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The Washington times. (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, November 27, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION TWO, Image 17

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TARIS. "So\ Z~. ? Ballrooms and
-lancln-r schools have been closed by ?
rev?rnnnent or
.'?U?e of th<
is made with this
reinforced Ob
lor.2 Cable-Cord
Buttonhole. An
exclusive tea ture
3"? ori Savings Deposits
14th and You Street?
Italian Advices Report D'An
nunzio Will Make ?'Dignified
Withdrawal" From Fiume.
????G>??. Nov -.'T.-Halan advices
todav indicated rr?mi'r Nitti and <la
*>rie|e ?? Annunzili have reached a
tentative lomproinisc which may rc
?ult in ?ctll-ineni of the situation
"leafd by Hie poet? ?nupalion of
I'iume and Kara.
The propo-ilon includes "a digni
fied! vt ith'lra't a! " of the pO-?t'? ione-*
ii.or'lnc to Ihe advice.-, whili did
not gi\e furl Her ile'ail?. British pre
? n.l offtr-iaklom. after sc\cral da>? ef
pessimist1?- ? p-elation on th" situa
tion in Italy, were in?-l>ned to v'ew
onditio?:.*; more optimistically lo'ay.
I n fur m -?t.on at the British foreijrn
office \. ,-i ? to the effect that lute
Italian di.?patch??*! received the-?*
vhowed ro indication ihat Bolshevism
?va? gettici 'he upper hand in Italy.
Earlier pes-imistic pre?? report?, it
* as pointe?! out. probably were based
lir?n information predating that re
ceived at the foreign office.
tirwf hm- To Re laanlted.
X??v s of any crisis in Italy should
*>e teken "with the greatest re?e-ve."
.he 1'vening Stew? declared. There is
no confirmation of th? rumor? that the
socialists ptan to insult t lie King at
h? opening "f the n"w chamber of
deputies, the New? declares.
The kin?;, the newspaper pointed
out. always he? been very popular
ariti* ? majority of hi? subjects.
? large portion of the Italian sw.
? ?? ??! party, ?hi?? h polle?* a heavy
voi? in the recent elcttion? for ihr
chamber of ?? pu tie?, also is anti-r?v?
oiutionary. accotding to the news.
This clement, in Ike op nlon of the
.News realises any in.-nil ins attillili ?
(??w j : .I King Victor KnimanueJ woii'.u
be a "great blunder'' fioing the -?>
ciali*t party "more harm than good. '
Kven ?hould the radical -o? lall.-1.-.
attempt to ?airy out their reported ,
p'an lo his? the Monarch 'he majo??-?
i tv of the part? would not back up]
their stand, declaring the "moderate?
and ? on?ervatives aleo would unite in
support of the governm.n1
Altvnj? Talk I.e mil.?.
? ;..\ ei nment official? here p?>inted
out radical .socialists In Italy always
wer?? accustomed to talk loudly before
Ihe sessions of the Italian parliament,
but de?latrd the radieals probably
v\ould fo'low- ther traditional act,on
in absent;bis themselves from tie
chamber durins the King's ad-lros- M
? -11 *:? p t protest against monuichism. j
The ?"-lobe believed ?Ib?re la n>
?ause for apprehension" over the .*= 11 -
? ion ? Italy, It scouted the rumor
of possibl?? abdicati?.? by King Victor
l.mmanuel in favor of the Duke l>
Wo?, ??toi of Ihe Italian arm v. Thi
house of Savoy is Armey implanted in
ili?.? heart? of the Italian people ?nd
as oonst'tutional raiera have been
above ?-ri-ii-ism" the Globe declared.
."-??"???liste' ?mee.-? in Ihe reient
election?. In the opinion of the Globe.
was caused by the anathetio attitude
adopted by a majority of the Italian
people toward the voting. On'y the
socialists. G?'? newspaper declared.
polled a full vote.
Senator David I. Walsh of Massa
chusetts will deliver ?n addre?? ?.n
the league '?' Nations at a meeting
of the Massachusetts State Society at
'-.'ilson Normal School, H'eventh an.l
Harvard ?treels northwest. Tuesday
night at ? o'clock.
? rtirCt'h entitled "Vorhat A- Co..
Milliner*.' will he pr?senle?). and
there ??ill he a hlar|,--face corned' at I
by William II. Murray.
?t?l HOUSE & HERRMANN [jgg
Building Business with Quality
Every sale we make to you must be another link
that binds vou to this store. Ties ot" satisfaction. There
is cheaper merchandise than we sell; but none like ours
that is sold cheaper.
Most Effective
Bedroom Suites
Here are three popular types or Bedroom Suites
of unusually j*;ood construction and which we have
marked at price?? you will rind interesting.
The\ ar?* typical of the qualities which obtain
through ut the wide variety comprisin-* our stock.
Very fin?? Seve?n-p:ece Maho-rany-finish Suite, of Co
lonial type and high-grade construction. The D****?Mf has
generous size mirror: Chifforette, with drawers and in
do--?-^ cupboard, with mahogany tray-; large vanity
Toiiet Table, with center mirror and two adjoining mir
rors; Hair Dress ing Bench: Twin Beds and Night Table.
with drawer. The drawer bottoms are mahogany;
the hard"-are U? of selected type
?and throughout th? Suite is high
-r*_rie. SPKCIAL.
? .? ?..?JivSoil,? ,
Four-pece Ivor:/ Enamel Bftdr?->orn S?'tc. coi.?i?'iin*-- of
I*-r*es-<--r with shaped mirror; Cbifforve?* with sha-if I mir
ror: Toilet Table and full Double-sized Bod. Tu? ?ieoor?
tiofi il very effective, with high lighting in ,iu|!
trold: with dainty carving. Well
finished throughout and dustproof
bottoms. .?....,
Four-piece Mahogany-finish??*?. B*?droom Suit??, consist
ing of Dre*??r^ith ??'rge shape?! mirror: Chifforetto v. ith
incloned cupboard, thr??? Mahnganv sliding trav.-; two
small drawer.- and ore long drawer; Tesati Table with
tripli??.te mirrors; full Double Bed. with extend?- I tu?e
and boxed foot end. We ?rowei bllttMIII
any with dustproof construction.
!?uis XVl design; w.th ?attiI co- (*"
umns and neat rope ca-ving. f,
da.nty fe**toone i decoration.
?f ?M*???
Four Splendid Specials
??oidf'n Oak Rocker, with up
holi-i*:??! **?*?ag seal, b ...I
?.haped h??!?, .??at an?! ha? I? ;
?o\<r. il ?? i ? ii _, ?? 1.1 ?? r? SpHii'-i.
8PE S22.00
1??? h? r.
??n?! t? rnawpd ?ioldfn <>al?
n??k?-r of fin?' Uni.? h ?nd cun
?truvtloti: wi<h shaped arm.??
and f r ? ? ri ? posls: .?lot ha?k mi<l
<>I?tnjl?-l?-?i-ed ?|.. in?*? ?tal ?over
?d ?ith genuino Spanish
leather. Sri?:
l'unir?! Oak U mil.?.?f Ro? k?T
and you Un ih how LO?
?Diiibl?? \\???,.?"? Rovkfr? ere:
n ? ly t:?
:ni8h?-il arni (PIO Ef\
wel? made gPB? ???. ?DI ? .01/
? ?olden Ouk P.o-ker. with
?fi'idtn ??-at and .?ha???I arm?;
roomy ?ize and ? ell fl?"**? ?/?
atomo, .special. o/.UU
Golden Oak
R o u ? d-t u ? r. ?d
post; four stron??;
legs and six Hat
and Coat p<-g?.
Costumers w i t h
square post?,
strong and sub
stantially mad c.
\Vp ?hor? many
other style? of
Costumer? jn
Brass and Wood.
Join the Grafonola Club
Vou can have your choice of membership in
either one of them?and b\ so doing yon will make
sure of securing your machine. It can he delivered
at once, or it will be held in reserve for Christmas if
??ou wish.
in Club No. 2-Typ- ?2*3*?-_ $108.50
In Club No. 3-Typ? fiO**%?r*&*.. $208.50
W ith the membership goes the privilesre of se!?-??*??,?..: 10
l'ounbl-*-di.?<- Recor?!.? from a variety of perhaps J'-O of the popu
lar ?? oj-jrnh ? Record-.
The Dub membership r-iil? for a small initial pnyment. '.v!,?rh
ipplit-?? to the purcha-e of th?- machine.
r?eccmber i-.?u-? of Col?tabla Record.-, is rcadr.
In Club No. 1?Type D-2 ?yi,hkI '? s;.ifC,c<!
? ?'oiinle.Hisc Record?
Births, jDawiaaes,
S'ottcrt May Be Phoner* Until 1 ?
m. Main 5S60, Branch P.
Life!?>nc Residen? of District Dies
?Suddenly of Prralysis
At Het Horn?.
Funeral services for Mrs. Annie E,
Langley. fifly-lwo year? old. a ftmt
dent of Washington all her life. .?I?,?
died suddenly of paralysis yesterday
niorning. at ?". o'clock, at her Jem?;,
1 ?<>-' 1 Sixth street southeast. . ??'ill )?'
held from the ie?iden?-e. inmorfli'V
morning, at 10 o ?lo? k. ,
Mrs. I.anzlcv was born and reirei
in Washington. She |a survived by
her huuband; a son. Thomas I" I?inc- I
ley. an?) tvv?v ?la ? enters'. Mrs. Kits. Kl- |
lioit and Mrs. Annie Kavrs, all M
W ashiugton.
Interment will be in the i'vngm
sional Cemetery.
Mrs. Jane J?*. riickenbacher. sixty
*ix year? old. a life-long resident of
the District, who died unexpectedly
Sunday at her horn??. 313 I street
n-rtheast. was buiic-d in Mt. Olivet
Cemetery yesterday.
Fun'ral services were held at St.
.lo.*rph's Church. Sccomi and C streets
?-out heast.
Mrs. flickrrbacher w a? Hie wi?iow
of Caul P. Rlckenhaeher She is fur
? iv r?l by a son. Kdwln G. Ricken
bacher. and four daughters. Mary E.
ind Krane?*? M Iti? kenbacker. Mr?.
Charles S. Montgomery, and Mr.?. Wil
liam A. Young, all of VTsXathinirton.
B*nn?tt and I.uei? Robinson.
Anthony ?nd l^ens O Luawijr.
??.?? un? Teres? ?.?tnscn'l.
tainas and Flor? Thomas.
H?nry and Elizabeth Brown.
f'.U ?'HTKRP
?-; mnn-l ?nd .**?r?h K Simrson
.Inni?? ?. ?n1 Th.lni* G. i'hritmsn.
I red irteli and Martha Mc'Jsin
II?-?rn E. ?nd r.?b?i ? a Lancaster.
Bil ah ?nil tv e I by Johnson.
'Ili i.i.i.? ?. and Anna Johnson.
Frani- Fink? Blank?nhaker. :T. of Duet. Va.,
?nd Fannie Mitchell. ?. of Peola Mill?.
Va. The H?v. ? ?. Davis.
Donald ?. demoni, -S. of Minneapolis,
Minn., and Derntliy Arn? 1.1 Bchaaf. 17.
ef thl? elty. The Rev. W. Ra.leliltr.
Scot! Holmes Johnson, -i. of Ward. S. 4"..
?n?l Lucile E. Kliby .4. of thi? city. Til?
Rpv A Clary.
;?o ?? II. Itn? llntr?. S, ?nd R??h?l C.
Oteby. 3, of this i-ity. Th? Kev. ?. E.
? ? .ir'l Kollo? k. 4*1. ef thl? elty. an?! Vir
Sin a KiHicii K?|-lt?rt. ?7. of Lcw-sbtirs.
' a Th- l:?*v ?. tt. Hart?r
Anael ? ns'odln ?1" Aeilller? 40. ntvt M?r?
if? Ko^tle l?M??^on, 4?. l.-o.h ot thle,
. I , t?? R?n I vv <-i?rk.
rh-m?? .1 Pani?!?, .li ?, ?nd Bertha E
RMers??**, 1 la*th of thti ?Iiy. The Rev
.1 C. Ball.
A'hert Vddlm??edn '_.". ?nd ??rse? llanda??.
I -;|i nf IM? ?i" The Rev. ?. G.
I 'en n.. ?
fiU-am .le.pnh B'ske. ST. ?ed ???? ??? '"
??ils ???* ?-, l*oth of thl? ?lly The R??
M. .1 Bisk?.
,l?*,n D <i'?'onn?!t. "4. ?nd Ruth I, Rsi
ler. ?T. h"th ?.f this rttj Th? R?v. E.
!.. ????-? > >
???? ? C'rftel?! Ees!'?'. U, ?nd Bo?al?? .? d?.
!.?d? ?:ti ?t? ZU. "???Wh of lh?? ?ity. The
Rev W. V H??e?-rty
Al'yn Cor?inn "?Vhii?hi-?d ""?. * nd C??*"?
Ivn Jlv.r?. :?:?. f>Mh ?I Balilmor?. Md.
The Rev, J. H. Nrlms.
H ..?:?, - ??. Atkinson. "'. an<l Fio>-?n??? M
Ke?f?. I?, hoth of Ri.hninrnl. Va. Th?
R?T. t K B-i?jr?
t'ari Ossian Fransen. .'?. o' *??, h?nn t?dv
N. V. end Iren? Frasi?! MtaOey. G4. of
thl? ?liv Th? Rev. R Ta!hoi
Ro??.- Jacob Rch?ar**"te, .1. a-id Hilda
Kara-arel Weller L? both of R311.more.
VM Th? Rev H Minl.n. jr.
? '?'?I! ?'. S??-intf. -4. snd |"lo?*i? F Tl***m?
irteli, !l i.'.th ,..' M.I.? in. *?*a, Th? Rev.
.1 II. Jeffrie?
William .?n*te!e? >????a?.??. vT. ?nd M-r
CO-rile ?Viril? ????*-.?|? *?. h..th of this
. iiy The Re? J M O' Hrien
John <;o.b?l. 4". ?nd inn? ?' I'ro??'?. 4?.
both n< lh'? rltjr. Th? Re? ?'. C IVivin
Sarsju.-1 R'?n?eval?. "it. and M l*Jr ? iumh.
?hoih of this city. ???- ?. ? .1 ?
?sa] ih.
William Merton ttmjA nd Mr? Mar
-ar?t ?:iii??ins?r. .h ut I h?.-< i-ity
Th? Rev ? ? ?.?lark.
Charle? W. Burses?. ?.">. a"-! .*'? ' e ??,?,.?
".. .?? Baltimore. ?.?. "th* Re* ? ? ?
Dm? 1
; Ri ?ene P Rwith, "' of this eltr, and
Mary '?' Kaiilkoo?. ::. (
Th? r;-v t ? Da? .
Charlea -, Kn;*rhi. ??? ??' ????? ?'hio. and i
R'.??* l.nlniann, 4^ ?' Brooklyn, **?' V
Th? I'.? ? ? ? Raadle
? John \. Maddo,?, Jl. ard Fr-.n???? T..
Bur.h. 1?. both of this elt} Th? Rev
G J ? Connell.
Riim?,1) W ?'ro.-??. "?'.. nf i'roo^ri. >M. ?nd
*?!t).M If. l.usr.v IK. o' Braod-rwlatv Md.
Th? R?v. I C. Ml?-?.a? I.
?riMla? II Wetherell. I", of Hnadly Vs..
?nd B?s?!e t.. Tareaaer. ^T , r l.eesl.'ir?;.
Va. Th? R?v J ?'. Ma? ?
.In? ..li V Harr ????. " ?nd Vlinnir II??
?u.: :'?? l?oih of lh.? clli Th? G.? .
? ??- \<\_>
Alle-? |^^Rv?n Cnlvlt*. ??,, I V|,?d A
?;?..??..,.? -.'". both ??' this ulij The R??
' M I'lar'?.
Charlo? W Rooh, :'. and Rui R, Kell?
.o hoth of this city Th? Rev. ? M
???p???<?? -*
?? .'?,-.?- Jl ??:? ajchnltS. "?. of PI I -l.iirRh Pa .
and AfPI?? i'e?eli? T?a.| - ::??, n( this tltjr
Th? Re- .1 I.. Weldonna.,
llenr\- MIMei K, of i"U?r\\i'... K>?.. ?nd
I?Msie Alii? Walker. ?, of ?.:. xruidila, Ky.
Ths Fe\ I-: _s\?es
Jum*. R. M?r~hel|. ti, ?t??? ? ?' ?: ????\-t?.
J?, ??nth nf Frederii k't.iii;.? \ a The K?v.
j M Jettrtes
Hfort? .*?' W??l<-tiom. 1 .,f Je?**}? ? -1 ? y. \.
I . and The?**?? ?' >? ii l- ?f Elaiira.
? Y il?? ??. ?;. Robinson ?
Lowla ?- ?? lati?en. :*. ?ad vi .r, n?i??r
Uovi ::.. both of Ibis ? i?. ? Th? l'rv J E.
Wl'lam Hntiton Tb?*-io? ?? ai?, R**el*a
4ni|?i Torrant. *, boli <,f ihla ,iii Th?
ftevr. s Reo?
Mvr? A. MeK'nllhl l? ?lil l.n'?? ?????>
? ive'll mt thi? il?? TV f ? ? p?hr??-.
H??rv 1? T* er??%, '??' ami I u*.i p. Finch
?', ? ?? h ..f ? his city. ?",?.? na*v, J H
J. Will 1?? I EE.
SIS G? ?? * tf
T?l?r!ien? M. 1". VV ?--? ? *??;?|?G V. 1'. <~
nf <?,,;., d?*?-rlpti?a ..{.,.. 1Ult prl4*4M,
i-i ! r st. ? w_
rLOWBRM for ail eee**A**m. fall I-r?"nkiln
4ji'i. rcaidenir, l-ranklla II. (,M>. 11
C4JOKR. 'i*?* Conn, a.???._my?S-laUi
I'rnaa. Are. **. K.
"Tfashlnfrton's Beautiful Uur' ,, Psrk"*
**P?'I?I Prlrf?. MIM {(I) Xr. %?$
P'?r Not? Cl,?ire i,c,rs I ion.?
ffe. ur? ih? ?..? ?s?y ? ?r<?j
Per Infirm?!Ion Addr?s?
Lfn?oln Ml 7U Fifta ?t. ? ?)
?aa. in.
ihu U j
H'nrl.it? WoaUOpmPe IT yr?.. :?i: Mehola-.
?t?, ?e. ?
William A. Clarke. 41 yrs.. ini Howiaon
et. ???.?.
Min? Jan? Sherrlll.' So yr?.. 1772 Mass. ?ve.
? ir.
Joseph G WHcex. ti ?r?.. 147 ISth ?t. ne.
Annie B'Ile Moriarlr. 4S yrs . Rafct?/ Hos.
? Mat**? Charlea C??per. T moi.. 4?*?(J M ?t.
John Thorpe. M yrs.. I' S. Soldiera' Home
?Helen E. Magrinier. ? yr? . Sibley Ho?.
l.?n.?rM M?i?irr, S \rr . 1 ?l *>i?*l ave. ne.
Fre><I O. ?Heirl. 6 j m., ? ? ?u* , ? Ho?.
Oalay Klaben 4 yr?.. Providence Ho?.
? ieorg?? l.e Blanc, ? ma*.. Providence Hoa
K??herin? McCarthy Jeffer?. ?.'.? yr? 1300
"?d ?t. n*v
John Robinson ?>.?> ? t? . M'aie? A ?y. Ho?.
Soldi ere a? W'all-r P.eid Hospital
-? fi I ?-clebrate the tir#t anniversary nf
t he,, .publication nf "The Come Rack "
next Wednesday. December *!. with
Itie Imiance of a special ??Jillon, of
the periodical.
The I'ome-Back. which ?us pub
lished during Ihr past year in the
intere?! of soldier-patients at Walter
Peed Hospital by authority of the
surgeon <ien??ral of the Army, i* one
of a chain of newspaper? and mag
azines published at various hospital?
in ?lifTrrent pari.? of the country to
stimulate the morale of the ?sick an?l
wounded of the war.
One of the feature.? of the publica
tion ba.? been the "Pori of Mlssin-r
Men G??lumn." in which bave been
published weekly inquiries from rela
tive?? and friends of missing men.
Through thi.? column "missing men"
have been located for their relative?
snd friends. Th?? publiiation has a;*o
been an effective agency in the (e
cruiting service.
The rlllr.en?' a???elation afford, aa
???(??riMnili In aerrt ynoraelf. j oar
n?-l t hl?or?iivo?l anil Ibr eoramnally.
All Cases Quickly Diepore-d Of With
Fines for
Thanksgiving extended its quiet ;o
Ihe Police Court end what few can. *
came up for triti this morning w? re
disposed of in short order Nine in
toxication cases and two minor Uni
fie regulation vlolat'on? mede up U???
dav's "business.' All these c.*,.?. ?
were disposed of wilh light line?
Two soldier?, one with a i?vord ot
twenty-two month-?' oversea? ?er?
were in the du"k charged with 1???.\?
cation. In e?eh case ?? lighl fine wi?
impose! ani the men were placed ?n
probat ion.
WM? speeding home to a '?1? k
wife Jast nigh?. Kred Rarbagallo we?
stopped ?nd summoned u? appear m
f-ourt. The offiVer ?ho made t t?; ar
rest charged that he was f*?*od,ng on
Ninth etroet northwest and that he
had no rear light.
"This--a lord rear light he fa
kerosene and is not verra depend
able." explain?? Kred. He was fine?!
$5 on the speeding charge and fl for
the failure of his light.
Tbe case of Wesley Washington,
public hacker, charged with ' loiter- '
ing" around the Hotel Washington
last n:ght. was postponed until to
Two colored men with ? "wholeeale
passion'' lor chicken came in grief in
court yesterday afternoon. They ?tole
fifty chickens from Pedro <>iuliano. 4S
F street northwest, planning to dis
pose of what the?, couldn't eat them
?elvea on the Thanksgiving market.
They are Krnest Davi?. 117 F ?treet.
and William T. .lone?. n*il door
neighbor ?ind "huddi???"
Krnest and Willi?? conducted ? mid
nijht ram pat-? ?rnnfd with a ?-rat?
arri i-at-k? into -?hieb the luvkleool
hiddlc.-? were stuffed.
Aellve si?ml>rrtkl( lo a rltlreos
n.o. I.ill.m I* o?r nearest ?rsroorl? to
Ihe rirrrisr nf netaal ?.niert.un ?Hi
t?"? m ?? ?? bieh il is a Isilrsi stesi
l?lna ?tone.
????-KAM S
^? 1 .*? ??.'? - ?
. a . * C" *i?J? ! ?*>?. '?-.?
What Mo be y Can't Buy
Can you do the ?.' (^B
things \ou would like to * / . _?
dn' " ? {f?l__?
Do you fed tired. *?J!lLAc
fatijtued and worn out ? *m '?
A hidden abscess can sap the vitality
Of the strongest man.
A careful **cientitic examination costs
On. ?????.??
I** \ ?_r? ?. ?.???e.irrh
"i-ierk vou nothing and doci nut. mv; ?
(18) year? treat
ing teeth of tenta
tive and exb-emely
nervous patient*.
AU In? ?rumente
Natural Bridfe
?m 22K
Guaranteed 20 yr?.
?ie!? h
l"?l?en I'a-nleM. p.?n.i
!.??*' PO?? Meld Ie III?*????,
'.! Ilo?? *?rr> Ire III??? *i ?IT.
Every Automobile Owner Should Buy and Use a SECURITY AUTO THEFT SIGNAL
BECAUSE?An -\iiton-obi.?.* ? the
easiest thin?; in the
vorld to steal; 1 -?0,000
cars are stolen every
BECAUSE?The police are poy/er
?ess to protect you un
less vou use the
BECAUSE?Locks are useless. They
do not provide the one
essential?they do not
make it possible to
recognize the thief and
identify the owner.
BECAUSE?It b the public that
protects your car?the
identification mark by
which the thief is rec
TEM enable;? even one
to identif\ the oermet
and recojrnize the t-icf.
It attracts attention to
the thief anvwhere
nijrht or da?, and pro
vides even man. ?-m
an and child with a
sure, safe ?ml ca>
means of causing h ?
arrest and of eara??f
the $100 Reward.
BECAUSE?N?** c*,x u uh an -V'-'TO
<? the ? heel h_? exer been
?len. This \? onder
ful re?"j ;j shptild cause
c\er\ a atom o ?-?.Ir ?? p
?t i?. hu\ ? SfcOT'RIT?*
The thief caught?car recovered?reward paid
Check Payable to
Mr. Weintraub
Ask Your
Do It Now
Don't Wait
Until Too
JeourHj 3"?rnal Ja".?? "^rpcTatle?,
10? la?*, lit h 3t..
?llalagtan. Mia UwAmStOS of Ur. !. T. ?elti?k )
I ?a la r?o?ipt ef 7o*rr latter ef ?*t. 1Mb *-?1?*.1t?
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Cars Were
Last Year
Yours May Be
Letter From Major Doug la?;

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