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Good Coal News.
Bad for Mr. Hookworm.
Femaie Amtr ?can M. P.
CopTrteSt. ill?)
The Governi-??nt of the Uni?d
Star.? will run _e soft coal mines
while worker? and mine owners
make up _eir minds to stop fight
Mine owners wee't like It, for if
th? Ooverameot ioas Its duty it
will let the poooie know just to
east extent the __e owners hav?
b-een rob?-*??g the ft??lie
Workmen won't like it, or, at
least, th?r lea*?? won't like it,
for when the ?3overnm?*?t step? In
tae leader step? out, and that
doesn't suit
Bat the mumme unU like it
The __ in the ground Is nomi
nally the r-xot-wrty of the mine
owner who Ursa at a distance.
Th? Job ia nominaily th? property
?r the _?in workman, who saja, "I
can dig comi, bat you shall not"
But, as a matter of fact, ooal
A-S'D '?oh* are the property of the
pa?pi? oi ti_ United States
And utxaa ?t ??tes to fr?????ng
while owners and. workers make ap
their miada ?hat to do, patience
rana oat
It Is -rood news that the Qov
t*ni_ent intend? to dig coal, aad
it ia aafe to say that no noaMQM
will be endur?4_ from workers or
min? owners.
The people of this and other
?ontnes are not In a mood, Just
now, to fre_? while profiteers of
an 7 kind, owners or workers, split
haire and fight each other.
in this issi?? the sympathy of the
P?tlle la *_?oubtedly with the
workers In the mines, as it ought
to be. But the first thing is COAL.
If wo-Hcnlen think that they have
?>een treated unjustly, let them
i*-*tm?-*mber inst they are living, not
in Russia, but in a ?publie. All
they n?*?4Ki to do is to ?ret fifty-one
per cent erf the people te think as
they do and say ?to at the pei?
? great many more than ?fty-one
per -sent air? worker?,, and they can
do legally exactly as they please.
They ran allow mine owner? *???-.
per cent profit?instead of the pt?
bt?idred and even two thousand
perr cent profit that tiaaj have
t?en ma*..ig, according to Me
They can pay the difieren?? to
the worker??, which would be bet
ter than having the gigantic p**trf
its go to m;n?* owner*?; ir. *? _
would be rea li y ;ust they can
ihr?? the difference between the
workers and the nubi-, in__Lsing
the pay of workers, i*ed*?iog the
cost ai comi
Anyhow, the people novr uril|
have c???., Dueines.? wiB not be
?-opped while ?v littie rt-oap of
gentl?--m?*-? that amrn arte a larre
?*"*?*?? trf tren tie-men that work
right eacn other
The news that Go-venunent
takes over the coal mint? is et
peeially pi???aing in *riew trf the
?other new-? that h<sary snow storms
an ?w*??*?--p;ng *hi*ough the West
Even Los Angeles sees snow, and
in many places the temperature
is forty '??? tero.
Nearly tul news passes and
loams its tap-orta n? in a "few
maoers. Her? is vteurt that will be
.ri-por??nt ot?n tu ries hei-?e.
The Rocke feile?-?;, ?rough their
a?__.*ab!? se Jen ti?c institute, be
lie-ve that thay can abeolotely
?tei ? iiji th? d_ease caueed by the
If John O. Rockefeller and his
?on, with the aid of able scientists
whom they employ, can accom
S__? this, the Rockefellers will
are give-? back to the people of
t?e United States ten thousand
for every one of the thousand
aa*_Uon dollars that the United
Sta_? have given to Mr. Rocke
Pa**_ent by Rockefeller will
not be made in vague philan
thropy?it will be made in HARD
The real wealth of the country
is i_ men. and throughout the
South the hookworm destroys tens
of thousand?
Examinations in army recruit
ing show that a man infected with
th? hookworm hai the mind of a
child?cannot think like a man,
cannot work like a man.
In one p.a_? in Co?**?_ Rica sixty
leberers ?riven by necessity were
??? to cultivate _*S ocres ot cot
ias :n a month. After treatment
for hook worm iisaa.? ?he men
caexld ??vtt? 750 acres.
The same i?salta were four.?* r.
India, which mtessee that in treat
ing one si_f? dna?ce. the Rocke
fellers will said to the cash value
of human effort within a few
v?_rs, tan tim?? th* value of the
r?ckefeller i<_>rtune. And as it
firht*? hookworm. tha Rockefeller
Institut? ?I?o fights malaria, in
fantile paralysis and innumeraole
ether disease?
Teu will say truly that thia doea
not Justify the ase of power ob
tained by ma?toply to tax the people
th rough the price of gasoline and
But it i? some comfort to realise
that the United States got a bar
gain when it got John D Rocke
feller. H? will get mor? than he
ought to bave, mor? than he wan ta,
uadoubtadly, but he will give it all
back with heavy late rest
After all. he ha? at most one
?Ilion, poeaibly two. We have
leam?-d from this war that a bll
? iton tant mud., ani when th ??*,
?kl 1 ? ion gets into the hands of pnlv
Pr officials spending It for ?n
I stance, on flying machines, it
is worth about tea cenu on *!??
This eotf?try co-nd stand a few
?-Contiail?? on Pas?? 2. *o. jmn 4
Raim ? ??????I snd jir-?r.
? ai - l?i?rt??ii atmt>r
t?*aJ*at| r?larr t ?????
-???? -.!_?[ 1 ?m-?-?I ur.
at 8 a. mm AS Aegre**,
NUMBER 11,364.
ruoiiehe?! ?v?r*r ?T?nln?j ( including Sunday)
Hbl|?k?a ?vary ???nine llncladlnf Sun
CBt?r?xl ?s Mwsdds? ta?tt?r ill
onkIIn at WaabiaatoB. D C.
Washington, Saturday evening, November 29, 1919. ?Q?ei WiB Stm. lincei! price two cents.
Girl Wife Shot By Suitor Says She Hopes He Will Be Panishe
?." ???-??'*?.? ?
+ + ?* + + *???
Operations in Mines That Sup
ply Capital Suspended by
Miners' Walkout.
Midwest on Threshold of In
dustrial Shutdown?Little
Fuel in North. .
A coal crisis rape at Washing
ton's door today?the specter of a
real famine, owimr to the ehotdown
of the Georges Creek and Upper Po
tomac ftelds.
Officials were startled as dis
patches arrived telling that 8,000
and mere miners in this Mrtfen hare
"quit cold," and by the announce
ment of the Georges Creak Coal
Company that "the mines will be
-dosed indefinitely, and former em
ploy*-? w?l remove their tools by to
morrow or Monday and call at the
office Monday afternoon to be paid
Tieap Near Complete
rollo wing this action by the docrge*
Creek company come? the announce
ment that the miners of the Conaoll
dated Coal Company, operatine near
Cumberland, will also walk out. Lead
er? of tbe United Mine Workers say
the tie-up will be complete within
the neat twenty-four hours.
Washington's entire soft coal sup
ply I? drawn from tbe Georges Creek
aad Potomac fields, with the excep
tion of limited amounts which comes
from th? Pocohonta? aad New River
fields, where? production is now 40 per
cant of normal. Baltimore's supply
comes from the same source.
The miner? sppsrently have been
swept Into the maw of a great mass
movement following? the receipt of
news cf Dr. Garfleld's 14 per cent in
ertias?? order. They are to hold sn
??.,?.nation meeting at Frostburg,
Md.. tomorrow afternoon.
''Tins situation Is so unfortunate
t*T.t I must decline to comment upon
it and to wait until it Is brought to
my attention officially." said Dr. Oar
fleld today. Prom other sources it
wss learned that the action of the
Georges Creek Company in closing its
mines will be followed promptly by
the first application of the Department
(Continued on Pane .?. r?jlumn 3.)
Dr. Garfleld will leave Washington
at 3 o'clock to look after his work
as president of Williams College for
a few days. H? will be in close
touch by telephone with his assist
ants and engineers In Washington.
Dr. Garfleld will probably return
to Washington next Tuesday or
NEW YORK, Not. 29.?Silk
stockings are going hig?_r.
Assistant United State? At
torney Ben A. Matthew?, neme
sis of the profiteers, lesrned
yesterday thst a? a result of
an agreement between the
wholesalers, jobbers snd manu
facturera, the pii?f>e of this
feminine luxury are to ram?
from $12 to $15 s pair. Before
the war 11 30 would buy s per
fectly fine pair.
Silk shirts for the boys are
also to soar in price. Like the
silk hosiery for girli, there have
been gradual increases until the
Beau Brumme's will now have to
psy a minimum of 18 for a silk
shirt that cost from $3 to M in
the days gone by.
GRAND HAVTgN, Mich.. Nov 29.
?Parsons who saw the blinding
flare of the meteor that dropped
late Lake Michigan near here are
of the belief that It is the fore
runner of a series of similar
events predicted by Prof. Albert
Porta, of the University of Michi
gan. Hers are some of the
things he predicts for next
month :
"Owing to a strange grouping
of six mighty planets, such as
haa not been seen in a acore of
centuries, the Uaited state? next
December Will he ?wept by the
most terrific weather cataclysm
experienced since human history
"It will be caised by the
hugest sun spot on record?a sun
spot that ?aril be visible to the
naked eye.
"Tbe sun spot thst will appear
December 17, ltl?, will be a vast
wound ia the alee of tbe sun.
Thar? ?ill be hurricanes,vllght
ning. cnloaeel rains.
. "It will be weeks before the
earth will recala ita normal con
?"There will also be giganti?-?
lava eruptions, great earth
quakes, to ear nothing of floods
and fearful cold.
"I make thjs startling prophecy
with no desire to be merely sen
sational or alarming. It is simply
because my study of the planets
has revealed certain results With
mathe? atieal certainty.
"On December 17. ltlt, ne les?
than seven planets will pull Joint
ly on the sua. These will in
clude all the mightiest planets,
those with the moat powerful
"Six of them? Mercury. Mara.
Venus, Jupiter,? Saturn and Nep
t?*a,?j?will be in conjunct I ?a.
grouped together If, *ti? great??t
'league of planets' ever aaewn In
Ihe annals of astronomy.??1
_ jn '
Crew of German Fleet Tell How
Genaaa SUps Were
BERLIN. Nov. J?.?Details of the
?inking of the interned German war
fleet at Seapa Flow by German sail
ors, which resulted in additional
peace demands by the allies were re
v?ale**! here today.
"We could not h* blamed, for the
British left us entirely alone.' said
the informant?a German sailor who
was on the fleet. , "We were free to
move about as we liked, although the
ships were forbidden to signal to
each other. That pussled the British,
too, for the ships were all sunk at tbe
same time by prearran-?cment.
"After the plot was hatched orders
were written out and sealed In a bot
tle. Then they were carried at night
by swimmers from one ship to an
other. The best swimmer of every
ship was selected.
Although four nights were spent at
this work all of ?he war craft were
not warned. The submarines knew
nothing of the plans and were not
sunk." \
$500,000,000 WRUNG
Government's Campaign Against
Delinquent? Has Proved
Great Success
At lesst $.-((*0.04K|.i>00 will be forced
from Income tax dodgers In 1T20 by
the Federal (Jovernment, according to
an official statement Issued today by
Daniel Roper, Commissioner of Inter
nal Revenue.
This Is the flrst official accounting
from Roper on tbe drive agalnwt tax
dodgers, which he undertook January
l under a special appropriation grant
ed by Congress.
The drive so far has netted about
$.00,000.000, the statement aald. A
like amount will be forced Into the
Treasury by the close of the Govern
ment's fiscal year, June 30, It is protn
killed by explosion
Another Is Injured When Torch
Blows Up on U. S. Ship
General Grant
BOSTON, Nov. 2*9? One man was
killed and another was seriously In
jured In an explosion of an acetylene
torch aboard the United States trans
port General Grant. 320 mile? off New
York, according te a wireless mes
sage received at the navy yard. L. G.
Pellegrime, first assistant engineer,
was killed and W. F. O'Connor. Junior
third assistant engineer, waa serious
ly lnjnr-ed.
'Hope He Gets What's Coming
To Him," Declares Mrs Rob
inson, In Hospital.
Physicians Say Assailant's
Blood in Woman's Veins May
Pull Her Through.
Tm throogh with Gordon?I hope
he gets what is coming to ?him for
his dastardly attempt to kill me,"
today declared Mrs. Florence A.
Robinson, twenty-seven years old,
pretty ??vife of Hugh Robinson, form
er employe of the Washington navy
yard, who was shot and seriously
wounded yesterday afternoon at her
home, 2 I street n4jrth?)ast, by Grov
er Cleveland Gordon, twenty-ait
years old. Gordon, who ir* assistant
foreman of the mechanit_l shops af
, the Tennhu? company, claims to
have he?*Ti affiant*?*?-) to her. ri? sa&m
they planned to wed when her Ifftji
band securedT? divorce.
Gives Rood to Save Her.
Mrs. R n blason was not aware up
to noon today that Gordon, In an at
tempt to expiate the crime against
her. had given a pint of his Vies
blood to help save her life early to
"No, I doa't want to have anything
more to do with Oordon," Mrs. Robin
son said as she lay on a cot in the
Casualty Hospital, where ?be was
tauen following the shooting. It was
there that physicians, in an effort to
save the woman's life, decided on the
tranafuslon of Oordon's blood into her
veins. And, Oordon hesitated only a
moment to sacrifice as much of his
blood as was needed. The operation
was performed and Mrs. Robinson's
life will probably be aaved. physlciana
"I am willing to give every drup
of blood in my body to save the life
of Florence." said Oordon. "1 will die
for her." But detectives say that
Oordon is attempting to make a hi?'
tyr of himself?that he gave his
blood to save the woman's life real
ising that her death would probably
mean his on the gallows.
"I'm praying to (?od that she re
covers." Oordon said at police h?il
qquarters thl? morning. "I love nee
and meant her no harm. I was Jeal
ous?erszed from bootleg whiskey?
when I shot her. It's like a orearr*.
I did not realise what I had d m J
until I read of my crime in the news
papers." .
I-.motlon la Intrus??.
Nervously puffing a cigarette, and
he manifested Intense emotion, for
having shot and seriously wound the
pretty wife and mother of a thre?!
year-old daughter, Merrill Oeraldlnu
The estrangement of husband and
wife snd child pleased Cordon, lie
said so himself this niornin??. He sail
he was infatuated with the woman,
and declar?d that the Robinson's baby
cslled him dad.
"I don't remember what happened.
I must bave been crasy-mad and Jeal
ous from bootleg whiskey," said Oor
odn. "I am not responsible for the
act. Whiskey and Jealousy did ML
(Continued on Page 27, Column 8.)
Effort to Send Man, Left ? 100,000 by
Father, to Asylum
BEL.VIDERE, K. J., Nov. 27.?An at
tempt to have Leonard Ott, a farmer
who has been left $100.000 by his
father, declared insane failed yester
day after a lunacy commission Jury
heard evidence that Ott cannot read,
write, count money, and does not
know the name of the capital of the
State or nation. The Jury found that
Ott was neither insane nor of unsound
mind, but was unfitted to take care of
his property through lack of educa
The defendant said he thourht he
was forty-lhree years old. but was not
certain about It
TAX? BBM.-4K8 HJtrORK ????? aad
- bow Sa? gooA _l*-??uon makes yea feel.
?-AiSV**. 4
Believe Executive Will Lay
Plans Today for Carrying on
Fight for Treaty.
Indications Point That Baruch
and McCormiok Have Turned
Down Cabinet Post.
President Wilson may ley his final
plans today for <*arryinf on the
fight for the treaty of Versailles.
Senator Hitchcock has asked for
an app_ntment with the Preeident
today, it was announced at the
White House, but the appointment
ha.s not yet been arranged.
Senator Hitchcock has rendered
numerous reports on the treaty sit
uation to the President in writing,
it was stated at the White Houae.
i Deny Breach With Houae
the White House today made ?f~
.1*4 of report? pubi)-?? In m?Jr-Jinjf
reapers that there hes been a breach
between l-*Teel*leiit Wilson snd Colo
ne! House.
"There Is not a scintilla of truth
In It.*? said Secretary Tumulty. With
regard to the report that th? break
tame over an attempt on the part of
Colonel House to see the President
with regard to the Mexican situation
Secretary Tumulty said Colonel Houae
had not attempted to ?ee th? Presi
dent during? his illness. Tumulty said
he had been recently In communi??
tion with Colonel Houee.
The next Secretary of Commerce
will be a "dark horse," It Was ?aid
at the White H oust, today. Thia state
ment Is interpreted as meaning that
Bernard Baruch and Vance _cOor
mick have refused the post.
Discovered hy Policeman in Bed
With Tube From Jet Un
der Clothe?.
Completely covered with a bed
spread, and with a ga? tube attached
to a fixture extending underneath
the cover. Ci. W. Hill forty-five years
old, was found dead In his room at
the Vendo?? Hotel. Third street and
Pennsylvania avenue northwest, this
(morning, as the result of Inhaling il
luminating gas.
Tracing an odor of gas to Hill's
room, Policeman Housely of the Bixth
Precinct forced the door and found
the lifeless body on the bed with gas
under the cover.
Hill came to the hotel about four
Iday? ago, it was said this morning,
'and registered as being from New
[York. ? card of the Decorators and
I Painter? Union was found by the
police but thye have been unable to
ascertain his home address.
Poet'-? Paper Says American Vessels
In Adriatic Ar? Cat's Paw
for England.
PARlf*. Nov. 29.?(??riele d'Annun
r. .'? propaganda newspaper, which is
being published here, today assailed
the presence of United States war
ships in the Adriatic s?a, claiming
that they were being used only as a
cat's paw by England to draw chest
nuts from the fire.
French occupational troops have en
tered Marash. Alntab and Ourfa, the
principal centers of the Aleppo dis
It is reported that there has been
a clash between French soldiers and
villagers in the neighborhood of
NORTH FIELD, Minn., Nov. 29 ?
Too many co-eds had been returning
j to dormitories "in the wee small
, hour?." Faculty had erected a
| searchlight to shine on the flre
| escape. S A. T. C, boys destroy?? It
With rifle fire.
TV7ILLIAM 0. JENKINS, American consular agent at
W Puebla, Mexico, who ie itili under arrest on al
legation? that he wae in coUu?on with the bandite who
kidnaped him and demanded $150,000 ransom.
Say Detroit Senator and 150
Others Are Named in Grand
Jury Findings.
CHICAGO. Nov. 2??The Chicago
Evening American today carried the
following story:
"Senator ?Truman H. Newberry mil
lionaire politician returned victor
over Henry Ford in the Michigan
Senatorial election, has been named
in vote fraud true bills voted by the
grand Jury sitting at Orand Rapids,
"The true bills?there are about 150
of them naming an equal number of
pernon.??charge that Senator New
berry and his brother. John R. New
berry, of Detroit, both millionaires,
spent over 11,000,000 In perpetrating
the alleged Illegal election
"News of the voting of the true
bill? was revealed io the Chicago
Evening American today as the polit
ical world watched the Jery for the
pronoum emento of Its finding. The
Jury, for some reason, decided to defer
the return of the voted true bills
later In the day or until Monday.
"Political leaders declare the re
turn of the true bills may mean a
re-openlng of the battle of the polls
ahd a new fight .by Ford for a seat
in the Senate.
"The Newberry brothers head the
lonfc list of those indicted Among
the others are men whose names have
been prominent in Michigan and Na
tional political campaigns,"
PARIS, Nov. 2?.?Oaby Deslys. fam
ous French dancer, with whom former
King Manuel of Portugal was report
ed to be Infatuated at one time, is
seriously 111 following an opeartion
several days ago The exact nature
nf the operation could not be learned
K-*-iay. but It **'?? reported to be on
tbe throat.
A aervant St Oaby'? apartments
*a c over the telephone that her ml?
tr'*? had instructed her to give no
'rformation to any one save Harry
l'Ilo? r, former dancing partner of the
strlrktu actress
Close friends understand that the
?peration caused Oaby'? recent 4s>.
cisi?n to abandon the stage to marry
Returning Members Show Much
Interest?Move to Force
Show Down Possible.
The Mexican situation became more
complex today as the State Depart
ment began Investi-ration of tbe
latest outrage against an An.encan
ultiten and continued Its considera
tion of the Mexican government's ?re
fusal to meet tbe demands of the
United ?tat?-? f?' tbe immediate re
lease of William O. Jenkins. Ameri
can consular agent.
Scant reports received here indicat?
that James Wallace, the latest Amer
i'-an tn be slain by a Mexican, was
the victim of an unwarranted attack.
The State Department will press for
reparation and the punishment of the
Carranslsta soldier who le allega
to have killed Wallace, because a j
mule upon which the American waa
riding kicked over a machine gun.
The fact that the slayer has net !
been taken into custody ia not ? lea?- I
Ing to officials bere, for It indicai? ?
a disposition upon tbe part of th? ?
Carranxa government to look lightly
upon outrages against Americans and
forebodes dlfficullty In settling tbe
ease. >
The State Department baa Issued
orders to the American embassy ta
Mexico City to forward full particu
lars a* to tbe report made by the
Mexican government tbat Jenkins
told conflicting Stories before the
court. As soon as this Information
has been received the State Depart
ment will make its next move. It
is predicted this will be a note which
will be a virtual ultimatum.
The Mexican crisis is attracting
considerable attention from th??e
members of Congress who have re
turned and when the Houae and Sen
ate are reconvened on Monday there
is a poalblilty that strong action may
be taken which will bring the entire
Mexican question to a complete show
Polo Will be recog-nlmed and adopt
ed as the official army sport, accord
ing to t1?* ennouncement of General
March, cblef of staff.
CHICAGO. Not M -8o!ot*eon Wolf
can stanil anything nee ? maybe
twice, or ?ven three times- but
wben bis wife left him for t*M
fourth Ua? he _?d Butt for ? *?or?*-e? >
Intervention More ?ke?y Tnm
At Any Time Since Pershtnf
Expedition Retumetl.
_ ?U
- j<
Informatien in Hands of Stati
Department Far Graver
Than Supposed.
The Ameritar ' ?cr-rnment ?-viery
forwarried a cotr trunicauori to Mex
iod rewarding the .r.?or?ation ?"D?
tame*?} in Carranza *? reply to the
note de'.Ti&ndfhg rei ??*?.?* of Cemswiar
Agent WULam o. Jenkins.
While ?fficials cf th? State De
partment dedined to dia-ycs* tha
contenu- o? this nota, tt ia CMtsf
st-Md that it is the last -ararnhtg ??
be herv?-*c or, Meuco.
AH Ke-ror?s Demanded
At the name time It **a* , ".?*? ?atad
th?.' :r.? : ???. u.un,cation d?rr.?nc? :
C<?ai|,.?'.? '? ?,1> ?.' . .-. ? j?r, k ?,? c??'
The likelihood cf ir.t*r-?nt or. nom,
I* greater than at aay ttme aiaee tie
dlspatcfe of th? Pertfhiag p-saiti?-? aa
Whea Congress conven?? Monday a
rkuMt wltl b? made of lb? Stata Da
partUMnt tor all data bearing oa ta*?
Jsnklas caa? and other outrage?
against Am?r)caa citl-**as ia Mnleo
Contrary to past p*r**on*pannsa, ta?
?tate Department will ?equi???* afcaar
fully aad supply all the facts it
It was learned today that tbe de
partment's information ta of a tar
grav??? character than has yet bo**
suppose, and its publication wil? full?
action la
Justify whatever
Ta? Mexcan ambassador :**ns
Bonillas, oalled aa Secretary la?tag
at the State Department y**?t?*a??
and they aot only went aver the Joe
kin? caa?. but Mr, Usimi also laid
??fore ta? Mexican ?nvoy th? repor?.
a nth* killing iff 'raies Wail???.
which had Jest been raeelvasl.
? .?r.nsr, r _n?Ve-.?t?l
Their conferaace was. of couru,
cenfldeatlal, but it is understood that
th* Secretary conveyed to F ??i?,?r.
Carransa s representative a meaaag?
more forceful and direct thaa an) ret
transmitted m any diplomatie sou
Mr. Bonillas wan taforn>?4J tha'. ih?
dep?M men! ?..*??<* re- r?~d?-r-e ir, ? h?
??barges on which Jenkins U paid m
jail tn Puebla, whleb the aien, ?a
government declined to later???* In.
arid It is understood that Mr __.** eg
further outlint?d to th? ?mb?????? ?
the Inevitable com?*ii??w?? of cos
tinu?d murders aad molesta: ioni ot
Americans, ?? r.? r ? mc? v<.ri?*d>y
than was done In the Ocvirtnsm ?
official not? ef last July
The Oovernment is determinad te
mov? awiftly ia it? long delayed ret.
ributtan. The situation la said to be
"most serious and foUewtng ara^^e
two evehts which may pr?cipit?t?
The murder oa November tt t ,
James Wallac?. an Am?ric?n employ? ,
of an oil company la the Tamptao die
Th? death of Otte Lund, deacrihed **
a ?*Sw?dleli-Amert4*an.M who leave tb
poverty an American wife aad small \
son. 11? waa raptured by bandiU ?im*
for five months held for ransom. T?
?coelerate payment of the snoney th*
desperado?? cut off one of Lun?r?
, fingers and sent it to sosas of hi?
friends Blood poisoning set ia and
he died.
The Wallace cos* ts peculiarly
brutal. He waa hilled by a Car
ranslsta soldier and apparently was .
given not tbe ?lightest chance for his
|??????,??? l?i?r?r?ll??
Carransa is deliberately trying to
provoke aa attempt at interverti >n
by the United Butas te pre van t Mex
ico from being torn by a?w rovelli ?
tioas. is th? belief today of ?ffk-taas
In cio?? touch with the attuaUeav
The M?xk?n pr?etd?nt ?pramatt***
thinks that if be caa melt? ? tu.
United States to th? point ?f mil m
a hostile demonstration of military
or naval for?*? smini' him bis p.?
lltical rivale will forgot their priev
ances aad rally to him. thr?at??-*d ra
bellions will fail to materiali?* ?ni
he will tea able to elltn to his off???
until th? pr*?ldentewl el?rtiena
?Iruarl?? War? A.?*?*?.
Ur.lee? C^-ran*? miKN satisfactory
amends In Lh* Wallac? and J*nktas
tusse? there ts reasor. to bob??*? Cha
Sts te Department will recommend te
President Wiisoi. that dipiae_tir rais*?
(ConUaoed oa Pa?*? X, Calaasa 2.J

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