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Magnificent Display of Latest'
In Passenger Cars Thrown
Open to Public.
NTW TORK, Jan S? It waa a dra
matic moment whan tba great en
lrur< of tba Orand Central Palace
wai thrown opan thla afternoon to
admit the public to the four floor dis
play of tha greatest national paaaen
?er automobile show In automobile
hlalory. Hundred* of men and wom
an who before the war cava little or
merely paaalnr attention to motor
vehicle* were there because during
the war they becama chummy, under
thaatreiia of war, with carburetor*.
tlrea. mufflers an<l gears and all the
other parte of ft motor car
At litr Him Hutu ud under the
tuna auapicee the lil|(MI tuolor
truck ahow waa opaniaf at the
blghlh ('out Artillery Armory, the
biggest la the world, at K lugebrldgv
road and J aroma avenue
sw~ le<a Kaaklea.
In the mm da o t tbouaaoda who at
tend them each year the national au
tomobile ahowa aat the faatuoa la au
tomobile chufti and body deaign
Aad the lavaatlgatluc crowda were ln
teraaled ta learn that the uaprace
detited demand for uri aince the ar
mlatlce baa forced the nuufacturtra
under whoae ausploea co-ordinated In
the National Automobile of Com
merce, both ahowa are being given, to
concentrate on production rather than
on new designs However, even New
York add her equally critical vlaltora
who came to the opening period of
the passenger car ahow were certain
ly not disappointed In the qualities
and varieties that were spread out be
fore tham In the Grand Central Pal
ticorea and acores of cars are to be
seen divided Into eighty-four Individ
ual exhibits.' By observation and
M>nvfrMli?n with the axhlbltora the
vimtors to the ahow learned that at
the present Uiua, in the opinion of
tboae who knaw there ia not a alngle
manufacturer who la not putting out
the beet car ha can build,
Ulaflai Frugrtw
From tha atandpolnta ot accuracy
and workmanahlp of manufacture the
war had a wonderful effect through
| Ita requirement of efficiency and In
| tanalva aolutlon ( of manufacturing
problem* Makere, anginaara and
workman prograaaod furthar than
would have ba?n poaalbla In aaveral
time* aa many year a of peace.
Care In aaeembly and tha elimina
tion of a graat many unneeaaaary
parta have reaulted to raduolng rat
tlea and repalra.
Hatter method* of attaching tha
body to th* chaaala ara In avldancc, aa
are other little reflnementa that en
able car* to go farther over rough
roada without developing aquaaka
and other unpleasant featurea.
Then, too, there are ecorea of ac
ceaaorlea: tlrea, magnetoa, uncannily
handy appliances and tool*, labor and
time saving Ideas embodied In the
moat practical forma. The ahoiv haa
proved wholly fascinating, notably, to
people ouUlde th* mechaaleal "know,"
?a It naturaJly la ti thus* who ?ork
in the fleld
New York'a coemopolitan man ui4
woman of faahlon and aorlety flocUd
to tba ahow today. To atay aw my
would ba to tnlaa Innumerable up
portunlllea of obeervlng tha |ir<>grefca
achieved In tha laduatry .if third im
portance to the nation, and on* which
touvhea tha dally life o* all of our
people very cloaely.
KiklklU Appeal
Car* were on exhibit tu appeal to
every capacity of pocket book m well
aa to every whim of taaia. M-xiel*
range In price from |T1# to more
than 111,000. There waa a touch of
romance aOoul thoae of both reara
who came bacauae they were eo in
timately acquainted with automobile*
in a very real way during the war
When a man or woman drive* u cer
tain machine day in and day out. alther
along the ahell-torn road* of Kr\nie
at war. or in one of the numeroua
aervlcea behind tha llnea, or at porta
of embarkation?ambulance, general'*
car or general utility and dlapatch
carrier?he ian't apt to loae hi* In
tereat In motor propelled vehicle* for
aome yeara. If he ever doea. He or
?h? want* to im vktt If being dona to
uiikt driving mors cMvMtiML
or riding mora of a plsasure during
off-duty hour*. /
throng* of visitor* were greeted by
?entinel-llks bay. trsas and messes of
floral WMtlMH and holiday green*
within, tha building waa at It* lovalu
**t. I'anal* In old Kngllsh alyl*.
baarlng coat*-of-arm* and th* nama*
of the varloua car* made a harmon
loua background for the ahming
beauty of cbaaal* and bodla*. Cur
tain* especially designed and dyad
cast an effect of sunshine In keeping
with tha brlllana* of the scene.
Ileglnnlng Monday. January ft, the
paaeenger car and motor truck shows
will ba open dally from 10:30 a. m. to
10:.10 p. m through next Saturday,
January 10.
Tha big passenger car show I* un
der the direction of a commute* com
prising: John N. Willys, Wllys
Overland Company, chairman: H. O.
Root. Westcott Motor Car Company
and Harry M. Jewett, Paige-Detroit
Motor Car Company. The committee
co-operated with ths .veteran man
ager of both shows, S. A. Miles
1 The following arc the makes of
The New Marmon
With a High Efficiency Motor
* N
t *? ?t '.
* V ?* j
f - ?"
>? >f
&. '
* #?
W -s ?
? fi
Tbeae testa war* mads m (ha tadiaa
?oolia Motor Speedway, aad over or
dinary country roada. with ? standard
7-paaaenger touring car. fully equipped
ready (or tha road, atandard 4 to I sear
ratio, two paraona in tba car; witneaaed
and checked by Metara. j. Edward
Schippar, technical editor. Automotive
Induitriee. and Theater S. Ricktf, M. L.
technical automobile writer.
Car with 4 to 1 standard gear
Acceleration llloNm. p. h. in
high gear, 15.8 second*. Half
mile at average apeed of (5.7 m.
p. h. Timed with a stop watch.
Run in high gear at walking
apeed for about 100 yards.
Hill climbing in high gear, start
ing 5 m.p. h. at bottom; apeed
St 1### ft. (8. H% grade) 27 m.p.
h.; speed at 1775 ft. (4.14 % grade)
43 m. p.h.
IT was freely predicted that the
world's truly great motor car
would eventually be made by one of
those few motor car manufacturers
who were honored by bang called to
Washington in 1917 to devote their
factories, their capital and theirbrains
to the building of aircraft motors.
Because they,and they only,learned
the mighty lessons which mean
much to you, a lesson of heretofore
unknown production difficulties
overcome, heretofore unknown en
gineering feats accomplished. It is
from the accumulated knowledge of
this experience prefaced by sixty
seven years of previously successful
manufacturing experience that we
present the new Marmon.
Of all motor car manufacturers,
only this organization had the ex
perienceofbuilding two separate and
distinct types of aircraft motors dur
ing the war, thus giving us a broader
and unparalleled experience.
We adapted a previously un
developed machine shop accuracy?
new methods of heat treatment ?
new possibilities of close fits and
tolerances and new applications of
metallurgy. All of these things were
known before only in a laboratory or
experimental way. All were used in
building fine hand made racing cars,
but thev were never in the realm of
practical production methods until
today, and it wis only in war dme
that we learned these lessons.
It was under these conditions the
new Marmon high efficiency motor
was built.
The net result is that we are en
abled to present to you a motor car
fine workmanship that will bear the
same relation to the finest hand-fitted
cars thatthe American aircraft motor
?which was admitted generally to be
the best in the world?bore to the
hand-fitted, hand-made motors of
our allies.
We have added new meaning to
the word motor car "performance,"
asshown by theattached table. Those
familiar with the exceptional per
formanceofpast Marmon modelswill
appreciate the full significance of this
statement. There is a new sweetness
of running, a new freedom from the
unpleasant vibrations and motordis -
turbances of the past, a new result
which only a demonstration will real
ly disclose.
These results were accomplished
by no mysterious alchcmy, but by a
practical application of the great les
sons we learned in building aircraft
Before you buy any car, you owe
it to yourself to see the new series
Marmon 34, and t6 ride in it. A
demonstration will be convincing.
fVe art now demonstrating the New Series Marmon 34
Starting It m. p. h. st bottom;
speed at IH# ft. <8.16% grade)
30 m p.h.; speed at 1775 ft.
(6.14% grade) 47 m. p. h.
T. V. T. MOTORS, Inc.
Conn. Ave. at Dupont Circle North 7853
pt?en|cr c?n which arc on iihlW
tlon at ths Palace; llolm**, Tsmplar.
Cleveland. Allan, American tieefcity.
Andetaon, Apperson Auburn. iJiddlc.
Brlstos. Bulck, Cadillac. Case. ("hal
mm. Chevrolet. Cola, Columbia.
Coinct, Commonwsalth, Crow-Klkhsrt,
Davis, Detrolt-Blectrlc. Dlxls-Plyer,
l>od|t Hroa. Dorrls. Oort. Blear. Kl
*111 rial. Pergua, Prank lie, Grant.
Haynaa. Holller, Hudaon, Hupmoblle,
Jackson. Jordan. Kins Kisssl-ltar
Kline-lCar, l^mn?ton. Liberty, Mo
Parian, Maibohin Marmua. Uu*all.
Mercer, Mala. Mllburn Electric, Mlt
. h?ii it * v. Monitor Moon, Nash.
National. Oakland, Oldsmoblle, Pon
tine. Overland Owen - Magaetlc, Pack
ard, Paige. Pataraon. Paerlaaa. Pierce
Arrow, Premier. Reo. Iloamer. Saxon.
Mayers, Srrlpps-Booth Htandfrd, Stan
ley. Steams-Knight. Stephens-Six.
\ pile. Weatcott, Wlllys-Knlght. Win
ton. '
Automobile Activities Through
out the World.
There la one motor vehicle to every
thirty-three persona In Chicago.
Scrubwomen In CTharfleld, Pa., go to
work In In tbalr own motor cars.
There were 3.1 T4 aeter eua stelaa
la Philadelphia la IBIS.
Several Unea of motor buses are
now operated In Tokyo. Japan.
Twenty years ago engineers termed
the gasoline engine Impractical.
The State of New York haa 80,000
mllaa of public highway.
Brooklyn haa nearly forty motor
truck lines operating out of the city.
There are no road rules nor speed
limits In Chile outside of the cities.
One-half of all the rubber Imported
to this country goes Into automobile
King Alfonso of SpaJn Is among the
latest buyers of American-made mo
tor cars.
There are T.0M concerns la the
Called States tfgtd la asfclsi aa
teaehlle parts.
The Illinois Automobile Club, of
Chicago has a membership of mure
than 10.000.
In the first year of the production
of automobiles, sixteen motor cars
were turned out.
In California an aotomobUe Itcaaae
of any other State Is good for three
Cuba Is repairing many of the old
military roads, as well as construct
ing new highways. tM<1_
There are approximately 120.W*
pleasure cars and 9.500 trucks In On
tario, Canada.
A large oil company of New Jersey,
with headquarters at Newark, oper
ates 346 motor vehicles.
The Wattenal Aatssashlle Deal#**
Aaierlallsa la regtseeateg hy M.HM
dealers threerghoot the eoaatry.
Since March. 1918. the Japanese gov
ernment has actively encouraged the
manufacture of motor trucks te Ja
American manufacturers nave prac
tically controlled the South African
automobile market for the pad* four
All records were broken when
400.000 visitors entered the Western
national parks by motor daring the
past year.
The Pittsburgh Transportation As
sociation Is a new organisation re
cently formed by motor truck owners
in Pittsburgh. Pa.
Many London ladles' maids tr?
learning to become chauffeurs to their
mistresses. thus performing a double
duty with Increased pay.
Due to the congested state of rail
ways in England, a dally motor-lorry
service between London and Birming
ham haa b?en established.
N. W. Cooper, of Ix>s Angelea. Cel..
recently firchased his nineteenth au
tomobile. The total mileage covered
Is '-01,000 miles.
A motor truck has been Invented
for farm use that loads, hauls, and
scatter* fertilixer, using the same
power for all three operations.
There haa been an Increase of 1#
per eeat ever the registration of motor
vehicles alnee Jannnry 1. IBIS,
throughout the felted States.
Highways engineering is rapidly
becoming recognised as one of the im
portant courses In the curriculum of
the technical colleges throughout the
There are 1,101.402 persons en
gaged In the production of automo
lilies. This does not Include accessory
manufacturer, garages, repair shops,
or sales establishments.
Despite the restrictions Imposed
Curing the war period, the ?ot?r
Industry has averaged a production or
1.500,000 cars every year during the
las-t three years.
Starting In a small way. sixteen
yoarj* ago. with ihrff horse drawn
trucks. one of the lar**nt ro*! dealers
in New York city now operates a fleet
of twenty-two motor trucks.
To compete with American motor
Royal Garage
In the "rerl Of 'he *o?essehlle
1815-17 L St. N.W.
Telephone Mole 'OM
Day ibJ Might Service
Steam Heated
Storage by Day, Week
or Month.
Convenient Courteoos
Alton boo?Excellent Service.
Accessories, Tires, Repairs,
Gasoline, Oils, Greased,
Free Air
W? tavHt Tsur Patrtntft
*va i.rwn a. mow
?i. r. wt.AnsrocK
1 onagers
Bread's ptrlod of loiKltl <<pr*NlM
following lilt, many wealthy Bruit
llaaa found It nto?iury to diapogp
their highly Onlahed cara. and a larg*
number paaaed Into uee aa taalcab*
' With the dm of motor trvcfcg I*
Central Aala, thay will replaoa a oar*
van camel company now operating
between Telnlala and Kulja. (.'hlna
A camel will carry 1*0 pounda on M
average of twenty ml lea a day, and
one year la required for eacli rouni
trip wbtU the all-ton trucha wilt
make It eaoe every thirty day a
cara. 110,000,000 of capital atoch waa
recently placed on the market In Eng
land by eta Brillah couipanlea with
the ob>oot of maaa produotlon of
104,t04 cheap oaca yearly.
latereata at Waaklaglaa, D. C. are
narhlag aa a plaa te aakt the aala
??*tl? lleeaae aallaaal and tatee
aaitaaal. fregreaa la betas Made,
aad it pnialera eaaa la he a tart that
the aatartale with awe lleeaae mj ge
aarwhere la the etetllaad aarU.
Hlo de Janeiro haa the flneat tax la
la the world, far the reaaoa that In
I ?
j 1814-1818 E St N. W.
Telephone Frankfin 7201 for Demonstration
call ON the guy who
Tire chains.
THE man who advises you not to put on tire chains ought
to be muzzled by law. We're here to tell you thit
this safety device is an absolute human necessity; that if you
don't buy chains now the time will comc when you'll wi?h
you had.
Your, car's a well
LET'S take the rattle out of your car and put the joy
back into vour automobile. The chances arc that the
tightening up of a few nuts will accomplish this result. Siring
your car here and let us examine it.

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