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Own Your
Own Home
Buy Real
Estate Now
G,?;?? of 14.* Per Ont fiver Last
Year ["i?*???-?!-??*-?-! B
. S-ta-atka.
Aa l-crs-a? of 349 par ?sent Is
?showa la Um valu? of per-mlts gran'?
?t?. for Oetobsr Iti?, compared with
Qatar*? ar. Iti?!, according t? reporu
received dir*ct from city building do
v-aartn-Hsau by Bafl-ing Age. Sam
Vtrt Oat of ltO clti-ss reporting.
iTt show ln?_???as?--. Tb? tot?J amouct
nf <-?n?tr-?-clipn for which permits
were granted daring October. Iti*
?tais 11 ??.?-? ?I?: for October. Iti?,
the total waa ?aMMJll.
TTm percent?ge of lwersaaa la tit?
number of permit? granted Is 117 oar
?-?set. this givi tig a n**or* eonaervativ?
view of th? grsat?r activity this yeer
?wtng to th? leer??sed cost in build
tag. Tb? usili vain? of the per
mits granted during October. 191?.
was SS.903, com-ttrtd with I1.7M for
?October. Iti?, when government re gu
ia tl oaa wore ia fall force.
East e m etti?? show a gaia of tt?
par ceat, te eat of 73 citi?? reporting
latria??: ail--}? State cities report
a -r?in of 71t par cent, 53 out of 53
-itles reporting tn?**ree?vee: Soetbern
-1t??*/ahow an tncree?*? of 60? pvr
per taut, 37 out of 38 cities reporting
incita?a?, aad Western cities show
aa Increase of 121 per cent. 20 out
i eitle? reporting Incrsaaea,
Katur? months will, in all proe
afcillty. se? lacrea? ed eoeu of ma
teriel aad Jeher. It being likely that
the emut ut building next year will
be at leest 10 per cent greater than
at presset. ? growing shortag? of
beth material end labor Is more than
probable. Mec y material dealers are
atoe king up a? far as possible ia or
ear te meet a growingly acute situa
The ?ttrecttve home at 3447 Oak?
??-kxi Terrace was sold during the
oast veafe ta Iba. I?lia ?. Floyd
?g*, th? real est?t? office of
_u_m A. Applebr Tb? sale fea
ture? a narnbor of home? in various
parta of tha" city sold through this
T? G Xt?*'-??*?1>- -it the S'ational
??**??* Comparir ia an ?nthu?? as????
?-?ember of "? Vnite?i C ? m mereiai
T-aveter?. ot America H* i.?a no?
?na??.,ng nn ??ndea**or to ii^r???ue the
roster of the to**?! ?*o?m<?:: li? ir
? ites eve-ry ial?s*man to att?ni1 any
' 'be ?o!)*i'"!,> *n?*'in|i ?.?-"??r* ar?
?1 ??very -At'jriay night In th?
'?thian T?m;?:- ??-> Vinth ?tre???.
The Rental Situation
It is difficult to legislate against human selfishness. Con
gress has endeaYored to do so twice?in its enactment of ?the
Saulsbury Act and the newer District in Columbia Rents Act
Both laws were made necessary by, and both sought to curb?
selfishness. ?
Because property owners were unwilling to be content
with fair returns on the property they rented when an acute
housing shortage made possible the acquisition of greater, al
most limitless, returns, it became necessary to enact these
statutory 'Thou Shalt Not's."
There was good in the Saulsbury Act, there is much
merit in the District of Columbia Rents Act, but it is .a sad
commentary on the patri<?rt?sm and fairness of property own- '
ers that either should be necessary. -
That legislation of this character is necessary in the Dis
trict is evidenced by the great wave of attempted profiteering
that swept over Washington the day after the Saulsbury Act
was declared unconstitutional. Thousands of property own
ers have notified their tenants during the past week that their
rent will be immediately raised.
Never in the history of Washington has its housing situa
tion -been more unsettled than it is today. Neither owner
nor tenant knows with Certainty what his present rights are.
Is it any wonder that men with money to invest are not in
terested in the building of homes?
It is asking much, but it is to be fervently hoped that
the new Rent Commission will find solution of the muddled
situation. It will not be an easy task. -The life of the. com
mission is only two years. It will find thousands of applica
tions awaiting action immediately upon its appointment.
Any probable appeal from its decisions could hardly be settled
duri.-g ?ts lifetime in view of the crowded condition of the
courts. There seems little peace on the horizon of Wash
ington's housing situation. s
The average individual can relieve himself from worry
in just one way?by buying a home. No law attempts to
hinder a man from obtaining possession of a home that he
buys for his own use. There is little peace of mind in
store for tenants for a number of years. The thinking tenants
are beginning to make plans to own their own homes. Why
not you? ?
List Your Properties
For Sale Here
We sell them quickly and to good advantage.
We have many buyers who have large amounts
of cash to invest immediately. It will be to your
interest to talk with us at once about what we
have for sale.
-nt-Cfc?* ?typ
MILTON J. BOUCHER, of the Ernest
Hall Coolidse Company, la confined
to hia home by itine??. ?
L. O. SCHROEDER has returned
from a busineaa trip to New Tork.
HARRT ?. KITE, of the office? of
Moore __ Hill, ia out of the city on
The yoans lady who are? for the
advertising at Stone & Fairfax's of
fice Inalata that her name ia spelled
M-88 ROSE LUSBY, despite the con
tradicting evidence ef the city direc
JOHN G. MAURT la now comfort
ably located in bla new offices adjoin
ing the Liberty Saving? Bank at
Fifteenth and I streets.
I. M. W1LLIAM8 haa opened aa of
fice for the conduct of a general real
c?tate business at 719 Fifteenth street.
Thomas J. Fisher & C04
K.J. At?. ?. W., $7.000
Near New York Avenu?, 2-story brick,
consisting of ? large rooms and bath.
all modern improvement*, possession,
?rultable terms can be arranged ?s to
prior payments.
R?-*-CK*ning Houae. $-?,800
On ?_"*" Street, between 2nd and 3rd.
This boose has 12 large, well lighted
rooma and bath. extra baths co-jld b?
added -ith little expense. Now heated
by 1st robes: possession.
Apaj-trna-r-e, $5.5<X'
Near the Capitol ?nd l'nion Station,
?-erntatnlng S rooms aaa bath each; oc
cupy oae and rent th? other; good in
Heer Dupont Circle. $7,1500
aVstory. treom and bath brick dwell
ing: heated by furos?-??: lot *? feet to
wide alley; ?-?ceupled by monthly tea
IW W ash-r^totn Circlr. $4,-00
Two-family apartment containing 5
rooms and bath each. X home ana an
investment. Special terms could be ar
ranged. ?.
On Thonms St N. W? .$4,800
In Bloomingdala. a 2 story brick con
taining ? rooms and bath; heated by
furnace: owner anxious to sell and will
make very convenient terms.
Near Lincoln Park; good 5 room ?and
bath dwelling; heated by furnace; col
onial porch; lot ISO feet deep; alley in
Near C-etrml H?ffa S-cho<--l, l$4,500
aenia-d?tarh<-*d frame dwelling con
taining ? room? and beth; let 150 feet
deep to e wide alley; ample ?pec? for
a '-U*g? garag?*? Property In good con
diti??**?. Poe session.
St N. E-, .$6,500
Near Rhode Island avenue, good
brick containing ? rooma and bath, gas
and electricity: heated by hot water;
occupied by owner; Immediate posses
N. Y. At?. ? VV . SimcmI $7,000
?""-areer prop??rty facing North Capi
tol street, well built brick, la fine con
dition. consl?tlng of 8 reoni aad bath.
Thorns J. Fisher & Co., Ine?,
738 15th Street N.W.
Phon? Main 6830
Standardized Cirenlar Bui-dings.
Built in Sections. Ie
New Plaa.
? jie'w type of home, circular in
shape and built of re-enforced con
crete, ha? been Invented by C. H.
Wiener, of New Orleans. The design
of the home? provides lor the addltlot,
of extra rooma at any time after th.
first unit I? erected.
. The hontes combine the perma
nency of the present day type of horn?
with all the convenience? that attach
to a section bookcase. The section.?.
are molded of concrete in a fa*
standardized shapes - and . si^>
Through a combination of these vari
ous ehapes attractive and comfortable
homes of from one room to a hundred
may be easily built.
The rooms arc all standard siae and
are connected with standard closet
apartments. Mr. Wiener claima they
?rill be noiseproof, duatproof, rat and
insect proof, fire and stormproof,
warm in winter and cool in summer.
The houses, under the inventor's
plan, may be built at central manu
facturing stations and distributed over
the ??.rounding territory- Mr. Wie
ner is confident that his invention will
materially assist tn remedying th?
tremendous housing shortage of the
world, which ia estimated to be ap
proximately 2.400,00 0.
???manufacture the homes a new
company haa been organized by busi
ness men of New Orleans. Mr. Wiener
Is president of the company, with th?
following directora: ?. J. Schw?rt?.
Erneat Dionne. W. A. Shuler, James
Kelly. L C. Spencer. R. Vecino. L
Glrot. the Rev. J. F. Prim C. MftNally.
Bruno.Prager, antf Silvan Newberger.
Real estate sales of the value of
?lOO.OOO were reported during th.
past week by the firm of Mahorney __
Sullivan. The ?ales included property
in all sections of the city.
Trfe property at _G._? ? street wa?
sold for Harry Ward man to Rebecca
Kesler This is a corner property
formerly used for business purposes.
They sold the house at 501 L street
for Mrs. Mary G. Schaefer to^jRobert
S. Shepherd as an investment Tht?
house contains twelve rooms. It ts
built of brick and located on a corner
Other sales included:
Premises 6<?d Second street south
east sold for James Mahoney to Anna
Help Bealor.
138 Rhode Island avenue northwest
sold for John T. Noonan to Kate E.
IS.?, 1381 and 1335 Florida avenu
northweat aold for Harry S. Thomas
to Louis D. Marchetti for an Invest
1712 Johnson avenue northwest sold
for Harry S. Thomas to Louis D.
Marchetti aa an investment.
4713 Georgia avenue northwest sold
for Winfleld Preston to Leland S.
Hunter aa a home.
1420 Eleventh street northwest sold
for Frances W. Hawes to Elizabeth F
Melville for her home, owner being
represented by W. McKinley.
1329 Florida avenue northwest sold
for L. D. Marchetti to Alice M. Stew
art, through J. W. Thompson & Co.,
for purchaser's home.
4717 Georgia avenue ?old for Win
fleld Preston to Edwin M. and John
C. Bryan for their own uae.
4707 Georgia avenue sold for Win
fleld Preston to Capt Lemuel A.
Bryan. Purchaser represented by of
fice of W. S. Phillips.
436 Garfleld avenue southeast sold
for William L. Ratrigh to John H
Buscher. _^
1331 Florida avenue northwest aold
for L. D. Marchetti to Abe J. Marx.
1338 Florida avenue northwest aold
for L D. Marchetti to Charles and
Mary A. Schaaf, through L G. Schroe
d?r. for their home.
Ia addition to the demand for mod
erate priced hornea Mahorney & Sul
livan also report activity in the aale
of la?-fe and amell business properties.
Davis a- Steele, real estate broker?.
have removed their office? fro t? 1420
New Tork avenue to 734 Fifteenth
street. Increased buaineea haa made
the acquisition of larger quarters
necessary. The firm is also making
preparations to enlarge Its present
office force.
Considerable success Is following
the closing out sale of lots in Greater
Capitol Heights, now ander way by
the O. ' B. Zantzinger firm. The lots
are located within the one-fare zone
on the ? street ear line.
New Type of Home May Relieve Housing Shortage
The three-story business and resi
dence structure at 1006 H street was
ioW last week by Shannon & Luche
fur Miss Bertha Haar, of New York,
to Mr and Mrs. Nils Chalmers.
The building contains a large store
on the first floor, ?itti offices and
living apartments above. It Is mod
ern throughout and has an attractive
exterior, with black marble bases
1 about the show windows.
One of the new bungalows Just
completed by Shannon & Luchs on
Gallatin street, eaest of Fourteenth.
? was sold last week to A. C. Noth
i stine. It is thoroughly modern in
every particular and will be occupied
by the purchaser as a home.
Nicholas P. Chaconaa bought the
busineaa property tn the rear of 21S
' ? street, formerly owned by Mra Sal
I He P. Rappel?e. The property at 80.
I Maryland avenue northeast waa aold
I for Mra. Mary Vierbuchen to Mrs.
Leona W. Moore. It consists of a
I three-story home with all modern
i conveniences.
Henry W. Gunderaon aold the home
! at 4? Florida avenue to ft L. Black
! through Shannon A Luchs. The pur
chaser will occupy It as his home. It
contains six rooms and hath, with
modern improvements. .
The Mt. Pleasant Building and Loan
Association, recently organised by
residents in that section of the city
north of Florida avenue, has file*4
with the recorder of deeds an applica
tion for a charter to transact busi
ness. >
The amount of capital stock to be
accumulated, as set forth ln the ap
plication, is $2,000,000, divided In'o
10,000 shares of the par value ot $?00
per ahare, payable at tire rate of $1
up to $$0 a month. The operations of
the new association are to be carried
on in the Distaici and any State,
Terrltoriea or possessione of the
United States. The association will
not Inveat ln any real estajte except
what ia neceasary to conduct ita busi
The officer? who have been elected
by the shareholders, are Frederick J.
Riee. president; Dr. Seneca B. Bain,
vice president; Col. Harvey V. epeel
man, treasurer ,K**d Adam H. Goddis,
secretary. The? boar? of directors
consist of the following: Dr. Bain.
Gustave E. Bittner. Daniel J. Cox. Roy
C. Claflin. Francia J. Ford, Adam H,
Gaddls. Paul F. Grove, J. Clinton
Hiatt, Dr. Harry A. Loohboeler, Mr.
Rice, and Colonel Speelman- The
office or the association is located at
3121 Fourteenth etreet.
Wonderful Home Purchases !
?a and Investments
? Oakwood Terrace I
i Elegant 8 room.*" ?-nd bath, colonial. style front, h?**i_wood
I floors, steel conati-action cellar under entire house, garage; lot !
| 110x110; fine view, overlooking Rock Creek Park. Price, $27,500. j
\ Rhode Island Ave N. W. !
i Three story brick, 11 rooms and bath, hot air heat; big back
I yard; paved alley. Price, 17,000. Half cash, balance terms. I
1 Kenilworth D. C. |
On Kenilworth ave., frame, 8 rooms; concrete foundation; |
| modern plumbing; hot air heat; plenty of closets; lot 60x400; all j
I kinds fruit; chicken house; shed; fine garden. Price, $6,000.
? I also have several fine lots in Chevy Cha.se, Cleveland Park '
I and Mount Pleasant I
Charles A? Appleby
Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
1413-1415 G St N. W. .)
Phone Mam 1191
CM? ?? HOW '
?-???^?? T>??"*???*/
PM h H ?r?*vI
Co*-?c??jr t a -
- H^jyeT
New Orleans .?vento: perie. u*? i__-tiona? concrete house with many
advantages. New concern will .oon market the new idea ir, hoaiing.
In planning for the 'Owt-, Tour Own
Horn? Day," which will be s fesiure
of the Y. M. C. A.? Nations! Thrift
Week in January, the desire for home
ownership was strikingly demon
strated by the result of the question
naire directed to the employes of s
large msnufacturing plant at Niarsra
"Of 1,0-?? workmen answer* ? ? HM|
question: Would ??raa Bk? to buy m
home on a long-time loan** 4M were
A ? er\con, English, Canadian, Irish.
Sample Houses
North Capitol
and Bryant Sts.
Only 3 Left
Biggest bargains ever of
fered in this section.
Choice 6 rooms, bath,
hardwood finish, hot-water
heat, and deep lots.
Built-in Geruge *
1314 F St N. W. or 7th
?-ndjH ?-E
Scotch, and German. Of these 47S, or
97 per cent, answered ?ff-fnarvely
Among 5**/' fu,es. I tail ??* ano >*-?_.?
larda only IBI. or 2? per ce?*?, ??
pressed a desire for hem?? A !*.r?*
p> ri-er tas-a - ' ?*?,,> ?atter natior.a'mea
tjowever. plan a return tc th?*;* r,_.t*v.
lands and the ae?uirir.ir ?' property
for souMERS sooorr
* ?uhi Prwrt?? U.?*? U?a fwr -Ua
BaiMiaf ?? K?*?ry Ex
*>erviar*? Maa
??' f * -??_4?- .* - -.
f leas??-1 ?>?*'-? pai*????,*
?re of tl??- !*ii?rt>.^ MjHi'-fr
"-""3 UH'thaaf |?5' t'a
a i" tha 'ma irfrn.!
_'<?? . r.tl? ' , a J.-i-vl,.
? ?**. ? Puiidtr.g a?" r !*B>e_ ?? w? I
? nr-*[rmm*ttimr Mfarga. ?J
>i > Tr : rut??" i? ai?-????*, ?
??a- ?__T>- Mondai; feti
, ?},., I,,. th* ra*artejM?t><>|> f,? !
?boat aO.ftO. farm.? . t*.*?*? fa-Wi p.tr ??
.; ?-???-??.?*?. mm: turning ? r.m
? o Id ?*r? ,? r. e?sj Krm?:.
r>-a M.-rga* b*.'.. :?* ?* b#itev?*yi ? -,
p.?*?- ?_ ?vu id ?**?*?; '. r ?a itleuitiK
Horn* bu'i*l<nf bta'tuiH i" f v? ???!
? ' ? h_.?*l? *.*r a??? a*?? ? h? most tri??;**?.
? t pt*. a??r ? 'hai e??*rprt??> t>
* .--!>'' ii.c . : 11.? pr? .?-- ' ?=
' ? .? b Mr Ma-.t?
?,?, -, .?
Ha'..' t.* ? ? irr? ii a -.r *o?nB* a>.
tiaif <-n farm*. Ar?j .-j m'-at tor ?Siici
herteflt* a few ei ??ber rimas wl?' **
satisfy ! prop??** f< uni,n? s ria?
Jh-uilding an? loara ___**oc?a_to?B no?*
(ha* name of th? S<-)4t?i-V aad S??
men** P*e**_ar__i Mom? a?? IM Ha? Corpi
ratton 1 wen-ld pr*_v?*# ? loam ?r ?
.?VOOC ?c. er?ry \n>eri__Ti war .itn?
*o buy ? farm .ar krasn? 1 wwair ?a*
IM per neri of tb? tat?? ?_ tb? praag
erty (?ml! *? OC* ? ??<$ ?et tJ_?*ol?M>*
p*<-K *h? (.*?><* ?>? (WUH? ?*?fc,Mw*'! ?
''res-eT-tirraen* appraiaial a? te valu? f.
mor'gtMTtrif r"-?rfxa#e*
"?. |#*-?; ??*? than SW* p*r -?m a-a?
? ft f Mr). ?.,?.??? W ha ta?* ra I? ? Ila -J
hhia?c?? ?orna raiac? ?-atee Tr ira* tit?
a.oor ???-?* tha? wf-ci? ?<_._4M tf that'.
?a hat ! ?? h'??--# "?,. '--tt; ?f s t am ??
f? ?*...' -
>p??-?ii? . .->?, n.a? .-rait!?? pet w?
?sn! th* p*-?a-ar hat-T tr h* ahi? ta tab*
ad van tag? of It as w?3i a? th? rte*h
"Th? aOavarameet had far better
merely ??w>d tt? cr-edt? thaa g?*** ?wa*
< r iend it* cash And th? Otreora
ment car well afford '<* Ittttd it? remet
tc its ?o.dle?** W? iaw.t billion* t? tt?.
Japan??? Fr??,ch Ttatlaaa aad Kag
iah Laet* '?nd a littl* ere?J*t te tm
tuietrr? without horae?
"This money wll? be usad ?al** t
bay horn*? or farms I eatealat? t
?**?" mean that . 0(1* Of* man arili b*
oro? ham? owner? whr otherw*_?.
.ould not It ???! eneouraga _??*-??
tur? for It will meas a milito? asari
boy? tc beeoft? farm cawaera It fr>*>?n
li.000.OOP happier mea .aad tbgrafa??
better ??.tinap?."
John F. D-nm?kni ?___
Gama, it Birg?
ftoal atmtatt
MM ?. ?. Av?. fthto ftlK
6 rooms, 1 bath, furnace
heat, .cas lights, garage; in
good condition. Convenient
to cars. Prk*, #3,950.00.
6 rooms. 3 bed-or*->-?_ ?
oath, furnace heat ?
lights; good condition. Price,
7 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 1
bath, gas fights; brick home
in gi>od condition. Price.
6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1
bath, hot-water heatinr. sys
tem, gas, laundry, good al
iar. Price, #5,500.
6 rooms, 1 batti, bot
water heat, gas lights, sleep
ing porch; brick home and a
real bargain. Price, #6,250.
6 ro-onu,
bath, hot-ware* heat gt*
ind electric light* lo: 20*.
125; brick. Vnct, #6.500
'(*om? ? bath
??rater heating *-\?***t. ga
ina electricity, hnc? hrmxse
?-* fooi ? epa ir? *Vi_e
B ST. S. E
? room?. 1 bt-th. bot
arate heat, ?ra* ?ifht_ ft?t
rara/tev bnc* h-"?use h? rr>c>?
condittrr P*-,c*. fT.oor
? ST N. VV.
10 roorm, 3 tate, ?l
nace heat, gaj fifffcte; lot 25i
1110; brick. Prt?, #7,150
9 rooms, 1 bath, bot
water heat, gas lights; toor
for garage; condition like
new. Price, #8,500, with
#J50 cash.
Con_T>?-*ot_l Truat Bu?dm-r?.
14th and H SU. N.W I
Main 1&40-11S41

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