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* ~0"
A - A~V4
OA"I w-.
at~ 0
jlumigw r Mie has ,isaaet to4
"6b ig sOutI0401 In thiluo.hy
is t 9099 1p ad MAW be
so 459tse e wa - thi soIs U
at the Plo Groads,
Getla, it must 6 *40s0ied, were
to got away I Ib be
Ther found the Vfle our
ta#4 bSut hoepitable. fiting tth
-.mail for everything., ?apt of
groaefltly to the Iuqvitable
nae poiees like d6eaplons,
three of the Ave gam*e blay
-.,a biy I to 3.
Harrie was t reported to
j sm for big wild stun of
s a sa ilayed yeste'dat. Re
will perbably esoap punishment.
, v ula=e "000.
Urysa Harris p"ed too-powerful
for the Grts yes.erda. - He was
ftranestly i trouble, but usually
-evberved a safety. daly in the sev
edth aed ninth were rdhu made
Against ,im. Meanwhile, the Rouse
et Mack wa doing things for ftself.
4- Seheht w~hs good save in the
Brathad sixth. H4 yldd three runs
and faded te let BnIth predse" a two
hagget I& the seventh. Jose Acosta
wag beates badly in the eighth, four
lit In a row coming before the $rat
" died. The two runs scoed tben
kept the As ahead when th6 cies
pushed ever one In th '%ntk,
*ickie ORourke , both tsme
with three hits. Shanks and Ghar
ritt eoh had two. Sam RIce failed
to drive the ball beyond the ineld
all afternoon. Timsely "eoting was
aboeet a lost art for th .Qriffs, who
toet several excellent opportunities
to e0 things.
The Mackmen handled- Bchaht
rudely in the .first and go5 one 'eam
Witt singled to center, soring whoe.
Dykes doubled to right center. Dykes
perished at third stretching the hit.
Welch singled to left, but -was forced
and then J. Walker hasminrg a oiner
right fMto Miller's bands.
Wor a while the Griffs threatened in
the second, only to pull up. Brower
singled to right. but was doubled up
by Miller. Shaeks biased a single off
Brasill's glove. Dyhos ran- across the
bag and speared Gharrity's liner on
its way to the garden.
Again the Griffra snarled In the
fifth. Ehnks slagiM down the third
base line and perished at second on
Tilly Walker's perfect peg to Gallo
way. Oharrity followed with a hot
nne through Galloway. but the next
two gents could do nothing.
Judge opened the sixth with a walk.
and Harri pushed a single to left, but
it all went for nothing, because Rice
forced Harris and Brower hit Into a
double play.
An though tiring of the sleepy pro
ceedings, the Mackmen shoved some
runs over in their portion of the sixth.
With one out. Johnny Walker scratch
ed a single 'off Shanks' glove and gal
loped to third when Perkins bumped
a two-bagger to the wall in right.
Brazill doubled to left center, clear.
Ing the bases, but died trying to reach
third on the drive. Galloway's walk
meant nothing, for Slim Harris
Came then the seventh with its
first real action on the part of the
Griffe. Brasill's wild throw put Mil
ler on. Shanks fanned and Ghar
rity flied to left. Then with two
gone ORourke singled to left. Earl
Smith, up for Schacht, plunked a
double to left, scoring Miller and
O'Rourke. Judge beat out a bunt
to Brauill, but the attack ceased when
Long Harris tosed out Little Harris.
Johnny Walker kicked Acosta for
a singI9 to center as a starter in the
eighth. Perkins bounded over sec
ond, O&Rourke doing well to stop it.
Brasill's 6unt caught Shanks asleep
and the bases were filled. Galloway
slammed a solid single to right, scor
*used c
Phocne Mu
to beca e
Dieteo Xerr Vtehe . ..;j4
trahtV %or the
whe he Nl e 16bh9
AVG bits,
A hollower y Trkat
the Giants Is. 1;n---es
singes . bp
gilder and US1 Ia thew* "
the Browns & *UteOy 6g4
The CaZ:e dealt ah Plea
blow by tatg " gme
Ing 1. Wafker. Brewaes go V
to the plate kept Perkin4s1"0
Wit's lytoaRis to"
srss t rw ot
tryn to =6 6 third, a," A.
were deoe.
With one down In the itFU*
rity stegled to left and O'RearW
pd one to oester, putting
third. Courtney for Aso
to Dykps aso Garty sered.
Throunder-te Galtway "at everybd
-b By AN
ST. ANDREWS June 24,-Ja
Hord, forwer Biti no title b1
tre tin the british eS pienshi
Therek Lenter the fnal rm
Barnt d shot 74 today and Her
Jock Hutchison, withK a 79, tv
Kirkwood, the Australian chanspia
p, one stroke behind Barn*$.
J. Douglas Edgard, of Atlam
titchell the British star, took 283,
Thp American contingent however,
has IL great. hance of winning the
British title through the medium of
lack Hutchison or Jim Barnes. Theme
two players begn the Anal sage of
the tourney today with everything
in their favor, and the chance of
their wnning was admittedy beat
t .r than that of a of Britia
In the early playing today Roger
Wdtehed,' the British amateur, turn
ed In & 72 foir a total of 225 for fifty
four holes.
Tom Aerrigan, of Nw tork, a"o
played around In 72, and him -total
was 22. George M cean, with an
02 totaled 231 and Charley Hoffner,
of Philadelphia, with 7,'had a card
of 288. Othercards were: John Bur
goe, A1, 254; Dr. Paul Hunter, 78,
229, and John Taylor, 75, 23L.
Ted Raywth 81 for th erst round
today,.totaled 229. Clarence Hackney,
of Atlantic City, took an 80 for 230:
Harry Vardon's 80 save him 234 and
George Duncan, present holder of
the Britishe title, took 78 for 227.
Walter Hagen, of Detroit. with a
72 In the morning round, iade his
total 22L, Eddie McLeaod's 3 gave
him 240.
Aloc Hoerd. former British open
ohimplon, tied Jim Barnes for the
load at 222 by playing the morning
round in 73.
Arnaud Massey, the rench cham
pion, turned I a 4 this morning and
took a total of 22. Jock Hutchison'*
playing today was weak on the greens.
Harnce Hakney went out in 36
and was doing An* when he became
disastmely bunkered on the hold e
wWA stretch.
Bobby Jon, the youthful Atlanta,
Ga. amteur golang star, dropped out
of he tournament today when his
playing shamped off.
pan.tr sn . a ttismrinn
~redu Hckweotdn8
dinnl ukre M o onrh o
ofte tornam N t toaW.e i
* vp toun
OmeettrwitOfh .cadsof 22
Is 7gt hPEm al LAvYn
amne in a ar of 226ism and JAmex
okled ar tie7 for a 4ootal of
fndi ado 2261I~&I. and q Jms
i pla e An.e 7fora -ota of
ta, with 78, total 286, and Abe
with a cadr of 76 for this morning's
Says "menILLET"
Finn, Esq.
One MinutpYou're Dang
lig on the Tre-Mile
Line, Thm You're
Washeack to
(Battimg for Krk MUlr).
June 24.-This here three-mile
boundary Is tougher to stay satride
of than an eel's back during a
One minute we're on one side
and the next second a wave has
slapped us back
into prohibition.
It's like a rub
ber band. When
the tide's out
you can touch
bottom. but when
she's in, you can
wave your re4
beake at the At
lantic City board
The cap'n of
this her float
ing hotel has de
cided he'Ji go to
ea no more with
a cargo of ma
niMaces. It's hard
enough to kewy.
bug-eye on her
keel in a etiff
also having to play nurse to a
school of city derelicts loose on a
loafing contest.
It's hard to tell who is ahead in
the idleness campaign. Three dumb
bells slept right through an entire
day. .Everyone gettin' so he drops
syllablee offenf his words. Takes
the shortest cut to conversation and
the longest route to the bunks.
At high noen in a blazing sun,
Patty O'Connell is so useless he
doesn't even throw a shallow. Salt
air all mixed up in his verbal ma
neuvers and can't anybody under
stand his fibber. Put him ashore
today to learn some manners.
If this sleeping and loafing tour
nament doest's come to a quick and
sudden ftnale there'll be no more
sitting around to be done. Saline
breeses induce a brafid of stoopor
that is hard to comne out from un
der. Chow call is the only saluta
tion which anybody answers and at
t~e table you can't hear the conver
sation for the soap.
Meet Postpned.
The. South Atlantic outdoor swim
ming meet scheduled to be held here
July 10, ha~s been postponed to Au
suet 6. a.cnrdiaW to President -CQogs
well of t"M S. A. A. A. U.
Airmen Beaten.
Highland A. C. defeated the Naval
Airmnen 6 to 1 in the Potomac League
yesterday..-- .
teward A. French
'A A
imae Yarm Predseed by bit
Now London Classio Finds
Rivals Wfth Even Soore at
Start of Today's Classic.
NXW LONIDON. Cons.. June 24
Clear. hot weather greeted thousands
of rowing tans who gathered here
today for the classic Yale-Harvard
The Thames. which will be the
soene of the annual struggle for
supremacy on the water between
the Blue and the Crimson, was calm
as a mill pond and liberally dotted
with pleasure craft of every descrip
New London was a riot of crimson
and blue, with hotels and restau
rants crowded to capacity and fans
and handkerchiefs working overtime
as a result of the humid weather.
The rowing program was sched
uled to commence at 11:30 o'clock
with the freshman race. a two-mile
event up stream from the Navy
At 12 o'clock the junior varsity
eight-oared crews were to match
sweeps in another two-mile evept.
This race was also schedubd to be
rowed up stream.
The big varsity event was on the
rowing bill o' fare for 1 p. w.. day
light saving time.
This race, a four-mile affair down
stream from a point opposite Red
Top, will finish at the railroad
bridge, and from every indication it
promises to be a struggle.
Coaches and rooters from the rival
schools were full of confidence in
the ability of their respective
schools. Both the Blue and the
Crimson have shown good form in
practice spins. and while Yale he
been clocked in a little faster time
than Harvard, the gamenese of the
Crimson eight over the long four
mile struggle was not doubted.
Today's race was the fifty-third be
tween the ri'al universies. lach
school has won' twenty-aix races over
a period of sixtysix years and with
the honors even, the. rivalry was
keener today than ever befora, and
the students dug down for their last
reds to back their crews. Betting
on the freshman and junior varsity
races was brisker than usual.
The probable boatings of the
varsity eights today were as follows:
Harvard. Position. Yale
Appleton ...Stroke....... Freeman
Kane ..........7..........Dilworth
Terry..........S........... Payson
McCagg .........5..........Gibson
Olmsted .........3....... aldemaar
Damon ..........2.......... Carman
Morgan ........Bo........Leslie
Pierson ........Cox.........Carson
Kids Challenge
The Apringroad Midgets challengee
teams in the fourteen-year-old class.
The manager can b4 reached by phon
ing Coltambia 9243 after * p. in.
Wash... All1OA A hl. A~
Ludge16... 4 1 7 0 ttr.. 2 1 S I
hie.ctf .. 4 e rlhe
1rvwer,rf.. 3 .lel 1 1 1
)ime...w.. 4 0 1, ..Wlrlb45I
Nhanks.3b. 4 2 3 2 egu3 .
Oharrity.c. 4 2 5 1 rslh.a20s
*S.UmitI,. 1 s S
Aoeta.p... 0 0 S 5
tC~r~ny. 5 ..6
Totas.. s il14 1 Toal.. 4III5 150
*Uated fr Sh C.Wa i seernfth. 1
3. Wlker(3) .Wer ike b3~ 4 311s
Srnwr. hi~nsaPe ratsi. 4 o-hes
Prasil. Seuifee Bt-aWti. D3bi plays
-Shankeme 5. B.rarrtis p.e Gallowa
totyes. te .1 W41 oalerWtte. Wei11h7r3
Gl*sBato for Wehaeht i even. Jh
Wfsalteor AoPtalantah.. 1t
I. 'is.O: Sm as t I is 5 c
Rcoe-a.t4 ir. Gnnera. ORuke bitt.
b. alker (S.herkins (3) y . Barri
(Brower. Shanue onu-y Braeh. Two-has
--ha. tH.Jarris Amt. I l.ge: Gaiteh
to a thJ. Wapires-r;l WN5. ter
Ow.m ie- i a0 t,7is.
Sectional City -Sandot Battle
Expected to Attact Large
Following of Fans.
The Kalckerboekers will clash with
the Rex Athletic Club on Sunday at
Union Park In what gives promise of
being the banner attraction of the
local sadlot Seasen.
The Knicks are invading the Rex
men's lair with the grim deternina
tion of wiping out past defeats at the
hands of the Northeast club. In or
der to accomplish this, Manager Joe
Kearney, of the Qeergetown outfit. in
priming Ross Fisher, his star part
dider. and McCarthy, of Georgetown
varsity, especially for the fray, In an
elfort to stop the fast-traveling Rex
Manager Jimmy Wright, of Row,
will not be caught napping. however.
He ates* that with the return of Xab
Praser to the line-up, Res will pro
@out Its strongest front Lem Owen
Is expected to do the hurling for the
Northeast clubman. Consequently. the
Knicks will have their handia full In
securing the verdict over this worthy
All is all, the contest should be
bard fought and interesting through
out, a& neither team has a distinct
advantage over the other.
The game, which will begin prompt
ly at 3 o'clock, will mark the initial
appearance of the Resmen on the
home 1ot this open. This alone
should act an an incentive for a large
gathering of the faithful at Union
Park an Suniday.
[email protected]
Cleveland . SO 1& .42 Detroit..... 212 .41
N e r rk.. " I Chlingo. 2.44
Ilestes.... 30328.611T Ph22... 111.36T
Philadelphia a ,.
Chic .ro aakgl, 12in
Phlaelhi $I Boetten1
Chicag.AF GauCevea0.
N e w Y ork 4 ; a t i 2 i .
Broek . 6 la h . 4
. rtgae 3in.
Ne Ieka
Pitts urgh e se a i e a a
thWOEheti laboSt- dato
bein th a Hue ban at a nd ofth
The Lcoaet Pin asding the
Lin fwiig.u as defes th
he 37%o th t Norhatcu. W.or
esit... especa for th EN i Ea
By BrA
Graduation, inevitable for th f
schools, has robbed the varis &th
hassbll tenns ik ain MW
eg 19lty list etral, Business, E
a nosettof, = accordinig to the prin
into the er or are going an toI
The greatest low"e to the schools
are at Central and Western. Jimmy
Lemon. captain of baseball and bas
ketball, and a football star, is leav
Ing the Ut. Pleasant School. He won
a Prinston memorial scholarship,
which speaks well for his ability In
the classroom as well [email protected] his skill In
Central also lose* Notion Jones.
star football player, and Hugh John
ston, track captain and star. Other
central lade going away are Rl~pl
Brinkman, Norris Chipmax, Eddie
Dunlap, Hal Fowler, Nil"s Imlay.
Stuart Johnson, Henry King, Frankl
Krupp, David Tyro*, Channing
Walker, William Young and Francis
These lade have been the bulwark
of track, football, baseball and bas
ketball teams. They will be mised
badly. but, others will take their
Western to losing aL galaxy Of
athletic stare. lReggio Conard, Ever
ett Burk*, Edwin Cotton, Harry
Dawson, Lee Douglas, Leo Finucane,
Howard Griffith. Roger Harriman.
Berkley Jones, Charles Koones, Ar
thur Nichols, Homer Shantz and
Ray Stevens have been members of
Western's athletic teatus.
At Business Robert Craven. Harry
Ferber, Charles Neanly, Paul dedge
wick, Thomas s0mmerville, and
Bernard Walker have starred in thea
various Business battltes on the field
and floor in baseball, football and
Tech will tint Jo Burger, Chekrile
Dock, Perry Knapp, Alvin Parkter,
Henry Roe.e ad Charles Wols, Main
stays In practIcally every branch M1
s~ports, gone with the class this sea
The Easterners are losing in Fa
lber and MeyerS, two of the mooe
likely-looking athletes developed i1
the Hill In many a day. All of theso
athletes Will leave big gas fin tho
ranks of the team* next season, bul
the coach*@ have been working WHtO
others so that there Will be 3ther,
'to take their places.
Many of theae youngsters are to.
ing o colege It s execte.th
Of thebstar b~goiou tise. o
Conad, ougls, urk An Myer
Graok tobe the etprosect -on the
sconto ter isend m ronstrate
It i dou tlif the. scho la
turnd o to n.ltr alldarous
youngslter lt athtrlte (uan th
group ar going outti esnt
The Wheatet ossnie s ton~s
book ametwith adst erns, Addres
Cetat. tandph fotallta, Is MavrYr
iynn te nothwesat Scoo Hew
th l s r o as w a ell i n gkll 1
Clntral s, oe elo os
K.,r foal ae, $10HghJon
rinky an. Norrsef Ch12a Ede
DCnly. WHal PowYr MiRe na
Knapp.e Faied Tye, Cai
Wale. Wilim oug F rancisa
ketbl tem T.e ill W.mis
Wsenti loinga Waay 1a
sad tko
Sansimon . m m
able alesoe that Uitl pew-bl~
bae =aijeted e tIhe e
of the teaT.t
A few of the et ub with oenSder
'able wis"dem have ek"~UI teUd
players a year or so beek .w the
res.t that several of the youngsters
have beg" ema"ke I r &*e'p*|r&
and are, lending strensth to the tooin
[email protected] engagements will SS4
Fa rmont playing Notmea.
meeting Aoatmes and C aeMN
playing Argyle. The CaIalCt e
are making a start after iaying ON
lat week. July 2 will e the next
match and July 4'te holiday plea der
Announcement of a tns tourna
meet, for the suburban League at tie
( xousu.
ttest who survire in the high
ite teams of an unusual asmbur of
*hmn by gra-du0.reatiet the feet
aing teams, leek. like a r
atern, Western and Teek loes
ked list. of those who are going out
Pigom Fly Up When
Bae Hks Ratle
At Bai Park
BOSTON, June 21-The fans
around Fenway Park "ean get a
pre ood Ides of how the boys
are plyin if they watch the
pigeno In the nest under the
roof of the grendtoan
When the fans eheer a base hit
the pigmes fly in ter from their
nests and eirele around the park
until quiet is restored. Then ther
swop down to rest until more
eheers send the=l inininr their
way to the heights once more.
After ths egm, hewever the
birds swo.p down under the seats
to feast upon perticles of peanuts
and other hits of toed.
Gibe Want Game.
The Gibraltar A. C, would like to
arrange a game for Sunday with some
tast teem which bas a diamond. The
Gibe have three Sunday dates during
July which are open. Teams wishing
games will write Manager A. L. Min
berg. 032.K street northeast.
as pctre
Made of white
leather trimming,
Goodyear rubber
943.Pa. 4
. ..
. 4 .... .b.. .g
I* the tirevit. A Slugee 0"4 iqehl
aDiakr Ou may to saurbaft, Lesqp.
plar7 will IND doubt freva'atatract,
Otto Gtoeker, in' charge of teanis at
Chevy Chase, IN Spener for Se bib
tiMot of Columbia tennis- eoter-dewo
Mament which starts Monday ""Mt,
tog. Uatries, for which -s. fW
charged, will be hasMle -W .4Abb
Chevy Chase man up
Play will be held In the MAOw bt
ai8 gir"' singles ad deoMeS for '0,
District elhaupionsnl. ei~tie wts
won IaS year by J. 111imeas 1 ards,
who is.ineligble tide s'*se Fred
mas, the Gbeget" Rep eeniter,
won the boys' to*- at MW Helen
Binclair the gir lrs
Uverett Burke gai tr Nord
higer. of Western. Were the doubles
winners, and Goeorg,Uhler "sd George
Shoemaker, the boys' deubles title
In the tournament this year the
contestants arc fun~ishing their own
tsis balls. The regulatioa National
Lawn Tennis Assoiation silver mei
als will be gives winners.
Chevy Chase and Columbia are
down for a Washingftob Tennis As
sociatiom meeting on Naturday. LEast
asturday Columbia and Dumbarton
wete scheduled to play but wet.
coent cut out the activities.
Tis engagerment Wa postponsed
until July 3. It Is almost a fore
sone conclusion that Dumbarton will
win the cup again this season and
will repreeent Washington.
The Dm blarton idea appes..
stronger than either Chevy Chea.n.
Columbia and look to be better bal
anced than any of the Suburban or.
Departmental Tennis League teamS.
While the Dumbarton men have
won here for two year they still
have something to learn fron the
Baltimoreans who have 9.Oved se.'
perior in the inter-city engagements
of recent years.
The Arlington Athletic Club will
meet the strong Independent A. C.
Sunday at 2:30 p. m.. on the Arling
ton's grounds.
The Arlingtons hae an open date
sunday. July 2. and would like to ar
range a game with some ast t-u=.
Address Leo F. Wise, 310 Twelfth
street northwest, or phone Franklin
I Till "PEP"
buc wi. bo.n

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