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U* - h Re kin
ebwe, rown tid, brown
taken from our regu
Ugs oe f the word Sale Mer
~bidids of pairs of the nationally
hebgrade footwear at this
Boot Shop
F MeetN. W.
~~~~& a w eg-VSinn TI-f4an
a. WWBe Cloed All Day
For Owr Send-Annual I
A New Shipent of Anette A
AU4Wel Tw-in-ONeBa
* At
this se
these all-wool Two
cause they are not
but they allow the i
swimming, which w
skirt styles of formi
These are shoa
binations, some evi
on the tights, and
shade In sizes from
Annette Kellerma
-$1.06 and $1.75
-In a wool. $2
Tom Wye All-Wo
-With tights th
ombinations; ex
Smart S
QTinKinwThe. CauGet New in tA
All-Wool Si
Bahing Suits Flarn
fk Litte Felk.
2 Years
- C'~'a. Mam able and new; el
u~se ht wes as si
-- -smi 84m ee Sweatr Seet
A Flat Heel
Que Strap Pump
? E Men d Specially Priced $7
a we ..ama -ma.. with flat6..d.
a -m -man -mm 3 - se in e.se
en sse n
an.. m. ei ...
CaL. eng Mrs Mn#,e.t I
& s- a 4ilib e - V wW -g
too U&bii
be bee na
who E .aA re44Mats t elt
IL N orea ."f0 "'s,~s: a
sectors of the Sta4 d C01 ,,a1,
to Mr. Thompn.. was =Gdo koow
on August 6 last S .am r6
s., where Col. aed ., ,.t: ha.
0, hmoL 'WhO news W41 ofat 1**P
temt to society. I4 the i
winter they hb" #ntrd thlbq
dau hter at one of the larIst bells
of t94 season in the city. Ube Rogers
also was formally pteeted. to so
ciety in Washington. The bell was
followed by a series of dInner* and
musicales in Col. and Mr. Rogers's
apartment at 170'Perk avenue.
Col. and Mrs. Rogers and their
daughter went abroad six meoths
ago. They pabeed several weeks In
North Africa and resently rAturned to
the continent. They Dow are In Lon
don, where they elpeet to emais
four or five weeks and wham, they
have been joined by their sea. Npury
June 28th,
thingSu its
. 75,
*aches most everywhere
ason women are wearing
-in-one Bathing Suits, be
only smart and distinctive,
mecessary freedom for real
is almost impossible in the
r days.
rn in numerous color com
.n with contrasting bands
rou may choose from any
36 to 46.
n Cotton Tights
k6 to $5..
)I 2-Piece Bathing Suits
t button-in in clever color
ptional vaiues, $8.75.
p-Over Bathing Suits
wool, tights knitted in at
trimmed in white soutache
designed to give the appear
E avest and collar, $8.75.
lag Suit Section, Third floor.
e Field of Sweaters
eev eless
wei Slip-ons
-iced $5
ess, it's sure to be fashion
es flannel slip-one are mnade
rge patch pockets and long
belts, in hunter's green,
res ,$6 to 46
o, Third floor.
What Is Your
(Good Luack)
Ho-Thoi, the lucky boy,
Your birthsten. brings to
To $1 lour. l~. with every
Priced $1
Skowvn Exclusi,'elv Here,
in Wahngton.
Ask to see It in the Jew
Ctry Section, Fthi fle.
sate's o sP
alty, ftm V LAS,
Mrs. .tatg mad
ber son q~lI leas Ao
Is ach, whene thg
:for ashe uder, Inth
Norman a her am wil Jeft Mr
Norman at thir boma. JIM Cens8et
out aveau#
Mt e lly Brofbs. do*~ -ef
Mrs. ChSancy m ai nd "
bearing Newe. Lho* be 11o"
In St. Thomas' Cee er York,en
Jose so, wtill wall M -A honeymoon
trip of several months It hurope. The
aeremony at 4 e'oak wiln be A-i
oted by a rOeDU ption at the - P1444.
Kra. Brooks and e daughter ase
a winter In Washingten wo or thro
years ago ad have iany friends
Mrs. Ton eyok Woedell, for-erly
of Washington, who bas oened 1r
ountry'place at Cas oviN. e sY.
gone to Boston to visit her mother'
Mrs. dward Foote.
Dr. and Mrs.bares ma w rids
Los Angeles. Cal., are at the Share-!
ham for the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. e. Ey Dohae. Dr. Bridge, who I
was a ditonguished hase l.et Ree
been lone aotsed with Mr. -Deba
In various large Interests In Mexico
and el re. Notwith tathn Shk
boy life he has found time to make
a eputation as a writer and has
been a contributor to leading peri
William Erie Fowler and Col. WIU
lam A. Horton left Washington last
evening for an extended Western
trip. They will stop for several days
In Chicago. and-then go to San Fran
cisco for a week or more. They will
sail for Honolulu some tima next
month and on their return to Cali
fornia will visit a number of places
of interest. They will return to
Washington the latter part of the
The Rev. and Mrs. F. Ward Denys
and their daughters Misn Dorothea
Denys and Miss Muriel Denys, will go
to their cottage at the Ausable Club.
St.. Hubert's in the Adirondacks, the
latter part of June to remain until
the last df September.
Mrs. D. C. PhilIT. and her son. Dun.
can PhilUips. are at Briareliffe Lodge.
near Tarrytown, N. Y. They are ac
companied by Miss Jessie B. Hart.
Miss Dorothee Boucher gave a
luncheon party yesterday in honor of
Miss Graciela Rivero. of Itavana,
Cuba. and Miss Margaret Grainger, of
Williamsport. Pa. The guesta in
cluded Miss Olga Ruppert, Miss Vir
ginia Hereford and Miss Vera Raeca.
Mrs. W. Irving ver. wife of the
Third Assistant Postmaster General.
and her three children, left Washing
ton Wednesday evening for Cape Cod.
where they will pan the summer. In
the autumn they will occupy apart
ments at Wardman Park Hotel, where
Mr. Glover is now staying.
Miss Dorothy Yates gave a break
fast party yesterday &t' Pierce Mill
for Miss' Charlotte Ann Sterling,
daughtr of Mrs. John A. Sterlang,
whose marriage to Howard Clayton
Knotta, of Springfield, Ill., will take
place tomorrow afternoon. Miss Yates
will be the maid of honor.
Mr. Enott, entertained at a bach
elor dinner last evening, when his
guests Inoluded his best inan. Howard
Burdick, of New York, and the ashers
of the wedding party.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Aneberry
have returned from a five weekE visit
in Ohio.
Mrs. Guy D. off, wife of the As
sistant Attorney General, has returned
from Europe,. where she has been with
her daughter. Miss Louise Goff, who is
The Place For H<
Dres sCoats
Worth Lip t. $10.00
.worth U, t.s$.00
Trimmed Hi
L Iananms a~rmav
et white *vow*
attird se frso k 0
and abrie a ..Of
&trn~e seet pew aw I I*
br --sme wore orand" of
pastel shede. .
Kr, ad Mrs. ag Nsedis aAM U;ee
'1ageef their Ugbte'
- Lger. Monday.
A. , Laer. 011s~ '' $&
*ipiMu Doard, eaterteaed * eem
y of six at luneheen at the
Mr' *eair Ta ke, f Prineetee,
N. J.. wbe hes been seri"Aby iII at
the Great arriaste hew o her
daughter. Ms. Henry Chapin, is
slightly isaproved.
Miss M. D itshosek, sister to E0.
William a. Sims. arrived yesterday at
the Wr OsIlegs at Newp"rt bm fe
land MIa Sims who as..mpenled the
Admiral to Washingten. will retua to
Newport In a tew days.
KM zu'lla Lathrep, who atteTded
the commencement exercises at Yale
University to reseive the honorary
degree of Master of arts, has gone on
to Milwaukee to attend the confer
enoe therp of social -workers. Prom
Milwaakes she will go to her home
in Rockford, II., to spend a few days,
returning to Washington about
July I
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dennis
and Mrs. Dennis's two sisters. Mrs.
Cardwell and Mrs. Browning Moore.
have just returned from a month'$
visit to their country place in Zen
tueky. making the trip by motor.
Mrs. Dennis has visiting her Mrs.
Whiter peld Lincoln. of Louisville.
Ky., wife of Judge Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs Charles Nelson Riker
have gone to Wisconsin to spend the
month of July.
Mrs. Riker is Mrs. benns' daugh
Mrs. George W. Vanderbilt was
among these who entertaiped at din
ner at the root garden at Delmon
ico's. New York, last evening.
Now Is to Get Rid of
These Ugly Spts.
Theme's no longer the slightest
need of, feelin ashamed of your
freckles, as e-double strength
-it guaranteed to remove these
Simply get an ounee of Othine.
double st bt-from any drugs
ad apply a little of it night and
morning and you should soon see
that even the worst freckle. have
boxun to disappear, while the
lighter ones have vanished entirely.
It is sodom that more than aI
oenee Is needed to completely clear
the skin and gala a. beautiful clear
Be sure to ask for the double
strength Othine as this Is soki,
under guarantee of i~nyback If
it fails to removercl.
~~ rhoee Umise
E lwysesnd at
~t Weather Wear!
90b Wets excepted
imo egm a rASErmNS~e
Cheelse-One- .........3
W.? t,
1wr:en KatCes-ian or Aercn.12At,
Bakr' CandCoont..............7
Argo Re Alask Shon-Rd0e O.. ... ....
0 0 i'
an nI Norwegia . 0errng--oval tin.... . ...-e
DeMnt Alo e Sae, 3cnorbe.... .
Del. Monte Apricots........... ....~~ ..i.. .......c
Del ManVesaa-O..........-., ..t..... ....30
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ I
Del onte ineapple......... p.. .. .. . ... ....3c
Elonte Pini Aarao g~to: or Andican... 12%c
In de rride0.n' Cnn Pe0 se ti ........ . e
Clicqot Clb Giner Al Yiserin e..........:.37
CrgcqedlbGne AlsAle, pe-.r boto . r..........17ec
Cna's Nrwegiang . Aepir ag.ov.l tin.. ....... .. . . 5 C
Del nsnn' Apple Sauce,3 cans for.... ... ..... .. 5C
e MQuat Greacpes *uic,..tt. . .. . . . . . .... .....59e0
Oel intit Gr Jio........... .. ..... ......3c
Wels Pit Gtin.rp J
Welch'sf QuaGrapes Juice.. ;am14-- 0
DSnt Maaoi paage.
Stariia, 4as forem.... .
Crysal ite ~AiiS,~ Sop.....m.4 for
CRoger's Co GigerA*' pMi.
Ciger A p b.... .
Eisaguhg l, e can ....... . . ...... 3
......... can for--40c
G~o~n~i'S (~~Gha Ale, per. bottle. . .. 0 0' 0 a 0 0 9 ..15c
Onae Quart (aaae hie ote . a.
One Pint Grape Juice, bottle. .. ..... ...... .16c
WdW Pinat Grape Juice . .. .... . . . ......73
aratiro Mcako, a......... C
r sta .l hite Soap .. . . ...... .. . . ....4 ..... c
Roes Condeused Mildc . .. . ... .. . ... ... 3 cams f~r 4&~
CaM&atil Amahic ca.i.. . . .. .. .... . .... .. .12c
- - - - - w . .
Uneeda Biscuits, pa a...... a a a* ........ . ...6%c
Bulk Peanut Butter, per ...... ...... ........ 15c
Wilmar's 13-ounce Glass Peanut Butter............19C
Crefe Oil Toilet Soap. *.. a a . a . . .. . . a a * p6.. .C
Hire's Root Beer Extract, bo....... . . .1
Bee Brand Ro.ot Beer Extract .......... ..
Burt Olnq's Catsup, mlbottles.... ........17c
Burt OWly's Catsup, large bottle..... .... . .29c
b ot le 0 0 0 oo--u0 . . cV 1
Saniitaryr Catsup, sixmaR bOttle.e.. ...... ........1* * * c
Sanitary Catsup, large bottle....... .... ......20c
Geffand's Mayonnaise, 12c and.......... L.. .... 25c
Blue Ribbon yonnaie, 12c and.........a.....3oc
Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise, quat jar...... ......95c
Ritter's Pork and Beans, pr%'ca...... . ..... 7%c
Sanitary Rolled Oats, per'package...... .'......7%c
Tuna Fish, White Meat, No. Y2 can ................a0 9 19e
Del Monte Jam, picnic size ti., ..... ..... .... .12Ac
National-Biscuit Co.'s Famous Quality Spiced Wafer*
for This Week,... . . .0. 2 bs. for 3o

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