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1 iriifT ? ?
Mrs. Woodrow Writes Of
Husband With Penny-Wise
Pound-Foolish Attitude
AWfp-pT ????? ?-? aa? ? ????
?--???**? A *>?-*?- may
- ?ptftd l?vi?Bly in othar di?
rwutti but m respect to ?ne par?
tic\*l?r t*tl?"g. he groans *vsr ev
ery ptnty he ?aa te put out.
It i? s aad ***r ter the retain-? ?
heart, whan a man a pat kor??)
t?l hi? wife a ela'hea ?nd the h<*m->
tbey dwell ia. and this la the hui
d?a *f a piala: a woman haa writ
tan ?a.
Aba MR'*? ky ftylag that ???
lu been deprived ef any tpaading
*aaa?y for ?? lang ?>*?? toi ta*
aacagalttaa of life with th? ?****?
tiep of fot??, that ah? hi? aimeitt
an?? to look ?t il ?? har foil
"I ka*? a? allowance.'' ?ha aay?.
"a*?* ^t f?t day husbagd te five
at? ?a?. A? far a* the tati? la ??a??
cartata. I can order what I w?nt
aad %m mueh at I -fi?*, ?od ne pay?)
fer It wHllag'.y ?ad without any
Ruht har? ia wher? the ?ym*-?th??
that ma a y beuaokeepar? of iaday
mifht oth?rwl?a feel for h?r ia ?o
lag ta dia Ta hava tha privilege
th thia day af soaring prieea ta a.
dar any aatouat of food and have
tie bill? paid without ? (rumble
will ?earn iitnoit paradisaical.
What mora cha ?ha ??_*" they
??111 ? a?)'* Ira. ?-Any ???bu?' who ha
drawn such a prlca in'th? lottery of
marriage haa nothing to campi? ?
Rut. alaa. the poor lady haa. 8h?
???? ?a
G-???4 Vet Only .teed.
H? e?n \ aa? }h?t t a??* |?*/
thimg but food He will never giva
ma mor? ? haa ? dollar aad flfty
canta at g tima ta ?lath? myaeif
and tha ehildraa aad heap up tha ?
house. ?nd the nutation ia always
ask\d ?a'Hat did you do with UT
"Tt 1? Riven ao ?nwlltlhfly tao.
tnat I 4*0 without thing? until I am ,
a dlagrace and other people talk
about me and consider ma a poor
*-*? n?r ?ad hauaekaapar. Teu
know how many thing? cbil-lren
neea. and houaehold belonging? ara
bouad to ?-ear out Sometttnaa I
faal u if I war? loalag my mind
trftag to ma a? both aad? meet.
Tha ?umiliati?? af It all ia dread
It really doean t ?aam right far
a weeaaa ta h? treated III?? a child
taat .ta t ha trusted with %. penny;
I would a thausgnat time? rather
earn my awn living, and thaa thare
wovii-l b? ao fault-fading and ?er?
ry ?tuo tb? tniaey waa ?pent. The
houM I? ?*> shabby that I hava
loat ?Jl Intaraat la trying to kaap
u up. It and tha ?bidrsa ara about
all t'v? got, aad I would like ta
hav? them beta lawk alee. It could
-any ha don? with a litt,? man
agement I have felt a great many
liane? that life ia n?t worth living
far a woman in my poetilo?. I
bava nagg*d. coated aad tbr*at
r "t but nothing i??m? to hav?
aay effect, aad It la auraly wearing
m? out DISC?U*AGED."
I ?endtr what that man would
do U o? wtr? offered a partnership
a 4 prosperous Dui.ots? accepted
it. ?nd the? found that hi? partner
had so idaa of dirldlng the pro?t?,
but ater-ely aaid to tb? n?w mem
ber of tha Arm "fier? ? plenty af
money fer ?toc? and materials, but
none for th? wages of the em
ploye?. Nevertheless, I expect re
Tbe c?sea are similar. And yat
it I* pre?um_bl? that tkia man
wishes to hare a pleaaant, comfort
able horn?, with bright, happy faces
about b:n-. Ba he attempt? to
-*a!U? thi? drum of forcine hi?
wife -.o accept such ridiculous coa
d ?.->.-.- and no doubt exp?cts her
to be cheerful and contented under
the circumstance?.
It 1? like tyipg a person s hand?
bee.od his back and then tailing
him to go ahead and hew wood and
axr-y- w?t?r.
'??>*?* a woman marriea. th?
und?r?U*,ding if that ?he ?? to take
charge ?r the hem? ?nd disburse
the money which ?ha and hrr hup?
band sat aside for household *nd
personal expenses, while the man
devotes all his energica ta the task
of earning the family living
L'nl??? ?ha provea herself a
maaAOS. a eleven or a fool, the hus
band should no mere interfere |n
kar province than ?ha ?hould in
terfere In his business
Now. tha man ig tuta particular
c??e must ke in ??tremelv com?
fartable circumatagaa?, *r he would
aot pay the bill*? for th? table *-?
placidly aad sweetly But there la
?ennethinft tha matter with hia eye.
aigbt. He can a?? that th? family
muat hav? food, but he ia blind ta
the fact that they al?? need decent
clothing. Al-io, ha fail? to realita
thgt It la far mer? expenalv? ta
wait until everything in the hau??
i? warn out than tt Is to supply
thing? aa they ?re needed and ta
keep them in god repair Ma l?
?urauing a penny-wise and pound
feoflsh attitude, which only mean?
a taraer expenditure in tha end.
aad he is wraohlng hia wife'?
health and tamper Into the bar
Rince all tha -Vurld i? striking.
why doe? she nat da her bit in that
direction? Refuse ta cook tha din
ner uni??? ?he kaa tha utensil?
with which ta do tt and the dlahea
to strv? It on. Refuse to look gfter
the house unle.se he supplie? needed
She could m?k? him sa desperate
ly uncomfortable that he would be
glad to come to terms.
Why sigh and we*r and man? a
god of forbidden money? She would
batter use har wita and get It. What
la one row more or lees In auch a
case t
A New Method of Hatching:
A new method ot hatching ?ilk
w?ema is reported to h?ve been per
fected in Alchl Kan. Japan. F.gg
cards ?re immersed ia dilute hydro
chloric acid for flve to tan hours
just before tbey ar? hatched. In a
fortnight or twelve day? after tha
Immersion the eggs are perfectly
hatched. and warms that ara
stronrer and more healthy than
those hatched in any other way may
he aeon coming out of tb? ?halt?.
Th? ?Hg produced by the vormi
hatched ia better and longer than
that produced in ?ny other way. It
ha? been atated that tha ?ilk pro
duced by the worm? bred In tho
newly invented way measure? 1.296
feel whet-eaa tha thraad produced)
by the worms batched In the ordi
nary way measures only 7?? faet at
the longe?t
The Sh?^mGook.
The shamrock appears once to
have been an Irish national dish.
Tt is no longer eaten, but in 1191
Pynee Moryson picturaagualy re
latea that "the Irish willingly eat
the herb shamrocks, being of a
?harp taste, which, aj they run and
are chased to ?nd fro. they snatch
like beast? out of the ditch??." Ac
cording to the generally accepted
belief, tbe shamrock wa? adopted
a? the national emblem of the Irish
because was the instrument ae
?eeted by St Patrick when explain
ing to his countrymen the doctrine
of the Trinity. ***y a strange chance
of language, the trefoil in Arabic la
called "ehamrack,'' and in Iran the
?hamra.iv was held sacred aa
being the emblem of the Persian
Triads. When we recall that Pliny,
in hta 'Natura: Hiato-y," declares
that serpe?te avoid the trefoil, it
seems peculiarly appropriate that
St. Patrick who drove these reptiles
from the ? me raid Isle, should have
chosen the shamrock as bis emblem
How a Chill
By Brie? Btid-tm, M D.
THAT chilling ef aoiy -urfac?u
may ctm* ??rt threat and
C?ld? i? nit ? *:|i'r. .- ip r
?title?--,. despite, tu? popular writer?
en hegjth topic?, who decry the fear
? f -ir? '.?
It Is a :*-? eh?' iu en ??....??;
<.--.- at um?? ? ??? u?n???
The rr???? . m ?xpl?n?ti?n h?.
been that the b!?*??*??!, being driven
? way from the ?urfne? ?f th? body.
i? diren- . ? * ???..-? ?o that eon?
(??tion of the internal part? and
?rgane r?*?ult?. with con??qii?n*
?tag nation. Thi? ?tagnat'on ?|i
?upp???d to lower th? leoal r?eisi
anee ?o that bgetertal Invader? wer?
?gabled to nart a? infection
But now ?-orne tw? investigators
?Mudd and Grant, ot th? ?Vaeh.ng*
io? Univ?r??|ty f"?-h?pl ??( Medicine
at It '-- - e ???<-> have ?hewn that
th? ?Id theory wa? totally wrong.
Th?. hav? shewn by ingeniously
? entri?. ?? measurement?? of tha tem
peratura et th? mucou? membran?
llnin-r th? threat that it fa))? with
chinina af th? bady ?urfax? and
rt??* at;? ? ? when tha person la . <?o
jacted ta external warmth. There
la ne ??ngeatian auch aa the ?Id the
ory argued. On th? contrary, th???
St. I?uia investigator? hav? proven
that chilling of the body rau??? a
re?eu constriction af tha blood vea
sala la tha NUNUi membraaaa of
th? aaa?. thr?at and ? nail*. ?? that
th? part* contain I??? than the nor
mal ???unt ef bl??d.
*?V? are, therefor?, called upon to
??-?..*..- a new th?ery a? ta h*w
chinina; ceu??? cold? and ?or?
throat?. The St. Le tils Investigator?
?uggeat that the leeal anemia of the
Internal part? af?r???ld retard? re
moval of the product? of cell activ
ity, d??raa??a th? local ?ueply of
those aubstanee? In th? blooa which
combgt bacteria, and incr?????? the
permeability ot tha cell ?ur?cee to
germe and their product?.
Avoid prolonged draft?.
NERVOUS exhau?tlon develop!
very ?lowly in most cases,
but It may at times appear
rather suddenly after physical or
mental ever???rtior?. particularly
If combined with werry and asso
ciated with unfavorable physic:*!
??omeilrri** neur?sta?ni? mak?? a
?udden appearance after emotional
?hock, aeut? Ulne??, ar Injury.
When th? symptom? are mild the
pattant may not realise that any
thing serious I? going on, and
heac? may fail to apply the proper
rem?dier. But aa tbe disease* pro
gresses anxiety increa*??, the ca
pacity far work decreases, and fa
tigua becomes more and more
Occasionally, acute cases occur in
welch the breakdown la decidedly
?udd?n. This type of collapse ac
counts far the unexpected dlsap
pcaranc? of public map off the
?cene of action at tlm?? while gt
the very h?ight of th?lr career??.
Senator La Follette one? suffered
such a misfortune In the midst of
hi? campaign for the Presidency,
and mure recently we have witne?*
ed a similar accident in the caaa
of Mr. Wilson
When th? cans?? are not lemoved.
or cannot be removed, neurasthenia
tend.? to grow gradually worse, .1;
may la?: many year?.
The course of neurasthenia is
marked by periods of improvement
and by periods of aggravation. The
sympt?me are apt to be worse early
in the day. All the known symp
toms are rarely present in an In
dividual case, usually ?ome symp
toms or group of symptoms stanti?
out prominently.
The shorter the period durin/?
which the Individual ha? been ex
posed to overwork and worry, and
the better the previous health, the
more favorable Is the outlook.
Mother ?Sent Little ?Albert Along With the Powerful lUtrinka to Return the Dining
Chair? She Borrowed of a Neighbor Thanksgiving.
_^\J//_^ ? ArtD'ON THE WAY OVER
To WE*
sea-nsht. mi. ?y ta? arggaiar avr-aicau. im)
Making Toys from Old Tins
IIEKE'S a college girl making useful arti
cles from discarded old tin cans. Many
useful articles can be thus made, such as
candlesticks, match boxes, trays and toys
for the children. This new idea originated
in the hospitals of Europe, where ?hell
shocked men. who ?cannot stand noise,
make useful articles from old tin can?
Doctors also advocate m?fUl work for
many of these shell-shocked cases. About
forty students at Teachers' College, Colum
bia University, are devoting one hour of
their time dailv for this work. The rifl
here shown is putting the finishing touch???
to a toy locomotive. \
1.? ? ? ii in ? ii ? ??
? r"**-u W.*?*??!??? ___[ &?*?**?.
How Much Money Does A Girl Need
to Live Here ? Here A re Some Figures
How much money dues a girl need
to live on In Washington?
Or to phraae the queation more
aptly, how little can a girl live on In
An the result t>f a voluntary agree
ment between emplojt-*' and employ
ers in Washington, there has been
enacted a law ihat no woman who
ha? iiad se\*n month? or more of ex
pedience shall be employed In any
mercantile industry In the District at
a wage leg?) than "?1?..?0 a we?*k. and
that apprentice* of less than seven
months' experience ?hall be paid not
les? than $12.50 a week.
The wage scale determined upon
?as reached after the employes and
employers, "getting together" on the
question of expenses, figure?! out ju?t
how much is required for a woiking
girl to ?-upport hernelf in the city.
The merchant? in Washington were
asked by the minimum wage board
to submit e.-tlmates of how mu?-h It
would cost a girl In clothing?dress?e,
underwear, stocking.?, glove?, hats,
ani other necessities in which they
were ?lnalei?. Doctor? and dentist?
gave expert testimonials as to th?
average probable ?ost of their ser
vices, while the I'nited State? Houe
tng l'orfloration nave an estimate of
tbe cani of board and rent for a
working girl.
Clerk? Makr Eattmates.
Thousands of clerks in the depart
ment ?fores were asked to submit
estim?tes of what it cost them to live,
taking into account everything from
? hoe-ptrlngs to moving picture ad
mission prices and the taic on choco
late sundae?, and the employers were
a?ked to figure out what they be
lieved v?? ? .minimum yearly ex
I pense upon which a girl could exist.
When the estimate? were combin
iti boiled down, hashed together, and
?studied*, it was found there was not
jEu?h a wide difference in the vary
| in", eatlmatev. as an average they
? came, out ahout the same in each
? cire. The employers, however, did
make a little lower living expense for
? th? ?t! than the girl made for her
relf. The ei-timatcs of the girls were
approximately a dollar a week larg*TT.
How? ver. a compromise was reach
ed between the employers and the ?
employes, and the minimum figure :
w?e fixed at 112.."0 a week?to be
paid apprentices ha-, ing lens than
?even weeks experience.
The tabulation of the cost of living
varied mo?t widely in the cost o?
dre??lng. because many girla enter
tained different ideas about what
??hould and should not be worn, other?
were expert with the needle them
selve?, while others ?equlred th?
i<rvlce* of a ?-eamstreEi or dress
maker for the frocks not bought
ready made.
Flererr? for < ??.? he?.
The fl-rures for clothe?, for one
year, follow: The estimate? in the!
Srat column are submitted by the j
employes, tho?e in the second column
by the employers:
Clothe? for ?i Tear?
The following show? the catimatel
co?t, flrst by employes and second bj
One suit tto last two year? ?. $33.00
117.30, $14.75; one coat ito last tw?l
learel, $3910. $19. IS. $14.75: :?v
?ra?ate. $1200. lit).??); one dress waist
$0.60. $6 00; one wool dres?, $20.00. (fo.-J
two yaarat, $10.OO: one wool ?kir;,
$10.00. $7.30: two summer skirts. $5.'i?.
$5.00; one dress-up dress, $29.SO. (for
two years), $11.25: two working hat?,
$10.00. $7.50: on? dress hat. $8.00. $5.09,
two wash dresses, $16.00. $1200; four
pairs of shoes. $31.50. $24.50; three
pairs of glove?. $4.30, $4.00; eleven
pnirs of hose. ?9.40. $708: two pair?
of corsets, $.?>.00, $4.00; eight uplon
suits, $9.50, $?.91; ?lx nightgowns.
$9.00. $4.<iil; two white underskirts.
$3.00. $3.0.0; one dark underskirt, $S 95,
$200; One dOXOn handkerchlefa, $l.e0,
$1.?0: two working aprons. $3.0i,
$?.00. one kimono (to laat two years?.
$1.00, (for two years), $1.9?: one
purs*. $3 00, $2.00; one umbrella (to
la.'t Iwo years). $1.50, (for two
year?), II.M; one pair ? ubber?, $1.2?,
$1 25; repair.? on suits and shirts,
$2.25. no allowance: repaira on shoe*.
$2.50. $250; neckwear. $1.25, ll.XS,
miscellan?eo?a, $2.00, $:.00; total, by
employes. $240.79. by employer?.
$11$.40; average per week, by em
ploy??. I4.C2, by employer.?. $3.43.
A? far a board was concerned, the
United State? Housing Corporation
showed that the cost for a room an 1
fifteen m? ils a week was $40 a montn
for one person, and for two person.?
ocupyinir the ?ame room, the cort
was about $35 a month each. Th.:
lowest pi : :e for board alone which
could be .-ibmitted was $'.'0 a month.
The Rhyming
By Aline Michaelis.
FLKs hard chained the light
ning - ila?h<-? and have sa lied
upon ? he air; they have made
bold Pola dashes, manufactured
drug? from aah?? and have camou
flaged their hair. They'v? learned
ho? to cease to stutter ? twenty
lessons to the trick), how to raise
the price of butter, how to navi
gate a cutter, so they think they're
pretty ?lick. Man is ?11 pufftd up
and haughty, all beeet v. Ith prlg
giili pride; ho will do thing.- that
are naughty, nor once slop to ques
tion, ought h??. that's one word he
cant abide f??; i,?? power eeems
unbounded, like a king? upon hie
throne: he win not admit he?
grounded, though his wit? ?r? quite
confounded; but some thing? just
can't be (??ne. How deodorize an
onion as it lies upon your plate
or in holding glum Communion with
your most engaging bunion. how
make lixlu about your state? Tou
may learn to like the motion of a
stuffy submarine: diving deep
within the ocean you may get the
foolish notion it ia pleasant in ?our
bean Tea; this trip through Nep
tune? baeement; may appeal to you
a? ?we*?t; but, suns neck and arm
misplacement, you can't ralfe a
single casement withtn any tr??in
you meei. So you ?e? some limita
tion* ?till the soaring ?olii will irk.
Checking up the dispensation?, you
will find in all the nation;? none get
wealthy without work. And the
man who ? al?a?, s prating of how
little he will do. alway? spelling
and orating of consuming, not
treating, mutt expect but little, too.
and that ->a? in a vary limited num
ber of place?.
Price? Agree?*"" Oa.
The employe? and their employer?
agreed on the weekly list of miscella
neous Item?. They were: we*kl>
laundry, $1; doctor, fifty cent?; i??i
tist. fifteen cents: oculta*, ten cent?.
amusements, fifty-five cent?; vacation.
forty cent?: Infurance and ?av,n?,i
thirty-five cents: church and charl*/,
ten cent?; organization?, fifteen centi.
? elf improvement. tw?nt)-flve tent?:
car fare, seventy cent?, and other in?
cidentala. twenty cent?.
Now come? th< que?tion--how ?*e
they do It? Or, perhap?. some girl.?
(fie.SO per week girls) addicted to
use of slang, might a?k their em
ployers, "Bow do they get that way?"
There ?re more girl? In the Capital
than one would think who earn tbe
weekly wage of ?Ixteen-flftv At d,
according to the table of expenses
outlined co-operately between the
employers and tbe employe?, the
young lady would be about $4)2 In
debt at the end of the year.
But. taking the ye>ung ladr |?-sT?t
cerna $12 M ? week for her labor. At
the end of ? >ear her earning? t?tal
$(?00. Th* ?o-t of har clothes from
her standpoint?and she'? the one
who hat- to buy em?come? to $240-70
while her food and lodging amounts
to $360. provided she can obtain
board and lodging in Washington for
$30 a month, which she cant Then
take into account the ineidentala,
which amount to $213 60. making a
grand total of $814 expanse? againat
$600 earnings.
Again the lady of the ?hoe atring
department, placing her hand? upon
her hips, questions: "Now I a*k you.
Mamie, how do they get that way"**
Person? who delight in recouat
ing anecdote? and ?ayings ?G the
great and near-great, will find joy
in "Juggling the Heavyweights." a
little volume ju?t published by La
ien St. Clair.
Mr. St. Clair, who as a newspaper
man and director of newspaper
publicity for the Liberty loan, came
intimately in contact with the "be?t
people in Waahington." furniahed
two hundred little storie?, deatgned
to fit well Into after-dinner speeches
and that-reminde-me session? The
book Is profusely illustrated with
drawings by F. S Ttedale.
Some of th? anecdotes are told
for the first time In public. Other?
are good old atock stories to the
initiated, but n?w to th* world In
general. *v|r. St. Claif ha? an eg?y
Myle of narration and trie quaint
humor that h<? made him an envi
able reputation aa a raconteur.
It Is to be regretted that Mr St.
<"lalr is unable to ?et forth in th!?
hook incidents other than tha?e
with purely Washington ?ettlng-.
He has had a variety of ?xflefUnc*?
in his new?p?per work throughout
the country, and a* a buggy paipter
id Veeder?burg. Ind 't la town
tradition In V*ed*f?burg that Mt.
St. Clair painted Honej-?ucKle ?o
realiatically on a wagon wheel that
a humming bird broke it? bill on It.
Let us hope that the g?xt volume
from thi? Hoo?i?r humortft will be
on tr.? folk? back home. A- C. M.
Saving Money in the Home
Little Tricks For Women
in Household Economics
*r itiiAMTH urrmu
a?a,*i?.?r .?Mrvgat ?rita ??|?
ft th? *!nt?r #*lr?f??? t)|?u)| ??
c?r? ef ?rgat if lauft ?f th? fg*V*g?r
??d ?arly f?;i c < ? tt? ? g tc i*-,i
?heuid cisthin? price? r?mai? higa
r,*-i year ta? t??:- a-retahu %>U\
??er?, |M| , -,, v -i *,,-? ,aje>>
?h;**| t0 ogivag? (or agriag kgd
?un-iftier C*a.reful tr?gt***?at u>.
will me?? ? let *t ?aviBg fcu*vl
? 'Ji**tr
Th? wi?e heiitfv? f? d??! a?t 1?t
her ?urc*r?r ctailisf |tly fi t>*
?*>?r-r?wd?d cie??f e tig? vp v( .
u?bi- ????? sn? t*.r;?b Ag?l|.?l ' ?
vtivfti ,?rg4i ari t*rea?t .th??
?*-?l*h*r <e*> ir,| ?gv man- ?a sy i*
an? <*o?dlt':<-f- ?>,?), fcaapen te ba ;a
aft?* their ??? ?pp??'tnr? In?
?tead ?F, ,uU tpAn,. (,?, ,,
full?? r.??,B?a icg -rotted ?? ? ?
leasi chang? p??t ? ? a ;J| rtr? t>
them kt??*iB( retori ,? ?? ?? ?op.
pi.e* ih?re ?re ?j>d wh?r? ?>-? 1*1,1?
th??*- in erd.r th?? ??.? ms, l?<
th??a veri ih? ?wc??.?e |rM| h>
?*???> loehmg ?1 ?<r a???, re^rii*
If "??*h?d 1? a??.?? a Uh? ?r. ?g??
box telnrg the seateeu r*???*? th?
?-????G?? of e?eh artici? ?.? ?u m?'
metter Her ?uti'ge of treatlheri
wem** be very nearly like the n>
washable wait? riotgi?,
*M?*i earsfuliy ?? ?urea sAA
? d blue? mar* th??* usuai te avete
a yellow appeaeane? wh?r ?pria?
ucpteklng ??m?? Hun? Hi a <-?????
r*eer\s? for ?his particular ?. ?? er
folded ?o that t?>? r-eaee? ? l| ?er
tespeM a? ft* as p???lbl? wtih the
f?!?? inte which th? **aj***n?tt fall?
tn u?e and laid in a trubh or boa.
waaaa?ie c*i***? mot???
W??hed. unstarched, turne?
wrong rid? oui ?ad hung ? tr?
<*Ios*t of packet] aw? a? ?rere the
while garment?
r?rta ???a ??its
Cl?ai*?d aad put in ??gafgt? bos
carefully felded
How to treat ta<* lunntr hat d?
pead? much up?? the' tr.a.(erfi'i Tf
of ?trgw. grushlng off all du?t ?ad
packing in a hat box if aeed treat
ment. Th? georgette aa? Ig?? hat?
If* soiled ?houi<? b* ?ry ??!??*?-! ?r*
allowed te air thoroughly befor?
wrapping In tissue paper ?nd ?tor
es awgy tu a hat hos At?ii weight
whl?th will cru?h tg? trimming
Sk ?**?
The pump? ?nd ??for??, ?heuid fc?
clegaed 4?? r.' **??'? ??"? ?he?
tree? ia each one
la vet) tory should be ?tmgle of
course, hut definite, giving a ll?t
and ?torag? place of the cloth*?? (or
each member of the family. Thia
Will prove af degnile ?ervire ?s/*???
next spring? clothing budget re
gulrd? tfcought and dm*
Haw te Sat? B? Treattnf
Onter b arasent? With (ara
A few war?? ?? to lb? cir? of
th? clothe? now bttng used tr?
ne come am,??
Outer faf-menu which ?r* g!v?n
?-areful atlantico wear ?c tt??'G
long?r and )r>oh so much b?tt??
than tho?? which are negleeted
that time need in taring fer them
la well ?pent.
Hang outer garment? carefully
when not in use Plenty *f r?*?
?mi hanger? save epace and gre*
vent wrinkle?.
Keep cover? over d?llogte gar
ments or others ware on'r e-oea
?ionallv to protect agair.tt dust mi
Do tot keep partly ?onod gsr
mtnti In an uaairad place Tbey
are likely to become discovered
Fold carefully all garment? Jtept
In drawers er boxea.
In putting garmentf ?way far th?
season guard against wnokliag.
?tretching. fading, ami insert? Feld
?0 th?t eresae? ?ill correspond ?.<
far as possible with the fold? inte
which the g?rm?rt fall? In u??
Do net allow weight to r??( oa
folded garment? Garment.? cf firm
material? may be left hanging If
carefully covered against du?t ite
Insect?; hut ?ieaiy material? tin? -
tly trimmed garmtnt?. aad c.rcular
?kirt? are likely to bf uretehed
out of ?hap? by their own weight
Keep In the dark ta sveid ?.hange
in color.
Removable and washable cellar?,
cuffs, and lining? gag?* clean ng In
women? dree?e; w?.si? ?a? ccata
To Bedace ( on af Shoe?
Prolong Yogr Hgo???' LH?.
Have ?hot? carafully fund Wgli
fitting shoes look better aad wear
batter, besides being more com
Here ?? ? ?baa?? far evert ?9?
t? ear? s ???.??? br uni?* h???
ehe ka? aa?"?? ? dallar II -**?y be
e dollar ?r mer? H ??*? ha*-?
bee? ta?/??! i? a ear ?f ? ?eiav
Vlewever a. ? ha: m?tt?r? a Id??-"
Il ?a? ?*?*
$1 M?*?? ??< $1 ??r??? ?v tkt
telila? ef ?)?? ran?! ????? ?t
?te? ???><> ?* ?? brief ??* write
en?? ?a a?,? ? ?? ?f ri>H'
? -*HU ????-af*/ ? pi a? r' ' ????
??r ?r or? c? t?? n?|i?r<i*u
?"???? I pr.rt
?* * ?-If y??.? ?in ? -?Tie? y*??
? u?; h' w liitf t, K??? ???,'' n?*?
g?e ???re?? ???(j |>tc?L?, .a?! a
-rl> .'gii le atmet too laiuti? *??*??
??? ? righi te kr-?-? that ?*?b
?y? pria? ?i???? ? ?. -?eiuei p?*
" ? Hcatvet 1 am ?a. ?si??* t?
r? ?.:: ?sru ?f .???. ???? ira,
?leb f net gives ? pi-lp?, ? ?il
b? r"?tM **ttl ,? t.tu ??.> s_4
heir th? mm? ta dar,
If ??c* r,r?i Utter ?o??r ! ??t
? fr M i:y ??? ? Et?t ,f , ??_
tbat ? a? b*r ta ?-?ur feil r.p aa
?tuer il ?our Idea u ?ant it
f^rtabl? fao* <?u?.n?/ ?toe? ere
*? ??4???? ?rpr?*n? c?
a 'tini? ?, ; ? f p? rt ? ?, ,?|i
i?nger gnp MOe-tf??? ale ?fcotr
whtr re? :<k, i i. e-ar <-??? :i rr????
th?rn keep their ahap? e-.????
????* ?-??a i ur. ??< ?*? tr?*?V
ed. a areae.ag _a?t wua ? mu?
?il tre?l rub bad m prciengi ib?
??ar of leather ?r,c ?.?"
Clear ?-????, at? ?ea it ? b t>t . : reo?
le prevent ?hrtnkinf Pr-oag? *-1 ?
a little water and ???? ? hai -?*?
tain? whiting or _ a o??mereiai
Dr? we! ?her? a e?'? o- ?h<?
tree? *r ?tug erith p?*:?
Pretect shoe* with rubber? m met
weither. gv?n with ?carafo ?"?>
lag (he melaiar? tetad? te ret tb?
???in?? tr r-ad?
D*> ??? moor ren-Aomn heals.
tbey will ?peil ige riet? ?f tbr
ab??? rhe?
Ha?? ?ma-.il rip? _??<.??- at ?-?nee
?ft?? tb?? rat be sew??? at home
l#??TgtfBf 1*|gtf?-?
I hav* bad ?>? letter? ar??.?
???ovaitaf ?? Uta ar???? Two
?arc mer. pa. ? ; ?< tt? ri a??, tt r?? -ra
vira?? lb??? pi ?.rng ihr ?e? ,?c
h??? #a<1 er ?r.? -ce' ??c ? el
? bich p-a??a lgai greai ir ed? rtjn
ip, tb? ??ree ch?_D?l? : ti* e*, ti-?
idea et re??r?.of them gettar than
?? ?t eg ??? ?ba g?? ta? prue
i? tb? aten?r ? ? o rea te r ti idea
flret, which ?a? *?. c ? ? ir b? ? )f a; 11
a t Th* ?ti??: tat leu?-? ????
?sal-ad the lite a?d tb? t
?p??t:ve ? Th? trai or pa.at :a>?
??a Sciirotn' G acC il? e ?a*?*??*??.
ft ? vere ber 1?? ir? ?. r.t?r ?( tr.l? a?
ba? Bf are*?? aen ? pi *e ar?
ronrunf >?r? ?io?? ir ?retting an
The ??m ng .?it?? 'e ?cai
G??1*. g? J >? ??-*-"? L?*" vrr
lo?? caluma la T?e 7 t-? aaa ??
? '?r??i?t* ??? immaaMij lar ??ut? ?
??i,? aao at laat I Ka?? ita? eppot
? ?bit y ?.: W.ob?ibi ea? ef >?r ????rr??
a-.?n<??Bt? ??? ?? t?*e? ? m? ?a: ,r?
bou?? ba* ?tv; on ? ?-a le? ?heb?*
rnQlc] nel gei re?, ?ft??? a' ?-?ne? aa?
aiti, die ?oi ?rar< ? he?? ???? |?c
?ed Diu? te curta.aa ???? e**,????* ??.??et
? 1 bit ?f??" Iba I? ???> r.f ??.a ?.
???*???e lit? ?t???? tra?a tbe reliera
col e? tbe rovfb rea???? la?? ? ?"
bere ?od ?t'tcb tb?tt? meki?f lhe-n
.?_t ?oout iti ?ridili ?' ib? or.fia?
cfi?) afttr ?htet. ?triioi tb? adcV?
Trem Th? better? ?*f ? be abarle? t?
?ortinf ib?ns i? tr? are? ben?? **"*?.?
r????. tb ?t ? te ru' iK? ?hai? tMc?
on Iba -o.,e-a uaonf tbe Mme l"tl?
??rKj ah.rr < nu reiTieie?- a ?* ? r? BT
? 2 ' i?f?r; ir ?et ??' *G<* 'b?' t??
??.?aaa |a*k a? ?oort a? ne? 1??"? t?
u'fr'MI ?tifi? ??? i"'? ?*?? ?haca? '
me pallt-d al??*??, ta lb? ?til ?till t? ?
in? tn? ontios p?n m ta? ion?.-? i?
toi? t??y 1 ?avad aot ?air oa? dettar.
bat ????rai ?
WAggitT riTiceaAH*?
? a? T '?r atre-ti ro?i heaji
I am aleo pnetint ta? tset
ma,:?? letter on painting tbe
rtAR ?".TtA?tT|-| l?TTTla/g?'
j repe rear armi?? ?* Tfc? ?*,????
? >?r> ??? a?*?* ????}? '?"** '?? i"'"***1
In* ?a?, tb' mb?>? ?*>"? te ?*?? ?
?tallar tertalelr eelpa la tb? ? C I
Tbe ruriaiiV l? *?? h?-"? et m, ,e*r
pi? nt ;?ek? fnlgbt-- b?? ???????
? fo-d t? buy ad a??? eurUia? O? I
b?u*?t ? ??? ?f e*re preee palet aed
Kiai?4 ?b? ?id can?!?? oe betb ?id??
e ????? lb?> -*-?-' -i" '"??? I?b*d
e?? ?r?? better tbaa tb? ?e??? ?? tb?
-aUl? S C ?
Caring For Your Clothes
DO you know h?w to plan your
wardroae according to your
retane? It if r??lly an grt to
b? well 4re.*?d ?.n a limited income,
and yet I know a girl who ?P?ad?
?our tima? a? much ?aney ptr year
aa th? average woman dae? on
clothe?, ?ad ah? never really look?
am*-rt one of the gre?te?t ??crat?
in good dressing If to ?fleet delnit?
costume? in?te?d of ? hat n#a- And
a trock later and a pair of glore?
lor "in between "
If you have a limited tncom? you
nun carefully glgn yeur wardrob?
*r th* btgipnig$ of ?ach -c???**
Thin when >ou hgva 4??*????>- ??
cid?d you caa shop int?lUi?ntlj*.
One woman, who is al*#4?? r?>
>p?ct?d for her well-groomed, ai
tr?ctlvTi appearance, told a??? that
sh? con?l<l?r? the gurchase of a
? mardy-t?llored ?nit of hegvy ma
ttrlal. furjtrlmm?!* If Vou will, an
excellent iarostmlnt.
Last Winter sha purchased a su ;
ci reindeer-colored valour, with a
nutria collar, at a rc'isbl? ?hop. Th?
initial igT??tmaot w?? rather hlgfh.
bu' w^*b ant c?n?ld?r? that ?be .1
?till we?n**| ?he suit to advmtagg,
the cost la comparative!?* ?mgll
Far faytia* wear sh? -c?,., ?
tailored plbuae of white wsihat e
ailk and a hi?*??? pre???d h?*?**?*?
?a?dr hat Brown kit f!o?gf ?r*d
low b??i cordovan walking ?_***
complue t"ti ?!?*?* fftrtrf.?- <-.wl?
When ?he go???) to t#g at ?th? Bltr.
or play? bridg? with her club. ?-:?
dop? an attractive hat of bfnna
core-r?d p??Vf vflver wUlch ?hi
trimmed hfrfflf with g feather
b?nd or tb? ?a?? rich hfick *b?
Te (Ire th? gggtaragc? ef ? one*
; *- - - treck '--?e ?*? r??-,??'*? "???"
eo?t. ?he reveal? a ?tunatn? ????
bleue* of reindeer e?!?r crepe va??
teor. boaalifuliy embroidered in
?.opPer thread The bloute ?a? a
simal? mod?' that thl cut tram a
pattern and bad hemstttrhed to?
??ther. Th? embroidery wa? stamp
ed on an(| it waa only the time
of iwo a,ft?ioo?"*? to "work the
artiatic det.gT*. Pretty brown pumrt
with light thn fgata completed thl?
fathlonabie eottumt
Whan the warn? day? of aprlog
com?, my clever fnead ?.arefully
remove? the far coller from ber
"best" suit aad ?torea it aw?? la
oamgbor Phe repiaeta it by aa un
usually fcmart vest of trstn gold
and black broca?*)? w*-icb ?he ?leo
mad? from a broad ribbon ram&ant
A b?commg spring hgt m t"??? of
'ade $T*tB agd brown mske? s
comglft? ; r?**.*"1tior, from the br.ck
colorad ?mti oa?
Thi? wom?n 1? not a gemu? or
prof?*eloaaJ dreeemaker b? any
r-?an? but sb< know? h?w te p.??
ber Wardrobt ?nd u?? bgr e'ethaa ta
?dvantaf? Thi? aasne plan might
ha ?dopt??*) with a nary hlu? euit
?t the nucleu?. gut or,? mu?t b?
car?ful to .plan, and abpv? $)'. d?
not guy thing? hit or ml*? if y??
want to appear well dre???d
? ? e ??
Ob$iruaiug the View.
Coup??'?New air you nav? ?tat?
ti lagt thit maa had th? af ???ar
ance Of ? gefltit^man will yon be
gooo. enouft* to t?ll th? Jar* how
? gent-man look? in your etuim??
Wangs??w?il ?r?a ??eiern??
looha ??r-itH??*r
Oouna?' ?I dop t w?nt any of
your er*/ C?n ro? age 'n*. gody ia
thi*. cour; roOm who looks l,k? a
wita????I can if you ataad otrt
of tit? ?ray.

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