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I'm My Mother
Hurrying A Say? K'? the
"?E.e, \ Z}1 Best and
It! {"*77 Cheapest
*wC Food for
Daddy and .
* Her and I!
\SPfj Old Dutch
?h -8c
Modern Bakerie^^ Vv \
See Our Big Advertisement
of Food
Specials on Page 6.
and it will certainly be to your advantage to visit our child
school opens. For years Hirsh's Shoe Stores have been the
people and children when school shoes have had to be bough
ing to high school and college began buying their school shoes
little tots-?and they are still coming to Hirsh's?out of the
they know they can get GOOD shoes at a saving.
There Are SAVINGS In The
X, V /.
For Misses and Fof
Children Li
Dressy tan and gun metal high cut Snappy loolrin
Lace%Shoes for misses and children; blind eyelets, f<
English and Orthopedic lasts. Special- year welts Th
ly priced. 5^ an(j are 0ff
Infant Sizes, 5 to 8 $2.95 this occasion.
Children's Sizes, 8 / to 11 $3.45 $4
Misses' Sizes, nyi to 2 $3.95 J
Growing Girls' Sizes, 2 y2 to 8. . $4.85 Boys' Tan am
y McKay sewed.
( _. . . . . , , to fit out the 1
Sturdy tan and gun metal "Skuf- pood wearing
J fers" for misses and children, with Sizes l to 5M.
uppers soft and pliable; Orthopedic $3
lasts; Goodyear stitch; extension ' _
soles and heels. Specially priced for
school opening. Little Gents'
; Sizes 5 to 8 $2.95
Sizes 8 Yt to 11 $3.45 shoe for the lil
Sizes \\y2 to 2 $3.85 $3
For Growing Girls
Growing Girls' Gun Metal Here is a dressy shoe for
. _ _ ? . . ^ growing girls. High shoes r
and Tan Shoes. English and ?Un meta] and tan; Qr- ,
Orthopedic lasts; McKay thopedic lasts; Goodyear
welts; sizes 2Mi to 8. Spe
sewed: sizes 2\4 to 8. daily priced?worth much ir
more? 2
$4.85 Per Pair $ .85 Per Pair
These Are But a Few Out of Many. We I
ANY School Need?AT A BIG SAV1
h hirshs si
shoe 1026-28 Seventh Street N,
House Just Half a Blc:k North of Public Libi
Between K and L
i' ' =
Maryland (
O.K.'s Ei
But See
BALTimJHtC, Bept. 10- Ho"'
uuty bas Mca wrought up twl?i
iver ck?r|(i of moral dtllMutoc
hat have been made agalust Us fsl
A few d?i >l? the rasldsnts c
llllcott City became Indlgnartt wn<
letter was published charting ths
own with being a "bootleggers1 par.
jie." * .
, The *rand Jury of HoW*f*coun V
n lie report to Judge
orsythe yesterday. gave K'"=?J
llty a clean bill of health. >t ?tate
hat "after a thorough Investlgatlo
,e believe the statements to bs fall
nd the accusations made against th
ounty's ofUclals untrue and unjust
Now Elkrldge, one of the oldest an
nost picturesque towns o> Marylu i
nd sister town of Klllcott City, hi
..en brought to the tribunal of pu
Icily on the charge of being the rei
leivoua of crap shooters, penn)
(Itcjiers and other gambling ?r?uJ>
So serious did the matter becon
hat most of the grave *nd pote
telgnors of the town were called 1).
ore the grand Jyry to,testify coi
^rnlng conditions In Blkrldge.
^The reputation of the Klkrl^e pi
Ice force?one Michael Norrll wl
nas guarded the sacred precincts <
lhat town for more than twenty-s
ears?was at stake, and Michael g
* call-down." for the grand Jul
scored laxity on the part of
Reports spread that M'ch*e >'
failed to suppress the **
tllnc craze with ruthless hand*. 11
person, who were against Patrolm.
Norrls contended that the police for
of Klkrldge has pot made an Impo
Hirsh,s Shoe Stores I
e been preparing for this
some time?buying care?and
now we are able
variety of quality school
I ages.
1 of these school shoes?
Iren's department before
gathering place of young lj
it Young people now goat
Hirsh's when they were
high rent district?where
te Prices!
' Boys and
ttle Gents
iff English Lace Shoes with II
or the boy who is "hard" I
run metal and tan; Good- I
iey are in sizes from 1 to 11
ered at a special price for
.85 Per Pair /
1 Gtm Metal English Shoes, I
Here is an unusual chance l
>oy with Rood looking and i
shoes at a special price.
.85#Per Pair '
Tan and Gun Metal Shoes, |
Irthopedic lasts; Goodyear I
13A very cood quality
ttle man. Sizes 9 to 13Va.
.85 Per Pair
Tan and Gun Metal I
roftue I-ace Shoes; 9 inches I
ijjh,' Goodyear welts, ** I
iHitary heels. Dressy look- I
i? and comfortable. Sizes II
? to 8, all widths.
$7.85 Per PanCan
IITSE^ 01,4
' of the
, Ws Rent
-arv Digtricl J
Irand Jury
llicott City,
ires Elkridgt
6 lout arreat in twenty Rv? years Tb
a police force retorted that nothing .?
y rloua In the way of crime baa bee
Ir done In the town for a quarter of
century or more.
>r ,
n ** ' > the caae of the charge
it against KlUcott City, U>e turmoil a
I- Klkrldg* eeeaia to have been atarte
^ through a letter which residents sa
j' was eent to tha^ grand Jury. It I
it rumored that In thla letter atatenient
d were made that young men an
" grown-up boys gathered .every nlgti
[0 on the main street of ?(krldge t
" shoot craps beneath the arc light
d and that clubs and churches hel
a festivals st which "money wheela
,i were running, prices of money beln
>. given to winners.
n. Must of the blame?or credit?*
r. Put upon the shoulders of the Ite
s. L"\ H. H. Oliver, pastor of Melvll
te Methodist Episcopal Churcji, who, a
,( cording to the report of Kigrldge oaa
e_ dents, declared war ao.ne time a*
when he found boys pitching pennli
against the walls of his church. Hon
5. of these boya, It Is said, were men
10 bera of his Sunday School. Tnl
o( however, is only a rumor.
The grand Jury, which conveni
Qt Monday, finished Its work yesterda
Its report, urtcr vindicating K'llco
j ? City and scoring Klkridge, offlcla
t(1 and administered an added rebuke
officials of Savage, who seem to ha'
. p been arraigned on charges of fallli
to cheek the gaming Tever, spol
unkindly of the policy of pubJIc on
cla!a In allowing public "gamblli
_ for money" at county picnics and d
mand that "official!) take neceasa
V steps to prohibit the practice In t!
11 future."
I Children Deserted by Parent W1
I Wanted "Good Time," Refuse
I To Take Food.
jl DETROIT, Mich., 8ept. 10. - 80m
I where In Detroit Is the mother of tv
I Birmingham (Mich.) children, wh
I physicians say, may die of atarvatlt
I unless their mother returns to the
I and they can be Induced to partal
I of food.
I Since Sunday morning, when Cli
I ford, five years old, and Rlchai
I Bowen, three ytara old. were told t
I their atepfather that mamma wou
I not return, the children have refust
I food, and spend most of their tin
I gazing listlessly out of the window
I The police are conducting a thoroui
I search for the woman. '
I A letter received Wednesday by Joh
II Bowen. husband of the missing woo
I an, read:
I "I am not going back to yon b
I cause we cannot' get along togethe
||Whfl? you are content to sit besU
I the fireside of evenings with one <
I my children on either knee. I Ion
I j for outside amusement, lntereatln
licoi^any and some music and son
I dancing. You never would let me a
I'out alone nights and didn't go wit
I me as often aa I wished to go."
I Kissing the two children good-b:
II Mrs. Violet Bowen left home la
I! Thursday saying she was coming 1
I Detroit to visit her mother, who hi
I been 1)1. She has not been seen t
II relatives since Sunday.
II Pacific Iale Now Boasts of Populi
I tion of 175? Had Only 170
I Century Ago.
I j NEW TORK. Sept. 10.?The pop
I I lation of Pltcalrn Island, a tiny spil
I of land rising from the mld-Paclfl
I has Increased by Ave souls since tl
I official count of the last century, a
I cording to Robert C. O'Brien, masti
I of the freighter Mismaba. whic
I touched there last month en rou
I here from Australia.
I The little co<.^-y. a British po
I session, now lian a population of 17
I At the last previous count there we
I but 170.
I Captain O'Brien said the resident
I descendants of fifteen mutineers fro
I the British ship Bounty, who pettli
I there In 1789 with wives brought fro
I Polynesia, are thriving, as yet shot
I ing no signs of the mental deterlori
I tlon which scientists predicted t<
I them as a consequence of long col
I tinned intermarriage.
I The island, according to O'Brien.
I rich in fruits and vegetable producl
[I A supply of these and fresh sprli
I water was furnished him for h
I homeward Journey.
II Pltcalrn Island is of volcanic orlgl
j I of only two square miles area, b
I with a mountain peak rising to
I height of 2,000 feet. It carries <
I trade with Mangareva In f vess
[ owned and operated by the islander
I Chewing Gum Is Disguised as Mui
I tard. Typewriters as Salmon
I and Gloves as Tomatoes.
I PARIS, Sept. 10.?One myster
I after another confronts Secretar
I Emanuel Itrussee, of the French mir
I Istry. who is in charge of the Job <
I liquidating American army stock
I sold to the French government.
I When it isn't ladles' silk hose, bab
I layettes or corsets stowed awa
II among the goods intended for th
I American warriors. It is chewing gun
I disguised as nyyitard, typewriters dli
I gulsed as salirfon and gloves shippe
I as canned tomatoes.
I Now he finds a large' quantity c
I regulation police handcuffs in tli
I effects.
I It has been disclosed by an Invest!
I Ration that the ladles' and baby good
I really belonged lo households wlthl
the war zone, and had been salvage
I by American troops and tucked awn
I into all sorts of receptacles afte
|| their owners had abandoned them.
23; 3,000 HOMELES;
I BERLIN, Sept. 10-Twenty-thre
I persons were killed and twent
I wounded and .'1,000 persona were mad
I homeless by a great explosion of mil
I nil ions at Marlenfelde, according t
I | Information received here today. Ex
J I'lotling shells leveled the conn try fid
v ?? , ?o
i Ik
Weight Increases Also, Accord- <i?
ing to Report of U. S. S
Farm Bureau. ?
CHICAGO. Sept. r?When th. dairy
fnimer of tha future needs feed for
bis cowi be may get a freah aupply m
by going out In bla wood lot and re- oi
duclng a few stumps to aawduiL |i
By chemical treatment hydrolysed w
eawduet may be converted Into a
nourishing cattle food. , tt
Thla fact was brought out today at ui
the aectlonal meeting of Industrial tli
Lnd engineering chemists, American ; th
Chemical Society, at the University ! p<
of. Chicago. The process of prepar- ; di
- Ta
!" <
! Ai
I- 1
I All Tht
9 Reduce
n- v ?
i. tailor
5 1JTh?
>jj _ perfe
any <
c HWe
5 Satis
y Suity
5 Washington H
g such animal tood *u deacribed
r Y- C Mk*rr?r4 ??4 U M Mw>'? i
While aawduet finely (round, la
rated under eleam preaaura with
luted sulphuric acid Id a large
tier known aa a dictator. Thla
eaka up the fiber and olracli the
i||r. To prevept Injurloua rfteita
e acid l? neutralised by adding lime
produce chemical reaction. The
luld thua obtained, when boiled
iwn, la rich In sugar, and when
Ixed with the fiber producea a moiat
ed containing about fifteen per
>nt of water la which foid It la
d to dairyyeowa.
At the KoVmt Producers L<aborary.
United Htatea Department of
rriculture, Mudiaon. -Wis., expertrata
proved that three cows thrived
> this sawdust ration and not only
ive more milk but Increased In
The result was so satisfactory that
le Government has decided to take
t the matter on a larger acale at
le experiment stations throughout
ie country and furnish a detailed re>rt
on the value of hydrolyxed aawjst
aa cattle food. <
1 of W;
ill you bi
\ ' 4
it at a Gi
Here's- 0
M essag
"t Sc
'ee-Piece, SilL
d from Our ,
ed to the same degree
2 garments.
?se Hart Schaffner & A
ction hardly equaled
Qther ready-to-wear si
're selling Satisfaction ;
faction or Your Mon<
STION?goes with ev
?whether at Sale Pric
All Our, Hart
^ Marx $60, $51
Reduced to..*.
igh H;
1109-1111 Penm
owe of llart Schaffne
................ ?i??ain > >?? ? * MI -WMWuowt
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The mmrrmt ( UirrUrals r*Bkla?i ( tfllfkl (kt
^,1 ' .1 J
Liy a HandSilk-Lined
*eat Saving?
^ *
ur Final
e on. the
1 Suits
# *
Lined, Late Models
$85?$70^ $65, Lines
by which we mean hand
1 as is found in most tailor\arx
Suits reach a height of
and NEVER surpassed by
as well as Suits in this sale,
sy Refunded?WITHOUT
ery Hart Schaffner & Marx
e or Regular Price.
Schaffner &
5, $50 Suits ll^r\k
\ylvania Avenue
r & Marx Clothes for Men and Boys

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