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.a K~ese
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Wit tme t.
Nmbrt athemd Nas Made
amm at Ptsno t, but
NM On Chance.
EW TA Juse 13.-Is Berbert
ftm"W he Wiwright. pleading to
-W for fgiWsveses for his al
um grances White? HA.
ba#1M to e the chic little am
MImw e mus, awting matte
me'' the bite ot
-. "w ' 'meow or, two. sad
IS be No bgig't- see his baby.
S lAPW **If, mother of- the
mia e.w~ e sMips Fiances for
tMW es a ebarge of having ae*
SWd Ueothd's affeetIo., declares
Whet~ Utethaed's alleged repent
mt* amtef wWiE pave the way for
a stGinI.-Urs. -Wo -wa not pre
game to 4W.
-' %Wrd tot forgive, she Baid.
"ew' in eOW to '*khi that Her
bet f tm - ad, that it - will, not
hewm oeiAt he still loves Her
bert de9eotl. a"d theta is the baby.
ne, to 0eseer; but how can there
be a oems..flitiso% With FranceS
White aim'itp t ?"ty'
"But Froaes White lawyer saye
she is oerry it eal bespeedi and 1.
atos she woetd be the Oret te mad
ses It seekh a thing wore poes-.
- the lserviewer laterpooed.
wee a gttet et bitterness lb
me Watf' emprssions mu he made
sery? Tee, alter ten meaths.
doesot west hiei; ay mere.
3g's ten wtta him. S he never
ed te him ae a turns weseant can
isba e eny usse him for her ow.
ere Mee be waste to be forgIveS."
Ii wam Chesse eve. last year,
me Wtt 4ad. that am goeuet 5p
be ppee~ e arae
et M ae Mrg." red. i
-wg~eag ro o *the publicatten.
Me me whale thieg wasn a
aee. -e Sherdned to sethe
bibsetogass the estr
see eQ am a Me en be rumor po
a m. A in a beet t m other
-hemse s ugeseed wiha
"W b e etery espesed in t
be ased um I we to Mr. Stat'
as mtee seg told ber what was
ahe asrssehtaate
es ti Batby alt about It:
ew beakea, bet brased
to am Cs tee
~megW tepped ese la
a m wy to hses, het
sM o MUweebee. That
- M etee Beetad' eth
Senate bo miettm Unanimously
Vote ft Report Measurs
Favoring V. S. Ships.
The 'S.este Cumittee on later
ocessie CMfa voted today to ree
gemimd favorably to the Senate
ti* Borah bill, pueIding that "mo
* shall be leved uuon vessels
Opia g thr-eg the Panm camal
ine h~ew ope1twi tra-o
United 8tte.~b
tr 'ee UOMs santee
ia Ne siales hel': e
Seatore ftImdertw ee,
Repblicaes of Washtgt iftlated
a whilagnse to Withho ter the
present their bills proW61ag for the
free noo ot the canal by $l1, Asneri
aa vessels *ega0ed in both foreign
and ocast-wise trade. if Senator
Berah. Nepubliqan of Idale. thought
bis measure would be the' best step
to aldhe believed it wMid be
better to"tet out the sentlment of
the Senate" by Arat propodbt that
the canal be thrown opew to ceest
wise American vesejs. Potademter
and Jomes then agreed to spet his
Peindezter declared that the Nay
Pauneefote treaty could met be oen
otrued as abrogating the right of
Anberian vessels to free aoees to
the canal built by the America e'
orament with Americau =066.
Re pointed out that the May
Pauacetote treaty. "with all thA die
pate about its meaning 004 ofeet.
never referred to the Panama temal.
which was airtady In existeece when
the treaty was made.6
ePel of the tolls impeed epon
American vessels passing threogulbe
canl was demanded by the neeesity
of building up the American matchent
marine other member. of the com
mittee said.
The berah bill has been before the
committee mince the opening of the
present extraodinary esosieb and
members of the committei dedde to
day to place it before the 1mate
without further bearings.
Besater Walsh. Democrat, of Men
tan,. suggested additional ihatrings
should be held before action. was
takef on the measure, but -,"ator
Dorab declared the debate on the floor
of the Senate would lead to "full dis
eassies of the various phases of the
datroversy over the right of Amrneti
can vessels to use the 'Pamam Carnal
MOORESTOWN. N. 3., Joe 13.
Peeling against Logis LItely, the
negro in whose cellar the matIM
body of eight-year-old Matilda Radle
was found, is still rupsiog high.'
One rumor that -the WtIVe had
been captured was feiewd lai a
twinkling by the organgisaio 9f a
lyadahing band. The sege'S. MWta
Is believed to be neat.
Popular indignaties Whsteh eiq,
to have died down has been iad
to a white heat at a by tho slt
that the little girl Vitimg weeas~J
eusr for twenty-four hiefte lbi 4y
heme before she was hilued, a d.
subjected to tortg~re dualing alt INt
LONDON. June l31 ~Mfi~n'b
Lees Trot sky, of the sd04
has ordered the advaan O IPW
Boehevik artay oorps t seette
anti-Delsheyik forcee is the Va~o
tok area of Siberia, aest ing t~
Uzeheae Telegraph dsae ~~
Stochhelm today. quoting adtbes
frem Veeeew.
MuW roRK. Joso 18.-G*e. JeSa.
!~e Geges,. fsesr greeseet. o
beenz i me l
Whse am was b.ht into the
-se YFeie giy1 Washift
Iaupsy. J. Staley Joyce, n
bave met Mime Jobsou in New
Moved to- n apatmest en the Sm
is asM, was a frequat caDer.
The Senate today adopted .the re
port of the conference cemmittee on
the second decetent appropriation
bill, carrying approximately $106 000.
000. of which $41.000.000 is for the
United States Shipping Board.
The bill passed the House with a
total of $100.000,000 and was passe-1
by the Senate with a total approxi
mately $164.000,Q Reductions in
several items were effected by the
Seate and House conferees.
The nomination.s of -James WsCIy
Th-ompson an judge of the third cit.
it COUrt of Hawaii . -A. Hoehlng
as justice of the District et ColUim
bia Supreme Court, Padi W. Kear as
United State. distriet attorgey for the
eatern Virginia Gletriet, Lemuet E.
Oldham as United Sttes attorney for
the nortbern Mssistp district, apd
Norman 8. ase s ited States dis
trict attorney fr tie Rhode Island
districted were ordered favorably re
ported today by the Senate Judiciary
The -so-cai~ied "soidiess' bonus" bill
providing for adjusted compensation
fer ex-service men, will be reported
averabiy to the Seeate temorrow b
the Sesmte Fingmee Deanmittee. Bena
tr Penrose, U99uhiliea, of Peansyl
vasl, the cosamittee chairman, an
4ened today.
Penrose said he ibtended~te offer an
amendennt to the bill liiting its ap:
~ination to soldiers and sailoru who
14teatual fighting" se as to pre
tent civillabs freat ring 1n its
PA~iS, June 18..MIee 4ata Sterl
isg. of Atlanta, Ga., tosn gott
,champion of Ainetica was sacessful
Sver seventeen dettestaats dt Fon
tain Bleau today in $q sodai play
preliminary to the Wtnh wemen'a
gotf championship tekeet. Vise
Sterling's aceee uas
The Senate- today u the
Znhnees reastu.n e.- ' . a
o 4
-Photo by latenasmL
Joyee divorce case by Pegg, -for
n besaty' in her eforts to obtaim
aire husan of Pegg, is "ai to
York four Y~tago. Lae @be
th Side in 'CiM, where Jayce, It
teet Magnate in Syrcs Ad
dress Warns Colgs May
Booome 'Soviet Cesspools.'
a, beaty ..ar f.: to. oe.. a
Tye death of meI, e sai too
o abr nii for -te Ie
im, an thewceatio o e t
webid Me "neat gI Sy ren
dty-tes Warnsbu flewe Mfath
dir golsate elabore ninleader
are dweepi.fng e the nellIatoarde
on theirgt aainstfo eeitaeen
situnls, and eatq o uam f
portbu"neiaty.p Q~e
ty"The s the wanut cane in
anrddgas thtdelier hee hosaer
' weef ther fof lgtha
in teir S~t ae t crpraticn,-a
t. elmncelme nt equriey of Syra
Thns i cat e ann otaed
atn to his adldres heo dtvhiseef
rag is Juost bert f dery, lat et
--h oio that oero deetern lthe
th spe aeteecie of yr,-H
cwara e tt.eclee n nvr
?htlne ti ctr ari t - be eced
frombecoina estool det'rhestia
J~ Gary aos huett ws*er-dnaoa~~,.
.tun ."so Wtha it dee ted te
greani~ tlpasensi of tAer nd aget
efer arutt subtel t defenOe o
the. speaker demanded ti.at itta
in to be subjected to Govementa
trisuirg and reat.Iteas i Its' usee.
abo she Ooed also ba bee to the
stame statute of inlve.sati .
lHe argued that the thatne
1 cm Id empta* soat so as the
timoger' that lur a *n the Paternc
ti-e mest rcet destead et lao
Dimneta the, platforms ead ane
ysing ee of te lahe, mate ed
. ... . h. a .
--- ......
ad's of P. K. C1140011" & Co..
Fruit Mwment, 900 Louis
iana Ave., Blown by YegSi.
A am t rreImN. with eilled
ste tove and = esperts kmsul
edge e este NWvibXa lat night
"'rehed" the ede 6 P. I. fM'mo.
& C*..fruit seWCsean, at 90 LiS
lea a see, in whelesle re," and
-m.aes with $1UW. .
naemeess samem af Is
in tas vim slim.
L a migt's rmry is the Str
meat.eracktng Sob by peftmilI
regeO this city hae espersoced t
a leg time.
That the sfeme eae to Wa
tagtes last aght. mae& a vieik haul
and left town Itmediately I esoe
theory on whiek the peUe are
The shoer audaIty of the robbwy,
oeoepreag a it did Is preniaite to
the petlee station and within a Week
of Pesnsylvesta aVos, Stittrred the
pollee to make every efert to OWro
head the yegg.. That section t the
eity to well potei. and a number .f
the on.maesn bouses employ pui
yate polisemea to guard their
OP vIM I .mm
AeWuing to the poliee, the YM
men ferea open a ae deer of the
lunchroom foat"ed by V. Clyde
Wrwes -at 219 Ninth s. tt north
eet, and after ranut.. the Plaee
went to the ref. The bare pr0enc
Ing a window that - .vesoteks the
roof of the Inacuneom were wrhmb
-d4 apart, and the Chaeoeis plae
The Am eviently were "glove
atite"tW-4ha 13, they were rubber
or kid gieg to preest leaviag tell
tale A&ger petaiA.
They coolly plieed, a number of
bags around the. date to aufle th
sund ot the exploen, which. ae
e ngru to Detectivq Bggeant John
nakerty, wh avestigated this
mornaing. wa s Sbgaitrogly
About two fl9e age. SeordlagtO
the polie, the'et e at the Chacess
pade was blown open and a large
quantity of money and sams tahe.
The poliee of. Bltimere, PhIladel.
phia and New Tork wove neti~ed of
the robbery. It, Is the belief of 'the
leesa authorities that an advanee
man, ent lest Wpek b the yeggmen
from a northera ett "spetted" the
lay of the land and fa6tlly, planned
the robbery. Wh'en every detaUl of
the plan of attaog had bee gehe over
carefully whem the advamosesman
made his report, the gang -eamo to
Washlugtonl. saade their haul
left the city aenesdily an Peiell
Preeident Hasdiugwoldbe dlie
ed to Inform the 3~ae 'hether he
authorised Ambamde aever to
make his Loendon eOh on May 1*,
Ia which ho Was gieted' as satling
the Americas peopid' "went Into the
world war not becames, they wanted
to, but because thet had to." under
the term. of a receities iuttoduced
In the Senate taday Nv Senator Pat
Harrison,. Democrat, of Mississippi
WitLfINGTON. Del, Juse 13.-To
storee and a Methedist Upitopal
Chuch at Rising Run. Md.. twenty
milles from WIlmingtee, were do.
sroyed by fire today.
NORFOlJm. Va.. Esh 3Pr
broke out at the Uncit a tes a
be nesr here this atroeqsn.
esteeten ef t~Of~dr~r5mes
Owmw C0tid t : of.: Federa
tion k g . M.Osely Fol
eo Iwe-Hr e
tabor 1e1de. In washlngteo are
heeming ti clese tiduh with the
Amertean Federaties of Labor ea
veatlo. l'h - opened in Denver to
day. bad are W . the tread of
such events as to Samuel
Gogpere, pre dest the federatIon.
Many of them re,6 ' that Gomp
ere will fail to be ro-elected presI
dent of the federatis. whfl, others
declare ho will be eleeted after a
hard fight; but it .1. generally under
stood if he is, that this will be his
last year so head of the federation.
On semsat of the large number
of Irishmen In -the ianks of organ
ised labor and the stand Gompers
has taken on the Irish question. It Is
said that the Irish question will be
the basis of one of his greatest
fiegts. The eonveaion will .foe*
him to bow to the will of the ma
lority on this issue. they May. and
Gomnere will be instructed to do
sething defiate and concrete to
help the eatae of Irish freedom.
Gogmere, it is generally known. Is
set in sympathy with the Iji sh free
dom plan, having been-s berl in ENg
Gompers. It in said, will pet forth
the argument that all the agi tatlos
against removing him as nothing
amore than an atteept to disorgan
iso union labor In the country, aDO
that it is in no means a personal
fight against his admlaistration. The
majority of the delegat.s to the con
vention, they say, will take this ar
gument put forth by Gompers, for
whet it is worth. and while It may
indluenee some of the members, the
uaajority have a clear idea of the
situation and will act accordIngly.
Other questions that the delegatee
will Aight Glompers on are:
Diusatistaetion with GomperV'
dotspoken1 and unqualified inderse
meet of the league of nations and
bin disapproval of trade relations
with Soviet Russ for the purpeo
of relieving the distress of the inn
employed In the United States.
Rtsentment arising from his op
pestija to the federation reea
lion of the railwaT unions.
Chgin at his attempt to tie the
fedratento the peltteal' bite ot
Disat atsGesapers' fail
usem to make ayoeeotive reelat
amen to the pesoezag.
'The eltaas in the ea es' ,no~
labor feedmt hee 5a4. wil also afset
Gomperd sem b the Ameriosa Ped
eratisa et Iaber,- baea~se the earn
ters haeo always eone f.h
strongeet um4rts Lii fttIm
At every esveptih et the federaieos,
it wan said. Glem %d see sp
sitlee, but he hen neste boloere faeed
a situatioe seek as he wRil at whi.seo
vaento. There is a w~E'ai deal t ,m
rest aiseg tnerin se s h e
s1eatry iti' i, se f
sai toteta a &- .se
40 - r m~
2_ _A_ __ o 1110 . J ,
et~b i~hrMswt6
000M 13-mw 6a0
Foeso-efs-mpms be tohe.a
To Win. es rs If
beetai th t e etee abrh
abe bm de b so " the
-ft P to a"ONgter
If$ als ms- bow twi ),a
am "sw.- so ms
The sensa mlsas wbs -te
he -as U to pae m st &
" ;he .desh tDM e- - eomt
muegaoom" - a* m" .o
stem to , gpf , Mses
are lisbig up weig M agg
amIveutes "eo - th" ir as -
Irish qus'mifm We eegrg
ta- as to dedaw o 4a s -nw
era, preen .or ,th Wpm
wmeriente ten : Mber g~
..l ni.....m ate, ...n u
tese to be eseted to te
ewmitmve t- i :gh sr.a"N wf
west to raft thoras the
ww. - g -f
'mo ----e-- ft s a
se" se* e e s e e m
Taa, am e se. t s r e.;*
.-Pesbein - hmg ans
weas -Maln and~m 'e~a*se s
They are also maid to PreetMe th;
the Amerieaa ?ederatomsLt. offkeW
or=^ ot the Ameitsa
ot ler. shal vh to = wos""
a Oatemeat precialmiag a hoit
67 evanims labor e all H t -
Msaie- eoe until the IrtabRepube
Is ree ose" by the Umited tste'..
Aeee ta terepot, the feeokse
tin jplesed in the 'hasee
Peee, iyer et New York, with
dettte teatreetions to net, Brady, a
member et the city government of
New York, has been reared as a
sympathiser with the re~ak feetlon
ot the Irish *,ovement. Brady denies
he will- present reselutios Graf ted ~
by any sne but hisaself, and declareW
he has instrubtiene froma no one on
the subet.*
No 15 haewna s a Gemapere mup
porter. He eonirms elalste of the
anti -Gemperm faetiou phat Gemapera
wHi "go along- with" the conventlon's
aetioa~ the Irtsh tuestlon, however
estremle tay\ be, and iastruettens
will be gien to the exeoutive ou
nil that will amse It imspessible fee
that bedy to evade the iesee.
Althongh all Irish factions elaim
there wtil be haeaious action,
there are pred ittoma that two se .t
resolutions will be presented to the
T'. 3. VinE,- preeldeat of the labot
body et loath Chiesgo,- Ill. aid
eseretary of the labor herea of the
Asserican oommieseen en 1re tee
peedenoeb is base s a personal segro
asatative et Freak P. Walsh. dob
slated teday that Gemespr be
emgpeled- to "go the limit" en So
Irish eetion, aloaN with the e00
Letters in answer to a sireular ep
out by the %aber buireau of the Am~
a ,ceemmission for Triuh Oiope
dense,. to put lab~r leadees en reeord
on the Iseh qsiem, wore emie
pubite' today by Vial.
is his soewe. "A pess
-.. m e u s be ha m

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