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PAH1S. Feb 5.?Two iplw today
.r? to par the death I>?n?lly They
-rc t former Aulrlto ofAier named
i'unck and a German atfenl named
l<i'Uta Ouaapare.
It waa proved that Kunck iat? the
'??rinaita information aa to 'he points
tvhare the ahella from tha Germans'
til* Bertha" fell In Parla and en
abled tha Germans to make r?cttllca~
llona la their alji.
v Guaaparo waa a pupil In a school
(or apylng at Freiburg, Grand I>uchy
of Baden.
j Girls! A mass of long, thick,
gleamy tresses.
Let "Danderine" save your hair
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60 Doim,
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Should Hare
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I which you like the most, causes
If E ART BURN, BLOATING, and the food
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.1 you tie not iltiifhicd ?itL thun. J
Beresford Tribute of U. S. to
English Seamen, Indorsed by
Sims, Silently Moves.
NEW YORK. Feb ' 2.- America s
tribute to British merchant setnn n In
nc more. The world-wide fund, to
which the United SUtei was to con
tribute *50.000.000. to be sent on a
battleship and presented to Kins
George, has vanished Into the ether.
No official announcement was made
of the passing of the vast venture, to
whlchxthe New York American di
rected public attention two months
?*o. No solemn ceremony marked
Its last moments, though Admiral
William S. 81ms was Its honorary
? president, and a host of other nota
bles were associate d with him.
The only mourner that could be
found was the manager of the Photo
craft Company, and hi* grief was
purely financial, for lie explained:
"They owe me $60 for taking pic
tures of'Admiral Sims' letters and
President Wilson's statementa of ap
proval and a lot of other hlffh-clasa
work. They seein to owe everybody, i
"Even the flairmaker who made
the British and American banners tor I
them can't get his money, though
they said Admiral Sims was going to
pay for the British flag. I don't know
where they have moved to or what
has become of them or any part of It,
though I've written my head off."
Slleatly \ seated.
The palatial offices occupying an
entire floor of the Frances Building
arc vacant. The tenants had moved
quietly away, the building superin
tendent said, and the. names of Ad
miral Sims and William H. Apple
ton, chairman, were rubbed from the
door. The last person to quit was a
negro porter, who was said to have
be?o a steady visitor in the declining
days of the Tribute s activity.
The Tribute paid rental at the rate
of $20,000 a year., but after a few
months obtained a 'modification of its
lease which permitted it to quit at
wlH. The building superintendent
could give no clue to the present
whereabouts of Francis H. Deane,
the Held secretary and office man
ager, or to any other officials of the
organization. He could not tell where
the expensive furniture and other
equipment had been t^ken.
When District Attorney Swann
stopped the Tribute collecting any
more money in this county, Secretary
IJeane said there was about 1300 on
deposit from Americans and about
*32.000 cabled from Great Britain,
where Chairman Appleton was in
He defined the object of the cam
paign as tho raising of $50,000,000
to be presented to King George for
the relief of the families of British
seamen, outside military service, who
| had lost their lives and property
j through Germany's submarine ac
| tlvliy. No provision was to be made
from the fund, it was explained, for
American seamen or their families.
PmceM^r Active.
Assistant District JVttorncy Kilroe
Investigated tho organization afer
the New York American outlined lt^
activities and forbade the collection
of more money, without permission
from the prosecutor's office. Secre
tary Deane promised that the orde.
would "be obeyed.
It had been planned to start the
$50,000,000 drive in this city, trith
the Prince of Wales, who was then
in tho country, acting as the acceler
ator at a great bazaar. But prema
I ture publicity, coupled with the. feel
, ing developed against Great Britain
as a result of the League of Nat.ons,
was said to have prevented this plan.
The movement was initiated In
England by the late Lord Beresfsrd
and carried to America by Captain
Tupper, a British propagandist. Wil
liam H. Appleton organized the drive
here, with Admiral Pirn's approval.
The New York World editorially in
dorsed the plan.
Among the literature circulated by
the fund is a booklet containing let
ters in fac-simile. from John W.
Davis, the American ambassador to
| the court of St. James, and two from
' Admiral Sims. In one letter, the Ad
miral accepts the office of Honorary
Chairman and expresses his sympathy
with the cause. In the other so>it
through Lieutenant Commander W. A.
Edwards, he asks that Chairman Ap
pleton purchase a suitable flag and
send the bill to him.
President Wilson and Secretary of
War Baker were also credited with
letters expressing commendation of
the work of the British seamen, but
asking to be excused from Indorsing
any particular organization's work.
Copies of cablegrams from Great
Britain indicated that many thou
ands of dollars were contributed
abroad to the American fund.
A mass meeting for all the women
and girls In the city will be held In
the auditorium of the Interior De
partment, Eighteenth and F streets,
at * o'clock. February J5. under the
auspices of the Girls' Friendly So
ciety. This is the second of a series
of three meetings arranged by the
Washington Alumnae of the National
Cathedral School, the pnrpose of
which Is to give Washington women
an opportunity to hear prominent men
discuss current topics.
Secretary of the Interior Lane, who
addressed the first meeting held In
Epiphany Hall, offered the girls the
use of the auditorium In the Interior
Department Building for all future
Work on the new building for the
City Clob Is expected to begin in
March, and this week the members
are paying the balance of the Initia
tion >of $100 dollars, which was de
ferred until the club was ready to
begin work on the erection of the
club house on O street.
Last week Charles W. Semmes.
chairman of the committee on appli
cations, sent out a communication to
all members calling attention to the
fact that there were then about fort*
vacancies on the active Hat, created
by transferring eight-five active mem
bers to,the life membership llgt.
Rlshop George Homney. of the Mor
mon Church and a p oneer resident
of Utah, died after a long Illness. He
wan borr In England eighty nine
?ear- ' n<! ?.jit. n America In
The New
Wool Dress
Goods For
Spring Wear
Your own individuality
may be becomingly express
ed in garments fashioned by
your own finger*, or in
accordance with your own
idea*. The new woolen ma
terials are of a marvelous
richness and beauty?these
are among the recent arri
The New Spring Silk and
Wool Poplins, Yd., $2.98
Fresh and crisp, just out
of their wrappings?always
popular, becaust- .so very
serviceable. For dresses an*!
separate skirts. 40 inches
wide. Colors include?white.
Team, tan, old rose, gray,
brown, green. pink, navy,"
delft blue and black.
The New Spring Black
and White Plaidv
Yard, $6.60
These are 54 inches wide
?all wool and come in a
variety of broken plaids and
block effect*. Extremely
stylish for separate .skirts?
to be made either plain or
The New Spring Fine /
Tricotine, Yard, $7.50
We doubt if there is a
higher grade All-wool 54
Inch Navy Blue Tricotine
on the market Certainly
not if we base our opinion
on comparisons. This fine
high grade fabric tai'o-s
well. Made of Australian
Wool. Fine for suits and
separate skirts.
The New Spring Navy
Blue Serge, Yard, $6.00
This Serge has the much
wanted poiret twill. Quite a
distinctive advantage when
you consider that this high
grade Navy Blue Poiret
Serge will give excellent
service and will not wear
?glonsy and is aotf*erashable.
"Full 64 inches wide.
TkIN Klxr?l,iukar(b St Br*.
Little Things
W> ait all abutted bv
Ihr Ilitlf Ulaga In life.
The mile tliintta In lif.
mount up like coral
leefs. and on these
mid-ocean barriers of
Ufa men wreck them
It is from the little
thlnirs that we form
our hablts-^our soul
dwarfing practices.
In all the history of
Man, it has been found
raster to battle aaalnst
big odds then a?aip?t
little things. Uonir aso
we subdued the mam
moth. but we are still
flKhtlnic microbes.
It 1s comparatively
easy to hold back thai
huKe thlnits In life-'
to cope with the unl
rniil brain. The hun
ter can kill the tiger,
but he fails to hit the
insect that poisons and
kills. Years <uto the
frontier farmer drove
the buffalo back, but
he could not flaht off
the grasshopper.
Little things like the
t ?arteelea are what
Interesting News of
Newly Created
? *
Spring Suits
for women and misses
Some Very Special Values
for Tomorrow's Selling
29c Curtain Scrim,
19c Yard
Colored bdHers, offered in a
large variety of Colors and de
signs. Remarkable value.
Pretty Cretonne,
29c Yard
Every yard in this reason's
newest and most desired color*,
and unusual variety.
$2.49 Curtains,
$1.39 Pair
Fine Scrim, Nottingham and
Marquisette Curtains; slightly
imperfect, but arery pair de
sirable. ?
Kanrth Flaer?Lmkanili A Bra.
Dirterent, exclusive and exceedingly smart in
appearance. Anticipating a tailored vogue in models of
versatility and revealing new and individual types are
these first Suits for spring of
A Timely Opportunity Sale of
Stenciled Grass Rugs
It is always the desire of every housewife to
brighten up the home for spring, these attractive
Rugs will add a touch of newness to any room. We
secured them at a very low price, and will share the
savings with our patrons.
There are numerous patterns to choose from
combination color effects and artistic border de
signs; extra fine ciuality and heavy weight. Choice
of Deltox Crex, Herringbone, Marie Antoinette and
Crex de Luxe weaves.
Size, 36x72 inches; value, $4.95, each, $2.45
Size, 4,/2x7i/2 feet; value, $8.45, each.'. .$5.75
Size, 6x9 feet; value, $13.45, each $7.75
Feirtk Fleer?l-aaxbarKh a Bra.
Navy Blue Serge x
and Tricotine
Modes expressed in short Eton or bolero jackets,
and longer coats in straightline effects, belted or belt
less?and including models with vestees. Some have numer
ous buttons for adornment, others are braided and em
broidered. You'll find them exceedingly becoming?far super
ior to the general run of Suits at these moderate prices?
Everywhere a touch of ghstiness is seen, whether it
is in the straw itself or in the trimming of these
S2.50 and $3.00 Values
Featured at
CORSETS, made of fine coutil
irxi batiste, in medium and low
bust styles. All with hose sup
porters. Sites 19 to 28 only.
As for shapes they run the whole gamut
of form and size. They may be secured in
the extremely, large shape, down to the
close-fitting hat. The popular roll-of-thp-face
holds a prominent place in this collection. Every
conceit of the spring season is cleverly repro
duced?and their likelinesses are not to be du
Trimming expressed in ways
which are different, one
notes flowers, fruits, ostrich
tips and bands, quajnt quills,
glistening cellophane, cire
(stove polish) ribbons, etc.
BRASSIERES, made of all
aver lace, also lace and linon
and embroidery combinations.
Special at $1.5t.
BANDEAUX, in button front
and back styles. In white or
Flesh. Special at 59c and 69c.
You'll agree with us that oar prices are lowest when you
compare the quality of these
Muslin Undergarments
?and we do not mean to brag, but we looked forward
and purchased thousands of these garments nearly a
year ago. That's why we are able to offer them at
such modreate prices.
New Bungalow
Aprons and
?Are ready, and lojm
priced than you expected
them to be ? There are
many kinds and styles and
you can choose to your
utmost satisfaction?three
of the attractive groups?
percale, in pretty plaids and
checks. Button front and
slip-over models; trimmed
with piping and small ruf
fles of contrasting #1 Qr
shades. At ^leJFO
For More than Half a Century-"Lansburgh & Bro. for Silks
Thousands of Yards of
On Sale at Lowered Prices
plaids and checks of fine
quality percale, in sh^-over
and button front models,
with belts and large pock
ets; have solid oolor in con
trast and rick-rack? braid
EES'"?: $2.50
cale, in Kurpliee seek models,
with self or solid colored
collars, trimmed with rick
rack braid, belts QP
ind pockets. Priced.

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