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meeDep. r s b e b6M
.S S b. ,
TheN Choic of -
an Ny eeill06 1" " to IeM oot t~w s bee ee
im2srmiain Wtoe of tinein
m ~Was N e Kb on b s be known wltbia the meal
n 36ueeli..eptd !.de r 6A,6
b-w caflw ~tr heel, Iatsl
p. i
By The Choice ef t
S Ditcribibs ting Weomen
r rown Clt Waling 'vyord u
-$8.50 I
j ows mM-4wM uilNh7 he.1, Wel sole - U
Sphg yew. Sm. pebums in u sh hid.
nsuytea ofst shutingorgtelgistala
nuyte Comill practice the truest econ-ce
omy I footwear by selecting these shoes of world-wide
reputation. Dorothy Dodd stamp on every pair is your
assurance of merit-of style, of service and comfort. t
Shoo DeptO-1eceud loor.
*ShallI Ame
SeaeIts 1mmI
instead of shutting our gates against all al
SeaeCommittee on, lmmigratjn would, acce
1,while -ditninishing the, flood of other European~s.
4 ~embodied In, the Dillingham Bill, a so-called em
the admission of aliens of any nationality: to 6iv
sons of that nationality resident in the United S
Omaha, says: "From a national economical st
correctly, maintaing, based on statistics, that th
before from Northwestern Europe.
" The Czecho-Slovak Denni Hlasatel does not bel
"conditions are going to take care of themselve
says that "the Senate bill will hit Jewish immig
that bill become a law. The real meaning of th
New Russia) only 86,000 Jews and Gentiles w
ing the next year. Jewish immigration will, th
The leading article in THE LITERARY Dl
sweeping survey of the immigration subject in t
ing English and foreign-language papers on th
is accompanied by a chart showing the rise and
principal racial groups now in the United States.
Other enlightening news-features in this n
The Railroad
What the Railroads Ask-For and
By Orsin
The Coming Tariff Battle
The Typhus Pestilence at Our Gate
- Womnen as Boss.. ,
Thne Great Earthquak, in China
Epidemic. of Hiccups
Sawdust as a Cattle Food
Science in Russia Today
A Stone-Age Headache Cute
Excha g dctional Facilities
The Schools We Ought to Have
A Russian Author Attacks H. G. Wells
Topics of the Day
Many Instructive and Entertaining Illu
February 26th Number On Sale To-day
Mark of
me a Resder of
1Ul4K & WAGNALLI COMPANY 048uiher of
Cliffn P. Smith Explain At
tue C reh nOein
seheel Clnis
neplyiag to recst editorial utter
asses is The Wshsstep Times.
C.ased P. ith. commett.ai pbl.
eties ef The firet Chureb of ChUri.
sgedai Inss, Mys:
''. Ca pr.ees pbyel4llebO
ia Wit, aew pendings te-iette
is not Unmited to the pints 'tated
is pour editoriaL but goes far beyond
thom cad by means of national appro
priations to the States. weeld impose
upo the people an eaborate and
compulsory system of State medicine.
PrestSealy speaking. it would eon
yert the public schools of this eoua
try into a gigantic medieal elic.
'Duriag the hearings held by Con
gressional committees, many or
selt of the speakers for the bill
gave it mIn partial support ad die
claimsed ntetion to support its
medieal previsions. Speakers for the
citiseas who are not Christian sles.
tist. emphatically protested against
the bill for the reason I have indi
eated. Several Christian scientists
expressed our opposition speciloally.
We are opposed to those features of
the bill which would, to a large ex
tent, take the children of this coun
.try from the control of their parents
and teachers, and put them under tihe
control of medical supervisors having
authority to subject them to every
form of medical and surgical experi
"Your editorial also spoke of a
'real science other than Christian
Science, available for the cure and
prevention of disease, as if no one
should be allowed any other choice.
Real science needs no compulsion. It
needs no exclusive privileges. In so far
as any system is really scientific. it
will be aided, not by securing a com
pulsory monopoly, but by the results
as compared freely with other sys
tems. Furthermore, Ameripan Consti
tutional law does not sanction any
creative monopoly.
rAs regards the practice of Chris
tian Science, it is an incontestible fact
that children of Christian Scientists
enjoy at least as good health as the
children of other people. This fact
alone is a sufficient reason why the
rights of parents should be neither
denied nor abridged, as threatened by
the Capper-Fess bill."
lens for a year, as the Ho
lerate the influx from Noi
'this principle of selectiv
ergency measure which woulk
e per cent of the number of
tates in 1910. The Danish I
andpoint Dillingham argues h
e testrictions will allow largei
We can see no objections to
ieve in restrictive legislation
s." The Jewish Daily For
ration no less than would the
is bill, then, is that from all tl
ill be allowed to land in the
erefore, be restricted to almot
GEST this week, February
he United States, presenting
e measures now under consid
fill of immigration and thi
umber of THE DIGEST are:
Pay Problem
Why Their Requests Are Opj
ed Leber
A Courageous Swiss Pi
"Poisoning" the Chine
The Y. W. C. A. inJ
City Coi~rol of Dance
The Reorganization of
Henry Ford Wants Co
Crowdless Cities
"leir. Gloom" Dead and I
A Movie of the Movie Fi
The Only Three Buck
Governor's Staff
Best of the Current Poa
mtrtions [*cluading Humo;
-News-dealers 10 Ces
hea Pstman NEW Iadea rIas.
1t. kmrkmss
Seven members of Congress. ap
pearing last night at the Febriarr
meeting of the Board of Trade la
the Willard Hotel. pledged support
to campaigns for better water
supply for. the District and strict
er legislation against ' conoealed
They were Senator Henry L. Myers,
of Montana. and Congressmen J. N.
Tnchet. of Kansas: James G. Strome.
et Kansas; Thomas U. Sisson, of
Mississippi; Stuart F. Reed. of West
Virginia; H. Walton Moore. of Vir
ginia, and Richard Yates. of Illinois.
District officials reported.
se proposed, the
thwestern -Europe
e immigration his
temporarily limit
foreign-born per
)anske Pioneer, of
is bill soundly and
immigration than
ts becoming law."
)n immigration, as
yard, of Chicago,
Johnson bill, had
iese countries (the
United States dur
26th, comprises a
the views of lead
ration. ;he article
numbers of the
et Rewarded
iess Milk and
uried in Florida
at the Movies
Privates on a
a Cartoone
s-$4 a Year.
ere nv W w nInqt Over
T. W.u , IS, Iai by
"UIeVde PlAis.
"I didn't kno it was 1eaeed.
mobbed tweieq'rrnoid Uhb.0d 4
Sner. after .he had .b ae edI tit
tai y ears ei. at th V hes.
Eirts.4eth ea ethw.est. es r
levitt has to he a a
seest over the V this
..t:r tJ~h " s0,..ti -
The tn 8= 1al ew 1b to~
teir , m the e dr.
Theedges asted he was ele to
thow a pin"s at his vroarer husin'
Eear.. .tk.,..a..
BieardN, It is aleesaw a reieer
v adIt at ht brothebe
To the am...etst "f ther.
was a laud and
pred fee eam. His mote .
rtartled by the report. ran upstairs
lad eaght her se in her arms as
ell. The bo was rushed to mee
100y eospital, whore he died as bor
after bei admitted. The bellet had
leah ed sedere's left wrist aed es
ored the abdomen.
Richard was arrested by Policemnm
reter. of the Seventh abt, but
ater wo ordered rel to the es
.ody of his paents.
Marine on President's Yacht Et
capes Jai by Clumenoy of
Justice Gould.
teconsidjing a sentence imposed
two weeks ago, Justls Gould, of tie
District Supreme Court, y rday
gave Private John A. S. n. a
member of the President's yacht
guard, the benefits of a probation on
his sentence of two years in the peni
tentiary for bigamy. Brown pleaded
guilty three weeks ago to the charge
f having unlawfully married a
woman in this city, and the court
sentenced him to jail for sin months.
Yesterday Brown was brought up
Froa e jail and his sentence
-hange to two years in the peniten
iary, the court allowing him to go
)n probation for that period.
The marine had a good service ree
ird. He camne here from California
wo years ago. He had bea married.
out his wife obtained a divorce. There
was a stipulation in the decree, how
ver. which prevented the parties
!rom remarrying within a year.
Brown last November married Mrs.
elen Quidley, the wife or a merchant
marine officer. He declared to the
ourt. however, that the woman had
-epresented herself to him as single.
'he defendant was represented by
Ltorney Raymond Neudeoker.
Protest against the proposal of the
Federal Board for Vocational Train
ng to take away compensation for
non row training, will be tnade pt a
naps meeting of members of the
lational Disabled Soldiers' League in
>oll's Theater at 11 o'clock Sunday
Exhibit Kaiser's Gifts.
CAMBRIDGE. Mama. Feb. 2.-The
ermanic Museum at Harvard Uni
ersity, which has been closed since
he United States declared war on
lermany four years ago, was re
pened yesterday.
The collection includes specimens
nd copies of the German art of the
diddle Ages and Renaissance, some
f which was donated by Kaiser
Vilhelm II.
,$2,00 Less Thas Other Bdlder
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othe willnoe e"ea
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s The. prtycllars4th.c
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Ui. ad Mks iday lot
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W7.dSck lethntings 9
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te ll n oel tholdtails'
OfSag an prtt 2c.las h h
ExraSiz Union
hen 'mrett, olars, the ful
skirts, captivating styles-and
deep hems-and other though
only $1.1.
The VertLat
u~, In t e aes Bakand1
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akn Baement f0
cial aske f56 Psr
Iloves at
I at.
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e-buttes Silk WOE.w's C
ray and other 2-bittMe bm
. amerawa 5 t, at I
i to 7, ia black and colors. In
Lid Glove-" Womn't
dard for beet amd S11 tY)
. Usarde's spe" SNS.
4ES AT. .
Not to Be Judged by
\Well made-of
ials. Note the q t
Serge, Tricotine, ric
Taffeta! Admire the
wool trimmings! W i
straight line and waist
skirt effect, all are si
style, finish and fit.
There are so many
these practical and
dresses-copies of vi
higher priced models.
ALL. AT $14
A few with sashes!
while you can-come i
. re. ra
Spring Dre
years will be delighted with the
'and duly appreciate their relic
-in Plaids, Checks and
ic belts, the embroidery and oth
yet designed so as to be easily
details. Then you'll right1
Such a pri
teral-made waistline mod<
aight styles, prise-especial
wctsad ' collars and bel
6 to 44, at teils. Alsi:
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88; low neck and sleeveless.
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day, 3 for 69e.
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Suits, 59k .
Women's Flesli Colored Liste
seee auztd tightwkne Sne
ed. or bodice tyle, wth tae
nekband. Price for Satr
dayt 50e.
'Blter- Sets at $6.98
Scalloped Satin Bolster Set,
double bdd ~Is, In neat foral
bak. Think of 16--A ut
r..r....* e..
fp~sa. -
Zira Special
3e *-an sisal owin t, 'beare ansad
the Price
ad mater
y of the
>lette and
braid and
ether the i
or over
iperior in/
uses for
Get them -
.M 1
sses, $1.19:
e "looks" of these dresses.
Plain Colors
er trimmings; the ;full-plaited -I"
laundered. And note theU_
y wonder at the price
seap y Ginme, aats
e rileBe
,sle anarebesr
ther yut the ,dnt
tusofortn orsl Ua
ees36tov 441ntuiee
at 25e
Grettbbhe k-2e ad
-sst, $119
Sls"eof cethesOly3e deace.
Beuifne trimmings;t
yaured. An oteUA
y iolke at the2 Yard-3
lsewl e an aeeabe su
inch3 tol 44,.aIncluiveats
Vestincs, 8hkt inguad

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