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"Caacareta" act on Liver tad Bowel* without Griping or Shaking you
up?60 Convenient I You wake up with your Head Clear, Complexion Roey,
Breath and Stomach Sweet?No Biliousne**, Headache or Copetipatioo.
Badly HoiyW TmMi Can U Savatf
Hutting It off ? must ? *
pensive; each Us/ that hole X ? At
nil larger, until Anally ?O -
for years. All work dons
by the moit' modern meth
od*. We uae X Hay. Vio
let Hay. lonlntin, Gas
aska Air.
THKHK 18 NO PAIN. X-Kay Mrturea Pre*.
lVraaa ?( faywet to Bait. Ktaaliatlea Krre
LatraaOalilaAttutaMt. Pin* M. U4T
my FAWWe Filling*:
10 $15
$3. $4 and $S
417-441 7th St. I. W.
Bipert Deatlat. 18 yeere' expert
rare. Open Sundays IS A.
_ - M. to
4 P. M. "othrr koara, 8 A. M. to
H P. M. Trsllmontals on requrst.
( antlor?Remrmhrr flte name A address
DANIEL LOUGHRAN CO., Distributor*.
1347 Penna. Ave.
The Link That Binds
Every day more men and women
are finding good paying positions
through the Help Wanted columns
of this paper. They are the links that bind you
to the kind of a position you have long wanted.
Read these ads like a Chinaman, up one
column and down the other. Don't miss an ad.
Your whole future may depend on any one of
tk?a* opportunities offered YOU. If you don't And the
kind of a position you Went today, try tomorrow and
OTOry day until you do. Make a a tart. Turn back and
Read tli* Want Ad* la
Cabinet Member Also Urges In
dustrial Reorganization to
Offset Discontent.
NEW YORK, K?b. 9Secretary of
War linker urged an Industrial reor
ganisation In America In an address
be for* the member* of the Pre* Syna
gogue last night.
"Our civilization must forge ahead,"
he aald, "because we are too young a
people to atand still. We must set
out to follow tha Ideals of our fore
father* gather around our leaders
and sustain them.
"We did unpredictable things dur
ing the war. 80 In the industrial
struggle, we have It In ua to establish
a ]ust civilisation."
Secretary Baker aald that In his
Judgment It was not a question of a
Warn her against cutting oorna
because they can b?
lifted out.
Women wear high heels which
buckle up their toes and thev suf
fer terribly from corns. Women
then proceed to trim these pests,
seeking relief, but they hardly
realise the terrible danger from In
fection, say? a t'liicliinatl authority.
Corns can easily be lifted out
with the fingers If you will get
from any drug store a quarter of
an ounce of a drug called frctzone
This Is sufficient to remove every
hard or soft corn or callus from
one's feet. You simply r.pply a few
drops of freestone directly upon the
tender, aching corn. The soreness
la relieved at once and soon the
entire corn, root and all, lifts out
without psln.
This Is a sticky substance which
dries In a moment. It Just shrivels
up the corn without inflaming or
even irritating the surrounding
tissue or skin. Cut this out and
pin on your wife's dresser.
First Step in Treatment Is a Brisk
PufXative With Catetaha, the
Purified and Refined Calomel
TaMets That Are Name
less, Safe and Sure.
Doctors have found by experience
that no medicine for colds and Influ
enza can be depended upon for full
effectiveness until the liver Is made
thoroughly active. That Is why the
first step in the treatment is the new.
nausealess calomel tablet called Calo
tabs, and which are free from the
sickening and weakening effects of
the old style calomel. Doctors also
point out the fact that an active liver
may go a long way toward preventing
influenza and Is one of the most Im
portant factors In enabling the
patient to successfully withstand an
attack and ward off pneumonia.
One Calotab on the tongue at bed
time, with a swallow of water?that's
all. No salts. 110 nausea, nor the
slightest interference with your eat
ing. pleasure, or work. Next morning
your cold has vanished, your liver Is
active, your system is purified, and
you are feeling fine, with a hearty
appetite for breakfast. Druggists
sell Calotabs only In original sealed
packages, price thirty-five cents. Your
money will be cheerfully refunded if
you do not find them delightful.
l>naMe Its Be*sty! "Q-IVui" I|?Jr Toole
Growea ? Mass of Thick, Urel; lUir,
Hills Dandruff, Tee.
After the first application of "Q
Ban" (pronounced Ku Ban) Hair
Tonic it changcs your plain, dull, half
dead, flat hair to one shimmering
beauty. Your hair soon becomes
abundant, soft, glossy and full of snap
and life. Q-Ban Hair Tonic Dissolves
the scales, dandruff and film of grease
which forms on the scalp and which
soap cannot remove, removes the
dust, dirt and excessive oil from your
hair and scalp. Your hair then quick
ly becomes a mass, so soft ana lus
trous and so pleasant to handle. I>et
Q Ban Hair Tonic put more life, color
and vleor in your hair. The bald
spots soon fill In with new hair, so It
grows long, thick and beautiful. Peo
tle's Drug Stores, Washington. D. C.
irugRlsts or by mall.
particular ??l of woid* or (roup of
phrase* that war* embodied In th?
of ullsu. but the underlying
principle that ?u back of ttoern.
"We have lost bop* but I Iruat Mat
permanently," he added
"We have loal the apirltual leader
ship af tba world. We have abandon
ed the eplrll of Chateau-Thierry and
the Argonne."
Tha Secretary of War aald that the
United tttate* la now paaeing through
tba third af tha critical period* of It*
history. Ha predicted that tha na
tion would emerge from the altuatton
a* It bad In the "glorloua past," whan
oondltlon* equally aa trying followed
In the wake of tha revolutionary and
civil war*.
"The prooleni before ua now I* tha
making of a future for America.'* he
declared. "In making thla future oiir
! inlnd* muat turn to the political, ao
clal and Induatrlal affair* of the day."
Farmer*' and Mechanics' National
Bank To Open New Branch
Tomorrow morning the local branch
of the Parmer* and Mechanic*' Hank
of Heat Pleasant will open. It I* an
nounced. M. Gary McNab. of thl*
town, hm been choaen president, and
William Prooke, Jr? cashier.
Miss Catherine Hereford has been
appointed clerk to Supervisor of
Assessments James H. Hhreve by the
county commissioner*. Mis* Here
ford, who wa* secretary to the selec
tive service draft board, succeed*
| George W. Wilson.
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Peach, of
Pore*t Place, near Mitchellville, were
tendered a surprise a few day* ugo
upon the occasion of their nftleth
wedding annivemary. Th<; affair was
In the nature of a family reunion.
Lorenzo D. Addis, a farmer of Sur
ratts district. Prince Georgia county,
has entered suit In the circuit court
here for absolute divorce from Nida
W. Add In. Desertion 1* cluargi-d.
The bill sets forth that the couple
were married in January, 1M>?, and
on July 18, 1916, according to the bill,
the wife deserted the husband, telling
him that she Would not return. There
are eight children, all of whom re
side with the complainant cxcept the
eldest daughter.
Social service work In Prince
Georges county Is progressing satis
factorily, and the need of the work
[ In the county Is now recognised,
state* a report covering: the work
from July 1. 1010, to December 31.
The report shows that much hu
manitarian work has been accom
plished. Three hundred and thirty
visit* to home and individuals were
made in this period, the report states,
712 letters were written, and talks
were made before eighteen clubs and
community gatherings in interest of
thr work. The report states that ef
forts are being- made to bring about
payment of indebtedness against ths
county by several Washington hof
The Indebtedness amounts to $3,300
and date* back to l?l? The county
commissioners have taken up the
matter, and It Is hoped that the Item
will be Included in the next budget.
The report state* that *455..11 has
been spent In home service and $115
In social service or work dealing with
strictly civilian families. Miss Ferrl
t?r. who i* the county social service
worker, states that $337.60 worth of
lied Cross Christmas seals were sold
In the county.
Two Hundred Killed in Battle at
Nautla, Government Says?Car
ransa Loses Fight.
I ??
MEXICO CITY, Feb. Govern
ment forces under Gen. Guadolupe
Sanchez hnve defeated revolutionists
of the Felix Diaz faction in two bat
tles at Nautla and Jlcaltepec, the
government claims.
Two hundred rebels were killed, the
government stated, including Gens.
Ponoiano Vasquez, Vicente Lopez,
Celso Cepoda. Constantino Gallan, and
Higinio Agullar.
Gen. Gaudencio Delallave. one of
the most important Dlas leaders, was
wounded and taken prisoner. He for
merly was a general in the federal
army and once was governor of the
state of Jalisco. Delallave, the state
ment said, was taken to Vera Cruz
for summary court martial. He prob
ably will be executed, it was believed,
in view of the recent government ac
tion toward the rebel chieftains.
The government's losses in the
battle* were few. It was claimed
A proposition made In the Military
Surgeons' Magazine for courses in
physio-therapy course* In college*
wa* discussed at length at a meet
ing of the Columbia Drugless Physi
cian* Association, held Saturday
nigh at the offlce of Dr. Charles J.
Evans, 818 Fourteenth street Twenty
seven members were present, and sev
eral physicians were elected to mem
Discount Safe of
Leather Goods,
Bags, Trunks, Suitcases
This discount is still in full force,
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goods of all kinds are obtainable at
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BAGS?10 Per Cent IXaeonnt $7.00
to $75.00.
909 F St. N. W. Main 6931.
a( mi O It W. w.
Certificate of Incorporation
Granted By Supreme
Court Judge.
KIW YORK. rtb. ? ?Waary of
being loawd about In tha maelstrom
produced by the stirrings of capital j
on tha on* hand and labor on tha 1
other, a "middle claae union" has been
formed by aome Brooklyn cltliena and
wait today (ranted a certificate of In
corporation by Hupreme Court Justice
The Incorporators hope to see the
"middle class union" crow through
accession of members Into an organ
isation which will be able to protect
the vast majority of the country's
population who belong neither to the
capitalist class nor to labor organ
Organisations of similar character
In Kngland have been reported as
working effectively In preventing
profiteering and the extravagances of
both labor and capital, and In hold
ing down the cost of living.
The Incorporators of the '"middle
class union" who will be Its first di
rectors were: Wijmot L.. Morehouse,
lawyer; Joseph Wolff, lawyer: Na
than I'"rledman. silk dealer: Herman
U. Mendelssohn, merchant, and Gid
eon F. Hall, machinist.
"Any person who considers himself
a member of the 'middle class' may
become a member," sald#Wolff today.
"By 'middle class' we mean that part
of the Intelligent, unorganised Indi
viduals who are neither labor union
ist*. politicians, nor capitalists.
"This body of people Is the most
powerful in the United States. Its
immense power is now dormant and
it lacks the force of concerted ac
tion. Unless it begins to fight for
Its existence It will be routed out."
The work of organization will soon
be started" through headquarters to
be established, according to the
founders, and the cost of living will
be one of the first problems the new
union will tackle.
SPRING FIELD, 111., Fob. 0?Twen
ty per cent Income tax to ba paid old
maids by bachelors was proposed In
the constitutional convention.
Iitcrutivul Trad* AftMMBl Ex
ported to IteMlt Kr?m
Visit Abroad.
NEW yoKK, Keb 9?The refurmt
tlon of a world-wide steel trust la be
lieved by certain British Industrial
leaders tu bo the solution of the mys
tery of J. F Mur|in's visit to Europe,
or. If not a trust, an International
trade agreement They have voiced
belief that Mr. Morgan first Intends
to confsr with stssl manufacturers
In Italy In tha Interests of a gigantic
steel trust of world-wide proportions
and activities.
, Although oppossd to a trust of such
magnitude, they did not deny that a
trade arrangement of International
character In the steal world Is mora
than possible?an arrangement to
eliminate competition by an allot
ment of the world'a markets through
an agreement between manufacturer*
of certain nations.
Such an agreement, affecting
America, Knglaud, France, Germany
and lieigium existed prior to the war,
but became Ineffective during hostili
When you give a Val
entine give one that is
individual and which will
make an impression on
the one receiving it We
have carefully selected
our stock to meet the re
quirements of particular
people. 5c to $1.0*.
(Mr. Foster's Shop)
Open evenings until 9 o'clock
14th St at Pa. Ave.
Tha T. M C. A. for IU.MI
to MlnUlli tht Dun ??y|iurlin|
part man la of tha uritnlullvi will ka
cubIIiiu?4 for another waak UrMttr
Clifford L. Johnaoa, who li la charge
of the cm?|niI|b. it*ti4 that every
? Sort will ke iu4i to cmb?I*U U*
quota tkla week.
eat Oenulne ho ma rookius
l,t'll HBO), |l? TO 1
Hum* made plae and cake ft1
apec laity.
?tr IMk M. I.w.?J mm* "
The New Mid-Month
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Al Jolaoii
Bill Murray
Hickman Trio
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Jaa# Like tka Itaaa Jtmaa and Harrison
Wkrrr tka Laataraa Claw Campbell and Htirr
All I Hart Are Saaay Campbell and
Wratkn Krteada P
Kaw 1 Kaow Lawlj Jamti
-O^ (ak>?Tax Trat. latra. Tad Lewis Jams Band
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Ok, Wkat a Pal Waa Mary
Carallaa Saaaklaa
Mad lay Waits
Medlar Walts
A281t, 10-ln.
A2?S?. 10-ln.
A2I42, 10-ln.
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fa famfr Rlawlac Itak
Toacha Baldcl
787?S. 10-ln.
TheHeeht Ca
The Store of Specialized Shops
Seventh Street
Largest Life Insurance Business in the World
4r ' 4
Life insurance Company
HALEY FISKE, President FREDERICK H. ECKER, Vice-President
Total Amount of Outstanding Insurance - - $5,343,652,434
Larger than that of any other Company i* the World.
Ordinary (annual premium) Life Insurance paid
for in 1919 - / $910,091,087
More than has ever been plated in one year by any Company in the World.
Industrial (weekly premium) Insurance paid for
in 1919 - $508,590,405
More than has ever been placed in one year by any Company in the World.
Total Insurance placed and paid-for in 1919 $1,418,681,492
The largest amount ever placed in one year by any Company in the World.
Gain in Insurance in Force in 1919 $914,140,618
More than ever has b: i gained in one year by any Company in Uu World.
Number of Policies in Force December 31, 1919 21,770,671
Larger than that o] any other Company in America.
Gain in Number of Outstanding Policies - 1,986,410
Larger than any Company in the World has ever gained tn one year.
Assets - ?. ? * - $864,821,824.55
Increase in Assets during 1919 - - ??- ,$89,367^126.27
Larger than that of any other Company in the World.
Liabilities ? . * . - 1835,736,487.38
Surplus - - * i - $29,085,337.17
Number of Claims paid in 1919 - 289,125
Averaging one policy paid Jot every 30 seconds of each business day of 8 hours.
Amount paid to Policy-holders in 1919 $73,581,759.91
Payment of claims averaged $505.93 a minutevf each business day of t hours
Metropolitan Nurses made 1,300,883 visits free of charge to 256,000
sick Industrial Policy- holders
Metropolitan men distributed over '.Twelve Millions of pieces of
literature on health?
Bringing the total distribution to ovef {00,000,000.
Reduction in general mortality at ages 1 to 74 in 8 years 17.9 per cent
Typhoid reduction, 69 per cent.; Tuberculosis, over 33 per cent.; Heart
disease, over 23 per ccnt.; Bright's disease, over 25 per cent.; In
fectious diseases oj children, over 46 per cent.
In general reduction and in each caw of disease, this is far greater than that shown
statistics of the Registration Area of the United State*.
Death Rate for 1^19 lowest in History of Company.

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