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AN WaA'tvy M . Tesa,. ... $1.89
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anta I .valus.
fts tand &try. dust repellent *ad or"d %0.=06e & Deamye.
aen a &Odoant- of the, width only
a sni 14 at e quired for a skirt.
Sb4~.~~ *1 7' .A n w, htfor. summr
W01 G"fraTa ItWI ;*4
- ~ ar wpar. Al se t.hewstt des ofcordo
SPl-. vha, navy and gray, as well Ma Lack and white.
Low-prieed *r TweAday only. Colors art Fleet wret.ema & Brateo .
hbite (washale), -navy, % ron, copen, beetle,
Whiy.taupe and black. 1% yards makes -
-r. Third &Flesb-..Lm's Bun= & M retwer.
De t ' in. $e SergA Nhi Speia-. ............. $1.00
, Tue,. .....$7.69A .hrt that is especially popular for hot
.1lntly made suits .o.1-wool, nn,sae.ve weather wear. of0red in natural tan colnr
. yarn dyed mid.guargnteed fast color, only,in &Jse from % to 17. $1.00 is strictly
hal"Okrs lined throughout. gists 6 to to years. a one-day p
Fi&th Pev-wemSbilg a &rotber.
Don' Knickerckeirs of Navy WomM's Vests f Sbeer
VSerge; Tuesday Cottxn; Tueeay Pie2...
Cotton Vpsts in a delightful weight fto
. . . .... . . . . . . . warm weather-vory sheer and coal, in regula
Well-made, well-cut knickers. liMed and tion r bodice style. Pure white. Bises 36
taped throughout. All-wool navy blue serge and only.
that lookb and wears splendidly. 81ues for 7 FIrst Fler.--Labsbwrgh & Brother.
to 17 as
to I. gs.-..ta a """. Wamn!* Low Neck Con
Boys' Khaki Kniker Trousers; - to Su9c Special . . . .'th
Fine weave, pure whit tton suit with '
wide. kne an st r -war egt
14 .. ..89c. .izes 36 to. , a sum er's supply at
S Katakers a fellow likes for everyday. ade Tueday' 49ecIal price.
of durable. amooth-finished khaki, well tasiared First VFeer-Leasbuegh & Betev.
had strongly pocketed. Belt loops. SIz.e, ' _
Vifth FVe..--Laaasurgb & Brother.
Boy' Be Brand Bloue; 29c
SpecialTuesday. made ell Inishd underwsta o
Made of neat striped percale, with sport ribbed cotton, wood summer weight, no sleeves.
collars, attach-d collars, Eton collars. and neck- Pure white. Sizes for 2 to 12 ytars.
bands. This is a new lot. Sises 4 to 16. Ivat Fiex-Lasabugh & Drather.
Fifth Fleer-Leoobergb & Brother.
13-Piece Luncheon Set, W I''n o
Eabonde in Color. $- 79 w ...,25
Selling relarly at 4.50. but as a never stop yo from buy d pair. th
Ribbon Special. we have reduced them for thatinaOo
day only. Fine quality Linene. I 24-inch valuo Is an good. Sixes rom b to 10 in
Centerpiece, 6 9-inch and 6 6-inch doitt. white, black and cordovan.
First Fle--Lasburgh & Bretbir. Firs Vlee-Lausbsra & rother.
Natural Color .-A
Art Inn ad. . ....- 40w mlsOn m&
This is our regular 66c grade, but for Tues
day we shall sell it at reduced price. It In
18 inches wide for scarfs, table runners, etc. Sily irre ular said the- manufacturer.
3M'.t FIne'-Laflsburgh & B*'.be* but jou can hAN lnd any eefocto in these
ftaod. silk stockings. mostly black, in
14 IA.~i~mJsizs from 8%. to 10.
t Flee L rt Flg -4eburt & herr.ber.
HU&k Towels, EAch ....... 2 C
Our 35e qualities elling at that price Cver yiui se Slk Socks
da except tomorrow-then we hep vou sava
o& very one you buy. ZBxtra mae *th fancy s7
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borders.bhst wear. glss A to 6% onl. In white with
Wilrat Vleo,- Lasaburgb IBrotber. fancy colored tops In the popular colors.,
et F n--95aFirsr & ther. Broter.
Spiiid.J Vucima-- -...d5 Rtadfium Percale, 36
as; d"---....950
uthrwise we could.not sell them at ,o low
price. Plaids. checks. plain and some trim
med with c6'ntrasting colors or white cellars And that is a vory special price for Tuesday
ca4 uff. Riga S t 14 ear. /only. All the favorite percale patterns are
h4 cuffs. leLse s 6 to 14 years. shown, and lots of new ones, so take ad
Romp and Dresses, Tusdays price.
Ron* rs a Drese",First VISON-Lonbw~b & B1rether.
F AaerlyPrced $1,at....69C ACA f
aizea 2 to 6 years, Ginghams and chambriyp.
plain, stripep and checks. New fresh mer- rac-.... ...
ehandiee. taken from a dollar group and A superior uality of rogulation blue tpa.
priced down to our Blue Tttbbon lpvoL tickin that to absolutely fatherproof, low
Tbird VU6.,-tAMabWWh & uIV~tIWv. priced for *no day only.
TbtVId oteeIee--aLburgb aBot hetr.
Siver and Gold
Maav styles and a!l. sixes. These little rings Wid; Tuesday, YS .
are good looing and you'd be surprised how A smooth fnish that Is much used for art
ton$ and well thep wear. mbroidery as well as for miking sport skirts.
uW'Ieep,.004.ausborgb & Ilrotber, children's clothes, butcher and waiter's aprons.
6 Ptret iret w.-Laeb.rgh & Dratier.
Msbl lag T 1 ...... 9c Goo" bleach and p,-ac et quality.
Meta Bee T vt - rlbr
Wit hatina e. .... .. 39c
Give a wonan one of these tops, a pretty
piece of fabric and without any t%.uble, fusa R
or worry shell turn out as prettY and prac- 300. L U
tical a 6a you'd want.
*First Fe-.asegh a Brbtete.Rd b elan OG
==4ueyLand t. .. ... .7c $
Tou know it! Nverybody knows It! The
Wind that' has beoome famous for its whole
some and sanitary qualities. Got a supply at
to in0W's special price.
J11011I =-- _860m.qS bh & arother Thom o azselections from -our relfu ar
$3.95 a-d $5.00 Hnt*-'aed included are the
Moie Hand Bap, 95c measons preferred stles in Taffeta, Got
SpeslalToumarow at gotta, Felt, Straw, ibbon and Sport Hat
Double orn partment and fitted with mirror of vious Ws, Coln ad trimmian of
and memorandum tablet. Finished with silk the season. Don't mitm thin opurtunity to
tasel.' Secure frame and catch. Black and Pet a w hat by vaying an area half
seoe eers.
Fist FIWemW.L"a6ibg& ntbev. price for your choice.
. .- . Ft 150pot Hat, W
-not your goat" tomorrow and you'l fnd
tat it of being teased, you'll be pleased .nir's and soorta wear. w" i raLtof
with one - these practical OATSKIN Pi1- wasted ebiors IncuIng whibe. Thin vrice
- grit, ag .An block avid eolors.
grim g ibak cl Tuesday oly-reulaily sold at $1.00.
VIMn F s-ikergl Goe."irst F1 &--L s Brother.
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She rie. the sene and esaned.to
playede a grancdram o a cabaret she
he ceured by them n o a aen
inthat rouics teuger ofurios and
htas becomen fculed t the urn-r
ofrevlo, the detective toke ther
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These, he tars and dps i hen wnidp
stye wit grat Cdrao altil name
trhecourtr hai itn the tece
Anna s Jansen le at they murer
Onof her edmietr briol the
story ofthathpee.n h ad
To wondrther sude and jury h
Thesnnger r a retof peech.
antd thue tory oThe Woman God
ci'ane. Ihv oa otk o
banket"bThe pictures cthe bdero
Roberte. Viensay.DoyHbr
tho.h Se Fankrn, the furiousn
wreac the r teriho rike the strs.
and thec ers.plaen and str
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The extre tdell wcellen ndnmdicr
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thic wee byuaae theoubat tyheyr
brcetra tlTe aorc of mstery,
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incln payed te ligt roes
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trMz. an mny ers. ult
attacton Acft Nrorme num
th we Jbatecmi Syphn
se asesksetse the teplare
ties.-It e a os '"tht taees
with fasit OssaatsOVAs s a tts
wse with- Iker at thst".m time
s'y's ~try wi~tbsthaeasth
a"e abheater.
abort ftam features, sutesudag a
itip sit ea omedy ad eduteMsIaa
suects, together with speial Olr
chestral numbers arranged by Arthur
J. 2Masren, the overture being Zass
"ts A Aeat (Per Twe)" and- as exit
meroh "Assa la Indiaa," mlete
the program.
It was clearly demonstrated at
LoeW's Palace Theater yesteray after
noen that Miss Athol Clayton Ias been
surrounded by an exheptionally 'not.
able east in , the interpretation of
-shom," the Paranount acrees vereoln
of the suecessftl stage pipy by Ulmer
Martin and Geraldine Bonner.
Not only is "Shqm" distinguished by
some of the best acting Miss Clayton
has even given the silversheet. but
Theodore Roberts. Walter Hiers, Syl
via Ashton and Clyde Fillmore con
tribute supporting roles that combine
to make the picture a thing of rare
"Sham" is a delightful and effer
vescent satire on "gentle grafters" and
their gentle prowlings through the
luxurious, mases ot American scial
life. IC is carried forward and moti
vated by an appealing and refreshing
love story that has been backgrounded
against the sumptuoss and opulent
settings of smart Anerican society.
It affords Miss Clayton a rare oppor
tunity for a rich display of gowns
which further enhanoe her charming
native loveliness.
The story of "Sham" seveals Miss
Clayton in the role of Katherine Van
Riper, a girl of splendid social busi
ness but who has been left with a mere
pittance on the death of an extrava
gaat father. Appeal for Onancal
aid to wo wealthy aunts ts futile, as
they mirely point out the manifgst ad -
.antages of Katherse's matrimonial
acceptance of a millionaire, whom she
does not love. Marriage mith Tom
Jafray, the man she loves, is equally
impossible. for Katherine will not
marry while in debt and Tom is as
penniless as she.
Unable to see a way out of the di
lemma. Katherine prepares to sell the
famous Van Riper pearls, which have
been an heirloom of the ramily for
several generations. Thepearls. how
ever. turn out to be paste, the original
jewels having been sold by Kath
evine's wastrel father.
Katherine's two wealthy aunts, ap
palled by the thought of the story of
this family disgrace becoming public
property, persuade Katherine to give
up her plan to sell the paste jewels.
which she does on condition that they
come to her financial assistance and
discharge her debts. This they agree
to do, and the girl, freed of the burden
of debt. consents to share Tom Jaf
fray's fortunes for life.
The cast that Director Hefron has
grouped around Miss C(ayton is ex
ceptionally notable and much of the
excellence of the picture is do to Its
sterling interpretation. Additional
members of the east are 6yd& Fill
more. Sylvia Ashton. Helen Dunbar.
Arthur Carews. Thomas Ricketta
Blanche Grey. Eunice Burnham and
Carrie Clark Ward.
Although "Sham' dominates the
week's programs at the Palaoe, the
same program afforde a number of in
teresting and fascinating added screen
and musical attractiens, among which
are the neweet Sunshine comedy hit,
"The H.yseed;" the latest essue of the
Dress -Appeal
'ill tomorrorwW
put on today.
'these snappy
-to- You
.00 ~ I
1 for that isy
olor-fast .eere.
has by far e
OWS1, the gi I
was at, ret aveebat W be Too*
Sky otthhSwae
wasin ath wt s veit Ow bee' ne
wherein Wlsed
Manner #* wh'ek the -ky Pilot OS.
dealto a esnasy .that
bin weond have ne" of
'him, many eisOTas'wr bas of W3
tion are re'ealed. There les preb
ably never been screened a 1109.
thrilling emax to a story thea Is
provided ,t the present isNapsa Oy
the battle et the haramed yeeng Iid
inter to save the life of Gwen, who
han fallen In awed d6eel intept
of a tbundar s of
&ted steere gtt thaa61 reand*
Probably, too, there han neVer been
a more equisite moment than thaIN
which the roong-and-red cow
punchers blindfold the Sky Pildt ad
lead hima out, to the edge of town.
where they preeent him with a Dlble
and a ehureh edisee *heb- they s
cretly have buit "s an earnest of their
respect for a a" and a work at both
of which they armt had softed. .
The supplementary offertigN for the
week also are of unusual variety and
worth. Adding diversity to the bill
are a new single-reet comedy. "A
Handy Hneband." in which a real idea
is uncovered; a new lsne of the Pathe
News, an informative subject devoted
to scientille poultry raining; Topics of
the Day, and an especially tuneful or
chestral accompanimdnt. A special
musical' feature is supplied in the
form of a delightful violin solo played
with musicianly skill, by Mr. Henri
Sokolove. "
"6i, Woe Ktng"
It is true that all the world lovee
a lover. It is just as triumphantly
truthful that the same world loves the
lover a great dial more if ho is guid
ing his affections through the wonder
ful recesses of romance. And it hap
pdas that the old world of today, after
all Its war and wrath, is turning bask
to the old world of yesterday and Bnd
ing a revival of the romance that
ruled the univere. .
This Appeal of old romance to med
era Ideas was amply demonstrated at
Moore's Rialto Theater yesterday,
*here William Fox Is presenting one
of the meat pretentious and spectacu
lar productions he has ever made, the
offering being a sereen' adaptation of
Justin Huntly McCarthy's play, made
famous by Mr. E. . Sothern, "If I
Were King."
It hardly sems necessary to relate
the story depicted, suffice to say that
the character of Framesis Villon, en
acted on the stage by Mr. Sothern.
seems peculiarly fitted for William
Farnum. The role is one of his best
and he has surrounded himself with
a cast that is without a faw. Fritz
lieber. widely known for his Shakes
pearean performanes, has the part of
Louis XI and renders it In a manner
that stands out second only to Mr.
Farnum's work.
Walter Law as Thibault gives a
good account et higself. Then there
is Betty Ros Clarke as Lady Kath
erine. Her beauty and the simpitclty
of her performance are striking, ano
her scenes with the star are so natural
that one almost forgets she is acting.
Renita Johnston as Hugette. who
dresses as a boy -and lives in the
lower strata of Parisian life, and who
is in love with Villon, Makes notable
a very difficult role.
As might readily be Imtagined, the
play lends itselfsperfectly to epectacu
tar scenic investure and staging. Roy
al palaces. great street nooses. and
beautiful gardens are some of the-out.
standing features, amore than a thou
sand men ad women appearing at
times according to report.
Jn keeping with the main attraction,
a series of short subjects of a highly
entertaining and alae educational na
ture, are presented.- Inelue annog
these is a laughable Christie COlaedy
entitled "Rocking The Deat,." a beau
tiful and unusual Prisma-Color pro
duction "Tlhe Sweetest Story Ever
Told" and an ezeluisive showing of thq
Fox News.
An elaborate mausical seor. embody
ing the -appropriate overture "If I
Were King" by Thomas, is given by
the Rialto Orchestra.
Critics who have commented upon
the strange dr'amato power of "Repti.
tation," Univerda)-Jdwei's latest star
ring vehicle for Prisoilla Dean. which
opened a three-day engagement as
chief feature of the bill at Crandall's
Theater yesterday, have satributiod its
forcefulness to the epochal story, -the
great personal mtagnetism of the star,
the elaborate production and the OkIll
ful tfreettin, butt'ill ef 'theim have
overlooked a quality to whie,\ may be
attributed its greatest appeaa. That is
the quality of contyast.
"Reputation" is made up3 of con
trasa-drastic contrasts that provide
a thrill with avery rapid change from
character to character. lesale to locals,
and Ineident to incident. Two of the
mnoet vivid of these interesting eon
trasts are supplied by the star In her
exceptilonal depilti of two chre
te in the 5tory.
A. the 'story opens Miss Dean is
seen as a worldly aetws na-estty
village. Then comtes het Daropean
tour, where she is feted at manient
banquets, dassiling in their pefllgaey.
In contrast to thiW is shown the wan
she has discarded, a friendse pitifwi
wreck. wanderIng in the reeking
alleys of Limehoume. Then when diesi
peiton1 has clairned its toll, the former
star of the stage 5s shown living a life
of jtiey in the esums ot New Tmk
while her daught is men a ~~
-sma. and --a mb aos
00 ed ISM
Vf aeaette hot Aan Apletidd
h~te rth te a-4rs e USS
O t IeS% the an l
aleema . loe. e
Ip and C. .; Mw phy twete
the ar ,ap a
i e atse.d ihos ut" low" w
bue 8ealthy father. -William Wetn
and Porker J. MeCennell pettfSy
their roles with ability. . .
Al in all, The Man Tao, er" t' di
vertingly thrilling, speedy opn -
tet1i1ang and give Miss
another chase. to prove to ad
mirer. that she s as good as antreso
ws she I pret wy.
Subidis ttractions showing
eareel e boh a toaineep
ameat and edaeational value, togeer
wit* aR Interpretative erebstra
seere that' greray enhascee the en
Seat ot the presentaton. bbo
plt, the bill.
'lle Sky Plot
-Marry Pollard, masenerading in the
hablimoents of a dopr blue law adve
este bent on imposing his viewe upon
all the rest of humanity, frnishes
the ,omedy elenent in the examest
photoplay .bill arranged for premler4
local presontation at Crandall's Kiack
erbocker Theater yesterday and today.
Mr. Pollard's latest onwtribution to
the gayety of nation. bears the uig
nifeant title of The KIl-Joy," and
although derived from the worls
meet lugubrious subject, nevertholes
is estremely funny.
A now issue of the Pathe New,
"Typic of the Day" and other short
real features, all lnterpreted wIth
,musteianly skill by the Kaickerbockar
Symphony Oichet, ud vie s.
duetership of Mr. Mirsey. comblete
the supplementary program for he
early week.
The major feature at the Ka eker
boeker yesttrday and today i . Ralph
Conner'. lamous novel, "The Sy
Pilot," in which the loading role. are
tawyeesty played by John Bewers,
David Butler and Colleen Moore. and
a complete review of which will be
found in connection with the Metro
politan Teater where this sterling
subject also was accorded first Wash
lngton presentations yesterday.
Chesapeake Besch.
The gay seardwal e at Cheapeake
Beach. nearby .bay resort. was
thronged with merry-makers, hu'n
dreds of pretty, tylishly-clad girls
taking part in the promenade and
fashion paade. This Sdnday review
is becoming one of the outstanding
features of the week-end at the re
Score of reurioanist went to
the reo t for the week-end, arriv
ing Saturday aftrnoon and remain
fng until the lat train last night.
They stopped at the hotel, which
make. a specialty of catering te
week-end parties.
Cuakes in California.
SANTA CRUZ, Calif., June 13
Two earyhakes were felt here
last ncght. Te first, a slight tremor
occurred at m:24 p. m., which was fo
lowed guickly by a sharp, heavy
shock. The disturbance was felt in
other salioes Valley towns. No dare
a ore h done
At 7:15
SFro Drmin
alty oer Shine
Pare.. Adt. eSce chIdr". 4e
MesCT4IoUI - lid Wub
in "ADAM & EVA"
Mate. Wed. * Uet.--eatu Thue.,
O.F. KEITH'S "Lp*"
BALlY- 1:1 S. &1I USL'TS
In their Erstald ues.
.A 04&20in
.4 ...A....Pr....t.
~ ~wwm -
sesr e a s r. U.
"e am eetonogwgsue 84
3eetmans at 6ss P. N.
,a 3.ea" CMeeks' Best
Twer ad AU Wee
In "SHAM"'
Paramedt Preuste
MM* AT 8
Cenfl~ewe Prom 18 sen
umia sfrrn
.nesNe m evs Fm. t
A sese et the herem, Paig
mattue. th ws s and reeiv, a re
*bate of 3# coa on an orchestra or
s fet beleoay fset.
A reeM Draia of
Powerfui Appeal
1t 4. * Peregeeut Ploture
1343 Wiuseisi A veue
40Fe ta ces esasg MhdeS
I. the Now ane learn
For young todies. Os Potlomae and
anal at District U~eaoe fare. Thirty
rnu wtremn o t w. LAnp open. July
PhRne Vand4S pr a Bonddas
Culs IW.0

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