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Loss of Cutter in Bristol Chan
nel Announced in Coast
Guard Report
Vessel Sent to Bottom Soon
After Leaving Convoy of
Merchant Steamers.
The United States Coast Guard
?t???r Tampa was sunk by a German
trabmarine September 26, 1918, two
w*?_* before the a**mistiee was
e|----**"**., in Bristo 1 Channel, Enjrland,
with the loss of her entire comple
rae rt of 112 officers and men, it was
re*?*??It? today in the annual report
of the coast (raard.
The Tampa had accompanied a
fleet of merchant vessels from Gib
raltar into Bristol Channel. She had
left the convoy, and was proceedine
toward Milford Haven when sunk.
Only the bodies of two mernbers of
the crerm and some small scraps of
?rrecut-re were found.
Dr_?e Pi?. RefulaXions Bceomin
Efff-etive?Kanaans Volun
teer Aa Minera
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ta? volunteer? are In no sense strlk?
h ?,u? "men ready to ?erve the
?'?I-.'? miai the State Is
"Min** brou**"? to the pass of usin-r
??e ?/n*?.?;?.-? the p-eop.e
vn-jave sufferings wiil be unspeakable
?jD'eii r<?Mef ia affTJed.''
tn ?????uri, ?ehools, theaters, and
en a r" ?seme ? t w.il
??? c?o? ? under an order issued by
vd ?ini.-ti a'.or et'- ?
?a?? next Sunday. The State Is In
. ai . cold wave with ?leet
and ?now atom? general throughout
'-h?: a??te.
G?*>*Bor Gardner, of Mlssour . I?
**>?tajr working on plan? for a nve ?-,
la* of tn? governor? cf ail -*0al pro??
during State? to con? der means oi
getting co? mir?? Unies? the co
operato-*? aad miner? reach ioni?
? r?;??? nt Tu???lay the governor ?vul
?ii the meeting in St. Louis, Chica
go. or Indianapolis?
from Colorado and Wyoming com-?
report? of an ever increa Ing coel
shortage, although to date there has
b?-<n no ?actual suffering reported :n
eicher State
Cala?i-aa-jar. F_?? Cresi I??a.
Colorado face? a serious problem la
_? transportation of available c<?i.
Soo watortna which began >ester-i<ty,
oaxi have been general through ut ue
State are continuine; today w th ine
result that rail transportation la b?:
mg ??erious'y interferred wi h Pis
??B??r tram? are ruun ng hours be
hind srheduie. and it is feared serv
ie? will be further hampered as the
w-??ther bureau promises continu?-?!
'?o* Colorado and Wyoming fare
great loss to cattle herds on toe
open plans.
To Illinois the coal situation I? de
?crbed as "serious " The shutting
down of a major'tjr of the large min
??faacturin?; plants In th? .St?t? and
the further curtailment of train ?rv
ice appears Inev table.
"at. J <>or_ley, assistant director of
the Noitbwest region today, >1ecl*red
h? would "not haiar* a gue? as to
the effect of a lessened c??al produc
-"everaJ large Industrial plants In
Chicago with but a f??w diy? c->al
?uppty en hand are ?xpectej to close
?town ?rit-hin a week
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Swift Action Forecast If Note
To Be Sent Today Fails
To Get Results.
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ment. Two committee? of the IJpu.se
are prepared to take steps to Investi
gate the entire malter. and members '
of the Senate will urge that the For
eign Relations subcommittee, now
Investigating the Mexican situation,
make an immediate inquiry and re
port at once to the Senate.
The plea of the Carranza govern
ment, that Jenkins has been offered
ft??? release under ball, bears little
weight, here. It la believed that thl?
has been an attempt on the part of
the Mexican government to secure
substantiation of Its course. If Jen
kins had accepted ball it Is believed
here that this would have given im
mediate rise to a claim that, by so
doing, Jenkins had recognized the
right of the Mexican government to
throw hi ? in Jail.
The whole situation has caused no
unusual comment here. It Is being
taken calm!y. and officials who have
stead !y believed that the time must
come for a complete showdown with
<"*arranza are inclined to believe that
this time Is now at hand.
The Administration is not anxious
for Intervention, but It Is prepared to
resort to it If necessary.
The text of Carranza'? refusai to
liberate Jenkins was received here
yesterday afternoon and rushed at
once to the home of Secretary Lan
Representations so far made by
Mexico have failed to convince this
Government that Jenk*!ns Is guilty of
collusion with bandits, it was learned
authoritatively. The State Depart
ment believes h? Is innocent.
The Mexican embassy here has Is
sued several statements tending to
throw suspicion on Jenkins' character.
One of them, alleged he was gmlty of
conspiracy with bandits in 1014. It
was considered significant these
statements wire given out before the
American Government had any Inti
mation of the nature of Carranza'?
Brew kit** Point Near,
The genetal feeling here today is
that the United States and Mexico are
very near a rupture, much nearer than
at any time in recent history. In past
wangles with Mexico, it is pointed
out, the policy of America had the
r'ght to settle her problems for her
self and In her own way Now, after
years of International differences, all
more or less serious, the patience of
the United States se<-ms to be at ar
end, with an accounting to be called
The official text of the Mexican re
ply waa given out by the State De
partment at noon today. It differed
In no material way from the text as
flrst sent out in the press reports.
KT.W YORK. Nov. 28.?Alberto An
? geles. twenty-two-year-old ?on of
? Gen, Filipe Angeles, the ???!???
? revolu'lonst who rva? executed b.v the
Carranza refrtme. hopes to have a
share in a move-nent for the ->ver
? thr-?w of Carranza and the establish
!*r>ent of a democracy that will re-,
??*-? ; it? International obligations and
It? own ccnstl'utlon.
| He raid that the family fln?n?-*s
w.-re ??,? precaroua. but he **o?j1?1
tal.e up his task. His mother, who is
?Krlouslv ill. has not yet been to'd of
I her luiFhand's death Young Ang?l<*a
j work? as a shipping clerk in an ex
port hcu?e. and his sister is studying
"My father's death trill e-*y-*ta*ll*ej
the cause for which he foutrht."? he
? ?.sid. ''If I am In such a Dostt'on *h?t
I need net worry over the support of
? my mother. I will enter the flg-ht for
? the eeab'Iahment of a democracy in
' Mexico that will respect Its interna
tional cbligatlons and Its own con-1
??w.? Mexicans do not want Ameri
can intervention." he con'inued. *We
will fight our own differences. Wa
are a Koverelrn people and wish tc re'
rfgarded as such. All political llrT-r
ence? in Mexico will vanish If inter
vention if attempted. The M?xican
people, no marier how much they may
differ smorer the nse've?, will flirht to
the "ift ?r? nst any foreign power, no
matter hew sincere Its motives may
Eighteen neero and five white pris
oners of the State of Virginia, mem
bers of a chain gang working on the
Washington Fairfax highway near
Vienna, filed into their rough dining
ha'l yesterday and were given a very
sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner by
the women of the vicinity.
All the customary Thanks-riving ed-1'
lbles were served, from turkey to bis
cuit. No one was allowed to speak,
except, at a signal from the gutrd, ?
when the prisoners voiced the.r thanks
in unison.
At our store you will find beautiful lavalli?res
set with diamonds or other jewels. Now that the
ChristmaTS season is approaching one should re
member the shops which offer big values. Ours
is one.
361 Pennsylvania Avenue
ou?o-mi rrn.-iiRHKo
asd nacHAi*-])
Somebody Is .Always Taking the Joy 0_l of Life -:
Copjrrlcht. tilt
N?w Tort? Tri??????, I?? mom
-:- By Briggs
look at The
,W*=. ARB ?
PAV11O6 ? its
An outrage
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\? HOME- I
what l>o t*o?j
Thimk about
ThiS WAP-Tif-??
roissN'T ?t <3_T/
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Got a uttl?
wet??. G?/e
Tq ^(MPL.Fr
I -
Man Claiming Clarendon as
Home Linked to Assault by
Auto License Number.
(Continued from First Page.)
en In Tye River. Vs.. extending rondo- |
lences on tbe recent death of his wife,
? Unknown In Clnrend??.
No one could be found In Clarendon
today who had ever known a Fred !
Warren there, and it also developed
that he had never received mail at the ;
Clarendon postoffice.
Warren was described by the Rich- |
mond police as being rather flashily
dressed, and had the appearance of a
chauffeur. He gave his age aa twenty
Caffes was brought to Providence
Hospital In this city this morning by
his brother. It was reported at the
hospital that the Injured man has a.
chance for recovery. Detective
Sweeney, armed with a "John Doe"
warrant, wili leave for Richmond this
afternoon to bring back the man un
der arrest in that city.
Assaulted on Lonely Road.
Caffes was assaulted on what ts
known as Hooe road. About fifty
yards off the road detectives found the
spot where the assault was committed.
Several pieces of bloodstained tissue
paper, which the police believe was
used by the chauffeur's assailant to
wipe his hands on after the had slash
ed the hackman's throat, were found
on the spot.
Torn bits of the chauffeur's Identifi
clation card from Caffes' automob le
also were found by the police. Neith
er the knife nor blackjack could be
found, and officials at the reformatory
and several of the Inmates will con
duct a further search this afternoon,
("aff?'? assailant, after felling him
with blows over the head with a
blackjack, tore the Injured man's col
lar from his neck and slashed his
throat. The collar was not found.
On hiring Caff? Wednesday riipht
his assailant told him to drive to Oc
co?-|uan, where he was to'attend a
wedding. Investigation this morning
showed that there was a wedding at
Pohick on Wednesday.
Familiar With Road.
Officials at the reformatory pointed
out that the road was very seldom
frequented, leading the police to be
lieve that Caffe's assailant was
familiar with that locality.
The search this morning was con
ducted by. Detective Sweeney, of Po
lice Hesdquarters; Captain Petitt and
Dr. Hornbaker. i?-?*.li of whom are sta
tioned at the reformatory.
The spot where the assault was
committed was on the property of the
District reformatory.
Pound Ity Chane??.
It was only by chance that Caffes
was found yesterday after he had
lain, with only short periods of con
sciousn? ss, for more than seventeen
hours In the mud and rain In the
thicket. He was found yesterday aft
ernoon by Adolph Kienast, of ?l?-'l
Fifth street northwest, and Dr. Lewis
H. Ktaskin, of 731 Twelfth street
northwest, who were hunllng through
the woods netr Occoquan. They
stumbled over the? unconscious form
of Caffee and took him to the Occo
quan Hospital.
On Wednesday evening shortly
after 7 o'clock, Caffes said, he was
hired by a man to take him to a wed
ding near Occoquan. The passenger
sat in the front seat with the chauf
feur, and on reaching a point some
listance from the workhouse, ^the
driver was ordered to stop.
Kxplalnln? to the driver that he
was l-oing to pick up two girls who
were g'ing to the wedilng the man
invited the driver to the houae, say
ing they would get aomething to eat
Refore Caffes alighted from the ma
rnine, his passenger Instructed him
to turn the automobile around In the
ros?" hend'n-r toward Washington
After turning the car around, Caffas
followed his passenger acroaa th?
Fairfax road aad Into the thicket
Hardiy had they entered the wood?
when the man ?tumbled, and told
Caffea that his leg wa.? badly hurt.
Caff?? hurried up to assist him and,
was felled by repeated blows over the
head with a blackjack.
His assailant, after robbing him of
$65, slashed his throat with a pocket
knife, and leavinir his victim for dead,
headed toward Washington in the j
I)?-*e>r1t>? Assailaat. j
CalTes told the police yesterday ;
afternoon that he recovered con- ?
?ctousness once, staggered a short
distance, but collapsed.
Immediately after hearing the In- ;
Jured man's story, a description of I
his assailant was sent to several of i
the larger Eastern cities and immedi
ate search was instituted here .
Physicians at the hospital told the
police this morning that Caffes' con
dition ts criticai. Investigation of
the wounds on his throat disclosed
that the knife had not pierced the
Jugular vein, but the injured driver
wa? weak from loss of biood. j
The assault on Caffes is similar in j
many respects to the killing of John \
P. Werree. a Washington Jitney |
driver, who was beaten to death by
two soldiers who hired him to drive
them Into Virginia in May, 1918.
Werres' lifeless body was found
several days later by the local police !
in the woods in Alexandria county. ?
WIVN'ETKA, 111.. Nov. 28.?The ?
chief of police chaeed his force. Po
liceman Albert Ottone, out of the sta
tion today. Ottone had been hunting
and wa.? atta??ked by a black cat with
a white stripe.
PUe-a Cnred In ? to 14 1.--??
Dru-r?rl?te refund money If PAZO OINT
MENT falls to cure Hchlr?r Blin H -.I
In?; or Protrurlin-* Piles. Stop? Irritation;
Soothe? and M ..? You -an s?-i restlul
??"??;. after the flrat application. Prit??? 60c.
TRENTON, N. J.. Nov. 28.?The new
ly formed American party has en
dorsed Governor Collidge, of .Massa
chusetts, for President and ex Mayor
Ole Hanson, of Saettle, for Vice Presi
dent, it was announced today by Wil
liam H. Truby, secretary of the na
tional committee of the party. One
of the chief principles of the party
Is submission of all constitutional
amendments to a referendum of the
W. M. Casey, superintendent of the
Washington Railway and Electric
Company, has resigned his position
to accept an attractive position with
the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Com
pany. Mr. Casey will leave here next
week. He ha sheen superintendent
of the Washington Railway and Elec
tric for more than a year.
Mr. Casey came here with John R.
Beeler when the traffic situation be
came congested by the war. From
Mr. Beeler's employ he went to the
Washington Railway and Electric
ward Hawk caught a bear in a trap
yesterday. It weighed 150 pounds
when dressed. The bear had leen
preying on Hawk's beehives. It had
upset and eaten five stands of honey.
To Fortify the System AgaJnst Crip
let? which destroy germs, act as a Tonio
and Laxative, and thus prevent Colds, Grip
and Influenza. There ia only one "BKOMO
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the box.?Advt.
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TOPERA, Kan.. Nov. 25"?Three
hundred volunteers have offered to
dig coal in Kansas. Most of these
are ex-service men. Both Governor
Allen and Adjutant General Charles
I Martin have appealed efPTially for
men hardened to outdoor life for the
strenuous work.
It la to year moot laitere?? I? pmt
roa-r Vtmerty Boa?* later?I la W. S. 9.
Executive Wilt Deal With Crisis
In Message to Congress
Next Tuesday.
(Continued from Flrat Page)
field? at any time since the str ke.
Operstors here today declared that
the car shortage is ho'rt'ng up p.o
duction In som? of the non-union tnd
non-etrike fields. t
Both side? Mans.
All ?Idea to the coal controversy
maintained grim silence today. Sec
retary of Labor Wilson refused com?
ment on the miners' charge? thst the
Administration had broken faith It
was stated, however, that the Secre
tary? proposai of a 31 pepr cent in
crease was more of a suggestion than
an official proposal from the Govern
ment. The differences between Sec
retary Wilson and Dr. Garfleld were
attributed to different means of esti
mating living costa In comparison
with -?? age increases.
John L. Lewis remains in the city
for a time, but most of his cohorts
will depart today The operators
have left a rear guard In Washing
ton In the shape of a committee
which will be at the call of Govern
ment officiala. This committee cam?
prisca Tracey Guthrle. of Cleveland.
Alfred Ogle, of Vanda'ia. III., and
Charles M?h?r, of Columbus. Ohio.
The operators are ?omewhat alirm
ed at report? that local coal ?trikes
are being planned In anthr**?- ?te fled?.
declaring they would seriously affect
ehe bituminous situation. The-e I? no
confirmation at A._F of L headq isrt
ers of these reports, although *?>me
offle'als seemed to think that then
would he some flareback In the
anthracite fields over the Govern
ment's 14 per cent offer
"?Votlee? P?x?te?J nt Mine?.
Notices were po?ted at the coal
mines today offerinc r, 14 per cent
increase In wage? to all men who re
turn to their work. The increase?
will be made by individual operator*
and wlU be offered to the miner? a?
Individuals an*?" will in no way con
stieute a standard agreement
Fuel Administrator (?srfield today
received numerous telegrams from
manufacturers saying they were ready
to close their Industries rather than
to see the price of coal increa*ed be
cause of wage raise?.
Unofficial Information reselling the
Department of Labor indicates that
many of the miners are preparing to
go to their old homes in Europe be
cause of the strike. Other miners are
preparing to enter other Industrie?
Some operators fesr a shortage of
labor as a result of the ?tr ke, al
though the Bureau of Mines hold that
the mines have been overmanned and
that the surplus of labor ha? been on ?
of the reasons for the demand for
wage increases.
Dispatches from West Virgin? to.
day Indicate that CO per cent of taaf
normal production of coal la tt?
Kanairtia district will be r*?vo?*?? la
that ?ection by tomorrow. oer-orOluej
to the calculation? of th? Kan ?uta%
Coal Operator?' Association
In th??- New River coal diatrtct tk?T?
were no developmeat? A C?ng?*f?
slonn! i ?. vest ??tion of roil?tioua ta
the West Virgin!? mining ?IMrtCt?
ha? been demanded by the eiiec-utlT-?
\>o%rd of Dtetrict No 17. l'nlte-? Mit?
Worker?, which claim? that tt haa tk?
support of a number of member? af
Cor. :r???? in thi? demand
The resolution? a??ert that tk?
Guyan ?.peraior? compel the ail?
"to work ur !? r the mo?t m h us
and un'u?t condition? thai tl
miner? are denied the rieht to hav*?
their coal weighed, that thoy ar? paid
"wages greatly below those pal?! la
the union field?," and that 'th? omrru
tor? of the Guy?** Valley are now.
and have for some year? paart, mal?? 1
tamed a privat? arm? <?? th??** an?
gunmen for the puri>o?>?> of prerent
inn ar.> attempt? of the mer. to or
?faillie into a union."
Th?? ?ommiiaion appointed hy th?
tr? vertier to Investigate the .!tuat*???
la styled a **notorloa?Iy pr-ejud????d
one.' and th* ?tatement I? made ??U
"a numb??? of beaten and mootlalte*
wltnee-M?.? have appear? before tk?
?aid commission ana] exhibited won???
received at the hand? of the ar_?*-eJ
guard? of the operator?, and upon ?*?*?
turntn-r to their horn??, by tk? adupoe
ot Governor Cornwell, have again
' been brutally aaaault? at? drtome
! out Of the field? "
The charge i? made that "Go???f-?l??>?
jCornwell 1? now and ha? beer, t?4nc
? all In hi? power to prevent an lit?>
I pendent inquiry into the oondttlOT??
I wlth'n hi* Jurisdiction"
The resolution* :??k Congre?? "*l_
i -Tue-diatelj to take some step? to pi"?
tect the cttiron? cf thi? part of W?r1
Virginia." nn?l lhat "a rommlaalor
with full power to compel the appe-ar?
ance of witnesses l?e immediatelv ap
pointed and ?et tc southern W?*****
Vlrginia and particularly to tk?
Guyan field."
SARAGOSSA Spain. No ? It -De_
1 ?nitration? have occurred in ??ever?
town? of the Aragon district tn faro?
of autonomy.
GUANI FORKS. ? P.. Nov 2*W
TV.? Ir.??-.! ? .?ember temperature ir
fourt??r. year? ?a a* re?ri?ter?? heer?
-er'? ti", e miirnini when the mercury
Ba_d or -?eat?
*-??___Dr" ?*-*_
????? BooYcueVRtr-sof.
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