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Boomed As Successor to Des
Chanel?Millerand Refuses
to Become Aspirant.
PAKIS, Sept. 16.? Premier Mil
lerand, who hi* Just returned ftoi
Switzerland, laid aside luternatloim
problem* today to take up tl>e pei
plexing domestic question which ha
resulted from the illness ami die
ability of President Deschanel.
M Millerand was Informed of th
[ latest developments In the Preslden
' tlal situation and conferred Informal
ly with parliamentary leaders. 1
was expected thst the premier wont
consult with President Deschaiu
either late today or tomorrow
A report thst President Deschanel
resignation is already In the premier'
hands was officially denied.
Premier Millerand made formal an
nouncement that he would not accep
the presidency.
"If It is true, as people tell me, tha
I have rendered some service to m
country, It Is due to my position," sal
the premlner. "In the presidency
could not have accomplished thli
Kvsii if Parliament should attempt t
force the presidency upon me I woul
refuse It. I would feel thst It is m
duty to prevent Parliament from com
mlttina this mistake."
According to the Paris Midi, a sue
cassor to President Deschanel will b
elected on September 26. This new*
paper stated thst the premier woul
consult with M. Deschanel this even
tng and confer on Kriday with th
presidents of the Chamber of Deputle
aod the Senate.
At the cabinet meeting, which ha
9 been summoned for Friday, the pro
cedure of the President's retlremen
and the election of a successor wll
be considered. It Is traditional li
Style * A
Headquarters JL
September 16
** Belgians and their two ?<
The photograph shows froi
I Charles, Grown Prince Leop
The photo wa? taken at Zeeb
the Brazilian dreadnought 8a
They will be the guests of tb
fv irll
; I
! iHp
* France for the national assembly to h
d elect a successor within forty-eight c
hours after u President haw resigned. h
e If this precedent is followed. Premier
8 Miilcrand will convokti the Chamber r
and Senate within a fortnlffnt. allow- k
Ing time for the Algerian deputies to ?
reach Paris. The resignation of Presl- a
a dent Deachanel would then be formal- o
- ly proclaimed. P
t There is growing belief that a ctv- I
1 IIlan should be elected. Marshal Kooh n
n has a strong following and his naai>? a
The Troth?and Noth
'11 Save 1
On \
Our Hat stock is one of 1
isiness career?and we've
nply beat the market so far
e actually below wholesale
Look around if you like
iss shops are asking for gc
d we'll show you the coi
iown makers of this counti
be worn this season. A
ley're so low you'll wond<
Never you mind about
perb quality for less mon
$6 and $7 Hah
$8 and $9 Hats
$10 and $12 Ha
)U8 have sailed for Brazil,
m left to right: Prince
>old and Queen Elizabeth,
rugge before they boarded
to Paulo with King Albert,
le Brazilian government.
&T ^t*^EJ -I
jCWl?f Cm^frQm
Prizvco ?eopoU
ajf-Jt, <2o*?e*v
as b'l-n conspicuously mentioned In
unnectlon with the presidency, but
e Is said not to want it.
If Premier Millerand continues his
efusal to accept the post, it Is probble
that Itaoul Peret will be elected.
I. I'eret Is only forty-three years of
(c. He Is speaker of the Chamber
f Deputies and is a keen student of
ubllc affairs. M. Hlbot, Former
'remler Clemenceau, and M. Journal
lay K<'t a few voteB, but their chances
re not seriously considered.
F Street
ing Bat the Truth
You M<
the greatest triumphs o
had some fine ones.
that today our retail p
costs. .
and see what all other
>od hats. Then come
-rect blocks from the
-y in every shade and <
nd the prices are RIG
:r how we "pulled" su
that. You'll get a hi
ey than you'd counte<
ts Q
Democratic Leader Enters Ca
forma Resolved to Take
Definite Stand.
COX, ELKO. Nev., BepL H.~Ku
prepared to take a definite land
the Japanese question whan ha enti
California tonight. Gov. Jamas M. C
la today speeding across Nevada, e
vlnced that the Mormon Church
aolldly behind the league of Nati<
and that he will carry the Slate
Utah In the November election*.
The Governor's flrst speech In I
Sagebrush Htale waa delivered h<
early this morning immediately -if
the California reception commit
hail come aboard to greet hi
Other addresses will be made
Wlnnemucka. L^ovelock. and Spar
with the main speech of the day
Heno this evening.
The governor regards the meetl
at Kalt I^ake City last night as 1
greatest thus far In the campaign
"It was the most wonderful aaae
blace 1 have ever seen," he said, I
lowing the dismissal of the audlen
Wh). h parked the Mormon Taberna.
to capacity.
Many times during his speech,
which he touched upon practically evf
Issue thus far raised In ihe oa
palgn, interest was Intense, but pr<
ably the most dranlatlc moment cai
when Governor Co* was Interrupl
while speaking of Senator Hardin
position with regard to the L?ag
of Nations.
"Where does Senator Harding sta
on tho I>>ague?does any one in tl
audience know?" exclaimed the g<
"America first! That's where Hai
Ins Htands," irme one yelled.
"America first," repeated tlv>
ernor. "What was the slogan of G<
many? T?eut?chland uber alien.' w
it not? You are sinking the so
the Kaiser sang when the world r<
? > p??
_ Store Hours:
flfj Every Day
8 A.M.to6<P.M.
1319-1321 F St.
f our
fi rathere
ich a
it of
d on
Stand of Fc
J Milk Pron
1 To "Tear
Dr. Willium C. Fowler,
jj. kept the milk price at its pn
ha* been attacked in many wu
him, with a tdam in each line,
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, iiatioi
or invented the ncweHt way.
"y Dr. Wiley has written poetry about
on Dr. fowler anil former Commission* r
r" I.oulu Brownlow. The poem la pub
?* iished In the Maryland Farmer, an an
un rh-ultural publication, during the week
of August #.
The poem was written following a
ot conference between a committee from
the Maryland and Virginia Milk l'ro 'ie
ducem and Commissioner Brownlow
*r* and Or. Kowler. The committee proter
teated against a statement made by
?? Dr. Kowler In which the Health OfAlm
cer alleged that milk waa being
*l wasted in Maryland and Virginia.
Dr. Wiley, member of the associaa
tlon'a executive committee, reporta to
the conference In poetry, aa follow*
;he There waa on re a doctor named fowler,
At milkmen a chronic old srowler.
Hut the knicbts of lh? barn
" Wouldn't eland for thai yarn,
ol- Ho they went out and muffled hi* bowler.
up and (truck hint down. If that la to
be America's slug an. If America la
to stand Isolated from the world, she
In muat arm to the teeth, ahe must al ry
ways be prepared for war."
m- "How about It my friend?" the gov.
jb- ernor asked, when the hubbub had
ine subsided.
y', "He's lost his voice!" the crowd
yelled when the heckler failed to re.
nd spond. Then Governor Cox added:
hits "My creed Is The l?ord God Almighty
??. "rat.' "
Kor fully a minute the meeting was
.jj. In an uproar. Then the governor
asked in a mild tonq:
_ "Has anybody else anything to way
sr_ about Senator Harding's position?"
"What are you going to do about
political prisoners?" another heckler
K aaked earlier in the evening.
"We have never known anything
about political prisoners in America
except during the war," the governor
Teplled, "and war laws ought to be
repealed now that the war is over.
The bill of rights gives us the right
of free speech, free assembly. arid
free press, and those are among the
greatest boons of our civilization.
My experience is that if you martyrfJ
Ml f
I ^
j Wlm A
)ivler On [
ipts Wiley
Off' ' Poem r
District health officer, whoi
gent level during September,
iyg. Some people wrote about tl
others talked about him, but ?
mlly known food expert, has ti
There wm Brownlow a District ConmUb
a i. wuMi, t I..II turtle from nah. u
"I don't tar? a darn
Kor Kowltfi old yarn"
lil ibe Dlatrlct Cummlih with a wl?h n
Hi farmers In reflona around
our all their inllk on th? ground
Hut that doMii't mean you b?
Ho why all thia stew ?
I 6alI this r??aouing sound " ^
Then up ?p?aha the man with tha chin, a:
"Thla pretext of your* U a aln
When you inl* milk with watsr
Which you hadn't oughtar.
Don't I lat you do It again?"
With thin argumenlum ad hom,
Wa roa? and all took a prom.
And It waa quite claar
To each profit ear,
That lJrownlow waa atrlctly non com.
So mllkmatea tha matter-a quit# dw,
If each la not Imjsed "profllaar,
W moat al?n up tha plan
To protect every man,
Tha day of aalvatlon la near.
rd some fellow who m?ka martyrdom f
you are not helping the beat intercuts
of society, but war or no war, the .
man who preA^'hfi revolution in I
America la dangerous to the Interests
of America."
Replying to a question aa to his
atand on prohibition, the governor reIterated
bla statement that the liquor
giif'Htlon la aa dead a* slavery. ? >'
said: "On the fourth of March I will
take the oath of office and I will
awear before Almighty Ood to defend
and protect the Constitution and the
lawn of the land."
NORWOOD. Mass., Sept. It.?Mr*
Fanny Hrown, proprietor of the Norwood
House, the town'a only hotel,
has cloned Its doors Reason, lack of
patronage. The Norwood House waa
a hotel before the United States
Constitution waa written.
FITCHBURO, Mam.. Hept It.?Verl- ti
table flood of counterfeit coins here Jj
ha* led the Department of Justice to
iiHSlfrn apodal agents to trace the
source of the bad money. A
Presents for the Children
The Reliat
Are ready for Girls and Boys
answer the call of the School Bell
Ready with all the sturdy, reli
quality that has made them famous
years past.
Ready with all the style and no\
n /
For "Junior" Women
Full or Knglish lasts in high a
cut I.ace Boots?Tan, Black, ?
and Combinations.
$6.50 to $12.50 i
.<- ai "Boy Scouts"
II Tan or Black,
I ' of the best
^^^$3^25?nd $4 ^
For Boys
English, medium or full-too
Lace and Bluchers?in Tan Calf,
Gun Metal and Elk leathers.
$3.50 to $7.50
For Small Boys
(T-N. Tan and black, rr
splendid wear- p
I \ in*. full or
I Vj medium toe
\ / ,1 n School and
K # i\ 1 Dress Shoes.
/ \ 'V\ $3.50 to j
"Schoolproof" Sto<
wo Nations Combine to Cu
Demands of France and Ital
for Huge Indemnity.
It waa learned officially today tl
He United Mtatea haa joined w
ngland In opposition to the decla
K Kruno* and Italy that reprearii
vea of Germany muat be barred fr
nX participation In conferencea
'hlch the amount of Indeinully I
erman govrrnmeut will be called
> pay la dlacuaaed
It waa atated that both tove
lenta airree that "enliKliU ued polli
emanda that Germany nhall not
araaaed to the point where aha ?
i deatroyed ax a Kuropean etate.
Aa a reault of the attitude of Or
r'taln and the United Htatea. I
mount of reparation that Germc
ablets, you are not gettii
>y physicians for 20 year;
pay ms
enuine "Bayer Tablets of Asp
ions for Headache, Earache, To
ism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and foi
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablet* cc
aplrln li the trade mark of Bayer Mann
* *< '
tie School S
< to that up-to-date Yoi
their Footwear?t
able hygienic lines neede
. f Heady to save j
on your shoe bills?
less in the first i
relty longer!
_I I 11
I 11
I 11
or the Kiddies
Infants' first step
cxiblc sole Button
oots. Sizes 1 to 8.
$2 to $4.50
Child's Tan. Black Bro;
nd Patent Leather, in Ta
nd Novelty Top Laced Shoes
oots. Sizes 8V4 to 11. styles
>3.75 to $6.50 $i
School Shoe "i
at $3.7.
We have added to this popul
chool Shoes, a special purcha;
urable Tan Elk Army Style B
> 6.
Included also are Miss?
drop's shapely full-too Tai
medium and hiffh-cut Li
some with contrasting Bn
tops. Sizes 8l* to 2.
Boys' and Girls' Brown
extra durable Play
"KORRY KROME" sol*<.
to 2.
Choice of more than a dozen
iany of them at less than thpir
At $3.75 P
:kings?Wear Best?i
Iwitl Anally be called upon to pay win
I be rrtliiixd to lirr ability to matt tha
?>!?.} * a# k I it.*.
Under tha agreement between ltaljr
Yand France. Italy eapreaaed wllllngneaa
to auppurt Millerand In hla <Winand
for a alupendoua reparation from
i>rm<ny In return for ranowlou la
Syria and complete control of the Adri"*D
a lie by Italy. The tailed H la lea, U
y waa learned, la bitterly oppuaed to ail
; the detail* of thla m heuie
POKTLAND, Ma. Sept. It.?Bathe
I*auae the refuaed to give her age to
oo tha registration board, Mra V Ernaat
lloluian, wife of a prominent cltlsea.
r"~. wax denied the right to register for
the Slate rlectlona The Incident may
rill be made a teat caae and the eoyrta
called upon to determine tf It la
(!,? i neceaaary for a woman to gl?* her
iny 1 age when enrolling for registration
you see the name "Bayer" on
ng genuine Aspirin prescribed
> and proved safe by millions.
t only an "unbroken package" of
>irin," which contains proper direcothache,
Neuralgia, Colds, Rheumar
pain generally. Strictly American!
>at but a few cents?Larger packages,
faeture of Monoacetlcacldeeter of SallcytlcacUl
jng Folks exact of mi
>ut with sensible, ufi
:d for growing feet. 'JL
rou parents money Wt
?because they coat
nstance and wear r jh
For Misses IrA
ad or English lasts EH
n or Black Lace mn
? many different
5 to $7.50 m
Special" ||
ar Special Sale of f?jr
le of Boys' Extra BT'
luchcrs. Sizes 2'/j A
[8* and Chil- M
n and Black E/
ace Shoes? fiA
ck or Suede J0jj
Elk leather
Shoes?with nCu
Sizes 8V4 ytm
different styles? JK3
present wholesale WA
air ^ ^ ^ P?
50c to 80c

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