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wwwom n CU hvaV4& t*PAthree -e MSWW
0"Im"" . ClRyWaxrTt hk ted with - e *4M
30RUMg hued a ekkkoee te 9ther day 09 the fleek 0 the wOO4ed land
for the eraw ot thelwe ova J n. r
The ReasonR
Why He Saves
FIRST: Wife dependent on him.
SECOND: Baby to educate.
THIRD: Still young.
FOURTH: Possible sickness.
FIFTH: Unproductive years ahead.
SIXTH: Good wages at present.
SEVENTH: Absolute safety of princlpal.
Why not imitate his trifty At
Checking 900 F Street Safe
Accounts 618 17th St. Deposit
Cox's Chanc
the Pie
no 'e Siatbr Capper'sTepeka Capital (
nteven question, declaring that 'fteriov
party cannot carry a preside!"l # rectipwin thi
clothes," other Republican papers agree with th
foolish if They [Senator Hardht's sipporters] d
the Cox and Roosevelt ticket." The Chicago
Governor Cox because they thought he was "t
Democracy had."
If you-would obtain a practical idea of Go
as pointed out by newspaper editors of all shad
THE LITERARY DIGEST for this week-Jul
mary. of -American newspaper opinion of the D
advantages that will be his during the campaign.
Other articles of almost equal interest in th
The Prospects. F4
The Elements of Discontent with the Pr
May Be Welded Into a Third P
The Fighting Creed of the Democrats
Our Decreasing Population Increase
The Greek War on Turkey
Britain Too Pro-American to Suit Japan
Hustling Bulgaria
Another Soviet Confession of Failure
Anti-Japanism in Cliforniia
Science as a Curse to Mankind
Paper Shoes
American Artificial Silk
When "Picking Flowers" Is a Crime
The Universe in Miniature
Our Debt to Negro Sculpture
New Ricord By a New German
Designed Monoplane
British-American War Over Language
Many Interesting Ilust ratidone,
July 17th Number on Sale To-day-N
'Tis Th
DIs~nee to
8t Levis .mitite' wm Wirt
CanegatiMon'er sak
i Date.
BT. -LOUIS. Juy 1t.-Amnousoememnt
was madn today that .the memorial
ommittee of the Amerisan Legion
will wire Senator Hardlag. Repvbli
can Presideatial nemises. that the
iavitttea to speak at the dedietion
of a soldior's .memsorial park bere.
July 11. has been rescInded.
DALTIMORE, July 1.,A stranger.
who would not give his address and
who refused the reward oftred in
saving the lit of David Levit. sixty
two.years old, a patient at Hebrew
Hospital, yesterday gave a pit of
ood that Levin's life miny be pro
The man was one of four whose
blood wes found satisfactory after
the examination of twenty volunteers.
Ha refused 'to divulgq his identity.
Among the twenty were two soldiers
fromn Camp -Hojabird.
/fr d directibor of Dr. Benjamin
kckhe the transfusion was made tron
the arm of the stranger. Another
transfusion may be made today or to
rsarrow. when te other volunteerv
will be called upon.. When Mr. Levin
has gained sufdctent strength an op
eration will be performed.
Ymg W i's Ch AstWu AsseaiN
-333 F St. 614 E St.
Vasate Loge-A summir 1home
for business girls.
qammp Wlusa-A camp for nd hol
girls and, business girls under 20.
( Aen fi'arst "IL Room-I I th and
6 sts. Open daily fom 5 to 10:30.
Roeuestion * ofl uIkldo-H-ikei. Pic
nics, week-ehld parties, tennis.
outdopr supr ard gtesBe.
Swtottalkag I'.-P=n dily. -In
cluding Saturday.
For furthe laformation apply
1333 F St. N. W.
~s of VWi
Si denc7
Rep.) considers Republican v
ember the Democrats will kn
s cbuntry by sprinkling a 1
e New York Tribune that it
id not frackly recggnize the
Tribune (Rep.) says that the
he best, vote-getter and th<
vernor Cox's chances of wir
es of political opinion, you w
y 17th. The leading article
emocratic nominee and the ac
is fine number are:
nr a Third Par
went Political Situation and
arty at the Polls in Novemi
The Menace of the 'i
Religious Harmony in
The Golden Rule vs. T11
Foreign Trade of the l
Geo. W. Pedkins, "A New
Tom-Cat Vibrators,"
Ordinary "Reds"
Mexican Invadprs Relic,
Labor Shortage
Coimmencement Addresses
'Graduates ini "Ameri
Hamburg No'w a Tribu
Coustantinople's Kaleidesci
The Wihl WerdiL.ves aPresid
Motor-Mad merica, A
Supercilious Briton
nela~diemg Humeous Cartooi
wsdeaIers 10 'Cents
e# Famoin NEW Sgaadasa niaewa
frm a bihop wt
. ptss The esp.ab
grupt st'mn at Sal
sucesss.' Fytg thM posy b
"While I am out Of politics, it is my
private opinion that Cox and Roose
velt will win."
Thus declared Bernard M. Barurh
at the White House yesterday, where
lie called "after appearing before a
War Department board investigating
war claims. Baruch saw Secretary
Tumulty for a few minutes. but did
not see the President.
ctory at the pcils
)w that a political
ttle booze on :its
"would be most
formidableness of
bosses nominated
best goat-getter
ning the election,
ill do well to read
is a careful sum
vantages aifd dis
How They
ope Doctor"
e Rule of Gold
. S in 1920
ashioned Amerien"
-amlets,'' and
ing Our Farm.
By Some Recent
ary of the
pic CougIeneratieu
stialt Nominee
s Seen By a
$4.00 a Year
a re ad reas s e lat
Oak, as pr .a
Ia ak-*w point. uninl
S, P. C. A. Agen Declares Prob-I
lem Is Serious Because of
BALTIMOREt, JUly 1matmr
Is facing a real menace from stray
cats, accqrding to Edward M., Skip
Der, of the Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Antrnals, Mr. skipper
deelgredl that unless sont action isL
taken poon, the city will be faced
wvith a condition similar to that in
New York several yeam'-ago when-*
special appropridtion was obtained
fron* 'the legislature to rid At city
of the cat m ea
A tour of the city street#, ande
pecially the narrower ecae supports
Mr. Skipper's assertions. ead cats
have been secn u all parts of the
city in unusually large numbers late
ly. -The Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals agent declared
that cus on the society to put IsCK
felines out of their misery w%*re great
er now than the call for dogs, which
M r. Skipper would give no figures
ito show the nunber of. cia tphx
ated here, but declared 11,584 were
gatherod up from the streets and dis
posed of to one way or another. Many
of those cats were placed in homes.
but all of the "rowdy" or alley breed
were chloroformed.
Augut, S aid Mr. Skipper, usually is
the -hardest on ca~tp as It ts'o~n dogs,
since the warm weather sickents them
and thre is greater call for humane
ly putting them out of the way.
Thea oractice which Mr. Skipper con
demned and which, he said. was fre
quently reported to the office, wo that
of placing cats and kitten In gar
bage cans and covering the animals
wIth garbage in the hopeth he
will smother to death.
This, said Mr. ckilpr, accounts for
the many complaints of persons living
in the neighborhood of dumps of stray
cats wandering around.
Tank Throtts Thirst In France While
Ban Stays On Priceless
pARIS.July 1.-Not a sIn e Man
Thmoey nrFance today M. since te
Frenhed aoendmenth heasreaida obe
whently rconstged to eoffie, .f that
plaint Amrcas arsdkte in gar-t
enter Fanacovrngteanml
Forl smot tox death h ok
tfhve ave compait g estns liin
iondenegboo of dumps le wit stae
catquwdrwig Arcthoa.
ar hREL'n OF BU nSeIzal RItr
manTIs liqud I o narEbtDoCKn
YaThones .irs the whiakey Wargo
in the mti 1-- a beingle aos
hrutndb cocktagae hadeforndove
date hin wits rean to nowwa to
dothad of breles osigment.a
wn hie onit to ohne tofnther
lorgt mp~ericanl firm in Pari tqes
to, al most Eur opaconthsedries
ofhavre horatioben rostrictionstas
mos of brdrels ofile ithad thf
lido orlnf ahc 'mrlon throats
mones -telud. 'nf ea brrnu son
Te oers whiskey acaoda
cound byelulae ca~an
Rsertib -~ tonAebraer, ths ciht,
ande riins" it n canc t athier,
potro 4. -the4 piy ouaf'e Wee
haedno hisicrgarin reticts asth
nasingehim the orenco.trol ofahio
isr wrth bredmed thousondorf
dtoqirs-amnth a 'ilfiojn, t irg
m~eeI the gueins frmte~ trudh.
bltd b caethe r i i'etr
WAQUIIS TW, lad., July 1d.-,A..
toie bandits ed upra this ty,
tsnger for the Arm*bcourae W ae
edan ofin h noor n hur ruh,
abusy himnton stee ytrday ofndi
reerecakin trhkaRt casn apr
proxmatly 1.0 ncurny h
bits eqre~ tursaed o ah Maissor
mta vea the utmailp fra thae tu
Has 1O ParlCwin s i
BM~iaT U. Julyv 14/.-Mrewith
e prese h4telre i n s aeroeg
divorce u iff aftsuA - atimore.
Boston. tad~elfas. Tbay Mhow
Boston lW"tgeW$At appers t9
be a:. ese msrasabi'd get
:u t o limosy.
Here 0me guee she i ntbe
numibert yr es -stwiaes
the six meaths enddJuae 34. 19:
*Philadelphta .'..,s4.... 1.g50.
Baltimore . 3,0.
Os the face of things tirese $gurs*
mean little. But compared with
divoree fgures for 1916 and 1919, they
as n tba married life is becomiig,
tiresome. to Wore people Shan ever
beforo. Coste 4i' 'ariage
Ilense ',gtei the skew that di.
vorce Ie. bo nag 4Amet so popular
Go matrimony.
But take PhIldelphiss six-medt
Perril Iven. aboe, 1LI.G.6. .1 in~t..
2.06 divorce suits were Sled In the
juekor CIt.- Assuitlig that the mext
sim MU will keep boemWith the
aset a$*. 405 Philadelphia -husbands
and Vives will have sought per n
ent separation by Dpfember 39'0. an
increase of 64 per cat over 19'S.
Baltimore families tried to split up
at the rate of 2.20 1W 119, atd dur
in the last six. monthe 1,.3 more
fai",lien have tried It. That will give
laltimore a record of 2.T90 divorce
suits in -120. seuraifi that tae next
.i. muutts. v1Ul keep -pace with the
last six. This would be an increase
of more than 10 per ctnt over 3901i.
In percentage of suitE filed Boston
in fAr ahead of both Baltimore tajrd
Philadelphia. %howing 1,789 for 1919,
and1u lt the dr.o six months uf
J920. Judging the future by the pat
Reton's divorce seekers will be
more than 100 per cent .nore in num
.-so thin !var th., lap. vear.
Our Bilet
Sparkling, tasteful and
lb. 45c
Gold Me
Pillsbury I
6.1b. Sacks for.......
12-1b Sack for........
241/-lb. Sack for ......
A & P Macaroni, 9-oz. I
A & P Spaghetti, 9-oz.;
Whak Milk P
Lbe, 32c
Fancy Onions,
2 Lbs., 7c
Lux, package....
Bon Ami, cake..
Old Dutch Cleans
Lenox Soa... 6 <
Large Cake Ivor
Soap . . ... .. ..
Carry-all Bags,
size ... . .. ..6..
Mustarel, *-Ib. cai
Gulden's Mustard
Howard's Salad I
Shim~mel's Dressia
Durkee's Salad [
utng. . . . . ...
My Wife's Salad I
. mg .. . .. ......
Ai AP Jams...
Post Toastios phi
Kelogg's Corn I
pk.. . .. . .. ..
Shredded Wheat,
The 'reat At]
:ma. U." tho samd y lsa ine
thW onsaYotat u. *Vti.r
some sl.Wg. ft Vhut wom
Oma att t me s,ks 00
*wop 906S
%w 1va Kodsk WitkYou
W ot h&re. .s , Ipe
NNmo, With Campwf Cse 2
A A -
Fivest Developing Plant in Town. Films
Develope Ro .. .....
Harry C. Grovwe Inc.
1210 G Stret N. W.
A & P Stores in the United States
Oir Best
60 years :a vorfre
lb. 39e.>
dal Nut Margarine, lb... ...3k
Golden Spred Oleo1 ....37
Evaporated Peaches;&. .z5k
Evaporated Aprcots1.. .32
......SI Evaportedh Pr'e, 41:50,
c..1 Head Rice, lb. pkg..... ..2c
kg.....12e BulkRice, lb......16c and18c
ire Lard, Lb., 23c .810
Best Creamery 5
Butter, Lb., 63c 33c
D MILK Sma, 5c; Large, 1C
All Brands
1/2 Peek, 15c
., 47c I POTATOES ia4m
......1e- Puffed Wheat, pkg.....12e
....8c Puffed Rice, pkg....14e
r.... 8c Seedless Raisins. ... ... .30c
akes, 25c Seeded Raisins. ...... .28c
1...2jc A & PVinegar. .......20c
lre Lobster, can.....60
~.....25c Red Sahon, can......37ei
jar. .13c Potted Moats, cant.-19e .l
ress. Tomatoes, small cans..11ic
......32c Tomatoes, large cans.. 14c
g....14c Fancy A & P Toma
ess.toes, large cans. ... ..25c
...30c A-&PGrape Juice,15~c,30c
rs. Lemons, dozen...15c, 18e
.....22c Clicquot Ginger, Ale,
*. .. ..38c bottle . . . .. *.. ......1 5c
....16e Cloverdale Ginger Ale,
....9.1kc A & PToiltPpe,
pkg . .11 c pacage .-*.. . . . .. .. .. 8c
antic & Pacific i-ee
A &P Stors inthe Unitd Sta s
a 4

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