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efoassin Di
tmore than 4510 ases of
:ag ough officially knows to
Ia the Distriet, atA believing
t re hundreds of others net re
1. Dr. William C. Pewter, Die.
tri health Officer, today Called the
p ae's attention to the quaraatise
tPo lateMsm with regard t this
"it is vitally necessary to the health
of the' eity that these regulatisas are
strietly adhered to." said Dr. Powter,
"this disease is very contagies. This
department is now seding nursee to
the homes where cases are reported,
and they have peen inastrceted to make
sure the regulations are followed."
live new cases were reported today.
This is an unusually small number,
the daily average being' twelve cases
a day. Since July 1, !4 oeas have
bees reported.
The quarantine regulations follow:
"School attendance-No person suf
fering from whooping cough can law
fully attend school, Sunday school, or
chbro#, the theater, or any place of
public assemblage. Pupis' living in
the same house as the patient, but
not themselves suffering from the dis
ease. may, however, coninue to at
tend school, and are not excluded
Ifrs n any of the other places named.
While there I. no hard and fast limit
for the period of exclusion of patents
sufering from whooping cough from
private schools, no such patient can
return to the public schools within
flyv weeks after the onset of the dis
ease; but at the expiration of that
time the patient may return if he if
well-without a qertificate from the
healt4 okloer.
"Exposure to Infection-No person
can ligwfullyp expose himself, or his
child, br any other, person to infection
of whopiag cough, or permit any
In and Near
The first word from the .party of
American Boy Scouts who left New
York recently ,to attend the scout
rally in Xondon'was received via cable
at National Scout Headquarters, New
York city,' last week.
The cablegrant reads:
"Boys met Southampton by Ehler
(Ehler is the advance agent). Offi
cial reception impossible account dis
embarkation ahead of schedule.' Com
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ing CougI
strict; New
igel2a Day
such'sepesUre. An WeUO is msde
In favor of these was are in atte5&
aoe' on the patest.
fee of Publie Street.-It is ualaw
ful for any perage suffering from
whooping ough to appear uPo" the
pablie street at such a time or is
such a manner as to espese othe
persens to Infection. And s patOin
less than oighteen years of age Can
Appear at all upon tae public streets
unless ssompantd by some perse
more than eighteen years old, duly
authorised by the parent Or guard
1as to compel the child to conduct
himself so as to avoid exposing other
persons to the dimase. in the cases
of sush children, the atteddant Is 10
gaily responsible for the conduct of
the child.
FUALTg rEum on JAIL.
"Use of Street Cars. 1te.-No pa
tient sefferlag from whooping cough
can lawfully ride in a public convey
ance in which there are or may be
other persons, or which may be liable
to be immediately used without due
attention to disinfection by means of
exposure to sunlight or fresh air, or
"Penalties-Failure to report to the
Health Office a case of whooping
cough makes the offender liable to a
line not exceeding $100, and to Im
prisonment not exceeding thirty
days. Violation of any other pro
visions of the law set forth above
makes the offender liable to a fne
not exceeding $60 for the irst of
tense and not exceeding $100 for each
subsequent offense."
Dr. Fowler pointed out today that
the law requires the reporting of all
cases. He says if there is no physi
clan in attendance the parent of the
child or someone in the house must
make the report.
fortably quartered London. Training
and sightseeing progressing satisfac
torily. All well except Taylor, of To
peka; light attack of measles. Baden
Powell visited scouts yesterday, most
complimentary. Move to fine camp
Richmond Monday. Guests Mrs.
Marsh, Warwick Castle, ,Sunday.
Perry (our Jamboree historian) mail
ing complete log to date. Our cable
address is Jamboree, London.
(Signed) "GIGNTLLIAT."
Troop 19. of York, Pa., under Scout
master J. B. Truett. came to this city
Monday, and will camp for ten days
at Randle Highlands.
Senior Patrol Scout Woodruff
Youngs, of troop 61, was present at
the last meeting, after having spent
his vacation in New England, where
he was pursuing missionary studies.
Youngs is a splendid performer on
the ukulele, and will be a valuable
addition to the troop glee club.
The troop's annual exhibition will
be given the first week in December.
Plans will soon be made for the
troop dance to be given the last week
in September. With the return of
the different members, Troop 61 is
beginning to take on new life.
L. L. McDonald, national camp,
director, Boy Scouts of America. Inc.,
was in Washington last week, and
inspected the new camp at Burnt
Mills. He declared it to be one of
the best in the country.
Boy Scouts of this city, as well as
members of that organization through
out the country, will take part in the
safety first campaign to be conducted
under the auspices of the National
Safety Council, beginning August 30,
according to reports received here.
Plans for the campaign have not
been made, but it is believed that the
scouts in this city will take a part
in it similar to that of the "Walk
Rite" campaigns held in this city
several years ago.
The following troops will be at
Camp Roosevelt this week:
Troop S, Col. W. W. Taylor, scout
master; Troop 26. V. O. Yetter, scout
nmaster; Troop 30. Edwin Kirk, scout
master; Troop 35. Joseph Stimnson,
scoutmaster; Troop 40, Thomas E.
Snyder, scoutmaster; Troop 64, 8. Rt.
Dobbs, scoutmaster; Troop 63, Lew S.
Mohler, scoutmaster, and Troop 2,
Fairfax. the Rev. B. J. Rudderow,
Plans for a hike on September 1
through the Shenandoah Valley have
been completed by Troop 32. Forty
boys are expected to go in the party
which will be under the leadershIp
of Scoutmaster Newell. They expect to
visit places where battles were fought
during the civil war, including New
Market. Va., where the Virginia Mili
tary .Cadets held the Union troops.
The historic caverns of Lu ray. Va.,
which have recently been declared by
sightseers more wonderful than the
Mammoth cave in Kentucky, will be
inspected by the scouts.
F. E. Matthes, seoutmaster of troop
1, is leading a party of New York
..eout e. on a tour of the natIonal
parks. The boys are the guests of
the Far Western Travelers' Associa
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I don't know howof atyu ne e their feo e asnt
seres of leters wh bae appeared in this neem ed they a" you shall all shan alike in the
paper seq last wendmy under the abo e q hfg P te.
"setter Than W40wd but I hope a great naw of Yos will admit, I know, that it is most usa 3.-L3 L A)Z Dinelw.
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make an investment that ougt stock-hlding. actual control yo the Com.
splendid return. Pany which, as I he said In the hadin of all I , LYNCK Dl.eeor.
The men who conceived this great enterprise my letters, Is "DEIT THAN 5000 In gI of toRb
made their own sucem by taking advantage of Who are these men-the ofiem an directore
opportunities not nearly so favorable as the one Let me first quote from a letter written by the tog oTsiswue in
they offer to you. appraiser, Hon. John T. I Johnston:
. They wnt throug to success becaise of their "I know seeral of the ofcer of this Company .Is en ItIL Dsiac"oT
ourage, initiative, energy, character and abilty. personally
They are men who believe in giving everybody I know ima r. a. to Preranisationl
traveling along with them the same opportunity "I csider i a grea a to th e ai -
as themselves--therefore, before inviting you, the W. F.SIMS, Dir..,.,
people, to join them, they established a sound basis t s in everythin he has undertaken Is a beaker ad merd wat el Ifldws, Tars,
viut bevesnts forsveral ears. ea b* tate
ftr the great thing. expected of this enterprise. character i unquestioned and his honesty he
They are already under way and results thus farbe relied upon. Coinuw f Tes t his jufsu as a
That aleadtensiedevelopmnt i result Inufa "I would belive an statemient Mr. A. C. Parker busiaess s- ad h i certaiao ass, smmee
prove that extensive development will result inmake to me or to anyone, ese.
very profitable returns
The name of the Company Is a good name, and have been proven by You an bank on their ability.
lyf successful operation in all of his undertaking. You can bank on their character
eIt "His knowledge of the mid-contiaent field is such You can bank on their knowledge of the il
TEAS, th GREAT SAE TR UMC 0- that he knows values, and therefore has selected business.
1,500000 shares of common stock (only), par value s with unusual wisdom. You an bank that they would not go into wild
10.,0 shrso'omnsok(nyprvle-he fact that Mr. Parker is to be permanently cat schemes either with their own money or with
Since the orgaization of the Company, its nnected with the Company in a vital way, in my
properties have enhanced in value more than judgint, practically assures the success of t Do you appreciate that there has never been a
g000,000 which is proven by an appraisal made failure of an oil company that organized on a sub
under the direction of John T. M. lohnston, who of he a "bin ao the that werl srtdith os
is admitted to be one of the most conservative,
most capable, and most thorough men who ever A. C. PARKER, President and General Maager. 1 The only failures are those brought about by
measured the value of oil properties. Mr Parker Is self-made man with wonderu vision and promoters of wildcat schemes who haven't de
Mr. Johnston has the distinction of having ly. He hs tremaldo: capacity for work. Best of Ali, veloped oil-producing properties and who seek
"Hon." prefixed to his name, which in his case whi insI hisht webs the peples money to help pay for a guessing con
means what it stands for-"honorable." sm pounds; looks a man square in the eye, and expect test as to where oil might be found.
Mr. Johnston is a prominent banker; capitalist, pverbial "silveryspoonnever entered Into his l. H I The pity is that people allow themselves to make
and independent oil operator of St. Louis, Mo., was lucky to ave a pewter spoon. He got started on his Investments without looking into the character
business career in a modest 'way at thirty, and in the fourteen
and Wichita Falls, Tex. He is a director in the yeas since then (he is now forty four) Ie hee acquired a and standing of the men behind an enterprise.
Intr-S~teCopan ofNe Yok; l- substatia fortune by honest industry and the practice of The leases owned by the GREAT STATE
Van Noys InterSttesquare methods. He is interested I the Company to the
rector of the Liberty National Bank of St. Louis, extent of Mo , which should be a guarantee of his faith PETROLEUM CO. OF TEXAS consist of 20,712
of which institution his son, Mr. J. L. Johnston, is in the ente Besides being President ad General acres-not all in one vast ract, but an acreage of
Preidet; iretorof heFirt Ntioal ankof Mna r of this Company, he is also an important factor in assembled parts in all the principal producing oil
President; director of the First National Bank of tefloi
Joplin, Mo., and connected in a like capacity in a President Parker Oil & Rein Co., Texas. fields of Texas, and every part is either proven or
P I ~~~~~~~~~~~~Director Sunshine State Reinin Co., Texas.se-pvnori ctdinlkypruigol
score of other banking and manufacturing cor- Vice-President and Director rican National Bank, sd
porations; director of Kellum Company of Kansas Wichita Fas. terrWiFl, s
City, Mo.; and a large stockholder in PhillipsOnly a very small acreage out of the total has
Petroleum Company o Brtlei Pkillipo HARRY A. HURT, Vice-Presdnt. been developed, but there are now 35 wells pro
which his son, J. L. Johnston, is a director. the oil Idt, he was esaage4 inthelmbrbeshusi
Ina-much as he has no financial ntest what- I Dallas, ousto ad Forth Worth, being for than likely that 350, or even 3500 wells may be de-A TREUt O.
ever in the GREAT STATE PETROLEUM CO. IUS er ~te nteJnsLme opn 1 vlpdadyedadiypouto 0tmso
OF TEXAS, nor in any of the properties owned ' ral Manager of the Jones-Hurt Lumber Company of Fot 100 times more than 35 wells.
by the Company, and is not associated in a busi- Weatyiv a Treasurer o te Lumbe Cor
ness way with any one interested in the Company punyof Housoe Texas. Mr. Harts personal investment In is kown positively that a great many more wells
or its properties, it must be assumed that his e Grat Sta Ptroleum Company represents a very sub- can be drilled on acreage wher is stored a vast
appraisal of the holdings of the GREAT STATE quantity of oil
PETROLEUM CO. OF TEXAS is conservative and FRED 0. JONES, Vic-Prednt. k It is to bring into being the production of this
Mr. Jonef is President of the Jones-Beers Construction f .,nrlr i rffpppd tn theb neir.
nones(.ompany of Binghamton, IN. Y Su ioavactors;
flf~LTreasurer of Lowell Jones & Baijey. Wholesale Jewelers, ,The Company owns and operates 50 miles of
Mr. Johnston classifies his appraisal as follows: Bhgbamton, N. Y- e is a director bf the Sracuse Mort-l
gageProducin Leases ..............2,720,000.0 N. Y and t" as d of pipe0 baew of 40 ceuto for
g 000.0 N. Y., hebeing"Jon"a of cl~hmon" Mr. ones 11s been 650 The
Undeveloped Proven Leases..... e 1,884,000.00 Interested ine oil industry t Oklahoma io t pag ,v pia. capacity of tis pipe line is
Semi-Proven Leases 210,550.00 eral years, being very successful in all of the oil projects he rels a day.
Unevloeds~ gone into. Mr. Jones' investment in this Company , Contracts have been made that in~sure carrying
Undeveloped Leases in Favorable represents what would be a fortune for most of n.
Territory ..................... 894,505.00 F. L. McCOY, Treasurer. The maximum capacity of the line.
Pipe Line Properties, Equipment. Mr. McCoy is Vic-President of the American National The re ent retu rrm dion of
Contracts, etc................. 1,000,000.00 Bank,WichitaFallsTexas,andextensivelyengagedinoil
________investments. Mr. McCoy was formerly President of a small every barrel of oil transported through -the pipe
bak in the town of Burkbrnett, Texas. After the famous lnrpeetattlrnigit h ilos
TOTAL ..........$6,709,055.00 Burkburnett field was discovered, Mr. McCoy sought larger
connections, and was one of the organizer of the American If the present net revenue were applied toward
National Bank of Wichita Falls, Texas, being active Vice- dvdnsotesoktu a sud h
Now, the stock offered to you, the people, at President. His investment in the Great State Petroleum paying
$12.50 the share-a price entirely justified b Company of Texa isa substantl amount, large enough to stockholders would earn a dividend of 33 percent.
of the success already attained by the Company- command great personal interest n its a But only a small part of the net revenue is being
is offered to you only because the President and WALTER H. MARSHALL, used to pay dividends-the greater part is going
General Manager of the Company and the Board Secretary and Assistant Treasurer. into the further development of the properties.
of Directors (who have personally put into thean o - You see, do you not, what long-headed, careful
enterprise their own money to the limit of their. Mhal a Texan; he knows the state. Throumt
ability) wish to develop quickly the proven leases, areen w ll red n larenai m att, Do you think I have .overlooked anything in
and thus speedily multiply production. ad is uing his talents in developing the Oreat State Peto- presenting the facts about the GREAT STATE
It costs a lot of money to prepare for big pro- lean Company of Texs. PETROLEUM CO. OF TEXAS?
duction, but since all the money you, the people, THOMAS J. FILES, Director. If you are interested in the story I have told you
wiH put into the enterprise will go toward the de- President, First State Bank, Hllsboro, Texas. The peed- send your check for whatever amount of stock you
veloment of the properties where oil is known deny of a bank in Tes establishes a man's reputation can afford to buy to the New York offices of the
eopmn among his fellows, for men are not given such jobs in Texas
to exist, neither you nor the men now back of the without each one first having his faL
enterprise, with their fortunes, will be taking any which are located'at 320 Fifth Avenue, N. a.
undue risk. ALBERT C. RICK, Director. corner of 32d Street.
I a sue ou il beineretedinthesttemntAt pesent egedin the oil business. Some two years Don't get the idea in your mind that Ibecause
am stre you will be interested int e t e ago, retail furniture business in Dallas, their offices are located on Fifth Avenue-the
thato p being conducted in Dallas under the Rick name for more
Secrtar-wh is lsoAssstan Trasuer- than fot years. Since that time he has been engaged greatest business artery in the world-that they
Secretary-who is also Assistant Treasurer-being a large landowner in
draws one dollar out of the Company in the way Texas. r. Ricls investment in the Great State Petroleum y r
of salaries, or in any other way, and the Secretary- Company of Texas amount* to nearly half a million dllars. are not. The Company probably occupies the most
Asst. Treasurer is not drawing anything like the He knows good Investments democratic and most economical suite of offices in
salary that one would expect from association J. F. BARKER, Director. New York City-at least I have never seen any
with a Company dealing in millions of dollars. For many ears engaged in the retail lumber business In more modest offices in this big town and I have
The the ofices ad drecors wih te lmit Texas, Mr. barker was induced to enter the oil business by lived here for 26 years.
The other ofers and directors, with the limitC. Parker a few ears ago. Mr. Barker's suce
of their wealth invested in the enterprise, feel that has been very rapid, and he is to-day considered a heeding The offices are really an index to the simplicity
facto in the oil- ofucing and pieline business in Nortn and stabili of the Company, and its officers and
they ought to go along without any personal re- CentralsTexas.SinvestmenttteetreaGreatmntatepssaele rct
muneration until the enterprise has reached fullyours,
development. And in the meantime, they think T. E. TOMLINSON, Director. WILLIAM C. FRUA"M,
they are in honor bound to give every ounce of One of the leading bankers and merchants of Hillsboro,
their experience in and knowledge of the oil busi- Texas, and has been for many years President of Ters Nw York, July W
P. S. Would you like to have in complete documentary form the same evidence that con
vinced me of the integrity of this company? If so, please send your name and address to the
New York office, 320 Fifth Ave.

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