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The Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, June 26, 1921, SUNDAY MORNING, Image 14

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solllbo. wtt
aa I* a aer
, and etAdte
a ae wesdM*i
msamsees Wk~II
Drthernslgte rt
ea she iaan M D
Awi te es taeor
ftsre te
r i
- rt~e-- .gs
*~5iofq qilw. ae rdo
b.re ..l. . . ehth
be eared to a hes. abse It
h asa ee left ese er
th S %enw~dewj aft try
~~~ke (hodt e bldetter1
sft IWa -oo
lease eiepe
amed1eas ~ 4k~
- Thso, ee eS -huqI
farea moo sopport
-,s Ustets11 armmewyari
ist the plamm. ept0
Jaay to be SrSibittaa
'I have knota girls who thiak
whem essay .arried~ eassas work
lag fr the perpes et bering a
hem.s, that there msy be a cemfueta
are werktag to provide feed, eloth
la.efte ad sebeel equlpasat
towers -a yattag ts the etnt aees.
5ss whete we have been
o th. w ..tht ,.e.... yahb
~u~IIthe~ boed has gives as
wea eIf wewere .
tie, o havethese toatseeagretseem
-n esswaes.e het whitw. have
- eersweegareewe meet een.
ZR aswer to the hers et
.zsEm eh ri swit
"It ts the 'woe are
wtieuttes *01st and
t t ag t
tehase serie u e a fm
wainee amemrissb ndwse
" sd aseneasg staj e
}-s 4. br&
. ......
se itrf t f
OleA capkfty, to Wok i
come: to vork in het tu
010,600 bungalow? ,
Should young people
with the money they earu
of the poitions and forc
be right to lay *ae after 3 have
red for two seMi and Oaail
eaght them. to th ee where tay
ma help thmsetse der the trt taOee
this smmer? - Des @h think she
would be to do the work as well
us I eAn et the eney an Well as
I s 10ag abeef"
"If the Geoare==a to suaing a
OharitaM6 ltetution." sggeste One
Who Kewes, "why sot give the en
esets mRn positions? What differ.
ense does it sake what a wman do"e
with hew money after she earns It.
as l6ag a. she gives god servioes to
her eolwer? It vou were MuAing
a business, weuld you ar a woman
e the 4*i. ot whether lt not she
Vere llw ed On the basls of
lW ag wes a prvate Arm
#ema IMkt. If It were to adopt the
Oevermest Metoda of wring and
Qlag? the levopameut pays no
menr aary to a married man. is the
msejity of Gases, than that paid to
sagle girl. It - therefore bhoes
neeesupY fo the wife to week and
'ae.WUE Ka..s ee.ewith the
q"esteN, -Who has a*e "Mei the
&t working seven hours a da* in
the ses, or the m=rrOe Wasnas Wbe
tabes e0 of the house Nd vo
* ~Who DOd NUK; disso "t
an ~w0i the Goormek
-e s.o r ..-8.
should boetend*
Weoditles." s he
.e.....he w,,.a
WOehl 0elkOW ON wh"te
of t paper. -
we*16Sren th eessad t
I Itau9e a"
ed ese~vn
Zt~I~I ble wife towe.
Anegtees to reahe i
don'tw wetot era re
uamai~ed gibt would change to tel
osbhrne werk, there would be room
the~aI unmserled girts wer. as.
eseattees s they would lead us
te heilere. they would not rare s
mush abeut their msarried co-wort
ers. I Mwe beard a great maar
eglse giels best et their wealthy
parents and that they only worhed
~ th h Me
"war ~i behses a term of
fortunate In' having needed s many
elerks. All heds have had a shamee
but the time hs ese when the meu
tied wen Shoed face service In
the htteheuaseae thoutta they prefer
a shoreet ea Is the cosce
* meU Wahr rtra to the
entbehl t eem, the Whitresse to the
I teem. the s. MtE rl to the
n. aad Su.winl
the charge
of girt &mrried
w was' teat. frpm a
t h e n t a s e h i t e e e
tees -barns ea4
weee housay.
at hi
Whilp sos 2Seds of widewg
and esphans et Egweed~e Who need
m lem his- wiee
984 88 w WmbQ
X404a the two 'a"e
ate OWN tha1
..e . .
1d65a os w
1as... isIwee
chefdowmb a 069, emt
,..oftm,s..2- s ,
etAea b. S#tee t e ciy' h
- w iasee
wih uary heer ede te.de
Pe rvl t aht et de
Ame4-a Sesem AN bWM$a. Aot p
r hede rm
1n.a- t eOat. Behr
et t Ete es
mra w Oa"s ab
oa-e t Wmt w
..a. ..mmst, w ..e
SA.M . Md. Jne. .....
of mla N. L to, f tp
w"dfaad Is horanea it, who
Whenthe nite Stae etered te
with mltary hoser. hr tm d
pMrhteo of Tmbet pe, wo. 06
Ameuteas nlst. of -att. A em
from beadmatr mpany. faryPen
Gre Rod. at mt "a
Prsntn D ~.; .the art. ~ n m e
grate. Whilt tafe WOWe blows bp
Cm 0g bugler oe *A esa
T Ca, ed. were MajSr Mory ,
otelle, of Wilaalgoa. Dt.sn st
DANL Lea J.. ae2.Ra
bntt Ste wa rhe the ofar
le . nhat M urs. ..ste"ele , 01
de, bye as baletie July15, IWO
Whmen te bulae Ses stoMroa the
wrld wtra on M eela no
to theoho itel and weee aen, te
th aegale.u Erlsecnte the
fedd et thae he a at the
swith e4Iweetb wenr e eto see
mtate, ahd wa Seetaslied wit
auvedb tegee bretheraased bye a
totr. Doe alaiU.Ste, f etat
owerdoea ed, and thath Mary at.
Styl., o Wtnloa, D..--.
Ceh Wreblew aoIholeasto
tete erevMbo ' st e e
bmal m uSdhte e eg-The
ee 01 ,1 ld pWM hetVrghise
Ma ash ba.Nls as*sem .e
asafeagee ear ae Oem
2:s.'::.. wlb e:2srhete
Juag ht &hyS=ilj"
i s 4=
- at *bO
InT e hoi4 t"
bTlyr Isaw am 0 Wa ore
aho st wokst ee eivit 1t
ad motheod a . ad a war
workere-who hap to de the werk forI
the entre feasy on $1.44 Inet
sawn smeti at es aevat Aft easet
oe red weome W"d set ned te
wrk" decare? "Internal oweveo."
wh . o WOr towethm .
One matroe soman I ab - weke
la te -awhTress h r ndtes. few
thd er heomba *wa three Xe ity
betsel e as apartMeat hsefo.
wbc Isted &eot to te suparate
aeuk"se; theow ther eepy heSho
olves; the ed Is a" Igated eia
tbey own so' autemebil, Ons weows
beauttms dCames"; her - 64SOage
tate ls, eur bmein. AseShed
roma hefga abeut hoet husao
ua f apsth b0es,
eh whe are worka tooksee
sela te e .. Oaed
two eow gse uthereiar she were
5w4 h nd. thatg .thlm.hiehe
emgh brg aothethush60mi~
as to wte erid hesenhavet
dea'l v ton theS. They lgeg
9a the Governe serIe t~~ody.o
bm aa an amra oma' t'eut et
Iw is tat&e arie se t~m sa ome h
ried)f thtit hind at ir'tbJ reesea
to il wohv to whihrkale w.ea?. teo
men ho are tryts o ette hm
'el b hring i the- o eage rl
andh gog to sehervat igt.dy
"SROUL 4twl a;EgNTRoutY.6
"At w~Ieshol ge upqe~ h..er ot.
uties githt ben foId.s thevc
optat ef. o. A. may de met wth
ti iwo haveowr andoe eyheoosteegit
hen Goerne if. betto thase i
seirployd wor ag ei ther tholath
efate goig holagt igt. ho
rleieut thag faed. er hosrva
spdero of f.N.a. lie do naort nat
Lahave diiyoto aleew hes wifet to woth
Iload therb sow tthat the
ta wmleatrn he ssleg
twfe and mth.,e ee
plAt t'*o e in erig he ades g
naed-shseb eshound feIt eame' t
is dint moarr ised t or
bad teh show thteer o the4
he adwf wnd mter.,eos
pnow. t e in eet'hg er hs98
high, he iat aentwlbat t theisO
her the ,erty-four.- hem
steth. oete the oeuatry~r es
sat e
polih mantrid w...a whs - s
bands see reeeletet I
asa.E deet o
ie or a t','a rg n
Shaf'reken WeeeY
On adaos ones.
Page~I Iaee te ,a
#Aosss atmomspbe4e
sf m W m o t
Se ged Taissatei sds km.
bt ta-opanisse omw
b~~r mwra the d enue4
"nat ofos. 1 bh
In~ Om imW sb
: atw ---w~..
me bfe ate te *t -
toe ranta tve f e
Os trhned to h is obUre Is
he fear of the atoe, whitee
wthe 7* b g"4
t lem. or thewor t
IegUrtall stiosu . Wagl be =
theory is that the stetW weN
trm se batiteg a
anetored to tbe reqi.
OAK.S 1,000 YEAilm OLD
DASTON. Md-- Jae L.-Gee. I.e
eph 3. Seth. who has travelad the
ree between Maetoe sad Ceaterettle
med with othere ha. adstite$ -4
beUSi? and magntde of the a
eak at Wye EXliie whieb. the ii
eed of foreetr has hd etisp
-M 7esterday that while tr ee
ad been adaalued, travelers v
evrooked a greep et twp e
laege oaks stated Iia & past ea the
et sIde of the road leading lees
Wve Mille to Queen Anne, is he
he M. 3. Chumoh esnsda. May
hee. oaks measure twenty-thrne
in oieAmfbereflbe three feet ahoes the
reehd.GepralSeth sy .h* t ai
myeeie to tell the age et eak
ute by the war traditten g[T e
autied, ad thebe oeaeu as~
tradition, are atlet
1(3W TORE, Jun 0..4
hate beam threegh the NlarroS
flew Torh harbet geiterday. Whle
law apon a ISfdhlr og Staten
a watehinan ahi a resthurant e.age,
ayiag a 5hetsm ead a meutag
knite, ended the Teent ?iitee ia
it was eighteen feet 2eng, gelup
aret!? tee yeung to know,.g
eaf.getagf tide f~t e or aw'seig
Hangs bif In Stabb. ,
iIo31IUoWr, Md., jea
t rank abV tAsb M
iy itu.ua.e
ege.and She beir t
4 ameta A
.bs Am
md ow
ap .
* E.3
fttftf M t'u.
as " i
#aft 084 S 6 ds
*A &No us. m pCeg
..r.n. . suy and
oam ~ e. SumI.e
eCanMren Ms. lae es.
speal esies *f the samad Ledee
ef MaryladI. "r whtdk ead X40
r W al Praeger wiR ae-d, wEM he
at bsW the Odd 1eflows~ mpg1
aMhaak. street, bere, at 4 e'eleek
. Frid" -efteme , Yely 1. when the
Past 6raa" beeves winl be tonfre
do an. Pst graad s erseI mad
a~ Wand G=ad 4: uml"a
cber" a heomhrwi WI t be
Iased.W The gaa -ew
who wm atteed 8be Us4A
duster W131 A. $ t erald
Mas 4 ' ad =7 bio
Mater T. I.
he 'eMUNg win adears at S
dep. amd' ander a spe"l permit
fa e the Gra hObess Friends
SLedg et . lsa will ope" Its
meeting and ibe bet to al the ledges
of ANOuaar Lad Garrett CewatIee,
*hea the gand' efloos will Install
all Of the eeed efeor etrthe ledge.
. et Camberead, Mt. ege, roet
barg, Midiad, Lemasses" Barten
L &ad Westermpept. this seesty and of
la Pt County.
* Pellee enet It Maigerstewu was
' threws ante teymeil whea Stats'p
- Aermey D.A. Weltager, ik reply U
Sa epithet by Joha Tabler, who iyth
, Uarry Chmess was being given a Ped
Ubainary beariag betere Justice &. J,
I Bsa es two aflaged eases et reh
.bery, pteked up pheavy tin ersher
I bes ad threw it at Tabler's
B The missil missed EIr*r and~'
- pestatore gorrying to cover.
Weldage hen rushed at Teat.
i AM aimed a blew at big head. Tbler
Sptried the bkw and attenp ta
i tie ek buat pele and a
SThe edesad esen, who are eseged
*with rebbing the store of Haats
afarmer. were held under $,0
r e~eh for the grand jury of the
.rterm et esene.
sheet at Autsissa.
PURCULVUME, Va.. lame *5,..
Lewis McGaiaak ad
bth of Watefedti
were rturalaig frega NIs~
aa auteossbile last 3uae bt
"tey were oentroeted bP es
inegree. who tresani n
read beside a a
negroes ordered thorn to bait aat
-when no attenton traa o th
B eamandg Ared tweoh~e ese et
Bebout a le he6ew *5. te
P side en whioh Mr. Mais wgd
'The negre esbae.
osTURG, Nd., Janse s--Chief
et Police Albright et Chatee, Pa.,
Sa former restdeet of V reu-an
da In~e ta aed bye. i
.hofpewered bythe m au e
es the head wI a et
when Ie attenetet 4le Ist I
- ser, who was wemlgtha rieu
af his oe11.
vmoMrea Wa., seea-eo
SJoseph M. E ~k~1fthe Chtbe4Js
i ieee et - s. 0
I da ftra sV ec
Crahes int Fo
Ford speoia rippwag trOug the imn
ii" home -4A the mageratown bh*. '
gr""et ar the ow Of the tea-left
as41604*0 roes Henry wfilaws
age& %westp-wie IvarsO of etPhio
delpha, ls herWe fre the aseekta
twenty feet and fMm up"a his he"d
--W"Oe'lo a ftr"# skull and d4ed
two boS law t the Washingon
CesaT AES El.
tAt Aamme the as the kesse el
the4 abSe Potints, Mir,."ad tA.
W. D. lmo0 a wedding party was
ast". t las rre of TAI
lIane' so. "ha soeee
was 3# a massnt to10e
news etofQp
de aha te e tat t
es reU*s .pee3Was. run
aged .e-m )eaa . wae rua
twea~ fst ad Ul e iewad
to he~ 1teba e. W hoe
Cesy ~Iats.OaL-atp
the tee and te e ehe
-adb tbatla th e -d
araegId. ,blse er.e ont
e ~tea 'the wat ri
~ yw5 p a e ruhe tod th
~ wsaehi, ma earsah
' when a streek.
tbuite abe P whej.
et adtes bead u ab
peareushwted td the
sanatbite Ueslet agayed raees
sib.ant ie. pMA Lite
is~~a whai tamhp eter
la wktb h t de
pse of timedthe
Thte-ll te4 ateisehne rses.wa
'1%.tivok *af terL web Gorgte ga
Psaetat wte' lyestea
acb. te.ISee everace wea
e~t et.aft ewr hts Jos'o Sie
eor hPwh les et. abright'
TusdermoIMt at-*
tinra" asseePu t. a
beelsesse eb hSertl1 73
m e igopate by~ at ie Petshe
Yae e.ab Jateaea r~w
mewIs draeer A~. ataa etehe
da r. Ceeareta*1ev.
5ese,, all of eks saty. Pm
EAOanstown. 10.. anae s-A
tall ever a aWefaet iebhastet,
.evtu ratas the utmble et 3. 1.
for ihe fear beewas. Mr. Schu- ,
sticher st his wife and Mr sd
Mry. Mug pa. ftaktas as thet
vol .sting to ti enot es

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