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He Wll Tke Sron ' Su
Manger ofte Ohairma Gofero Demy
cratic national committee, to al'l Dem
ocratic members of the Tennessee
legislature, urging them to vote for
woman suffrage when a ballot is
taken on ratification of the national
suffrage amendment on August 9.
A strong stand by Governor Cox,
Democratic Presidential nominee, in
favor of muffrage, when he makes his
acceptance address August 7, is fore
cast by Mr. White. He says:
"Governgr tox: will make his speech
of acceptance on Atugust 7. It would
be most pleasiig to him and to Dem
oerats throughout the nation If we
had the asauranoe from a majority of
the Tennessee legislature in the
forthcoming special session of their
intention to make Tennessee the
thirty-sixth State to ratify the suf
frage amendmetqt, tilus ineuring, the
enfranchisement of the women of
America. As new chairpian of the
Democratic national commpitt'ee, I in
vite your co-operation in th3is, great
progressive movement."
Strong pressure is byeing brought to
bear upon Republican members of
the Tennessee legislature to give a
unanimous vote for ratificatton, ac-|
cording to advice. received at theI
headquarters of the National Wopn
ans Party. A letter has been sent
by Hal H.' Clements, Tennessee State
chairman of the Republican party, to
all Reputbliein legislators, urging
them to pledge their vote.unreserv
edly for ratiacaMon. The letter said,
in part:
"The Republicans of the State ana
nation have always been foremost in
the fight for sugfrage, and I thereforc
feel safe in pledging every tiepublic
an member et the legislature for im
mediate ratinecation of suffrage. I
shall do everything in my power to
insure among Republicans a favor
able and unanimous vote.'
Aliee Paul, chairman of the Na
tlsonal Wotoan's Party, will leave for
Nashville within a few days to con
duct ths fight for ratification in per
sen, She said today:
"Under the favorable situation for
Orestest bargains ever offered in
high-grade. reliable tires. For l'st ofr
prices see our ad in todiay's classified
aa mi Rhe iase Ami
E [email protected]& E
"Only 4 Women Friends
Left," Says Mrs. Asquith;
'And Society Speculates
LONDON, Aug. L-"I have
never succeeded in making persons
the least different from what they
were originally, and in my efforts
I have lost every one of my women
friends except four," writes Mrs.
R. H. Asquith, wife of the former
premier, in the first installment of
her autobiography, just printed.
British newspapers, that believed
Mrs. Asquith's friends in society
were legion, are asking: "Who are
the four?"
ratification presented in Tennessee.
refeat of the amendment would be
interpreted as deliberate or a. due
to sheer carelessness on the part of
both political parties."
Drop of 45 Cents During Week
Puts Price In Chicago
at $2.12.
CHICAGO. Aug. 1.-For the first
time in more than two years, wheat
lutures on the Chicago Board of
Trade were near the $2 mark today.
A drop of 10 cents in December
wheat ;esterday - brought the total
rop for the w'eek to 45l cens, and put
the price at $2.12. March wheat fol
lowed the December closely, the final
bid being $2.13.
The, drop in wheat wan the feature
of the week on the Board of Trad.,
but there was little sensational in its
accomplishment. There were no buy
e, and sellers simply lowere~d the
prices at which they would part with
the crop.
Corn and oats dropped in sympnthy
with wheat, but to a lesser extent.
For th~e week the louses in corn wer:
July. 20 cents; September. 17; D)e
cember, 17,
July oats dropped 9% cents; Sep
tember and December, 7. each.
The drop in provisions was not so
een persons were injured, one per
haps fatally, when Oregon Short Line
taln No. 32. Butte, Mont.. to Malt
Lake, was derailed near Dlowney
yesterday, accordin gto information
obhtained from the coinpany's offices
here. Nine of the twelve conches of
the train overturned.
Officials of the company, doctors.,
and nurses, were rushed on a special
trai. from. h.ere to t. .s..ne of te.
Featere Fol Fid Lie Rthe
"EsyPci'"W e
Wherewo w eat oday
Thisquetiondoen't orr th
preat il nthered FolkFn Liether
Cliedte brks toudeahb ed
Wn herem. eA ordao on
Thubing qeon desnt acorrt the
Woltyuhf o ere wanatm-u now birdf
wihpretty girl to rorteruyou
choiche gbrlar crkrs aveostan
horie the biry? Tt's dethe by te
in hm n obirds feeltabootany
Youbn onv passe ownaroun thers
Wroud ou, tifmo e a prkbyhav
weenthaett girl tto onfer youhe
or inde the yTtres teay ther
birdhs feel at bai ,adtoun
ou have paotsed thefock the parks
around note eatnd froam ther
handh irl. itcing nthe ube.nThee
orghtder the reegs feting the
birds during their lunch hour, in a
park opposite the White House, has
become one of the attractions to vis
itors to the National Capital,
Lafayette Park across from the Ex
eutive Mansion is the park most
popular with the girls and birds.
There are birds of many kinds in
habiting the greens, black bird.,
sparrows, pigeons and starlings. The
gila come from the Eni'reau of Wat
Itisk Insurance, just behind the park.
As many as 7,500) girls occupy the
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. Aug. 1.-Be
cause his fiancee. Mrs. Grace Rowan
Cummings, thirty-three divorcee, Ia
alleged to have refused to carry out
her agreement to marry b im, Henry
Wilbur Douglass, twenty- fie, of Chel
sea, shot and killed her and then at
tented suicide by shooting.
The sheeting took plage at the
Cambridge apartment of Mrs. Cum
mings ss she lay asleep. Without
warningt, Douglas entered Mrs. Cum
mings' bedroom, pieced a revolver
-lose to her right temple and fired.
kneeling beside the bed, Dougla.
then ahot himself.
hat the Switch-i
I got on the ouia board to talk
wIth Lewis Carroll. author of that
curious alsters'-brothers' problem. He
tried to tell me slomething, but the
best I could get was that he thanked
Q. E. D. for telling others that nineC
was large enough for any family.
A. V. Mf.
1900-The full dinner pall."
1920--"The full beer keg."
1940-"The full cigar box."
If cherry smash lemon, or grape
punch nut sundae on Monday, would
egg flip flop? SIGMUND D.
The fellow who visits you and
spends most of the time talking about
the beautiful girl he' took to the Wil
lard the night before.
When you typewrite a whole page
and find that the ribbon forgot to
"The night was dark, the moon wasn blue,
Around the corner a villain flew
And from hi.: treast, a dagger drew.
And plunged it into an oyster stew."
in thot idl rnf ar' ol .winter's night.
Two paralysed men got up to fight.
AThe ndum man ellted, hurray, hurray."
How mean is a woman who will
not give a blind man a wink, espe
eially~ if she saw the police coming.
I hanvn read most of ithe big
newspapers of thn couintry, and
none of them have anything to
compare with Heard and iSeen,
which is of, by and for the com
eclians. No other sheet has much
a column. Let it go on as it is.
Cleveland, Ohio.
This sign at Twelfth and U streets
had me guessing: "Cold watermelon
on ice soft shell crabs.'" P.
The fellow who works the hardest
generally gets the least pay.
To get to the top by trampling on
other, can't really be called success.
The boss never notiees you when
you're working: it's only when yo
are not on the job that he sees you.
The H AND S jurors who unani
mously declared the column to be
all right am It ia were wise jurors.
"Shmrck wrtsmaylneo
poerytotel owth floeso
theirdons G irl th Kn i"
petr tei Wtelow. tHe' sl oyal
though. ___
T. S. WRIGHT, who lives near Mt.
Vernon, the tomb of Washington,
says an old tradition floating around
in that country about Washington
and the hatchet is this: Washington's
father gave George a black boy namel
Isaac for playmate. When the father
made inquiry about the cherry tree
young George answered: "Fathor, I
cannot tell a lie; Ike cut it with my
little hatchet."
Many of the "fresh" guys refer
red to by FRED H. failed to get
their quota of salt because they're
not worth it, And, furthermore, does
the plentiful use of salt remove hu
man "freshness?" JEFF.
On Friday. June 13. 1913, 1 com
pounded I'rescription No. 31313 at the
Soliers' Home HoAlatal diepe lsary.
About the funniest sign I see in
Washington is that one on New
York avenue: "Free Air. Lowest
prices." _ __MAE V. P.
sA lady whon all did adrmir,
Her notes were So sweet
And for th roa d to blis did inqur
1ly only regret is that you won't
allow me to use Heard and Seen to
get personal with some ef my
frends. V. W.
i'v d a l i i orro. ea e ;all that I spent,
One in lve with s woman, but that came
o set yorsl agood dog, boys, he' your
Beveral goat grabors in the Cen
sis Bureau are worth mentioning.
There's the classy guy from ,Toidy
told street and Toid avenue, N. Y.,
who's always saying. "Wat made me
leave my happy home for dii dump?"
The hard-boiled vamp who ptunctu
ates her ptunching duties by telling
"Memie" w hat 'illy told me in the
can't' last night."
The guy wiho spends all his time
floating betwee'n the htalic and 'him
desk but gets at rnale gain*riy.
-By Hanlon
V" L11
" "Y
White House Shepherd Offers
"Royal" Flock to Highest Bid
der as Moving Day Nears.
Woodrow Wilson, sheep rancher, is
about to sell out. and it wAM be what
might be termed a forced sale, be
cause he is being diupossessed of
the ranch, admittedly the foremost
sheep grase of the country-to wit,
the White House grounds. So the
celebrated Wilson cheep go on the
auction block.
Finding a buyer for this distin
guished flock of wool-producers is not
going to be so easy, however. Many
sI veteran of the sheep-raicing game
will hesitate, to burden himself with
these animals with appetites for lux
uriec only as grass goes. Furthermore
they have been accuced of tempera
mental tendencies.
That their "royal" curroundin gs
have failed to affect their wool-grow
ing powers has been attested to.
though, by Red Cross and Y. M. C. A.
workers, whose organisations have
alway, profited at cheating time
(brough Mrs. Wilson's generosity.
And stili the Wilson ranch activities
hav'e not been without profit. Here's
the secret:
Early in 1917 the President. anxious
to set an exampie in wartime produc
tion of necensities, purchased eight
een head of thoroughbred sheep. To
day, with the nloc offered for sale.
the bill of particulars specifies forty
eight head.
Notice of the sale went out today.
No one has even hinted that Governor
James M. C'ox of Ohio and Senator
Warren G. Harding of Ohio wifl enter
into any spirited competition for pos
session of the dlock. General belief
is that they will confine their efforts
to the contest for possession of the
As the ranch appears destined to
fall into the hands of one or the other
of the Ohioans, the problem then
comest Who will undertake to accli
mate these cheep to an ordinary gruse.
where spears of grass are as scarce
as visitors have been on the White
House grounds since the same cheep
took possession there?
How the sale is to be effected. sni!
when and where, are details yet to be
mrade public hy the President. Some
still embittered against the Admin
istration over the attempts to sell
the ships at ridiculously low prices,
have suggested the plan of etteating
a 'sheeping board" for that puarpose.
conwet. iuse, bg Pan, L.ee- C.
"th&E CcIC Sdf
cBSE tES of A
Coni ftPAeE InepndnATNero
15 XEX RSIONS T onso oaa;Ags ,Frs
Auther Org niaton Expectedn, o.1 an
ings Thiso Month. . fth Mc
curseons thispli montho at. Cheapak
Btech Other izutins Eexpected o tcOdr fteVildPoht
The schdue follows:al; ugst12
ig ThsM nhtrc;August 3,, Capitant BenecvolAeso
Aosofa onad August , orest0
'Fitee oraniatonswil hod e- au ta 10,eNation Tent No 1, and
cursins tis m nth a Cheape eersand of e Forign Wars ofub th Ic
Au u 1 . - alN. 105, - Fedral 4.:m
c 1ton -ahinto AeiaN.15 ntdAmrcnMcais
AetSTo osessTeBuyn
EnegyoFPrernt Oreraglh-adGr
Says Phyoucial--F the IndeWhynPenntyrofrIro
K15p EXCURSONS Suppn Ativ adb;Ags ,Frt
Fulo io- OddFlow fFretilM.
OToer O oanans n Ex oger ytcOro take anled "ohets
tcHive te esapotdorke , ut- Vacks ofFregeWr o teoDi
ng to hidothe th. h wan ts tic/ e gn~cnefj"
dieo, ga andon w i l l thol spakl an al F e at raivo es Po e sie
esien a tis oto aan C ses s eCek n the W indrihirt l. Incth.;
buoynt nery aduprfe t esseocl so 15 Fgedieranli
Beah Ofthe ouigred-lood ~ed on, s non uus 0 Cedr"am
beadt the lio won re ay.N.15 od eate theoWold Aug-e
The schel olos:t2, Gret Counly the. Iproved
titel facrde-r owed n; aned Augst hep
Addigt3 Ci tal onf icalAs Co i reld u rtea, rundorn e w ome
atdo anc ing tone A ra. No. nd5 nierd egran M eanics. n
T hiper woee Buoyant
,Ebeethy of Perfec H a,t- ao
Kb pu lood fae ih/Frledun Withne wre Nuterng
on*s ProCsDESWy Plenty of heltinabute
Ke The Body Supple, Actrve und
Ffull nofseVtigor-Howen
Tetery oa h a noslonge t er ano in th lo
Dcti. Irintands in, outdoork life who l nk teaddent ina le th tet . nee
dteght Mec lo the tingms-ac ofe wront to a es
doe ano o hfasened th sr p arkle and attvn es as
owan of ern y o maner cmales and reagerrn
desr at tme to, agr, ~ po se the Ivra n te

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