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Old Man Gloom Is Bunking Now
With Gilmour Dobie For Keep?.
The Times' Complete Sport Page
Nary C.1C.. Heys Hb Barm 1*1
| Under Dog lB Army Gam?
-BY -
Old John Gloom, ;ho original of all the family, will make his debu.
at the Polo Grounds Saturday in the person of G.lmour Dobie, coach
of the United States Naval Academy*eleven. His midd;e.-; are to face
Charlie Daly's Army eleven in a resumption of thr series brought
to a sudden halt by the outbreak of hostilities in iS*17.
. MI don't believe in misrepresenting the situation to my players,"
??y3 Coach Dobie. "but in telling them just what they have to lace.
We will not start as a team which expects defeat, but as on?? which
knows that only a most desperate effort can secure victory. Thf Navy
? the untler dog this time, and the Army has every adjutage, with
its bigger, stronger and more experienced men."
Then, having Li'.cned to the drop, drop, drop of the teats {.round
Bob e's dogs, the V'ddies dug down into the old sock once nor?.*, raised
?another -mal! fortune and sent it on to New York to be laid even on a
Na\y victory. They say ever at Annapolis that the reason that brown
fttcat was released was only because he used to laugh ery ? ? e he
It? rei Dobie crying
Lp at West Point there a no cheer
ful ? ev? point, either. though the
cloud? are not ao heavy. It is ad
mitted by the doughboy? that the
team ?sill have a tuaale on ils hands
t?. win from Dobie? Middiea. but the
cadets have a lot of contldence in
the team They are going down to
v>? York sure that Duly'-*? eleven
?rill win if It ?.an get merely a clean
break in the luck.
? >n >omparaii\? records ? which
means lea? than ever this year?the
Army looks the better eleven. The
N'a\y has played but one strong team.
Georgetown, and lo.?t that game. The
HMitoppera ?on largely because or
the woodea playinx by the Middies.
If they ?how tbe ?ame l_Lk of obser
vation and thought next Saturday
they ?ill probably lose again, lor
ir-v team.? w-ben coa? hed by Charlie
Paly can think for them?elves once
the whistle blows.
laTaaaTf '? Beate? Twice.
The Army ha? been beaten twice,
hu: each time by a leading team.
?tyraucse. later to upset the powerful
Pittsburgh Panthers, barely defeat
ad the doughboys. ? to ?". Notre Dam?-,
?m? ?,'f the four unbeaen team? thua
far ?on by a ?core of I- to 9. at
West Point In neither defeat were
the ?oldiei-a a l?tela? a* g il. but rather
v?rv much in the going.
In the serie? between the roretc*
elevens the Army ha.? eleven vi? torie?,
to nine for the Navy, with a tie gam?
plaved in 1(*4>.V Indeed, no other foot
ball rivalry shows itself such an ?veu
thing aa that between t'ncle Sam ? big
training echool?. If the Army win.?
Saturday It will be the fifth straight
w;n for We?t Point, a re?ord for th?
series. Naturally, the celebration at
Annepo'.is over a, Navy win will be all
tb? greater
A thunderl-olt hit the Middies yes
terday. Coach Gilmour (?loom Dobie.
n?tween groans of anguish, announced
tha' he might shift every man on the
-?srrit side of his line. Including King.
Wh* has been considered the Navy?
punter a:, season
There hai all aiong been some doubt
?bout the poaaibility of i'apta?n
Ewea's ?retting into the ?fan*-?* He ha?
miseed about-all the year? work be
cause of a weak ankle. But Kin*; at
* ?ft and Moore at guard were
hought fixture?. How Coach Doble
1? -hmkina of using Willkie, the 210
?ound wrestler, at guard ?nd Wiedorn
at tackle.
Ilari la Uoatstr-al.
? Behind the line. too. the Middies may
?witch some men at the last minute.
Clark, whose work all season ha? been
-rood, may be benched in favor ot
Kawings or Rhode?. Coach Dobie
think.? Pawling? the best of all his
:??'_?. but this youngster's poor physi
cal condition militates against his
The Middies leave today for New
Ynrk. They will practice at the Polo
Grounds :omorro?v and then ho?d
them/?e!ves in readme.?? for Saturday'?
Dtg ^on'.ett. Tu?? ?oldier? are not ex
pected to arrive is New York until
>a*urd?v morning.
Report? from West Point have the
dCJjrhboys about ready for their
gTeatvast endeavor The contest for
places in the line has narrowed down
to the flnal choice and when the Army
take? tbe Held at New York Saturday,
it will have the strongest eleyen
ttrgrl To l'I?.? l.narJ.
Vogel has finally clinched bis grip
at the guard position. He is only
twenty years old. but he stands ?.?
and weigh? close to '.'??* pounds. He
has played in every game this year
.-?.nd though lacking the experience of
HerruW. he has fought his way to the
fr?*nt rank among the Army forwards.
Blalk, touted to the skies by all ob
server? of hi? work in the early
trames has rounded into .-hape and is
sure of starting at end. This player
.vu afflicted by rheumatism, which
kept him in the hospital for three
we?.Ics. He ha? now recovered and
will start against the Middies.
"Bear atones" have been sent out
from both ?amps this year as ni-v-r
h*fore. Neither Camp will admit it
has a chance to win. This is esp?-??!
?Ily true of Annapolis. wh?-ie Coach
Rodle haa made a record for gloom
snd tear?. But when the two ei?-\.-n?
?ne up at the Polo Ground*?, ihe same
old service contest u 11 b? shown,
?ought out to the final whi-stle.
vi? e football staru-d in 1 Mfc'
Th? Navy had been playing th? sani?
for ?oeral years, while only ;?* of
ihe Army squad had any experience
before that ??-a?on. The Middies lri-|
umphed ?M to 0 which did not sur
? anybody But it did nut some
? Tibition into the cadets on tho Hud
Williams of Vale, was obtained to
coach the 1 "?HI squaj. ml he brought
ever an Army vi.-ory in the Navy ? on
test. X! to IH. That defeat caused a
reorganization at Annapolis, ml foot
ball was placed on a strong foui.cla
l.u. at the Naval Academy.
??lo?is ? ollr?e ?ystes-i.
li. *?-*? tv? ?t Potai adopted the col
.. - ;?-m, with "Ijiune ' Blue, tne
I ? ? r ai,'back in charge. ? |
.?Jule was arranged and
? a Navy won. C ?? i. it ????
S.nrmbet '"ft '?? ?*"?'*?. IB?
r*j-*t Itaee. I i30
!?-? ? ' ??? 4ta lea?e ?Ahn?
It????- '????e?. G???????? as?4 ?
?f.. .\ e-r????????. et 13???, t?:***?.
?m* l? ?? ? m ??? II? ?A . W.
? 4. I ?-? -??r I.lar.
UIT?, $?.!> HflCJ.Ji.lS
laeli dia? '.???mm??? lai
Pay $250 for Tickets
for Big Game
NEW VORK. Her. 27?The
few tickets for the Army and
Navy game at the Polo Grounds
Saturday which feil into the
hands of speculators -Aere offer
ed at prices from $100 upward
last night. There are very few
'.o be had at that or anv price.
The seats in the Polo Grounds
were sold months ago to army
and navy people, and there were
very few left for the (renerai
public. The offices of the New
Vork Giants, where the few out
side tickets were sold, have been
stormed for weeks.
So few tickets were sold out
ride of army any navy circles
that the percentage obtained by
the .specuiators was very low
thi.-? year. Th^ police ha<ve been
asked to watch for the specula
It was reported last night that
$200 was paid for two tickets,
which comes pretty close to be
ing the highest price ever paid
to se?? a football jfame. The de
mand for tickets has been so
great that a higher price still
may be paid. The police are on
the lookout for forged tickets.
only after the hardest kind of a bat
t*e Worth Ragley, killed in action
duung the Spanish war. featured that
; ??ame with his fine punting.
Fron? then on do? ? to today foot
ball has been the principal outdocr
j sport at both ?? u.s However, in
Isftt. the superintendent of the Mili
, lary Academy ls?u*-d an edict against
? the service games
Dr. J. William White, of the Uni
j veraity of Pennsylvania. succ?-ede?l in
bringing the sen? ice teams together
: in lSefi. offe nag them the use of
Kranklm Field ?nd for six straight
? years the annual games were played
j lh?rt
In i'ju? < a aie the memorable fiasco
I at Princeton, tf. J. Squabble.? had
? ?ome up regarding the place for the
game and Princeton was tried. Uik
of transportation brought about a
jam never forgotten bv any experienc
ing it and back to Philadelphia went
the service game?.
?.? le Pel?, ?.round?
In 191? came an orfer from the
New York National League baseball
, club for the use of the Polo ??rounds.
1 and the games have been played th?re
?ever ?mce. By the way. the Navy
j has yet to win at the home of the
I Giant?.
The ?ervice games have always
been fought most bitterly. I sually
I fancy football has been thrown to
, the winds and good, old-fa-hioned
j line plunging ha? been witnessed.
| From 1907 until 191C the Middies
j aever ?uci-eeded in scoring a touch
: down, though three victories ?am?- to
; them. The soldiers failed to ?wore a
? touchdown from 1908 to 191?.
in 1010 Ja? k Dation, the wonderful
; back with the dime novel cognomen,
'. won the Army game with a field gao!
from the 30-yard line. A year later
he duplicated this stunt, again win
I ning the game. .". to 0.
Then came big Habe Brown, the
? Navy guard, whose two tml4 goa'.*?
I ?gave the Middies a ?J to-0 victor? in
I 101-?. "rie kicked three field goals at
?Ihe Polo ('rounds in 191*1. but Pr.lih
' ard and Merrilat contribute?! forward
passes for touchdowns an?t the .?o?
? ?ier? triumphed. .2 to U. The saiior?
?have not ?on since 1??|_?
liebir < aSPOS tu Nat...
The inability of the Mum ?-s io make
tood will? graduate coa lung Anally J
brou-**ht ai'jtit the signing of i.'ilmour
' Doble in I'll?. It was his misfortune ?
to have the servi? e gam??- .-uspended
because of the war just ? h?-n be ha?l
powerful elevens.
Doble had made a marvelous r? mil
in Wash.ngtcn Slate, putting out Un
defeated elevens for eight straight
'???on?. Becoming dissatisfied with
hi? berth, he gave it, up and was a
free ag?-nt when the MltMltM grabbed
? m.
West Virginia defeated his Middies j
in 1917 by a .-ingle touchdown and1
1 last year (?itat Lake? Naval Train ag
Statioa i;nk*-d out In the dying mo-?
menta of the game. This year "???? jre-'
to? ? proudly points to a vl<:t?.ry ????
the Navy. 'I'nese tnree tiff aal? ?G?
the only bl*?e mark? on Dobie? re? -
?>rd of three years with the Middi??.-. I
Next t?aiurday. ?ay the West Patatera,
another dark smudge will be pi.?
ed on his record.
Beginning tomorrow, offici?! Wash
ington. especially that conn-cted ?aitai
the army ?nd navy, will begin ireknig
to New Tarai for .Saturday? contest '
All ticket? h?\e been gobbled up by
the Arm? and Na*y assoda t i-*n.-.
wh'l? haidly a handful hs? reached ?
the general public About ?Jo.004? spec
tators will witness ihi? sei vice clash
at the P.-lo Ground?
Mohawk A. G players are idle te?|
da? A dance ?nd straw ride last'
night precluded any possibility of a
battle toda
John A. Heydlei. president r?f 'Je
Nalioaal League. * as here on a vi..
to r<lati*.ed yesterday.
As the Sports Cartoonist Looks At It These Day
iCepyitgat, Itti. ?? i-irssiien
Strili?. 1 it.)
- "ByBerndt
[??g *..^CCeU V6 ?*Or?c ?-PO',* *=??
Washington's "Fighting Cop"
Battles Young Kid Broad
In Final Bout.
With Mike Fraine. Washington's
"Fighting Cop." and Young Kid
Broad, of Philadelphia, appealing in
the main bout of fifteen rounds, the
Capital's boxing season gets und?r
way tonight at Ardmore. The outlook
is for a large crowd of ring fans to
see the long card arranged by Man
ager Connors. Thirty-nine rounds,
with a battle royal, is s?heduled for
the Ardmoie opening.
Fraine is w?-ll known to old Ard
more fans. He was develope<l right
here in Washington, but has done
.-ome of his best work in Baltimoi??
and Philadelphia. He has been train
ing hard for tonights cont.'st with
his tough opponent and counts on
winning just as ?iiihkl.v as possibl?-.
P. F. O'Connor will act as referee of
this clash.
The semi-final -?yill introduce to
Washington fans a < oming slugger in
.loe Schwartz, the newsboy. This lad
is meeting Young Kilbane. of Akron.
Ohio, in a six-rolTTTtl bout, but the
dope is that it will not go the limit.
.**??hwtrtz ha.? a terrific kirk in eith
er hand, and ?ill do-his b?-t to put
over the old haymaker early.
Kid T>irner, Ihe Navy Yanis dark
battler, and Toots Brown (Talon Sta
tion's favorile red cap. ?re a!-?? hook
ed up for six rounds. Thia bout
should be ? hummer, for both boy?
? an hit and waste no tune dancing
Three four-round prelims are on
the card, biinging trgetber Kid Hon.
lana and Chick HolbronU. Kddie Mor
gan and Young Jo? Shatz. aad Voung
l-'ggleston und Johnny Sho??!.-? With a
sterling battle royal to start Ihe fans?
laughing, ihis is the ?????p ,1 rimen :
??ifered tonight. Special train- leave
i?* ftecnth -nd ? ?Meets aortheaat, al
TI." and 7 r.'Wl for the lilihlmii.-?. I ??
turning? immediately after :h<- la-1
DKTI'OIT. Midi .Noi -"j t.
Kiiey. of Minneapolis. lastV'I less than
a round against Boh Martin, ill?? A.
K F hea\ \ Weight champion, here last
nigh'. Kilcy was kROCketJ ?low ?
*.? ?? n times before he look the full
eotrat. The l,out ?real two minutes
firly-flve seconds. an?l Martin land??!
ju.-i twelve blow a The knockdown
blow., were right and lefi awing? ??
th. jaw ., ,,f! uppen-ut '?> *h?? heart.
and a lofi jab t?? the wind
Frank Moran ? h?? Pittsburgh ?at
?-ran dropped H'-mer Smith, of Ren
ton Harbor. Mich., ?n thr'e rounds
Smilh hil Ihe floor twice ??-for?? go?
l?g do? ? for good
MIN'MIAI'OI.IS. Minn. 5ft??. S7.?
The Minnesota Stale Boxing Coitimi.?-?
tion has fine I .-ci n Lan,..'?. I *ha tat?
em heavyweight. *.',.?<> for ".-tHllirg"
in his bout Wits* Ja. . T h. cor ? so ? i?f
Philadelphia, at i>u!uil? Moatla) Might
FORI ?,?,??). Ore., ?,,?. J~. Notre
lidlii" Fniv e-aiiy ha? accepted th? la
vitation t( nd'iei by the ????<?? Ag
gies for a football gam? ber? i*a
< 'iu ..-tinas I ?ay.
I'.aakei ball coaches and ofllc.al? in
lh? Middle and .-uh Atlanti?? rdlion
-?ill he piCi'lii in nunihers n?\'
.~ f 1111 ?*t -<i \ at lb? llotrl Ws-hin-.-'on
when l'i ?????|.?? i;. Rayeroft will
take .?? ihe interpretation of tii?
floor rules.
Showing of West Virginia Wesloyan
I.attly Encourages Catholic
University Players.
i'HAl'l.F.STt'WN. W. Va. Nov. -;7.?
The recent showing of the West V'ir
gima Wcsleyan University team in
games lately has given Catholic Uni
versity hope that today's game will
be more closely contested than was
The mountaineers' appear to have
?gone back considerably since the first
[part of the season ?nd looked stale
? In their recent battles.
Coach T' ii TraaOS and the Brook
land contin?, nt la full of hope for to
! ?lav's engag' nuil A ?in from the
W,?.-! Vi ig i nia team will be a big
? i>a'her in the ?ap of the Brooklanders
and they are intent upon holding
down the mountain lads all the way
Philadelphia R*?ceiving Ship Cancels
and Seaman iiunners Are
Engaged Today.
Ilex Athletic Club players fell do? ?
In Ihefr si-hedulej contest ?'?th th??
Philadelphia He?eiv,ng Ship team, and
have listed Ihe last Seaman (?un:i?-r
"leven for I'nion Park.
The Seaman < limners have tot-p?
lorwan] rapidi:- -une the opening ot
the season, and can be counted upl'i
to give the P>?-\ lads a first clats
argument. There ?ill be plenty of
Navy Yard men looking ov?-i the Rag
< ontingent
?.*. ????\ la slated io meet the Naval
dinners on December 7 there is ev
ery hedlcatlaa that the ? mon Park
clubmen ?ill hold back iheir stuff
between no? and ihat dale.
Officiala of Ike Ilex and Naval Qua*
??t learns ?ill m? "I .-hortlv to ;? !
range for officiala and Incidental .!??
talla of the ?oming game
Today th?- Re? mea latead playing
their first lin? -up. and ?i.l probal.lv
>?nd In a second si ring in Ihe second
half. Coach Martin expect? to use r?->
ne? stuff toda... The offense of the
Kai lads improved materially a.l
.-un ?la.v.
The diffnien may HOI land Charlie
See. the Cincinnati Rada' slugging out?
fielder, after all. Inder a rule in the
majo ? league-, th?* waiver price of
.**?;..Min doe? not obtain in ih<? case of a
player pui<-ha.-?d within on?? y?-ai Bee
waa purchased by the Red? from
????????'???t in August. The rules call
l'"i the club desiring hi., servii???? to
offer an amount ?attafactory t<> the
selling club.
cincinnali paid $ln.ilnn aad Manu? I
Cueto, the Cuban utility player, for
S??? it ?s reasonable to conclude
that I'resident Herrmann will demand
re.i|< h more than 15,800 for the player.
STAI '????, Va., Nov. ?*7.?Slaiiiiton
Military Academy and 1'ishhuin Mili
tary Acadeaty play here today In one
"f lh?- biggest football meetings of
the year. The military eckool title
??f lh< State is at stake.
ROANOJUC, Va . No. ?JT. Virgin?.
Pplj??.?. lini?- Institut?- and Vwginij.
Military Institute are litre today ,n
their annual football cfaak..V. i' I
la picked to ?in.
Tl lait* ?. ?' pu? ci r sud lht,**t
rt^reaea?ag the [icaunT \. ?'. teaiti
aie enguglng in ? fnothall cam? to*?
Uay at fccvcniecnth ar.? t; i'r> -?...
Today's Grid
L*. S S rmn?)i? ama tra, Hainplon Road.?
Training Station, mi Centrai Stadium, I
? '?lock.
Gallaudet ?? War r?i?k, at Kendall
Hex A. C ???. Seaman Gunner?. 3 n. m
at l'nion League far?..
Boiling K,eld Aviator? ve. C?mo ">(ea?i?
Tanl? Corps, Boiling Kield.
Dreadnaughta v?. Sixty-lhird Infantry,
?I Alexandria.
Semin?le? ?? Virginia A. I'., ?t Alexan
Maryland State va John? Hopkin?. al
3a !11 more.
Penneyl? ama ve Cornell.
Pitt ?urah I? Tenn Stale.
Georgia Tevh ? Auburn
Weat Virginia Wealeyan va. Catholic
Uni? . at ?'harleetown. ir. Va
"? rem.,, v?. North Carulina. it Chapel
Syracuse ve N.-braaka
W and .1 v. Weei Virginia
?'enter \a Georgeiown College.
Detroit ? ?. Ilolv Groe?
V. P. I. \?. V. M. 4. at Rcanoke.
South Carolina \ a The Citadel.
."?-??anee ?? \anderbilt
North Carolina State va Wake Poreat
W ., ii.i !.. \? Tula ne.
i'olumbia ?? Brown.
Georgia ?... ci?-m?on.
karma* \ ?. MiHAourt.
Wash.ngion va Si. I.oule Gniv.
Kendall (?rcen Athletes Will Meet
the Fasi War Risk Eleven To
day in Last Contest.
iJallamiet College will riiiK ?io? ?
the curtain toilay on a Tnost ?ucc?-ss
Iill football ??-ason. The last V. ar
Rink lnejuram?' eleven, with Johnny
Bleier in th?.* line-up, will tackle the
collegian? at Kendall Creen in what
pro-ni?? !? to be ;i Arsi class argu
'I'lie ? ernia 11 (?reen la?l? are much
better drilled than the. War ll'sl? lad.?.
though, ami nave m ban.v nia ya which
?taould balli?? the Incularne lai.?.
? ?aliami? t ha? piaveil through one
of Hie bei?t >?ais an?! lui.? ?on out
??Mr sivcrul ???????, learn.??. ????? tie'
??am?? ?nn t'atliolic Unlveraity wa.? a
r? al a?.lii?'V'n.?'iit. while th?? ? lopely
foiight coat??? with Hopkin? was a
. ?, uil ?a l h?' ? i?-, ?ti.
????? Kemlall QnCMrl will turn tu
basketball immediate!?, ami it ia ?N
pccK'l limi an unusually fast team
?ill be turned out oa practically all of
lasl year*? star.? are back.
? ? i.w \l'K>;i?;, Not. S".? -Johnny
liiinii?'??. Hi?? bat.ling New V.ui? ?juiiip
iM lack."" b?da a decision ove:
Cha rila White. ?'hie-ago'? le.fl hoo??
arti?!? Anil l>un Ice gained his \i
tul y in ? ???-1'??????? bout hero la???.
nig'hl largeli by beatm?*- White at
the left book .?tunt which is h s b< ??
nag ni. l?.
Naval Gunnel.? will play the Vin?;
??ome ?. ?", cleevn. of ]'ii:lail.?lphia.
here Sunday on Ihe Navy Vard Recre
ation I'lrhl. No ??ame ia .?c.Kduird for
the (Junnets today.
Tech High School ia sending ??ut
two elevens today. The lust team
?.-oes t" !""'? a?'poalt, Md.. t?> play th??
Tome School team, while th?? second
eleven meets the C'herrydale Juniors
in Chen yilalo.
I ?read ????-,-lit Ian.? ar? btHISting their
leven over in Air xanrii II i^da.? G
? ?? in ovci \U9 Sixty-third Infanti.v
'even. The Virginia ?. ?'. p!a>p th?
'eratnole team In a preliminary un the
-Shipyard liciu.
College Park Eleven Expected to
Land Win Over Baltimore
Collegian? Today
Maryland State College i? eXpewied
to be -eturned a winner today in the
annual ?lash with the John.? Hopkins
Fniversity team on Homewood Field
in Baltimore.
Comparative record.? ?how the State
eleven considerably stronger than the
Hopkins team. It is reported thst
.-everal of the Hopkins star? will be
out of the line-up. Slate eypects to
have iis full strength in the line-up
The College Park lads have a big
delegation in Baltimore today and
are backing their team ? win today
would gn e Maryland Siale the un
disputed Maryland collegiate ?ham
Captain McQuade, In Condition
Again, >Vill Be Fullback,, ;iU,
?leorgetown's varsity football eu ??*?.
its grinding practice scrimmages "tasti
for the 1?1G? seasim. will leave ! o
night at 7 o'Hock lor Boston. ? hf re
Saturday Frank Ca\anaugh? Boeton
College eleven, which defeated Val?'.
I to .",. earlier in the .-eason. will ne
met at Fenway I'aik Accompany in ;
the athletes will be (?radume Xlanager
Charles ? ?'ox. Coach Albert A. Sv
endine. l'hysi<al Diiei-ior .lohn 1?
O'Reilly. Cndergraduate Manager
John G I'ezell, his assistant. Wil
liam 1) MiN'amara. and many ?? u -
dents going to see the game, cieor?,? -
town's headquarters in Boston will b??
the Hot?! I.enox.
Capt. .lohnny iftfjaadt. injured in
the Ceorgia Teck game, is oo<e nuie
in condition to play. He will be uc-'d
:it fullback against Boston Col ???,
?? ing to the fin? showing of "4! !<?**?"?'
<?us'' Malley. ani .la'k ??-|??:?. Nie
iiiiinj unknowns, against Washin;
tnn & Bee. Coa? h Bxeadiac want?
b?ith younssteis in Satuiday's gum??,
and .*?? Dutch l.eighty Will have to (
give way to his captain.
(leoi getonn's I ne-up against Fu"?
ton College will be: Hairy Stilli ? in,
left end; Tom Sullivan, left tack'?.''
Metz "Na-eack. leu guard: Alice ?a?
detson. ?entei; Tony Comstock. right
guard; .loe O'i'onnell. right tackle:
iiiii Keayoa, light ?nd: Jackie M??
loney. <*uai t.-rba? k : "lus Maliey. '?*.'?..
halfback: lack Flavin, nghl-halfback ?
lohnny MeQuad?' fullback.
Following the ?ontest the ?leorgo
lown S'luud will b'eaU traning. e?, ?
? ept those athlete? play.ng b_*-keibi I
or engaging in track sports A h g
dinner will b- sei vea anu. if vic'ory
perches upon the Blue and (Iray ?**??.
ners. a joyous ?eiebration ?ill sj?*|
held before ihe lads return to ili**
Western High School football p!.T
< rs rei-eived letters at the school yes
terday. Those earning the award?
were Bernhaid Spille, captain: Bver
ett Burke, captain-elect; .lame:? Pow
ell. Moar? Mcdaakejr. James Moy'e.
George fence. Fari Manson. Albert
?VaUtar, Reginald Conard. Harry Daw
son. Wells Sherman. Kdward Altemu.
Iflckael Bugi., and William Hanna.
George Washington hafh*!'" will
be led by I'nderwood. who played
guard last season He was ele? ted a.
| the close of the campaign last year.
. Washington Cio.??? Country Club
' runners are In Baltimore totear tak
ing pa?t in ihe annua' holiday dis
tarne raie under the au-pices of the
Baiti noie Cross Countiv Club
i^ea'r?? "H hn-gton laivertity
'iiaik .andldaies *l?rt up preliminary
I ?Aurk at the V. M. C. A on Monday.
Coaches Find Plenty of Good
Basketball Material At Start
of Season Here.
Hifrh ?rhofl b?*ketha',1 <o??-h?e he-e
find plenty of ma'.erinI r.|M off th?
bat for fltst-c.aes quinte ? L?-t
y? ar? leftovers without countm?*
any new material, i? rateu ?> good a?
any other j ear.
Binine???, which won the life la*t
season. lo*t ? few player?, but will
come forwaid wih a ?trong bun. h of
lads right off the b?t Williams. Held
Mes. n y and Prior are r*ady now It Is
? aid that Johnny ??oetx and Paul
Hum?, the latter a t;onzagt? ?tar of
lait season, will b~ read? when the
opeg.ng whistle blown.
Central will ha? e 'a fairly ?trong
list from la?i seaevn. Although
Dasher and ali'l? have gone ihe Cen
tral lads have Wood. Lemmon Newby
?nd Cummings as a starter.
Western will have Altemu?. Cora_rd.
Burke. Nordii.iger. Ia?t year? first
strong pla>ers. and Dawson Jeffree?.
N'icolson. Grove. Demon, ?nd Bradley
from last year second end fiethrnan
st ring.
Teeh will ha?e Loehle? Hbtchin
son. ?Josnell. Parker and IShaw. Prac
tically all of lhe.?e lads have had ex
perience in h gb school floor ganes.
and should provide a Ane start for
iheir ie?pective teams
It i? expected that the fre?hmen will
be put througb ? leguiai schedule.
The regular high rcLool engagement*
start January 9 On Monday the fac '
ulty atnletic advisers will ir.ee ? for'
the purpose of arranging for a play
ing place and for official? for th?'
Two pugilistic ? hampions ?ill tjmj!
through the rope? today to engage in ?
turkey Day battle?.
Benny Leonard. the lightweight,
? hamp'on. will meet Soldier BartfieM
at Thiladelpli ia. in ? six-round ovni
st the Olynjpia ?. t*. At Jer*ey ?'ite*
en eight-round .louet between G?- e
H??'man? the bantam tltleholder. ani
Mi?key Bussen. Herman'? termer
.?pairing par ner. will be live Thaimi-I
giving au ? ?c n?n
<*urb A C pja>ers aie tackling the I
???? *m up ao\?[? ?-?ij'i '?t?iv loaobjl
Yard Recreation rield to??t
We Give You
Just Enough
V Turkish Bath is a
very pleasant event if
properly administered
You don't want too much
or too little and it is
sometime? hard to deter
mine just what constitute?
a perfect Bath. That'.??
where the practical ex
perience of an expert at
tendant comes in?they
know just ?"hat ? re
quired in each individual
<-?r-???lte ?? V 'fma-etr.'
15th and G St?.
? ?? ??.em?. f?ur Ueur "Verviee.'?
Panther? Lo?ve Start
Before Big Game
nrrSBl RGH. Nor 27 .0?
the evr of toda?.?* h g b.f? ? ?*r
Pcnn Slat?. Pittsburgh ha.? 1 ?"**?*)
"*o ??urs from m tv?rkfi**M in
Captain Jimrm L>e Mart and .' -?
Morrow. Tbey have brn ??*?
HarH inelitrb'.e b\ the far-i1*?.
for d**1*ici**T,<*it?? e ?turlie? Mr
Crarhcn will replace D? Har* .??
quarte-back and L*uthnn ? 1
take ??tt???? ponton a', rr.hi
Penn Sta?? hat not won ,'r ?*t
the Paniher?. m ,iX vemr, put
the los.? of De Hart anrl Mnn-c?
make.*- ihen favorite- to ? c 10
There II h? ro unnece?aar? riela?
a hen the L' .*- - r?rr?* >?m? f ?? -
ball eleven line? up ag*n?t th? H?mo
tctv Road? Train,ng Stai o- oiitfli 10?
???.*? at 1 ?-'ral Ma*Jiuni fo? ?? ?t?
at the b?tt'e it ended de?-d?pg ti,?
?en i?e r fc?inr.ie,n?riir of the *??)??? ?
? ea?t. the player? of both i???-v ? il
he tak?n to the ?earner s quarter? ?1
the "*>??.*. 1 ?r? f*r a hur* turi??*. ? r
nar. And after ihe lae? ha * fu<
? ? ? 1 the royal tftr*l ?h?*. tail h*
? ?Met? ef i)ie Knight? of Celumbut ?
the Nat>enal Theater.
A notabl- gathenng ?sill alter,** te
da", s staine Mr? I>aniel? in? Mr?
1'rar.ki ? ? r.?->o?e\e!t ar? among th?
?eat holder? who ?sill ent?r:air par
tie*. ?l?o Admiral Theme? viithrt
top. Admiral i'oonu ??dtnir?'. Tay???
? nd Admiral Carp? Bru* ?.eri v\ r
Neville, of the marine <*tpA ?ill en
terta ? a party of frienil?.
Spec?' seal? have b??ti ?-?t??? ?>?
the boy? fien th? Naval VI ?#j? ... an<*
the Waller r.?ed Hospital.
Boih ?ruad* aimed in tb? ar -
yesterday ?ari, ?fier a?.|*se ho 1 ? ??t
touring th? eitj held I jlit *i?*i?
drill? at the ?ta ?l urn No? a r'in k
injured and the rullo*? . ia for a ? ??
battle to the bitte? ? nd leday.
today's line up follu?*.
hamm"v ???*? rr* ?
s *>-?*.? . un. _
Rave? IT . . . . .*'-?. ?>< ?
h..5U??' 1 I. I'M?- ?
r-.n??r ? P? -
1* ?r*>. r ? <i p.. -
Mere?? ? t r e? :?
Jeekin? r, tt M*?'
R?u?h?r. .* y a ?* > .
h ".lerfer : H a VI??!"!
\? h.?le, U . ?t ? ? G. H B B? ? -
Sem Ih . t B k?.???
Offf.1??? Refaire M I THeap,??
Georgetoi>-n. utn?*? ir, I>r 4 ?ri Vk 11
iiamt r??n,**!itn:- fien*; i*lg? T
J. Thorp ? ? Mimi*??- 1 ri, vnaan t *-e?l
rr ,k Palmer. Harvard. Fifteen
mmuie period.- ? .
Louia-ri'.le ? retlkr Thinka He Cas
Trim *? aiJiiB-rte-,
Mat Star.
voung Str?nget Le? ? from Louie
? lllle. K) will ti* hit lu k iva ahi s;
the Lyceum against Joe Tu??
Wath.ntft"P> ?"eran ?Lampi??* ben
tao in three. The KeatW4gk*au hop??
to do s? h*t m?n> oiher aspirant? have
failed to (Jo. trim Tinner In hU e* r.
Lewi? ha? been -meeting al' . <*?t??
in the Middle We?t. but h?fore r?
turning to Loui?v?l)e. he hop??
clean uo along ttie Atlantic ???bosr?*
Hl? trat ?lop is Washington, ?ii*
Joe Turner hi? flrst opponent
Th?- Turner-Lewi? match ?ill be
?tarted immediately aftet th? regular
performance iwnight
CHAPEL ? ILL V C ???"?? CT ?
Virginia and North Carolin? meet ?*??
the g Id 1 roa here tod?y for the fl'St
?ime ?? a'l the history of their foot
ball riva'n Virginia hop't to avenge
itself fo- North Carolina's triumph. 7
to 0 m Iti?, the last time th?> m?t
Thi? time for the flr?t time in tbe his
tory of the instltuti?n?the game ?III
be pia \ ed in North Carolina. Kmer
?on Field at Chapel Hill will be the
bat?.? itround. Alreadv extensive
p*eparations h?\e been made for tbe
handling of nearly 10.0O0 r??!"""
who ?re expected to come frota all
sect on? of the couatry to ?Ita??? the
t'raditiun' ?|..?? ha? decided mere
than one football game, give? lb?
Virginia an edge a? ?ell a? compara
live ?cores, -but comparative ???**???
have proven at no assillane? ia set
tling sectional dispute? this ? ear and
the Carolin? fighting spirit is ex
pected to be 'he one big stumbling
block in x'irg.nn?? p?'f. : a >.;r
Bracelet ^?m?^ NNatcWe?
Finest oualitie? ?ad all make?
from $19.50 to t"??*)
All Vv'i tene.* i,'U?i?iit*?cl i.'?* ? esr?
Quality Jewelry Co.
On Di-wnoftd;, Wtlcbe*.
and Jewelry
iSouLh of Highway Bndfe)
HI IIMul! "'*N?*?7?U ??,? U
??\??? lu&lteV
Tab? rat*? et ixife ?l aatd f'aatta
?ama a\? lee ***th ?a? ori "aMaaaay

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