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riffs M
Griffs Tackle
The Grifs, eempeting their p
senow, will A the week in Be
Box. Six games ft four days are
The la xhenI
the dingR d the con
aMS few weeks. Today the Grif
= and a half. This margin is I
to widen it in their taver.
Beginning next Sunday the G
hem.e stay, contining for some th:
the Yankees ad all the Western ch
skirmish with the Philadelphia Ath
on having his team work its way
this coming home stay and be in a
the ot p nte itself.
0oneMci syngF that Clark
Griffith has a possible pennant cA
tender, is but agreeing with uluch raid
all around the circuit. The Wash
'lngton club has suffered from poor
pitching for tree months. It is
generally admitted that, with steadIer
twirling, the natural speed an4 hit
ting power of tbip Griffs will make
them dangerous for all opponerts.
The pitohink has been improving
steadily until now the team has an
even chance to win every time it
Following is the schedule for the
Next three weeks or so:
At Boston-June 30, July 1. 2, 3.
* Indians'-July 8, 9, 10, 11.
At Washington-Yankees, July 4,
White Box-July 13, 14. 15, 16.
Tigers-July 17, 18. 19, 20.
Browns-July 22, 23, 24.
Mackmen-July 25.
Zeb Milan, escaping a dreadful aft.
lernoon filled with toil and trouble,
defeated the Philadelphia Athleti,.s
yesterday when he doubled in the
ninth in fng with two down and
brought -%I Gharrity over, humbling
Scott Perry. 4 to 3.
There was something laughable
about that victory og the Griffs. In
the fourth inning Zeb took a high
dive in the garden, seeking to nail
Joe Dugan's two-bagger. He jarred
his entire system. Some said he h-ad
ruined his ulna bone. Others insisted
it was his femur. But it must have
ben his medulla oblongata, whatever
that is, for it kidded Connie Mack into
thinking the Tennessee flyer done for
the day. That's how the game was
won in the ninth.
With one down in the ninth, and
the count 3 to 3, Dugan's error put
Pat Gharrity on first base. Jezebel
Tecumseh Zachary lifted a fly to
Welsh in right and extra sessions
loomed ahead. Pat galloped down to
second anyway, so as to be ready.
Up came Joe Judge.. He had
crashed safely twice in no unmis
takable manner. Connie decided
that it was wiser to pass Judge, with
his batting mark of .340, and take
Milan, with his batting figures of .343.
He was banking on Zeb's crippled
condition, knowing that Milan had a
severe charleyhorse, anyway. nno
could not have been helped any by his
toss in the garden.
Zeb didn't look any too powerful
standing there at the plate, but when
he saw one coming in his groove, be
belted it on a line between Strunk
and Welsh. Soft stuff for Gharrity to
race in with the deciding tally.
Zachary pitched steady ball all day,
deserving the edge he got in the last
frame. Ten hits were made off him,
but he managed to keep them fairly
well scattered. Two singles and a
sacrifice gave the A's a run in the
first. In the fourth Dugan's fouble,
a hit batsman, and infield blow by
Welsh and Myatt's sacrifice brought
over two more.
Roth's single, Shanks' sacrifice and
Shannon's hit gave the Griffs their
first in the second. Judge's double.
Milan's sacrifice and Rice's hit added
one in the third and the score was
tied in the fourth, when Shanks sin
gled, Shannon did the same and Tilly
Walker flung the pill to the Wash
ington bench, lettin Shanks over.
Bill Dineen, perhaps the most pop
ular official in the league with the
players themselves, gave several
decisions against the home gang.
and, as a natural result, got in bad
with the bugs. They booed him
all afternoon, and, had a reward been
offered, might have assaulted him.
Po wLaeea. LetPa
Thursday, July let, 43e P. .
The Annual C
Hess Lo:
Meets With I
The enormous selling
almost equaled the first days
clearance of these fine shoes
lines in over sixty exclusive
Isizes. This is 'an opportuni
Shoes that is presented only
Get In
All $8, $8.50A11 $10, $10.50
& $9 Hes & $11Hes
Low Shoes LwShoe.
aet Red k
Boston Noxt
'eseat series with the Mackmen to
iton, Aghag with Ed Barrow's Red
on the cards at Feaway Park, two
he Washingtonians ware in the Hub
are having a warm t.ssle for fourth
ing serias may settle it either way
Is are leading the Bostonians by a
oo ssall for comfort, and the Grifs
Iffmen will enjoy their second long
se weeks, in which they will tackle
tbs, Onally toping it of with a long
etics. Pres= Griffith is banking
loser to the sent leaders during
position to rush to the front in case
Probable Line-up
- For Today.
Athletics. Griffmen.
Thomas, 3b. Judge, 1b,
Griffin, 1b. Milan, If.
Walker, If. Rice, cf.
Dugan, ss. Roth, rf.
Strunk,-Cf. Harris, 2b.
Perkins, 2b. Shanks, 3b.
Welsh, rf. Shannon, sas.
Myatt, c. Gharrity, c.
Styles, c. Picinich, c.
Nayior, p. Shpw, p.
Harris, p. Eicksen, p.
Keefe?p Johnson, p.
Rommelp. Zachary, p.
Moore, p. Courtney, p.
Game called 3:30 p. m.
Phila. ABH0A Wash. ABHOA
Thomas.3b. 6 2 4 1 Judgelb... 4 213 0
Griffin.lb... 4 0 6 1 Ullan.1f....
Walker.If.. 3 1 3 0 4 1 1 0
Dugan.su... 4 2 0 1 Rothrf.t.. 4 1 0 0
Strunkcf... 3 0 4 0 Shanks.3b. 3 1 2 2
P'kinm.c..2b 3 0 3 2 Shannon.2b 4 2 1 6
Welsh.rf.... 4 2 3 0 ONeili~as.. 4 0 3 4
O'lloway.2b 1 0 1 2 Oharrityc.. 4 1 6 1
Myatt.c.... 2 1 2 1 Zacharyp.. 4 0 0 4
Perryp.Jug.b4 2 0 0
Totals...33 10026 8 Totals....35 10 27 16
*Two out when winning run wasn scored.
nPhiladelphia.. 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-3
'Washington... 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 1-4
Runs-Thoma~s. Dugan. Perkins, Judge.
Roth. iShnnks and tharrity. 4rror*
Walker. Dusan (2), and O'Neill. Left on
basex-Philadelphia, 10; Washington. 1.
Stolen bases-W liter. Rice. -Judge. Obar
rity (2). Sacrifice hit-Griffin, Walker.
Myatt, Milan, Sinkts. Two-base bit*-'
D)ugan, Judge. liilan. Strucle out-By
Perry, 1; by Zachary 4. First base On
bals-Off Perry. 1; off Zachary. 2. Hit by
pitched ball-By Zachary (Perkins).
Or maybe they wanted warmer weath
er before going insane.
When Dineen called Rice out at
third in the third inning he wasr
given an awful razz, but the red
faced umps kept right on his way.
Once an irate fan, in returning a
foul bali. took a shot at Bill, but the
fmp was as bad In his direction as
he claimed Bill was with his eye
In addition to Milan's tumble in the
outfield. Griffin, the A's first-sacker.
raced over to the open seats before
the right field pavilion for Judge's
foul fly in the fifth and took a tilh
dive when he hit the fence. He was!
When Rico swiped second in the
third Inning he accidentally spiked
Galloway on the hand, the Mackman
being forced to retire. This sent Cy
Perkins from behind the bat to se
ond base, where he performed like a
real infielder.
NEWPORT, L I., June 27-The
yacht Resolute hea been officially se
' "cted to defend the American Cup
Ggainst the Shamrock, It was an
nounced today by C. Oliver Iselin.
Permber of the committee on cup de
ralinfo eid mir. . lyes
yache AResoluhs Clbend ofinal do
eTe toRefen Athle ClbAerarCu
int atmoe playingk t Blak So
indoulehe e today .Oie sln
fene pns
akthe pas thew aysi A. Chlyes
ofd the sAleisClld indi c a pid
moel Ill leayonther andpi grondl
ohe fInthae searting.t2.m
MoeReA theiylb lyr r
wSonNw Shoeso
931th p ewdays Awhic
;ox Next
Here Ai
L , 's
. 141
.4 It
Johnny Ray, the most promising
out since the days when Tommy Low
attractirng the attention of ring fanF
the acid test at Ardmore Tuesday nis
rounds against Young Bowen, the lif,
Ray succeeds in defeating Bowen, he
the top in things fistic.
Tommy Lowe, the veteran boxerAd
who to handling Ray, h4 drmly con
vinced that hin protege has champion
ship possibilities. F u r t h e r more.
Tommy Is certain that Rtay will win
from Bowen, and win by a knockout,
at that.
Kid Sullivan, who in watching out
for the future of the life guard., is of
contrary opinion. Sullivan thinks that
Bowen should easily outpoint Rtay.
Ardmore fans who have followed
the work of both boxers believe that
if Ray wine, It will have to be by a
knockout inside of the limit, but that
If the bout goes the full ten rounds,
Bowen's superior boxing skill would
give him the decision.
Ray has proved himself a real hit
ter In all his bouts at Ardmore. Hie
has almost invariably dropped his op
ponent with stiff wallops to the jawl
or body. On form he looks Ilike bet
ter.hitter than Bowen. However, Ki
Sullivan thinks thatlowen packs a
punch sufficient to drop Ray if it
lad ontergh4pt
"TeAa9 hikBwnca' i.
oheny Ray, B twe." poisn
ommy since the shinton mer
atcint, "but atenion frithe fur
thie ac i te et moTuesday night
Ray hscbeeds trindfing ithfllyan
tfhe toein'thig bupistic. , 'l s
o myI heLoesn'th doteha, b on't
know ianthing au boi." myc
Nohing onltes. b uooke rforte.
Ardmory i. cubin moth as causedi
Dfrmt Both R and baockout.v
ate thathdaltewa iresat
forg ther catreerfstherlie. guarch hso
backershwolldinoutupit realmny.
tdsrece thatsmany bate wollwe
decde wokobh happers beliide that
rifnga wisday ilhavt.beb
knohnnyoRa ins of mte lmi, but that
ihe otrimpe. wthe fullte rundrit
Be's sperior bh oing Rayl haoul'
kRck thats pved itof breal hit
the ban ll himu.s Bt Adev ifhe
doealsnt invaiboyn dredl hurt ever
ptim ith stif wallopeite thed.
or body.ted formh mlcoie arhn bt
ter itte tndBown Bwen. neee Kidv
Sulniva thinkud thatBwenop'achs ap
puncnt sufowent hao dro ny f hait
"hh may torry Raye cat howen
kee ay f hulian rut thsoe. rog.H
Anhw, iut aos ard a rat oncrap,
wint so sugeraling aboe. M'lad
dobmit wlyhl ao thickmt but w' hink
htde at conet whuid wen el ofnateon.
Mte rn w ith a gutonfrnpr
haet. litetoo al tritte bettsing
chant "butlowean mithn fo Batemore,
prs f hies lifene. Tmorrow night
oD.IfONhS doesntES t, don't
know aytin aout . boin. .
---Ray .Bf
e Some Shot.a
young boxer Washington has turned
e, Kid Egan, and Kid Sullivan were
all over the country, is to receive
ht, when he enters the rin!T for ten
guard from the hathing beach. if
will have gone lar on the road to
W V.P'% T- PM
rleveland. 31. 21 .6510 ' otn.... 92 .689
N ew York. 40 22 .436 St. Louis.. 29 21 .463
('hicago... . h 35 2 .5N 3 Det ro t ... 21 39 .350
wash'ton . 6. .3 Philadel'a. If 44 .258
Washington. 4; Philadelphia. X.'
New York. 14; Boston. 0.
Chicago, 12; Cleveland. 7
Detroit. 5; at. I ouis, 2
Philado-lphia at Washington.
Cleveland at Chicago.
Boston at Now York.
Detroit at St. Louls.
Cincinnatif. 32 26 .641 r hicago. . . so 29 .509t
St. Inulas. 133 2% .1,41 Boston . . .. 24' 28 .491
Brooklyn .. 3 1 27 .54 Now York. 27 33 .460
Pittsburgh 27 26 .609 Philadel'a. ' 5 35 .417
New ork 9:Philda'phi, 6 11 nnigs4
Phlidelpia.R; N w Yok. .
Bnston.1; Broo'yn,'p
o t oxer7 Brohiklyn ha2. re
al Svrthe ountry; Cincnnto eciv
St. heh entus th; inatten
Puadfrm tethgh bchicg. 4.
New York. 02 at Brokly. Lus.2 1.
Pitbrh' hicago.~ ~12 eri. .2 9.1
Wthinsthat, 4f Phiaelma.ae hi bu
tioen Uoraine Botnd Smthar
car hiorago te-run sleemi-fina con
test. ~Mt ~us,2
Whiadhigt boxerintobseni
Clevround aat Chankeoo.i
Botf a New York.rokhsmn
admrer wo blieeDeroillt dro-is
Ptreght 27 to tackl Phil olan,2 26 f
Baltimore,9 in a ix-round batt innigst
huldepha. 5sserk. oh1o. i
wegt. wlo iups the icinntin whe
Johnn 'Mcovern, 4: Winatington
Barack, citbu trogh; (thiearope4
fe ork atnd withoK id adeno
The Makmet. cLos thr eiesnnti
her ts oinorrow.mre Mk
Th~k hat.rIff he manes hpen pbau
ingerethe, fhre ofn fouday the Balto
iorn. Mak'e Gran Emithante
haved for lot enteeun strighballn
atonesdhave ntree sg to tio
the roaud aoinst raded jolintly
of thewRe Yok oboo ha temank
oment1. .
JRip Whlie, the Yankr'erokiel
terwehedthe RIds to tanel Phitol yef
Btirday Edda sx-r'doubtle behng
thoul one ailer.haBotd bos him.
Aln servin scrap egwe.nfhr
wmidhts tholl riofph Cutinni when
hnny a bottesoer oeterayhitn
Umprce crimonbs thoe te opte
Phr i rons with Kid ade, oan
Thek upaceng lenthirt se
maThe u. ==ave T.;say open pl.ay
ittles BoN
tt Johnny Ray.
Play 46n thle I'listrict tenlnis tourna
ment for Juniors, boys and gKrl4, wAilIl
be resum ed tomorrow afterhoor.n at 3
o'clock on the courts of the Columbia
County Club. Nemni-final rounds In
mingles will be staged. and it is ex
pected that somec stirring tennis wjil'
be forthcoming.
In the Junior section J. Ulix.%on Ed
wards, last year's Junior champion,
around Western High athlete. Fred
Haan, last year's boy champion, meets
Hal Fowler. the stirring southpaw
titleholder (f two years ag. h hai
played exceptional tennis this year.
The boys' section will find Fred
Haas playing Ronald Sickler, aind the
winner of this match meeting Maurice
Hof: nan. another Western High ]ad
In the semil-final.' .1. Campbell and
Larry Phillips, a Central High lad,
who was runner-up last year, are
meeting in the upper bracket.
Helen Sinclair. girls' t4tleholde
last year, and Mary Harrison meet
in the upper bracket of the girls' see
tion. while Marion Hanna and Bertha
Esekel ae payin.inthe owe
Doubles. mace/iltr rmt
py toorwa A'cokjh ia
rond in th4ige il esae
Tusdy ftroo.%HR
oteadr Monrse. uoli and rac-~I
buetrCsubedetomoerorget vitors in
oThec team appertd ofl thed umia
alcontestlubut o.'n-tu od gret.
lysing thl 1enae ( by the t prs ex-o
Setedtwatgen.istir tennis in
baled thoigh.aia wt ae
HeeIn o the stnd lx~ d
aroudy's tcenHgs: hee Fe
tihol er ............... . y a
payerm xcn tion.. enn.... hi.y.ar
Theuboyd ...................red
Montrs ................. le. a n th
Hor nan anothe Wefter yes-la
Larr Philips a Cntr l.Hg lad.
who s runer-u la 4 year 9ar
n-.etlg i te uperbrake .64
E*ke areunie payngt1E inte
brCeyt aera.ee grbe f
Deenoutofne matches strfrompto
lubauty tomorrwyetsterdayc. Thel
Chevy Chabseam merad hicts intt
yeshter' ownuray, eagunoe play.
Tets aard we ul matched olum
byiatrs enaened y the presence of,
\eda' matcea
43 "1t St.. Wc.
1Hied..........9 4 .9
Wash neton's IR
'Too High for Gandil;
He Quits
CHICAGO, June 27.-Word
comes from St. Anthony, Idaho,
that Chic Gandil, who has been
manager of that club in the
Snake River - Yellowstone
League, is to leave there in the
near future because .of ill
health. He will go to Muretta
Springs, Cali The attitude at
St. Anthony is too high.
Kingscote Rises to Supreme Heights
Against Versatile Amer
ican Star.
LONDON, England, June 27.-In the
greatest singles match ever staged In
England Wvilliami T. T41den, American
racueter, defeated Reginald Kings
cote, D~avisq cup team captain, by 6-3,
5-7, 4 4 5--7, 6- 3.
The veteran Englishman "crossed
the dope" by coming to the net which
found Tilden wholly unprepared. Fol
lowers of tennis through two decades
say today that yesterday's match "as
th mstwodefu evrsagdi
the Mibledo tornm. t
WahntC ~tbwesaet
get ogeter or te iniviual ham
pioshi toraen nte era
tion Ay ntedt fJl 2
Th ramo h bwigtaeti
,teDsritwl copt.
The entrance fee ill be$0/ l
ooh Hih for gae Gole ndetir
Womstenholmet Anthon, Godad,
thats rewer Litnzu, H raus,
mangew, oflhat andb many -ther
mnakil e Rie on Y eson
aguis tc bolerroereing the
oteSpring CaiThe ettuea
GLNN OEgL.n., June 27.-Jesthe
weaetsnYle's frmanee stlfer, in
ignterWolliamT. chn1lonto. e
rcrdefeated .imsWrefillms Kins
the flavi rcund tem captra y by3
4.7 and . -,0.
Thd vStran Enalshmof Acrsl e
thidsFor by ncominote n whc
aoun Childenwol re ae.Fl
Bleto a h eedasmtc s
th ms awndfa eBerocked i
-410 9thldo Stonam.
ort Stars
ing Star
Jack Mfoakley. Cornell's field and
track coach, will probably take charge
of the Olympic team. Word was pass
ed around athletic circles yesterday
through the East that the Ithacan
would be named July 6.
Yesterday's trials In San Francis-co,
Chicago. N.ew Orleans and Philadel
phia were productive of some excep
tional work. The West shaded the
East in the sprints. The Middle Went
had its full share of honors. Southern
athletes failed to measure up to stan
Here are the beat performances In
the Olympic trials of yes-terday all
over the country:
100-Yard Dash-C. W. Paddock, Cal.,
0 4-5 sec.
220-Yard Dash-C. W. Paddock, Cal.,
21 2-5 sec.
440 Yards-G. S. Schiller, Cal., 48 2-5.
980 Yards-Tom Campbell, Chi.,
Mile-J. W. Ray. Chi., 4:16:0.
3,000-meter Walk-W. Plant, Phil.,
5,000-Meter Run-C. F. Hunter, Cal.,
10,000-Meter Run - Earl Johnson,
Phil., 32:38:3.
120Hudle-.Wilia Yunt Cl.
15 sec.
440 urdls--. K.Nortn, al.,54:
(new ecord. .
ft.k 4 ok in.el' fed n
tavelin--J. wC. LinonbPhif.,e1c4ft.
ofithcul-W.i te. ortd Cas 142s
edSaounthR.tJ. Maconld, yeiterd46
w6-oulbenad Weiht--.P 6. M n
Hiamm. ewa rean, n Philadel-1ft
E asIntosnt The andler Club
hadects ful hae t hnw ors oer
atletesied to192 Mmeswre tosan
Heruarnewt the bestpoeedormanesi
thgeslymphts ofaserdpayerll
overche fiscounr nte o a
100agerdayhC n Paddockg Cal.,
2-adDLh.IVRIESck Cl.
with- sestsylcqipet
44eYrs- to . ucitlPraer.l.482.
80 rdsey Campell C ..
1429-J L Ra. Chi. 4W6:.
1000-er Runy - Ear P.hnson
Commulca. n3w:h3u:w3.
brin sec.peetaie ih
47t4 hIlnt ntavn
4d vance
Here It Is
rhe average woman may have
a poor memory, but she
never forgets a complimeat.
d.Laha olc
137. Av.i.W

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