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Find Evidence That Time-Lock
Bomb Wat Used?Many at
Work on Case.
HKW YORK. Sept 17.?The death
and destruction wrought In Wall
atreet waa caused by time-lock bombi
placed by anarch lata or "Beds" aa a
feature to startle the .world,
f Ho aaya William Burns, who waa
personally on the acene conducing an
Investigation within a few minutes
after tha explosion occurred.
The bomb* were loadud with
window weights cut In half," Burns
explained. "They were put In a delivery
wagon, which waa driven into
Wall street from the Kast Side some
place, ua the police would not permit
auch a vehicle to enter from Broadway
or Nassau street. The wagon
waa driven up Wall atreet from the
Mat to the curb directly In front
of the Asaay Office, Just across the
atreet from the Morgan offices, and
I In a position from which tlie (lying
i fragments would wreak havoc on th<
I Sub-treasury Building and the Stock '
Kxchange as well.
The driver left his horse and
. wagon tfcere and probably eacaped
The explosion occurred at exactly
11.60. The bombs were probably aei
' to go oit at 12 o'clock by a watel
that was a minute fast. If the ex
ploaion had occurred a few minute*
later hundreds would have beei W
lUlled." I
^ Burns in no way qualified his state- |
? raent that the destruction waa due L
to time-lock bombs and not to an
{ accidental explosion of a wagon
carrying high explosives.
"We have the evidence to prove that
It was the work of time-lock bombs,"
Barns declared emphatically. "And
I you may say further that sufficient
i evidence was collected from the debris C
in the street to make it a safe prediction
that the police will have the case
cleared up within ten days."
Burns recalled the fact that about
Are weeks ago he had made public a
warning that a resumption of bomb
crimes might soon be expected.
"It waa an attempt to startle the 11
world by exploding these bombs in the 1
' very heart of the financial district, tl
i where they would damage the assay t]
| office, the subtreasury. the Morgan
, *(1100 and the Stock Kxchange at the
same time." *
All the best of the detective talent ti
*f the United States is either at work H
on the case now or cn route to this
; ctty to join In the hunt for the perpetrators
of the outrage. Hums is tl
^ employed by the Morgans. He was on
P the Job within a few minutes after t<
f the explosion occurred and made a o
personal investigation of several F
V hours' duration.
In view of the warning that Burns p
gave out some weeks ago of tho like- ri
llhood of the renewal of bomb out- b
rages, the report that the Department tl
of Justice laid off forty of Its special sj
agents operating in the financial dls- w
trlct for the express purpose of pre- ri
venting Just such a tragedy as that
of Thursday. 1s being much discussed. Y
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and have temporarily dr
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Burns Says
??? I,
of the Bureau of I??Hti|?* I
lion of the lK|?mrti?cnt of Jiu- I
tcc, who ii in charge of th? 1
Government'* invratigation into
yenterdajr'a bomb cxplooion in
New York.
J \ "
JH r
| ti
|^H|^^^^HI| j
9 b
AtAj/ r
:hief Investigator for Depart- 1
ment of Justice in Cafe When 1
Explosion Occurred. ?
William J. Flynn. chief of the Bu- p
eau of Investigation of the Depart- 1
lent of Justice, who i? In New York *
jvestigatlng the Wall Street explo- v
ion, wai in a restaurant opposite i
tie Raleigh Hotel yesterday when J
le blast occured. t
Accompanied by Detective O'Dea
nd two friends he entered the remlurant
about ten minutes to twelve. ,
[n had left word at the Raleigh to .1
ave. him paged at the reataurant if 1
lere was a call tor him. (
Shortly after noon a hotel pa*e en- t
;red anil Bald that Flynn was wanted 1
n the long distance telephone. <:
lynn hastened to the hotel. d
"What we have expected has hap- 0
fined," ho said upon returning to the /
sstaurant. "New York lias been s
lown up. We must take the nuxt f
rain. The bureau ha* had twenty 3
pecial agents around that scction for i
reeks in expectation of such an out- t
age aa this." t
Flynn took the first train for New
ork. ^
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5 Police H
Vail Street Explosion Recalls
Long List of Outrages
By Reds.
NKW YORK. Hept. IT.- New York
a* suffered many previous bomb
carea, though that of yeaterday *?<
npreredented to horror.
Uxploalon* of bombs and Infernal
tavhlnea almost simultaneously near
ildnlght of June 1#18. at the home
f prominent officials und cltlxens in
doxen different cltlea throughout
he United States marked the efTort
f radical agitators und anarchist*
0 inaugurate a reign of terror. There
fere explosions In New York. Washigton,
Cleveland. Boston. Pittsburgh
'hiladeiphla. Paterson, N. J.; Newonvllle,
M?*s., und In several other
One of the bombs wrecked tb? front
f the home of Judge Charles C. Nott
r . of the court of general sessions
51 Kast Sixty-first street, and threw
he body of an unidentified man Into
he street. Judge Nott had presided
t the trial of anarchists who wert
ccused of attempting to explodr
loinbs In St. Patrick's Cathedral. II*
taa not In the house at the time, Hit
rife was, but she was unhurt.
At about the same moment a bomt
iaH exploded prematurely at the fronl
loor of Attorney General A. Mltchei:
'aimer in Washington, wrecking tht
ront and blowing into fragments th<
inknown man who had placed the exiloslvc.
Nobody else was injured. Th?
dentlty of the dead anarchist who fel
1 victim to his own plot never wai
On the same night anarchists tie
troyed a Catholic Church in I'hlladel
>hla and exploded bombs, without tol
if human life, at the home of Judgi
4. H, Thompson of the United Statei
llstrlct court, in Itoxbury. Mass. : thai
if Mayor Harry L. Davis, of Cleve
and, and near the Boston house o
V. W. Slbray, chlof Inspector of th<
Jnited States Bureau of Immigration
One month earlier, in May, 1019, oc
urred the May I>ay effort of thi
Reds" to precipitate a panic an<
lerhaps revolution by aiming at thi
ives of scores of prominent men b:
neans of infernal machines sen
hrough the malls. The packagei
vere wrapped uniformly in the pape
ised by a large New York departmen
[tore, for the purpose of conveylni
o the recipients an impression o
heir harmleasnesa.
This particular campaign of teror
sm resulted in the attempted assin
itlon of Mayor Ole Hansen of Seattle
he nearly successful attempt ti
nurder former Senator Hardwlck o
leorgla; the delivery of a bomb ti
he desk of Judge Kenesaw Mountali
^andis of Chicago; the narrow e?
spe of Congressman Burnett of Gad?
len, Ala.; the harmless receipt of twi
ither bombs in the offices of Dlsthlc
attorney Charles M. Klckert and As
istant District Attorney Kdwari
unha. the prosecutors of Thomas J
.looney, and finally in the discover;
n the general postoffice in this clt;
hrough a quick witted clerk, of six
een similar bombs addressed to:
A. S. Burleson, Postmaster-General
Mitchell Palmer, Attorney-General
t Special!
ave Enoug
Office Boy Seizes
Automobile and Takes
Injured to Hospital
NEW YORK. 8?p( IT Anions
the iioUblt IuUdcu of riMUt
work following the axploalou wm
that of JtniM Haul, a rtdtiiidM),
' ?e v nil ten-year old office boy. amployad
by Hoblnsou * Co. -1 Exchange
Knocked ovrr and cut by tha
| forte of (be explosion aa he waa
running through llie atreet In front
of (he Morgan Building, be picked
hlmaelf up and began (o load
Injured Into a nearby automobile
which he commandeered. He made
four trip* to Hroad Street Hoapltal
carrying more than thirty peraona.
Upon hla return be could not And
1 (he owner of the automobile and.
fearing the latter might be among
the Injured, turned the car over to
(lie police at (he Old Blip station
He Uvea at !MI Klgga avenue,
1 Brooklyn.
| William B. Wilson, Secretary ef
, I^abor; Mayor Hylan and Police Commiaaioner
Knrlght of thla city; Jua
tlce Oliver Wendell Ilolmea of the
United States Supreme Court, who
. austalned the conviction of Eugene
V. Dabs; Anthony Camlnettl of the
Bureau of Immigration, Washington;
Solicitor-General William H. lamar.
1 Washington; United Slatea Senators
! Overman and King, J. J. Morgan,
( John J). Rockefeller, William H.
Wood, prealdent of the American
, Woolen Company, and other wealthy
Exploalon of an Infernal machine
' on September 4. 1 It 1 ft. In (he entrance
of the Federal Building. Chicago,
caused the death of four personaJudge
Kcnesaw M. Eandia, who bad
sentenced to long penitentiary terms
L William D. Haywood and other I. W.
| W. leadera. wan In the building at the
, tlmo, but wan uninjured.
Some of the moat notable bomb out>
rages within a decade were:
I October -, 1010-Eos Angeles (Pal.)
) ?Tlmeo Building, blown up with lost
of twenty lives. J. B. McNamara and
Milton A. Schmidt sentenced to lift
imprisonment, and John J. McNamara
1 to fifteen years imprisonment.
p November 14. 1910?Bomb wltl:
i lighted fuse found in front of Centrf
t Street Court, this city, near Mag
istrate's bench; no arrests.
f February 4, 1913?John I'aul Far;
rell confessed to having made and
sent the bombs which a year earliet
- had killed Miss Grace Walker of 102
; West Seventy-seventh street. Mrs
1 Madeline Herrera of 1.473 Fultor
p avenue. Tne Bronx, In 1913, and on<
f which wrecked the library of Judg<
t Otto Rosaisky's homo. 611 West HOtl
i street, severely Injuring an Inspectoi
r of the Bureau of Combuatibles. Far
t rell was Insane.
j January to August. 1913?A serlei
f of 110 blackhand outrages in New
Vork .:ity, which subsequently wer?
cleared up by the arrest of eight
Italians, several of whom received
- sentences up to twenty years.
July 4, 1914?Arthur Caron, an I. W
; W. leader, who had been arrested In a
? Union square disturbance the previoui
f April, was killed, together with twe
> of his close associates and a womar
i neighbor, b ythe accidental exploalor
- of a bomb at 16'J6 Lexington avenue
- The bomb. It was believed, was belnp
? prepared <or use the following day
t when sereval members of the 1. W. W
* were to bo arraigned at Tarrytowr
1 for disturbances near the John D
Rockefeller summer home.
October 13, 1914?Bombs exploder
at St. Patrick's Cathedral and th?
; tectory of St. Alphonsua' Church, thli
; city. ,
March 2. 1915?Frank Arbnno an
Carmine Carbone arrested by th<
bomb squad as they were placing t
tomb In St. Patrick's Cathedral. Botf
were anarchists. They were convicted
and sentenced to indeterminati
prison* terms of from six 'to twelve
May 4. 191S?Five pounds of dynamite
exploded In front of the Bronx
! Borough Hall, wrecking the entrance
! Justice Weeks, who had sentenced
white slavers, was believed to have
been aimed at.
July 2, 1915?Bomb exploded in the
Capitol at Washington, doing considerable
damage. l?ater Fra^k Holt.
I who committed suicide in the Mineola
1 Jail, after having mad<v an attempt
upon J. P. Morgan, confessed to this
crime also.
July 5, 1915?Bomb wrecked the
doorway of basement of New York
police headquarters; supposed to have
been the work of anarchists; no arrests.
July 52. Ill#?Preparedness Day parade
In San Francluro was th^ occasion
of the explosion of an infernal
machine, causing the death of ten persons.
Thomas Mooney was sentenced
to death for the crime, hut his sentence
subsequently was commuted to
life Imprisonment.
October 25, 191*?Bomb wrecked
subway station at Lexington avenue
and 110th street. Three'labor agitators
were arreated and got sentences, the
maximum of which was twenty years.
March *, 1917?Two persons killed
by a bomb exploded In Boston court
April 11, 1917?Eddystone munitions
plant. Philadelphia, destroyed by Are
caused by bomb, with loss of 100
Uvea; bomb setter thought to have
i been one of the victims.
December 19. 1917?Bomb exploded
near executive mansion. Sacramento,
Cal.. In an effort to kill Governor
February 20, 191*?Bomb wrecked
lower floor of Passaic county court,
Pateraon, N. J.
March *. 1911 -Bomb exploded In
new Woods Theater. Chicago.
December SI, 19H?Wxploslons In
1 Philadelphia In homes of Justice Robert
von Moschxlsker, Pollen Stiperln'
tendent Mills, and PTnest T. Orlgg.
February 21, 1919 -Plot to bomb
J President Wllaon on his return from
I Boston led to the arrcat of fourteen
ansrchlstn. seven of whom were held
j for deportation.
BOSTON. Sept. 17.?Francla M.
Swift, of llrookllne, haa Jusj gona on
the retired Hat of the railway mall
eervlce after completing a term ol
thIrty-Beven yeara and seven months.
For twenty-one yeara he haa beer
clerk In chargn on the Cape, with n
traveling record of nearly 2,000.00(1
CKICAOO, Sept. 17.?Two hundred
falae teeth makers and repairer*
of the Chicago Oental Mechnnlci
Union voted yesterday to strike foi
recognition of their ergan laAtlom.
:h Evident
Stenographer and Visitor Sa
Suspicious Looking Party
Take Flight.'
NEW YOHK. Sept. IT.?The poll,
today urv In poitfiilun of Hi* test
many of two person* who mwrl thi
they uw an automobile load of au
plcloua looking persons flee from tl
atenr, Immediately after the exploeli
In Wall street yesterday.
Miss Matilda Hchlesa. a stenogr
pher In the Wall street district. sal
"Just a second a(ler the exploslo
I looked nut of the window over Wi
street, which was tilled with flan
and smoke. Directly across tha stre
was a car loaded with men. Tw
more men ran up, and one of the
wore what looked like a bloo<
shirt. They leaped Into the car, whl<
dar'ed away toward the Kast Itlv?
Thay were all suspicious lookln
This happened before the smol
had cleared away and before the r
lief work started "
Thomas L?e Bouteller, who was eaJ
Ing In the office In which Ml
Kchleas Is employed, bore out b
"I looked out the window Immei
ately after the explosion," he to
the police, "and I saw a dull gra
colored automobile moving slow
eastward in Wall street There we
three or four men In It. Two
three others Just then ran up to
They seemed-to have been stunned
1 they atumbled alone, twd of the
helping a third. They climbed In
the car, which then speeded awi
toward the Kast IUver."
) ?David
J. Price Leaves fi
i Gotham to Take Hand
; In Inquiry.
David J. Price, explosives expert
J the Department of Agriculture, w
s sent to New York yesterday aftc
| noon to co-operate with Treasu
and Department of Justice officii
and the police In Investigating t
, explosion which wrecked part of Wi
f Street.
s Mr. Price is a national authorl
t on explosions affecting buildings. I'
I expert knowledge has been gained
Investigation of starch and grain di
. explosions during the last five yea
l These explosions destroyed *-0,0u
i (l(>0 In property and cost seventy liv
> In the United States In 1819.
i Mr Price's bureau traced t
I causes of these explosions and pra
. tloally checked them. In addition,
r learned some new facts regard!
ihe action of explosives.
The result of his finding* were pi
! Hi hed in book form this week by t
Department of Agriculture and Lmt
States Grain Corporation.
I Conference in Session When E
i plosion Occurred?Disaster Reliel
Service Established.
f NEW YORK, Sept. IT.?More th
! 100 Red Cross nurses and other dlsi
ter relief workers were rushed to t
; scene of the Wall street explosl
yesterday. Immediately after news
I the disaster reached headquarters
i the Atlantic division of the Amerlc;
Ked Cross.
It chanced that there was in pro
ress at the time of the explosion
the headquarters of the Atlantic di'
slon. a conference of nurses. Thus
was possible to dispatch to the see
Immediately seventy-five Rod Cro
nurses, followed toy eight lied Cro
ambulances and thirty-five Ked Cro
field directors, who assisted in earn
for the injured. They also establish
disaster relief service at the Broi
Stffet Hospital, the volunteer h:
pltal, the Oouverneur Hospital ai
the Presbyterian Hospital, asslstli
In the Identification of victims of ti
NEW YORK, Sept l7rTh
step* and front wall of the lTnlte<
States sub-treasurj are naked an<
pitted ns a result of the Wal
street explosion, but the statue o
Ueorge Washington. surmountlni
the steps on a stone pedestal, 1
It was upon that spot tha
Washington took the oath of ol
fice as first President.
Havoc is upon every hand, bu
the bronze Washington suffer
not the slightest blemish.
0 America*
Pi (Ml 4
Steel Split
Designed to ?Its maximum
strength with minimum weight of
msterlsl. Transmit mors
sower, practleslly Indestructible,
lighter than csat Iron, and
guaranteed for double belt
#T?e simI N?
plete line ?f IVwm
Tranamlasl*n M nehlnery
la Washington.
i |> ' t>is>o>c?TuaAr- wnwoo
ce to Find B<
w Police Fear Bolshevist Plot.
, Red Suspects Under Secret
Service Espionage.
t* CHICAOO. Hept. 17. ? Following
II. news of the (kltl explosion outside
at the ofltces ui J. P. Morgan ft Co.. the
I- chief of Chicago police Immediately
]e ordered a heavy police guard thrown
around the Stock teaching*, the Hoard
,n of Trade and other L<a Halle street
buildings?the Wall atreet Of Chicago,
a- 1'ollce heada here ?cen trd a Bolshevist
d: Plot and feared outrages similar to
ii. that In New York would be attempted
jj in other cities.
ie "I am not going to take any chances
et here." said the chief. "The New York
to explosion may or may not have been
m caused by lted activities, but I am goly
Ing to guard against any such thing
:h here."
ir. fapt. Morgan Collins was delegated
g. to take charge of the forces guarding
le the Htock Kxchange and other bulldb
lugs. This force Includes many uniformed
police and a neavy detail of
I- detectives In rltlsens* clothing. The 1
ss famous anarchist squad, which Is faer
miliar with practically all the Bolithevlsts.
Industrial Workers of the World
II- and other elements of that character.
Id was called Into action and Instructed
y- to watch all secret meetings of Keds
ly here.
re in addition to these precautions, the
or head of the Federal Secret Bervlce
It. here was taklnff Initial steps to keep
as close espionage upon all Red suspetcs
m an(] the well-known leaders of dlsto
loyal bands. He was awaiting official __
Information to the nature of the ""
New York explosion. P<
The Burns, Plnkerton and other de- r>
tectlve agencies were also moved to 1 rl
unusual activity. Allen C. Mayer, I tl
chief Investigator of the Burns Agen- | n<
cy, believes Investigation will show r<
Ethat the New York explosion can be I*
laid at the door of the Communist "1
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Ten Days
ociaiists and I. W. W. Say They
Do Not Favor Wanton
NEW YOKK, Bept. 17?The sugg<??n
that radicals may have been Imicatcd
in the disaster In Wall Htrcet
an resented by aome of the minor
thta amoiiK the extremists of the
bur elements on the Kant Hide and
e "scientific" wishes for a reconruction
of the world.
The chiefs of the extreme radicals,
eluding Big Bill Haywood, are out
town. Haywood. It Is reported,
cut to Chicago on September 7.
Ijate In the afternoon the police detriment
sent detectives Into the
lunts of the extremists but most
them were out working for the re.
ection of the Socialist assemblymen.
Secretary J. H. Byera. of the New
>rk defense committee of the I. W.
"The police are liable to frame-up
1 kinds of things In an effort te
nnect some labor organisation with
case of this kind. We are too busy
mix In with such kind of stuff as
e Wall Street dynamite explosloo.
'e sincerely regret that so man/
ople were killed and Injured.
"Blowing up the Innocent Is not oi
le program of the I. W. W., the aim
' which la to educate people and not
*ch them to use dynamite."
"Abe" Hellmann. one of the leaders
the painters' strike, said:
"It's Just like the cops and the
?wspapers. Radicals are thinking
ore apd bombing less than they ever
d In their lives When they start
lything It will be a real political
volution like Sovietlsra."
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