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RAILROAD HM DEAD. maavvears U. . .ls 1
an Potomac Ra"
the sediread ""res ;ayns sir.
S. a. sa.d.- W~al le leaves two plots. Dr. Wie
@11 th Rl~n w hiWte. a KaoseII'.e greiciaa. star
apdTotsaa asl'W uuam U. W111,S ay ieet at
/ ailt. er.v sad daiuhs*'. Mrs. W U
" ws a Nteie atterar ter am R. Trlgg .1 Rchinead.
urn as au M ew aMr iv as
A hed$il 5 $ U2.50 . Rmbr Hls
A *rett et
w,-EI --
e'a ' a abeW
a paintag.
be They reduce ,the constat
ab le , strain and tessyon that e
a h suits from bard leather heets
-- a The inyent tap, tap oft
Se a.'' leather bee's tends to ex
t * haustion.
are hoS sta"d. bar- in White, Black and Tan
"ea. hant . aols. heel plate. for 4s.
= BUa .ri.*.c _ ..._ _ ., e. ________ _____ _ e
at [email protected]* pices at Ou 7W Uea rc 0
'le S ,,Sticer 100 CAS IRONS
The'. ew. te when it is aece, o-r Oie se a Ce="ee*.
0~ha d. io v'as~ 10'b. W
t it wen with the ltpesdy
teber. You ra mie harness.
Mhs. tenta. ceavae. sukeam... or
""r bin 7 !atel. Regular prloe.
$JAO. Our Special Price. M.
M. q ' ,,;eaa Regular Price $4.00
'* "laio e d weu'k. Our Pic $3.00
Ka"y Krom WU rle TMEv M .AS
S -* KO Sui: van's Heels
now w at er M- are3* 8..et Ladles. 18.-bhlack
prof !leather or t. cat's 'Pw keels-a-eu.
mi the market.1=111pe I r~des. ]se. !'lather
Ut Mo8I potarto~rIlo Uses. lose=. lre.
uip and will ge a te Sety. Satte.
o'utwear teais- __________________________
lt l ea t h erO*i. P
thre times. Is it n ,t to yr~d SHINOLA SPECIAL
vantage to wear something which
eos l. and wears longerc Com. ......
Is ad see for yourself. Korry 3G
e, .*,a thees wm'earg. most Home Sets......... 50
637 F Street N. W. 3219 M Street
if.;}iii iM" .;; ..?. ::":
Ef.ective today, and continuig throughout the
mnonth of August, your local deler is authorized
to give you, with each Vacuum Cup Cord or
Wabric Tire purchased,
SOne Pennylv.nia " Ton T :eted" I
Tabe of corepending size,
ab''olut.ly free of charge.
You not 0nl tse the substantial amount ordinarily
paid for tubes, but you also save on the casings.
For Vacuum Cup Tires, at prevailing price-- e
standarcfized net and uniform throughout the
Unkted States--coet less than other rnakes of
equal quality.
If you cannt secure prompt service from your 36
regular dealer, send direct toFactory at Jemnnette,
Pa., and your order will be filled through nearest 35
dealer or Factory Branch. 3
Jeannette, Pennsylvania 3
U. S. nwestigation Shows Eng
in Se kng Monopoly By
T-se. er Combins.
SAN FRANtUO. Aug. k-Revela
iteme ot the eatent of the British gv
*ramawt's campaign to secure domi
asteen ot the cl supply of the world
have bee. made through United tates
Goveermeet sources of information.
whec were received yesterday by
Uanied tates Ecnator James D. Phe
Data eollected in the investlgaUon
Sastder Phelan is making in ce-opes a
ties with aederal (ovenrment agea
ese has arrived. It shows that Gre at
ntan, esupled with .Frasee. is seek
lag net only the tying up of new
Belde of enterprise Is oil development,
bet is terming a combination with the
great Deteh oil -nterests to get pref
qrsstial eastrel of oil Output all over
the World.
It has been disepvered that there
is a dedaite imovement under way by
the British government to use its
power under the covenaat to maintain
supremae In the oil fields.
Senator Phelan says he learns that
offlers of the royal engineers are
iaking extensive surveys for a ra:l
read and pipe lise to the toaet
through Syria, which is within the
Prench sone. France. for that rea
son. is claiming her share of the
in a summary statement concern
lag the British government, it is
shown that it controls, or is inter
ested in. virtually every spot outs do
of the United States in the world
where oil has been found or where
oil resources may be exploited.
Young Gaagsteru Face Arrest for
Brutal Attack en Baltimere Boy,
13--Fihts Hi Way Free.
BALTIMORE, Aug. 6.-Twelve
year-old John E. Ayres, Jr.. went home
yesterday stabbed through the tongue
by members of the Frog Island gang,
who had attempted to cut his tocgue
The boy was waiting for the play
grounds at Riverside Park to open, he
said, when several members of the
Frog Island gang, coterie of young
lncorrigibles. ca no up, seised him.
and then discussed the best way of
tcrturing him. They finally decided
to cut out his tongue, and, according
ly, one of them choked him until that
member protruded. When the knife
was produced. John struggled so ter
rifically that he wrested himself free.
but not until his tongue had been
stabbed completely through.
Eight warrants for members of the
gang have been issued.
; i- : -"
x 6 $108.40 36x
x 5 80.35 35x
IC4%J 64.65 34x
S4 56.00 33 x
tier sizes at proportion
c 5 $74.60 37x!
c 4% 58.20 36 x
c 4 40.85 34 x
c 3% 23.70 30 x3
tim .;-.ze atseoeas..o.
AL1ANeUD C. Loam,
MestraL w isa
Aebug e IV We
asse for a1 iner aia
y r-e for the Amesteu4
o tak ples -o J*.
M, 3ms wfr Osedhg
to th Nw Trek Tash . _
DETROIT, Aug. 6. - improvement of
the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton rail
road, under the new ownership of
Henry Ford and Edsel Ford, has al
ready begun with the letting of con
tracts for $800,000 worth of new rails
to be delivered i.nmediately.
The Ford organlaation plans to im
prove roadbeds and lay new ties and
heavier tracks. Engines and car
are being made ready for the heavy
trafic of the fall and winter. It has
been announced that the 2.000 em
ployes of the system will come under
the Ford plan for wages and hours.
SAN FRANCsI('O. Aug 4 --Oa. of
the greatest freight rate wars in the
history of Pacifc Coast shippiu be
San yesterday.
O. ope sie are Great B-itta a :ind
Japes and -in the other Coc!. .an's
Shipping Board.
The rate cutting so far affect9
coast shipments of grain and flour to
the United Kingdom for Septemler
October loading. As a result the rate
bas Aropped is a ton already. The
ate established by the Shipping boarsi
for September-Octuber loadings was
$28 a ton.
faaew Cor ^e Type)
' 6 y.90 (J
R )
% $7.75
5 5.065
% 8.5
estragement between him sad We
WOOtNG WM I ig hig wife for divorce. sanleg
Moramlo w arreeted on a es
of grsad larceny made by Mrs. Minnie
UBrlagor, of rd7 Athins avenue
NAMED N AClO rookipn. Iler lawyer raid Meirdso
w atteative to Nra. Uleehwiag, who
sa w .ad ta yhe rmoan toed
against him after he had gotten MTe"
says Nr an G t he br money and paid court to her
His Tgter, Ruth, sixteen.
NW dORK. Aug. ".-The alE of RS
motors Corporationl. who Is amid to LODN u.0 eitio furMM the
nave Interested wealth) woa In his A
venture after masking love to them. Pardon of Jim Larkin. who is serving
was raised from 16.000 to 110.000 yes a sentsnee for seditios In the United
mrday. States. ha. been snt to Preessin w'l
Ernest Mcsaafei. owner of a drug sos by the cit izens of Strabane. County
store at. 44$ iamoK avmue. told Tyrone. Irelantd.
Nagietrate Marl Umith that Merdano They claim that village to have
secured $1.000 of his money without been the home of President Wilson's
earas agseek therefer and cased an enoesters.
!!UL - - -- HlllqlilqIHlU~ flhIIUUUU 8
Satisfaction COMPLETELY G
Sale of H
Dart sshafner & Mars
The Name M
Hart Schaff1
It's this magi
Attracting cro
because they k
spells VALUE
Silk-Lined Suit
If you know anything about Hart Sch
thing about present nmarket conditions; if y'
we say-if you know any of these things
except that this is the season's greatest suit
Summer Suits made to
sell for $40 and $45- No C
$29.85 --~r
A Footweai
Men's $13 andi $14
hesRich, Dark Russia Calf, English lasts-nlea
You'll find just the model in these Oxford
season or early fall..
R aleigh. H
1109-1111 Penni
MEN.-Washington Home of Hart
AND uNma sDwn -DRINK
T.. He S.a..i
" .ga M mety T ft
e4 o r Va. fe d.a .a
rsa. Brkesey . S. a .rious e..- Ak F k
LL' ~ ~Bottled at Sanitary Plant
D ~ 225 Pea. Ave. N. W.
woemd onoe "o..r In bar bhso
naranteed or Money Refunded
oScadlner &Marxo d ti
en Look for
er& Marx
c name that's
wds of Men,
now this name
c at LESS than
-$70 Values
ffner & Marx clothes; if you JEnow any
>U know what it costs to make a good suit,
-we don't have to say a word more
BUY for YOU.
Summer Suits made to $
sell for $50, $55, $60
- $38.85
Oxfords, $ ..65
ly all with attached rubber 7
s to finish out the summer
sylvania Avenue
Schaffner & Marx Clothes-BOYS
IlfHHuflIU01| NUhIIIiI 2hgNhIghIIOlhHlIII lflIflERfllfflhINi

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