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The Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, June 15, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 1

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#wee -'M toe Iqms *qws
"&I# wift wdumti. 'rke a "ba
prwl a W*v tog*4,.3
tae Iee~e _g.? n~ A A'~d
tes th eou ith WODpttUu
to elomest t4&%W WSvM4SR
the puWW" 9 .i-it~ u
sway w ~ get
tag doYleee ft"ee*. g
of lnbtaaebe bees *60istly 000
ICRANTON. rinse i&-*!*
beause I told wft I Wa9I
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1 If
W'bs P" &re "but O i
,-OAnis aints Cmas-WaNs
nnen umasi K. -1., ieee 16
CSiVertes eiefrnut arth reotr
hamS hees egey tWday. ready t6, the
eg~~Ie -tKe aheeriaje Is the
Opa. Me conmbed her .emsrAW
0e tI weather ad. indifereu$ t
ugB e %eArfully refrained ftre pe
sSe4 sp" the case.
A~~b 'Scamr m5ma.pi ,
3asuk, geardian 1t ne
Gusistmaan, whose pateot. the
-hl a- ar -aher deas... ta-i
iawm the hearing woaJg he eseret.
DsMach Russel, Bufae, . Y.
0W46"- who at the last hear&ag
9&" - gasg testismea agant
W -illmaa, was first as,* ,list
~4 ta. witnesses. . O .r
psted to take the staad weq
.' I ~ford-eselaed
'mensat" 9t Ples
his Wife.
Tw. Came~dan hotel clerks, ae em
at 'he Hotel Wlassr. 3Mast
the other at the 3te6id RIte
LIoaa, of e
Tere wemes formerly emsleia
iarsts byt the stillmaa*.
* OSla Resi&, whose ceaneie with
th4 eas was kept secte6
Metal, registers were easeted to
be Imteeduedi as. ehibits.
* hs Maring begam at ii., Ms..
1*,Walked Into te reese
M~ t elastie ste, with
balle to her-t dewS.
* . Breaaa.ssa. u a edat
taeO tt her black sil eat.
-a byephony la ylt et
bishat. he. k an4
ct heekered skirt *5hwhite
Whg iksteehita e n white
*hh thtak of lams A. geilestn
I hlnK ef hb a s I th~ket a siak
as ta hestal. tor he ~jsla
aistane a tMmesM
eresoimgtte he
%:9%9 [email protected] NAMIA.I'
e mhe ' abetkw that -men Who
Sthutt -liee in traU tei e
e sfe pewer a still .S'
"A 5 htallyo that uset
sSsgof Mr. Stillmas
an etteal mtaa,
a t i t that tat* this away
tretheir 4epl th
wemee ef their ISI.Wj
se. Ii -wtil seeet Mf
star, whi Vas
loft the
lar Owwom t ie
at wom theatri&"w"
w tas , a mveua .
bm" s lga ete tit'I
be the wo,'
Adnroom MA ,midut ,
Denby thea a ed
unJ fam b" book*&,
E~mtim Upon30 Eas Uni ta
unsen a, s mr. n. i a e
canvQ %p arsias t ot r M ow
by at et darte 64r*, em
tthesoa be ateungete essens
hine a WtereeStates ta amd
read withee n ant
Asma" a a - s a
tow by~ 6000 ite, wa ch
fe~ ee the tV* -&wt
w we tei t lr
Wlt ee at thwe tation; het
retagd to the alatvtwe AR @e
ceaid reyt e, publicate 416t
a~ h the medrteeses
. -Asag hese wh Ae e
ftena seer~ farew Mee
*frt eep etmth
the -otSt the
utoet and to e4a~o~di
Mieo was etva a 'S
Jm ete4 btedst, agit*i
sheglo b~ee doe jM~
ber et the Girl U4eets
aebee wvr ukha ime
p o47te guu udes ~ thef
ertatalv hope that the gi eset
uchthepe to the aw.g e
I av heenehd.*a
o'u~.4have not 144 sa' eppee.
teitp get u#4 ase. eea a
glnse, but I have -e a iee Ia
praenbd hi the eadtees aaere*
cud h6lstelsese showa Ayae ei
i eemgs to be that the i
plaed hi the 3Saattok~g
for Mere imagtaatica them lset
Ameries d turea." iab
- tal Mea be wavshn
rII ead:
a0 will met y Ga the
- Tee of
ottIOA1o to JA
was Qaeaeseed t.e~i
detetieg eOsabeI
A4at spes the
eim t
IN nn#Muredcfor-2
Nwl~f yPWdw
in W".
bW st at
No.,o r~w, .
IN ow "M 3. o
16a 6Fsot M -4
*~fm any~ui ftrai 2 MU
b m.fto b rdw.
leW sitJ~ 15TeW"
ef A amu~rs
~MojedN wf Ns
Weft a". wi . u
meo is mil AM
O& mtat .rmt
ur pmu, It .s ha~ a
he~ Ihsh. b giem~t
W"ses W" ao kAowa.
a S"W 4 - &wnv
met WSIW is s ples . A "o~ tam
Do pf
0* VO 1:1bm
ban b~ mwer flsv
so" - ermt. taW
IWO 63,st Ab e
N.. Tw a. hSe"
he.SO womm6~ey X..otstS
usawewa dor. eaolSm a
%am te ortme. tha AuhmoeIs
..PR m a~d -a hem 3 )
I". AMOqmg 04
61:12= 's wat *X4 wsX4
SUI JRJU IMT1 ___ dv
2u 40600b liva4 e at ovo Cat.
Nobk W*414 Mew Lrk MOb.
NEWv Tam4C jet* 15-4%ve. pooss
%Ms wefte he? In, heav boll by ME
Israte 8llberinee - t Sq Wes.. LOL
gourt Koay es chase. oI weisi
patlag i lan attroe imut
a 'borns woena in ('eutrlmPb
&mo& mrh fo a& dk ate.u
&.:. aSme ow" to ese in W&*sseten
I" Elio"e the fight ft tat GU ith
the se lasti t" get"ag itt th
passoager cwane habe
tm-rastr a. puane a
awsm tast ,I.
.y.., ..............., efro
Bet Is Judo"dsspet o
q** a bu eemVxst.
ands to Wras
"ad 46te een
-4"- '#n
se . eese - e
ofthW to ig Iae te ere,
RRIfer ".Iw"ee il utait~m
ii.io-tas eseo ss, he haSt
o die avtiuatt wutrh
the, -l timiete of sig alute te;
Ps seo te 11erme ar-Vaai l te10s
ahe a is vaew. Wm -ene
:uadaMli. uo -,eom
therm Slw tieg Tse them
0.r.we awee s~ueoe sa
te 'stch Het fes that.he ha
selllm g PtoUs tha two doael-t
bye bsstal.Aaa-h, ad t
Chgo em' to Wash*dst.o
had felta a oht -e
Jae, hoppedhou
to he lo end whea he
Ap tte founo atin~ thetlo
a, pa... a, wato.QM . .lma
.ae~ ta w atim ..at faa
Teim ho advanee,
th waceh Mt a h
headedg h oeeiahay
slln la",.thtWO de*te
.wab ..o prepo . ymto
Imeitaa. A? o*a
Swtheeh gato o f I
0ge.. heopeotofOag
to e --u a wbGa e
up hr a t"8
at l'e.
20 &E2
n~r a a
bee "''
~Othe laws"*
*to to0e ek' ahngs at
"IzbWu --
eftem i" th
at IIe Otr
a t
te .
t r
w eutt 4ps ogaa.tUe s
=,am tso A^ Wthe
it's#t~e ad
tage ofthredth era
toe thea~5
-,*yo - 9aw a me-h ftarm af
geeaydott 64die s
etlo to; .us atenvs
astr t teo .at W0 0.
lAmsq e1g 4 Seoreafe
pattefete#f G upfeu
i esw ha htthe- ,asmpat
'teder 'atSse Mfema1 ' 146
won ea -am ht- hmtidt
fdie a die metfl Wreet tak
det met sen wh hav
e, jtit thettquteIre'
'Yukwthat t.Bt iS. aeaa
ohatndhthuto the ma ee
Meahlt SS t deSt? h tet
jems4At we.5,w.~
tive af wh haseea t.
and .tati theh qenaty e as
tiht tuo tke. sDuteh ther the
se esel 3 IUbti.
deede wedeint ete thea
aliefet e 3 istakes denSeer t
sthesat -of tie that we rei
i1to mae au 9 meoetriati.W
hav4 sthdoe anythit t o rr w
ada i eer uto bdioet, a.
.~d feo eomtaes dageeendee 1
'e'tw ity eto with tt ws at wih
althe sed time en tiowere
bo, ateiatdle wat faild ato
Gt e me or s~U otaeyssm W
Similg er ofen w
taber heaede 1
*'-- piyet~ 4 a thetwe
in... oBis ,h Wo had I*
I byst 4dtwsds hs1*104atth

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