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Baltimore Pill Rollers Vote
Keep Open Sundays
As Usual.
BALTTMORE. Nov. 27 ?At a ?P?
elal meeting of the detail Druggist?
A??oeiation of Baltimor?. held yes
terday afternoon, it wa? decided to
ignore the Sunday cl??lng mandate
~~9t the grand Jury and to make a test
case of the matter in court, if neces
sary Thi? d?c!?lon wa? reached ?iter
considerable di?cu??ion a? to whether
th? edict of M?r?na! Carter. ?*-h? ha?
n-.C.flel the druggi?ts that it will b<
unlawful to ?ell ?n> thing other than
medicine? compounded froji a doc
tor? prescription would he compii?!
with About .?'J druggist? attended
th? meettr.g
The T-.ert.on of n?ce??ary ?ervice
readered to th? public on the part of
retail drug-giit?. on Sunday, was dis
fjH There ?*-aa ? decided senti
m?at among member? of th? a???"??- ?
tien in favcr of a quiet ?".abbaili, and
the men preaent were gli of the
opinion that Sunday ?hould be ob
??r".*d properly, although not to tbe
?i*?nt of J?oparduin?; the health,
em?ort ?nd general contentment of
the public.
It wa? re?olved unanimously that
the welfare of the city reejuired the
serv?-?.? ?Horded by the modern drug
Waolen Merrhant? Attorney Says
She Oaly Imagined Promise
of Marriage
NTW TORK. Nov 27.? ? Jule? Vern?
bgd nothing on Mits Bever
ly Jufteau. " in the opinion ot
John V Bouvier, }r. attorney fur
Jes?? Metcalf. wealthy clubman and
wooien merchant. Mita Juneau
charge? Mr T*?tcalf with breach or
prom.??, and deeiand* balm of
Mr Bouvier said:
"??ties Juntau has the greatett
l raggi nation sine? the time of Jultt
\?rae H?r tale t? absolutely false
from beginning to end. We deny her
charges ia teto
"They are made of whole cloth aad
are positively ?ithwut lh? ?lightest
foundation We have ans-aered wilh
a genera: d?nial, and we will stand
oo this an?vver
"Of course. Mr Metcalf knew thi?
woman. But so did a number of other
young ruer. A? for asking Mus
Juneau to marry him ?the charges are
r.dleulouf from stsrt to finish.''
Miss Juneau remained in seclu?lon
ye?t?rday At ?he Hotel Dej Artide*,
where she had lived for mor* than ?
? e*r it w?s ?aid sh? had ?ft sud
denly last Friday night and had aot
be?n seen etnee.
Miss Imeau I? Titla<*-hatr??" and
t*?enty-four years old. She ?? ?? bern
in?Chicago and w?nt to "><? Angeles,
where ?he was featured In several
mot on p;?i*ur?? From California *h?
ctmt to New Terk about two year*
Mr Me'-alf deellned to tJIseuse the
auit. referring all inquiries to his at
torn?v. Mr Metr*?Jf is a member of
the t**S ad Metealf Bros A G*?? . woolen
merchants. He is a Harvard graduate
?nd a member of the Manhattan. Es
sex County. Larch mont Tacht. and
Kockaway Hunting clubs.
LONDON. Nov 27?Gaby d?alya is
through with the stage, according to
the Dally Mirror. It says she will
intr follow the lure of the footlights
eieept for charity perfora nncf*.
But here? something el???Gaby 1?
engaged to marry. About the prospec
tiva husband, ?he ?111 only ?ay he is
rot an actor_
Go after it ?ri*g.ht away with
Dr. Belle Pine-Tar-Honey
THE porten ?ho once g>*?ee tv.i?
nationa'ly popular rough ard
ccld relieving medicine a (air
?*p*"?t**rturu?y of provini; itself, bt?comes
a ronvfTt. He learns now really bene
ficili its healing and balsami," antisep
t.c? are in helping relieve a cold, cough,
trippe, bronchite, hoarsen?**?*. He
onci? out how promptlv it assists
Nature tn effecting a complete eradica
tion of phlegm and inflammation aad
Today?right now?get an econom
ical btMt.e at vour drugg;.?? ?. It ?ill
be? a well-paving investment.
30: . oOc , $1.20.
?******* for Young and Old Fotlta
A treats-? e<"lect ??? tr**a-..Ts**nt for ev??r
?sjeilv Prcms-'v rT??*e**?s :.?*? r?,.? tow -ad
-vtrrofs?? Tn?t.oa-jon. Ho- Do Lax seit
t?t?_M.hiy t'lu-tv oo the moat r .b**.?ra
bo????!?. Try n'?d?y iKtlt
Special Sale
Blue White
Christmas Gift
$40.00 Valu? $24.50
Quality Jewelry Co.
43? 9tb St N. W.
Regular $1.89 Sheets
at $1.39 each
A lot of 40 dozen T2xD0 Seam
l?fo B.eacht-*. Sheets, made ef
superior -fratJe cotton, classed $s
manufacturer's f?onds because ?f
an occaiional tear or pin hole.
Klr?t riaor.
White Enameled
Worth to $1.50,
at 79c
Odd lot of White Enameled
Ware, including?Lipp"d Saucepan?,
Water Pails, Rice Boilers, Preserv
in-r Kettles, Tea and Coffe Pots.
Slightly marred from handling.
STORE HOURS: Open 9:15 A. M.. Close 6 P. M.
$1.90 Cork
Filled Linoleum?,
69c sq. yd.
TH??vr w?i*ht Co?",'? ?nd "?euer?
????? f.irk ftPed Ulnoieum? ?un
burlap back al! t-quarter ? ?dtk li
lenaiha from f le 10 ??,?ra ?da.,
f-uffi? lent for covering ?h-vp* .?tort*?
tooirii. hall? ?nd bathroom? bight
and dark til? and patqu?u? flooi
?I'i. d??lgn*. alt-u plain brown.
F???? ? Fiatar.
Woimn'? 75c Burton
*ft en??tn ? Bu: ?or Ho?? a b,a?*k
?? bit?, gray. ?-.d a (** rpl:?. ??,??
?*U'g%t : ? regular ttr '? ' ' ** * *"? ? '
riant*? the? a? a?????? r???' ?
?orlo? ere ?liglit ?ne arili ??'' ?f
f ?? : the r wear Tg quail It??
rirai t??
Tomorrow- - the Last Remnant Sale Until After Christmas
Brings Forward a Host of Extraordinary Economies in Winter Merchandise. A Storewid*
Disposal of Small Lots and Incomplete Lines at Drastic Underselling ?Prices.
Friday will be the most important bargain day this side of Christmas. We have been most thorough in our efforts to clear out all remnants?from now on our attention will be centered on holiday
lines. There's a real thrift message to you in this page of Remnant Sale Offerings.
Up to $26.50 Misset'
Coats, $16.66
19 *?li??e? and .Tui-jer Coa.t?. of
wool velour and heavy cheviot?;
?ome with coll?.?? ef coney fur.
others with ?elf collar?: ?tylieh
belted model?; lined throughout;
?lie? 13 to 19. s????? Floor.
$1.25 and $1.50
erie Waists, 88c
I.inergie Walet?. ??ft *nl?h veil??,
?triped an<l checked dimities ana
pin check organdy. Round neck,
high and low collari and tailored
modal?. ?l?o lace trimmed ?fyle*
Size? Up to 46 Fir?. Floor.
Up to $2.50 Middy
Blouses, $1.35
Women's and Mia???.' Middy
Blouae?. of good quality jean and
galatea cloth; in plain white, al.???
with navy, red or c?d?t blue col
lar?; ?ize? 16 to it. Set?ad Floor.
$2.00 House Dresses,
Women'? Houi? Dr?????, of ging
ham and percale: choice of an a?
?eirtment ?*?f neat pattern?, In
Ftripe?. check? and rtguros. ???zee
?*, to 46
$7.50 Lamp Shades,
Vour frill? Ump Shades, in gold
coler. ?.4-inch ?iz?.
Far-alt?re St?rr?"Aet?* *ne
$2.50 Umbrella
Stands, $1.25
10 Umbrella Stands. 36 inch?.?
long, with galvanize-*. It?? ???"
For-alture Stare ? "Aerea? the
$18.00 to $25.00
Serving Tables,
I?t of ? odd Serving Tables, left
from suit*?, in fumed oak and
Ja<v)bean finish
Furniture Store ? "Aero?? the
.$50.00 and $55.00
Room-Size Rugs,
0x12 ft. large room ?ice B?atta.
le.??? and Seamed A?tfklnater and
Wilton Velvet Rtir?. in floral. ofT
? Btal and panel designs, desirable
coloring? Subject tr, very ?light
impel fe? Mon? Fourth Floor.
Short Lengths of Silks
-2 to 1-3 Below Regular Prices
Odd pieces, remnants and short lengths of silks lefi
from a week's active selling?all grouped in two lots
and greatU underpriced for quick clearance tomorrow.
The savin rs will be appreciated by those planning.
to make a new dress or bloo.se for the holidays or some
Christmas gift that requires a pretty silk.
Silk RemnanU, Silk Remnant?,
Worth to $3.00 Yard, Worth Up to $1.50 Yd.,
Remnants of silks, includin?
36-mch Faille Silk Poplin. 36
inch Polka-dot Silk Poplin, 36
inch Black Brocade Pong?*-?, 36
inch Japanese Habutai, ?33-inch
Natural Silk Pongee, etc. All
desirable colors. Remnant
price, 98c yard.
Remnants of fine silks, in
cludine* 36-ineh Satin Messa
line, 36-ineh Satin Royale, 35
inch Chiffon Taffeta. S?-inch
Stripe Taffeta, 35-inch Black
Chiffon Taffeta, 40-ineh Box
Loem Crepe de Chine, etc.
Remnant price, $1.59 yard.
Uoldeuberg*??Flr?t Flaor.
Wash Boilers,
Worth to $2.00,
at $1.19
Odd let of Tin Weih ?oiier*.
Ig ???erted size?-?with wood hen
d???. Slightly damaged in delivery.
35c Bleached Cotton,
Remnant? of Ble-ohed Cotton 3*1
Inch?? wide, a aupartor quality, en
tirely free from Injurious starch or
dressing. I? nfth* up to 10 yard*
Flrat Floe? r
50c Plaid Dress
Ginghams, 33c
? inebca wide Plaid Dresa ?iing
bams. In mill length? desirable Co:
all meaas. Coiers guaranteed fast.
Beautiful color combination?, In
exclusive designs.
Flr?t FI?or.
Odd Wood Beds
Clearance of a lot of 28 odd Wood Beds, left
from suites, the majority in full size?a few twin beds
included. Choice of various styles in plain and period
designs, in mihorany. walnut, oak and ivory finishes.
Grouped in two lots
Beds selling Regularly at $21.00 (o 130.00
Re-duced to fU.'-.OO
Bed? Selling Regularly at $32.00 to $"i0.00
Reduced to $25 00
? a nal tu re Marc?-? rroa? ihr >tre?e?t."
$25.00 Bed Couch, Juvenile Overcoats,
$18.00 $3.95
On? automatic Bed Couch. ????ti?
b xed cotton mattr???.
rum-tare SCerr ? ?Aer??.? ? he
Street. **
Infants' Bonnets, 59c
Infanta' \\ hit? I ik Pop]m Bon
nets, plain ?nd tessei styl?e.
??einty la?.? ?nd ribbon t-nnmed
?">?!??? Thirt G???
jiiv,iiii-6\?icott? button to the
neck ?nd belled midel?; light tan
tuet*? cloth: ?lie? 3 t?*? 7 fieri
Thlrd Fleer
Boys' $3.00 Pants,
Boys' Fancy Ca?elme-? Knicker
boekT Pant?: ?lita ? to 17 years;
all ?**.rk p?ttern? . rir?t Floor.
$12.50 Grass Rugs?
*?x1U rt i?t?nclleU d-.*in--? aouPl
??. ?.lo
'*?'? c*-?lorlngt Rich med?
?at border dcaign?.
??xlO it ?-?tencileU d-.*i?0 doubl?
rar?? Gres? Rug*, ?lo?? woven
gi???.?". in *r?n, tan. blue ,^?j
???uri? I"!,?,,-.
Women's $1.50
Knitted Petticoats,
Women ? Kxtra a_| Knitted Pet
tiL-oat? heavy ?..? lit?., assorted
gray ?ith border)' Third Floor.
$8.00, $9.00 and
$10.00 Bedroom
Chairs, $5.00
Lot tt 20 odd B?dreom ?nrl Toilet
Table Chelr*. In mahogany, walnut
end ? ?Id ivory finishes. Piain and
Period with cane ?eat?
Farallurr Slarr ? "Acro?? the
29c Unbleached
Sheeting, 19c Yard
Yard wide Inbleachcd Sh*etiri*?
Cotton, in lengths r?nnina from S
to 10 yard*; good ??ervirc?b>
round thread grade Fridav at 19?
a yard
? ??Ideahrrf-'a?F1r?t Floor.
Juvenile Suits, $2.50
Juvenile t?uit?. of oMimarf, In
lght p?tt?rn.?; junior model, with
?hort atralght knee pant?: mzcf ;;
and 4 >ear? onl.? . Third Floor.
Odd Lot Sale of
Women's and Misses'
Suits, Coats and
Heavy selling: in the women's ready-to-wear section has
caused dozens of incomplete lots and broken assortments to ac
cumulate. These garments will be placed on sale tomorrew at a
fraction of regular prices?a remnant sale that affords thrifty
women an opportunity to purchase a new suit, coat or dre?s at a
Quantities are limited?therefore be here early
78 Winter Coat?, of Trool
velour, cheviot, polo cloth
and novelty coatings; fur
trimmed, beaver and seal
plush trimmed effect.?-;
broken sizes. Val
ues worth to
$85.00 .
18 Women's and Mi?.???'
Evening and Party Dresses
of silk chiffon in embroider
ed lace and brocade trimmed
styles; in flesh, light blue
and mai?; sizes 16 to 40.
Values worth to t? t A 7 r*
$27.50 . ? ??.*. I O
-Secoad FIt?r.
wonderful saving,
for first choice.
55 Women's and Misses' Suits. ;
of All-Wool Serge, poplin and j
wool velour; fuf trimmed, tailor- I
ed, braid trimmed and sport ef* !
facts; broken sizes. Values j
worth to _9 1 ie*u
$45.00 .?f?_l*iFa_
8 Leatherette Sport Coats, 3C ?
inches long; smart belted model, :
all around belt and patch pockets; |
colors of brown and taupe; odd
sizes. Values worth #04 *7??
to $32.50 .#*_?!???_ i
38 High Grade Suits, of broad- j
cloth, wool velour, trice-tine, Ml- I
vertone, poiret twill and serge, j
Many trimmed with fur; mmple !
suits, one and two of a kind mod- I
els; broken sizes. Values ?
SS*?..$34.50 i
42 Stylish Steet Dregset, of
satin, serge and combination ef
fects; straight line, overskirt and
tailored models; sises 42 Vi to
50 4. Values worth #Ofi CA
to $32.75.?????V
19 Seal Plush Cape Coatee?, of
Salt's Peco Pluah; very popular
and smart; flowered lining;
broken sizes; worth #0- Cft
$36.00 .a>?_.DU
21 Seal Trimmed Silverto??
Coats, in belted, flare and plaited
stvles; in navy blue, bre-trn and
reindeer; worth #*)_ 7?
?145.00 .4LU. I O
49 Dresse?, of serge, wool jer
sey, satin and trice?tine, tailored,
embroidered and trimmed effects
Values worth to _1C *7C
$32.50 . OIJ./J
Boys' Suits, $16.75
Ro>V Fine quality Two Pent?
??uit.?, Norfolk waiet Un*, belted
coat, ?nd both pali of knlckpr
bocker p?nts f'ill lin<*d ?nd taped:
all neat pattern.?. Prok??n ?lief.
Third Floor.
Boys' 98c Blouse
Waists, 69c
Bovi' Blou*e WalStS, collar at? i
tached. ?tringle?? ?tyle; good qual- ?
ity cotton fabric?; ?Izes H to 15
year- Fleet Fitter
19c Toweling, 12?c
Twill Cotton Crash Towelln?..
b!e?rhed or unbleached: ?oft ftnl.?h
abeorbent erad-?, tor roller or tea
towels. I Limit ten yard? to a buy- I
< r.) Flrat Floor.
15c to 20c Towels,
Children's $1.00
Union Suits, 69c
."???orted lot of Towel?, including Children'? Cotton Fleeced Union
huck, in all white nnd red border?. ! Suit?, high neck and long ?leever?
? l?-o Turki?!*? towel?, in gueat room ? ankle pants; ?ue? 4 to 12 year*
Si?*. Flrat Fleer. p-|r*t Floar.
$2.50 Diaper Cloth,
I'O-inch Diaper Cl.>th, in neaied
?anilary tarton.?. containing full
ten vard?. Oniy 20 pieces in the
$3.50 Diaper Cloth,
20 pi???? of 2T-tnc|i Diaper Cloth,
full ten yard? in each pure: sealed
cai tons. Flrat Floor.
Women's High Shoes
Worth up to $7.00, at
$3.95 a pair
A clearance lot of about 500 pairs of Womerfs
High Shoe?, : .--presenting broken assortments and small
lots from regular stock. The group includes lace and
button styles, of patent colt, gun metal, black kid and
combination leathers. High and low heels. Not all
sizes of each style, but all size:?? in the lot from 1 to 7.
No exchanges or refunds.
??oldenbero?'??l*lr*M Floor.
39c, 50c and 59c
White Goods
Remnants, 25c a
Remnants o f desirable
white -.vat-h fabrics, consist
ing of 36-inch India Linon,
36-inch Lon-rcloth, 36-incb
Nainsook, 36-inch Pajama
Checks, 27-ineh Check Dimity,
etc. Lengths ran eme fr?-*n-i *?
to 6 yards. Suitable fop
women'? waists and lingerie
Ftrat Floor.
$4.00 and $5.00
Lace Curtains, $2.85
Filet, scot--"? ai ri
weave Left? Curtalrra
? ttingiiani
in lot? from
one io aix pair ot ? pattern. t\k
anil ."! rat*?? Iwni?: ?\hiti*?. Ivofy und
ecru ??hadee. PU m, niotif effect
ar?l ll?u^ y work, ?? centri.?. with
rich horrtor? lOurtk Floor.
Men's Handker
chiefs, $1.00 and
$1.25 Values, at
79c Box
Mm? Initial Han-iken-hief??.
?Is in box: go?-?;- qu-illty ?oft
lm-n finish. broken a?sort?
monti. rirat Floor
$1.50 Camisoles,
Satine Cania?eg. hemautchul
?p? v?? lace trimmeS: satin rib
bon Fhouitler t-trapt
Third Floor.
Women's $6.49
Sweaters, $4.49
Womrn'.? heavy w'lisht C"?*iat
Swoatcr.? in -r?v onl?; mede with
belt and pofket. Third I'loer.
Women's Sweaters,
$3.98 and $4.50
Costume Velveteen,
$2.98 a Yard
R?tta?all of SO and 1-t-nn.b Co*
tumo A'tlveteen. of beautiful pici
lu?trou? qualitr. with chiffon fin
iah. do?? pile and ?uprrtor t?x
ture. In a rangr of detirable col
or? Good uaeful Icntrtha .?-unable
for all pulpo????. Flr?l F?a-ar.
Children's Coats,
Children? Coat?, of heavy weight
material?, ?ome ???.??rdurev trimmed.
p????? with brlt and l??-?cket^: v?.?rnj
I) 111.ed; ?.ill?? 2 t.. G? veir.?.
Third l"l?ar.
$6.50 and $8.50
Comforts, $5.85
fine luelitv <?etne ?.ov erfd Corri
in? he? for ????? bfds Btcau?*
these comforts have an extra ???ni
in the center > ou msy ?ecur? them
at a derided ?a\ inp
? '??? ? *? ?Hl? r?.?',??r ??.'?.... ? ? ? ' ?
fort?, light and dark floral and
lvr?i?n ili'.-uni fllled with pure
white Hygei? cotlon; ?ize TJ*?80
Women'.? Wool ???. e?trr?. in
Amen?;?? Hf-auty an?l purple; an
g'irH or bruthed wo? 1 foliar? and
Women's Handker
chiefs, 6 for 35c
Watmue's lnit?m Ha??ttereaie?.
tlamty coloie?! embroidered effecl?.
in Pulk, blue and laven<1<?r; sjft
flniirh whit? laup?. Flrat Floor.
Women's 10c Hand
kerchiefs, 4 for 25c
Women's H?n?1kerehi?f?. ?tt*
broidercd rorncr and colored roll
el tdgc ??tyle*; uhlti* hem?tit'hed
and i-ailn ?triped lau n?
Flrat Fleor.
C lit f.*.
Third Floor.
Men's $2.50
Underwear, $1.69
Men ? lioi-Kwoud Natural \\'ool
miA'ecl LnJeniear. heavy weight:
prriect ?luality. ?hirts in ?izo? J?
to 40. draw.?i?, ?Il? to 44
Klr?l Fleer.
Men's $1.50 and
$2.00 Caps, $1.15
Meil'? Cap?, jood qua'lty uu
t?iia!e. .? new fall ?tyl?i: all taiu-d
?(?m?. Flrat Floer.
Heavy Weight
$5.00 Valu?- at $2.98
$7 00 Value? at $4.85
?JO caso.? of Run of the Mill
Blankets to be place-d on talc
tomorrow at sa?.i--?*-? of 1-8.
Termed mill sec?ndi on Ac
count being a little irregular
in length, some a trific short
and other.?? a trifle longer
than the re**-u)atit*n lengths
Heavy weight, in white, j*.rft-*
and tan, with fancy borders?,
as well at plaid? ?n various
color??. Included arc .?uch well
known brand.? a?? Australian.
Woolnap and Cortex.
??Idenherga? Fourth floor
$1.00 and $1.50
Handbags, 8?c
Womea ?? Handhag? ?nd l?ur??e
??nail medium and large ?hape?
pood aeaortment of popular ?tjlea
?om? ?lighlly mu??rd frem tounler
?itpley ---ir., Floor.
69c Pearl Necklaces,
P?ar! B?a?J Necklace? ?traight
and graduated ?tyle*: gt?e>d ?iualtt?? '
???a? sliea h???s. with gold piate*?a
fl-*?e? Fit- Timor
Up to $1.25 Buttons
at 19c Card
G??? Coal and Pan Wutian?
? ?sea from 24 to 9* ligne ear?*)
?d ?ix and t?el?e or raid min
"t>'i?h ?fft-Ct? ir ?????*>?? I.ir
Iron enamel and rallulold af
fer?? "Aari?? ??loring?
Flrat Flaor
Children's $4.50
Hau, $2.98
Children? Hat?, tn black green
and taupe: ?tylieh tailored mod?!?.
Third TUeor.
39c and 50c Curtain
Fabrics, 24c
Tard w id? Fher? qua lit? ?.'?'!??
? nd ?Vrlm?, with f^r?l ?bC bird
d?#ign hordrr? rla'n aad Agu'???
romtrrr ?)?-? plain and Igur??*
? I II? oline?? length? frorr i lo ?>
)?rd?, by: ?? mu. h ?? iM ?iarda wl
?ome j>attrrr.? Fabfi?-? ?uit?ble
fo^ curtan.* ???????>?? ?nd comfoi t
Women's $1.50 Silk
and Fibre Hose, $1.10
Wen?.en'? Thread f*ilh and Fibre
Ho?e. ?rm< fae-hion-d : reinforce?
f*ot in black, whli*. HuMlg calf,
tan navy and gray r*erfe?*t qual
a> Fit? ri???.
Children's $4.50
Sweaters, $2.98
Children? ?1?**'??1 Sweater? ?,
Khaki c/Mur onl) mad? a'th ?? 1? -
collar and pocket ?it?? " lo J yrt
Thi?I F_?>r.
$1.49 Dreeaing
Sacques, 79c
Wo??*??? ? n?nn?!rtie I're-??
Sacque? ?ia*?? ?ra? ?ad blue
! 're??.ng
I ?re? ??? blue ef
f?-rt?. with high neci? ?nd lomg
?leeve? ????tly ali ? ?< a
Third Timor.
Men's and Young Men's
$28.50 to $32.50 Suits
at $19.75
Th?.? suits represent the broken sizes from our
regular stock, comprisi***- one to three-of-a-kind gar
ments. Sizes 34 to 40 are included in the ?ot. and ?hile
assortments are Incomplete, the selection of Mxies is
ample to please every man and voung man who ukes
advantage of this opportunity.
Suite of fine material*, cerrectly atyled in young mer.?
models and c-oniservativ? meedell. Neat and fane*, paiierna,
stripes, fray effect?, mixtures and no-reltle? vo crt-Oo???? fro-m
Priday at $19.76.
$28.50 to $32.50 OrercoaU At 4V23.75
Ccaran? of a group of 66 men's and young men's Winter
Overcoat?, made of fine heavy weifht materials, in fancv plaid?
and plain ahade?. Ulsterettes and other models Sue? ranre
from 38 to 40.
Men'? $12.50 M-ckinaw
CoaU at $8.85
1>M of men ? and young men a
Martina?? ."??;? made of extra
heavy weight material?, in Dla.da
and plain color? Double brea?t
ed. belted all around rr.odel
Sixc? 33 to 42.
Flrat Fla? r I)a*-!t?fet riatbea
Pt*re far ????.
$5 Corduroy Pants,
>ma?' lot of men a ?""crduroy
Fant? good -?eight ant) du-aalr
quai.t) ?? a-, 4t to .*-' and a
few ?.m?!. <i.icf
Men'? Pants at ^.95
Men t Separate Pant? ot goo<l
wearing cloth, io neat ?tri????.
8-e? 3? to it
Up to .50c Veiling?,
Me-h Veiling?. In ?tylieh ?<*?*???,
motif, dqtted. ?hado? and border
ed effects Tlie ???"rtment In
clude? black, taupe, na?y Mue pur
ple, and dusky brown.
rir?t Floor.
Women's $1.00 and
$1.25 ChajnoUette
Gloves, 73c
.*>?????1 pu?i.'h??? of ?a ell-known
meke-r'i? Chat-aoiaelte Glove??, cl????
ci a? second? on account of anna 1
?mperfctione which ?Jo net af
fect their appearance nor ?finnt
quality. Color? Includa muti?.
ar?y pontee wh>t? ?nd black; c :
tia?Ing or ?elf stitched back?.
Flrat Fl?x?r
Up to $1.25 Fall
Neckwear, 69c
? wonderful purchase of Wom
en's Strlish Neckflxiag?. iacludmg
this ?eason'? choireet and most ap
proved ?-ijle?. ?ue)? ?e R?un?1 Co'
lar?. Berth? <? . ? gleereie??
ilutnnpe? \e?tee*. Cut-out Collai?.
Colter and ?""uff .-??ft?, -?c ?? and
Jabot?. Shawl Collar.?. Flat (Villar?,
eShort baci. Collar?, and Roll Col
lars Flr?l Fl*?r.
Women's Handker
chiefs, Regularly
$1.00 Box, at 69c
.Vu?en'? Initial Hanclkercbafi?),
white and colored effee?.?. ?0; * ?
i?h lurnr hcm?titched border?:
vanety of ?tri?? fon-? aa?ort
meet? of initial? incrmpl???*
Fir? Timor.
Men's $3.00 Paj-amas,
Men ? I a ?. 11 ea? I a a p a.? 'dry
?lernet flannel: trlmrned with afa?
? froa* or braid, all ?I???, rerfe-rt
quality First Flax??
Men's 29c Half Hose,
Men # Maco Cou n rTalf HM?, lai
black white and pi???* rolor?; tall?*
reinforced, lrregulai we?????
rir?! Flaor.
Men's $4.00 Union
Suits, $2.79
?Of'.i*,iv??i 1 -
natural ara> ?ol?*?i
Men a Hm
,?n:i ribbed
mad? with closed crntrj, ?'r.?? S?
to 42 Fir*?? flee?
Remnants of 39c, 50c and 59c
Flannels and Domestics
\\ arm, serviceable materials for women's and chil
dren ? winter wearables may be selected from tomor
row's sale at worth-while savings. Good useful lengths
for every winter apparel need
?lutin?, Flaaaiel?.
Rleacbe?d tant?n Flannel.
I ?krartrij ilanai Flan
I?nhle Fleece ?haker riaa
Prlnlrd I leere?,? ?. r I a?>
1?. \?. lite rnateit r-realea.
."-la I aa??tr? ?rari ?????
lire??, ?.'aabaaaa el?
????Ideal?? rg
-Fir?! I laear

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