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YORJ5. Ps.. Now. .-One hundred
me sad women are out of werk sa
Sof teesa e
jilk-throwing plaot'at Gettysburg.
General business - depresioM and
the slump i. the foreign uIalt maerket
to said to be the cause of te shut
Tia plasts at Meebaalesber and
Is ether plae. it I. said.. will a .be
! eas rs ed M awtft " "
safe slas o mams !eef en
meste eem out feort WI MWs
bsew. so sublie t the new
us... averased ae 1eiow.3 . ew
W th e te s ade e t th e M a ueA '
ek.SAlE NA SWT.Av- Pries
st. 18....... .. 16.1
Oct. 16 ...... .17
O t. 2 3 . 1 ....
2........ 1.4$
......0"""".. 1>.37
Oct. 1 ..."... 17.10
Oc~.. =$""".. 16.05
Oct. 3..614.0 $26.00. .$17.83
swift &Coomany
and app
on 1
you like
The standard
Also for cool
candy makir
color, deliciou
bodied sy'W*p
Diatiet sles
407 Bicker. Build
Pdbide n ,. Was Betng
'4se N for Action Of
Grand J WY.
C H I C A G O. Nov. 3.- ellowing
dramatie sees at the inquest. In
ai t".w"d*o murdered man
twie thtod nd adto be caruied
out. Poliemasn Joseph E. Norris was
bold for the grand itary for kiling
Chester Dsevise. a stock salesman, whto
had alighted from his automobile to
assist a girl whom the policeman was
Norr. was off duty and In eitisen's
clothing. He and HIM Anne Dins.0
with some others. "had been making
the rounds of the cafe".' drinking
freely. It is said. They wound up at
th place operated by Al. Toarnoy.
president of the Three-I Baseball
League, and a Quarrel starting In
side the ploe was rimewed outside.
Bovine was passing In his car and
heard the woma screaming and
pleading for help. He ran to her
rescue and Norris shot him twice In
the abdomen with an, automatic pistol.
Mrs. Tovine and two friends of the
family 'were in the Bpvin. car and
witnessed the murdera
Helen Hutzler. a department store
model. and George 'W. Davis. of
Little Reck. were In the party with
Norris and )fin Dixon.
DBTON. Nov. is-Loss of $100.000
was caused by fire today In bales of
cotton waste stored at the Asdepcan
Storage warehouse, Roxbury.
ot be deceived by c
rarance like Karo. ]
he label
for this label-it
;ans. And remem1
It ly the name "K
E Karo 1
f all table syrups,
:ng, baking and
g. Light brown
favor-a heavy
g, Baltimore, Md. ! /
Ex-Servis. Men pfflelaly R
p-te K~id in Franws to
Form Organization.
INDIANAPOLIU. Nov. t.-Agitates
eeatiaues for the formation of a
"Dead Men's Club." to be composed of
ez-eerviee me., who were reported
dead by the War Department ad who
have risen fros the "dead" into the
walks of every-day Ute. The follow.
ing letter of inquiry Was resolved re
estly at legion national headquar
tore in this city. from George D. Disk
son. at New York.
"I beg to state the follipwg facts.
which I think will prove to you that
I a ligible to be a member, and for
fu er proof. I think that my own
death certificate from Washington
would end any doubt. I have two
telegrams from Washington to my
mother confrming my death. A
cablegram states that I was wounded
September 29. 1918. which was the
ease, but then they followed it up
with another one; saying that b had
died from my wounds -October 9.
which I can assure you is not true.
The insurance papers were forwarded
to my mother for signature, but she
failed to sign. believeing me alive.
Two telegrams from Washington
then came confirming my dunth."
Dickson is holding a very aalive"
job with a Manhattan printing com
rtait N
ans, containing syr
very can of the oi
is your protection -
ber-there is no su
ar" One Quality
RED Karo
'he ideal syrup for every uses
r cooking, baking, candy nal
fg and preserving. Many Pr
r it as a spread for cake
scu, breads.
CEW A. nw- a. - ...e
NUIW o. b.- b-ea heo
b.se~ to ibp. powb naj=m
bpomt di.nmeding af Cid
.tahme ha.eei bead th B
Wart ianeb brnt bhe ni ed
soted In oacilshe vr
sies. a. aoar e. en b sthal
N- YKNov..Teitre
of tt Protestan t sa. hrc.o
Igio beef yoe the fo ow.t r m
Tuwketo by rystr
Th. cd and l ommnio wuerp..ied
MUNICKi Nov. $.-Demands lpr d w
prompt disarmament of militia do.
4aehmehto have been hanned the Ba
varied government by the e. teraled
Control Cmmson here. It o as
sgrted in offieial brs the :avarian
government will ask the Berlin ad
qplnlstratton to refuse' energetically
to suppress defense organimationh.
NEW YORK. Nov. S.--The Interior
of the Protestant Episcopal Church of
the Epiphany, one of the foremost re
ligious edifices of the city, was
wrecked by fire yesterday afternoon.
The records and commnunion were
saved by volunteers.
otice ;.
up, that might look
gina! Karo bears th:
-both for Quality
bstitute for Karo.
-three flavors. V4
For those who
tempting fSavo
Isugar synup. V
prices absoluti
makers of Kart
50 worl'slargest 1
SF est grade maple
-. thousand tons u
.pany. P. 0, 1o4.1
hade AutdwISUs CNN gi He
Was Revul r.Au Aest ,
For Sluhevists.
LONDON. NOW. 80,l$ meSaths at
hard labor sad depertaties thereftII
was the sestesse impesed is .ew
Street Poliee Ceart yesterday spee
Erki Weltheim. the "mystery mW."
who was arraigned is this eeort a,
week ago today charged by the Gov
eramest with acting as a later
medliary between members ot reuolU
tionary circles in Great Drital and
Russis revolutteiests. It was UPOS
Weitheim that the government'$ at
torney annousced that a letter from
Sylvia Pankhurst to Nikola L40is.
premier of Soviet Russia. had been
found in which Miss Pankhurst was
alleged to have written:
"The situation is mest acute: Not
ready for a revolution yet."
Miss Ptnkhurst has since been sea
tenced to s:x months' imprisonment
on charges of having published edi
tious literature designed to affect the
navy in the newspaper. The Workers'
Dreadnaught, one of the aAleles in
which was entitled "Discontest on
the Lower Deck."
FORT WOItTH. Texas.. Nov. 3-A
mob of 350 angry citizens stormed
the city jail at Arlington yesterday
afternoon trying to lynch a negro us
peutei of assaulting twelve-year-old
Aiethia $hiper.
in color
is mark:
an4 full
rhich do
J Karo
appreciate the -
r of real maple
ery moderate in
ily pure. The
SMaple are the
mn of the high
sugar. Overa
sd annually.
boutpsses a capp
tUusraaed 64-pae
.h Wook. Wrt to
scts Rqtiuing Con.
1. New Yorh.
ARr * So S
Satifsation Is What We Sell. money Dick
If You Don't Get It-Ralsigh HahsrdIAW
1dser a"aa ..
Hre's te Big News.'
H, e :'* Bf
You're the winner by a large majority
when you get one of the new fall Suits
we're showing. All suits reduced
Averaging Less Than Cost Prices.
Hart Schaffner
& Marx
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.85. $ 85
You're sure of highest quality because
Hart Schaffner & Marx make- the clothes . J
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