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fltMMI surprise U Hn4ln| your
?kl* so much better In the
Mornlog -*fiw you U>< uMd Poa
Lh? Il|kt before? proves to you
thM In this splendid remedy you
aa uraeat, powerful. valuable
Mtu to akin betterment.
Foalain relieves akin ugaravaiiun
MkM your torturod body happy and
ail tbla with tha utmoat ea?e
astonishing rapidity. Let It be
Via rtarkt sow?today?to help your
?kin became what It should be
cInlt and free from aruptlonal die
bold everywhere For free sample
writ* to EnMrftncy laboratories.
JU Woat ?*h St. New Tork City.
PsalMI Map, madlcatad with Poa
lam, brightens. beautifies complex
ton a. ' '
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications, take
The purified And refined
calomel tablets that are
nauaealeM, safe Knew
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed package*
Price 35c.
Don't Spoil a Good
Meal With a Bad
It Is really a pitiful night to see so
many thousands of people worrying
about what they can eat and what
thay can't eat.
Dyspeptics, they call themselves,
but they stretch tha Imagination
<R hen they do It.
All these people naed to make them
healthy, cheerful and of sound appe
tite is a box of Mi O-Na Tablets.
The stomach of a dyspeptic la over
worked and run down. It needs help
to digest the food, but more than that
It needs a prescription that will
cleanse, renovate, atrengthen and put
elasticity into the stomach walls.
Ml-O-Na is the prescription that will
do this and do It ao promptly that
you'll wonder why you didn't try It
It stops belching of gas and dis
tress after eating in Ave minutes. It
is undoubtedly the greatest stomach
tonic ever given to the public by a
specialist in stomach diseases.
Leading druggists everywhere and
People's Drug Stores sell Ml-O-Na for
HO cents a large mox on the money
back plan.
Knda Catarrh or money back. Joat
breathe It In. Outfit Including Inhalac
U-U. Extra bottles Mo. Druggist*.
There Was Nothing So Good
for Congestion and Colds
as Mustard
But the old-fashioned mustard
plaster burned and blistered while it
acted. Get the relief and help that
muatard plasters gave, without the
piaster and without the blister.
Musterole does it It is a clean,
white ointment, made with oil of mus
tard. It is scientifically prepared, so
that it works wonders, and yet does
not blister the tenderest skin.
Gently massage Musterole in with the
finger-tips. See how quickly it brings re
lief?how speedily the pain disappears
Use Musterole for sore throat, bron
chitis, tonsiliti* croup, stiff neck,
asthma, neuralgia, headache, conges
tion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago,
pains and acbea of the back or joints,
sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chil
blains. frosted feet, colds of the chest
(it often prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c jars; hospi il e $2.50,
Soldiers Charge Jeering Dublin
Crowd*?Sinn Feiners Raid
Polioe Station in Capital.
LONDON. Feb. 8.?iMIVtd activity
by the British military authorities
at Dublin. during which the soldiers
charged a crowd and bayonetted a
boy. waa reported from the Irish
capital today.
Army trucks, bearing eoldlara.
passed through tha streets of Dublin
during tha early part of the night
Crowds jeered the troops and the
soldiers alighted and made a bayonet
charge. It was then that a boy was
attacked and stabbed. Later on the
soldiers again charged the crowds
with Axed bayonets several times.
In retaliation for the widespread
raids on Saturday. Sinn Kelners at
tacked the principal police depot at
Dublin and seised a large quantity
of arma.
Vigorous demands are being made |
by the Sinn Kelners for the releaae of
Lord Mayor Kelly of Dublin, and Its
Is expected that he will be liberated
this week.
Viscount French, governor general
of Ireland, has arrived here. He Is
expected to participate In Important
conferences at Downing street on the
Irish situation.
DULIN, Feb. 3.?The municipal
council h&.? decided to remove the
chairman of the pensions to soldiers
committee, despite the protests of Dr.
MacWalisr, Unionist The latter was
shouted down with cries of "You se"t
the men to get disabled!"
The council had previously allow
ed the seating of Mrs. Wyse Pow?r,
who had been denied her seat at the
Initial meeting the council because
she refused to sign the roll except In
Councilor Daly laid on the table a
motion demanding a passport for
James Larkin, under arrest in New
York on a charge of criminal anarchy,
to enable him to see his wife and
The American consul at Dublin re
ports that the authorities there de
nied published statements that 2.000
rifles of American manufacture had
been recently landed on the coast of
county Clare.
The consul's report has Just reach
ed the State Department here.
PROVES TO BE $9,427,000
Millionaire Yawkey's Will Disclose*
Dum Rumor Ratpd Him
Too High.
NEW YORK. Feb. 3.?William
Hoover Yawkey, owner of timber and
mining lands in the West, who died
March B, 1010, at Augusta. Ra.. left
a gross estate of $9,427,400 and a net
estate of $8,983,567. according to the
report of the State transfer tax ap
praiser. Heretofore, previous esti
mates of Yawkey's fortune ran as
high as $50,000,000. Detroit baseball
stock comprised $113,013 of the es
Thomas Austin Yawkey. adopted
son and nephew of the testator, of
Tarrytown, N. Y., will receive $3,408.
650. Mrs. Margaret A. Yawkey,
widow, receives $750,000.
NEW YORK, Feb. 3.?The American
Commercial Association to promote
trade with Russia has been organ
ized by more than a hundred repre
| sentatives of American business Arms.
, At a meting here the executive com
mittee was directed to start man
damus proceedings in the Federal
courts if Secretary of State I^anslng
continued to refuse permission for
resumption of commerce with Russl*.
A resolution unanimously adopted
declared Russia offered a unique op
portunity for American commcrclal
enterprise and technical skill. Set
ting forth the purposes of the new
organization, the resolution said It
was "organized by American business
men for the purpose of re-establish
ing friendly and direct trade relations
with Russia with which we are not
and have never bene at war."
Congressman Stuart F. Reed, of
West Virginia, will talk on the work
done by the Prisoners* Relief Society,
and discuss the Improvements that
can be made in the management of
the District government penal Insti
tutions, at the Church of the Coven
ant, Connecticut avenue and N street
northwest, Thursday evening at 8
Mr. Reed has kept In touch with the
work of the Prisoners' Relief Society
ever since It was founded, and has had
much to do with the success of the
Dr. K. E. Diidding, president of the
society, will also deliver a few brief
A Dental Service That Satisfies
Quality, reliability, Krrvire and moderate prirro have gained
the confidence of my ever-growing number of patient*.
It ia no longer neceaitary to pay high price* for dentintry?
?pwitlitrd dental work haa made it poaaible for me to charge a
very moderate fee.
a ^ i Set of Teeth... .$5.00 up
J) K Filling* 75c Op
^T?TrM^rT^W^''ver 80c up
(<jL^0iPJ.ALLL Hj Gold Crown*, per tooth,
S. W. Corner 7th and E Streeta N. W.
(Over Kresgee) Entrance 434 7th St N. W.
New Freach President
Sijs America FovmM
Upoo Greatest Meals
NIW TOR It, F*b. 3.?Th*
"changing tides of politic* cuxil
alf*ct thai which has a great
ld?*l (or It* foundation," Paul
I>aachan?l, president-elect of
Franc*. declared In a (reeling to
Amarloa aant to the French high
commission bar* today. IL
Daechanel, who b*com*a presi
dent of Franc* on February IB,
"Throughout the crlaU In which
humanity** age long atrlka for
liberty and Justice waa on the
verge of collapee. American dem
ocracy hae remained the cham
pion of the moat noble cauae.
Together we may now face the
future with confidence."
Lieuts. Usher and Wolf Arrested
After Forced Landing
In Sonora.
DOUGLAS, Aria., Fab. X?Lieuten
ant Usher and Lieutenant Wolf, avia
tors, flying from El Paso to Nogale*,
Arts., made a forced landing j-eater
day near Nacoxarl, Sonora. seventy
nine miles aouth of Douglas. They
are reported to be held by the munici
pal authorities of Nacoaaxl.
lieutenants Usher and Wolf both
are members of the Twelfth aero
squadron. Fort Bliss, Texas. It Is re
ported they mistook the Nacoxarl
railway leading aouth from here for
the railroad leading south from Fair
bank, about forty miles west of
Douglas to Nogales.
Eighty-live miles aouth of Douglaa
the plane developed engine trouble
and the men were forced to land. In
deacendlng one plane of their ma
chine la reported to have been dam
aged badly.
The two men reached Nacoxarl at 2
o'clock and were at once placed under
technical arrest, being taken to the
office of Preaidentc Municipal Fran
ciaco M. Persia and detained there
until the presldente should be able to
get Instructions as to what dtaposi
tlon to make of them.
Btitni to Death in New York Apart
ment?Man Who Visited
Her Sought.
NEW YORK, Feb. 3.?Polic* and
detectives ware searching New York
today for a short man of dark com
plexion and evil countenance, who,
they are certain, brutally beat to
death Miss Renee Hoxie. seventeen.
In her father's apartment late yes
Miss Hoxle's body, partially clothed,
waa found, the head crushed by
blows. Neighbors had seen a man
enter the house two hours previous
ly, supposedly In answer to a
' room for rent." advertisement.
Indications were the man had killed
the girl in a hallway and had car
ried her body to an adjoining room.
Miss Hoxie came here with her
father from New Haven, Conn., re
Soldiers and Police Seize FiTe Army
Trucks of Literatnre and
BERLIN. Feb. 3.?More than 100 al
leged Bolsheviks have been arrested
Ir. a series of raids In Berlin suburbs
during the past forty-eight hours.
In one raid soldiers and police
seised five army truck loads of litera
ture and fighting materials.
ROCKVILLK, Md? Feb. 3.?The Rev.
P. Rowland Wagner, pastor of the
Baptist Church, officiated at the mar
riage here yesterday of Miss Irene
Hill and Edwin J. Blush, both of
Other couples married here within
the last few days were Miss Dorothy
K. Hamlin, of Mcl/can, Va., and
Maurice Keys, of Washington, by the
Rev. O. C. Barnes, pastor of the
Christian Church, and Miss Barbara
Ellen Walton and Edgar Witt Ham
ilton, Jr., both of Roanoke, Va., by
the Rev. J. W. Duffey, pastor of the
Methodist Church.
Sheriff George E. Nicholson has ap
pointed Harry 8. Brown and Jesse
Meads deputy sheriffs for Olney and
Rockvllle districts, respectively.
Miss Mary E. Lelshear, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Lelshear, of
Brookevllle, and Mehrle B. Warfleld.
of Damascus, were married a few
days ago at the home of the bride,
the Rev. Frank J. Bohanan. rector
of the Episcopal Church at Brooke
vllle, performing the ceremony.
A llccnse has been Issued by th*
clerk of the circuit court here for the
marriage of Miss Alice Hilda Kinna
and Raymond Perry Price, both of
The purchase of 17,000 caskets at
a cost of $1,104,60S, to b* used for
the return of army dead from Europe
has been completed by th* War De
partment. The manufacturers war*
Instructed to expedite deliveries.
The department mad* public a com
munication from a committee of the
Casket Manufacturer*' Association of
America condemning "any plan for
the general retom of the bodies as
impractical, expensive and unsstls
Report Bolshevik Forces Hsve
Surrounded Vladivostok.
Would Hinder Departure.
War Department officials wera to
day qerloualy concerned over report*
that tbe Bolshevik armlea hare i?ula
ted Y ladl? ostok. and were apprehen
sive last thta would seriously delay
the evacuation of the American troopa
In Siberia. Official reports a* to con
ditions were anxloualy awaited.
If the Bolahevlka have aa complete
ly aurrounded Vladivostok aa they are
reported to have, then It Is believed
here that American and Czecho
slovak troops will either have to
flfht their way through or will be
mn mtt trtm lk? ytrt ?| luirun r?r
k lM| |wrl?4.
The War department la concerned
leal the Isolation of Vladivostok may
iiicau battle between American troopa
and the 3olahevtka, (or thay pointed
out that tha troopa which ara draw
la* toward Vladlvoatok ara Dot prop
erly equipped to give ball)*, but ara
practically prepared for debarkation.
Advice* aa to Jual how many troopa
have alraady reached Vladlvoatok ara
mcafir, and It waa atatad today that
It may ba that a largo part of tha
Amarlcan troopa hava alraady b?an
concentrated in tha port, and If thara
ara but ? faw laft in the Interior
they may be routed acroaa country to
aome other port.
Rear Admiral Harry 8. Knapp. who
auccaoded Admiral Blme aa the high
eat ranking officer of tha American
navy at London. haa been promoted
to the rank of vice admiral.
The promotion of Admiral Knapp
la due to the effective work he did
on the other aide. It la not unlikely
that when the peace treaty la out of
the way the ahlpa of Admiral Knapp'a
command will be conalderably ln
KUyi Attempt la Make It Appear
Food A4nlil(trt(w Kep?
Prices Dm*.
Propaganda la being spread aver
the country to help Herbert Hoovsr'a
Presidential aspirations. by making
H appear that ha* u Food A dm la ?
trator kept the coet of living down.
Henator Uronna. of North Dakota,
declared to the Henate. Uronna pro
tested agalnat the propaganda
He aald Jullua Barnes, bead ef the
grain corporation, haa atated there
la urgent need for cars to bring
wheat from the northweat to the mar
"If w* were to give our wheat ts
the millers, the conaumer would not
get bread 2 cents a loaf cheaper,"
said Oronna. "I object to such prop
ganda being spread by Government
officials and grain gamblers Lei's
get rid of all this Qovernment Infer
ence and let Mr. Barnea go back to
hla private business.
$20,000 Stock of Case Goods From the Wholesale
Houm of N. R Shea, Retiring From Bvmmm
920 Pa. Ave. N. W.
Wednesday, Feby. 4,1920
Commencing 10 A. M.
Also 2 lj4-Ton White Auto Trucks, 12 o'clock noon.
Grocer*, Hotels, Boarding Howes and Private Bayers Invited.
Open 9:15 a.m.; Close 8 p.m.
Some aay that women
are more CURIOUS
than men. and ba<-k of
Ihls ancient Kibe there
is a very blr COMPU
As a rule, find bv na
ture a woman Is THRIF
TY. She knows the
value of a dollar, and
?he will take time and
go out of her wav to
save a dollar. "HK
Some mav call this
talent "curiosity," but It
is not: It U commercial
cleverness. Manv men
buy In a hurry and re
pent at leisure. They
rush In to a shop, pay
the price and rush out
A woman's "curiosity,"
If you call It this, leads
lier eyea over the adver
tising columns of a
newspaper with ORKAT
CY. Then her "curiosi
ty "takes her to the
store, and nine times out
of ten she buys to the
This word "curloel
ty"?this so-called
"shopping" Instinct of
women?proves a tre
mendous advantage In
these times.
Men?An "Old-Time" Bargain
Sale of 50 Dozen
Muslin Night Shirts
Actually lower than the wholesale cost of today?
but our manufacturer has shipped us this lot at this late
date. They were ordered last April at the then pre
vailing low price for September delivery?and bo we are
enabled to offer them to you now at the old price, a most at
tractive one ind<rd.
They are full cut and come in sizes 15 to 20?V neck
?tyle, three button fronts and trimmed with pink, blue and
white wash braid. No mail or phone orders. None- C. O. D.
Flrart Via
-Unkirck Jk Br*.
Our Surgical Table
The most scientific method of fitting many types of
figures is in a reclining position. This insures that all
the organs are in their normal places, as in a state of
rest?and enables the corset hygienist to compare the
tendencies of the figure standing and sitting with its
natural line reclining. In this way she can both diag
nose the figure's needs, and fit it must accurately.
This Is why we Include a Surrlcal Table in our corset
fitting eaulriment. In addition, the service# of an expert
rorset hvglenleat?a graduate of the Nemo-Hygienic
Kashlon Institute of New York?are always available for
consultation or fitting.
Third FlMr?Uukintk * Bra.
Small Sums Will Do Great Things Here in Selecting
Undergarments for Large Women
Real pleasure and satisfaction is experienced by fully
developed wotnen who choose their undergarments here.
Many new and unusual designs and the fine quality of ma
terials and trimmings.
Every garment contains just the right amount of material,
made especially for large women.
PETTICOATS at $1.50? In full extra sizes, made of
good quality muslin with neat embroidery ruffles.
ENVELOPE CHEMISE at $2.95? In extra sizes and
made of good quality nainsook with lace trimmed yoke.
and $2.95?In full extra
sizes, made of fine qual
ity muslin and cambric
with deep embroidery
$3.95, $4.95 and $5.95
?Made of cambric with
lace and fine embroidery
trimmed ruffles.
$2.50, $3.50 and $3.95
?In slip-over models.
Embroidery and lace
trimming, others with
hand embroidery.
$1.50, $1.95 and $2.25
?In extra sizes, made of
fine quality nainsook, lace
and embroidery trimmed. |
Tklrtf n?f UMfcurgh * Br*.
Have You Seen These Pretty New
If not?come and see what a variety of becom
ing styles we offer. Every Kimono is finely made of
serviceable materials. You will like them, and will
wear them often.
Long Kimono*, $2.95
Made of fleecedown flannel in
floral effects. A variety of colors.
lielted and semi-fitted models.
Long Kimono*, $4 95
Of Imported Japanese Crepe in
solid colors. All hand embroidered.
Long Kimono*, $3.95
Of Serpentine Crepe in solid and
fancy effects, ribbon trimmed, belted
and accordion plaited.
Long Kimono*, $2.95
In Extra Sizes of Serpentine Crepe
In solid colors.
Long Kimono*, $4.95
Of Box Ix>om Crepe in solid colors.
semi-fitted. Large collar finishes
with satin ribbon. Ia extra sine*.
Tktrt FlMr?laaatarfk A Br*.
$2.25, $2.95 and $3.50
?Of good quality mus
lin, high and V necks,
long sleeve trimmed with
fine embroidery insertions
and edges.
SKIRTS at 95c, $1.25
and $1 .50?Made of good
quality muslin with dainty
embroidery iiiffi&j.
Notion Day
Here's a little list of
every day needfuls on
which you can save?
FASTENERS in all siees,
black and white, 5 dozen
for 12c.
widths size 1 and 2, 3
pieces for 10c.
good quality, 12 in box
for 50c.
in all good shades and as
sorted lengths, piece, 15c.
sizes, box, 22c.
SHEETING, good quality,
piece, 29c.
made, 29r.
PINS In plain and col
ored, 10c.
Ftrat PlMr?Usakarck
A Sr*.
I I I I I I I ? II I I I II I H I I I I I I I I I H I I I I I I II I I I I ? I I I H
Spring Millinery
.. ?
Featured for Wednesday
$7.50 $10 $12.50 i
Satin and Straw?All Straw?Georgette and Straw?
Hairbraid and Straw?Batavia Straws?
- Embroidered Georgette
You cannot view this very smart collection
of varied and exceeding good looking hats
without being surprised at the moderate
Youll find inspiration in the beauty that this
showing reveals and be delighted with the
choice of models offered for immediate and
Spring wear. The new trimming effects in
clude glossy cellophane, flowers, fruits, 'os
trich, cire ribbon, etc.
Second Floor?Luabaitrk a Bra.
11111111111n1111ii11111111111111111 n 111 n 111 n
Women's Novelty Glove
Silk Stockings
- $3.50
Most remarkable values for the women who favor this
most popular weave of Silk Hosiery. These are very smart
in appearance, being shown in the popular open work vertical
stripe patterns in black, white and cordovan. Made with properly
reinforced feet of the plain glove silk cloth and finished with double
garter welts of the plain cloth. Buy freely of these values. All
are strictly first quality.
Flrat Flw?UMterxk a Ira.
Women's Smart
Sweaters Reduced
For Clearance
The sweater today is a necessary part of the
Spring and Summer wardrobe, and when they can be
purchased at such savings* it's an opporbinity worth
Ask For Them By Lot Numbers *
I .Of 1S8 Wool Sllp-Orf-rt
size 40, In roae; alt* 88. In
conen. Former price, $5.00;
reduced to *3.*?.
I.Bt ISO?Flbrr Silk Sweat
?r, plain atltch, finished
with a<Ulor collar and aaah,
al*e 42, In yeilow. Former
^rlce, $10.00: reduccd to
U? 871?Finer Silk KwmI
er, In dark krean. flnlahed
with auah and collar of
lighter ahade of green; 1
slip 4f Former price, $20.00;
reduced to *M.(M.
WW?Fiber Silk Sere*!
er, trimmed with aallor collar
and aaah. In sreon and black
romblnntlrtf!; one also 42.
Former price. $11.00; reduced
to *M.M?.
Ul ISl? AU-Sllk Sweater,
In fancy atltch. trimmed
with aallor collar and sarh,
1 each atse 46 of oorn,
magenta, and purpla Former
price, 140.00; reducod to
F1ra< KImi?La
Ut <MS?Nile Circe* Slla
Ovr dwritrwi 1 al*e 3$ and
1 alac 40. Former prlca.
$3.98. reduced to *n.S&.
I,ft K(lO?Fiber Silk Sweat
er. In llg-kt yellnw an* **M?
trimmed? with aallor collar
nn<! faah; 1 elte 46 Former
price $12.00; reduced to
12SS?WmI Iwratrn, In
nlle green with white collar
and naah; ?. sl*e 40, 8 alae 4$,
and 5 alnc 14. Former prica,
$10.00; reduced to *4^S.
Ut N33?Fiber Silk Sweat
er, 1 aixe 46, In ffrpen and
white sorrbinntlon. and 1 ftlae
44, In purple and whit* com
bination: trimmed with sail
or collar and aaah. Former
price, $16.00; reduced to
l?t 4070?Milk Sweater, In
plain atltch. flnlahed with
aallor collar and aaah; 1
each In corn and pink, aim
4fl Former prlc?, *2600: r?
ducej to SIS.oo.
afcargk A Dra.

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