taffeta and tulle, trimmed with,
French blue, and a feather fan of
French blue. Miss Mona Blodgett
wore silver lace with overdrapery of
white chiffon, trimmed with dainty
rosebuds and an American eBauty
feather fan; Mrs. Edward Keyea,
heavy white taffeta, brocaded in dain
ty clusters of French flowers.
Supper w'as served i nthe small ball
room at 11 o'clock, at small tables
lighted by red shaded candles. One
of the hotel attendants caused con-j
sidereble amusement by repestedly
annouenmg in stentorian tones that |
supper was being served and urging ,
the guests "this way for supper" until j
he had them all herded safely into the. ?
small ball room or grouped closely |
around the entrance and the ball room :
practically deserted. It sounded as '
some o? the guests laughingly com
mented rather like the last call for -
dinner in the dining car. But it serv
ed its purpose of getting the guest?
Naturally neither Mrs. Clarke nor
Mrs. Lea was able to give much at- ,
tention to the guests in their boxes :
until late in the evening when they
wenty off duty on the receiving line. ]
In Mr. and Mr?. Clark's party were
her daughter. Miss Charlotte Free
man Clark, Mrs. Frank Hume, and
Miss Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Lea enter
tained the Rev." M?*ade B. MacBryde,
Mr. and Mr* AlexandCT Pope, and Mr.
Luc?an Jones.
Among other box holders were Col.
William Eric Fowler who had among
his guests, 'Mrs. James Carroll
Frazer, Mrs. McKenna Pultz. Colonel
and Mrs. l|h?rman Mile.*?, Miss Ruth
Hitchcock.f Miss Gladys Hinckley,
Miss Carolyn Sash. Mr. John Barrett.
Mr. Flournoy, Mr. ("alias and Mr.
Hill; Mrs. E. J. Stellwagen wh<> enter
tained Miss Kdna M<Kenw. Miss Lsa
bel Hacker, Mr. Thomas McKnew and
Miss Paff.
Mrs. Cha.-ies Houghton Wood, who
had wit'.? her Mrs. Mahlon I'ltney,
Mr. Mahlon Pltney, Jr., from Prince
ton, who Is here for the holidays;
Mr. and Mrs. Effingham Townscnd
and Mlj?* Montan. Mrs. Francois Ber
ger Moran, whose guests were Mrs.
Howard Sutherland and her lions.*
guest, Miss Beilly, of New York; afra
HampHon Gary, and Mrs. Wrlc;h'.
Chmmander and Mrs. Freyer, Mn.
M arfar land and Robert Warner;
Mrs. Thomas F. Chatard. whose
party included Judge and Mrs. Charles
R. Howry, Capt. C. C. alhoun. Miss
Margsret Simonds and Miss Taylor.
Mrs. Stephen B. Elkms. Mrs. litmock
and others. Numerous dinners and
theater parties were given by hos
tesses, who brought their guests to
the dance to wind up the evening.
Thanksgiving II being spent quietly
with most the officials and their
wives. Some of them having slipped
out of town for a few days' rest.
The Secretary and Mrs. Lansing at
tended the usual high ceremonial mass
this morning, an?! are having a family
dinner at home. They will entertain
as Is their usual custom with a re
ception for the officials of the State
Department and the heads of bureaus
and their wives. Mrs. Lansing will
he assisted by her mother, Mrs. Pos
ter; her sister, Mrs. A. W. Dulles, of
Auburn. N. V., and her nieces, Mrs.
John Foster Dulles and Mies Nataline
The Vice President and Mrs. Mar
shall, who have been South for some
time, ar?? spending Thanksgiving in
Charleston, S. C. They will return on
Secretary and Mrs. I.an?? will sp<*nd
Thanksgiving I >ay in Washington,
having a quiet dinner at home, and
will leave town tomorrow? for a few
days' rest. Miss Nancy Lane, who went
to New York to att? nd the dinner
given In her honor by Mrs. iJ?orge
Barton French before the Rogers bull,
will remain then? until Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. ??eorge Hart?n French.
107 East Seventy-first street, will
give a dinner for Miss Nancy Lane
this evening, afterward taking their
guests to the dance given by Mrs.
Walter B. James.
Senator and Mrs. Medili McCormick
will be at home this afternoon at her
home in Nineteenth stri???! to the del?'
gation from Illinois and all Illinois
people at present in Washington.
Receiving with Mrs. MeCormh k
will be Mrs. Jam??* R. Mann. Mrs. Ira
C. Copley, Mrs. Edward J. King, Mis.
W. A. Rodenberg and Mrs. Spitler.
The Japanese delegation to the in
ternational labor < ??inference enter
tained at dinner last evening in the
ballroom of the Willard Hotel, hav
ing among their guests the Swiss
minister, Hans Sulzei , th* form?'r
Italian ambassador at this post.
Baron des Planches, the Japanese
ambassador, Kijuro Shidehara; Rt.
Hon ?. ?. Barnes the Hon. A. Fon
taine, Samuel (iompers, the Hon.
Oldeon D. Robertson, ? ?- Butler. E.
Kainada, M Oka,
Mr. Vickers.
?. Kiimas'iki and
The Belgian Ambassador and
Baroness de Cartier returned to
Washington yesterday from Philadel
phia, wlieie they went for the recep
tion given for them by Mr. and Mrs.
E. T. Stoteebury, after the opera per
formance, at which they were guest?
in the -?totesbtiry bos.
Mme ??ulzer, wife of the Swiss min
ister. has been confined to. her home
for several days owing to a severe
cold and is unable to fill her engage
Attorney General and Mrs. Mitchell
Palmer have left the city for a few
?la\s and will spend Thanksgiving 1"
Atlantic City.
CM. and Mrs. Kdwardt T. Brown
left Washington yesterday for Fall
River. Mass., to join their son and
daughter Major Kdward M. Brown
and Miss Marjorie Brown, who ha\?
been oa a visit in New England for
the past ten days, attending the Yal?
Harvard gange. They will go to New
York on Saturday to attend the Army
and Navy game snd return to Wash
I arto ? on Monday.
\n>> Krllef Ball Tonight.
Tonight is the date set for the great
Thanksgiving ball of the Navy Relief
Society at the New Willard, which
promises to be on? of the most suc
cessful balls of the fall season. Th?'
purpose of the ball is to raise fund.?
for needy families of the navy and
marine corp?. Mrs. Z. I.. Tanner, at
the Parkwood, is in charge of the
sale of the tickets whirh may be pur
chased either from her or at the doer.
Among the boxholder* at the ball
tonight will Secretary ot the Navy
tonight will he Secretary of the Navy
and Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Pranklln D.
Roosevelt, Admiral and Mrs Henry P.
Mayo, (?1. Robert M. Thompson, Mrs.
Willard ?. Brownson. Col. W. Eric
Fowler. Mra. Henry F. Dimock. Mrs.
Rlchards?>n Clover, whose box will be
used by wounded soldiers; Mrs Emory
Wtnship. Mrs. T. C. Copley, Vlrs. Mar
shall Field, Miss Mabel Bonrdman,
Mrs. Julian .tames. Mr?. Truman New
berry, Mrs. J. Berger Moran. Mrs. E. J.
Dorn. Mrs 2. L. Tanner, Mr?. J. O.
Nicolson, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge A.
Mesta, and Mrs. George Barnett. in
charge of the sale of boxes.
A number of dinner parties will be
given immediately before the hall,
from which the hostesses will take
their guests to the dance. Mrs.
Nlblsck. wife of Admiral Niblaek: Mrs.
Barnett. wife of the oommandnnt of
the marine corps, and Mrs. Henry F.
Dimock are among such hostesses.
Col. and Mrs. Robert M. Thompson
will entertain about thirty wounded
soldiers from Walter Reed Hospital
today at their residence on Twenty
third street. There will be a dinner,
followed by a vaudeville performance
and supper for them.
Rear Admiral A. H. Scales, super
intendent of the Naval Academy, and
Mrs. Scales will entertain a party at
the Army-Navy In New York, on Satur
The party will, occupy a l"-ox in tho
Navy stands on the south side or tne
field. Those occupying the box will be
Lord and I.ady Swathlina*, o? the
British peerage; Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Scales, of Greensboro, N. C; Mr. and
Mrs. Z. B. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. H. W.
Cobb. S. B. MiCormlck. chancellor of
the University of Pittsburgh: Com
mander and Mrs. John S. Abbott. Ml?
Aroostine Scales and Harriet Scale?.. |
daughters of Admiral and Mrs. Scales.
General and Mrs. T. Q. Donaldson
will entertain informally at dinner
this evening.
Mrs. Thomas F Logan and Mrs.
Sinclair Bowen will entertain all of
the memboi? of the Ridirne and Hunt
(*lub who are to take part in the
paper __M, at a breakfast and noon
day da?e?? today. This hospitality will
be carried out recardless of the
weather, ami among those who will
take part in the chase are Miss Caro
lyn Nash, Miss Cockerel. Ames Brown.
Capt. Carlo Tappi, Colonel George,
Count Rosen, Emile Fontanel. Lieut.
Philipp? Barbier and Gino Butl.
Charles D. Walcott. secretary of
the Smithsonian Institution of
Washington, has been elo?te?l an as
sociate member of the Kreinh Acad
emy of Siiences. one of the highest
honprs in the scientific world.
Mr. and Mis. Walter S Penfield are
receiving congratulations upon the
birth of a daughter yesterday. Mr.
and Mrs. Krank Bacon, of Omaha,
parents of Mrs. Pentitili, arrived last
evening to spend Thanksgiving with
Mr and Mrs. Penfield.
flair la botanti to ?t?tt ?ot
?oar?? r and ?tltTer when merely
removed from the ?urfac? of the
? kin. The ?inly romaaon-arnae way
lo remove hair ia to attack tt un
der the akin. DeMlraele. the orig
inal analta.?? liquid, does thia by
Only K'nolnt DeMlraele haa a
money-hat? guarantee In each
parkage. At toilet eonnfera In
?Mir. tl and St ili?, or by mall
from aa In plain wrapper on re
ceipt of pri?e.
Ulli', book mailed ia plain
?raled envelope on rrqorat. De
Mlraele. latita Si. and l'-u-k Ave,
?new York.
Special Sale
Blue White
$25 up to $2,000
All Diamonds returnable at full
pin?? a.? per w litten apr??-m?nt.
Quality Jewelry Co.
438 9th St. N. W.
14*4 Morir?? 8t. N. W.
Three %S$&1 Lines of SUITS
? _
?The last Friday in the month furnishes naany unusually good values in suits for the
woman who has not yet purchased hers for winter.
These are worth much more than our sale prices, as any woman who knows
I good values will discover for herself.
* ?In semi-tailored and plain tailored effecls, and ripple models, made of silvertone
| velours, broadcloths, tricotines, poiret twills, and serges, in the season's latest colorings.
| ?They are in misses' and women's sizes, and a number in stylish stout models
At $34.95 and $44.75
?In women's and misses' sizes, in plain co'ors, and heather mixtures. There are also
some at this same price of velour checks, tricotines, burella cloths, C *}Q ??Z
and wool poplins, at.f?/. / D
Kann's. Second Floor.
_ __
I 32 Inch
c 36 Inch
a yard
They are value? to 50c a yard.
?The ginghams, which are remarkably good
in quality, are in stripes, checks, plaids, nnd
plain colors, very closely weven fabrics, and
the colors are guaranteed fast. They include
many of our 50c kinds.
?The percales are in light and dark effects,
with plenty of the popular navy blue.
?Make up sensible gift* for Christmas from
these remnant lengths. You can save monry
on every yard tomorrow. All are in useful
Kann's?Street Floor.
nants and Mill Ends
therefore, to buy
at Friday's very
?Be on hand early,
these choice fabrics ^^^^^^^^^^
special price. (
Vt to 4 ?j Yard Length?
of such popular weaves as
Tri?rotin**-e Storm Serg-es
French Ser-re? Suitin*-?
Stripes Poiret Twills
Poplins Plaxls
?in a splendid range of colorings, also
black, very special for Fri
day at. a yard.
Kanne?Str**?*t Floor.
LU1UI ? ? * t >?, B|j?i
$ 1.98
Big Bargains (?p\Friday in Rugs
* ?9x12 ft. Rues, seamless Axminster
?! and Wilton Velvet ?tAQ 7C
s Friday .r,. *TtHeiO
j! ?$17.95 and $19.95 Rugs, 8x10 ft. and
I 9x12 ft., rag or wool fiber
? kinds. Friday.,
j ?$13.95 Grass Rugs, sten
ti ciled, 9x12 ft
?All Best Wilu*.?**
10l- or to ?H12 ft.
duced . .
?Brussels Ru?-*, 9x12 ft.?
w-amless .
??x9 ft Wool Fiber
Friday. f?.??
?6x9 ft. Congole-um Rugs,
i the best "Gold *C JC
_ Seal"$9.75values-*PO.I O
?Small Rugs. ?7x54 in
Velvet and Brus- OJO "7Q
Kann's- Third Floor
-F.nt:re st?-vk
?Inlaid Linoleums.
kinds, square
5 " arr! 12.25
- ( arpeta 2" r. v.*!
\,/Jr?-Ton j* ole um Rugs. 22 S x36 in.,
75c size, seconds, "_%__.
Friday . afsaW
85.00 9x12 ft. Wilton Rugs?Doibtwn's
worsteds, (AO 7*\
Friday . ?5*t?/?? ?J
House Dresses?Special Sale
Of Values
to $3.00, at
? These will be found on the Bargain Tables?Street
?They are in sizes from 36 to 42 only.
?Some made of ginghams, in pretty striped and plaid
patterns, others of percales, in light and dark colorings,
and still others of plain blue chambray.
?There are both Billie Burke and regulation styles to
select from, many collarless models among them.
Short Lengths of
The Laat Remnant Sale
Before Christina?
?You will find lots of us*
for these for your ?nstma??
fancy work, and to add the
little finishing* touche.- that
many a pi ft needs.
?Two lots satin ribbons, in
plain ?lore.
3 4 to 1*2 in
A Yard.
2? 2 to 5 in
A Yard . . .
10c !
? t Floor.
Three Items In Corduroy Robes
?Wide-wale corduroy robes, in slip-over style, buttoning on the shoulder* ?kimor;o -*le*?v*i.ha.'.d* ?
ly embroidered in wools?all handwork. ??-; ??
---$10.00 value at. .-. C / ?OU
?Handsome corduroy robes, ii slip-over **?>'1\ with square nir-ck. regulation kimono sh-ruMcr
and sleeve. Thoy are made^with two pleats in front and ties in back, and are _ho*-vn tjr ??
in rose and Copenhagen. $7.0? value at. v"?vv
i -Corduroy breakfast coats, of food quality narrow wale corduroy. We **4K"urad ?hen? .
? price, and offer them tomorrow at this absu-'?.? low price. Made with kimono tleevcs :.n<J <_"?; Qf
?nhager.. ? $6.G>0 value, tomorrow' at.<5?/??/0
two pockets, in purple, rose and <'ope:
Kaim'e?Second Kloor.

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