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Representatives of Popular Gov
ernment League Charge
"Czarism" in Methods.
Startling charges of the employ
ij ment of provocative agents, atrnti,
|. and seizures of property without war
1 rant, Illegal detention of persons ar
?. rested, and their cruel treatment by
2 officials and agents of the Depart*
ji ment of Justice In connection w'th
i! the department'a antiradlcal activ'lles
v are contained in a pamphlet just U
aued by the National I'opular Govern
??; ment League.
[!? Thla pamphlet, which la entitled a
II; "Report Upon the Illegal Practices' of
" the United State* Department of Jus
tice," waa compiled and la signed by
i twelve prominent attorneya of vari
oua aecllona of the country, including
! Jackson H. Ralston, of Washington,
and Andrew 8. Nile*, of Baltimore.
A letter, which la being mailed by
I! Judson King, executive secretary of
the league, to all the membera of Con
" gress. the clergy of the nation, h^aJ?
I* of college* and universities, govern
ors of Slates, political science teacn
; ers, a select list of eminent lawyers,
'i and the B.000 members of the league,
I; charges the Department of Justice
?. with Instituting "Russian Czarlsin in
JI America." The letter declares:
"Americanism at Make."
" "It Is against the lawless practices
of officers sworn to uphold the law
J| that we protest. We submit that if
the American people, under a hysteria
)J of propaganda directed by the At
torney General himself, can be led to
!!' condone such offenses against the
; letter and spirit of our Institutions,
ji then the soul of America will be lost,
|' and the Frussianlsm we set out to
conquer will have conquered us.
[? "Our sole purpose in making this
' . report is the defense of American in
stitution*. As former Justice Charles
K. Hughes said of the Albany affair,
ti it is not socialism, but Americanism,
that is at stake. Americans do not
hang men first and try them after
1 wards."
)j,; Besides Mr. Ralston and Mr. Xlles,
the signers of the report are It. G.'
1 Brown, Memphis. Tenn., member Ten
!' nessee Bar Association: Zacharriah
" C'haffee. jr., Cambridge. Mass., profes
sor in the Harvard Uw School; Felix
Frankfurter, Cambridge. Mass., pro
lessor of law Harvard I.aw School;
}j Krnst Freund, Chicago, professor of
jurisprudence and public law. Univer
sity of Chicago; Swinburne Hale. N'ew
? York city, late captain, military Intel
'Ilgence division; Francis Fisher Kane,
? Phiia-delphla. former United States
.J district attorney: Roscoe Found, dean
. of the law school. Harvard Unlver
!; sity: David Wallerstein, Philadelphia,
l, member American Bar Association;
Frank P. Walsh, Kansas City and
tj New York, former joint chairman of
? the National War Labor Board;
Tyrrell Williams, SI. Louis, acting dean
il law school of Washington University:
Tn s\imming up their conclusions
^ after submitting a mass of evidence
'? in the shape of alleged Instructions
? and reports in connection with the
arrests- of alleged "Reds" and photo
graphs of scenes and victims of raids,
?'! the signers of the report declare:
I "Even were one to admit that there
' existed any serious 'Red menace* be
! ; fore the Attorney General started his
?'! 'unflinching war' against it his cam
| paign has been singularly fruitless."
? , lt'is cited that out of the more than
| <10,000 persons he "suspected." only
! 2K1 actually have been deported, with
1 Ti29 more ordered deported and war
! rants for 1,547 cancelled by the De
? partment of Labor.
JI The chargca in the report include:
i Maintenance by the department of
(rgents provocateur throughout the
J country foi? the purpose of joining
and becoming officers of radical or
' ganizations and Inciting their mem
bers to criminal activities.
Forgery la One Charge,
v! Forgery by agents of the depart
? ment to make cases against innocent
I persons caught in illegal raids;
Criminal thefts of money, watches,
Jewelry and other personaJ property
Irom victims of raids by agents of
the department;
Cruel and unusual punishments vis
Ited upon prisoners taken into cus
tody with and without Warrants In
'.violation of the Constitution;
Use of Government funds in viola
; ' tlon of law to spread newspaper
? propaganda favorable to campaign of
? repression.
' ? Compulsion of prisoners to be wit
nesses against themselves in viola
tlon of the Constitution.
? Brutal and indecent treatment of
' women taken in raids.
!' The report embraces copies of se
cret instructions to special agents by
William J. Flynn, chief of the Bu
reau of Investigation. and Frank
Burke, assistant director and chief.
' In the secret orders issued for the
nation-wide raids of January ". 19i!0,
it is declared Burke ordered all di
vision chiefs to Instruct the secret
agents provocateur to cause meetings
of the Communist and Communist
Labor parties lo be held on that even
lng In order to bring the number x>f
? prisoners up to the highest possible
I point. These secret orders show that
? all members of the Communist Labor
' party were held to be criminals.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
E9roR iTTdiokstion
i i t ahi ismkd
Furm?h*d ind t\irrha??d
rblAMONO '
Gold S'ilvip ' .
, , fop M4#fUV%'"TI'KMK. PllVOSlii
G. O. P. Must Accept
Blame For Delay In
Raising Postal Pay
(Continued from First Page.)
dell, is noticeably lukewarm. Hii
predecessor, Mr. Mann, once no
staunch m friend of postal workers,
hats been (Rioted as advising that it
"might be politits" to move slowly.
An impression is definitely form
ing among close observers that the
party in control of the Congress
would like to make a campaign issue
of the present demoralisation of the
postal service by charging it upon
the Democratic Administration.
We hold no brief for Burleson or
Wilson. Their conduct of the post
office ha* at many points been be
yond defense
But this hesitancy to vote just pay
to the men )vho sort or carry the
mails is not chargeable to them.
The responsibility for appropria
Blame On Republicans
If this session of the Congress ad
journs without making fair provis
ion for the underpaid, discouraged,
almost desparinK postal workers, the
blame will rest squarely upon Repub
lican shoulders.
And the Hearst papers will see
that the people know all about it.
The thing to do, gentlemen of the
Congress, is to forget politics and
take an cnlighened, business-like
view of this prob!em.
You know full well, every man of
Demands That It Be Revised in
Conference to Protect
U. S. Trade.
(Continued from First fas'1-)
manufactured goods at a disadvan
tage in the Philippine market."
?'This refers to a section of the
shipping; bill now in conference,
which was inserted in the Senate.
"The natural restrictions in the use
of the cable prevent as full an argu
ment against the section of the pend
ing bill, which has for its object the
extension of the coastwise laws to
the Philippine Islands, as the Cham
ber of Commerce of Manila would
doubtless like to make.
"This matter, however, has been
discussed a number of times hereto
fore, when It was not only strongly
opposed by the <!overnment and busi
ness men of the Philippine Island!*,
but by practically all those in the
United States who had considerable
business with the Philippine Islands.
"I am Inclosing a copy of two
memoranda prepared by the chief of
the Bureau bf Insular Affairs, calling
attention to the serious disadvantages
of the pending legislation to the peo
ple of the Philippine Islands and to
the people of the United States hav
ing business with those islands.
"While the matter is now in con
ference I hope it is not too late to
have this receive your careful con
Alaalta'a Objection.
"I recommend, if possible, first, that
a proviso be added to the appropriate
section in the bill which would give
to the citizens of our possessions
owing allegiance to the United States
the same rights as are given in this
bill and in other navigation laws of
the/United States to the citizens of
the United States, and, second, that
the provision extending the coastwise
laws of the United States to the
Philippine Islands or to the trade be
tween the United State* and the
Philippine Islands be stricken from
the bill.
"Very sincerely.
* "Secretary of War."
Secretary Baker received another
telegram yesterday froifi the Chamber
of Commerce of Manila, which he
transmitted, to Mr. Hardy. Jn this
message it is stated that the pro
vision relating to coastwise shipping
will be a hard blow 10 American and
Philippine trade. Secretary Baker
urged Mr. Hardy td have the pro
vision stricken from the bill.
The objections on the part of Alas
ka to the bill were tiled today with
the conference committee by George
B. Grigsby, delegate from Alaska in
Congress. He declares that section
29 of the bill relating to coastwise
traffic was drawn by representatives
of private steamship companies to
preserve the monopoly now enjoyed
by private concerns in the Alaskan
Illinois Labor Leader Held Ineligible
to Represent Interests of
Coal Miners.
A sensational fight Is expected to
develop on the floor of the American
Federation of I.4\bor convention In
Montreal as the result of a ruling by
John I,. I.ewls, president of the United
Mine Workers of America, that John
H. Walker, president of the Illinois
State Federation ofi I<abor. Is Ineligi
ble to represent the' miners as a dele
gate to the convention.
Walker, a leader of the ariti- admin
istration faction In the miners' union,
was elected a delegate for a two
years term beginning with last year's
Lewi* having ruled that the pilfers'
constitution bars him from represent
ing the union In any official capacity
because he Is no longer active at his
trade, his supporters charge a plot
to prevent hitp from running against
I.ewls for the presidency of the organ
ization at its next election. They hint
at serious charges to be aired and at a
possible rupture In the miners' ranks.
Walker lias appealed from l.ewls'
ruling to the miners' national execu
tive board and. If turned down by
that body, will take his fight to the
A. F of I* convention, according to
friends here. .
you, that these loyal iKMttniea can
not live on their present pay. Juat
to keep body and souI together, they
have hud to draw on aaviuica. incur
debt or eke out their Government
pay by exjra work on the aide. Thou
sand* have quit. Other thousands,
unleaa relief ia speeded. will aoon t?e
forced to quit.
Such a condition is indefensible,
inhuman, scandalous. And quite
apart front the cruelty of it to the
faithful workers and theirdependenta,
it is unfair to the people who use the
mails because it wrecks their service.
Should Date Far Hack.
Senator Sterling, chairman of the
Postal Commission, has said that
remedy will come; that If Congress
shall not be able to enact it prior
to the ending of the present fiscal
year 011 June :!0, the advance will
date back to July 1. ,
The injustice dates back much
further than that. Senatotv
It dates back to the beginning of
high prices.
If, therefore, the Postal Commis
sion and the Congress are sincere in
their protestations of intent to cor
rect this flagrant wrong, the pre
dating will at least cover the nearly
fifteen weary months during which
the commission pursued its leisurely
survey of the postal service's slow
starvation and the Congress made
only one little $ir.u step to bridge
the growing chasm.
Worker-Farmer Coalition Form-j
ed to Defeat His Campaign
For Senatorial Toga.
Senator Cummins of Iowa, once
lauded as labor's friend, Is now offi
cially branded as one of its arch
His record sent from the head
quarters of the non-purtisan political
campaign committee of the American
Federation of Labor to his union con
stituents contains this footnote:
"Henaior Cummins reversed his fav
orable attitude on labor In every
particular by becoming the father of
and in advocating the Cummins rail
road bill, making strikes unlawful."
An aggressive fight to defeat him
for re-election is being conducted by
a political coalition of labor and
farmers, who have united in the sup
port of his chleC-wpponent, Col. Smith
\V. Brookhart, an attorney, It was an
nounced today at the headquarters of
the Plumb Plan League.
That Number of Delegates With
Him to Last, Say Sen
ator's Aides.
CHICAGO; May 2*.- -Senator Hiram
Johnaon will enter tho National Re
publican Con vent ion here June * with
'."W delegates pledged to stick to him
until the last ditch. It waa announced
at Johnaon* headquarters here laat
"HU vote on the Itrat ballot will
be equal to. If not greater. than
of any other candidate," the an
nouncement read, 'and by the flHh or
sixth ballot he will be nominated."
Senator Howard Sutherland's vio
tory in West Virginia makes it up*
Parent now that twelve States have
decided to cast their votes for favor
lie sons. These States have more
than -too of the UHti delegates.
SeHator Koise Penrose will attend
tho convention with the seventy-al*
Pennsylvania delegates In his pocket
Senator Knox and (jovernor Sproul
will not be serious contenders, poli
ticians here said, but m?e "stopgaps"
until Penrose decides where the
Pennsylvania Votes shall go.
Uovernor Ixiwden and Louis L
Kinmerson. his campaign manager,
returned to Chicago yesterday but
made little comment on the senatorial
investigation of the campaign funds.
There was some Indignation in the
Ix>wden camp over the alleged side
stepping of rival candidates and their
hiding behind subsidiary organiza
tions. l/owdena men insist that be
fore the quiz I* over their $400 000
will not look so big.
Sir Aucklaud tJeddes. Ureal Hrit
ain's ambassador to the United
States, will be u spectator at the con
Nicholas Murray Butler's manactra
plan to open headquarters on Presi
dential Row this week.
Johnson Will Not Bolt
Party Ticket If He Fails
To Secure Nomination
CONCORD, N. C? May 28 ?Sena
tor Johnson, of California, declar
ed in a political address here yes
terday that he would not bolt the
Republican party at Chicago If he
should not be chosen as the Re
publican Presidential nominee
"I am now engaged in a fami
ly quarrel, wholly a family quar
rel," Senator Johnson said, "and
when the selection is made at Chi
cago In two weeks the quarrel
will be ended."
Senator Johnson told his aud
ience at tjreensboro that he came
to North Carolina "lighting organ
ized politics and organized wealth.
The Senator pleaded that "we
be Just Americans again," and <!e
ctared the tlrst thing he would do.
If he possessed the power, would
be to repeal war-time laws and
"eliminate rtie autocracy we had
agreed on during the conflict.'
^'o bring down the high cost of
living the Senator advocated a
search from producer to consum
English Straws
And 25% off of that
There has just been landed
our importation of novelty straw
hats from England?800 of
them. They were planned to
fetch $8 and are offered at the
special price of $5. And since
they reached our store when we
were selling everything at 25r?
off, they go too. That makes
their net price, $3.75.
Six or sevkn styles of braid?
all in the styles of gentlemen.
Finished with bands of any of
several colors, and with inside
leathers of old-time quality.
English all over, from the
style of their weaving to the pro
portions of the crowns and
brims. Planned for $8, cut to
$5, discounted to #3.75.
Nationally Known Stor? for Men and Boyt
Daily, 8:30 to 6
Special at
Everybody's buying at the
Parker-Bridget Co. at
25? Off
HIS is not to notify you that we arc
selling practically anything in our
store at 25 per cent off the regular,
marked prices. About everybody in
Washington already knows it?most people
coming in now are here for a second or
third time.
But we want to say that this thing
cannot last forever. We mav announce its
end any day. So if you want to come back,
now is your time. Repeat voting is almost
as heavy as first buying?we still haye about
all we can handle.
The system is this: You select any man's or boy's
suit, pair of shoes, straw hat or any article of furnishings
excepting Manhattan products, collars, and two lines of ?
hosiery. Any woman's pair of shoes, or any woman's
specialty. And you pay 25 per cent less than the regular
retail price which is marked on the goods*
Our usual good service is maintained.
If you have a charge account with us, feel
at liberty to take advantage of it. We are
glad to make deliveries C. 0.(D. And
if you change your mind about wanting a
thing once you have bought it, do not
feel backward about Coming back after
your money.
This offer began as our 27th Anni
versary Celebration. In response to pop
ular acclamation, it is being continued to
help start prices downward?for a time,
at least?in Washington.
Store Closed Monday
Nationally Known Store for Men and Boyt with Specialtict for Women
Daily, 8:30 to 6
\ ,

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