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?. bo t
I_ J. Dooley, formerly editor of "Th?*
Fighting Top'" and winner of th?* Navy
Department? recruiting trophy ha?
been appointed field representative cf
th? l-aSall?? Ext?*nsion University m
112 Millions'
used last year
^flPt, HILLS
ret-.dy for 29 years
forts?m?*, sure, ao
breaks up a cold in 24
relieve? frip ia 3 davi.
7 back if it fails "The
ha? a Red
Mr. Hill's
Af All Orma S
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications, take
The purified and refitted
calomel tablets that are
WtMM?m\m\\% fie and aure.
Medicinal virtuea retain
ed and improv?td. Sold
only in sealed package?.
Pi-fee 35c
A Coated Tongue?
What It Means
A had bream. ?-*al?sd tongue, bad taste
as tbe EBC-uUi, languor and debility, are
usually <.t:?
_a? the .. -er
is out of order
Pre? Hem
meter ?ay??
'The lir-r is
an or?-an se
ronda-.? m
only ?o tbe
*? ? ^*an
rr. anufscttire
poison? wi'.h
in our own
tbodies which
ire aa deadly
a? a make's
Th?* liver
arts asa *-<'*rd
esa? our w-**Jl-being, ?fune out the ?Inders
aad a?hr*s from tbe -renerai nr-rulation.
E>r. Pierr? ? Pleasant Pellets are made
o? May-aTple. leaves of aloe and jaiap. fire?
put iato ready-to-use form bv Doctor
Pierce n?*ar!y fifty y?**,?*?, ago *od ?old for
2? ?-stat*? by all druggists as Dr. Pierce ?
Pieaaar*. Pellets.
BuTibacD. Ps. :?"I tak* p??*?ae-u**e to .-*
(om_?cd Dr. Pterce'e medicines. We have
Seen using Dr. Pieros's Pleasant Pellets for
?ax or seven years. This really is about ail
trie doctor-Pa- we do wbeo snvthint? is wrong
wn -.be ramdy. We keep ?he Pellets in
the notase su -be um*-rJ! not be wr_*out
tuero. ?MRS. CHA3. McMIN'N.
Psimyra. Pa. ?"1 had ?***vet*e s*tacks ^4
ehror?L? diar^hosja. T had b?vr. piar ?**. with
it lor v-*r* ?nd at the r*?queef o! my son
*p-r Dr. P***r?*?? a Golden M dical Dis?rorery
?iv * _? cureo.. I can Heb.y ***x*omm?nd ?:ie
'Thseoverv for Tronic d'.arrho**_ and have
toid ot?er? to try -t. it is ?_so a gre*: nerv,
b-uilder '?JA'.'OB H MARTIN -io.t
Constipation can be perma
nently overcome by gently
?umulsnng and schoolin?*;
the liver and bow.:?) to prop
erly function. Discontinue
the use of s'A salts and ca
thartics and purchase a 30c
vial from your nearest drug
fist of the greatest and mildest cathartic
discovery ot the age,
Paw Paw Pills
"After U'int Adler i-ka G am entire
ly cured of chrcnic bowel trouble. I
iSeat good aed work e?.r\ da> Uj
ri'iiUttr IS ?-lie u ? G? g ?t w ?? ? * ?iftr
?,;?^?**!-?!" - ?.-.?e-aed) M ? T. 11
-*m .
? Adler-i ka f;ue?*e? BOTH p;-- m ?
lower bowel s?? complete.-, t relievr?
ANY CABst gss on tbe ?tonisch or
sour ?tomai-I* Ri-move? a ?urpn ?ina
amount ot foul, decaying matter from
the alimentary canal ? which poisoned
stomach for mnsihii <>fte-i CURE*?"
?aast I pa tlon Prevents appendiciti?.
Tbe INSTANT pleasant, ?ctlon ??G
Adler-i-ka aatonishea both doctor? snd
patient?. It ia a mi_ture of buckthorn,
cascara, glycerin? and nine otner
simple ingredients. Feople'e Drug
Storea. !
Letters of Advice F'each White
House From Everywhere
In America.
The two most human qualities dis
played by the people of a great na
tion when their titular head or pop
ular idol is overtaken by sickness or
misfortune are sympathy and advice.
Never has this fact been more |
clearly demonstrated than during the]
present serious Illness of President
Wilson. From the time of the first
'announcement that the President had
been forced to cancel all engage
ment? up to the present the peo
ple of this coutnry have ceaselessly.
day by day. poured out to him their I
expressions of sympathy and advice, ?
Of thi? great sympathy the Presi
dent has as yet heard nothing. Am
bassadors, foreign ministers. Senators.
Representative?. Cabinet m?mbers.
high officials of state and delega
tion? of citizens hare called at the
White House to pay their respects.
King? and potentates have cabled
their expression? of sympathy and re
gard. All communie*tions have been
received and formally acknowledged,
then carefully hid away in the White
House archives. The President's phys
icians have decreed that hie only hope
for compelte recovery lies in his ab
solute ?eclueion and rest, both phys
ical and mental.
All ??rt? aad Laaditlaaa.
The message? of ?ympathy differ
only in the manner of expression
from the carefully worded and cor
rectly forma! notes of the diplomat
to the rudely scrawled outpouring? of
the President's humblest but molt
ardent admirers.
Offlclally. Rear Admiral Cary ?
Crayaon. the President's personal
physician, has had the assistance and
advice of but ?lx other eminent medi
cal men. but unofficially and gratu
itously he is advised by thousands of
people daily. Every person In the
I'nited States that ever recovered
from anything like a similar aff???
tion. It would seem from a general
survey of the daily mail receipts, ha?
tnken the proverbial pen in hand
and offered the benefit of their ex
periences for the consideration of Dr.
With every curve on the chart of
the P"?<?ii?cni's lUssM as IndiciKd
by the tc.?*? daily 1??? lot? na issued from
th? White Hou? there follow hun
dreds of letters ani telegram? ad
vising what shoulJ be ,?,.:.,? according
to ?he person?l ,????.t |?????? of the
writers. Many ?* tn?? (??tiers are fol
lowed by medicine.?, from natural
hi rbs with instruction?, ?o ?.atentcd
cure-alls. Various device.?, mechanical
and otherwise, have *o?ind the?r way
to the Executive Manso, ? ?vith minute
instructions as to their uses.
I alt? Offer Advice.
Devotees of every kind of bad?
cult have volunteered to h ?lp with
their treatment, airi cures at all
kinds have been offered. In fact, '.o
the White House attache? at toMnl,
the whole nation seems to 1*3 pre
scribing for the President.
Mrs. Wilson has not escaped the
tide. Many ot the letters addressed
to her have been of the admonitorv
"old wife" character, counseling her aa
to how she can best ?are for Mr.
Wilson and recounting the senders
personal experiences in caring for ner
?good man."
Both Mr?. Wilson and Dr. Orayson
have been deeply moved by the evi
dent sincerity of these letters, and
although their numbers preclude tho
possibility of their giving each one
their personal attention each has
frequently expressed appreciation ot
tbe good intention of the public
Broth? rnood Chiefs Assert Sessions
Discuss Overtime Pay
CLEVELAND. Ohio, Not. JT? Rail
road bretherhood chiefs in conferenc?
here today denied emphatically re
ports they were holding secret ses
?ions on tbe question of calling? a t\?
tion-wide strike of railway worker?
for L>? ? ember 1.
Nearly 300 general chairmen are
participating in discussions of the
overtime pay offer made to worker?
in the slow freight service by Walker
D. Hines, direciur m?nerai of railroads.
William 0. I-ee. president of the Broth.
erhood of Railway Trainmen, in a
statement to tha press, said:
"No motion or resolution pertaining
to a quick strike has come before
th? conference of railroad chairmen
of the four railroad brotherhoods in
session here fee action, and I do not
know whether any such motion or
resolution will be presented."
After stating he received message??
from Kansas City, indicating a strike
threatened, he said: "I have said to
all of them in repl>. that if they think
they are bigger than the United States
("overnment which is operating the
railroads at present, I have no advice
to give them."
Timothy Shea, acting president of
the Brotherhood of Railway Engine
men and Firemen said: "All we will
consider here ia Mr. Hines' time and
a half proposal for overtime. I be
lieve- I can safely ?ay it will not be
possible for any faction or group to
stampede this confer? nee into a vote
on a general strike."
Princes and Lamas Ti-e of Auton
omy and Aak Molhet Country
to Take Then Br,ck.
PEKING. Nov. -T - Monjrolia is to
come back under the protecting wing
of China. A petition tequestlng
China to take r-oHtlcaJ ??, diplo
ma tie control has been brvjght to
Peltin by Oeneral ?.??"-??.i-chang
? The petition is signed by ,?? ti,e
prince? and lam.?- of MonRoIk
It la understood that a ?andate
? ???! be laaued today emhoily),^, th?
! petition and adding that the ,t?tlca
'treaty and the Crga protocol notes
and the Russo-i 'hi?ese noies r????,.,?.
ing outer Mongolia are abrn..(rij
At regard? Ruse an commercial light?
the mandate will ?ay that chini arili
hear tho full responsibility ant nilk(,
special arrangements for them??ner?
a new Ru.-eian government is 4tab
; -?*-?"'
' \ B_l I I
Lansburgh & Bro.
toned Xmas
Ready To Help With
Their Many Service Features
The dozens of little conveniences that makes shopping during this busy, hurrying season a pleasure. These, in
addition to the best of everything for the money.
Electric Elevators-fak/ you eutcwy and saie
a-ia*??-gs_n.vi4ar-|v frQm f?oor tQ no0T
Parcel Post?Mercnand*se bought here will be
_. ,. . . >ent?parcel post?to any point in
the United States. FREE OF CHARGE.
Pack-ages Wrapped??ur exPert $*?*?????
. GG department will wrap
securely any purchases you wish to send "a distance.
Boxing Gifts?So flT as we are a
^ cure boxes, all Xmas
dise will be boxed if desired?FREE.
ble to se
TrAn?f*?r C?rfB?--enable vou t0 buy in ANY
ir-ansier Verras?or ALL departments and
have your entire purchase delivered at ONE time.
Rest Room? *'tted with com?rortab1?-' chairs so
you can relax for a few moments
from shopping.
Trained Salespeople
vou intelligently and promptly.
from our education
al department serve
Delivery De--**rbnent?{^,**$?_? <T
ficiency to see that your purchases get home promptly.
Cash Registers-1? a*a-V'ith uaitT* for
?*??**???*wae change and save you time.
Charge Accounts?openeJ, ?ladl> foru if
vuiMgviivwiutM sponsihle parties. ?Make
application on Fourth Floor.
Th* re appear? to be
a distinct proportion be
tween education and the
productive activities of
s nation.
Statistic? show that
over 67 per cent oT our
total population leave
.*<hoo] before comolet
inrc tho eighth errade.
Kitriire? from the De
partment of Interior
show that 6*1 per cent
of nur citizen? earn
LB8S than $15.00 per
It is also a fact that
only n.'*. per cent of
those uaduatins from
the eiirhtli arad?- ?o
farther. And. only M
per cent of the work
er? of the nation earn
ed more than $15 per
week up to May last
? year.
Carefully cat h e r e d
-??li-?." - sre a toori
thing to tie to. Don't
thene ?how that the wav
of improvement in our
industrial life lies
throutrh education?
Let u? keep our chil
dren interested ia ..?eir
Baby's Winter
That the "Tiny One" can still go on his morning
perambulation despite the nose-nipping winter blast?
warm, snug carriage coats, mittens, hoods, knitted
booties, leggings, sweaters.
Children's sweater sets wi*h
cap, sweater, leggings and mit
tens in chain or ???? and ????
stitch. Sizes 2 to 6 years. A?
15.95 to $12.95.
Infants' smocks in link and
link stitch of fine worsted. At
Infants' scarf sets with toque
and scarf in link and link stitch.
At $3.50.
Infants' worsted mittens, 39c
to 79??.
Infants' hand trrocheted boot
ees, 29c to $1.00.
Infants' knit leggings with
out feet. At $1.95 to $2.95.
Infants' hand crocheted
sacques $1.50 to $2.95.
Infants' worsted caps, $1.00
to $3.95.
Infants' and children'.
toques in white or colors. 59c
to $1.50.
Infants' and children's
sweaters in sizes up to 6 years.
At $2.95 to $5.95.
Third Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
What Christmas Does Not
Include Handkerchiefs?
?And now is the time to buy gifts for the holidays, while assortments are complete.
Later on stocks will be broken. Many a to eign country (as well as our own) is
represented in this extensive collection of d'.inty little squares.
Men's Japonett? handkei**- Men's all-linen hemstitched
chief?, with silk embroidered v_-ji. -*_* ?.*_ t ?
initial.-;, $2.00 doze?; 18c each. hefti,lh,ih at tne ******
Men's cambric handkerchiefs,
with embroidered initials, at?
$1.80 dozen, 15c each.
$2.00 dozen, 18c each.
$3.00 dozen, 25c each.
$4.00 dozen, 35c each.
S4.80 dozen, 40c each.
Women's all-linen hemstitch- ?prices:
?d handkerchiefs, with white or
-olored embroidered corners, 25c
Women's all-linen hemstitch
all-linen tape border- ? ed handkerchiefs, with white or
ed handkerchiefs, $9.on doz?n; colored embroidered corners.
75c each.
lie each.
$4.00 dozen, 35c each.
$4.80 dozen, 40c each.
?6.<">0 dozen, 50c each.
$9.00 dozen, 75c each.
$12.00 dozen, $1.00 each.
Women's all-linen horn- Madeira hand embroidered
stitched handkerchiefs, with handkerchiefs, 7?k. $1.00 anj
white or colored embroidered
We have a lar?,? assort
corners, 50c each.
Women's all-linen hem
stitched handkerchiefs, with , ment of crepe .??.* chin.? hand
jvhite or colored embroidered \ kerchiefs. plain hemstitch
corners, 7.-C, $1.00 and iLf? .. ? _?, .? , _ ...
... , ,, ,, , fd, in all tints. Some with
women s all-linen embroid-_,_._ , in?
embroidered ( orner and rolled
rred initial handkerchiefs at ?
$2.00 dozen, 18c each.
$0.00 dozen, 25c each.
$4.00 dozen, 15c each.
First Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
pdges. Also m-w sport de
signs. A box will be fur
nished with a Lur.'has* of
three. Euch 29c.
Dress Goods and
Coating Rems. $2.98
Formerly $3.98, $4.50, $5.50, $6.00 and
$7.00 Values
We offer without reserve every remnant length of
woolen dre;s goods and coatings in our stock. In some
instances at half mill price. We promise vou a feast of
bargains that you may enthuse over. Choose from 54
inch all-wool navy blue tricotines, 54-inch all-wool jer
sey cloths, 54-inch all-wool bolivia cloth, 54-inch all
wool silvertone, 54-inch all-wool broadcloth, 54-inch
all-wool navy blue tailor serge, 54-inch all-wool olive
drab coating, a lot of Priestley's fine black woolens,
54-inch all-wool extra heavy kersey, 54-inch all-wool
tweeds. 54-inch all-wool velour. 54-inch all-wool oxford
suiting tweeds and 54-inch covert suiting. All are de
sirable lengths.
Third Floor lansburgh Si Bro.
Eagerly Sought
by Women
Making Gifts
There is no end to the pos
sibilities in these pretty ma
terials for sewing and knit
ting bags, shoe bags, work
boxes, table covers, pillow
cushions, lamp shades and
other givable things.
One can choose from hun
dred.*, of patterns. Many are
reproductions of foreign
prints. A few of those in
cluded arc all-over, floral,
nursery, fancy striped, floral
striped, oriental and ?onven
tional designs.
Priced at 39c to $1.40
Fourth Floor?
Lansburgh & Bro.
Bathrobes Are Useful Gifts
Most Any Woman or Child Would
Be "Tickled to Death" With One
Quite a few of these are made of Beacon cloth, which makes them all the more
attractive. All women know what soft material this is and what splendid colonngs are
Children's bath robes of Beacon cloth in
blanket and Indian styles, trimme with satin.
Sizes 1 to ? years. At $1.?5 and 12.95.
Children's bath rob?? of corduroy in pink.
blue or copen. Sites 1 to 6 vean?. At $2.59
and $2.95.
Children's bath robes m Indian aad blanket
pattern*", satin trimra***d. Sizes 8 to 14 year?.
At $3.95 and $4.95.
Misses' bath robes of Beacon cloth. tailoT*??!.
with girdle. Others with satin trimming.
Sizes 14. 16 and 18 year-, At $4.1S, ttJs
and $73?.
Misses' Bath Robes of corduroy in copen or rose. Belted at
back with self girdle. Satin trimmed. Special at $T.50.
Women's bath robes of cor
duroy, in a large variety of
colors and styles. At $6.95,
$9.95 to $14.95.
Women's bath robes of Bea
con cloth, satin trimmed- With
girdle and pockets. Beautiful
desiems and colorings. At
$5.95 to $1630.
Imported Japanese robes of
fine silk hand quilted and hand
embroidered. A larjre assort
ment of colon?. At $14.95
and $19.5?.
Bath wraps made of fleece -
down flannel, in belted ar,d
semi-fitted models, satin
trimmed. At $2.95.
Third Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Misses' and
No dress hat for a child
quite equals the white
beaver. We have these in
many smart stylos, neatly
trjmmed with grosgrain
ribbon bands and stream
Black or brown beavers
are $5.00 to $6.75.
Silk Velvet and
Felt Hats at
$1.00 to $3.50
A variety of style*, and
colors in these hats made
of silk velvet or heavy
quality felt. Neatly trim
med with grosgrain rib
bon bands and streamer?.
In poke, mushroom or
rolled brim shapes that
are most attractive.
We wish to n*?*ntl<*n
that \*< ?* have a new
shipment of women'?
satin hat? In ?mall
i-hap?*? Black, brown,
navv 8nd sil ? olor?. At
as.oo. *"T.m> to tiO.ao.
Second Floor?
Lansburgh ?St Bro.
Xmas Umbrellas
Women's all-silk tape-edge umbrellas, in navv, pur
ple, green, brown or black. Bakelite handles with rir.jev
white bone tips and ends. At $11.00, $1200 and $15.00.
Women's all silk tape edgo
umbrellas with tortoise shell
handles, tips and ends. Also
white tips. In navy, purnle.
green, brown or black. At $12.
Women's silk clona umbrel
las with silk cord loops, $3.5(1
and $4.00.
Men's all silk umbrella.? ir
28-inch size with Prince of
Wales handles. At $9.
Men's all silk umbrella?
with sterling tnrrmec nan
dies, $12. $13.50 and $15
rirst Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
35c Outing Flannels
At 28C Yard
We will cut any amount >ou want at remnant
One case of heavy-grade outin? flannel*: in light
colors. Just what >ou need for making men's shirrs,
pajamas, women's and children'$ gown**, etc. An> ot
these garments would make acceptable Christmas
First Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Blouses As Gifts
$6.98 .sd ?7.98
? waist at Christmas is one gitt that is sure to plea*>e
These are made of geor- _A
gctte, crepe dc chine or
pussy willow taffeta, in drc-*
models that arc beaded an.1
embroidered for afternoon
wear with fur-trimmed suits.
There arc also other styles
suited for business wear.
In white, flesh, taupe,
bisque, navy and brown.
Sizes 36 to 46.
Second Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Store Hours: Open 9:15 A. M.; Close 6 P. M.
42M30 Sevemlk ScThrotttk io Eighth St.

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