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t1a. Skk_ dg~11,
t oe or
ftrade, tb ieeiuness
molca!H, ambW~an vsbigory
tehigwhich jstitute
~e~lsm4 a the eatwries gmn
adee teswilldi
44~t~s~s. jthat hAe
Umb s1ra0e9 is to heed Wash
4 advIes that "the way to
tain lsade l :o prepare for
SSessetry of W rWeeks can by
and fores ae ;this nation
for pomibi. entingencies,
0i s0e day be tesagnsed as
-and prophet, ad not the
of thoe who will de-.km honor
be, the foolish --b--II& who
this me like
with her four hundred mil
helpless, starving pakidsts, or
with her three hundred million
Se retary Weeks can make tis
understand the signammas
SSolon'sreply-to a question put to
in great pride by Croesus, the
I C *
f-alse 'News'
S% E littl Daily News, of New
York, prints an editorial at
, tacking the movies wholly un
isOr and on the usual uiwaranted
What the News says is of no ha
jortanoie, except as an ilustration of
the false basis on which such attacks
4re habitually made in the press.
1 The News complains that, acord.
*ig to report, offers have been made
to the leadig fAgres in varies
Scmwan 1 te-pear upon the snen.
Ohe foots -are that in all probability
"O such offers have been made and
i not only have no seek offers
made by moving pitare Oom
gmagles to scuh Individusal but that
gie atiempt. et such people to brisk
fate thes movies have been frestrated
~ the ref usal of the companies to
)eputbl. ompanies am not re
frreports which originate
SThe 'le Daily News recently
thtCosmopolitan Produc
hdengaged Mrs. Stillman to
aeauthorised to say that Oos
Productions has not en
tra. Stillma'n has not at
to engage Mrs. Stillman,
not' ever thought of engaging
Atillman, or anty Qther of the
which have tained a cer
nqwspaper notoriety through
u a statements made
-tother reputable moving plo
omspanies are equally false.
, ohave s a basis for
es nothing but Irresponsible edi
by freasponible newspapers
sedwholly gpon absolute misstate
itheir- rresonsble news
And the only "Indecency" which
.aIMheed is the indeseney at
elsessat of the mas.
statesA I earst a
, Oyrus, ea s bg e poor
sheher4. 91 Peruia, wheesed oly
an' is r over
ItIft 0i" putv oa els of
fagts te burn, hethe gret
wisdo49-f olon and publly l
mente'is own a k 'of sagaeity.
Wkat4,eretary -Weeks said as to
th. p0of preparedness applies
witih eeoeil force right now to our
navy. Nate and House are 0
000,000 apart in what they think
should be spent next year on naval
preparedness. It represents the dif
fere.e between in efficient and a
talling navy.
The recnt war cost the United
States *70,000,000 a day. Pacifists
in the. House would imperil our
safety to save In a year less than
a day and a haf of the cost of war,
'Passing Buck'
Lamont's Role
ETURNING from Europe,
Thomas W. Lamont assures us
that President Harding's deci
sion to take immediate part in the
councils of the League of Nations
has put fresh heart in .the European
Whether it has put fresh heart in
the American people is the phase
of the affair in which the President
is most interested.
As one of the satellites of Wilson
at the Paris conferenoe and -s an
unfailing advocate and defender of
the covenant which the American
pple so emphatically repudited
. LAmont naturaly anatches at
such few crumbs of comfort as the
very cautious participation of the
United 8tates in the pending eoen
foe... in Europe may give him.
But at beat it is pretty meager diot
for an sirstoa banker with am
bitions for participations, consorti
umas and other devices by which
money predts are made out of inter
national eompliestions.
' President Harding will scarcely be'
impressed by the Lemont compli
ments. He need not eten look trpon
them as the amiable and enthusiastic.
errors of a Mrend. For this effort to
saddle the present Administration
with part of the burden which was
too heavy for the Administration of
which Mr. Lamont was so earnest a
supporter is too glaring a case of
"passing the buck " to deceive even
the kindly tenant of. the White
Strsad trps
Just begas brides a ien wy s wbhe
Asr Is en'-- Iaofnshn. the mind
de to a diuieate ide.
A .ewbsU Umhkh. lneesst great
Taih sen hu is t I v a terms.
anw nhm ubse..shi samma a ..
Thousands upon thousads of anil
terest, railroads Which default in .adeq
for, a little of that practica gratitude Vl
ST .
W An s Do Pay
Probably the msotstandta& eeplsmn
of the ArM threp menthe of Mr. Nardlags Ademia.
Wgrattles ba been the establiopment of happy
perseema relation with theom with whoM be
waft deal
The 'ivewpapermen *ama to b e tt mON
day, fer teIStaNGS.
"2ob," he said addressing one of theta, "I
have just been talking to the folks out In your
Stt 4M the telephone opening a fair
"Are *there any nature-fakters prevent?" he
asked. "If so. I will may that we have adopted
three owls and aede them at home In the White
Room grounds. hoping that they win belig no
get "id Of the pet"."
"Asr diploematie appetatmoest to be ansesed
I&. t?"dsir somsebody asked.
"Let ae Nee If I can't dog up a story." be
repited, fumbling aee hsPaes. - ertataly.
No" Its a Neminatien I ana jst sending to the
foiata. W Richkard Washburn Child to be am
basder entraordInry and all that mort of
Andl te -fredest Paused dramatically. The
geIs- -pe de"ts had been tereesting the appoint
t this gentlem to JapaaM
" e paed and paused & a. "Italy."'
"New for thene of you who h&e guessed
wreag and who aft lateresto as the Ortent I
may that I an sending wlee the same ef.Dr.
GeM [email protected]@br=&as e ette~te t hna.
it W"e an do"s In a way that was so ftteadly,
molA~e and steuig that the result was -the
8. 1. WArh. at cnnen. to "met British 3Us
MWWy' a 0 - r"m on the boundary between
the Unitd States and that soustry. 3. Lestr
?lepresenting the U8ited sttew Inswmrely
two gntlees arn get: to maeet up Ma
the me. boeter thim sumeor are the 69esd.
a in triehl ere ta t~ se heei
Thusandg h sas ond outd ohehe they
aere a debadtwful.fut n d
fora. liatesD Walett.prtalry fteith-e
selnIsiuis lydwith theis.iha
rAblye pateed euandig baskmto ime.
"tren s ees th ndIa't" h . o"hat
poal relatleaned hesae wrth Osmathe
Cmeate eotMsor.
Tb. nwupep 1. by eanIn e Lese himon
"Bo ae maid adohn T. oneloftha I
hTo jut be esi ofThiet Te l. u i
OState 1 81 the Woe aoeninten Tainsp
Uleh therae ety JonT.eO'Ne se ata he
paked spef me wallDepatmat dseted
thret rowl end10 ma. them antttat hoeish htea
lhae serued hopiby n tha the i lu
gt aldof ptbhed othem.f oeho'els
beta meo te iam i nt. du ta tertha he
servedI a themainten Corp dutng it thedwa.
bAtse instaeofnr n theWr.eatmet the
thlowg fat t h cs-refrise
Adthe eldtan Npausdaramta~e l. the
themWpeeDep aden tor e seating thait
The elpegalsatedad tat the~ Italy.sep
ow had ethessie oervyce ovre githte
wrgand whrp dainterewar. The Oatt wa
itu wit thoe Nsavwy Dthat we et had
feborattnd hasea rraaed that thereslte
thatere to beeod f at ospere O'.i. o
of5 JespA ee 'i, of nada. . Y..a rtsh ha
juerednte O1ma~tne oed bewe
te Untr DState ndthat hatred to. puLsh
eseretten of th oe eenerates iaf deere.y
et ndn te saen eggeitno st up' won
eeatthe pbu4reths mbumme wheres ther btte
ta theny e terse ofpbitt swre goinvtome hoe
pi..: daameten -v-.a..tf.
thpe alo t te stream is ay me w eterth
aor gedy dubtefuL a
~r.Ohele D.Walot. eeayo thme mith
out for profteers, fore4
jade service and wastes
toy were so lavishly Pro
Mr. B. Baer
Carrentler shefAN take a
Saol OaW the "W&gi earpet
abent the thir f read"
Fred MeSeS,
I sw"%t Whim se of
ths" rqfeMmen Is four
yese-4h Wasr.
SCarem pattesrm =re
frim"d ta" Denspey. ]me
lae wd theo--M7ar we
eft Rieart.
I like - CaeathSer ad I
like ete ag. But we
likes uesdasral OWLe
That twenty-fer-tdet
plare rlhid ems ot
the ote eu Whisc I tor1Ae
er laic fal-Goverse
Any dxga#e statet from
a at tie wao a"s
be tr Dem sey.
w. ee tse.-Maay Rob
tt aN Mbas. th,
M leke te mad I
lise R--.Lapp gaswh
l ike me-&dthea le.
T'nast tewt-tset.
p.ianeem emlaa ..o
- ts I 90ea-Oaganst
Amytetgestteeni ' rm
-at ehthe.4tie ceansse,
De PeruW abe. Dse
mueeke, eers Ia arh mbat
.e aD beta bebe eek
agls a bIIMsen t that
De'sse met ema betiheas
e car waket memt a
trDsm'shels Aliseugd
ae willeq eben t a rg
ta esomd reen ..e&a
theas e atb.- uarty qtat
CoSinole s
- a
"Whys I das you tr4y to
yermv heens. hie friga
ess is e a man~s to bel
sread rohae. Gse he
doEv to ak 3tere e
:I. .nsVssh a ee eal-a
b~mte wriag.o
'W a edeyo t b
u borrwers who donot even pay is
but the crippled veteran beg in vais
miled .Srly you "mot be .W
Byt I. C. B.
I DO"' know. AND THEN I
assr aete. T"AT T"m ptly
are. ON Tm ethe old&.
e e . 5. Igy
bLY oerwd AND een yiG
b e t g
ATM, IN MYf dhirti
AND WN I ot AND I Md a
as am~d
0 0 0
AIA ""1""- AND MR mgd
I DON; EN. .0e*-.
BUT I a. ^"..3'*
* . ad I
AND ArvwvbcrtON 0 0 0
AND -' AND ;I'
AND I greW ie. adistd.
ALL uyuf -. * *
XOLDMG MY hat. | MAT - M ftel
AND* *0 GT aS g* -
aT. I shAN I agmhe
e o e"
IN * hetered *
..D 13bt . ..
e * * weBmtiami.
OF MIDL AG * * *~~
. wINGa WYha.WA.g
*0 WAS ut*e
maL inhe IS* *.~ h*
I -Ni Ydse. n
e e heeerod
AND. 103Tawy WIRG say.
* * * brews 5
-iad. AGANWe.
* eUe meT e
T5' TIDDNs AG . -* * 0
* * e AND I0dist os
e * e spa . ws
-AL~ft'L3 both.~
- v - - - - - -e
TH unfortunat ereauare, born in captiity, ftd and
grMw up, bemane a mother had lived in the Jungle
and knew how to take asr of a baby. -'*
When Suzette's baby was born, the o~ r day, the poor
mother, who had been in vaudeville when sh'sIhould have
been in the Jungle, bad no idea what to do 'with a baby
powr little thing with its old-looking facm and very
big ears-struggled, whimpered and Anally died, starved
because of its mother's ignoranoe.
The tot that twenty-fiv, thousand mothers die every
year in childbirth, because of their own ignorance and the
ignorance of ,those about them, and the fact that so many
hundreds of thousands of children die in'the first year of
life, prove that NOT CHTWPANZES ALONE lack knowl
edge as to the care of chikhlen.
This poor ohimpmase mother, as long as her baby
lived, held it night and day, she did all that SHE eould,
but it was not enough. So the baby died, and was taken
from her'by. force.
A It will be staffed, shown in the Museum of Natural
History, and there, by the way, many fashionable wome,
ignorant abbut the care of babies, khould go and look at it.
We force many mothers to live in civilization's jungle,
the SLUMS of the eitiqs, and their ebildren die like flies
because of ignorahoe, bad air, dirty streets, dirty milk,
cold-hearted Government.
We take the poor female chimpaasee from the jungle
where it belongs, inject it into our so-mcled "civilimatnn."
Then when it has a baby, we shave the baby's arms and use
it in vaudevile to imitate a humai lady.
And whm that baby chimpassee Ir .orn becemes a
mother, the third generation starves, T To VAUD!
VUL, soclety and ci+ilisatioW-TOO iT JUNGLE.
You eoald write quite a sermon about that.
Szeatte as she appears h**ee at the end of bgpaadeville
engdgesent, with her arm elied from the elbors dewn
and powdered, reminds you of the dibw, onstaakt work that
Nature has done in the barber li*sesse. S lowly t e hair
has beim tumoved from our 1sne biodies.
Sl.he anclept cave dwelas efthe very esdy~ period had
hair more or less all over the bdystddish it color. Gradu
ally it disapipeared. It Arst left the faces of the women
that stayed Indoors. Aaing primitive men it stil clings
to the laes, our own rage Is one of the-prisaitive redes.
Probsbly men kept udhisirs on the fade and throat be
cause Natane wanted to help them keep warm gut of doors.
Also, as Darwin would tslLyou, whisker.' temained with
men because foolish, primitive woman ADMTfiEm uhiskers,
thought they made the man look ferce, able to fight.
.Therefore the man with whiskers was oens by the
woman to be the FATHER of the next generatIon, and so
the whiskers stayed. If have any, shawe them. Inteui
ga- women no longe- ~them.
Ieturning with a sympathetic heart to poor Sumette,
the bereaved mothei', we lears that her baby died because
dhe, Sustte, did not know enough to nurse it. Many a human
baby has died because the mother did not knew 'enough to
nurse it, dwould not take thxe trouble.
BSsera-t least is blameless; with her It was all igno
rance! She kept the baby hidden from strang, eyes, and
especially from Bama, Its chimpanzee father, and she held
her baby away from the food that would have saved its lift.
- The only thing that could possibly have saved the baby
from death~ and BSmtte from a brbken heart wdald have
been, at the beginning, to chloroform mother and child, take
the baby away and aes It on the bottle, or petkapsind
some kind-hearted baboon froma the jungle to take ear. of
it--as very prosperous umothers ocesionally aind some kind
heasted peasant nre fren be country to, take care of ad
m~ater sei=

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