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Sutement of Washington People on This Page Prove
Claims That a Bottle or Two of Elarle's Hypo-Cod
Puts User Back on His Feet.
Authorities State Tonic 1$ Pre
ventives?Everyone Need*
It Now
?There Is nothing the matter with
nine out of ten people's digestion,
blood. kidneys. bowels. liver or
??rves.** declares E. K. Draher. a rep
resentative of the nationally known
Earle Chemical Co. -People complain
of indigestion trouble?, bilious spells,
headaches, dizsy nausea, anemia, loss
of appetite, energy, weight, vitality?
They complain of nervousness, loss
of sleep jumpy sp**ll?. etc They com
plain of their blood. rheumati?m. uric
a?id. weak kidney.-?, pair.?? in the back.
shoulder?, arms and muscles, pimple?,
-"-aller, loss of iron, etc.. and I'll tell
jfou what they should do?"They feel
exactly like a patient does after a
long spell of wasting Illness. Their
whole system is rundown and weak.
Their blo?>d is impoverished and all
th'ir vital organs need strength -
Do? tors il? n't give a patient dope for
the kidn.-ys, etc. He gives them a
good itiengthening. upbuilding, nu
it, digestive, alterative, recon
s-*-u<-tive t.?*v<- to enrich the blood.
Strengthen and build up the patient
and tone up those vital organ?. What
I? the r-salt? Prcltv soon your pa
. who was so sick. weak. thin,
pale, achy and bad that he couldn't
his head from the pillow, turn
over in bed or lift f. tinger to feed
h m ?..If and with a stomach ?o weak
ouldn't keep dot?, ? solid food and
????th n-Tw- * bad he c.uldn't ?l?*ep
without- a narcotic?h?* begins to gain
Strength He ?-.?-nt.- :?> eat. He sit.<
op tn bed His color come? back.
?l.-ps better, the old achy, stiff
feeling, disappear and pretty ?oor.
? ??? . a? he was. he climb? out of
b?d and goes back to work, strong.
- g. rous and well strain. Barely if a
tonic composed of >lalt. Iron. Cherry
Jtaik. f-yrup of H*?pophosphite- | \
tract of '">d I.iver Oil. and Extra Se
ir_? SsWTTy Win?* will do thi? -then
tiiose who are not so sick or f-?*blt
?San ?aeily *?l b??k on their feet by
? inss>t*M ?Ame thing," continued this
g. rfieman.
And that is exactly what the fore
mo?* druggists in the big <*i-.l??? are
now recommending. They ?ay do not
wait untlf si**k abed?don't let your
?\*t?*-n remain ? a weak. n**rvous.
snae-iic condition and wide open to
. ., ..x - ?;_*. epidemic Uist -.em_ aJ
~ atssMt wasOUn ??-> r-turn. Drop into the
d nr**t now when the season
is risrht?start taking a bottle or two
r.arte's Hypo-Cod, the stronrest,
moit palatable, reconstructive, atlers
tiv??. n'itrit'V?>. d'tresti-re tonic made.?
What happens?* Tour diarestion Is
?mproved. Tou get more nourishment
from food. Tou ret better rest and
?ounder sl??ep with steadier nerres.
V .<r blood surges through your body
I of rich nutriment and vltality
The whole system becomes ating?s
?with enerjry and vour di??*ase resist
Inr vitaHty Is wonderfully increased.
*?u<-h trifling trouble? as so-called in
ai ?estion. kidney. 1iv?*r. bowel coro
plaint?, h?*?adaches. sour stomach, ca
tarrhal^ bronchial troubles, foul
?breath, conghing and spitting spells
morning? and those so-called uric acid
rheumatic pains are all washed out?
el?*aneed out of th* system and good
rich red blood and rea] color, more
wxgbt and strength take the.r place
a?*e>,rding to users and th? statements
' many right her?* in Washington
which appear on this pa?*?* bear out
eve-y claim ? Bake above and be
?td?*s. Tour druggist with one glance
at tho formala on ?'very bottle of Hy
po-Cod will tell you it is unexcelled
as a tonic. He knows that It is a
stronger, more palatable preparation
and a taste of ft compared with any
other similar toni?- proves Its great
er strength, and quality. The name
of the nationa.ll> known Karle Chemi
cal Co.. upon the bottle proves It con
tain? only the finest ingredients. A
"bottle coats a ltttl?* -?or?*, but when
yoar doctor, chemist, dru-ritist. nurse
or anyone familiar with it advises its
?<N?accept no substitute. And while
the u.-er is ridding himself and his
family of st-rch ailments as are de
?Tih?*d above he ?can remember that
at t?;.- same time he Is putting the
?ystem into a strong, -rigorous condi
tion to combat any disease that may
rag?* this fall. <"ome down to the
i?ear?jt People's Drug Store for a bot
tle tonight.
Little Girl Wat Sick?Frant
ic-ally Tried Medicine.
Was Alarmed
f surel- was worried about my
? girl." declared Wm. A. Bowie.
<-r of the Industrial Savings
tlaak. Eleventh and U streets, north
M . little Kirl developed a feverish
and eouerh. which alarmed us.
*he Just lay in a sort of stupor and
? zd and then coughed so much
We frantically gave her medicines,
but ?till no change, ?o then.we bought
H>po-Cod for people coming in the
bank said It was wonderful, and it
surely did prove to be.
'Her relief was prompt and ef
' St. It stopped her cough and
I ?ri*d up her cold and fererishness in
??, time. It brought back her appe
UtS snd built up her strength *o
nicely sb. is now again back in
s'-hool. "Should I become ailinsr in
any way I'd use Hypo-Cod first thing.
It does the work, and I recommend it
to .-veryone." continued Wm. A.
Howie, cashier of the well-known and
favorably known institution mention
ed above.
Children like Its pleasant taste
They grow fat, robust, rosy cheeked
and tr.ighty luon build up if run down
nr half sick. Just try it on any ? ? 1?
for a few day? and ??"e ?he difference
wo. Cieu* _<_il_a and _???*-?_??_
S ,;,?-We rprepay larif ? bottle of
the g?-nulne Karle's Hypo-Cod tu art)
i,ae upon receipt of prie?* SI -"*. plu?
6c war tax?People>t?J ~De\UL Otar**.
y_ahlB.Elft.-i_ X\0t\__________7
Then Caught "Flu"?Left With
Cough?W*?ak and Feeling
Very Bad.
"I suffered with an organ!?* trouble
which necessitated an operation which
I underwent, but which proved not
entirely successful. I suffered con
siderably for nearly a year and then
the "flu caught me and though I suc
ceeded in overcoming it finally I was
left terribly weak, nervous and with
a bad cough. 1 wa? so weak by that
time that I could hardly get from one
room to another and slept so poorlv
nights I never felt rested. 1 would
get up all tired out. and so 1 lingered
in thi? state until my daughter m jntli.?
(afterward ?aid, why don't you take
, Hypo-Cod, snd knowing It d'd her a
world of gsod, I asked our physician
I about tt. and he said ?"1 recommend
lit"?and It surely did prove a blessing
to me. 1 am glad to publicly recom
mend it, for it stopped my eotagk, gave
I me new strength and energy, and m>
inerves are r>o good I sleep beautifully
I at night. My appetite is good. too.
in fact. It has helped me in other
way?, too. and I think it a wond?*rful
medicine." continued Mrs. C. K. Bart
lett. 1110 Potomac avenue southeast
If weak, nervous, thin. pals, or juet
getting over a sickness or operation
get a couple of bottle? of Karle?
H\po-f"od and be back on your feet
days and weeks sooner.
take hypo-cod
I Know What It Will Do Fci
Anyone Who Gi*ve? It
?Trial" *|
"I recommend Earle s Hypo-Cod a?
a tonic for people who are rundown,
weak and nervous because 1 know
what wonders it will a?-?-oinplish."
writes Ethel C. Barr 'nurse). "JOO At
lantic avenue., Atlantic City, N. J.
"I ws? sick, debilitated nnd almost
a nervous wreck myself following an
attack of the "flu" last winter. It
seemed to affect my hfart, too, and
the least bit of excitement would
cause my heart to throb so hard it
hurt me and I would be miserably
? nervous and upset | was rapidly de
clining and falling off when I started
to take Hypo-Cod. In a few days I
was feeling like another person. It
i? so quick to set 1 never had another
nervous attack following the very
first tloee. My heart Improved won
derfully and I gained strength and
more new fl?sh and weight very rap
Idly. Indeed Hypo-Cod is worthy of
everyone's endorsement. " continued
thi? nurse, who through personal ex
perience and observation declares
? Hypo-Cod Is the very finest tonic one
can take if nervous, weak, thin and
Head what still others here in
1 Washington say about Hypo-Cod.
; Remember none of these testimonial?
have appeared before. Remember
. hundreds of them are to come. Hun
dred? have already b-en published.
j A?k your neighbor about Hypo-Cod.
? Over fifty thousand people in Wash
: ?ngton alone ?re Hypo-Cod user? and
booster? There ?urely I? a reason.
Ask any clerk at the People's Drug
Store. He will tell you why.
5b? Should Watch ?Hi* Health
Read Up on How To Keep
the Man Well
If every wire, mother or sister In
Wsshington will read the following
and then read the article on thla same
page headed "This Is How Wash'ns-?
jton Wives Keep Hubbys Healthy"
] they will learn In a tew minutes tne
? verdict, of doctor, druggist, chemist.
| professor, and thousands of women
I who assert that Earle's Hypo-Cod is
| the most powerful, eflectlv? and plea?
I ant to take tonic made. Now do not
stop reading and turn with Indiffer
ence to society notes or scandal page
for the health of the male members of
every family is a mighty Important
subject for eTery woman in these
days of H C. I_
Mrs. J. G. Humphrey said not ?o
long ago?"Hypo-Cod ?topped by hus
band's cough and drove out the chest
pain? and bronchial trouble so quick
it seemed like magic and then it
started building him up and improved
his appetite so fast that I was amazed.
It did him so much good I took some
myeelf and I know it is a medicine
of the greatest value." Mrs Phuirt
phrey'a husband Is a well known ma
chinist at the Navy Yard.
Another Wife Talk?.
"My husband was afraid he was
getting ?ick and it surely looked
like it," declared Mr?. H. F Harris,
7*W llth St ? ? "He caught a t?*r
ribl?? cold in his head which brought
on a cough. The cough gave him
pains in his lung? and he waa fever
ish and felt mi*" rab??* when he started
taking Hypo-Cod. He has now use?!
three bottlea. It cured hi? cough and
cold in fine style. The ?old in his
head disappeared and Hypo Cod has
built him up fine and dandy He
now Is stronger and in better health
than in a loug time." continued Mrs.
Harris whose husband is a well known
registered plumber in the District.
What ? ti*-?a?S Saya
And while wive?, daughter? and
mother? read the verdi't as to whit
Is r?-aliy th?? best toaic mad?, she
trni.-t not forget that women become
rundown end need a tonn? too. fin?
husband. Mr. Thos. O. Penn. 2:1??
Niclv.1?! St. Anacostia. ?aid. "My wife
wa? in a rundown condition. She wa?
r.<rvi?u? and eouldn t sleep well af
night. Her appetite fell off and she
was weak and la? ked strength and
energy. She complained of frequent
headaches and a great deal of sto
mach trouble but soon aa ?he started
taking Hypo Cnd you could see the
difference. It built her up and g-ive
her new strength. Cave her a r..?xl
?pp. lit??. Her stomach no longer
I bother? her after meal? and those
; headaches disappeared. It is the great
I est toni?? and builder I have ever
kniwn." continued Mr Nichol?.
Mr?. .G C Anderson, 210rt 1-Uh St.
N. W. ?aid thl? about Hvpo-Cod. "My
husband following; the "Flu" couldn't
Jtet back ?trength. Seldom slept -rood
night? His appetite was poor and he
errew weak and lacked strength. He
tried manv thi?.es for his eouj?h but
when he took Hvpo-Cod he improved
from the ?tart. Two bottles banished
his cough. Hrr.tight back his app?
tite. Ruilt up his nerve? and strenrth
and he sleeps good airain. He thinks
Hypo-C?*d ia a wonderful medicine and
ao do ? Tt will not disappoint any
one I am eure." continued Mr? And
And so th? story roes And remember
Hypo-Cod outsells any other toni?*. I. the
on? Washlnstnn's principi? Dru? Conc?rn
endorse? It ts mad? In Atn?r|,??? fnr?
raoat labor-itory of (Inset Ingredient? Fam
ous Earl, ."nemicai C<* , Dam? on e.rh bo'
fie. Formula on ?he label R?m?~ibar t->o
that many preparations of similar formula
hav. ?pr? ne up snd offerins; ?em? rtrus;
t-lsts a larcer profit ?ven at their redur??*
price, many rl.rks are prone to ?.? ,?
Kven if it has 'he ?am? forma!? r?m?>nb?r
that by d. lutine Hypo-Cod yoo can fill
?wo bottles an?! ??ill ha?, ? he ?a.m? formula
bat not ?he asm? sir?os;'h- Hvpo Cod
??-cordine to Trof?aeor ? ? E.rly. the
noted authority. Is ?he most powerful.
paJatab'.s and ?fn?-l.n? ?*od i>v?r oil prep
.ration made Tou ?an s?t th? ??nui?? at
either ot ta. seven bis P.opl.'s Dras
*?*??>- ? ? si s ! rjil ?
! I
Every Wife Should Keep Watcb
Over Breadwinner's Health
Below will be found the statements'
of V?. aahlngton women, sod e?x:h may
easily be verified. If you have s hus
band or father or brother, give hi?
health a little thought tonight. Think
of the loss ?.?-knees mean?, and if he ?
isn't enjoying perfect, robust, vig?,r
ous health, do ss these women have <
done. Make it your business to see '
that he tttay? well all winter.
"My huaband was in s rundown,
weakened condition. Lacked strength
and en?rgy. and was very nervous at
times," declared Mrs J. Oannon. 1334
Pennsylvania avenue southeast.
"Hi? appetite was poor, and nights
he seemed to b? nervous and restie?.?, ?
and seldom ?lept well until I got him
a bottle of Karle's Hypo-C'?l at the
People's Drug Store, and. hone?i]y. it ?
helped him wonderfuly. It gave him
a new appetite, and he began sleeping
better?hi? nerves were improved and ?
his strength and energy ha? in- ?
creased ?o splendidly I gladly Indorse
HypoCod to all." continued Mrs. uan
What Daughter ?ays.
"My father had bronchial trouble ?
and neuritis?had pain? in his arms ,
and shoulders, and these pains seed
ed to be most severe at night. His ap
petite was poor. He coughed a great '
leal at night and in the morning, and
would get weak, fainty spells at '
time? His nerves, you could see,
were bad." declared Mis.? Illanche
P.ick?, 1UZ9 Seventeenth street north
"We saw Hypo-Cod advertised, and
it has helped my father greatly. The
pain? became less and less j.ev-.re.
The cough he had began vaniahing,
and his nerves became quieter, and he
started getting more reet at night.
Then his appetite came back and he
became lot? stronger. We are amared
and delighted with what Hvpo-Cod
did for him. It does all they claim,
and I'm glad li recommend it. for we
tried many doctors and medicines be
fore that." continued Mie? Kicks.
What Fnfber Saya.
"My son, following a spell of sick
ne??. was In such poor health I was
alarmed, so I went down to the drug,
?tore and b.iught a bottle of Hypo-'
("od. and that is what I tell every
mother to do. for It I? irrand -lust
grand." declared J. K. Burke, who aa
a baker baa worked in practically,
every bakery in Washington and i?
known all over town
"Mr boy had a bad ugh H? was ter
ribly weak?had no appetite?sl?pt poorly
on account of that awful rough. He had
pains across his eh.st and ? ?or?n.?*i after
<a?mg across his abdomen, but. an ' ?: ? ?
trouble, are gone now. That Hypo-C. d
built him right up In a week he waa su
strong and well b? went back to work look
ing like a n?w boy Eats hearty. ?tl?ep?1
????id HI? <--*.i<r>- 1??? him, and It built!
Sim up so quick I took some or what waa:
i-.i il. Sa. botile, and n str?ngth?nrd m???
so, I say lo ?v?ry d.d. If your boy isn't!
feeling weil. Just ha?? him tak? a bottle
or two of Earle'a Hypo-Cod," continued Mr
J E Burke. 1024 Wisconsin svenue
"My husbsnd. who ha? been In the Qov-'
-----?.? Printing tifflee for thlrty-ot?e|
y.ara. took ?om? Hypo-Cod, and it diri him
a world of good. " declared Mrs M. R.l
King. ?4? Maryland av?nue sou'hw?st. "H?
had an aggrava'ing cough snd enlil. atvl'
roughed so much it disturbed us all. It'
seemed like he could do nothing thst would
do him anv good He kept getting weak
and rundown and his app?tit? f?ll away to
almost nothing wh?n h? ?nw Hypo-Cod srt-,
vertts-ed. He ha? taken thr?? or four bol-,
lies n.w. and, my smkes alive?-you could
a?, the difference* it made in him Hi
?topped his rough In a f?w days He b?-|
gao eating hearty, big mesls Rtsrt?>1 to)
sleep better, anil he feels .o much stronger
and looks so much batter I believe it will)
help anybody who us?. It." con'inu??! Urn
?. ? King. e t- ot th? popular pres.roan
at the o P. o.
Mrs - C Pr.ther. 2t1* Minnesota ave
nue southeast, asid. In speaking ?f Hypo
Cod: "My son h.d a f.ver and started
coughing His noi? ran and ey?. watered,
and he ?li bolhered ? lot with a estarrhal
?ondi'! in of nose and throat. He had pain?
In hi? ?'best, and I waa ?'??>?.?,<?. afraid.
he was going to be sick, but fn?nds rer.i
oinmended Hvpo-Cod. and It entirely cured
hlm of th. cold sml rough. Stopped the
rough in So time. It built him up ?nd
g.ve him new strength ?nd a good ?pp?
ttt. again. It surely is . grand medicine.'*
?nntlnued Mr? Prettier. Anil so the ?torv
'uns all over Washington--! hotis.ndI of,
people- just think or tt- -t houssnds off
horn*? hell.ve In, r.'omin?n?i ??? limite
K.rle . Hypo-Cod be?*au?e it does do these
things and so wondrrfully quiik?it I? a,?
delightful to take- the reault; ar? ?o aqr?<
no wife, mother or daughter should rermil
any mm In th? house to ?tar' off thl?|
wlt*??r in a rundown weakened condition., i
??.?!? A teoTTl.E AT THE VkiQTLKti
?peto ?xoBje iomcu??_,_.'.
"Brandy" Drunk By Stricken
Woman Was Sent From New
York, Says Keiley.
(Continued from First Page.)
Ise?. They will make their report at
the hear.ng of Keiley and Osman on
Second Yletlm May lte?*sy?r.
Physicians at John? Hopkins Hos
pital, where Mr?. Cstherine Bristol.
the second victim of the ".nystery
lia?U" i? being treated, throw some
light upon a point which has been
puzzling the polle??, who have not
been able to understand why. If the
girl? were poisoned, Human, who also
drank the brandy, was not affected
also. They stated that wood alcohol
poisoning affected a?,me persons not
at all.
Mrs. Bristol rallied yesterday and
it i? now hoped that she will live.
Nothing- definite can be said concern
ing her eyesight. but the chance?
seem to be against her recovering it.
New Feature? In states-seat.
In a detailed flatulent Keiley told
the story of the events leading up to
the death of Miss Sharp and the Mi
ne?? of Mrs. Hrtstol. who. he said,
had gone by the name of Mis? Bris
tol "bei-ausi
some women
selve? 'Mis?
in the main
ready had b?
tthta was divorced and
thou just call them
again." The statement
agreed with what al
l' ti brought out. but
contained new features. He told of
Mis? Sharp? death and then of hi?
telegrams to Mrs. Sharp. Osman and
Mr?. Bristol, who was a life-long
friend of M.ss Sharp and had visited
her in hi? apartment from October 1
to November 13.
Keiley Did \ot Drink.
Keiley ?aid the bottle from which
the women drunk came from New
?Turk as a present to Miss Sharp. He
cay? that, as the brand-, was not his
property, h?? never hail urged anyone
to take it. and owing to the fact that
he was "on the water wagon." had
not partaken of it himeelf.
Keiley also says that neither of the
women was in love with him and that
his relations with Mis? Sharp had
been those of a father. Thi.?? does not
agree with an interview given by Mrs.
Elizabeth Ross, 1937 Wood street,
Philadelphia, sister of Mrs. Bristol.
Mr?. Boss ?aid Keiley wa? in love with
Mr?. Bristol, who did not return his
affection. However, Mr?. Hose said
Miss Sharp was in love with Keiley.
Blames Bright'? Disease.
Keil?y advances the theory that
Mi?? Sharp died from acute Bright's
disease. He ?ay? that her sister died
of acute Bright's disease at about the
same age. He ?ays he doe? not be
lieve her death wa? cau?ed by poison
ing. In regard to air?. Bristol's ill
ness he still advances the theory that
It was due to food eaten at s restau
rant on Sunday. He ?ays he believes
that she also Is suffering from
Bright'? disease.
He maintain? that there were no
other bottles in the apartment ?urn
as the one alluded to by Dr. King, ?r.,
and his son, Or. .lohn T. King. jr. Ac
cording to his statement, when Dr.
King asked him if the woman had
taken any stimulant, he showed him
the bottle which he ?aid had beet.
.??nt Miss Sharp. Th?? only othei
bottle? in the bedroom, he ?ay?, was?
a bottle of mouth wash on the dresser
and a bottle of toilet water on the
bureau, which Mr?. Sharp took away
with her.
Both Wensrn Draals.
Mrs. Bristol left Philadelphia at 8
o'clock Saturday night, wiring Osman
tu be ?ure that he would be present,
the statement continued. She arrived
in Baltimore Saturday night and
went to the apartment. Keiley re
tired at .1 a. m. Sunday morning,
leaving Osman and Mrs. Bristol still
They stayed up all night drinking
the alleged brandy from the name
bottle as the one from which Miss
Sharp had partaken. Osman ?ays
that he drank about a half pint and
Mrs. Bristol a little more. Mrs. Boss,
however, aay? that her sister never
drank, although Keiley says the al
leged brandy was the only bottle of
spirits In the apartment for a month
or more, the last being a bottle of
whiskey brought by Mrs. Bristol.
The bottle of alleged brandy. Kei
ley says, arrived Thursday and was
opened by Mis? Sharp. She consumed
?ome of the contents Thursday. Fri
day morning ?he wa? ill, so, at her
request, he made her a brandy milk
punch from the contents in the bot
tle. At that time there wa? a male
guest In the spartment.
?.Il Old Acquaintance?.
Another feature of the case which
may lead to further development? wan
that all the persons concerned had
known one another intimately for
several years when they all lived in
Atlanta. <la. Mrs. Bristol 1? the
widow of an Atlanta milliner, whom
?he msrriid about eight years ago in
Philadelphia, going with him tn At
lanta to live. Bristol died two years
after the marriage, and his widow
continued the business, according to
Mr?. Hos?.
Howevtr. ? distinteli from Atlanta
states that Mrs. Bristol formerly was
engaged in the theatrical business,
and that just before she had left At
lanta two months ago to visit rela
tives In Philadelphia ?he had returned
from North Carolina, where she Is said
to have h?d an engagement.
Mr?. Boss said Keiley had ?hanged
his name from Keiley Keiley denied
this. The police say that while in
Philadelphia Keiley registered un
der the draft us (Ollen.
A dispatch from Atlanta ?tat<d that
.lohn Keiley was a former prominent
business man there and heed of the
Keiley Cool Company. He wa? said to
have movrd to Baltimore ?everal
year*1 ago, afte- the death of his wife,
who was ?aid to be a ?Ormer Bslti
more woman.
President Wilson Approves Promo
tions Recommended by Naval
Selection Board.
President Wilson has approved the
recommendations of the Naval Se
lection Bearti for thirty-one perma
rn-nt and seven temporal y capiain?.
fifty-three p'-rman? nt and twelv
limporaiy coiinianilers
l.lcut. Comdr Alb? rt <\ Head, com
mander Of the ? C'i on its trans
Arlantlc flight, whs included In the
list for pit-motion to ths temporary
rank of coraroander.
President Expects to Eat Dinner
Today At Family Table
President Wilson, in all probability, will be brought
to the Thanksgiving dinner table in his wheel chair to
night. Dr. (irayson is expected to relax for the occa
sion the strict rules governing his patient.
The group at the White House board will b?- the
smallest for several years. Neither Mrs. Francis B.
?Sayre nor Mrs. McAdoo will come on for Thanksgiving,
it is said. Miss Lucy Maury. of Roanoke. Ya.. Mrs. Wil
son's niece, has arrived to spend the holiday, however.
The high cost of turkey is inoperative, so far as
concerns the Executive mansion. South Trimble, for
mer clerk of the House of Representatives, following his
annual custom, yesterday dispatched a thirty-five pound
bird to the Wilson larder, and it will have an honor place
at the banquet board. The turkey was carefully pre
pared at Trimble's farm near Louisville, Ky.
The President will transact no business today,
spending his time reading or being read to, with an air
ing on the south portico of the White House.
liONDON'. Nov. 27.?It is under I
stood that Earl ("iirzon. eeeretary of j
state for foreign afTaii?. will he ad- ?
> vancei to the rank of marquis in the
King's list of New Year honor?.
l.atiy Curzon was Grave Divina
j Hind?, daughter of the late J. Monroe
[ Hihds. former l.'nlted State? m nlster
to Brazil.
NT.W YOBK. Nov. 27.-? Three aero
mail plane? in the New York, rhicago
and Washington ?ervice were com?
. pelied to make forced Isndings be
i cause of the had westher snd low
I visibility.
One of the planes came down near
B?,lefont. Pa ; another,at Point Pleas
ant. N. .f., snd the third at Wood
, bridge. N. J., according to informa
; tlon received here by aero mall of
1 Belai*. All landings were msde with
: out Injury to pilots or damage to ma?
; chines.
_1347 Penn?. Ave._
V\hile excessive thinner*? might be
attributed to various and subtle
?ause?? in ?lifferent individuals. It is a
well known fact that the lack of phos
phorous In the human system is very
largely responsible for this condition. I
It eeems to be well established that
this deficiency In phospurous may
now be met by the use of Bitro
Phosphat?*, which can be obtained
from People's Orug Stores or any
good druggist in convenient tablet
In many instance? the assimilation
nf this phosphate by the nerve tissue
-???p produits a welcome change?
nerve tension disappear?, vitnr and
i.trength repia??? W?aRbe-S* and lack of
energy end the -?.hole bodv Maca its
ugly hollows nnd abrupt angles, be
,? >ming enveloped In s ?low of per
feet health and beauty and tho. will
mid sirenjith to be up and dmne.
G?G????: ?\vi,||e gltr? Phosphat.
la un?urpa??e<l for the relief of nerv
otisnt.-s. Metiemi d^hilitv. etc, those.
? inking it who do not desire to put on
; flesh should use ..-?tra cai.? in avoiding
, fMt-prod'.tcinif food?
Thin Model
Cbrishna? (
Spocinl Salr, i?ut;r- <>11 nr
? recti -0 years. ?V 1 1 - I ??
Quality Jewelry Co.
438 9lh St N. W.
OREENSBPRG. Pa. Nov. 2T ? Mem
ber? of the Pomona Grange will ad
vocate a six-hour working day. five
day? a week, with double pay for
overtime, when they convene here
for their monthly meeting. December
1. Farmers have been accustomed to
twelve to sixteen hours a day, pro
moters of the proposition ?sy.
LISBON. Portugal. Nov. G7.?Bombs
were exploded In the railway ?tation
here. One person wss killed and
some others were injured.
Lawrence (Maaa.) Traction C*?
pany. Peered at CH?/ C?*_n?il,
Suspenda It? Service.
LAWRENCE afa**. \'ov _7 -_JH
n?>f and ?treet car company were
flfc-ntlng it out here today with the
casualty li?t as usuai, ?united to tbs
Renerei publr.
The company, p.-eved because the
city council r?*fu?ed to legialate th?
jitney? out cf ? xlstenee. took its
cars off the ?ereets at midnight yes
terday, forcing thousand? of persons
to walk in werk le s 4r?as)lag rfc!?*,
or to park themselves late the ce Mi",
parstlvsly fern jitneys ?--parating Ta*e*
council ?? expected te take logs ?
action to compel th? company to ro*
? urne service *
The council has appealed tn (iervm
?mo? Coolidge te fun? th? cemp?aa?
to replace Its car? .
VALPARAISO ?"hil?. No* ?7 _&+\
mund Morgan th. American s?t*ras_
nil ? to Pretil, ha? embarked for tbe?
I'nttiX! States Mr Morgan Ie lnHasf
hi? first va? attor m nearly thraS
>ears The Chi lea? delegation to tfcc
Pan-American Einaivlal Coagraae ta*
b?? held in Wuhmrton from J?fiua**}{
II to Jsnuary 17 ?ill ui, on the sat**?*?
?teamer "?
The Best Discovery
She Ever Made
A lavdy told us tbe other iky the* aba bad tried
new thmf? in ber tifo, b?t tbe beat ?taoatm, ?? ber He
when sbe found Feuet Instant Coffee nei Tee Sbe tei. that
sbe nerer bed any trcejble mbrfytnt ber fam?y wiHi ber
cooking, bat sbe admits that ?be .Iliiaiilj bed nefs ? w ?Ms
comments on ber coffee; end when ? eau
bed one continuel ? .msylaiut hi ram ? ei to
Now that abe ia t_emff Feeet instant, ehe seid, ber fanaly
is mede beppy et Uaokf eatwith tbe food one el eeffee tbey
ere iw fejjL end beppy in tbe
of tee serred them "And," ?be edded, "yew Fi
is just es good for iced tee es k is for bot lee *?
Coffee Tn
30 esa? 100 cups
60 caps 200 ?sena Me
Farmh-ekx* 120 cepa ?400 capa $1 PO
Waahinfftea Selee Onto, 12 Warear Bailen?
rh*m* Main xsee.
Th? Cei->brat*>*> World Famous fa art ?Coffe, aao Tim.. aae th* a??*? ee? Sslieiees
comb i natio a sessoslag?Fauat C*tl. FewSe? ar. also manata ?rt ?? e< by aa
New and Vital
in Shoes
Man has three feet?
Science has conclusively proved that instead of
there being only one type of foot there are actually
three distinct types;
Inflare ?S ir aie ht?Ou tflare
Consequently there must be made, in order to
properly fit the feet of every man, three distinct
types of shoes in any one style of shoe.
where more r.f
the s u r f a c -
acroaa tb. bail
fA-B) la ln?td?
inst.aJ of cut
aid? the Uli?
"?here th. sur
?'a*e across th?
hail (A t<) is
equal on *lth?r
???!?? of th. line
? har*? mor. c>f
th? nrliri
across th. ball
(AB) la ost
elli? laseeaJ <>f
meid? th. lia.
Th? sale ?hap*, pf th? thr?? tvp.s of Tru-p.-dic Shoe? correapoad te
the uround-plan of the thr?e typ?s of f??t
Your foot is one of these three types. You can't
?et, a perfect tit unless you wear a shoe which con
tnr'ms exactly to your type of foot. TRUPEDIC
SHOES enable you to set a shoe shaped exactly
tor your feet.
Tl upedic Shoes
arc marie of the highest quality leathers and aside from
their distinctive feature.?* are exceptional values at the
Yon Con \o:r del Tins Famous
Trupeciic Shoe in Wn fitn^/on ai
1026-28 7* St. N.W.
Pet we? ? K nid I. St?.
**V_?-hl**pton'?? F*-*.*???, (?row n g S^or Hio-'e
Hiclu i*i Afrints in Washington Fet ? rupe-die Shoos
The oeir
1? Bla?*a

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