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Pe?retai> ? I?b?ir W il?? ?r. has a?
cepte?] the invitali, r "t <!??\?-???? ?
?**-?riiil. at Pennsylvanlu. t?> ?eiv?- ??n .1
? -ommittee of tweaty-aWs t?? ?tudy the
r>re?ent ? ? ' ? -1 I t ?? t ?on ?.f Pennsylvania
??I'.h tbe vie??* to revieinar it.
Ilaa't let Ufi le?? .HK-adltarp ??, k?.
? ?ie\e ?if *??? ??G??. Ray wl?el??
???4 lacrease ?<?nr ?1M11I? h? ta>eat?
lax in Wer ?la? ataanpa.
Girls! Girls!!
Save YourHair
With Cuticura
S??*?- Oiara?aaH- .t?r fj?a??^r? atei tViiin?,3?
f?><?fC????,? [?tl____.
l*odus of 2.5DO Yanks to Bo Rrturn
id i rom England. Scotland
and Ireland.
The ???? American soldier dead to
be broua-ht back to thia country will
be ffom Kngland. Ireland and Scot
land, Oraves Ke?**i?tratit?n Bureau of
the War 1'epartment announce?.
Twenty-five hundred are burled, in
the?e countries.
The flr?-t ??ntlnerent of the force to
have charge at thin work ha? been
or-fanlzed. and will ?all when a trans
port is available. It consi?t? of em
balnnna- expert.?. inspector?, and other?
to arrangi*? for the convoy of the
; tarts?.
Other group? are being orpanized
- to remove lodi?*? in Belgium. Luxem
bourg, ??erman?, Austria. Serbia and
Italy. In these countries also there
are approximately 2.500 American Kx
pcdltlonary Force grave?. Belgium
! ha? two American cemeteries, Pope
1 rinerhe and Waereghe.n. Mose' of the
American dead in Italy have been con
centrated at Genoa.
LOVI ?ON. Nov. 27.? Five policemen
land a number of laborers were ?hot
in clash??? arrowing out of the farm?r?'
lockout of farm hands in Waterford
county, Ireland, according to dis
patches today.
?. 4 . Or~anl?e** 4 lllsenaklp. lfm?.
Join tbe I Misen?? 4????elation in your
nriahhorhooH, and do It today.
?????iW 6*
O > L ?**??* T f * -?
Oil?the Ideal Fuel
Not only does oil furnish fuel for
power and heating in navies and
modern industries of the world,
but it furnishes fuel for heating
the households of the world.
The Perfection Oil Heater supplies eco
nomical kerosene heat to more than
3.000.000 homes. Saves coal during
Fall months.
The Perfection is clean, portable, safe,
sootless, odorless??burns ten hours on a
gallon of oil?easily filled and re-wicked.
Aladdin Security Oil gives best results.
At your dealer's.
New Jersey)
Charlotte. N. C.
Charleeton. W. V?.
Charleaton, S. C.
Use Aladdin
Security Oil
O// /festeje?
Cji\ e a
Thanks_i ? ini*
Day Offertn?
to the
Ameri?-?n Re?J
And Completr
the Ottota of
the District
Ue.em Needed.
~J ano T-eventb Streets L")
F urmture
Give a
I hanksgivin-r
Day Offering
to the
American Red
And Complete
the Ouota of
the District
?""?XK? Needed.
Thi- >olid Mahogany Pris
cilla Sewing Table. Large
>i/e. Price. $10.00.
The Linen Shop
f?cautitul Lare - trimmed.
Pure Linen Center Scarfs, 18s
50 and 18x54 inches. Imitation
?lunv lace. 15 ?designs.yfipcctal,
S__> each.
I_ce-trimmed .-?cari-, bau
r?an and imitation cluny lace
de-ign??. Ifl?45 :.nd lSxM
inche- Speciai, $1.00 an?l $1.23
Towels for the Guest
Colored Hor Jrred Jacquard
SV oven Turkish Bath Towel?.
pink, blue, old ro??e. lavender.
lemon and gold, in beautiful de
? _'ru. Special. Me tu $1.75 ?-acb
Hemstitched f'ure Linen Huck
and Dan-task. G?-ael* Beanti ?'?.:'
?lama*!* border?, ?tripe?, all-over
deii-pis : al*o plain huck; medium.
large; extra sue* and sfue>?t size.
special. ?I.M each to $_M each.
Pure l_nb'i V\ ool Linen Coti
f?*ts ?Plain reversible ?ilk. li?
center?, with blending border* and
.? -??e??. Tbe mo?? *xqr*;ir.e iir.e
Gift Suggestions
Solid Mahogany Martha Washington
Sewing Table. $19.75.
Ladies' Maliogaeiv Writing Desks.
Ruyal Kasy Chair, with reclining back
and foot rest. $.9.50.
I ??? Che-t PrtCCS range from
$1430 hO $45.tK?.
Mahogany Fern Stand. $_2J"0.
M.ihoganv Stedeat'i Heading table.
Mahogany or Ivory Toilet Tables, and
Vanity Case?. Make a most acceptable
Fn?a?i Ceekers. Prie?, $i?_so.
-??erial Kitchen l.'abiact, $*?0.?
Special Dali-finish Bra?- Bed*, all -i/e*.
Dinner (h.ii-*.. 5?650.
??'??-inch Rowid P<?ker Table. $23.*??.
I old'iig ( ard Tab!?? $-??.
Metal Dinner W_(-?>n. ??2M.
Carpets and Rugs
C crpets
Our complete stock of piece
goods ntTords you every op
?"tunity to secure what you
way need. All width?, from
22) j inches t<> 9 fee?, in a aride
range of designs, colorings anil
' >ur piain ?*??i?>r- vou'll rind
e-pecia?y inie***e-tintf. Prie* -
?-tart as low as $1.85 for the 17
inch width.
Orientcl Rugs
We have found it almost
impossible to secure large size
rugs except at Museum price-.
We ht-re, however, secured
some very good rugs in the
-;/**s ranging from 3x5 feet to
4\7 feet, which we are offer
ing at prices as low as. if not
Ii?urr than. you will usuali ?
lind similar si_es and qualities.
"J 11 i -. Solid Mahogany ?
L'art. ?quipped with remov
able trav and fi'iir rubber-tired
?'heels. ' !*rice/?27.50.
Drapery Dspt.
Duplex Velvet Portieres,
- ! yards long, in combinations
of green and tan. mulberry and
tan, green and garnet and blue
and mulberry: French edges.
Per pair. $-4.-;.00.
Incut Velour Portieres, _' .?
vards Ions*, finished with curd
edges : green, brown and blue.
Per pair, $85.0*0.
Couch Covers
Tapestry Couch Covers, full
length and width, in Oriental
colors and patterns. $5 00,
$-00, $7.00 and $11.00 each.
Velvet Couch (."overs. Per
stan all-over de-igns, beauti
ful coloring??, $25.00 each.
**-++**-*?' ?*-? MMUNH?^ ))H ?***??-???-????*??????* *->??^
Down In N'Orleans Today
Festive Fizz Again Wets
Long Parched Throats
Crescent City, Thronged For Racing Season,
Turns From Dusky Gloom To Radiant
Joy When Judge Foster Rules
Liquor Sale Lawful. *
NEW ORLEANS, La., Nov. ?*".?
New Orleans today was enjoying a
bountiful Thanksgiving. Over at
Hamo? they were shaking up the fes
tive gin fizz; Sazarac cocktails were
aRain being poured into those bigi
tumblers that Sazarac uses so that I
the nose may mis.?? none ?"-""k^lie aroma;
down at the old Absinthe tTOuse. an
atfil French doorman smiled his
I.landest as the old customers began
pushing their way through doors that
long had been deserted.
New Orleans was wet today, and the
old? Orescent town felt natural. If
the Fnited States had been as well
prepar?-d for war as New Orleans
wa? for Judge Foster's decision last
night the war would have been over !
a long time ago, and there would
have been no war-time prohibition.
An hour after Judpe Foster. In com
pliance with the petition of the Her
man Leiser had "enjoined Federal
authorities from interfering with
the sale of bondeil liquors long lines
stood in front of the bar.
Bartenders Pleatlfal.
It was not necessary to conscript
bartenders. They volunteered. Some
of them were the regular orthodox
bartenders of a day when personal
liberty still had a d?finit?? meaning.)
(?thers were recruits. I >ne we\l- j
known business man donned the
a proti at the Stag and aided the over
worked bartenders.
A big crowd was here for the open
Ing of the races today. They sat
gloomily around the lobby of the St.
Charles Hotel yesterday afternoon.
Then came news of the decision by
Judge Foster. In five minutes the
lobby was deserted. The crowd had
gone to the places where once more
a gentleman could Imbibe to the
limit of that gentleman's desire and
purs.?. Many of them stayed tijitil
the places were closed and then kiss
ing the bartender good-night, prom
ise?! to be back early this morning.
It had been a long time since they
wer?? privileged to kiss the bartender
Few Fancy Drinks.
No attempt was made last night to
?ell fancy drinks. Whiskey straight |
was ?old in most places at 2? cent? j
for a drink. The drink was about;
half the size formerly sold, but then
New Orleans used to be prodigal In
the size of its drinks.
The old size sold at 33 to 50 cents.
Wine was plentiful and at -? per cent
above the price charged when the
war-time law went into effect July 1.
Today fancy drinks were being
mixed. Instead of a haphazard collec
tion ?if bartenders as last night, the
real artists were smilingly back in
?|.:r old places, and *th?? machinery
for giving New Orlean* and the adja
cent country a thorough wetting was
moving. Saloon men said there Is
ample stock on hand to la? until
January JO.
The roadhouses and lake re?orts,
which had expected a quiet Thanks
giving, were scenes of bustle today. !
Loaded taxis began to bear down upon |
them last night. Between taking
care of last night'? crowd and p?*epsr
ing for an ?ven bigger -rowd today, '
employes at the roadhouses and re- I
sorts worked all last night and wer? ?
not really prepared when today's rush i
I.rent Crowds Arrive.
Like a crowd which line? up to ?ee
a world's series baseball game. N'ew
Orleans citizens and visitors began
arriving before noon to be certain
they would have a table. Few persons
went with?ont claret with their
Thanksgiving dinner. _
Meanwhll? railroads were unload
ing great crowds at the Canal ?treet
station and thirsty re?idents of
nearby town? began to join in ihe
Thanksgiving celebration. Mississippi
was also sendin-g her quota.
Telegrams received here indicated
that there was a hegira from the
Texas oil field? of men anxious to
look at some liquid other than pe
troleum. Fort Worth, Dallas and
Houston vrere sending delegates.
Judge Fo?ter, in granting the In-1
junction, ruled that the world war
?ame to an official end when Con- .
gre?*? adjourned recently without re
jecting the peace treaty with <?er- j
many. He maintained that when ?
President Wilson vetoed the Vol
stead war-time prohibition act Octo
ber 2i>. the President declared the
array and navy demobilized.
Whether constitutional prohibition
will operate to make American pas
senger, liners dry has been referred
to the legtil department of the Ship
ping Board for a decision. Mean
time, bar fixtures are being Installed
on the giant liner Leviathan, which
is to be operated between New York
and England.
Shipping Hoard officials explain
that it will be nearly a year before
this great craft would be ready for
operation. Within a few months,
however, former Herman liners are
to be placed in the South American
pass? nger trade, and a decision on the
i'uestion is expected before that time.
Laborite Candidate Defeats Lloyd
George Nominee by Major
ity of 12,525.
DUKHAM. England, Nov. 27.??Jor.n
Lawson. laborite candidate running
on a platform favoring nationalization
of Industry, has been elected mem
ber of pailiament from the Chester
Le Street division of Durhan\ as a
result <>f the secent by-election, it
was announced officially today. His
majority was given as ?-,?-d.
The announcement today was the
first official statement in connectt?*:i
witi*. the four by-elections held No
vember in. Two more announcements
will be made tomorrow giving of
ficial results of the balloting at Croy
don and Thanet. The fourth ? and
most interesting -that of Lady Nancy
Astor. will be made Friday.
Chester L?? Street 1? a typical min
ing constituency. The question of
nationalization of mines was practi
cally the sole issue. David (iilmour,
an unofficial supporter of the Lloyd
Ueorge go\.rnment, was Lawson's
opponent on a platform opposing na
At the last election, J. W. Taylor,
laborite, who has just resigned, -.?, us
rt turned unopposed.
Crown Prime, However, Fears He
May Be Extradited, Says
Amsterdam Paper.
AMSTERDAM. Nov. _7.- -The Tele
graf. ?luotlng "an authoritative
foun'c." says both the Netherlands
government and former Emperor Wil
liam of ''?rniany still are confide?.t
that nothing will come of the report
thai there will be a demand for th??
extradition of tl.e onetime Emperor.
The newspaper adds that former
rruwn Prime Frederick William, who,
it ?a-ys, his less to tear from extra
dition than his father, takes the mat
ter more seriously.
The Telegrafs authority says thai
the breai-h between Vnr wrnifr Em
peror and his son. while it has not yet
be?? heale<l. is less bitter, the a***t?
having yielded somewhat to hi? fatht-r
because of the wishes of his mother.
"Snake Oil"
Stops Pain
Over Ten MUJon Bottles Sold
I? tt?rs from thousand?! of people ail
-or Ai-ierua prove that Miller?, Anlis?pUr
Oil i km'?? as t-nake OU) is pmba?ly lh?
jr?-test known remedy for rh?umalistii.
?unT-as?1. ?tiff loints, sprains I. ?rr'.pp?.
colds, pneumonia, InlTuenza. ?tc. They aay
that 'Mnak- OK" p?n?tr?tes ?o quickly that
it is sure tn ?top pain. Mr. Alluni TjtaStf.
Provencal. I? . ?SrtUa, "Kn.loaed fli.il fl
fur seine mor?* 'Snske i?i;" We ill ilk,, li
fine. PI?*??*? send at once." Mr. H M
\Twell. ?.'enter. Ky., writes. "I h??? tried
iw ? botti*? ?tel Hav. ree.ived trre-,? relief
PISSSS ship ? ?! l'otti? ut once, :?? aj ,? art
needing !' bad I ?." Oet S SI??, or??? ?G ?? ??
botti? ??>>? ?J from any ???.1 Urn?; m?r?
with the unii??'* taiolintt tkat >our motley
? ill lo returned if >.,u ?rs n.it Kat|?.1e.|.
lien.m.o the genuine Mi,?er? Antiseptic oil
(known as Snake ?G. ?. For sal? by all
oobmarh &-iothrop
Open 9:15 A. M. New York?WASHINGTON?Paria Ck>_B 6 P.M.
\\JE ask you to shop carefully and compare \alues.
We feel sure that ours are the best obtainable.
Many customers tell us so. -We bought months ago
to protect you in this manner. Just as an instance ol
the values we are giving, the Full-fashioned Silk Sock>
we are.now selling at $1.00 are below thetr present
price to us. This is positive-, as we are 'already r?ctl?'?'
ing assortments for spring, and they are bille_ t? us at
more than S 1.00 the pair. *
? .?? *
Here is q^tist of Very Exceptional Values
Full-fashioned Silk Socks, $1 00 Pair
?Pure silk, with dolble lisle soles, heels
aNd toes. Shown in black and all the
fashionable colors.
Full-fashioned Silk-Clocked Socks,
$1.50 Pair?These are also pure silk
and in black, and colors.
All-wool Socks, $1 00 Pair?Natural
and black; full-tashioned.
Silk Lisle Socks, 75c Pair?Double
soles, heels and toes; full-fashioned.
Neckwear at $1 00?? very excep
tional grade ot silk; line lull open-end
shapes, beautiful colors; many designs;
slip-easv collar bands. Plain colored
open-end srosgrain silk ties in every
desirable shade, and also the narrow
string ties in about two dozen different
Initial Handkerchiefs at 35c?Fine
hand-drawn thread, '-t -inch hem initial
Pure Linen Initial Handkerchiefs,
75c?Everv thread pure linen; neat
block initial in corner.
Blanket Cloth Robes, $10.?0?
Warm, medium weight Robes, m green,
gray,' brown, tan and blue, with neat
stripes of contrasting tone; well tailored
and linished.
Dornet Flannel Pajamas*; ?$4.50?---?
? ?*ood grade of Dornet Flaivnel; warm.
well made, comfortably sized, The) are*
difficult to get.
Steamer Rugs^ $7.85?D oub le -raced
Plaid Steamer Ruts, ot British make;
heavy and warm; attractive colorings.
Plain All-Unen r___r*4*rc_*?efi, 35c
Each; 3 for $1.00?N'en exceptional
Woven Madras Shirts, $2.50?bi
color woven fabrics in a neat assort
ment of stripes, with soft double culls,
with laundered attached or detached
cuffs; sized liberally, tailored pertectlv;
various sleeve lengths.
Silk Shirts at $10.00?? wonderful
exclusive Japanese silk crepe of fast
woven colors and a handsome domestic
silk crepe de chine shirt. Wide assort
ment of colors in each kind, and exccr
tional values.
Sterling fiver Belt Bueyes, $3.50
?Various designs with differently
shaped monogram spaces; single initials
engraved without charge; monograms
_5c additional.
Full Dress and Tuxeoo Vest Sets,
$3.00?Fancy enamel on sterling silver.
Walking Sticks. $5.00?Apple"*<?i-d
and Malacca, sterling silver cap and
band trimmings; P. W. handles.
Accordion Ribbed Silk Reefer*? or
Mufflers, $5.00?I wo-ioned Pure Silk
w^ayes. in a io yClyT 111WIT CO 11 ?Wti-a -
*????\ -uch as maroon^ ***< _0?). Waft?
and -Ahite, black ?*** t'f^ff^^'u^K ata?:
-re.-.. ;:.iCK -?*. Mu., : -:tfr^t?"7>!*f?
iteao alara. Vir?t timar.
. . destripe*? at *<he0?*a .^nd >**; '' ?
? r > -a?1**- U .????*-' i ,
Mbj?f ***?

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