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"A New VWw of the Bible" will b*
the subject of ? lecture by Mn. Nao
nette B. Paul, at a meeting of tk?
l?l?trlct of Columbia Federation of
Woman'a Clukt, thla ??rnlai at *
o'clock at 14O07 Columbia road uorth
In connection with the lecture,
many of tha coatutnea of tha Madam
Mountford collection will ba on die
play. These robaa and art Idea of
everyday life were brought from the
Holy Land.
Pour delegate* to the blanniial eon
vrntion of women'a clubs, to be held
at lx>a Moines, Iowa, In the spring,
will fee aalei trd.
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FLU " y G I A
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At ~
Congress Leaders Oppose New
Taxes or Another Bond
?r DAVin m. ( Htmu
I. If. R. (Ill ? ?rrf????nl.
Conj rculontl Ittderi are today
looking to tha American banks to
carry the Government through a
period of financial stress during the
flacal year 1921.
With an almoat certain deficit of
$3,000,000,000 for the flsral year 1921,
leader* In Congress are hopeful that
thla may be carried by short-term
Treasury notea aold to the banks.
If the banks lire unable to absorb
short-term notea to the extent of
$3,000,000,000. there are but two alter
natlvea, new taxea or a new bond
Issue, and both Democrats and Re
publicans In Congress are opposed to
such means of meetlhg the deficit.
Cry A|ala>l War Turs.
Already thare Is a popular cry
against the war taxes, and to make
new tan?s would bring a storm of
protect against Congress that would
be reflected in the elections. The
same holds practically true of a new
bond issu#-. Congressional leaders d*>
not feel 'that the public wants an
other bond issue.
"1 do not know how Congress is go
ing tO meet the 1021" financial prob
lems of the Oovernment," said Con
gressman Henry T. Italney of Illinois,
a veteran of the House Ways and
Means Committee, today. "Facing us
ip the next fiscal year we see expendi
tures p|llng up to a huge total of ap
proximately $9,000,000,000. We know
that revenues.from all sources tinder
existing laws will not exceed In all
probability ffl,000,000,000. There Is a
certain deficit of about 13.000,000,000
firing the Government.
"The Government must make up
this deficit in some way. Ways open
are by Increased taxes and new
taxes, bond Issue, or short-term
Treasury certificates sold to banks
But the banks may be unable to lend
to the Government all the money It
Kipesif! F.asllr Traced.
"Our huge annual expenditures are
easily traced. The Interest payments
on the vast war debt and the sinking
fund run far over a billion dollars a
year, or more than the pre-war an
nual total cost of providing for the
Government. We have Increased Gov
ernment salaries, military pay, and
pensions until the tqtal needed now
to take care of these Increases is
huge. And th? end of these increases
Is not in sight.
"We are delaying Internal and
other necessary improvements until
necessity will come for huge appro
priations to take care of them. Many
heavy war expenditure* still con
continue, and payments f6r war work
remain to bo made. War risk in
surance is a heavy drain on the Treas
ury. There are many other large
Items. So the financial difficulties of
this Government must be apparent."
No. 2 Has New York Man Arrested
and No. 1 Sticks to Him
in Court.
NKW YORK, Jan. 26.?Charged
with having two wives, who had
apartments only three doors apart,
and alternating in spending a few
days with each, William J. Smith,
aged twenty-two, of Brooklyn, watt
arraigned in Bridge Plaza court yes
terday by his alleged second wife.
His first wife appeared in court with
him and said she would stay with him
to the end. .
Mrs. Anna Sahlnewsky Smith
claimed priority by producing a mar
riage certificate dated September 19,
1918, and registered in New Jersey.
Mrs. Margaret Jacobs Smith said she
was married September 30, 1919.
Mrs. Margaret Smith. No. U, had lived
happily till New Year Day of this
year, she said, before she learned of
' Smith's previous marriage. Then her
husband threatened to kill her, she
said. If she "double-crossed" him.
Mrs. Anna Smith, No. 1, only had her
I happiness interrupted by the trial,
she said, nnd she clung to her hus
band and kissed him as he was led to
tho cell. Smith was held in $2,500
bail for the hearing Wednesday.
DRYS WANT $25,000,000
Wayne B. Wheeler, g-eneral e?unsel
of the Anti-Saloon League, today Is
sued a statement declaring that the
organization's drive for $25,000,000 to
continue Its work Is made neoessary
because In "Rhode Island, Massachu
setts. New York. New Jersey, Wis
consin. and several other States, wet
organizations, and some wet officials
are encouraging defiance of national
Of Course Yon Want Beautiful Teeth
Rvwyborty ufl
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X-Uay photo* free. Gas
aska air administered.
Tens, of Paymaat to Silt. F.?amlnatlon rrrr
l ady and Malt ia A4tea<aare. rboae M. BS47
** FAMOCS Riling,:
|5 $10 $15
. $1 00
. . 50c
$3. $4 and *Z
437-441 7th St. R. W.
Ri??rt Itrntlat, IK years' rtprrl
cure. Open ftunilaya to A. *1. to
I P. M. Other bonra. ? A. M. In
N I*. II, TealImafltlala an reqseat.
fa at Inn Iliw a addreiM
QUI8T, of Bridge
port, an A K F. nurse,
who does not wear a
wound stripe only because
she refused to show her
wound to a doctor. She
dressed it herself.
Emerald l-le Oppressed by British
For Centuries, DedarcH Uni
verxaliat I'aator.
in his sermon on "What About Ire
lanil?" the Ilev Dr. L M. Power*, ol
tfid Un(versallst Church, last night
declared that self-determination for
that country wax tho only aolutlon of
the Irish question.
"Granted the right of self-deter
minatlon, said Dr. l'oweri, "in & few
years Ireland would be one of the
most prosperous and loyal states In
the British empire, for no matter
what the extremist* may say, ideo
graphic and economic interests have
decided that Ireland must co-operate
with h?-r nearesjt neighbors in prob
lems that of necessity must be com
mon problems.
"The only people who have profited
by 'England's Irish policy are the
office holders, the grafters, and the
absentee landlords, and the only solu
tion Is to grant Ireland the right of
self-determination. No one ae
quainted with history can deny that
the conquest and occupation of Ire
land is a story of long continued per
fidy and injustice. Kven today $135.
000,000 a year is being taken In rentf
and taxation, from which the coun
try receives no benefits.
"The police force in Ireland, kn*>wn
as the Irish constabulary." continued
Dr. Powers, "is needlessly large in
numbers ami cost. English manage
ment of the Irish question has kept
Ireland poor and dissatisfied, and ha.?
been a weakness of the British em
pire. During the war. when soldleri
were needed most on the Continent
England kept fWi.000 all the time lr
The speaker pointed out that re
ligious differences In Ireland wer?
dying out with the co-operation lr
Industry of both Catholics and
"A large number of the Irish liav?
decided." concluded the speaker
"that If they must fight, it Is better
to fight for themselves than for their
ROCKVILLE, Md.. Jan 26?Spealc
er Tydings, of the Maryland Hous<
of delegates, has assigned this coun
ty's delegates to the following com
Barnsley ? Agriculture, pensions
insurance, and loans, internal Im
Canby- Manufacture, printing, pub
lie records, insolvency, roads and
highways and temperance.
Griffith?Expiring laws and reval
uation and assessment.
Walker?Claims, library, Federa'
relations and hygiene.
Among the Washington couple;
married in Rockville were Miss Mar
garet L Ourand and Webster O
Strozier; Miss Eva May Branson and
Harry It. Doyle; Miss Dorothy Cleat
and Frederick Branson, and Miss Ma
rie C. Pendleton and Oscar A. Dan
Other couples to obtain llcensei
here within the last day or two were
Miss Mary E. I.eizear, of Rrookevill.}
and Mehrle B. Warfleld. of Damascus
Miss Georgia May Best, of German
town, and William C. Lowe, of Gaith
ersburg; Miss Ajiita Swingle, ol
Washington, and Charles S. Heed, ot
Auburndale, Mass.; Miss Myrtle 1
Henderson, of Potomac, and Earl<
Lechlldcr, of Glen; Miss Mary Eliza
beth Moore and William A. White
both of Prince George county, i\nd
Miss Lillie Hill and Roger B. Bur
roughs, both of Potomac.
The Rockville High School will h?
represented In the state-wide higfi
school debating contests soon to br
Inaugurated, and will be the only
school of the county to partlclpato
The team will be selected from among
winners of contests among pupils ol
the school.
legislation to Increase the pay of
enlisted men In the navy will be
taken up for Immediate consideration
by the Senate Naval Affairs Commit
tee of the Senate tomorrow, according
to announcement by Chairman Page.
The bill, as passed the House last
week, docs not include officers. Sec
retary Daniels will endeavor to have
Uila provision made in Uiu
Annapolis Phone Girl Who Killed
Father to Protect Mother Ar
rested, Then Released.
ANNAPOI.IS, Md , lu 2??Charlaa
Jefferson, whom nuth Jefferson. hU
eighteen - year-old daughter. ??y? she
?hot to prevent him killing her
mother, died lut night In Annapolis
Emergency Hospital
The girl was arreated, but was re
leased on her own recognisance (or
appearance at the Inquest today,
which will be held by Coronar W. K.
Jsfferson waa forty-eight years old
Nobody waa with him when he died
except a hqspital attendant. Efforts
were made to get hla wife and
brother, John T. Jefferson, of Annap
olis, over the telephone, but they
failed to arrive In time.
The girl aaya that on Tuenday
night her father, who waa subject to
ft to of mental derangement, canie to
hla home In Eastport and aald he waa
going to kill her mother, a threat ha
had made before. She says al)e hid
her mother In a cloaet and procured
a platol from a bureau drawer. Her
father a?ked for her mother, ahe says,
and forced the muszle of hla own pis
tou Into her mouth. Khe told him
her mother waa out of the houaa and
then ?hot hlrp, ahe aaya.
ItKMldea hla widow and daughter,
Icfferaon leaves nine children. lie
waa a painter. The girl wan em
ployed aa a telephone operator at the
Naval Atademy.
Prince Ik Deluged With Tender Mia
} given. Crank Letters, and Pro
posal* of Marriage.
LONDON. Jan. 26?The Prince of
Wales la enjoying an epistolary pur
suit by American girls.
Hla royal highness continue* to bo
deluged with love notes, crank letters
11 and at least one proposal of marriage
daily from the United State?. And it
may be stated ou the authority of his
secretary that both the secretary and
' i the prince have a gay time dally
, nolng through the mail bag.
I Since hia return the prince s letter
' pouch has contained something like
> i 45,000 letters weekly, covering every
i : conceivable subject. The "cream' of
' i these la handod him for perusal and
' from the high-voltage love mlaaivea
ha gains vast amusement, according
to his secretary. Moat of theae are
from girls who got a pasaing glimpse
? l of hla royal highness either at New
York or Washington. Scores of others
1 send snapshots taken of him during
, his visit over there. Some girls send.
,! photographs of themselves by way of
good measure.
expected this week
President Wilson to Name Secretary
of Treasury?Leffindwell
President Wilson this week is ex
pected to send to the Senate his ap
pointment of a new Secretary of the
Treasury to succeed Carter Glaas.
The nomination was delayed. It is
understood, because of the desire to
have Glass participate in the Par.
American financial conference as the
actual head of the Treasury Depart
ment. Glass probably will take his
seat in the Senate during the week.
R. C. Lefflngwell, Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury, seems to have
the lead In the field of possibilities
as Glass" successor.
Five delegates were appointed to
attend the first meeting of the gen
eral council. League of Red Cross So
cieties. to be held at Geneva, by the
American Red Cross today, and will
sail on the Mauretanla next Wednes
day . ?
Those appointed are as follows.
Wllloughby G. Walking, of Chicago,
vice chairman of the central com
mittee. American Red Cros: Otis H.
Cutler, of New York, former man
ager of the Insular and foreign di
vision: Mrs. William K. Draper, of
New York, director of the department
of Personnel; Samuel Mather. Cleve
land, former member of the central
committee, and Eliot Wadsworth. Bos
ton. members of the central commit
The meeting will be begun on
March 2, and will continue one week
World problems, concerning the Im
provement of health, and the preven
tion of disease, means of Increasing
the membership of the league of Red
Cross Societies, and methoda of or
ganisation will be discussed.
Dr. King's New Discovery ha*
relieved colds and coughs
for fifty years.
IT w?s nn unusually high quality
cold, couch, grippe, and croup
remedy when Introduced half a
century ago. Not once In all theae
years since then has the qnallty been
allowed to deteriorate. Its effective
ness In combating colds and cougha
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Bowels Act Human
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gratifying r<sults All druggists I'f"'
29c Glass
At 19c a Yard
Floe close woven grade, sult
sbio for |lua. sltis or tea low
els, with fast color red checks.
The quality housewives have
used for yeare with eatisfac
tlon. l.imlt?ten .yards to a
buyer. Writ fims,
STORE HOURS: Open 9:15 A M.; Close 6 P. M. r
95c Window
At 68c
ll?avy Opaque Cloth Window
.-?hadrs, mounted om strong
spring rollera. strictly perfect
quality; stse 3x0 ft. In white,
ecru. Ilfht, medium and dark
g raen Paertk rtaer.
Pre-1 inventory Sale Reductions
Create Many Uoysyal Bargains Tomorrow
These Pre-lnventory Sales are a necessity?an occasion in which we shut our eyes to loss of profits and sell for clear
ance sale alone. All merchandise which for various good reasons we want to dispose of quickly is offered at radical re
75c Congoleum Runner,
37?/2c Yard
24-inch Congoleum Kunnerr, suit
able for runner through room*.
Italia and atatrs; In green or brown
with neat red or tan border*;
lengtha from 4 to 16 yard*.
$10.50 and $12 00 Crex
Rugs, $5.95
4t4 ft. by 7% ft. Strictly Perfect
Quality Crex de Luxe or Herring
bone Ore* Hug*, the beat I <aaa
rug* manufact ui ?<t. Neat I' ider
or medallion designs, In blU'., tati,
brawn, green und red.
81x90 Seamiest Sheets,
Sheets of good durable quality,
full of aervlce and satisfaction,
81*00 size for double beds?200
dozen obtained to sell at this
lowered price because they are
termed "run-of-the-mill." How
ever, the defects arc trivial, and
do not impair the'wearing qual
ity. All are seamless- made In
one piece?of heavy round
thread sheeting cotton, free
from starch or dressing
$35.00 and $37.50
Brussels Rugs, $24.50
Smith, Sloane and tianford Seam- i
less Brussels Hugs, heainr closc
woven grade, in floral. Oriental :
und medallion design*, light and
dark coloring*.
15c Carpet Linings,
7c Yard
36-inch Carpet Lining, well pad
ded and stitched; saves the floor
$15.00 Stenciled Grass
Rugs, $9.75
9x12 ft, largest Room Sl?e.
Double Warp Grass Rugs, extra
close woven graUc; many novelty
effects, as well fcs medallion, key.
band and acroli borders. In green,
blue, tan, broirn and gray.
$3.00 and $3.75 Grass or
Crex Rugs, $1.95
3x6 ft. Herringbone Weave Crex
nnd Novelty Weave Grass Rugs,
in handsome stenciled designs, of
blue, green, tan and brown, key,
band or scroll borders, as well aa
neat figures or medallion designs.
Flmt F1*?r,
$6.00 Axminster and
Velvet Rugs, $3.95
27xB4-in. Axminster and Wilton
Velvet Rugs, Alexander Smith and
Hons make; beautiful floral, medal
lion and neat llgured designs, in
be*t and most wanted coloring*
$2.50 Storm Serge,
$1.98 a Yard
Storm Serge of heavy double
twill quality?a material that
combines serviceability and style,
and is deservedly popular for
s' ar<
women * and misaes' dresses, *uita
and separate skirts.
In a desirable shade of nary blue
and black. 54 Inches wide.
Up to $8.00
Wor .j'i Shoes,
Scores of styles, all popular
lasts, go out at this reduced
price tomorrow. Not every
size in each style, but all sizes
from 2H to 7 In the combined
lot. An early visit Is advised.
The lot Includes lace and but
ton styles, of Patent Colt, Rlack
Kid and Dull lxMithers, with
high and low heels. Clearance
price, $4.59 a pair.
$3.50 Satin Charmeuse,
$2.79 Yard
Reautlful Satin Charmeuse of
superior quality, all pure silk,
with rich, mellow finish?In a won
derful range of the choicest shades
for spring, as well a* black and
white. 36 Inchca wide. As Char
meuse Is highly favored for the
coming season, this event Is of
tlmelte?t Interest.
Misses' and Children's
Shoes, Worth up to $5 a
Pair, at $2.95
Clearance lots from our regular
stock of footwear, consisting of
lace and button style, In Patent
Colt, Rlack Kid, Tan and Dull
Leathers. Slzo 8*4 to 11 and 11H
to 2. No exchanges or refunds.
Ooldewberg'i*?First F1?or
$2.50 and $2.98 Curtains,
$1.48 Pair
Fine quality Velle or Marqui
sette Curtains, white or Ivory col
ors; yards long; finished with
neat hemstitched edges. Ideal for
bed or dining room use.
f??rft Plaar.
79c Pillowcases, 59c
r.Ox.16 Bleached rillowcases, extra
large size; free from starch or
$1.25 French Serge, 98c
36-Inch French Serge, an extra
fine double twilled quality, In the
scarr,e navy blue.
36-inch New Plaids, $1.25
One-yard-wlde New
Plaids, In exquisite color combine
tlons, Ideal for dresses and skirts.
$3 All-Wool French Serge,
40 Inch All Wool French Serge, I
sn extra heavy close twilled qual
Ity, In neve- blue nnd black.
Our Entire Stock of Women's & Misaes*
Coats, Suits and Dresses
Marked at Reductions of One-Third
to One Half Regular Prices
Every win'. .*r coat, suit and dress
in our stock now bears a greatly
reduced price, for our policy doesn't
permit us to carry over garments
from one season to another. There
fore clearance has the right of way
?regardless of former price or real
value, we have gone about the work
of disposing of winter stocks before
the season ends.
'a ('flits
irmerly up
Women's Suits
Selling formerly up
to 139.73. fflO or
Women's Dresses
Selling formerly up
io fjf.50.
Women'* Coats
Selling formerly
to 137750.
Miaaea' Cloth
Selling formerly up
kVw9-75 $24.50
Leatherette Coats
Selling formerly up
ZoW*. $16.50
Women's presses
Selling formerly up
to ?*2.50. <?1 Q FA
Women's Suits
Selling formerly up
5a $24.50
Women's Coats
Selling uirmerly <up
no""50: $2440
Women's Fine
Selling formerly up
to $75.00. ?QO Cil
N6W iOArtW
Women's Dresses
Selling formerly up
now000: $24.75
Finest Cloth Costs
Selling formerly up
now125*.. $74.75
Finest Dresses
Selling formerly up
to $60.50. ?QO CA
?d Flwwr.
$5.00 English Longcloth,
3(1 inch English Ix>ngeloth, a fine
chamois finish quality; full 12
yards In each piece.
$5.75 English Nainsook,
36-inch English Nainsook, a soft
finish quality, for lingerie; full 12
yards In each piece.
45c White Indian Head,
Genuine Indian Head 27 Inches
wide, a heavy linen finish grade,
for general use.
89c White Voile, 48c
40-inch White Chiffon Voile, an
extra fine, sheer, two-ply quality
with beautiful mercerized finish,
for waists and dresses.
75c White Poplin, 49c
30-Inch White Yarn Mercerized
Toplin, a heavy firm, rich, lustrous
75c White Waistings, 49c
30 and 40-inch White Novelty
Voile Waistings. in plaids, stripe
and broken checks; extra fine sheer
two-ply quality.
59c White Batiste, 39c
40-Inch White Batiste, a fine
sheer, soft finish grade, for dainty
waists and dresses.
50c Pajama Checks, 38c
36-Inch White Jajama Checks, a
close woven, soft finish quality, for
69c White Crepe, 48c
36-Inch White Box i/oom Crepe
a very fine soft finish material,
used extensively for lingerie.
39c Towels?Special
at 26c Each
Cotton Absorbent and Fancy
Hack Towels, suitable for hand,
face or bath use; firm woven and
serviceable. Only 70 dozen in the
lot?and they'll go out quickly at
this lowered price.
r.?ldnben'??Pint Flftor.
$12.95 Part-Wool
Blankets, $9.75
Fine Grade Blankets that con
tain 60 and 05 per cent wool;
large double-bed size; In white or
gray with blue or pink borders;
ii? well as plaids of blue, tan, pink
and gray. Only a limited quantity.
$10.00 Satine
Comforts, $6.85
Extra Fine Grade Satlne-covered
Comforts, scroll-stitched quilting
In blue, pink, green, gold and red;
floral and Persian designs; filled
with soft fluffy white cotton.
(inUfShfrs'a?Fourth Floor.
$1.35 Yard-Wide Fancy
Linings, 98c Yard
Highly mercerized. satin-like
finish, in fancy printed designs,
representing discontinued patterns
we want to close out before inven
tory. Superior quality lining*?
one yard wide.
50c Percaline, 29c
Yard-wide French Percaline, In
pink; only a limited quantity.
85c Satine, 69c
Satine Lining. In black only;
soft finish quality, for skirts, etc.
Men's $1.79 Sweaters,
Men's Oxford Gray Coat Sweat
ers. V neck style, with two pock
ets; mostly all sizes.
Men's $3.00 Union Suits,
Men's Cotton Union Suits, ecru
and silver gray; made with closed
crotch: broken lots of high grade
Men's $2.75 Underwear,
Men's Winsted Mills Underwear,
wool mixtures, natural gray color,
heavy-weight; regular and stout
Men's $2.00 Underwear,
Men's Heavy-weight Springtex
Worsted-finished Ribbed Under
wear; shirts and drawers to
match; mostly all sizes.
Men's $3 Coat Sweaters,
Men's Coat Sweaters. made
with roll collars; twe pocket*;
mostly in maroon color.
Men's $2.50 Underwear,
Men's Medium-weight Worsted
Mixed Underwear, stuttgart finish;
slightly soiled from display; brok
en sizes.
Up to $12.00 Men's
Sweaters, $6.79
Men's Heavy Rope Stitch
Sweaters, made with full roll col
lar. Rockwood and Notalr make;
maroon and Oxford gray. Only 14
In the lot.
Men's Wool Gloves
Clearance of all Men's Warm
Wool Gloves, in black, gray and
navy blue.
Regular $1.00 and $1.25
?aloes at 69c.
Regular $1.50 values at
Men's 30c and 35c Hose,
Men's Half Hose, In black and
plain colors: fine quality light
weight maco cotton; made with
no-rlp cuffs; subject to slight lm
$11 Beaver Fur Cloth,
50 Inch neaver Fur Cloth. In the
new snd stylish novrtty effect;
very fashionable for coats, scarfs
and throws.
Wool-Finish Blankets
At Lowered Prices
If you require sddltlonal bedwear for the rest of the severe
winter weather ahead, this sale affords the opportunity desired to
purchase supplies way below prevailing costs.
The sale offers choice of large doublebed size Blankets, In
white, tan nnd grsy with fancy borders, also pretty plaid comblna
tlons In soft tone shndes of blue, pink, tan or gray, They have the
appearance and "feel" of wool blankets. Two groups?at these re
Group One?
Usual $5 00
Value* at
Group Two
Usual $7 00
Values at. . . .
Jl-75 Cbstume Velveteen,
Colored Costume Velveteen, an
extra fine chiffon finish grade, the
superior Worral dys; full 21
Inches wide. In navy blue, plum,
Russian green, burgundy, taupe,
25c Huck Towels, 16c
Hemmed Huck Towels, with fast
color red border; suitable for hand
or side towels. Pre-lnventory
Sale price, 16c.
Men's $1.89 Heavy
Weight Underwear
at $1.29
A clearance lot of men's un
derwear that offers unususl
savings on garments of worthy
quality. Included are heavy
weight natural gray and mixed
undergarments?shirts with fist
welted neck, drawers made with
full reinforced seat. Our regu
lar I1.K9 numbers, repriced for
final dispersal tomorrow at
fl.IB a garment.
Pearl Necklaces at 48c ,
Pearl Necklaces, graduated style.
24-Inch lengths; good quality wax
filled pesrl beads; with gold filled
clasp. tieMesbergWFlret Floor.
Bag Frames at $1.00
Bag Frames. Oxydized silver ef
fects, In embossed and applied de
signs mostly popular sizes and
wanted shapes.
First Fltsr.
29c Pin Sets, 16c
Gold-filled Pin Sets, three inset;
substantially made; guaranteed to
wear. Dainty designs in Roman
gold finish. ?
50c Percales, 38c
36-Inch Pcrcales. light and dark
grounds, in stripes, checks, dots
and neat figures. A fine, high
count quality for making men's
and boys' shirts, women's and
children's garments.
50c Romper Cloth. 39c
27-Inch Romper Cloth, a heavy
close-woven fabric, for making
boys' suits and women's house
dresses. In stripes, checks and
plain colors, in light and dark ef
50c Domet Flannel, 37c
27-inch Bleached Domet Flannel,
a heavy, double-fleeced quality,
for winter garments. ?
Apron Ginghams, 22c
Standard Apron Ginghams, in all
size blue, brown and green
checks. Warranted fast colors.
35c Outing Flannels. 28c
27-lnch Outing Flannels, light
grounds, in neat stripes and
checks; a heavy, double-fleeced
27-lnch DressGinghams
Regular 40c Value at
A very g.ood serviceable
grade for making house dresses
and children'* tub frocks?
and women with an eye to real
economy should not miss this
chance to supply their needs at
the considerable savings offered
27 inches wide, in an excel
lent assortment of plaids, stripes
and checks?every yard war
ranted fast color. Special tomor
row at only 29c a yard.
$3.50 Bleached Sheets,
81x90 Scalloped Seamless Bleach
ed Sheets, a superior quality: full
double bed size.
45c Bleached Cotton, 33c
30 inch Bleached Cotton, a tine
close woven grade, free from
$1.89 Bleached Sheets,
54x90 Seamless Bleached Sheets,
extra length; for single beds;
hoavy firm woven quality.
$3.50 Bedspreads, $2.69
80x90 White Dimity Bedspreads,
double bed size; with neat seer
sucker stripes.
$5.00 Bedspreads, $3.98
Crochet Bedspreads, heavy raised
Marseiles designs, full double bed
$3.50 Satin Messaline,
3<Vineh Block Satin Messallnes,
a superior high grade, extra fine
$1.50 Silk Poplin, $1.19
36-inch Corered Faille Silk Pop
lin, rich lustrous qualify, extra
heavy grade, in a large assortment
of wanted shades.
$4 Satin Messaline, $2.98
40 Inch Navy Blue Satin Messa
line. extra heavy grade, pure silk,
guaranteed to give entire satlsrac
$3 Chiffon Taffeta, $2.49
<16-lnch rhlffon Taffeta Silk, the
new stylish changeable effects. In
a large assortment of rich color
$4.50 All-Wool Tricotine,
50 Inch All Wool Tricotine. the
most popular material for suits
and dresses. In navy blun and
wsnted shades
All-Wool Poplin, $3.19
51 inch All Wool Poplin, the
correct weight snd texture for
one-piece dresses and tailored
suits and skirts: navy blue, block
and wanted shades. ?

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